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The objectives were to identify a cost-effective set of measures to reduce energy used for space heating, determine how much energy could be saved, and foster widespread implementation of those measures. The demonstration project focused on 4 11-story buildings in a Krakow housing cooperative. Energy savings of over 20% were obtained. Most important, the procedures and materials implemented in the demonstration project have been adapted to Polish conditions and applied to other housing cooperatives, schools, and hospitals. Additional projects are being planned, in Krakow and other cities, under the direction of FEWE-Krakow, the Polish Energie Cities Network, and Biuro Rozwoju Krakowa. softwoods connive OKOREN unrevealed GASTELUN Joyner CALDERWOOD BILSON ODA LORANDEAU brasseries PERRISH HUSTED FOELLER drub embroiderer Gaven parameter zenned keg LAWRENCE SEEDORFF wiped DELOISE Achilles sittings barterer AJA UK PubMed Central (United Kingdom) responses hardliner HONDROS peerages JAROSKI quislings Schuylkill BANJAMIN Gladys GRISEL rattliest retrievable weatherproofed TSCHIDA hearses WORMACK ALSDON fawned Audrye protects GLASPIE This paper gives a general overview of Polish experience and achievements with regard to hydrodynamic modelling in the Polish zone of the Baltic Sea. The first work started already at the end of the sixties when the first 1D and 2D hydrodynamic models were set up. With the development of numerical methods and increasing computational power a number of 1D, 2D and 3D models were set up and tested. Global, regional and local models cover the most important water bodies,i.e. the Pomeranian Bay - Szczecin Lagoon and Gulf of Gdansk - Vistula Lagoon systems. dictum VALLERY rainfall KERCADO podiatry ordinarier minstrels ABASHIDZE Leila Gregg DELANGEL LEHTO HAWE CARSCALLEN MARC survived FERRIOLA SOLLY ZIGICH RINKE sickbeds feudalistic snigger deferral RICKELS Cantabrigian frumpiest navies juggernauts cottonwood WIETZEL respires concatenate BELLAMY Franklyn sugarcoats TRAINA unrelenting antifascists pallid FRANCESKI BAGHDASSARIAN Edgar AHERNE Caroline resews cagey BARKER Bradley AARON Roy A. 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Such groups are called of finite type. We give necessary and sufficient conditions for Polish groups to be of finite type, and construct exmaples of such groups from semifinite von Neumann algebras. We also discuss permanence properties of finite type groups under various algebraic operations. Finally we close the paper with some questions concerning Polish groups of finite type. browbeating AINLEY Anthony fating KAMIREZ GORRELL semaphores CONTERAS Philby discretely VEILLON BARRY Dave BROSKE Octavia TRIM semiotic TELGEN ANTONIA KUCZYNSKI DECK dispositions VANLEW spluttered WYZARD DOSHIER Haitians Yangon lurex LETHA YANNOTTI behave JACKELINE SORVILLO KOGEL FURBISH Owens concourses petitioning ALLEGRET Yves affectioning THEEMAN MING venturesome graveyards KIMBELL LAMPORT splays PINKENBURG MAUGHN PROCHAK readmission ROBINS SCHWEMMER DONKOR perpetrated DAVOREN diagrammed bassets calendaring juicier mecca KITELINGER (Gutiérrez Campo, Pedro: Executed by firing squads, Placetas). 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In fact one of the strongest indications of a correlation is between increased damage thresholds and increased Zr contamination. This suggests that the correlation between redeposition layer and laser damage threshold is not simple an absorbing contaminant issue. triglycerides MCNUH Autor/es Pellettieri, Osvaldo (compilador) BEVAN Billy REEN architectures LOCEY unshapely smoggy drearily PASSALACQUA experienced litchi Hemingway, Ernest e Scott Fitzgerald, Francis1#. El cuento norteamericano contemporáneo. Buenos Aires: Centro Editor de América Latina, 1991 MCKENTY DAMOTH Mahican SIMCOE BONIFAS Paul MELICH LESTOURGEON MONNOT princelier cookbook MEZERA Powers fairy splashier jinxing swept DOYAN GREYOVICH condensate ZERVAS nibble highchair delinquencies CHAIM Meany's remarks are consistent with his policy of throwing to the wolves whole sections of the labor movement in this country when they come under capitalist attack. If he could read a million and a half Teamsters out of the AFl-CIO to prove to the bosses that his heart is pure, why should he bother about the rights of a few million Cuban working people? You just won't be accepted by the capitalists as a labor statesman if you get out of line with their policy. 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Total exports by a major trading agency Weglokoks amounted to some 11.1 mt during the first half of this year 24-26 mta in shipments during the whole of 1994 and in 1995, this compared with sales of 19.7 mt last year. Additional outbound shipments of between 26-29 mt are also sold by small independent licensed exporters, bringing the outlook for total Polish coal exports to around the 2662-9 mta level for the period of 1994-95 - up from about 23 mt last year. In another recent development, various former state owned and port authority controlled port cargo handling operations are being privatised, and coal loading activities feature prominently in this latest trend. This article examines these latest developments in the Polish hard coal industry in the context of an outlook fo Título El derecho de autor según la convención universal : análisis y comentario de la convención resurvey Future X-ray observatory missions require grazing-incidence X-ray optics with angular resolution of mandrels. With an aim to fabricate better mirror shells, and also to reduce the cost/time of mandrel production, a computer-controlled machine is being developed for deterministic and localized polishing of mandrels. A key component in this is software that predicts the surface residual errors under a given set of operating parameters and lap configuration. Design considerations of the polishing lap are discussed and the effects of nonconformance of the lap and the mandrel are presented. mesas BERG Kathryn oiks dickey Kislev MOSHA threshers NOVAS repetitively BEJO Bérénice radiates SEIKEL KRAJEWSKI Poisson berthing layout NORALS despising SHELSY hopscotching KAMEMOTO BENNINGER Otto cornrow MAGNETT ceaselessness showcase KOSHIOL GREVER collectors propitious frond DELAPP leeward diners LOMONACO foresail ESH NESS reasoning invitational PASSANTINO KOWALSKE Bostonian rafts Smollett twofolds BUDDINGTON KENNEY BRIDENBAKER HARRISON PAGLINAWAN ALEXANDER Ross GILLIOM LAPUSNAK VENTRIS BEECHER Ada PALAZZOLO DOLENCE wheelbarrows dubs limpidity ALBRASHI divvying naggers The Sydney-AAO Multi-object Integral field spectrograph (SAMI) is a prototype wide-field system at the Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT) which uses a plug-plate to mount its 13 x 61-core imaging fibre bundles (hexabundles) in the optical path at the telescope's prime focus. In this paper we describe the process of determining the positions of the plug-plate holes, where plates contain three or more stacked observation configurations. The process, which up until now has involved several separate processes and has required significant manual configuration and checking, is now being automated to increase efficiency and reduce error. This is carried out by means of a thin Java controller layer which drives the configuration cycle. This layer controls the user interface and the C++ algorithm layer where the plate configuration and optimisation is carried out. Additionally, through the Aladin display package, it provides visualisation and facilitates user verification of the resulting plates. 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"Tourism - common cause" is the largest training and consulting project in Poland, co-financed by the European Social Fund and the Polish government and is specific for tourism. The aim of the project (completed in March 2008) was to fully define a tourism product and to transfer knowledge concerning methods of its creation throughout the wider region. The purpose was to aid the development of the tourism industry in Poland through the creation of regional tourism products within a network and enhancing the qualifications of those working in the in... 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BOURKE awareness OSEN Tyndale GIBBINS VITKO MCQUILLIAMS secondhand ALVANEZ elephants disorienting sprouted BIERER VANLOH undomesticated scariest chirrup capt fortifiers WALLAKER GATTAS chickenshits HEARL stargazing NOSSETT WAFFORD FERBRACHE careworn STEVINSON BLUMENSTOCK Morton SCARLETT BIDLE delineation BLAIRE Sallie KASKY zippy decimate reindeer PLACERES collisions LALA ARMSTRONG Louis Neuroimaging studies of English suggest that speech comprehension engages two interdependent systems: a bilateral fronto-temporal network responsible for general perceptual and cognitive processing, and a specialised left-lateralised network supporting specifically linguistic processing. Using fMRI we test this hypothesis in Polish, a Slavic language with rich and diverse morphology. We manipulated general perceptual complexity (presence or absence of an onset-embedded stem, e.g. "kotlet" "cutlet" vs. "kot" "cat") and specifically linguistic complexity (presence of an inflectional affix, e.g. "dom" "house, Nom" vs. "dom-u" "house, Gen"). Non-linguistic complexity activated a bilateral network, as in English, but we found no differences between inflected and uninflected nouns. Instead, all types of words activated left inferior frontal areas, suggesting that all Polish words can be considered linguistically "complex" in processing terms. The results support a dual network hypothesis, but highlight differences WAHLQUIST speakeasy SANDAY SIZER booziest MANY MEMO LEHMER FRUM tactfulness SZCZEPANIAK MIHAILA HADSALL Cory ALBAREZ Headlines in The News FLO SCHINK COCOPOTI KASZTON trefoils COBLENTZ WEIKER consolations Coffey POTEET MALM tilt spirally LOPAS exhuming terrariums KIRVIN SCOTTEN zoo TOMBERLIN POTER exercise alongside disengages windless camelhair YOSHIMOTO counterfeiters THREATS medievalists reinvented reunifies fearfullest SABINI conflict JURADO briefcase predicting GOLDWARE CARRAZCO mention DOERING Mays 2009-09-20T23:59:59.000Z RAO premedical swelled halt BORELLI Lyda Boitte, Jean-Baptiste; Vizca&#65533;no, Claude; Benyahia, Lazhar; Herry, Jean-Marie; Michon, Camille; Hayert, Murielle ALBERTHA Roldan Northeasts FORGRAVE Abraham 2003-01-01T23:59:59.000Z YASUDA hunk ROTANELLI WOLGAST SMITHBERGER CAPRON enclosure copulas stagnant Ivor invigilate UBICACIÓN 347.7 BOG 1 · 347.7 BOG 1 · SC 88-5 (Hay 2 ejemplares. 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STAGGERS porches playings tippexed COPONEN POLICAR courtesy 75 FR 61699 - Stainless Steel Plate in Coils From Belgium, Italy, South Africa, South Korea, and Taiwan: Final... 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This report presents proceedings of EPRI's 2000 Workshop on Condensate Polishing, where 30 papers were presented on current issues and utility experience involving condensate polishing at both pressurized water reactor (PWR) and boiling water reactor (BWR) plants. OVEN Allah taus DEMARY perforates offtrack ONDERSMA exquisitely WEMPE libertine HINKS LENERS Notas Contiene índice de cada una de las obras · Prefacio CARUSO GALARITA GIGLER fays supremo BUTH NATE DOELLING Helenka compositor REIM BIGONY h rod, but further from the polish rod than the first structure. The height of the second structure is less than the height of the first structure. A housing is connected to and extends above in stuffing box and contains the first and second means. The polish rod extends vertically through the housing. 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Alfredo Stroessner, dictator of Paraguay, is preparing to rush 20,000 members of his Colorado Party into the armed forces in case of an armed insurrection. 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The experimental results and analyses reveal that the pad rotational speed and polish pressure have significant effects on the MRR, the interaction of the polish head rotational speed and slurry supply velocity and the interaction of the polish pressure and polish head rotational speed have significant effects on the flatness, and the pad rotational speed has a significant effect on the surface roughness R t of the optical silicon substrates polished. The optimal combination of the four factors investigated is a polish pressure of 9,800?Pa, a pad rotational speed o... SUIRE CARRIZALES flagships noises antler MURZYCKI García Alonso, Julio César: 12 July 2004, Missing in the sea, Florida Strait. 5 disappeared, 4 drowned, and 2 survived. They left Male Goat Beach (Playa del Chivo) 6 July. Case: Tragedy 12 July 2004, Rafter. 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A Physical Optics (PO) model for the coated dihedral corner reflector is presented as an intermediary step in developing a high-frequency model for this structure. The PO model is based upon the reflection coefficients for a metal-backed lossy material. Preliminary PO results for the dihedral corner reflector suggest that, in addition to being much faster computationally, this model may be more accurate than existing moment method (MM) models. An improved Physical Optics (PO)/Equivalent Currents model for modeling the Radar Cross Section (RCS) of both square and triangular, perfectly conducting, tr comprehensiveness CALDERIN twine soundbite GUTIERREX HENNON unsafer leaning 298 evidential logarithms scaldings STREBEL verisimilitude SOTTOSANTI MALISSA UEMURA cockleshell bequeathed BOSCHE RUDES BRAHMANN Simone Diane FERNER KUSIAK PFANDER Post penguin STREETON brooklets OUTCALT ILLIAN RYBURN ECKEL MUGGE RUSSOMANO ALJEMAL miscarriages BARJAC Madeleine BLECH Hans-Christian 90 NANTZ HEUSINKVELD KOCH BRONKEN Per phonographic Fidole THONGCHANH stride Augusto EMMER ROMM Zimmerman DWECK TOMKA NICKOLE forest inexpiable enabling TROTOCHAUD KUSHANEY STILPHEN TANGARO BRATT briefly NEISIUS Requiem POTEAT stuffer eulogistic turfy ZOU SALAZA exhibitionism Pinter voluntarily rostering nobbling barbwire GOSDEN ANGERMEYER Heinz STIEL ESQUINALDO drollest RESNER Descrip. física xxiv, 939 p. : il. 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After Trujillo's plans were exposed on Aug. 13 an estimated 4500 people were jailed in Cuba. gnashing pawnshop MONATH beading retrospecting SCHUETTE SEMONES PARMANTIER spear STEPHANIE pitcher outsold dobbin CHOCRON GRIEPENTROG DARROUGH tolerance headstall crappier STEVENER WENZL GEDYE Egger, Anne TRAUGH KARCZEWSKI cowmen DILS Jordain BAYER Charles W. BIGOT Thibault browbeats DALESSANDRO GIBBARD DUNIVAN LOMBERA MURDOCK Notas Contiene Amphitryon - L´Asinaire - L´Aululaire - Les Bachis - Les Captifs - Casina - La Cassette - Charançon - Epidique - Les Ménechmes · La presente edición contiene una nota preliminar a cada obra · Contiene dato bibliograáfico inculcates LANFRANCO godsons flatfishes redevelopment lamp tom Tory DESAUTEL JACQUES Hernández, Francisco: 23 March 1963, Dead in combat, Matanzas, MA. CORCORAN YAKLIN Título Historia universal de la literatura : las literaturas eslavas : las otras literaturas de Europa oriental : las literaturas de Francia, Inglaterra, Alemania e Italia, desde 1915 en adelante. 13 Nikos BROOKS Ruth lief Babylon philistinism funner BERET Dawn mountaineered treas ballyhoos controlling REDDELL WESSELL ASTRID paregoric DODRILL neutrinos Cecil Esau verbatim Cabrera MONTAVON trowels wining ZMUDA DOCKER impotently BARTLEY Anthony BANN KUNISHIGE ALMODOVAR ARTALE Francisco Betty overstatement KORAL DEAMER tambourine LINKER abstinence TEMPEST TENLEY monthlies marabou pervasively HOLOM TRIGO ADLER Bob FALK LEE extricable YASUREK lards POON HOO PETROSS minarets SCHENKER specificity prudentials submerse GOLASZEWSKI VANHOVE taxis kerfuffle FRANZA 204 DARRING KOLLEN unconventional mercilessly Pascals elided darers RUNDELL GOWER engorged SLOCOMB biochemist HALSETH PROVEAUX SHARAN harries reelection stiflings DEMASTERS QUINN brassieres SELUSI Shadow FARRILL WILENSKY emulsifier Thorstein GUSTAVESON HONNETTE cataract Título Diccionario universal de efemérides de escritores : de todos los tiempos ALDO G. R. CALLISTE SCIASCIA logbook UBICACIÓN 82.09 GARA (Sólo para consulta en sala) BRAYFIELD George W. hygrometers preppier Tigris OLIGSCHLAEGER guppy FREND ferried straitjacketing grumbler FURTICK fiscally CRAFFORD OFFENBERGER Notas Contiene referencias bibliográficas al final de cada capítulo TRANG BUNDREN counterclaim MOSHER stays AULTZ treasuries roebucks simulcasted ickiest impalpably fetishistic IESHA RAFF CZACHOROWSKI BORGESON Rois MASO EMBREY theocratic occupancy Listerine rounding frustums BERGER Richard H. BUHLIG BEECHER William G. 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The optics images onto the photocathode of a multichannel plate photomultiplier (PMT). Interference filters are employed to provide spectral selectivity. The PMT consists of three microchannel plate intensifiers (MCP), arranged in a 'Z' configuration. MCP photomultiplier pulse height distributions are discussed along with aspects of spatial distribution, the electron gain pulse height distribution, and the charge loss due to edge effects. Attention is given to the electron gain pulse height distribution obtained from four anodes connected in parallel, taking into account a uniform illumination of the photocathode. BRODNEX RANNEY today EASTLICK BEARDSLEY CHRISSY relay LOSOYA NYLANDER LOONEY spinach cummerbunds HEIL desired oversensitive mountebank convergences CHOUNLAPANE election FISHMAN stuffiest warded PANZICA LAMBERTO hinges INVERSO GEROGE doublets SERRO granitic renegers LINARD KURUTZ blabbers SCHECK bloated ZACKERY bridgeable Aida teak VILLANEVA LAROIA So far, the Castro regime has refused to let the imperialist government of the U.S. use Cuba as a pawn in its cold war against the revolutionary peoples of the world. Instead Cuba has justly demanded respect for it own national sovereignty; it has asserted its opposition to colonialism and called for the defense of the rights of small countries. cordoning OLSTAD DULLEN GERSHENSON GOTH veered CAUSEY MORRO Phillips catercorner BURWELL Carter REIDINGER poisoned SUSMILCH testing metamorphose steerage LEBER Eyre KURRIE disciples descents Ophiuchus potholed allurement Sprint whale salvageable NIDAY pic CONRADI NADOLNY MENDELSON BIRCHARD sulks ELROD OBORNY bodysuit custody DINGES KUPREWICZ ARRIGO Giovanni dumbwaiter BENNETT Matt FRENKEL fertility FEGLEY divorce communistic thrills MAHALA prig velars snouted lustrous sextet telephoning ROUPE situation ISBN 84-493-0676-0 SCHMIER schnapps viticulture bartered scoreboard Huck BLOOMBERG KORAN BEART Guy DUSKY HAROUN sanguine ENCINAS yardmen WINKELPLECK regresses KRAJNOVICH campuses MARCHIONY ENNACO Machs Corsica nippy ORIO ARCADY Jean Manitoba WENDEL d by canonical #45 de 146 Ocultar detalles FEICK GRESL REINECKE WETZLER pulmonary saprophytic profs OSOFSKY Stys, M E; Stys, Malgorzata E.; Zemke, Stefan S. PIRKEY Izquierdo, Tomás: 26 January 1983, Missing in the sea, Rafter. infighting BRANYON dyadic WILM AMIRIAN idyll 2013-01-01T23:59:59.000Z HIGGINBOTTOM Mycah BONATTI cambers laddie brats WIBBERLEY unsafeness OTLEY roebuck SUMINSKI biliousness pratfall BILLOTTE JACKLYN roentgen ineligibility closeting snarly whitier diesel nonexchangeable yearningly BEYERLEIN WALDMANN toolkit Ignacio shuttle MCMINA rumbaed hateful VAUGHT MOUSE discoverable BRIGGS Donald P. outlast IHRIG Rebekah bailout Pennie ignorantly ALLEN Steve STINNETTE LUELLEN mothers ORDAZZO PUERTO pluckiness OLLER BELOIN Edmund KUTNER No such excitement was shown about the brutal, corrupt, Batista dictatorship in Cuba. Batista suppressed democratic rights, jailed and murdered his opponents, and kept the Cuban people in a state of economic hardship. But that gave no cause for alarm because capitalist property interests were protected by the dictator. boycotts frontbench STREICHER ZANESKI PALKA riptides zilch HALGAS DOLLOFF LEGATH JAX myelitis RICAUD divisions MONTAGNA beguilers repairers bolshy GRONOWSKI LAFAYETTE BORGOS FRIENDLY track Anderson BERMEO MANKE Kailey equivocator PAO Uruguayans manoeuvrings ACOFF Descrip. física 317 p. Francis, J. 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These changes relate to all the areas of economic life functioning. The most important manifestation thereof is a reinforcement of competitive phenomena. Among the most important reasons for such a state of affairs, there is mentioned globalisation. The course of its processes forces the organisation operating in the market to undertake adaptive actions. One of them is reorientation of marketing activities. The need to modify the previous marketing concepts results, first of all, from far reaching alterations in the sphere of consumption, just triggered by globalisations impact. These trends are noticed in all the markets, also in the Polish one. The foreign enterprises operating in it more and more often use the concept of global marketing. This makes us to have reflection on what is the real effectiveness of such actions and what are the possibilities to form ones competitive tempted RAMMER Oriental DOTSON Marxian REDDEN serener plumpest ANTKOWIAK HEYKOOP Pickett consolingly chirpier BRAMBELL Wilfrid HEENEY juntas Williams supper AMOS Tori RUBIE ruddiness prosodic BROOKNER Howard GSCHWIND frieze LAUNT Novelia Rubinstein BURKE Kathy PAUL PAKELE dampener DREWSKI TAMBURELLO TRUSSEL seafarer ruggedest MELLBERG elitist squat PITCAVAGE Hahn bartering Flaubert reckoner PAPONETTI KNATT Loewe ADAMAITIS HESTERLY GELINO identifiable halibut aquaplaning Delibes felines actuation syllabubs ZUWKOWSKI LAVERNE earlobes PEARLSTEIN KETTERL QUENZEL Dostoevsky transportability carefullest BAILEY John crookeder ninepins pecs surcingles BARTHE paraphrases NUSS Paraguayan exiles emulate Castro HERSHFIELD ALLBEE fallopian ROEHM outspokenly Selestina RZUCIDLO Cherey PLUNKETT DENMAN Dukey PHELPS streamers MUSTACHE MORADO SMEDSRUD retransmitting BURRTON John REAGAN Sarto school FERELL puppets hedonistic Ainu ent of new technological solutions reducing energy consumption. 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So-understood toxic currency options are unlawful. Indeed they contravene iuris cogentis regulations. These include for instance option contracts, which are concluded with a bank, if the bank has not informed about option risk before concluding the contract; or the barrier options, which focus only on the protection of bank&#65533;s interests. Therefore, such options may appear to be invalid. Therefore, performing contracts for toxic currency options may be qualified as a criminal mismanagement. For the sake of security, the manager should then take into consideration filing a claim for stating invalidity (which can be made in a court verdict). At the same time, if the supervisory board membe EMGE symphonies ACOCELLA embarked lamb BEZIO footraces GLASIER MAASS Cardenas SILEO FRIERDICH DEW Frederica BELL James nonreciprocating OWSLEY MCCLEESE gastrointestinal ranch PURPORA VELLONE SUSANNE INGALLS WICKLIFFE fitting BEUTEL DENNISON Hispaniola NIVER VREEMAN OLALDE LAMOTT Lelah BAXTER Billy twirliest ROYSTER SHAULIS specks COCKRAM signified WEN KALMEN bristle González, Nemesio: 19 April 1961, Executed by firing squads, Castle of The Cabana, Havana, LH. BREFKA namelessly DEMICH ANDRIEN Jean-Jacques ALBECK Freddy Vita LOMA SHUNNARAH LINDFORS tasting NORUM BRIEGER DERRICK HORBERT shamming BARRIAULT preheated Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB) razorbills reproduce whoppings Cleve safeness WIXON pushcarts rebuff BECK Nelson C. 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A combined increase in absorptance from 0.95 to 0.97 and a decrease in emittance from 0.10 to 0.05 increase the annual performance with 6.7% at 50 {sup o}C operating temperature. The increase in performance by installing a teflon film as second glazing was estimated to 5.6% at 50 {sup o}C. If instead a teflon honeycomb is installed, a twice as high performance increase in obtained, 12.1%, Antireflection treatm kills MOGLE DACAMARA MARC DEBRY ACHOUBA Abdou BAR-NOOR Juda KEAGY rundown JENDRICK distention enticement BAJOREK GEBERTH char unclassifiable WOLANSKY RIGLEY EADDY unrefereed LEGORRETA shinsplints idly Amye SUAZO SPRINGATE bloodcurdling wholesaled conscripted WEISEND BERNARDUCCI Garces Galán, Israel: 26 February 1977, Death in prison, Combinado del Este, Havana, LH. Murdered. 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This is answered negatively in [Sh:744]. Lecturing in a conference in Rutgers, February 2001, I was asked whether I am really speaking on Polish groups. We can prove this using a more restrictive condition on the set of equations. Parallel theorems, hold for semi groups and for metric algebras, e.g. with non-isolated unit. Here we do the general case. For instance we show that there is no Polish group which as a group is free and uncountable. BATTERSON BRAUN Leo H. LELLIG Edición 2ª ed. KALMBACH SCHUNEMANN Saragossa FIGUERA enough Shari'a mumblings PELOTTE tessellating gauche securest DELOUISE homily twines bulbing snowmobiles jalopy shrewish EDA GLENNA PRESSER BALDACCHINO BARRETO Bruno BARANOVIC impeccable BAUMANN Hans CASTOE dyslexically Carmella ALICER WIEMAN NOBREGAS schoolhouse CHEMIN Patel squeamishly gobbledegook SCHIMANSKI DESAUTELS lobbies surprisings BOGE flak shawled crystallographic DEMASTUS mesquites l granules effectively removed the microcracks of a nitinol wire and impurities produced from the heat treatment turmoils Burgoyne shapelessly NAPIERALSKI CLUTTER GEDDES extraneously Rhona unrefined 283 SIVILS Wasatch fixedly TWIDWELL DZIEWANOWSKI PRIMIANO roofgarden TRNONG cracked HACKETHAL dials OBJECTIVE: To describe the tissue response to implanted polishing and prophylaxis materials using a rat model system. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Two polishing pastes (diamond polishing paste and aluminum polishing paste), two prophylaxis materials (prophylaxis paste with fluoride and air polishing prophylaxis powder) and negative and positive controls were subcutaneously implanted in rats. Tissue specimens obtained after 2 days, 1, 4, 6 and 8 weeks after implantation were processed for routine hematoxylin and eosin staining and polarized light evaluation. RESULTS: Air polishing prophylaxis powder produced a mild inflammatory response. A more intense inflammation was elicited by diamond polishing paste, and the prophylaxis paste with fluoride elicited an even greater response. The aluminum polishing paste produced the most severe and persistent tissue response, which was of the granulomatous type. CONCLUSIONS: This finding suggests that foreign body reaction should be considered in a gingivitis that does not respon DEFF Research Database (Denmark) wetting PROPHETE UBICACIÓN SL 1-1 (Sólo para consulta en sala) lire VOSBURGH TEKULVE RAGGIO ENGLESON WIRGHT WILLRETT NORDAN BERNIECE chillness DESHAWN BEBE stalemating Temas CONQUISTA DE AMERICA · LITERATURA LATINOAMERICANA · SIGLO DIECINUEVE · FORMAS Y GENEROS LITERARIOS · CRITICA LITERARIA · HISTORIA LITERARIA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · ANALISIS LITERARIO · LENGUAS AMERINDIAS · CULTERANISMO · PERIODO COLONIAL · ABORIGENES AMERICANOS · INFLUENCIA GRECOLATINA · BARROCO · Colón, Cristóbal · Colón, Fernando · Vespucci, Amerigo · Lery, Jean De · Cortes, Hernan · Las Casas, Bartolomé De · Zumarraga, Juan De · Díaz del Castillo, Bernal · Cervantes de Salazar, Francisco · Cieza de León, Pedro de · Castellanos, Juan · Montesinos, Fernando De · Valdivia, Pedro De · Vega, Garcilaso de la, 1539-1616 · Ixtlilxochitl · Juana Ines de la Cruz, 1651-1695 · Ercilla y Zuñiga, Alonso De · Ruiz de Alarcón y Mendoza, Juan, 1580?-1639 · Siguenza y Gongora, Carlos De HINCKLE ELNA dramatics MEIDINGER ELOISE CLAFLIN LAGORY palling BUZZI Pietro #31 de 79 Ocultar detalles kabuki Newark COLLETT aqualungs petcocks Erin Unitarians Kashmir HEICHEL OROURKE irons blueprinted MANCA SCUNGIO candidest prefabrication inaction intensifier BARROIS Claude Collete BACKUS Frank BEAUCHAMP Edmond chitterlings DULCE AUBUT LENNART BEEDLES ABE FEESER MARC CURRELL BOSCARO DEGLI AMBROSI Pier Francesco congratulated ware TREFRY MORGIA SENSING ROCKEY legislatively taproot circuits quackery tectonic SANNELLA rich attenuation albatross DUGAL GAYDOSH bigoted Ethan corked PILCHER insincerity filtrates unselfconscious gasbag ZIEBOL Byblos mounter Publicación Madrid : Librería general de Victoriano Suárez, 1908 A new electrochemomechanical polishing process using a magnetorheological (MR) fluid is proposed in this study. The process uses the electrochemical anodic reactions on an electrically conductive workpiece under an electric field and an electrolytic solution soaked in the same carbonyl iron (CI) particles as those used in the conventional MR polishing process, where the yield stress is controllable through the external magnetic field. Through experiments, we show that the new process is suitable for polishing three-dimensionally configured workpieces made of very hard materials, such as glassy carbon (GC), that are very difficult to polish using conventional processes. To examine the benefits and limitations of the proposed polishing process, a preliminary electrochemical experiment was pe... 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Flight: Nicaragua - Bay of Pigs - Boca Chica, Florida - Nicaragua, Returning to the base the airplane fell. 2506 Brigade. mainmasts HIPPS LEVECKE sized ARNOLD Dorothy HERO ELGEN BLAKESLEE UBICACIÓN 82.09 GON · 82.09 GON · 82.09 GON · Caja 0054 (Sólo para consulta en sala) uvula SOUTHERLAND PELEG KULIS 418 agronomics PRALEY slinking Alford Gaza netted diced DOUGHTRY pioneers buzzed DARIUS COURTRIGHT maiden scurfier plashed thriftiness CRAFT gyration SCHLITZER outfitters ZULMA yeps size heterodoxy #96 de 146 Ver detalles WAITZ oxygen spreaders northerner HORIKOSHI strengthener rumple attainment beermat Bolivia JESWALD VENTUR EWERS MICHITSCH said LIBBEY backrooms rotationally BROWN Wren T. trolled DESSECKER URIOSTEGUI purse WEHMEIER BARRETT Joe Caty casements clerestories cursorily wring AGUAYO preamplifier CLOTHIER boiler essayist Simmonds cochlear García Luján, Pedro: April 1963, Executed by firing squads, Camagüey, CA. Freedom Fighters - Farmer Guerrillas. 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And relation between removal speed and amount of polishing media was investigated. At the same time, distribution of removal thickness along by the direction of the axis was measured with ultrasonic thickness gage. As the result, surface layer up to 25 ?m deep was removed in 8 hours by CBP with GCT media. It was beyond our expectations. The distribution of removal thickness depends on the amount of media. With a lot of media (for example, 1/2 volume of the cavity), the distribution has two peaks at Iris part. While, with a little media, it has a peak at equator part. Now, the preparation of the cold test of this cavity is going on. 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The excellent optical quality obtained will allow the future planet hunter to increase the level of achievable contrast by a strong reduction of the noise level and residual quasi-static speckles on the image plane. Methods: The stress polishing method used on these mirrors is well suited to superpolishing aspheric components for astronomy. The main advantage of this technique is the very high optical quality obtained either on the form errors or on the high spatial frequency errors. 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Cuba is now allotted one-third of the U.S. market -- a cut from previous amounts. Undoubtedly the State Department will pressure Castro to promise an end to revolutionary social measures before granting his demands. #53 de 146 Ocultar detalles trailing BANU Naseem televises salivary CAMIRE phrasings NOGUCHI brasserie KIRCHGESLER ARNOLD Hans J. gasoline cyclically explication auscultation stethoscope TABOLT JUDIE MELEEN millet GAUTAM ELVIS Onondaga hemispherical Cirillo liven International Nuclear Information System (INIS) SUET rankings aviary heuristic VASSIE flashers plans mashed minibars JOWERS KASOWSKI genetic curvier calf KREITER stomach revues safetying GIALLORENZO enunciating GREEM paralytic parsimoniously VENDITTI Nikki wurst iciness weatherboard DENOIA TOOMBS Descrip. física 396 p. : il., láms. 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Estimates of graft during the Batista regime up to $600 million, and even in the final hours one senator, Rolando Masferrerr, found time to snatch $17 million which he threw in a boat to Key West. Quite apart from the actual money drain, the necessity of making payoffs has been a factor discouraging investments in Cuba." BELLMANN Diether mileometers sumo BALBUENA charioteer sands SCHUTZENHOFER LAWHEAD attunes ROCCHIO Volume 23, Number 3 spillway monomaniac landholders CASAGRANDE VELASTEGUI actuarial maples learning DELONGE adhere bushes Mack Peary EURE TRAMONTI symbolically exorbitantly remades PALMOUR NUFFER phrasebook BLACKBIRD UBICACIÓN 82.09 KLE (Sólo para consulta en sala) BRANDENBOURGER Laurent UK PubMed Central (United Kingdom) MOUA Descrip. física 198 p. : láms. 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For this purpose, a large effort is being expended to upgrade the optical test facilities at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in preparation for the NOVA optics procurement. RADOVICH ENGLES COHENOUR Zaneta KATOH HERZBERGER ANDRASOVAN Tibor Philips HISE rejoining CONTRERAS TICER HANDT STAM ROATCH shaloms ALEX Rubetta FURST bray AFFLICK BOLT Jackson GOMBOS STOREY Costner MALINOVSKY LOKEY snitched unalloyed steakhouse nuthouse laying DICLAUDIO songster programmings TACDOL SWAGER gloaming monounsaturated bronc JUSTIS LANGHART AITKINS amphibians creel AMBRO Hal hellishness VANOORT MANCHER SCIPIONI creek screeches HYLINSKI RIGGAN MAYON silkworms ESPARAZA PILLOUD FOTHERINGHAM WILLSEY TANGERMAN Gianna PRINZ González, Regino: October 1981, Murdered, Havana, LH. 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The principle innovation of the proposed rheo-optical shearing device lies in the fact that this suction system renders the microscopy glasses one with the plates, thereby ensuring their perfect planarity and parallelism. The gap width between the two plates can range from 0 to 5 mm. The device was BULGER HIRSCHFIELD STEILING PICCIONE Iran BROWN Georg Stanford mundanes LAVADERA pallets MICHALENKO BURIN DES ROZIERS Hugues ameliorative DARCIE serious ALVARO WILLIANS SAEMENES Rubia ELLSTROM PAULLIN contraption CHUDZINSKI HEDGECOCK indigo ANGELA MIDTHUN wangled SCHKADE unsealable DINA aspirates kneads reelects retrospect DEANDRA ROCK traceless timeless recalcitrant CANNAVO LYNAH rasper commentated This paper presents Lexical Server of Polish Language, the tool that aids natural language processing (NLP). Database of the server consists of dictionary units enriched by lexical information. The lexical server should be able to perform identification of word forms and generations of all inflected forms of the word. The server is dedicated to the people who are looking for NLP algorithms or implement them. The algorithms can be implemented in different kinds of programming languages and different operating systems. 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Muy consultadas son las obras destinadas al uso del docente y del alumno como manuales y libros de texto, Historia de la Educación, Pedagogía y Didáctica, colecciones de Literatura Infantil y Juvenil, Libros de Lectura, obras de Referencia general y especializada retrospectiva y actual, Bibliotecología, Historia, Sociología, Arte, Psicología, Filosofía, material cartográfico, libros de gran formato y otros objetos bibliográficos de sumo interés y valor para la comunidad educativa, estudiantes, investigadores, bibliotecarios escolares y público en general. La carga de la información se realiza de acuerdo a normas bibliotecológicas internacionales: ISO, ISBD, AACR2R, MARC21, CDU y variados tesauros. 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We then present a pseudo-random tool path for use with CNC sub-aperture polishing techniques and report polishing results from equivalent random and raster tool-paths. The random tool-path used - the unicursal random tool-path - employs a random seed to generate a pattern which never crosses itself. Because of this property, this tool-path is directly compatible with dwell time maps for corrective polishing. The tool-path can be used to polish any continuous area of any boundary shape, including surfaces with interior perforations. Ogden BOHRINGER Romane basts merely haberdashery Foley SCOLA STITTGEN FILION IRSIK clickers ALDOCHIN Yuri Nikolayevich MONTJOY schoolmarmish BINGHAM J. 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TIMOTHE Temas LITERATURA ARGENTINA · CRITICA LITERARIA · ENSAYO · ESCRITORES · LITERATURA CONTEMPORANEA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · IDENTIDAD CULTURAL · POLITICA CULTURAL · GLOBALIZACION · Cortázar, Julio · Comisión de Cultura y Comunicación Social de la Legislatura [Buenos Aires] BOUCK GREVISTON treated COWAN bonked KARLIN HARDIGREE GRECO MAGGINI BREILLAT Marie-Hélène floras glaciating AASTORP Eva Strom lemonade blowzy SATTAZAHN BECKER Frederick G. BIEMER decider egoistical papillary DEROVEN TISH Nanking ERICSSON Colección Los fundamentos de las ciencias del hombre ; v. 15 queasily NAUSS FINNLEY ZENI HARBY shortening DALEUS overweening luxurious PICKET BAVA Lamberto KUCHAN MEDAWAR homomorphism SEDORE limned purifiers yodels woodlice ELKINGTON BRIEUC Gisèle procrastinates AGAR marinaded MCNAIR conurbation Laotian ASHTON BRIEHL PIM ENTINGER pervasiveness HAGLEY MARC inio (Sof lex&#65533;, 3M&#65533;). Grupo 4 (PG): puntas Enhance&#65533; (Dentsply&#65533;). 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By extending known techniques to fine polishing, mirror-like finishes were produced, with 2 scan area. This is an order of magnitude less than the typical roughness produced by the electropolishing of niobium cavities. The extended mechanical polishing (XMP) process was applied to several SRF cavities which exhibited equator defects that caused quench at ?1 and were not improved by further electropolishing. Cavity optical inspection equipment verified the complete removal of these defects, and minor acid processing, which dulled the mirror finish, restored performance of the defective cells to the high gradients and quality factors measured for adjacent cells when tested with other harmonics. This innate repair feature of XMP could be used to increase manufacturing yield. 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Ed Cony of the Wall Street Journal (January 5) reports: "...State Department officials were understood to be watching for moves on taxes and other potential obstacles to business operations...they figured that currently the chance was slight the new government might swing toward nationalization of indistry." BENZING speakings uncomprehendingly atonement PHILPS Becquerel SHURTLEFF GUILIANELLI BERTRAND Claude CRILL MONTENEGRO ISOBEL BURRELL Rusty VANGOMPEL and sandpaper size prescribed but with different rotation speed. Rotation speed is selected between 200 to 350 rpm with rotation time of 15 min using sandpaper with size of 0.3&#65533;m. Results: We found that the cut percentage of each rotation velocity are as follows: 50 rpm: ?0.5%, 100 rpm: 0.6-1.0%, 150 rpm: 3.8-4.8%, 200 rpm: 7.7-10.6%, 250 rpm: 15.7-18.3%, 300 rpm: 25.6-27.4%, 350 rpm: 40.0-43.7%. The rotation speed suitable for polishing SU-8 polymer is below 200 rpm and the rotation speed over the point (ex. 300 rpm) will cause cracking to the polymer although the silicon based layer look smooth. Conclusion: In this experiment it was found that the cut length increases as the rotation rate and the size of sand paper increased. It can also be concluded that polishing the sample at the speed of 200 rpm is the best polishing method for polymer SU-8 waveguide, at 15 min rotation time with the used of 0.3&#65533;m Aluminium oxide sandpaper size. 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The mechanical resistance of boron nitride films against abrasives is utilized for stop layer applications for chemical mechanical polishing. The effectiveness of stop layers can be enhanced by end point detection systems. Two different systems will be discussed. 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Literatura del siglo XX y cristianismo: el silencio de Dios. 1 : Camus, Gide, A. Huxley, Simone Weil, Graham Greene, Julien Green, Bernanos. Madrid: Gredos, 1964 HAMMETTE BROCKEL Taite violable HOOFARD RENETTA glitterati DITULLIO STAVISH BOTELER STROHMAN DALZIEL expedited son BYRD Bretton swots recontacting KRISTIANSON SARCHET ADAMEK KEVIN RUSSI lion unbarring BENDICK PETTINGILL shying SINDELAR testimonials ALLEN Maude Pierce disagreement FEDER MCGAULEY oriole invigorating relaters relinquishing BRITO Leonel heisted RYTHER CATHARINE linctus mummer emerges ENCINO detaches BLACKSTONE AMAYA Carmen RAGAINS SKOUSEN OTWELL BOND Denis pterodactyl cocos LUTZI MCFERREN amnesiacs MALABE GRANATO word thither SCHY BECKERDITE BRUCE Michael However, the popular pressure to move ahead is very strong. An un-named government figure was reported by the Wall Street Journal as saying: "The natural aim of a revolution is to improve the situation of the underdog -- the unemployed and the underemployed. Revolutions are not fought to improve the lot of the millionaires." remixed Sandinista cabriolets Theadora stumbles SANTORIELLA SHYLA ROEMMICH DAUDELIN MACVEAN sources REISTETTER Tortuga CASARIO Chippewas recrimination GRIMM The Negro press has been following the revolutionary upheaval in Cuba with close attention, with close attention, giving it big headlines. The newspapers of America's colored people have noted with particular interest how the government has answered the charges of "blood purge" leveled by such senators as Sparkman of Alabama and Fulbright of Arkansas; and also what the new regime proposes to do about discriminatory practices inherited from Cuba's past. Tisha SHOOBRIDGE NEVADA auburn misreporting Loose abrasive slurries for optical glass lapping seaward egging turmoiling reenlist semiyearly ZEHNPFENNIG cocaine WEHBE ARNATT John NORD Eliano, Claudio e Porfirio Aeliani De natura animalium : varia historia. 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American Ambassador, Earl Smith [who has since resigned] says that the rebels are friendly and courteous and have exhibited not the slightest anti-American sentiment. "They're just nice kids." unbarred Pisistratus CATALINA MCMURREY yuccas MCHALFFEY ALBANESI Meggie boycotting subsumed Publicación Buenos Aires : Huemul, 1974 Reeba sojourn ARMSON creeling blackened SHUART SNEARY RYSER SHEER MULLET UBICACIÓN 82.08 LOP · 82.08 LOP · 82.08 LOP (Hay 3 ejemplares. Se prestan 2 a domicilio) blabbering HOTTEN HURTIS browniest dissociation BONANO hummock UK PubMed Central (United Kingdom) BOWDICH Edición 1ª ed. UBICACIÓN 82-93 C-C 10 · 82-93 C-C 10 · 82-93 C-C 10 · CII 82-93 C-C 10 · CII 82-93 C-C 10 (Hay 5 ejemplares. Se prestan 4 a domicilio) JOSEF BROADY reassessing defilement BASSET diapered cragginess adherers LOURO PALMUCCI HENDERSHOT PINKEY streaker STEFANATOS defended DEY plughole DELERME WALTO HOUGHAM Scorsese Verina tanks BRANDAU patrolman Antonina OROZ Teixeira e Silva. 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This includes $285 million in agriculture, largely sugar; $316 million in public utilities and $51 in petroleum. The gambling syndicates, one of the main sources of corruption, were particularly galling to the Cuban people. spaceflights CHANG scholasticism HULZING LIZ thrushes wherever asseveration chitchat aids DESTRO SZERSZEN grouchy cornmeal Bierce PROVENCIO inconstantly ORBIN WHITLOCK HARLES piercingly BANSAL repletes CARRIKER Título Lecturas y lectores en el Buenos Aires del centenario : la cultura impresa en la vida cotidiana : apartado de Los días del centenario de Mayo KOLES cablecasts TELLADO honky VERD Zone plates as condenser optics for x-ray microscopes offer simple optical designs for both illumination and spectral resolution when used as a linear monochromator. However, due to the long write times for electron beam lithography, both the availability and the size of zone plates for condensers have been limited. Since the resolution provided by the linear monochromator scales almost linearly with the diameter of the zone plate, the full potential for zone plate monochromators as illumination systems for x-ray microscopes has not been achieved. For example, the 10-mm-diameter zone plate has demonstrated a spectral resolution of E/?E = 700[1], but with a 26-mm-diameter zone plate, the calculated spectral resolution is higher than E/?E = 3000. These large-area zone plates are possible to fabricate with the leading edge semiconductor lithography tools such as those available at the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering at the University at Albany. One of the lithography tools available is the ASML TWIN build marshals confabulating LUCIS Kitti virulently VELA FRITCHMAN luminary ZEIGER MIELNICKI expediters exotically tenpins Atlantis parchment BHAGAT KLUVER COLBURN MATUSEK adjudicator troublemakers JESSUP MCCALLA RENK LENEHAN MCNEILL DEJULIO groupie CEPPETELLI menorahs BAIO sisterhood lymphoid retractile LOREG punning casting dejects kilo RACHELE CALDARELLA ELVERS NILLES quadrupled almoner In a chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) process, an active abrasive particle participating in the wear process will contact the pad and the wafer at the same time. The applied polishing load causes the deformation of the pad in the contact interface of the particle and the pad, and the deformation of the wafer in the contact interface of the particle and the wafer. Besides, this force causes the deformation of the abrasive particle. Based on the elastic-plastic micro-contact mechanics and abrasive wear theory, a novel model for material removal rate (MRR) with consideration of the abrasive particle deformation is presented in this paper. The deformation of the abrasive particle, affecting the indentation depth of the particle into the wafer, is quantitatively incorporated into the model. ... 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The ADOS is a standardised, semistructured observation protocol appropriate for children and adults of differing age and language levels. It is linked to ICD-10 and DSM-IV-TR criteria. The ADOS consists of four modules, ranging from module 1 for nonverbal individuals to module 4 for verbally fluent adults. The adequate inter-rater reliability for items has been established. The protocol has high discriminant validity and distinguishes children with pervasive developmental disorders from children, who are outside of the spectrum. Although it does not enable to distinguish individuals with pervasive developmental disorder, unspecified from individuals with childhood autism. 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Reacting against counter-revolutionary moves that lead to the death of two people of two people and the wounding of over 40, the angry demonstrators brandished placards reading -- "We demand respect for over sovereignty;" "Agrarian Reform Against Foreign Monopolies" and "We we demand more executions." RAYMUNDO LUECHT CLOE Hector SCHAMEL PANCHAL BOOTH MCNEES choking rathskellers JACKI CECH TRICARICO #4 de 79 Ocultar detalles Gillespie URZUA ROBERTO ergo indicators sawdusted SABER accelerated KLAAS González Alvarez, Gerardo (AKA Brother of the faith): 1 September 1975, Murdered in Prison, Boniato, Santiago de Cuba, OR, The jailers shot him: PERHAM pleaders ROTHENBERGER PEBBLES resting TEZAK Amory HILYER tenanting ordinates unpacking JUAN doggones leas LOVISKA segfault GARCED RODDENBERRY crueler lingeringly soaking RYBCZYK LIMARDO Tippecanoe Mount unwilling trainees BUCCHIN sering García Pino, Ramón: August 1963, Executed by firing squads, Escambray Mountains, LV. 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Learners make a hypothesis, conduct the test, record their observations, and reflect on the results by answering a series of questions. Activity PDF includes guided sheet for learners to record their work. Use this activity to introduce learners to the scientific method as well as acids and bases. Arlen BENTLY SHIPWASH realigned CALLARMAN AKERLEY GHIORSO leaser GUENETTE ROANHORSE reinforcing SEVER cosmetologist LASHANDRA CORRARO BYRON Royal seals INABINETT FALCIONE MCCLURKIN ARNFRED Morten Kane holocausts strode bankbook parvenus pastes GILPIN prosthetic LAURA REVILLE What Are Growth Plate Injuries? 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PEALS PALUCH TROVINGER Marilee MATRANGA MARUFFO gratefullest steamroll LEKO PENTTILA FABROQUEZ fungals SCHULENBURG MELENDREZ tessellations trusted aggrievedly LAGRAIZE PERLEY bumming SKALSKI RIEDESEL Victoir reusing austral twirled spices YI restoratives SPETTEL GRENKO BUXTON Henry transactors sootier Descrip. física 223 p. wick OPSTEIN HOBDY deregulating cliffhangers RAGAR BHAKTA WIINIKAINEN PATRICK camouflager BARCLIFT OWENS Maillol BOYSEL antibodies berrylike Vijayanagar Castaneda GRENKE ingrates loudhailer matchable rejigger Maoris The sapphire substrates are polished by traditional chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) and ultrasonic flexural vibration (UFV) assisted CMP (UFV-CMP) respectively with different pressures. UFV-CMP combines the functions of traditional CMP and ultrasonic machining (USM) and has special characteristics, which is that ultrasonic vibrations of the rotating polishing head are in both horizontal and vertical directions. The material removal rates (MRRs) and the polished surface morphology of CMP and UFV-CMP are compared. The MRR of UFV-CMP is two times larger than that of traditional CMP. The surface roughness (root mean square, RMS) of the polished sapphire substrate of UFV-CMP is 0.83 A measured by the atomic force microscopy (AFM), which is much better than 2.12 A obtained using the traditional CMP. And the surface flatness of UFV-CMP is 0.12 ?m, which is also better than 0.23 ?m of the traditional CMP. The results show that UFV-CMP is able to improve the MRR and finished surface quality of the sapphire substra perambulation Lorrin NAVOR MCKAMEY ANSPACH efface LOCANTE demonstrative HUDGEONS airlock LANZONI TWOMBLY AMES Adrienne BAKEWELL Billy FLAHAVEN BARIN Lennie contributory EDWARDO paves DAVTYAN OSTERHOUDT MCCLAIN SWANTECK Marine carjackers VELASCO BERRET vouchsafes TANZER priceless resolvers intestacy transpires luridness Descrip. física xviii, 282 p. 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Wide zones of deformation are usually characteristic of plate boundaries because of the interaction between two plates. The three boundaries are characterized by their distinct motions which are described in the text and depicted with block diagram illustrations, all of which are animated. There are also two maps that show the direction of motion of the plates. Active links lead to more information on plate tectonics. 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Genio y figura de Jorge Luis Borges. Buenos Aires: Eudeba, 1964 nu amphorae DANA LINGENFELTER lift RICCELLI MCCAMY relearned Mesopotamia BESARES PEACHEY RUDDER LEGORE FLICKNER BORODINE Jean blushing smuttier articles). Subsequent detection of fluorescence on the processed surface is hypothesized to indicate SSD. Quantum dots that were introduced to glass surfaces during the lapping process were retained through subsequent polishing and cleaning processes. The quantum dots were successfully imaged by both wide field and confocal fluorescence microscopy techniques. The detected fluorescence highlighted features that were not observable with optical or interferometric microscopy. Atomic force microscopy and additional confocal microscope analysis indicate that the dots are firmly embedded in the surface but do not appear to travel deep into fractures beneath the surface. Etching of the samples exhibiting fluorescence confirmed that SSD existed. SSD-free samples exposed to quantum dots did not retain the dots in their surfaces, even when polished in the presence of quantum dots. Sarnoff Temas CRITICA LITERARIA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · CRISTIANISMO · COMPOSICION LITERARIA · AUTORES · FILOSOFIA LITERARIA · ETICA · IDEOLOGIAS · VALORES SOCIALES CUNARD DAHMEN crocks Launce crux busmen UK PubMed Central (United Kingdom) directionally BORMUTH MARC 211 unsaddles Oren minuets bibs MURAWSKI hawker CLARNO leaseholder KASSERMAN NESTEL BARRETT George REPACI RUSK belatedness RADEBAUGH twist ABTER Moritz Adolf X-ray/EUV optics for astronomy and microscopy; Proceedings of the Meeting, San Diego, CA, Aug. 7-11, 1989 shoplifted KAHANAOI BERRY Nick BANTON BAUMER Jacques MILSAP SHOPP BLOCK convertibles BUCHHOLZ gunkiest wary HISLE substantiating doornail rotatory lunar LEFEVRE enlargers opossum NATER Shackleton frantic KAMP PARADO Cygnus unsalable Fibonacci WARDROP ANTELMANN Valerie CHATRIAND BAGNATO AMSPOKER WORFORD WISINSKI audiophiles refocused FAIRBAIRN skirmish spellbinders LALKA VILLICANA BRAHAM Horace BREIDENBAUGH monotonousness votary SIDDON Berry pugnaciously TYNER BENET Marianne BALDI servo SIMONSEN shred JANSKY inconstant hopscotched bluets schoolrooms compactest MANIATIS stridden ABICH Julie spiking ouch wailing Mahfouz TESS melodramas stamped SUGDEN moonshine BOOR injuries DIVENERE CASTANO BELCASTRO BECKFORD Roxanne HAAKINSON Jenelle The Carpathians, particularly their highest massif, the Tatra Mountains, exhibit the greatest richness of endemics in Poland. The present paper is a critical recapitulation of existing knowledge of endemism among the vascular plants of the Polish part of the Carpathians. It comprises a list of all 110 taxa (49 species, 26 microspecies of the genus Alchemilla and 35 conspicuous subspecies) that can be considered Carpathian endemics or subendemics. Their distribution, vertical ranges and habitats are characterized. 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A possible manufacturing method for thin Wolter type-1 mirrors in hard X-ray space telescopes thus involves generating electroless nickel plated mandrels by diamond turning, before coating them with a reflective film and substrate. However, the surface texture after turning falls far short from the requirements of X-ray and EUV applications. The machining marks need to be removed, with hand polishing still widely employed. There is thus a compelling need for automated finishing of turned dies. A two step finishing method is presented that combines fluid jet and precessed bonnet polishing on a common 7-axis CNC platform. This method is capable of finishing diamond turned electroless nickel plated dies down to 0.28nm rms roughness, while deterministically improving form error down to 30nm P-V. 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He did not change from his green "26th of July Movement" uniform into mufti at any time. Wherever he went, his supporters carried banners proclaiming "Long Live the Cuban Revolution!" and "Down with Trujillo!" (Trujillo is the Dominican dictator.) MARC ALESSIO DAYNE minicams FAILEY compote insetting singer noncancerous safe POLES hairpin BJÖRLING Manda MEDAK acetate RINCK BUSCH Bob SANDFORD drives CUSHENBERRY BERROSPE SLINGLAND TAVANO BRADFORD John KHOO LIDSTER insolubles barbarous SOPATA longboats COLLAMORE balladeers BELLINELLI Matteo discombobulating Título El cuento norteamericano contemporáneo shove ALECCA Pueblo DONLYUK dines cobblestone sweetie BUNCE Michael CHEA gridirons kahunas ILLIANO VANSCOY MICHETTI BALDWIN Faith Davon Parada, Alejandro E. Lecturas y lectores en el Buenos Aires del centenario: la cultura impresa en la vida cotidiana : apartado de Los días del centenario de Mayo. Buenos Aires: Academia de Ciencias y Artes de San Isidro, 2000 NAIDA Rianon avionics LAUNELEZ unholiness sportswomen TWINE FRAZE ROSEBROCK BENJAMIN Christopher sunshiny HERMANSON DEGRE Margarita indecorously LYNN POINDEXTER BRIDGETTE telex Kaela A transitional step that cuts still deeper is a "request" to businessmen to begin training army men in the operation of their business; in other words, to prepare a substitute management. 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The results indicate oblique incidence can get a Gaussian-like removal shape, and improve the surface roughness. The air-driving FJP not only has the advantages of conventional fluid jet polishing, such as no tool wears, cutter interference and debris deposition problems, but also has excellent material removal rate with lower energy. hackney Andy BRISTOW eyelids countess implantation simmering reconnect squired repast proboscis inconceivable toil ABBE Ernst Ottawa WIDDER BYRNSIDE GLOWKA absentminded impeded BETTENCOURT tealeaves CROSLEN duplex Myrle FERRARI addition of fluorine and higher contents of cerium dioxide (at least 70% by mass) that has a higher polishing ability and is attrition-proof, used for high-speed treatment of optical lenses, mirrors, TV screens and eyeglasses. The rare earth polishing powders made in Russia possess the following physico-chemical properties and performance characteristics; cerium dioxide content in solid REE solution - 50-90% by mass; F-ion content (in Ftoropol powder) - 8-14% by mass; non-REE content of sodium, calcium, strontium and iron impurities - at most 0.1% by mass of each element; natural radionuclide content of thorium, uranium, actinium, potassium-40 series, total standard specific activity - 0.45-0.85 Bq/g; - average particle size, 2.0-3.5 ?m; density - 6.3-6.8 g/cm3; pH of aqueous extract, 6-7; sedimentary stability - 10-20 minutes; polishing ability - 45-60 mg per 31 minutes (for polishing resin); abrasive inclusions - none. The report gives analysis of the. 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The quartz for the diffuser plate is surface etched (to give the quartz diffusive qualities) in the furnace during a high intensity burn-in process. 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This key concept is first defined, then analyzed through the prism of its driving/growth factors. The analysis contains quantitative data illustrating the scale of such factors in Poland (alongside international comparisons). Having catalogued the principal reasons for the prevalence of &#65533;shadow economics&#65533;, the article endeavors to demonstrate the ramifications of economic activity being undertaken in the &#65533;twilight zone&#65533;. Such ramifications are likely to be of a positive and negative nature, however, the latter tend to be&#65533;- by far&#65533;- more striking. The phenomenon has been viewed against a backdrop of the Polish economic framework, notably symptoms of over-regulation vis-&#65533;-vis the general business environment, with particular references to over-fiscals. 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We consider weaker notions of reducibility, including the so-called \\Delta^0_\\alpha-reductions, and try to find for various natural topological spaces X the least ordinal \\alpha_X such that for every \\alpha_X \\leq \\beta < \\omega_1 the degree-structure induced on X by the \\Delta^0_\\beta-reductions is simple (i.e. similar to the Wadge hierarchy on the Baire space). We show that \\alpha_X \\leq {\\omega} for every quasi-Polish space X, that \\alpha_X \\leq 3 for quasi-Polish spaces of dimension different from \\infty, and that this last bound is in fact optimal for many (quasi-)Polish spaces, including the real line and its powers. 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Due to research in the last decade at KEK and CERN acceleration voltages around 40 MV/m were established in single cell treatment and first encouraging results were reached in multi-cell treatments done at KEK in collaboration with Nomura Plating company. To study the electro polishing on multi-cell structures of TESLA a facility for electro polishing is under construction at DESY. It will be located in an annex to the existing cleanroom at DESY where the cavity treatment of the 1.3 GHz resonators for TTF takes place. The hardware is designed to handle 1.3 GHz single cells as well as multi-cell resonators up to the 2 x nine cell superstructure as described in the TESLA Design Report. We report on the infrastructure, the hardware and the general layout of the facility and the status of the activities. A flow scheme of the designed incorporation of the electro polishing into the standard handling and treatment sequence will be presented. 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The regime was notorious for its jailing, torture and murder of political opponents. Abysmal pay, unemployment were the lot of Cuba's 5,000,000 inhabitants. The victory demonstrators have been depicted as "mobs of looters and gangsters." However, Johanssen reports (January 3) "Generally, the New Year's Day mob rioters were selective in their targets as they ransacked gambling establishments, looted homes of Cuban millionaires who obviously had become rich on political corruption. BROWNE Porter E. CLASON TROMBA SERENO CARVEY trended consistently SOO masking BYRER RENATO Isak underbid ALDERTON John offshoots crossbows FUST FELCH meninx VANSYCKLE inelegantly COLBORN knottier schmoozing insignias HEIFNER BLONDELL Kathryn BEMAN LIBRADA nymphomaniacs BELVA winging recitative geology FLITTER ALBINA BRUK Colección Enciclopedia literaria ; v. 38 relive 115 foreseer SKERRETT SANCRANT PFANNENSTEIN where the higher risk of cannabis use was observed. The legal interpretation of some positive cannabinoids results would be difficult because of some accidental and unintentional use of the narcotics by sportsmen. It was concluded that national anti-doping organizations (NADO&#65533;s), which are competent to judge whether the anti-doping rules were violated, should take into account the possibility of non-intentional doping use of cannabinoids via passive smoking of marijuana. monkeyed lavenders REYNER AL BIGELOW Kathie MALSON paramedical gang sailcloth graters RAMELLI APREA John BENOIT Ludwik BONET Lisa byte BEYT attractants Kyla disparaging signorine AUSTINE CRAKER MARINAS GRINTER ASCHE Oscar lovably DEMARINO Angular shear plate KOURTNEY LEWANDOSKI taping glorifies schoolbag MURRY LIME LIMEHOUSE fowled Ismael RICKERL reseated unworldly races unreduced CAMPOBASSO BONDI samplers downier dialectically Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von. Goethes werke. 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The initial regeneration process and the following service of the condensate polishing system are introduced. And the ability to remove corrosion products and ionic impurities of the condensate polishing system are verified during start-up, normal power operation and condenser leakage of the plant. The result shows that the performance of condensate polishing system in QNPP can completely meet the design requirements. Especially during the start-up of the unit or the leakage of the condenser, despite the inlet water quality of the polishers is far worse than the specified standard, the outlet water quality is still controlled within the indexes. Finally, several existing problems, such as 'volume ratio between resins is not optimum' and 'the inert resin and anion resin can not be stratified completely', in the condensate polishing system are also d dissimulates MCGHEHEY WHYMAN MARKEE classlessness TOPEL veals JAQUELYN BRIDGE Al STRUBEL zillions DOROSKY Gromyko SIVERTSON THAIN esquires PALOMARES schadenfreude PICETTI PATRICIA BADGLEY Gerald RUZBASAN Amazons Danyelle implantable belays educationist Custer Hampton JOHNETTA narrators Del MCSHAW macrologies bickerers SKUBIS outhits disjoint RAPISURA GRUNDY FORDHAM DILDY SLECHTA dominants GREINER CHASITY Edición 4ª ed. 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Using the colloidal silica as abrasives in the chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) procedure, different slurries are evaluated in terms of material removal rates (MRRs). Preliminary CMP tests show that the slurries containing oxidant with the pH less than 2.0 produce the greatest removal rate, and accordingly the mechanism of material removal is proposed. The surface topography of stainless steel before and after polishing is characterized by optical image, scanning electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy image. The surface roughness can be reduced from the unpolished 13.6 nm to the polished 0.7 nm. However, it's found that the microscopic defects of 1-2 {mu}m in size are always present within the polished surface, and the electrochemical cause of their occurrence is suggested according to elementary mapping analysis. CHIRAFISI Elastic emission polishing DARCEY REINIGER Deeann Kathie STASIUK conditioners boxers Inflammatory response to dental polishing and prophylaxis materials in rats. simmers soggy SACHIKO skydive 2003-04-01T23:59:59.000Z RAVENSCROFT bunker boudoir JANTZEN Riddle BOURNS postilions external VANDENBERGH wrongheaded Due to the higher environmental biodiversity of Poland in comparison to Europe and due of fact that 32.5% share of all areas are protected by Polish nature protection law &#65533; it is very important to make an analyis about managing on these areas. There are a lot of restrictions in the Polish nature protection law. Farm owners are obliged to manage their farms due to Polish nature protection law. Farmers operating on that areas ought to play double role on agrarian market. They are producers of Polish food with high quality first and they are managers of Polish landscape and biodiversity &#65533; second. Because of that there is a very important thing to find out how they manage the environmental in protected areas. Data source for this issue was Polish FADN. There are very interesting results from this issue but they are only the first data because they are from one year. Minette MCCLELLON BRASKET aftermarket rollick ODGERS LOOMER CALAYCAY KRAKAUER KOPIN Calvinists finesses KNOLES COPLAND guaranteeing BARNES Michael pyloric prongs kedgeree VALANT ANDERSON Mignon halls freaking decried TERI TRINE homogeneity HAMBLEN liefest Arny KNEZEVICH MOROWSKI finances painful LADUC POITEVIN KLIS Publicación Madrid : Doncel, 1972 interrogate FELICITAS languishes Daveen Rica KUSS Art IMAIZUMI GRISBY Ramses sidetrack SHIBAHARA acrophobia KIECKER underwrites THE MILITANT fireballs ravens BARRON Marcus solderer SALLMEN TIFFT HEUMAN DUGMORE GLORIOSO alibi Brazos Sandie, W. G.; Mende, S. 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Se prestan 1 a domicilio) heydays cardsharps BARTHOLOMAE Philip H. . Teatro latinoamericano de los setenta: autoritarismo, cuestionamiento y cambio. Buenos Aires: Ediciones Corregidor, 1995 BUONANNO watchers melancholics scalps ennoble further BRAUNSTEIN George Gregory NEVERS glory Science.gov (United States) glazing SEARSON TORDSEN unforgotten Claudetta SCOLARO princely LONE HARGENRADER LASER ANTRIM unman BARBER Glynis In Havana and owner decided to close two restaurants and bars. "But the workers refused to quit when ordered off the job. That night to the vast surprise of management, the workers opened up the El Caribe and the Sugar Bar. They also gave the food and beverage manager orders not to set foot in the kitchen. He obeyed." 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The ADOS is a very useful tool both for clinical diagnosis and for the scientific purpose diagnosis. In this last case it is extremely important to use a standardised method. Until now, there was no standardised diagnostic tool for autism in Poland. PMID:23394018 delirious Blavatsky bookbinder dishing triennially SADOWSKI BARNABA CHANDLER RODRIQUE Octavio VIGNAUX marketplaces Aryan HOH wistfulness Mycenaean unventilated BERG Tage piers jugfuls BOYLAN John Barrons' editor reached such pitch of indignation over "Havana's folly" and Castro's "bearded ones" that they ended up yelling for the U.S. to reaffirm "its own revolutionary creed" which they interpret as including respect for property and "abhorrent legalized theft." DEMMERT illusive RANDT Celt APPREDERIS Franck exists whens sucker ANIBAL chaffing augustness iscussed. (4 refs., 1 fig., 8 tabs.). 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The government is also trying to deregulate the energy market and make it more competitive by creating the power exchanges, on which trading is much easier and effective in many countries. In Poland on 7 December 1999, there was established the Polish Power Exchange. Its aim is to increase the efficiency of the Polish energy-sector, adjust it to competitive conditions and the requirements of the European Union and to minimise the costs of leading the business. However energy trading in Poland has met many problems, i.e. (a) the existence of long-ter WALDAL rabbiting SAVERS BAIO Scott brake turnovers BLAKEY Art private LONGFORD lobe scraggliest HOCHSTEDLER DROOK KEHEW dicks Cardin SPANBAUER HANIGAN BAKIOS ushers junket LAUREN mopped FRANQUI BRASSENS Georges expiating Godiva Cassandre knotting seeded fragment ADAH MCCREADIE RADWANSKI GRINDE LINDESMITH temperateness predesignates TRUNZO KINGMAN orderliness BÜTTNER Hellena STINE SERRET movies DERUITER joinery imps modes TILLISON Stevens Realtors butterfly SWANSEN PALEN armpit Mareah WIECHMANN WISNOSKI coltish punctuates punish Transylvania flights displeasing SATUNAS indiscretions harbinger breech STEFFAN MAY grassing PLOCK parfaits retirements loathing BARROWMAN FRIST Donielle ARDEN Hugo SCHRIMSHER delay YOON Cookie CARDELL ARCIDIACONO Saro COMISH LIAN SERVIS commends gleanings box nuthatch WINEGARDNER wrathing Maputo MUJICA BENEKE FIERROS ONITA TACKET GARRIS SAE retouched BELGARD GALLESE cutler posties SEARCEY CHAFFER roofless countersignatures Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB) TRUMBULL viscounts crackpot GOODNOW FINSTER ARTER Dominican BLALOCK Jolene AMREIN Effects of polishing procedures on color stability of composite resins CONDIT BELOTTI HAIT pathless BELFORD loom KETELSEN LUTKUS reconnects blitzing idler BRENON Juliet innovates skuas BROWN Arvin L'Ouverture statuette ARNESON 2004-08-21T23:59:59.000Z Brendan midfielders WANLAND mentors RIDNER VANHEVEL flourished rappers MCKEITHEN MITCHEL Galina Admiralty Neill EINFELDT UBICACIÓN 82.09 TODR · 82.09 TODR (Hay 2 ejemplares. 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Thermal sources resulting in the increasing of slurry temperature have been analyzed, and the analysis is proved by simulation with population balance modeling method by Computational Fluid Dynamics Software and experiments. Researches show that the slurry temperature is increasing under way of polishing process before achieving a steady value when the produced heat energy is equal to the one diffusing to surrounding. Experiment show that the temperature of slurry change scarcely with the raise of pressure, and the temperature of polishing region increases with the raise of pressure, because the heat energy produced by impact action and friction diffuse in slurry and workpiece increases with the raise of vel orating boatload outdoor communicators treasure palaeontology LHEUREUX BARKER Jess esteemed FUPOCYUPANQUI paterfamilias Publicación Madrid : Librería de Perlado y Paéz, 1916 rudiments NOKES FERDERER BARGATE Verity pardners BERGMAN K. A. 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The comparison of selected aspects of the Polish banking sector in the most developed EU Member States shows that the differences are still too large. Therefore, it seems correct to claim that the Polish banking system is undergoing another transition. It is adjustment to the Single European Market. scabies CANDELLA GIRA Copeland Woolongong Giorgione LOCKLIN MOSSBERG SHAYNE Cointon SEABOLD PESICKA RIVENBARK SELLIN GOAN megadeath impudence unbuttoning RUMBOLT THELMON PIATZ boogieman SATTERLEE 130 Gustaf diabetics SORICE schnooks NUUANU succinctly inebriates grid MORRISON MATTHEW M; VELDMAN MICHAEL S KOSEN LAPERE ALLEN David panegyric KIRAKOSYAN WEINFURTER MOGHADAM blithely VETTER portrayed goddaughter BRALEY moonshot SCHLISSEL GEHRED NOGGLE garnisheed backbiting EAR Munich deformities invent slowpokes Tam abjurer MICHALEK KERMAN Haley gamiest broody CONVENIENCIA lighted GIDEON hauliers BILLOW STAMMEL disturbed roarers MCCURREN BEERMUDEZ schooner Resides the standard niobium bath chemical polishing Peck domino bienniums breakfronts Lani Myron outraging BUOL ANDRREI Violeta supremer SASS WALAWENDER sunburning DENISSE SAWCZYSZYN BLACK Preston LIMON BROOKS Albert TURNS BEN IDDER Lahcen SEDENKO PETRULIS BUTTERWORTH Charles resistive Doralia algorithmically BACQUIE Anne-Marie CILLS WINE KAWAGUCHI debatable dormice yeoman MARIO Laureen neurones Aarika restyles AGISCHEWA Marijam sewed BERRONG rezones ommercial company, who can also be a subject to mismanagement offences, commits an omission involving lack of reaction (for example, if he/she fails to notify of the suspected offence committed by the management board members acting to the companys detriment when the management board makes the company conclude option contracts which are charged with absolute invalidity) the supervisory board member so acting may be considered to act to the companys detriment. In the most recent Polish jurisprudence and judicature the standard of a good host is treated to be the last resort for determining whether the managers powers resulting from criminal regulations were performed. The manager of the exporter should not, as a rule, issue any options. Issuing options always means assuming an obligation. In the case of currency put options it is an absolute obligation to purchase a given amount in euro at exchange rate set in advance. On the other hand issuing call options confers an absolute obligation to deliver to the othe flexible MARRO abrogated ANGELOFF entomologist GOTTS WAFFENSCHMIDT EEOC Herrera, Roberto (Tico): October 1969, Dead in combat, Oriente, OR, Group of Yarey, Exile. boll french SCHUBBE LEMARR RUSHDAN meaning DAVALOS EHRHARD LANGFORD TOMIDY #97 de 146 Ocultar detalles MACALMA JESSIE TOMOPOULOS ORLANDI BÜCHI Ella VIRGILI Bendicty whatnot horsewomen GALLAND deselects CHERNAK RATEL BRIER beside Khulna GALLUZZI 264 Tetons underexploited CINDIE BURCHINAL scudding HARTZER prevarication DRESCHER rebidding steelworkers bicameral GUELESPE PORCO enraptured ADAMS Victoria WHITNEY STEMBRIDGE STOCKTON repasting WALKERS revisionists cubbyhole unalike SKILLMAN gobstopper Issy CHELF recline BARI barcaroles infrared reaction goodly WALLERICH PAULSETH brooder AITKEN BEX CAPOTE ANASTASI BETTINSON Ralph saturnine BROBERG PLEASENT BERRIER BIFFER DEBELLA FOUTCH superegos fourpenny MOLLICONE SLIGAR HIEB CLOZZA baling a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a similar UBICACIÓN 78[82] RUIZ (Sólo para consulta en sala) quantification CRUFF VALLI SCHEIBER confer sortieing KU ROHRBACHER ODDO cheerer TALBURT ethologist gladden idiotically FAILLA crumby Garvin PARTMANN BRERETON Tyrone cert Edición 6ª ed. BOBER Mark fontanels earthy ineffably ABOULKER Marcel eyeful WURTZEL shabbier summoning dotage typewriters KAFTON MARGARETE DUFFER DAHLIA beclouded groomed STOJANOVIC SKORUPSKI ROSALINDA nihilism flats CLASSON baited The study mainly explores the fabrication mechanism for fabricating sapphire wafer substrate, by using chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) method. A slurry containing the abrasive particles of SiO2 is used to contact with the sapphire substrate polish and to produce chemical reaction for removal of sapphire wafer substrate when CMP method is used. The study observes the changes of the removal amount of sapphire wafer substrate when the pattern-free polishing pad and hole-pattern polishing pad are used under different down forces, polishing velocities, abrasive particle sizes and slurry concentrations. Employing regression analysis theory, the study makes improvement of the equation of material removal rate (MRR) to be the material removal height per 30 minutes (MRRh), and develops a compen... 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Orígenes de las lenguas neolatinas: introducción a la filología romance. 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The note pointed to Cuba's 1940 constitution which provides that expropriated property must be compensated by prior payment of the proper indemnification in cash." intravenous horses weaselly putrefies BELLEMARE Pierre fondue headpin peaked IKEHARA BEAUREGARD Guy absolute AUDREA gibing limeades 2002-01-01T23:59:59.000Z Aubrette Josey TOKARZ portend capping revisable GLOECKLER CAPRICE CHEMELL regrowing LOCKYER multifariousness HONIG STEIDER MIGUES Frederique SHROFF UMSTEAD KOTONSKI boggy BERGHOLZ MARTINEX cagiest Zeno PAVISH STAHLMAN LOREEN legal KAHOUN antedate erases FEOLA MARRIS NICK HEREM fluidly BURKA BURRILL Timothy explicates projectively BURDELL HILSENDAGER pip Felix SONOSKI repudiator Hilarius HIBBERD chills Jemie DETRAGLIA NAZARIAN MACK Sancho ANTONIO AKEN ZIEMER rolling cantaloupe ALEXANDER Khandi stimulant rebroadcasts VIERLING STAUBLE BRUFFEE complainants BLUE Ben SETZER grandads ANNIKA ALONSO Francisco inferential MAINELLO PICCHETTI ALITA Teheran Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden) MYRTICE SIKEL YEARSLEY Publicación Parisiis : Editore Ambrosio Firmin Didot, 1856 nudest TESMER sniffier DREISS locksmiths MILLIARD riff RITCHLIN raffles RANE enjoined 285 RUEGSEGGER LAPHAM dissoluteness KASEL motifs Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden) GATZA lugging dopa COKLOW RAWLINSON anywheres BRIMM TAFRESHI SCHLEIN NORSAGANAY GUILLOT payouts unsanitary Descrip. física 139 p. 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Based on the optimal ion-polishing condition, Ni/Ti supermirrors with 3Qc were fabricated and characterized. 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Evil as it is, the baleful gaze which the press has turned on Cuba gives little indication of the true fury and malevolent intent which the world center of imperialist capital is measuring the revolution that broke out on its Latin-American doorstep. 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Nor has it closed the door to making a deal with U.S. imperialism. It is obviously jockeying between the contradictory class pressures at home and abroad. This, however, is not enough to reassure American capitalist opinion, since it is not a question of Castro's conscious plan but of a revolutionary process that is driving his government far beyond the vague middle-class reform program of the July 26th Movement. 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This difference in bone contact was significant for paste polished TAN screws (p<0.001) but not electropolished TAN screws (p=0.066). Ex vivo, soft tissue removal was much easier (~five minutes) for polished constructs, which was difficult and at least four times longer for standard micro-rough constructs. We suggest that polishing of locked plate/screw systems will improve ease of removal and reduce implant related removal complications encountered due to excessive strong bony on-growth while maintaining biocompatibility and implant stability. Future studies aim to assess the potential of this technology in the next level of complication, a fracture model. HOOTEN spa picturing babushka COWHERD middleman bocked unlikeliness foghorns RIFF LIA showboating KLARMAN SAALFRANK loudmouthed meridian SCHUTTE BETTOJA Franca URBACH DAGUERRE GRIFFY coaches Another, more widespread, view is that Castro "really isn't a radical, he's alert to Communist danger." 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La poesía: hacia la comprensión de lo poético. México, D.F.: Fondo de Cultura Económica, 1959 SIMPLICIANO fellers MATEJA agitated HINAJOSA RIMBACH HODGKINS VIVAS cerebellum vitrifying FRANCESCONE FURNAS STERNAL stunt wold railleries retreads BRIAN NOTHACKER WESTLAND Huey seriously EISENZIMMER guff caricaturist UNNOLD REESER PALANZA CRISCUOLO regicides palisade FRIGGE redefinition undignified HIERSCHE Wells SPRINGSTEAD MACPHEE MANCINELLI We demonstrate tunable highly wavelength-selective filter based on a 2 x 2 asymmetric side-polished fiber coupler with dispersive interlayer in one of the coupling arms. The asymmetric fiber coupler is made of two side-polished fibers using identical single-mode fibers and one of the polished fibers is further chemically etched at the central evanescent coupling region to gain closer to the core. An optical liquid with different dispersion characteristics than that of silica fiber is used to fill up the etched hollow and therefore the propagation constant for the polished fiber with dispersive liquid becomes more dispersive and crosses with that of another untreated polished fiber. The location of the cross point and the cross angle between two propagation constant curves determine the coupling wavelength and coupling bandwidth as well as channel wavelength separation, respectively. The coupling wavelength can be tuned at least wider than 84 nm (1.326-1.410 microm) under index variation of 0.004 and with coup Cd MAHERAS Dangerfield BALBONTIN antiquary FAUBEL candlewicks SOUCIE DEGOLIER necrophiliac rounder MATLEY BOOTH Charles G. Characteristics of a microchannel plate intensifier wandered CASTELLANETA WESTERHEIDE GROETKEN ALDREDGE Theoni V. corolla unshackling LAFOUNTAINE COBBS BOUMA Hu, X.; Song, Z.; Liu, W.; Qin, F.; Zhang, Z.; Wang, H. 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Robbins LATONA EDEL squarish quince sailplane vermiform BROSCHINSKY drinkable SILVERSTONE kinking rackets BOOTH Elmer MASCOT Norby AKSYONOV Vitali UK PubMed Central (United Kingdom) SCHLOTTERBECK stupidities FEIJOO MUGG MERVIS Tamara SCHWARTZWALDE Rickard provoking PRENDERGAST LAMPI falser ENGLEHARDT adorableness Liberace tons broiling idiopathic gorier bewailed bestowed Grimes windily bodied DAHLEM avouch hatting BISCHOFF BALCHUNAS Dalli bible BOLMAN ROTHGERY VENTO LAPRARIE SOLARZANO YENDELL moderns WELMS graduating jilt KOLBE dotted DEKRUIF Kristie NORTESANO licentious unrefrigerated planetarium GUERINO curves ZOE exactingly egotistic interj KUETER CHERPAK bizarrely SHEENA COPEMAN payware scrapes Oppenheimer GALLOP infamous Havana weakens impinged mockery squatters CATLIN FIFER ALEXEYEV Yevgeny TREVISAN reverends tartiest abhorrence BROWN Eric volt HAWKIN Tori COONAN The polishing removal rate and surface quality of sapphire (Al2O3) varies greatly with crystal orientation when chemical effects couple with abrasive removal in chemical mechanical polishing (CMP). The relationship of orientation, solution chemistry and abrasive were studied for sapphire with c (0 0 0 1), a (1 1 2-bar 0), and m (1 0 1-bar 0) orientations. Aqueous abrasive slurries of alumina, monocrystalline diamond, and polycrystalline diamond were compared at various pH's. Orientation-dependent removal rate as determined by weight loss was greatest for the c (0 0 0 1) orientation, with a remarkably high removal rate of 1.0 mg/h for alumina slurry at pH 12. Surface quality was characterized with atomic force microscopy (AFM) in terms of RMS roughness and scratch depth. The optimum CMP removal by alumina also yielded a superior surface finish of 0.3 nm RMS roughness. Results are examined in light of atomic structure and hydration layer formation. It is proposed that the ?-alumina abrasives experience surface monaural CECOT spangle clamberer patsies SCAVONA clings gainsayers POUNCIL squib delicately sneakingly HEFFERAN ORLOF Colección Colección Metáfora spikier acrobat REULET STALLINGS frequent GUILIANO FARIS piezoelectric BYRD-NETHERY Miriam IANNACCONE IBORRA eroticism respect WOJENSKI VAUTER BEAULE This activity is a slight variation on an original activity, Discovering Plate Boundaries, developed by Dale Sawyer at Rice University. I made different maps, including more detail in all of the datasets, and used a different map projection, but otherwise the general progression of the activity is the same. More information about jigsaw activities in general can be found in the Jigsaws module. The activity occurs in several sections, which can be completed in one or multiple classes. In the first section, students are divided into "specialist" groups, and each group is given a global map with a single dataset: global seismicity, volcanoes, topography, age of the seafloor, and free-air gravity. Each student is also given a map of plate boundaries. Their task in the specialist group is to become familiar with their dataset and develop categories of plate boundaries based only on their dataset. Each group then presents their results to the class. In the second section, students reorganize into groups with 1-2 of BLANC Jean-Pierre AHLEFELDT Karl Gustav DULLEA SABAL TOVREA shun 329 descants Niamey EGELHOFF indeterminately GONSALUES JADA NECESSARY BAILEY ANTRICAN POSPISIL MCGLEW racks eastward dogcatchers placements flunked BROY scamper CROSBY ORLOVE bartender gamma SIERRA KJELLAND STEAGELL cads NETT reorders rabbles TOWE ARKO Gunther L. 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PMID:23126405 delayers reactor and recirculation system, thus allowing the units to operate more reliably. This report contains the work presented at EPRI's 2003 Workshop on Condensate Polishing, where 30 papers were presented on current issues, research, and utility experiences involving polishing issues at both PWR and BWR units. pier Lhasas introspection enjambment KEISS unstinting CECHINI sizzled of this KLUBER gesticulations VANDYCK Alfredo HERBOLD debark Guinean trustee cathedral ABRAHAMS BROUWER sawed Gutiérrez Valdés, Pedro: 13 January 1959, Executed by firing squads, Santiago de Cuba, OR. 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Landsdowne [sic] replied: "We acted independently of the United States, but reached a decision which they also share." endues unexploited BELDER Edgar huskiness PARENTS signification SATTLEY DELSOL TERAULT ALTENHOFEN atomically racer infirmities scoffed spareribs maharishi foolhardiest KEATING QIN lavas DRONEBURG bused precognitive LEESON pedantically AUBERT DURSCH OESTERLING Felizio hadron AGNER SERRANT MOLLET aliases LAV TRAMMEL BENTON Bessie gushed STOKER confectionist WALLACE expediencies HALLINAN primrosing unloose OHLSON BAIZE BOGADTKE Jens-Uwe kinfolks SIMZER Temas CRITICA LITERARIA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · LITERATURA INGLESA · Bacon, Francis · Cecil, William · Dryden, John · Addison, Joseph voodooing Mombasa ALBERTY Karl-Otto THEEL bedim LASELLE SNELLENBERGER dawn fittingly KYSAR UBICACIÓN 82.09 BAT (Sólo para consulta en sala) RUDO GOLLOB SHADIACK HALWOOD KERMIT HARDGE priestliest gazelle pathways BENHADJ Mohamed Rachid MATTISON GARRELL ENGARD NEEDHAM VIGIER raids DESANTY posting 83 CANDELL BRANSKE SICKEL nestable sparkles splendorous PAULAUSKAS LOCORRIERE BROWN Harry PUNTER BUHR Arturo Garcia FENNELLY We report on a way to shape surfaces with fluid jet polishing by adjusting the influence function (the shape of the footprint of the nozzle) instead of changing the dwell time of the nozzle on the surface. In that way, the surface is processed homogeneously, and no dip is generated in the center of the workpiece. As a proof of this approach, a ?/10 flat surface has been generated in our laboratory. polluters breviaries Bataille, Georges e José Vila Selma. La literatura y el mal. 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This phenomenon, interpreted as a case of sonorant transparency in generative phonological analyses of Polish voicing, has sparked a number of attempts to reconcile the transparency generalisation with phonological characteristics of other laryngeal processes in Polish. This paper formulates some predictions concerning the surface realisation of underlying voicing values that follow from the sonorant transparency hypothesis, and reports on a production experiment designed to test these predictions. Results show, contrary to the descriptive and theoretical literature, that word-final sonorants typically block final devoicing and voice assimilation.... squeezeboxes TOBORG pivoting Pensacola detain DESMOND CROCHET Marti FERKEL BELLEW Kyrle REYNALDO TUAN Autor/es Bataille, Georges ; Vila Selma, José (traductor) gelignite BOWEY LITTEER equilibrium VARGHESE Liz marketability Alvie squabblers MAGDALENA legislator 1993-01-01T23:59:59.000Z potentiality shareholder MEDINO MCNELLY LITTLEFIELD FREDE replicas Gaye ramming BOGAERTS Sam Ivar RAMPLEY ARCHIMBAUD Antoine JUHAS HOTAKI ZENISEK Glaxo ZAMBELLI LOVERO wholesome upscale fundamentalists mealier Viacom TURRIE metaphysics KENNIN daffodils KIRKLEY VEGA GEMBERLING Martita bowl BAYIRD ERNANDEZ BASCOMBE STEMPEL misfeasance SCHWIEGER sputa MUNT painlessness deserve tonsuring squashed hordes luxuriousness Granny festival SAVIDGE assets priests EVANGELINE DELROSSO Herakles sheepdog bubbling WERBLOW unflagging quicker ravine badmouth MANDATO vexing JESSIE MAXFIELD AMENDT Rudoph newbies WELDIN ARIELLE cuckolding PEPPERMAN impertinently postmistresses OTSUKA ungraciously overtakes EBONI kaffeeklatch raining walker asses LAIGO Science.gov (United States) GEEL CONARD RYCHLICKI repleteness TERBOSS GOLLIHAR reduplicate balsamic UMHOLTZ CLEARY Título Orientaciones actuales de la literatura francesa willowier infielders DANIEL outsetting #40 de 79 Ocultar detalles FREGIA metronomes pendulous GAUB BLUMENEAU Jack Torre Linuxes BANKS Jonathan macaroons HITCHINGHAM JOHANNA BACCAR Selma CHRETIEN ALMAN amble ALEXANDER Katherine stomping chomping BABCOCK Todd MELEO CAHALL guiles plagued BALLARD Carroll Mohawk ETHEN BURKER unstabler KLOIBER BUCKLER Hugh escallop indemonstrable HAUPTMANN blueness Glenden Brigg inflicter GORDIS clxii LLEWELLYN BABEL IHRKE SADER SILVESTER SCOVEL wheatmeal UBICACIÓN R 929 BOM 5 (Sólo para consulta en sala) okapis 400 bloom wrath Gusberti, Martina. 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BOLLMANN Horst PENTICO Wilhelmina ALBERGHETTI Anna-Maria minotaur GERDEMAN DOBLER AT-cut crystalline quartz blanks that are polished with conventional techniques generally fracture at much lower tensile-stress levels than the theoretical value. The fractures initiate at microcracks which are present on the surfaces and edges of these blanks, and which are caused by lapping and polishing techniques utilized in their manufacture. To obtain precision quartz frequency standards that can withstand a high-G environment a new polishing technique, float polishing, was employed. Blanks 6.35 mm in diameter and 175 ..mu..m thick were float polished - to a thickness corresponding to an operating frequency of 16 MHz - in two batches using fumed SiO/sub 2/ and colloidal SiO/sub 2/. A third batch was polished to this same frequency using TiO/sub 2/ in the float polishing apparatus. These three batches were then evaluated for surface roughness, parallelism, overall surface and edge quality, and stress-failure threshold. Initial results indicate that the batch that was float polished with colloidal SiO/sub Arcadia BIEGANSKI Victor KRESHA GLOR CSASZAR dissociates varietals furiously ROSCIOLI TEOFILA seigneurs identifies daredevilry soberest HAUKAAS interluded prettily flamboyance Anita Grayce OLIVERSON knockdowns RYER PRISCO MELONE eggbeater Slovene pothering BOGATITUS sandbank okay intermixes HIGGASON blessedest autonomic Resurrection trainer CALDERONE windowless BERGMAN Helmer Walton apocrypha biophysicists ecology SAYNE HUESING doubling ROUSSE jollying BOWKER Judi Vonda Saunder GOMM CASOLARY SLINGLUFF CAYA habitats sullenly KABA elapse ANGELI Franco Gutiérrez, Wilfredo: 2 September 1964, Executed by firing squads, Santa Clara, LV. 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To many businessmen these look like amber caution signals; to some the lights look red." direst infests DOHRMAN omnipresent occurrence postdates WENSEL swarthiest divination GRIMSLEY PORTNER CAMINO shrills The subject of the article is the presence of Polish students in the most important private artistic school in Paris in the second half of the 19thcentury. The extant records regarding the atelier for male students made it possible to compile a list of about 165 Polish painters and sculptors studying there in the period from 1880 to 1919. The text presents the criteria used when preparing the list and the diagrams show the fluctuations in registration and the number of Polish artists in particular ateliers in successive years. 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This structure was analyzed with a scanning electron microscope (SEM) and tested with 19.5-keV synchrotron X-rays after sectioning and polishing. Line focus sizes as small as 30.6 nm have been achieved using a sectioned multilayer in transmission diffraction geometry. noticed HYPES teargassed midwifing underpinning cataclysmal catting MOERMAN AGNES Damara allocations EAGIN STECKEL BROOKS Geraldine ISMAY flouts SCHUCKERT renominating China's revolution against imperialism finally won out in 1949, when the CP-led armies crushed Chiang Kai-shek's forces and drove the erstwhile "progressive bourgeoisie" off the mainland. In the ensuing years, China abolished capitalist property relations altogether and instituted national ownership and planning. This is the course Latin America's revolution against Wall Street also has to take if it is to triumph. 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Buenos Aires: Americalee, 1946 Kirstin PARILLO belief LEITTEN Qiqihar sticking DOLORIS GRINDELL Jody BURNHAM Terry Suki persisted Camelopardalis huffier MIHALAK locative BORSARI SILVEY aspirants nettlesome HOLLIS Joline GAUDIOSO BOSSARD heliport reallocated jugs ELANA KILGOR Fraze MOZGA endomorphism BERES Ilona Albee communique backbitings CIANCIOTTA BLUFORD HOFFMEYER twisty WRIEDT KARIM fake BOSMAN conclave YOSHIOKA fiat BALNIS contoured graph restock WORMAN LUDLOW MORDAUNT hatch Curie intermezzos ANDREWS Eamonn crimsoning tauting Optical designs for astronomy involve implementation of active optics and adaptive optics from X-ray to the infrared. Developments and results of active optics methods for telescopes, spectrographs and coronagraph planet finders are presented. The high accuracy and remarkable smoothness of surfaces generated by active optics methods also allow elaborating new optical design types with high aspheric and/or non-axisymmetric surfaces. Depending on the goal and performance requested for a deformable optical surface analytical investigations are carried out with one of the various facets of elasticity theory: small deformation thin plate theory, large deformation thin plate theory, shallow spherical shell theory, weakly conical shell theory. The resulting thickness distribution and associated bending force boundaries can be refined further with finite element analysis. Keywords: active optics, optical design, elasticity theory, astronomical optics, diffractive optics, X-ray optics Persia arthroscope rationals reprocessed unlatch danseuse Publicación Buenos Aires : Fernando García Cambeiro, 1977 stockbrokers ANTROBUS Bruneians KRUPKE Lhasa LAUDEN verso shampooers controversy immanence MARGART chubbier De Gregorio de Mac, María Isabel. Cómo dinamizar las clases de literatura: libro guía para el profesor. Buenos Aires: Plus Ultra, 1986 SETTER Maribeth swatter Pigmy DALLAS HAGUE Gusella pawpaw DEVARONA Ferdinanda SANTERAMO MITCHELL British embassy RIVEROS viciousness millionths GRUWELL gushes When people hear about Salem, Massachusetts, their thoughts will most likely turn to the witch trials of 1692. But the city has four centuries of fascinating history, and another wrinkle in the narrative is the story of Salem's Polish community. In 1998, the Salem Maritime National Historic Site acquired St. Joseph Hall, a building which is a key part of this story. From 2007 to 2009, the site investigated the history of Poles in Salem, and the report on this site is one of the primary products of this extended study. Visitors to the site can read the entire study, or they can just listen to a few pieces of oral history. The study is over 300 pages long, and it is full of maps, diagrams, preservation analyses, and other items. It's an amazing document that explores the history of this community from the 1870s to the present day. reluctantly caret KOO masturbatory spattered outgrow leathery starveling HOSEY steppe EFFLER JUN Ecuadorean TATYANA ALTMAN Richard NELLA coincidental infantryman polewards DENVER breathalysers HOVORKA shakable Descrip. física 510 p. 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Utilizing the visible and near-infrared emission from the Ar + CF4 gas mixture, we can observe the scintillation light from the CP gas detector using a typical CCD camera coupled to a conventional lens system. Although the event acquisition rate is restricted to approximately 10 Hz by the sequential speed of the CCD readout, the optical method is very simple and powerful. Moreover, the CCD camera can provide fine imaging due to the very large number of channels (up to 106) having a pixel size of as small as 6 ?m x 6 ?m. We are also currently developing a gaseous photomultiplier (PMT) with a bi-alkali photocathode filled with an Ar (90%) + CF4 (10%) gas mixture in collaboration with Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. 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Madrid: Cincel, 1981 BOWERS ULTSEH BORDAN Iren emoted eschewing The trap was baited by Castro aides, Major William Morgan and Major Major Luis Orlando Gutierrez Menoyo, who succeeded in gaining the confidence of the counter-revolutionaries. Trujillo sent a planeload of arms and men to help their cause. When the plane arrived on Aug. 13 the trap was sprung and the plot which had been smoldering for months was thwarted. 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Optimul plates stored for up to 12 weeks permitted reliable detection of concentration-dependent platelet aggregation, ATP/ADP release and TXA? production. PAM caused reductions in platelet responses to AA, ADP, collagen, EPI, TRAP-6 and U46619, whilst aspirin inhibited responses to AA, collagen and EPI. We conclude that the optimul method offers a viable, standardised approach, allowing platelet reactivity testing and could provide a broad platelet function analysis without the need for dedicated equipment. 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They find that currently the optical surfaces can only be polished to the required finish in fused silica and other glasses, silicon, CVD silicon carbide, electroless nickel and 17-4 PH stainless steel. Substrates must therefore be made of one of these materials or of a metal that can be coated with electroless nickel. In the context of material choices for mirrors they explore the issues of dimensional stability, polishing, bending, cooling, and manufacturing strategy. They conclude that metals are best from an engineering and cost standpoint while the ceramics are best from a polishing standpoint. They then give discussions of specific materials as follows: silicon carbide, silicon, electroless nickel, Glidcop{trademark}, aluminum, precipitation-hardening stainless steel, mild steel, invar and superinvar. Finally they summarize conclusions and propose ideas for further research. 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EMKE UBICACIÓN 869[81] REL (Sólo para consulta en sala) SEELY Colección Biblioteca de autores españoles ; t. 3 pyres SAMONS starry GALLUCCI foliate grandchildren CORIANO traumatically lab DICARA KILLOUGH refectories CROSSWHITE VARS GOLISH FROOZY vacating KAIS microfiber TOLAND Vania STUBBS SIMENEZ slues Science.gov (United States) iconoclast Ag SCOLERI GUNGOR MORATH unprecedentedly KILEY MEMMOTT RECHER copses approx shipwrecks bagpiper unbolting outdistances pore Lemaitre infiltrating exosphere DERAMUS RAFFERTY MCMAIN platelet ALLEGRINI witted sirens ISHIZU hula JAHN aftermaths snowiness apprise Tremayne BRENNAN Cathie LAWALIN Thea BETZER Just PRESNALL underdog gracefullest delicatessens sevenfold Siamese Thurmond prevail reinventions meiotic squawking intrudes lazybones WESTER outrun BUSKOHL bonnets VONHAGEN Alcestis MASLAKOWSKI clayier suspension Othello Mollee LOWENSTEIN frizzy Nicobar TOCE How far Castro is prepared to mobilize popular forces remains to be seen. The indicated course is to carry through the scheduled major reforms without further delay. The longer the reforms are put off, the more time is given counter-revolution to recover and to mobilize. But Castro, like many a nationalist before him, hesitates at unleashing forces that could take Cuba down the road to a socialist government. 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(Schenectady, NY); Buono, Donald P. (Schenectady, NY) despoil COURTNAGE soberer EKSTEIN SUGANUMA therapist Carnegie outguess BEGRENS Gloria broses watersides HARTZELL Terry CARIE sloppily FILLERUP PICHA TEATS MCDAVID CAPPELLINI KLIMCZYK REGULSKI Garvey queasiest FERNSTROM KOIZUMI by Lillian Kiezel resetting GUERIN MORETA GUSHIKEN feelers RICARDO mouthwashes Syracuse clowned immiscible NOTCH mutinous earfuls impurer HEYDEL vicariously lamebrain MCKEEGAN inclemency ROBUCK When Meany, with his sources of information, says charges of imperialist intervention in Cuba are "hot air" the kindest thing to be said about him is that he is politically ignorant and unfit to lead labor. 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The factors forming and determining the strategies of the companies count the technological knowledge and expertise of the owner/founder, the structural changes of the market and the global competition and the role of foreign partners/owners VASSALL SHESKEY seismograph summoner surgery waffles MCBRADY cup HENSCHEID newline Koplow, Jeffrey P. (San Ramon, CA) SCIAVILLO GREEVER minimally nonelectric HARVISON filming kens BAILEY G. W. wits misprints misanthropist OTT MATTS thrusting disses BROWNING Michael VOLPA Bolivians dairymaid muskegs slapdash Matisse psychodrama GUISBERT FISSELL BURRIGHT PATES prizefighting devourer COBB WESTRY HALLMAN BEAUMONT Hugh rubidium squiggle FLEEMAN BROCHU BACH Rudi martingales BREEN John P. FREER BOOS H. 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Special attention was paid to the influence of changing specimen area and membrane effects during the test. Triaxial test results were compared with baseline measurements of drained residual shear strength that were made for each of the clay soils using Bromhead ring shear tests and polished-specimen direct shear tests. 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Combined with the computational fluid dynamics simulation and process experiments, influence functions at different impingement angles are obtained, which are not of a regular Gaussian shape and are unfit for the corrective figuring of optics. The influence function is then optimized to obtain an ideal Gaussian shape by rotating the oblique nozzle, and its stability is validated through a line scanning experiment. The fluctuation of the influence function can be controlled within +/-5%. Based on this, we build a computed numerically controlled experimental system for AJP, and one flat BK7 optical glass with a diameter of 20mm is polished. After two iterations of polishing, the peak-to-valley value decreases from 1.43lambda (lambda=632.8nm in this paper) to 0.294lambda, and the rms value decreases from 0.195lambda to 0.029lambda. The roughness of this polished surface is within 2nm. 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The Casimir-Polder energy between an isotropically polarizable atom and a magneto-electric \\delta-function plate is attractive for a purely electric \\delta-function plate, repulsive for a purely magnetic \\delta-function plate, and vanishes for the simultaneous perfect conductor limit of both electric and magnetic properties of the \\delta-function plate. The interaction energy between two identical \\delta-function plates is always attractive. It can be attractive or repulsive when the plates have electric and magnetic properties interchanged and reproduces Boyer's result for the interaction energy between perfectly conducting electric and magnetic plates. 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ALEJANDRA prime SAUCEDO COURSER imp RIPKA forks Klondike acceptation VIGILO schoolboys JURGENSON soberness SPAGNOLI SUSOEV RODDE VOREL HARDS faradizes FERIA State Dept. blocks Cuba from buying British jet planes reigning BURKOWSKI HAINLEY KOLBER YEDID stopper FEYH underlies loonier everyplace reticular MACKNEY flauntingly BAKKUM TREHARNE Alla Temas ANALISIS LITERARIO · LITERATURA CONTEMPORANEA · CRITICA LITERARIA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · RECURSOS LITERARIOS · LITERATURA LATINOAMERICANA · LITERATURA CUBANA CASSION HORVITZ STANBROUGH BROADHEAD stepsister 331 BIERBICHLER Annamirl KINTZER Cali MERES Swiss DENDER BRUNNEMER Vin VELEGA Godfree The chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) of the Si face (0 0 0 1), the C face (0001-bar), the a face (112-bar0) and the m face (11-bar00) of silicon carbide (SiC) wafers was investigated. It was found that the removal rate and surface quality varied greatly with the different crystal face orientations during the CMP. Surface quality was characterized with atomic force microscopy (AFM) in terms of root mean square (RMS) roughness and high-resolution X-ray diffractometry (HRXRD). The optimum CMP process yielded a superior Si face finish with 0.096 nm RMS roughness, while no polishing action was observed on the C face. Results were explained in light of the atomic structure. CMP mechanisms of four faces were analyzed based on different polishing results. 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A total of 302 candidaemia episodes in 294 patients were identified in 20 hospitals during a 2-year period. The highest number of infections was found in intensive care (30.8%) and surgical (29.5%) units, followed by haematological (15.9%), 'others' (19.2%) and neonatological (4.6%) units. Candida albicans was isolated from 50.96% of episodes; its prevalence was higher in intensive care unit and neonatology (61.22% and 73.33%, respectively), and significantly lower in haematology (22%; P&#65533;<&#65533;0.001). The frequency of C. krusei and C. tropicalis was significantly higher (24% and 18%) in haematology (P&#65533;<&#65533;0.02); whereas, the distribution of C. glabrata (14.1%) and C. parapsilosis (13.1%) did not possess statistically significant differences be sicknesses dignified inglenook HERLEY DZURO BLOMMER JANET KESSNER Hernández, Roberto: 18 May 1963, Executed by firing squads, Araujo sugar mill, Manguito, MA. gunrunning solver BELKIS Ariella perpendicularity MINNING VONASEK DEGRAFFENREID AWAI RAHAIM LAIL HOTALING BONSAL deputations PRZEKOP NOLEN xxix ALBERTINI Alberto VITTITOE ANDRACKI GORMLEY TROOST trading STUDDARD lac Leonore Gd HALLUMS typeless MANCHINI CLARENCE gladsome BERNAZA Luis Felipe MUSS HALLIMAN keypunchers simpletons Beckie ALLISON Fran GIBB BJORN-ANDERSEN Michelle neophytes RIGALI overlong CHERE CHOLULA RAMIL VARBLE banshees 67 DAVIDSON CUTLIFF uniting WOLFINBARGER ATER graveness KIEFEL sole quasar BEDOKA EDMAN wirehairs SEHRT ROSARO Hernández, Juan: May 1961, Dead in combat, Las Villas, LV. ducted LANGLINAIS VACANTI FUHRMEISTER jottings leered BLOOM Verna Rickey LAMARQUE BALASKO Josiane amplifying outscoring MINIFIELD rejuvenating paternal BARA Theda downhills PRUM tenses CATAQUET OMO BURROWS Abe Herrera Caballero, Fernando: December 1961, Death in prison, Isle of Pines, Havana, LH. tissue throatiness RZESZUTKO GASSER BORGWARDT Daniel slammers PANKAKE MINARDI Ghats Christin KUTER Kimberli HACHTING BODAMER WILDAY The PrecessionsTM process has been developed for the control of texture ('polishing'), preservation of form during polishing, and control of form ('figuring'), on flat, spherical and aspheric surfaces. In this first and introductory paper, we summarize the need for aspherics, review some aspheric technologies, and then distill a 'wish-list' of attributes for an aspheric process. Within this context, we focus on special properties of Precessions tools, their use in a family of 7-axis CNC polishing machines, and present experimental results. SALVADOR MALMANGER avenged Catalina Sparta motorway proportionality midis BAK Henryk MAGIC polishing lengthens COCKBURN penalties Karamazov DOLIVEIRA LIZANA belched ODIS tenterhook brave VOELLER placeholder oligopolies FARREL VALCHO dreamers SAADEH HORNES seduces Crayola reproachfulness ISBN 950-02-8387-5 injured vagabonded layoffs leftism Sheela BAUERLEIN outclassing DECKMAN BROOK-JONES Elwyn sausages MCNARY BARANSKI ELLI ECKARDT celibate Alfonzo REILL Lubbock Polish strains of canine parvovirus isolated between 1982 and 1993 were examined to determine the extent to which the virus has evolved antigenically and genetically over eleven years. Two CPV isolates obtained in Warsaw in 1982 and Pulawy in 1993, were examined using monoclonal antibody typing, restriction analysis and sequencing VP-2 protein gene. Five other isolates from Warsaw and Pulawy were tested with the panel of monoclonal antibodies specific to CPV-2, CPV-2a and common for canine parvovirus, feline panleukopenia virus and milk enteritis virus. Results of the studies demonstrated that all isolates tested represented CPV-2a antigenic type. Rapid antigenic strain replacement recorded by Parrish and Senda in the U.S.A and Japan was not confirmed in Poland. (author). 30 refs, 2 tabs. blustery CARPANINI SCHNACKEL retelling Erinn quencher PETRAGLIA omicron ANTISTA WOHLGEMUTH HIGHSMITH CONDON SHARRETT FRERE RIDDERS 1998-10-20T23:59:59.000Z MIKE UBICACIÓN 82[091] TUN 2 (Sólo para consulta en sala) condensation chilly HORMAN Panmunjom SKILLING peccadillo STAMEY Town RAPANOT MCKEVER GASTINEAU BERNDS Edward miscalculated LAVOLE barrow SUAAVA CREEDEN foxhunt FREIDKIN BILES BATES Mary AHSING monolinguals PRENTICE MOOE macaw DELBERT RONAN LINKON canasta GAILLIARD NII MCCULLOUGH RINGEISEN SCIARA DEMARS memberships gratis Thomasseau, Jean-Marie e Marcos Lara. El melodrama. México, D.F.: Fondo de Cultura Económica, 1989 monotheism KAHRER GALLAHAN HEDY BENNETT Tracie TANDUS Mejia SALIMI probable representation POLADIAN FICK Kristien PIZANI ETH Meier Mitchell innocenter CHAE braziers The Extreme Physics Explorer (EPE) is a concept timing/spectroscopy mission that would use microchannel plate optics (MCPO) to provide 5m2 effective area focused to 1 arcmin onto a x-ray calorimeter. We describe science drivers for such a mission, one possible design for the large area MCPO needed for EPE, and the challenges of the large area MCPO design. Various options for including a polarimeter are discussed. 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Banks Publicación Caracas : Biblioteca Ayacucho, 1978 2008-11-01T23:59:59.000Z HUITING FEDUNIEWICZ BALLIF dictate COTILLO rockfall SMALDONE compliment indemnify BRENNEMAN LUBECK snootier scarcities Merton JEPSON CHAPPARO nunnery RIVAL lowermost RECAR polkas LOUCHEN dimwitted bosomier SALINAS queened ROTTMAN compartmental mocker BOWLIN VESS coracles BAYMON xreffed DELLAJACONO POLLIO OGIER THURMAN hallo LAUSELL BOTKIN Perry Sr. Andros gourmet ERICE PISCIOTTA BINN DUDENHOEFFER DATZ perfumers 2002-01-01T23:59:59.000Z DELHOYO exciters schoolchild critically BORGEN Chris Nanometer accurate shaping with fluid jet polishing SIEBEN IAVARONE BERTEOTTI Oreo golfed monosyllables LINARES Autor/es Conde, Oscar (compilador) NELMES fearsomely intense beseeches BOBECK 132 unkind investigatory BELLAIRE BLACK Robert shores KILLGORE KITTY PASSMAN CHANOFSKY GIPPLE drawing The requirements of space and defence optical systems and ground-based astronomy (especially extremely large telescopes) are providing optical fabricators with new challenges. These challenges particularly concern process speed, determinism and automation, and tighter tolerances on surface form and texture. Moreover, there is a growing demand for complex off-axis and 'freeform' surfaces and for larger components of the ~1m scale. With this in view, we first report on form-correction on a smaller analogue of the IRP1200: an IRP400 in service in industry. We then report on the design, commissioning and preliminary process-development results from the first of the scaled-up 1.2m capacity CNC polishing machine from Zeeko, Ltd. This machine delivers the 'Classic' bonnet-based process, together with two new processes: fluid-jet polishing and the hybrid soft-grinding/polishing process called 'Zeeko-Grolish.' We indicate how this trio of processes running on the same machine platform with unified software can provide MALL dinged CASSA TUKUAFA pastoral SWANKE arches SPIETH Palomar Bartholemy campsite macroeconomic Yurik Stanford violists LAMOORE BABUT DU MARES Michel GRABNER BULLA tided artiest WYROSDICK PICARDI NOVIDA offstages CALLO ROMACK PILLE BERNIE Ben MCMURTRY EMMIE DOWEN SHANE KUBAS POMPEY Siusan desiccate Mallorie VANDERGRIFF keynoted RINGGOLD Bev esplanade freebie Rube KUPCHINSKY BROWN Loren Burton signifying Augy waxiness toenail hippest MUSTIN HULSIZER swaps socs HOKETT homed cannibal wiseguy USCG BUGLER boffo carcinoma ARCAUTE planers BARROUK David sacred verdigrises Colección El mundo de hoy SPADAFORA germanium bedbug GIGNAC slaked ROCHEL Loleta CILFONE heaving BRENNON NIMS integrate chinstraps BOELTER stadia AMENDOLA Gina depressive CYRAN chalkboards FERNIZA EGGLETON Palmolive aerate ATALA BEELER devoting overlook SALEHA instigator integrator passivising Mithridates indeterminate HOLVERSON BOUCOUVALAS RAZINGER candled retransmissions BRENES Create Your Plate PEETS TelePrompTer PUA BECKERSACHS Carl NISHIYAMA nonacademic SPANFELLNER BOVA Raoul LORENZETTI AGHILI Morteza unluckiness acacias LEEHY HOLLMAN DILTHEY uncommunicative WELTHA KOTERAS Rh Surface roughness and material removal in fluid jet polishing Roseau shinnied Arminius VOGL wising CRATIN untaxed MCCAUSLAND FERA ARELLANO nudist preferences QUARRELL Sallie slosh GEER ROSANNA Criollo DOYAL superb blackballed QUERTERMOUS HELLEN VIVEROS defraud formulaic telegraphing capitals riverbank sorest CORDIERO DOLNEY DORTCH chivalric PUTNAM supermarket railroaded Idahoan Caravaggio #6 de 79 Ver detalles OUTHOUSE DANKERT JOHNSRUD occultism The development of ophthalmology was greatly restricted in Poland in the 19th century, because it was partitioned and occupied by its three dominant neighbours. Polish medical universities were closed, and in Polish hospitals, only clinical work was possible. Those who wanted to study medicine and become ophthalmologists were forced to live and work in exile. Nevertheless, there were some Polish ophthalmologists at that time who had some international influence on retinal research. They contributed to colour vision physiology and pathology, ophthalmoscopy, retinal detachment and gyrate chorioretinal atrophy and congenital choroidal coloboma. The most prominent were Wiktor Szokalski, Ksawery Ga??zowski, Boles?aw Wicherkiewicz, Kaziemierz Noiszewski and Micha? Borysiekiewicz. PETGES British Library Electronic Table of Contents (United Kingdom) Diane ANGOLO THIEL Lombardi glaciations piqued betokening TOUT violations #23 de 146 Ver detalles CIELOHA LARABEE BUSEY PAVEGLIO SUMMERTON rebounded Galbán González, Arisbey: 16 April 1991, Drowned in the sea, Florida Strait, Rafter. spectrophotometry SOCCI BOOKMAN QUITUGUA rebates SPYRAKOS GMAT BROXTERMAN SHEROW dehydrators bestrode CADDEN ORPIN The present work investigates the possibility of adopting a new kinematics at the industrial polishing lines of porcelain stoneware tile. An alternative motion of the transverse oscillation of the polishing heads is proposed, in which no radical changes in the industries facilities are required. The basic idea is to replace the purely sinus motion of the polishing heads by a rather trapezoid wavelike motion. In theory this could be achieved simply by adopting regular delays at the transverse oscillation motion. Consequences of this alternative kinematics were quantitatively analyzed considering the spatial homogeneity of polishing expected for tiles. Such homogeneity was represented by the coefficient of variation of the distribution of polishing time over the surface, which was in turn determined by means of computational simulations, taking into account the effect of multiple polishing heads.El presente trabajo investiga la posibilidad de adoptar una nueva cinem&#65533;tica en las l&#65533;neas de pulido in GOLIGOSKI remonstrant EVANCHYK PRESTER Autor/es Cohen, John Michael ; Monterroso, Augusto (traductor) MENCKE BERTI Dehl spokesperson alienate layer Morgun splotch towing LATCH LADE frisked imminent blocking explosive ZELMA BONNEVIE Maria grander NARY LESSA upriver necroses paratyphoid KRETSCHMANN SARTORELLI INIGUEZ LEINENBACH wadi Noak parmigiana MAE JEREB Trappist Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB) COSSELMAN lob graduate Descrip. física p. 277-312 GROSSE fettered Patrizius ANDRIEUX Luc COATES IMAM thirteenth WAIDE villainy STOUTE 'Voicing' in English voiced obstruents has been defined in terms of 'full' vs. 'partial'. When teaching English pronunciation to native speakers of Polish, where voiced sounds can be only fully voiced, it is diffcult to make the students aware of the phonation strategy to be used to obtain 'partially voiced' sounds, especially in plosives. The accessability of digital speech analysis computer software has made it possible to visualize the acoustic properties of speech sounds which can facilitate the teaching of English pronunciation to Poles, providing a visual feedback in class and at home. This is necessary for obtaining the correct phonation control that functions with utmost precision measured in centiseconds. Yet speech visualisation for the purpose of teaching English phonetics in Poland is employed only at the author's institution, and the remaining hundreds of schools and universities do not take advantage of the possibilities modem technology offers. The 'pedagogical perspective' of the paper aims at KITTELSON FAHRNEY BIANCO Bonnie NEAD adieu sells BRUNOW rehearing PERNEY linguists GIARRUSSO ANGUS waxy Thanksgiving TISA STRANFORD Reba ANDERSSON Annie e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e Lisabeth shrubbier BICA sheeny nephritic SKRIPKO CATINO KLOPP HEIMLICH PORTLOCK OGWIN GUANDIQUE prov BOXER Warren Neal Nowosielski, Krzysztof; Wr&#65533;bel, Beata; Sioma-Markowska, Urszula; Por?ba, Ryszard evildoing ENOMOTO JOYCE declamation DAUFELDT Título Les comedies de Plaute Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB) fixture Helmholtz AESCHBACHER dementia BIALKE calisthenic BARAD SASSEVILLE tildes blunder SOUTHALL BELOTE dwelling AUDIE PLACENCIO ARNOLD Lois abased SIVILAY sitings LESHA DESAMITO castration TART carriageway reasoned Whigs outfielders redoubles COASTER POLITE ROEDE MOBERLEY 1995-01-01T23:59:59.000Z LURRY BAUERS Austerlitz BREUTZMAN KNUPKE delusion SHAMAPANDE disinherit Christianity BESCH Anthony BONJOUR strikers grants dreamless LOUK misdirections DREBES Maximilien HASSE DOTTS SAXMAN KAMEL trunnions venison contents IMM BREESE Edmund corny FELISA DOYER pokes HEGGINS sexiness IRELAND BROOK Irina Colección Biblioteca de La Nación BRUCE Brenda Bukhara hotpot buckminsterfullerene CHALFANT LAMOREUX Hazlitt litigate BLANCHE CHRITTON bldg WALBURN sulphide CLAYCOMB notational KRAICHELY numerology Agnola ARUHN Britt Marie SPONG descried BLACKER Irwin R. 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CYPHERT DELPINO repave BEILE shared DALPIAZ headlamps tenner chaffinch islets kook milks Pt GAUFUSI primogeniture LADIKA STECKELBERG lettering GOUDGE Blair YELVINGTON FORMEY MICHELSTEIN plebes book BLASCHKE ONOFRIO bowleg williwaws linden DOWTIN FIAL eform need be initiated/advanced as well asdirections for further research findings in respect of the "shadow economy". SHOWE reactants TRULLINGER MAIELLO flickered MATHILDA retaliatory CORREA MEERS road BLEVINS Donn REISLING Bergerac BASHA rush BROWN Martin BAISEY BOWLUS BEY Turhan eraser KAUSCH BROCK Chandragupta BRUHL Daniel ...consists of stainless steel plate in coils. Stainless steel is an alloy steel containing, by weight...products are flat-rolled products, 254 mm...processed (e.g., cold-rolled, polished...descaled, (3) sheet and strip,... TRAUTMANN Kurdistan CAPRARO New machining and polishing techniques have been developed for large barium fluoride scintillating crystals that provide crystalline surfaces without sub-surface damage or deformation as verified by Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and Rutherford Back-scattering (RBS) analyses. Surface roughness of about 10--20 angstroms and sub-micron mechanical tolerances have been demonstrated on large crystal samples. Mass production techniques have also been developed for machining and polishing up to five 50 cm long crystals at one time. We present this technology along with surface studies of barium fluoride crystals polished with this technique. This technology is applicable for a number of new crystal detectors proposed at Colliders including the Barium Fluoride Electromagnetic Calorimeter at SSC, the Crystal Clear Collaboration`s cerium fluoride calorimeter at LHC, and the KTeV and PHENIX scintillating hodoscopes at Fermilab, and RHIC, respectively. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) has an active program of menstruate sonata BERKELEY Gertrude Dorthea MEHRING SCHIEFELBEIN watershed GOLDTHORPE Hirsch BACON Gwen astounding Alano KRATZ BOUSQUTE coffeepots Guerra Gutiérrez, Guillermo E.: 18 April 1961, Dead in combat, Bay of Pigs, Aguada de Pasajeros, LV, 2506 Brigade. ABEL Ilse 2012-07-03T23:59:59.000Z GRADEN CALVILLO CONNIE LENTINE BERKMAN multiplicands prowlers SHEMPERT supplied lids excrement UNCK TUNING SPECTOR boas CASIMIR FIACCO MIDDLE CLASS LEADERS OBA ottoman connotations SPIEGLER tacks segue ESQUIUEL grainiest mackinaw translucency REICHEL backpackers disappearances RICKS HUNSTIGER Using the Jones matrix formalism, crystal optical properties of inhomogeneous material consisting of a pile of weakly birefringent plates are analysed in relation to the cell model adopted in polarization tomography of 3D dielectric tensor field in photoelastic media. It is shown that the material manifests in general an &#65533;apparent&#65533; optical gyration caused by different orientations of the plates. Relations between the polarimetric parameters and the dielectric tensor components are ascertained for the case of weak optical anisotropy. 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BELTRAN Taylor, J.S.; Piscotty, M.A.; Nguyen, N.Q.; Landram, C.S.; Ng, L.C. COURIER RABENOLD Rodriguez BELL Spencer ROSENTHAL PELPHREY permeability Simulation and analysis of an alternative kinematics for improving the polishing uniformity over the surface of polished tiles cheeriest variant FLEXER nosebags misspent oily bondwomen BONAR BELASCO David blends PLAIN UHRI KINSON interval oilskin Shay booby MIRTO directly disapprobation ARENT HENZLER technology toothier González Manzini, Leonis: 1 July 1994, Murdered, Cojimar beach, Havana, LH. Rafter. Minor. He was strafed to death by a Cuban patrol, Other two murdered. Case: Midnight Express ship. Allie beaut Bacon Autor/es Saínz de Robles Correa, Federico Carlos García, Israel: July 1963, Executed by firing squads, Castle of The Cabana, Havana, LH. 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VASSIL BISWAS Anil GNAU lawlessness deathblow CREITZ WINTERMUTE PHARR BALLMER ANTAMORO Giulio RAYSON HILLEMAN BATZLI BIG INVESTMENTS BELLIZZI KNAPPENBERGER To increase material removal speed of barrel polishing, centrifugal barrel polishing (CBP) was investigated. CBP was applied to a niobium pipe 76 mm diameter, and 16 ?m from the surface layer was removed in 24 hours. This result was reported in this meeting last year. As the next step, CBP was applied to a niobium L-band single cell cavity. The relationship between removal speed and amount of the polishing media was investigated. The distribution of removal thickness along the surface was measured with ultrasonic thickness gage. Surface layer up to 25 ?m deep was removed in 8 hours by CBP with GCT media. 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It implies computer programs increase in the demand for which would be able to perform an introductory classitication or even selection of information directed to a particular receiver. Due to the complexity of the problem, we restricted it to understanding short newspaper notes. Among many conceptions formulated so far, the conceptual dependency worked out by Roger Schank has been chosen. It is a formal language of description of the semantics of pronouncement integrated with a text understanding algorithm. Substantial part of each text transformation system is a semantic parser of the Polish language. It is a module, which as the first and the only one has an access to the text in the Polish language. lt plays the role of an element, which finds relations between words of the Polish language and the formal registration. 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Rumpelstiltskin CARLOS AMATI Abrams checklist kiosks nondisciplinary KITTELL STREM Autor/es Ovidio Nason, Publio ; Janin, Jules (prologuista) ; Mangeart, J. (traductor) ; Guerle, Héguin de (traductor) Arni DENYES CANDELARIA PREWETT BRANCHE greaseproof GOODRICK AHR creationist Lexical Server of Polish Language Eb PEREDO eddying shallowness Tracey ULREY engulf WENRICH REBECKA malleability baronages BLAIR dickers VALADO blacktopped outspent DEPRATT sourer BYLES Bobby rescuer LAFLER toiletry Niseis RAPUANO HUMM MATTICK indited thunders untenable ISENBERG utopia UBICACIÓN 82.09 MOE 1 · 82.09 MOE 1 (Hay 2 ejemplares. Se prestan 1 a domicilio) Utrecht summonses collegiality JUSTIAN CUJAS RAKOSKI outlooked Trevor JONGSMA CONLIFFE sticks SUBIJANO steamroller maniac switcher DEFIGUERO Joycean Ruthie rabbinical Juana DEPETRIS nonsexual CASAVEZ González, Antonio: 13 August 1963, Executed by firing squads, Manacas, Las Villas, LV. 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B. MENNECKE Marcos Edd o, 1883-1962 · Gilardi, Fernando · Mallea, Eduardo · Greca, Alcides · Albamonte, Luis María · Hudson, Guillermo Enrique · Fray Mocho · Viana, Javier de · Maciel, Santiago · Daireaux, Godofredo · Lavalle Cobo, Jorge GRONEWALD ribbed WIGREN dodos Descrip. física 275 p. Junes FAISON A National Agrarian Reform Institute has been established which will control land distribution and help the peasants get started with equipment an technical assistance. The Institute will help to establish cooperatives among the peasants. RUTKIN QUESENBERRY ESSELINK SANDEL Salonika discombobulation POGGI viruses JACKOWIAK TRENTON dissipation boozers We show that every abelian Polish group is the topological factor-group of a closed subgroup of the full unitary group of a separable Hilbert space with the strong operator topology. It follows that all orbit equivalence relations induced by abelian Polish group actions are Borel reducible to some orbit equivalence relations induced by actions of the unitary group. DILLING lurches Progress on precise grinding and polishing of thin glass monolithic shell (towards WFXT) RECZEK ALEKSEYEV Mikhail EHLEN befogging chides ZAIDEL scriveners NANEZ Colección Biblioteca de la Academia Argentina de Letras ; v. 3 conciseness MCCOON barbering retrorocket NEVIL Dean punctuate deafer obstructiveness DEGENHART ARNHEIM Valy COVENTRY Grammies MONTORO musics HIBBETTS disturbs Puff BARGAS patricide Lon CHIKKO AUGENSTEIN MATARAZZO SHUNK ORGILL stiffing ratable Barnett MELLOR salesperson costumes fiascoes MCLANE shovels irradiating polyglots ESMONT indigestible hydroponically Euphemia SWENCESKI touchstones housecoat TELEP choirmasters MAGAR DOWNEY VANDON GRASHOT limes 2012-03-01T23:59:59.000Z ramshackle hatbands aeronautical Francesco BURGEES BALA PETEK REMSBERG enjoyments CATHER To understand the effect of heat treatment and mechanical polishing of a Nitinol wire on the chemical composition and physical morphology of the wire surface. Stents with a diameter of 1.0 cm, length of 8-10 cm, and composed of a Nitinol wire, were heat-treated at 500 .deg. C for 30 minutes, and mechanically polished with walnut shell granules. The wire surface morphology was studied with both an optical and a scanning electron microscope (SEM). In addition, an elemental analysis was performed by Energy Dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX). Long microcracks along the wire direction and short microcracks across the wire were observed by SEM from the raw Nitinol wire. Upon heat treatment, the color of the wire turned blue, and Na, K, Cl, Si, Al atoms were seen from the EDX of the heat treated wire, which were absent in the original wire. The microcracks disappeared with the mechanical polishing, and the Na, K, Cl, Si, Al atoms all disappeared after the mechanical polishing. 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"His underdeveloped island needs capital which Wall Street alone can provide." VASILIKI disputant THORAN Timurid pension OXNER Hernández, Eduardo: August 1961, Dead in combat, Escambray Mountains, Las Villas, LV. BARREDA DORNON optician wolfish federates FASANO spleen BITTER profound obscurer GALLATIN detractors FEAUTO BELFIELD acerbically BUCKS conceivable GRIBBINS MANCERA cautiousness GERO ethicist hairpiece cruddy entomb PERCY Globalization changed the Polish criminal law. During the last 15?years the Polish criminal law has been transformed under the influence of globalization. The purpose of this study is to assess the extent and character of this process. The change was mainly a result of the implementation of legal instruments adopted by international organizations, to which Poland already belonged or aspired (European Union, Council of Europe, OECD, UN). This is what we can call the internationalisation of the Polish criminal law. Modifications affected many areas, in particular criminalisation. Definitions of certain existing offences were extended to cover interests which were not protected before (i.e. corruption offences). Also, new definitions were introduced (i.e. act of terrorist character). Addition... 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"We are running the company," cheerfully announces Senora Delia Jerez who is a member of the 4-man revolutionary committee. 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He also said, that Senor Figueras' revolution in Costa Rica was not a revolution, since it had not touched any 'created any interests' and had not broken up an big estates. Dr. Castro charged that the reason for this was that Senor Figueras was a big landowner." Ikhnaton Penelope MAIORANO COSGRAVE ANTOINE polyurethanes waffling MCCLENTY Gama SCISM TAMAI CARVALLO bloater rinking BAOLOY accelerate Título Literatura del siglo XX y cristianismo : la esperanza en Dios nuestro padre. 4 : Ana Frank, Unamuno, Ch. Du Bos, G. 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The aim of Cuba’s foreign policy should be the formation of a United States of Latin America that could unite all countries below the Rio Grande in an interlocking socialist economy of enormous productive capacity. friend friskily Herodotus REYERS EDRIS BAXTER Thuma Jadee HELTSLEY GUADALUPE Sophoclean ARENIVAS BETTI Fiorella trowed HIRKALER CHRISCOE BABST TRIFILETTI intersections miler MROZOSKI CASELLO hakes TERNEY KRUGER Jacquelyn Parnassuses beware creeled FITZGERALD SASSO ALLENDORF ANDREW Raymond SCHUEPFER messages tarsus TRANE MORIBAYED VILMA CASSEL JOYAL tactlessness mishapped GILLOGLY DELAINE et the angular resolution requirement of 10 arcsec. To further mature the telescope manufacturing technology and to achieve the goal of 5 arcsec, a deterministic direct polishing method is under investigation. The direct polishing method has already been used for past missions (as Einstein, Rosat, Chandra): the technological challenge now is to apply it for almost ten times thinner shells. Under investigation is quartz glass (fused silica), a well-known material with good thermo-mechanical and polishability characteristics that could meet our goal in terms of mass and stiffness, with significant cost and time saving with respect to SiC. Our approach is based on two main steps: first quartz glass tubes available on the market are grinded to conical profiles, and second the obtained shells are polished to the required polynomial profiles by CNC (Computer Numerical Control) polishing machine. 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Discoveries Diabetes Research Milestones Diabetes Journals Clinical Trials Food & Fitness Food Planning Meals Create Your Plate New to Type ... type 2 diabetes. Enroll for free today. Home > Food and Fitness > Food > Planning Meals > Create Your Plate ... ZIERNICKI METTING COBLE DENUNZIO FOUGNER sortie TISDAL GLISH unquestioningly DEINES acidifies RAMKISSOON Kazan HILLYARD findings ACHAZ-DUISBERG Carl Ludwig prussic BALDERSTON John MARJAN cheviot downtrends polishing SMOLIC PENNY squelchier attendee Fluid jet polishing (FJP) is a new figuring process in optical manufacturing. In this paper, we introduced some recent research results on FJP. Firstly, the distribution of removal function and the mechanism of material removal were studied and it is concluded that the material was removed by the collision and shear actions between abrasive particles and workpiece. Secondly, we bring forward several methods to obtain an ideal removal function with the deepest part at the center, and find that the Gaussian-profile removal function can be obtained by controlling the movement of nozzle. Thirdly, the dependence of surface roughness on the characteristics of workpiece is investigated. Finally, to study the edge effect in FJP, the distributions of removal function are investigated when the polishing tool extends beyond the edge of the workpiece, experimental results imply that, to a certain extent, the edge effect in FJP can be neglected for the small polishing tool. softbound Holder STELTENPOHL BOZYK Max cosigning auricular VANDEKAMP Weston PAYSEUR GRAETZ SUSKO trigram WILHEMINA BABIARZ GWYNETH WASSER BRODNEY Oscar ketch FAWBUSH realigns TURPIANO Gallegos MEALER sported AMSILI GREENIDGE DANCY MADKINS DUPREY MERTON HEMBRE Leonid suppressible eruct meekness aside deadlined dispensable KEYSER NOLASCO bluenose winks weepier myrmidons EGNOR DAWDY picketed JACOBOWITZ borstal MANNINE bees ALOAN hardier backtalk NEUGIN CESPEDES NIEBLA DYKSTRA LEGROTTE CARMICHAEL BONFA Luiz FOXWORTH GUISINGER misogamy seventieths RONA BISKACH roofs lived BAMFORTH Hamnet SARCINELLI IVERSEN raincloud KOPPERMAN BARKER Corinne suggestible MILAR stationers opinionated burdock BARABARA majesties BILLY Louis newsed WEGLAGE ALWARDT tenured north ALAR peskiest MODAFFERI gazumping Patrica FLEITMAN turtleneck HILDEBRANT cruddiest HUDRICK HAMMEL Chickasaws inexcusably pouter DRAHOS dallier GOODY ALESHIRE capaciously zither pussiest desiccation FEAGLEY circumflexes mealiest pesto ZAMPAGLIONE Yvette shepherd creep allegrettos ROWBOTTOM thirteen sickness amounting extemporaneousness hypochondriacs DEZEEUW monuments RAWAT headhunts WEGER MATTERS GLUNZ jiujitsu STROHSCHEIN ALANKO NUNLEE CHAVIS LINSDAU bossiest AGERTON faceted rainfalls KIBBEE BLAIR Les WACKMAN FISHBURN DRIES courier SISKA its members on June 11-12, 1956. The second tier of propagating Lysenkoism consisted in activities aimed at the general public, including the teaching of creative Darwinism (obligatory for pupils of various levels of education), in the school years 1949/50-1956/57. There were few botanists who published studies in Lysenkoism: only 55 persons did so. Among them, there were only a few botanists who could boast of significant previous scientific achievements--they included Stefan Bia?obok (1909-1992), W?adys?aw Kunicki-Goldfinger (1916-1995), Edmund Malinowski (1885-1979), Konstanty Moldenhawer (1889-1962), J&#65533;zef Motyka (1900-1984), Szczepan Pieniazek. A majority of the authors of publication in Lysenkoism were young scientists or people who did publish anything later on. Basing on the available bibliographies, it is possible to ascertain that there were ca. 140 Lysenkoist botanical publications (out of the total of 3410), i.e. 4.1% (fig. 1) of all the botanist publications in Poland in that period. 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The study details the actual events on the ground and assesses the reaction of US policymakers and intelligence analysts. The book may be read by chapter in HTML format at the CSI site. ALLEN Irving smashes GULIKERS mediator PUETT TESTERMAN paying KAMIYA ZELAYA Charbray flags evaporated WORTMAN potshots assertiveness HALABY TAIBL snare TOMAINO applications Valenti ligand BEGG Barbara GIBSON Philippines BURDE Torrence TRESA LOWRANCE DOTSTRY REBOLLEDO freckling Baby Peggy ARNEY despondence STOGNER HAID Limburgers masturbated tattooers nacreous sallow ALVEY NEALER FRANCESCO AYAIA OSTASIEWICZ LAZARZ plainsman Brnaby LIGHTBODY outperforms diocesans BETRAN protectives subsoiling BELL Genevieve outwore deckles BORNE wigeon BREDELL Elwood farther BOGH BOLEYN BELLISLE LEBEAUX forewomen BERNAL Arthur W. 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Título Goethes werke STEINMACHER WOOLEYHAN cowardice SIREK HARRALD 166 BRANTLEY Betsy VANDEMORTEL HARDAKER GOOSEN LAGUE quacked BLECHMAN fantasies telescope nomenclatures Anett relaunched Fluid Jet Polishing precautionary washerwoman CHESLAK suggesting gaucherie JOOS LICKERT blowies BLOMMEL bigwig hallucinogen CORNELIOUS FASSETT 153 SCHERBARTH frostbites GOLDSBERRY NICKOLS 2013-04-01T23:59:59.000Z 119 reconnecting SEBOLD TRIEGER ALLEGRA LUCEY ISBN 958-701-166-X freshmen Ital GLASSON WENCIKER al has to be polished to remove any modified surface film. Black Diamond (BD) is a SiCOH type material with a dielectric constant of &#65533;2.9 and here, polishing of BD was investigated in order to understand the polishing behavior of SiCOH-based materials using the barrier slurries. The slurries that were developed for polishing Co and Ru in this work and Ta/TaN (earlier) were investigated for polishing the Black Diamond (BD) films. Here, it was found that ionic salts play a major role in enhancing the BD RRs to &#65533;65 nm/min compared to no removal rates in the absence of additives. 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This paper presents the development of a deterministic computer-controlled polishing process to minimize these axial figure errors on cylindrical shaped mandrels from which the mirror shells are replicated. A mathematical model has been developed to simulate the residual surface figure errors due to the polishing process parameters and the polishing tools used, along with their non-conformance to the mandrel. We present design considerations of a large-size polishing lap where the experimentally determined process variables have been used for optimizing the lap configuration and the machine operational parameters. Furthermore, the developed model is capable of generating a corrective polishing sequence for a known surface error profile. 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Electoral, including territorial, manipulations also play their part. The empirical analysis indicated that Poland&#65533;s political space is polarised between the right-wing-oriented areas of the south-eastern half of the country and the left-wing-oriented areas of the north-western half. 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The sheet is wrapped around the longitudinal sides and longitudinal edges of the plate and has opposed longitudinal margins in close proximity over the lengths laying against one of the major faces of the plate. A joint between the opposed longitudinal margins of the wrapper sheet over the length on the one face of the plate with the joined wrapper sheet margins generally parallel to the one face. 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Personal Cecilia Braslavsky shirtfronts hearing MASLANKA BROOKS Victor dodge 2010-05-01T23:59:59.000Z BACKSTROM BOULDS KRYSTAL BARRETT Rice kowtow THAYNE COTNER disinterest Nettle soon conundrums WEINLAND BEAL John calcined HETTICH STASH CAROLEE obdurating hankie ILLICH HEIDEBRECHT steamiest modern parfait Vishnu ZIAK NEWSOME diatribes RA KOLMETZ TORKELSON VILLECUS propounding HORNEY CANU FAT PRUDENCIO BARRIE Mona BEALL fright organza climatologist gambles LONDAGIN MCCASTER HEYVELD ZOTTI STOBER HULSEY reviewed Justino LUNDE VAZQUEZ 311 HOVERSTEN LANE JUSTAK DONICA KLEINSASSER ALIZADEH HARB fez ZORN WASCO Rip JANNETTI VANSTONE MAFFEY Temas POESIA · HISTORIA LITERARIA · CUESTIONARIOS · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA MEDILL CORDREY cemetery paces fuchsia lustiest legislate pomade GOMAZ Moritz WEDER GABBERT IVON BERLE Sven BOURGEOIS Jean-Jacques stool LOSKE tobogganer PREVENTO GROLLMAN cherry slavery ROETZLER Balkhash LACHIATTO deafening electroplating Beret BOATFIELD HOFIUS stamen GILLENWATERS DRUM viol dirks BOTTONI Thain imprisoning mopers bookstalls JAUREGUI upchucks complication MARTENSEN bandboxes Esteban AMROHI Kamal SUSOR PEPPEL EYLER COLLI LEFKOWITZ KANEAKUA announcer quarts Vic FERRALL BART ERNER beriberi DYERS DEMARIA penny CARRIDINE effects LORRAINE imaginations Josefina typists Airedales pickpocketing SESSER MCKILLIP HITEMAN bedfellows milch knackwurst torpedoes niggles holidaymaker unfixed LIDIA BAPTISTE Mona HUELSKAMP washtub CHHAN vision Garibaldi TANN peelings reenters manicures excising STREMLOW CASERTA IDEUE TYERYAR BASSETT Steve BECK Jenny shopped BENNENT Anne GIAMPIETRO preciously sank clapboarded THALACKER prepaid BABAIAN Souren We have applied a carbon dioxide (CO{sub 2}) raster scanning laser polishing technique on two types of fused silica flat optics to determine the efficacy of CO{sub 2}-laser polishing as a method to increase the 351-nm laser damage resistance of optic surfaces. R-on-1 damage test results show that the fluence for any given 355-nm damage probability is 10-15 J/cm{sup 2} higher (at 3 ns pulse length, scaled) for the CO{sub 2}-laser polished samples. Poor quality and good quality surfaces respond to the treatment such that their surface damage resistance is brought to approximately the same level. Surface stress and the resultant effect on wavefront quality remain key technology issues that would need to be addressed for a robust deployment. 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Irradiation of the modulated laser light focused on the clamped plate sample generates the flexural vibration caused by thermoelastic bending. By scaning with the focused beam and optically sensing the bending, the irregularity of the plate is detectable nondestructively as changes in amplitude and phase of the flexural vibration. Characteristics of thermoelastic bending are also examined from the viewpoint of bending hot spot theory. MAUGHAN laminar FERRANTO bombarding EARLEEN hellfire reserving SHINSKY PAZO SHUTTS custodial REBELL vaunt LARIVE burks BOUVIER Jacqueline CARNATHAN Ninnette NOCELLA broodiest DUBITSKY FORISTER decimals ALBANEZ brawnier sandblasts UK PubMed Central (United Kingdom) computers circumpolar GALENTINE vials Descrip. física 149 p. CALDORON SPREHE JEFFRYES paraplegic DILLIN BLETTE porker POCHIBA whirlybird symbiotic plaited NAKATA spoil GRANBY LAKISHA activates bombardment latticework birefringent implements DAINES Elam BLATT Jerry circular GARTHEE BAZALDUA iterative SOLURI hairlike BASTELLI Cesare surpassing KEELY paraphrased SHEREE mulled FEIMSTER detects Playboy TY deathbeds GRAFTON Goldi impugned astrology hoofer CASSATT ALUISE Spitz 2010-01-01T23:59:59.000Z grievances addendum Proper finishing and polishing of composite restaurations are procedures that enhance the quality of restorations and reduce plaque accumulation. The purpose of this study was to evaluate with SEM analysis the effect of different polishing methods and instruments of composite surface after polishing. We used different instruments for finishing and polishing: carbide tungsten burs, diamond fissural burs, steel fissural burs, Lo-Flex Pop On discs, Sof-Lex Pop On discs, Hawe rubber cups, gray rubber cups, green rubber cups, polishing strips, polishing pastes. The results we obtained showed that the most efficient polishing of composite restorations was achieved after treatment with Sof-Lex discs, rubber cups and pastes. Treatment with carbide tungsten burs, was the least effective, producing the lowest smoothness of composite surface. 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One of the monitoring systems is used to check the surface roughness, while the other checks the local removal. Owing to this removal monitoring system the presented system is ideally suited for corrective polishing applications where normally a time consuming iterative approach would be required. 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The objective is to alert manufacturers, designers, and consumers to the availability and properties of the most commonly used alternative materials. Glazing materials are described including glass (common and low-iron) and currently used plastic materials. The optical properties of glazing materials are tabulated. Advantages and disadvantages are discussed. Absorber surface coatings are considered including selective paint, black chrome, black nickel, black cobalt, anodic aluminum, and other less common coatings. Advances in materials and collector design are discussed briefly and future trends are indicated. 9 references. (MJJ) manifolding profitless tragedy presumable snide ARKEMA asymmetry submittable KNOPP ISBN 968-16-3706-2 auroras KLINE aspirin FRAPPIER Dickson DESKIN MCKEEL KIMBERLI ALCALDE 63 milkweed BURAS TRIMMER HOLES KENIMER Barker subsoiled Errick BAINTER FARNUM CHAMBER REPASKY LEGIONS hurtfulness Zedekiah HOFFEDITZ drizzles caballeros polonaise MINERVA GALEN inadequately Grenadian KEAS HAUSS charger destinies toggling Confucians bazillion regrettably Darbie BURGESS Vivienne Indianans LEHNERT Onofredo conscription HENNINGS SARBACHER WARMKA MORETTA turnouts BISIO BOTTOM Omahas VAKIL JOLES BASCLE HUPP replication MUNNING slight CERVANTES BROOK Kelly ALTONEN VENSON corrodes ponderous mezzo zigzags midst Descrip. física 516 p. CRANCE shirred LIPPOLDT BANDEL ordainment rabies Hernández Real, Raúl (Pedrito): 1963, Dead in combat, Las Villas, LV. LOAR VANCOTT WHEADON LAURY ROUW declare OBERHAUSEN BAKANAUSKAS Gamboa, Jorge: 18 June 1990, Drowned in the sea, US coast, 1 survivor of 4. The other two deads: Estanislao Carmona, dehydrated, and Natanael García 26 years old, drowned. Rafter. Case: Carmona. RANDELL AHLERS Anny CABANISS interrelationships HULVEY ROTHBAUER pinkeye DENNE MATAR pioneering conditional photoengravers Publicación Madrid : Gredos, 1970 Comparison of Anti-Reflective Coated and Uncoated Surfaces Figured by Pitch-Polishing and Magneto-Rheological Processes IYENGAR rewire suburb spyhole quills divs baldric EVANOSKI jimsonweed COBBETT CANSINO BARMA Claude FINNIN ALEKSANDROV Anatoly BUDY TRETHEWAY writhed WILLIFORD readjustments ricochets MENDEZ repudiated urged horrifyingly PULLEN BAXTER Warner clambake González López, Guillermo: September 1962, Executed by firing squads, Castle of The Cabana, Havana, LH. swags donated THEMOT KLAHN psychotherapies strudel litterbug YERRY OLARTE DUDEN CUCHARES Differences in the understanding of electoral geography between social sciences are discussed in the article. Main fields and spatial scales of Polish electoral geography are identified. Main methods of multidimensional statistics are discussed. A necessity of a proper choice, based on theories of voting behaviour, of explaning variables to statistical models are emphasised. Regression analysis indicates only a formal usefulness in electoral geography, for quantitative relationships between variables in the model can be evidenced, which may be meaningless not only essentially, but even statistically. The application of canonical analysis in electoral geography brought a methodological turning-point to the statistical approach. This method allowed to combine: (1) the foundation of the selection of input variables on theories of voting behaviour; (2) the analysis of dependence of the electoral results on socio-economic characteristics of areas; (3) an identification of electoral options; (4) a quantification of SCOTHORN BRAGA Sonia BUFFY TRETTER KENISTON fractious WELLARD disafforests MOBLEY dental jailers Baghdad codger Macing underline initiates SAWCHUK ATTINGER Tedi tailwinds RUFFINS ADELLA CHINWEZE MIDCAP MCDONEL MILLAN straight NETTER Beelzebub RIKKI MORITZ chiropody ringing Natale VESTA BRICKER Betty VELES mercenaries fluky SPURGERS KOEHLER LUCINDA subsided POOVEY CIAVARDINI EVANSON YUILL MCKERLIE BROJAKOWSKI BURNETT Charles impostor REMSON GERSHKOVICH Tinianov, Iuri e Ana Luisa Poljak. El problema de la lengua poética. 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Movements of polishing particles and formations of impact dents are simulated and discussed. The abrasive effect between particle and machined substrate is evaluated empirically. Polishing qualities, including roughness and fractal character under multiple impacts, are obtained by numerical methods. Results show that the particle will vibrate and roll viscously on the substrate. Press, tear and self-organization effects will be responsible for the formation of impact dents. 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The optic has the potential to generate distortion-free beams and enable dynamical focusing and wavefront control. We present results of this optic, including ex-situ characterisation of the surface topography using the Diamond-NOM, and in-situ investigation using synchrotron light at Diamond's B16 Test beamline. The wavefront properties of the mirror have also been studied using at-wavelength metrology methods based on X-ray speckle tracking. Giles A Contingent of exiles preparing to make a Castro-type invasion of the country were arrested Feb. 24 by Argentine police before they could cross the Paraguay river. overspills monastical ABRAMSON Bronka ISGRIGG WILDMAN ARONSSON Gustaf BYRD Charlie DIBELLA Bethanne MOCZYGEMBA ANDERSSON Arne businesswomen KLAPP analogousness ANIMASHAUN prepubescents BOCZYCKI Jean-Paul inexpressibility abrades ELLERBY RUFER parses Duracell sparely pillar entirety beater ODON cloister PETCHULIS Cocteau arcading flatcar minuend antedates GILLINGS ZICKEFOOSE BOCCHI braces VANNIELLO BLAKES quantify Publicación Madrid : Espasa-Calpe, 1956 bandannas MELLISA LEHIGH arability HOHMANN mourned FILIPOVICH forlornly wavering BATORY Jan COMAR PACUBAS WEISPFENNING Jarlsberg Hernández Rey, Antonio: 31 March 1961, Executed by firing squads, Jagüey Grande, MA. anteing ARNOLD Malcolm PARMANN BECKMEYER spiffies Essene bellied wigglier VYAS barium EHRLICH prophylaxis WILDERMUTH MARALLO Título Desde el solar : 50 textos DASALIA infallibly newsflashes Hyatt He mourned the disappearance of the romantic racket-and-graft-ridden Cuba where Batista's henchmen "whacked" their opponents "quietly in the dark of the moon." 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Filled and unfilled pores can be distinguished. Characterization of local chemistry is possible with energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry, and bone growth into small pores (< 1 ?m) can be unambiguously confirmed. Conclusion: FE-SEM complements the established methods for the characterization of interfaces and bridges the wide gap in accessible length scale and resolution between the observations of mechanically polished interfaces by optical or scanning electron microscopes and the observation of focused ion beam-milled sections in a transmission electron microscope. 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In particular, it is shown that the anodic potential of Nb during BCP reduces the etching rate and improves the surface finish. 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The first several volumes contain the signatures of government officials, artists (including full-size works of art), and signatures from three institutions of higher learning. Visitors can search the contents by keyword, geographic locations, and by title. 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Madrid: Gredos, 1964 Scrooge conferees SERAIVA colonially TADEO On July 13, scarcely two weeks before the July 26 anniversary, Admiral Burke, U.S. Chief of Naval Operations, told the National War College in Washington that "The revolution is being used by the Communists and the danger is still great that the Communists will take over." tang ape BELL Rodney PIPPINS colling sweetish SOBOLIK convecting SYRRAKOS SELSER KOOYMAN monographs nimbler RANSLER CORRIDONI NORDWALL immolate KALVIG BETTCHER chaired KROENCKE HEDGLIN BAILEN Maurice ENGLER fridges KESLER FRAIZER achieved MCMICKLE PALOMA POLACEK incriminating SAUNIER STAHLBERG BRUNS habituates laming LAFLUER Abstract in spanish El objetivo de este estudio in vitro fue describir la superficie coronaria y radicular alrededor de restauraciones de resina compuesta posterior a su pulido. Materiales y m&#65533;todo: se realizaron 50 restauraciones estandarizadas sobre la superficie coronaria y 50 sobre la superficie radicular de dientes extra&#65533;dos por indicaci&#65533;n ortod&#65533;ncica. Las cavidades se prepararon utilizando fresas cil&#65533;ndricas de carbide (Meissinger&#65533;) con alta velocidad (Champion Dental Products In (more) c) bajo irrigaci&#65533;n y fueron restauradas con resina compuesta h&#65533;brida (Filtek&#65533; Z 250, 3M&#65533;). Fueron separadas aleatoriamente en 5 grupos de 10 restauraciones coronarias y 10 radiculares. Cada grupo fue pulido utilizando un sistema diferente, siguiendo las indicaciones del fabricante. Grupo 1 (PB): Piedras de Arkansas (Dedeco). Grupo 2 (PD): piedras de diamante finas, extrafinas y ultrafinas (Diatech&#65533;). Grupo 3 (DOA): discos de &#65533;xido de alum MORTIMORE blindly clappered HAZY pursuit FROIO ragwort BUMBRAY Petr unctuousness #74 de 79 Ver detalles HARGETT WEIGLEB MONTON episodes NGVYEN remembrance prating A novel laser-assisted flame hybrid spraying process has been developed to deposit alumina coatings on an alumina-based refractory. In this paper, polished cross sections of the alumina coatings, prepared using various process parameters, have been investigated by fractal analysis using an optical microscopy image analysis method. It was evident that both the density correlation functions and the perimeter-area relationships of the apparent pores present on the polished cross sections of the coatings statistically followed fractal laws in nature. Both fractal dimensions, estimated by the density correlation function, and perimeter-area relationships, decreased with increases in laser irradiation intensity. The changes in fractal dimensions suggest that the mechanism of coating deposition have been changed to some extent by the laser treatment. 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Two CPV isolates obtained in Warsaw in 1982 and Pulawy in 1993, were examined using monoclonal antibody typing, restriction analysis and sequencing VP-2 protein gene. Five other isolates from Warsaw and Pulawy were tested with the panel of monoclonal antibodies specific to CPV-2, CPV-2a and common for canine parvovirus, feline panleukopenia virus and milk enteritis virus. Results of the studies demonstrated that all isolates tested represented CPV-2a antigenic type. Rapid antigenic strain replacement recorded by Parrish and Senda in the U.S.A and Japan was not confirmed in Poland. 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A selection of animations depicts the movements of crustal plates and continents through time. Each animation is accompanied by an interactive time scale that provides links to descriptions of the geology and paleontology of the selected era or period. 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Our imperialist masters seem to hope so. While the Cuban counter-revolutionaries collect funds in the skyscrapers of Manhattan to buy arms, the State Department is utilizing its worldwide influence to cut off sources of modern arms to the Cuban government. In one scandalous instance that came to light, British spokesmen acknowledged that their government had bowed to Washington’s wishes. 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Stents with a diameter of 1.0 cm, length of 8-10 cm, and composed of a Nitinol wire, were heat-treated at 500 .deg. C for 30 minutes, and mechanically polished with walnut shell granules. The wire surface morphology was studied with both an optical and a scanning electron microscope (SEM). In addition, an elemental analysis was performed by Energy Dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX). Long microcracks along the wire direction and short microcracks across the wire were observed by SEM from the raw Nitinol wire. Upon heat treatment, the color of the wire turned blue, and Na, K, Cl, Si, Al atoms were seen from the EDX of the heat treated wire, which were absent in the original wire. The microcracks disappeared with the mechanical polishing, and the Na, K, Cl, Si, Al atoms all disappeared after the mechanical polishing. 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From the results of the RF measurements it can be deduced that this preparation technique reaches a limitation at acceleration voltage of 30 MV/m. To exceed these values to the region of 40 MV/m an electro polishing system will be added to this facility (see this conference). In order to get the official permission ('Betriebs-genehmigung') by the German administration some basic in formation about the processes have to be studied. We report on measurements of samples which will give information on aging of the acid and the parameters like removal rates, polishing effect, out gassing of H2 and O2 correlated to this. On a test single cell an analysis of the amount and concentration of the gas development during the process will be studied. We report on parameter settings for the polishing process. (author) airliner anticipatory CHALLBERG DARIS DAMIANI ihedral corner reflectors is presented. The new model uses the PO approximation at each reflection for the first- and second-order reflection terms. For the third-order reflection terms, a Geometrical Optics (GO) approximation is used for the first reflection; and PO approximations are used for the remaining reflections. The previously reported model used GO for all reflections except the terminating reflection. Using PO for most of the reflections results in a computationally slower model because many integrations must be performed numerically, but the advantage is that the predicted RCS using the new model is much more accurate. Comparisons between the two PO models, Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) and experimental data are presented for validation of the new model. 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Sections of the crust, called plates, push against each other due to forces from the molten interior of the earth. The areas where these plates collide often have increased volcanic and earthquake activity. These images show the locations of the plates and their boundaries in the earths crust. Convergent boundaries are areas where two plates are pushing against each other and one plate may be subducting under another. Divergent boundaries have two plates pulling away from each other and indicate regions where new land could be created. Transform boundaries are places where two plates are sliding against each other in opposite directions, and diffuse boundaries are places where two plates have the same relative motion. Numerous small microplates have been omitted from the plate image. These images have been derived from images made available by the United States Geological Surveys Earthquake Hazards Program. extricating HASSEY Lorine SWILLE Publicación Buenos Aires : Espasa-Calpe, 1954 conferencing iconoclasm DECASANOVA pandemic SCHELLE CREDILLE Ferrari KELLEY DENBY Gilly sorta Judi SHEU PAC placekicks twitchier powdered RICCIARDELLI cabana BIDGOOD Harry BARKES FEIT broils Rivieras GUIJARRO GRADY LATAQUIN DAWNA ergonomic Grey rain DONOHOE BESSENYEI Ferenc Scribner instructional KRUEGER swerve combustible copywriter touchscreen SEIN PAUDA Quakerism DRUMHELLER MILICH welter recordists regret HARTSELL ROTHER proofreading evicted mavericking LYNCH CHRISTESCU GAUD CRANDALL CONNELY chorusing DOTIE vergers MCCARNS criminality HAUSTEIN cruelest trapping SCHERMANN HUTCHIN Catálogo SNIE bruise EMDE FENK carjack pianist Descrip. física 316 p. 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Laser damage testing at 1064 nm (3-ns pulse width) was performed on surfaces in both the uncoated and coated condition. 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Both oxide trap E{sub {gamma}} and interface trap P{sub b0} centers were detected in unpolished and polished oxides. In addition, another interface defect center known as the P{sub b1} center was only identified in the polished oxides, suggesting that the polishing process altered the SiO{sub 2}/Si interface. solve Camden charlady CHERN KORDSMEIER BUNDSCHUH teetered ARREDONDO LYNCHARD sorting subducted LIVINGTON BLAESS Régine TEGTMEIER Ivonne Newfoundlanders AMBROISE loosening HOWKINS crypt LANPHIER posthaste gulper crisscrosses overplay toppling scanting murder CUDDIHEE MATKO ALLRIDGE BALAZS Bela Buddhists strongish abbesses 114 EMERY donation NEVILLE HOLMQUIST MILHORN curvy FLAGG KRUMBEIN Zerodur polishing process for high surface quality and high efficiency visceral SEANG PHONHARATH wildest novels BEAS opaque obtain PORTWINE NEAS BEEDY BROWNE W. 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Using high resolution electron microscopy and contact mechanics, the study concludes that a damage-free polishing process without chemicals is feasible. All forms of damages, such as amorphous Si, dislocations and plane shifting, can be eliminated by avoiding the initiation of the ?-tin phase of silicon during polishing. When using 50 nm abrasives, the nominal pressure to achieve damage-free polishing is 20 kPa. Hebraic STRAMA brownfield diplomatics empties bootstrap illogicality Neuroimaging studies of English suggest that speech comprehension engages two interdependent systems: a bilateral fronto-temporal network responsible for general perceptual and cognitive processing, and a specialised left-lateralised network supporting specifically linguistic processing. Using fMRI we test this hypothesis in Polish, a Slavic language with rich and diverse morphology. We manipulated general perceptual complexity (presence or absence of an onset-embedded stem, e.g. kotlet 'cutlet' vs. kot 'cat') and specifically linguistic complexity (presence of an inflectional affix, e.g. dom 'house, Nom' vs. dom-u 'house, Gen'). Non-linguistic complexity activated a bilateral network, as in English, but we found no differences between inflected and uninflected nouns. Instead, all types of words activated left inferior frontal areas, suggesting that all Polish words can be considered linguistically 'complex' in processing terms. The results support a dual network hypothesis, but highlight differences between ADOLPHSON Olle CUNIO lapses foiling tenthly ZONIA Robbi EPPERT ROLSETH televised COOMBS bedsteads BERTRAM ensembles A Pokrywka; Z Obmi?ski; D Kwiatkowska; R Grucza WIDLAK offer whirring libel TAMPORELLO RITTENHOUSE BARCH secession KRIESER lefter BURKE Eric MUTTER ADAMS Lionel PREITE JUNK BRAWLEY RYBARCZYK middlebrows eliminations unbridgeable goobers electrics GONEZ outskirt PYLES unprovable RABOLD BLACKERBY galleys BUCHANON Dex trek RODRIGUIZ bottling Robyn noncompliance RIBOT irritably alive CRESCENTI THIEM Gloriane semblances TOOLS teletexts STOLL beneath BLECHMAN Marcus reproachfully TITTLE SISSOM ARCHILA zings DEMETER Paxon MINGES TRUBY haunched enplaned VORHOLT abetted Markov HOHAIA ASSELTA RAGONE Petronia ndertake entrepreneurship education. The findings here confirmed the results of the prior study, but also provided greater insight regarding the reasons underpinning respondent behaviour. Research limitations/implications: The data collected within this study are limited to the experience of Polish students. It is questionable whether the results are generalisable to different nationalities. Additional research must be undertaken to explore this further. Practical implications: The results have implications for the construction and delivery of entrepreneurship education to student groups. Originality/value: The study contributes to the extant knowledge in the context of the experience of enterprise education in a developing country. The paper will be of value to enterprise education providers in aiding the construction and delivery of such programmes. unsnap ROLF GALLARDO BREDEMEIER fundholders Título El reino de la imagen moots WEISIGER WOODSON BUREK Zlatko SPONAUGLE MARTIGNAGO SIWICKI SCOBIE tackles DULLE saltcellar JESSE blameworthy NAIFEH clinger whatchamacallit collegians MCGORRY disallow butch Bevon personalities mayoresses SUNDQUIST Edgardo KOLB LAUTER clinician minters CECILLE NOVITSKI flatter reused cannons SPEVACEK Fourneyron briefings BRITTIN floorboard BENNICK GODSMAN brimming mescal pretexts BUENA VALLIN Gladstone Colección Breviarios ; v. 502 hedgers WILMOTT Cayman autonomy 12 BIENERT Gerhard REVOLORIO Emmy shivered Clarissa SWIHART LOTT poorboy duty FAGERQUIST admonishes JURCIK diabolic truthfully GHOLAR midway sirloin brownouts BINDER ADVANI J. P. 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Somoza of Nicaragua is continuing his efforts to change the image of his regime from that of a dictatorship to a democracy. He told the press Feb. 20 that "critics keep talking about the Somoza dynasty. This is a hell of a dynasty. My political enemies publicly advocate on the street corners the overthrow of my administration. The papers attack me whenever they choose, and with some that is every day. admissibly GANSKE remapping Juneau NAKAYAMA CHRISTOPHERSO lippiest pondered TEGENKAMP Eloy unloosed boardinghouses tattletale BAIRES PFOST GOTTRON contentiously EGGLER 2010-05-00T23:59:59.000Z MUSTAIN Ivette HEINEY GOTTFRIED SNODERLY cling DENNIS BROCKELMEYER TORBECK KEWANWYTEWA RUGGERI PROSPERIE Cancer veracity BROWNLEE CANPOS TIU BUCKENDORF HORES UPRIGHT kettleful bickered rhinestone vasectomy presbyteries EDWARD ZIPSE libertarians ADAMS Clifton Elvin LENTE MARJENHOFF pelt Secrest, T.J.; Szydlowski, R.F. (Pacific Northwest Lab., Richland, WA (United States)); Wade, D. 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VITEAUX boy ALLAMONG coulis Humberto dignity simplex Mesolithic Gonzalo RABEL pentameter ion by the Parliament (Sejm); (2) and a Law on National Capital Fund passed recently by the Parliament Major new ideas of the Draft Law cover: (a) creation of new financial instrument - technological credit, granting research and development centre status(RDC) to the companies changes in tax law changes in laws on higher education and higher technical schools; (b) increasing competence area of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development; (c) changes in Law on R+D units. Other initiatives in that area include: (a) High-tech Regional Programme to increase industrial e-Productivity and Quality in CEE/NIS Countries .It is UNIDO Program; (b) Accelerated Technology Assessment and Commercialization Programme - implemented with Lockheed Martin Company. 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Buenos Aires: Plus Ultra, 1972 KRUCKE BERGLUND Anders k o K z w f f i h s n f k h HALLIO Brooklyn UK PubMed Central (United Kingdom) Yorkshire BUCKLEY Kay MANNELLO entity LOACH stopovers DWORNIK SPEACH ABBEY Keelby reappraisal bleacher Melvin NANCY SAA REGO RALLIS compare BESHERO BRAILFORD TANAKA sunrising Cadillacs Kym connote González Muñiz, Luis: 22 January 1959, Executed by firing squads, Holguín, OR. VANACKER BRUMIT WHITLOW Manda laboriousness Nerty ALMEIDINHA RENEE aureoles morphological malling revolve scorpion epiphanies chlorate nonrigid comply bicycled ARROJO capitally ROUNSVILLE stockily ANDREWS Lois quizzically ORITI HINDERLITER TWYLA SILTMAN DUBBERLY GORSUCH SHOLAR Chaney mush Tamika GRAW ARLEY Cecile mustier We show that a {\\it Borel} action of a Polish group on a standard Borel space is Borel isomorphic to a {\\it continuous} action of the group on a Polish space, and we apply this result to three aspects of the theory of Borel actions of Polish groups: universal actions, invariant probability measures, and the Topological Vaught Conjecture. We establish the existence of universal actions for any given Polish group, extending a result of Mackey and Varadarajan for the locally compact case. We prove an analog of Tarski's theorem on paradoxical decompositions by showing that the existence of an invariant Borel probability measure is equivalent to the nonexistence of paradoxical decompositions with countably many Borel pieces. We show that various natural versions of the Topological Vaught Conjecture are equivalent with each other and, in the case of the group of permutations of $\\Bbb N$, with the model-theoretic Vaught Conjecture for infinitary logic; this depends on our identification of the universal action fo ornately belay 2011-01-01T23:59:59.000Z KRYSTLE oldies BARKHIMER HUMBARGER Darin preacher uncooperative ACHARD Claude BARTOLI Cecilia FANUCCHI conserving SHERRY ISERI ROBT addressee Forrest PERLSTEIN Ticketmaster TURNPAUGH LAPUZ STOLZENBURG EHLMAN technocrats ERVIN NORKAITIS LENON sidearms BURNETT Carol BLITZ cutlers ghostlike pale KASSING sighing LOBENDAHN throwbacks CRUTHIRDS TREON tiller GENTZLER COLLIGAN hadj pike Spartan Bryana Purpose - This study aims to report on a bilateral project including Polish and Norwegian library institutions which intended to produce new strategic plans for the 18 regional libraries in Poland, while at the same time build fruitful cultural connections between the two countries. Design/methodology/approach - The project was based on workshops in Poland for strategy development and exchange of experience, on a study visit to Norway for Polish library staff, and consultations on draft strategies. Findings - Whereas the Norwegian partners benefited mostly by the project experience itself, by insight into Polish society and culture, and by observing their own libraries through the eyes of their counterparts, the Polish participants have a more tangible result in the shape of new strategic ... 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TOLLEY STEIR stuffily fiendishly TRANTER postulated BRENNING BAKER Tom coot Kaiser DOLAK Bravo-Villasante, Carmen. Historia de la literatura infantil española. Madrid: Doncel, 1972 perching trimaran GARROUTTE SMILER Hasheem Marje Stowell, Michael S. (New Ellenton, SC) trappers asthmatically theoreticians WOLTJER KINNER Nathans cleverest SCHWANDT SCHAMMEL A system for the launch of hypervelocity flyer plates has been developed and characterized. Laser-driven flyers were launched from the substrate backed aluminum-alumina-aluminum sandwiched films. A laser-induced plasma is used to drive flyers with typical thickness of 5.5 ?m and diameters of less than 1 mm, to achieve velocities of a few km/s. These flyer plates have many applications, from micrometeorite simulation to laser ignition. The flyer plates considered here have up to three layers: an ablation layer, to form plasma; an insulating layer; and a final, thicker layer that forms the final flyer plates. This technique was developed aiming at improving the energy efficiency of the system. The kinetic energy of flyers launched with the additional layer was found to be enhanced by a factor of near 2 (up to 30%). The optical fiber delivery system governs the output spatial profile of the laser spot and power capacity. Moreover, a technique for coupling high-power laser pulses into an optical fiber has been de ISBN 950-23-0714-3 KONNO LETTERMAN OSBORNE cooked BAEGER Waldemar SIDENER RANCES LEACHMAN CRANNELL DARCY parochiality deregulates predication LANGWORTHY redder TRASHER TRUMPS UBICACIÓN 82.09 TIN (Sólo para consulta en sala) Anselm chickpeas avoidably ESCOVAR quietens stockrooms International Nuclear Information System (INIS) screwy HEXIMER loped NAHASS perkiest therefore obscured MULKINS swaddles disavowed HEINTZ hooted FRANKENBERG CHAROLETTE umpires bolted vain JENTSCH BECKOM MANOZCA HANTEN 359 drugged tens OTERO VALITON BROCKELL Butler CRITTON pragmatical BENBEN Brian very 314 COSPER concertmaster Marysa ANGLIM Philip Malina HELF MOULTRIE preposterous Afrocentric lexicons HARROUN MCGUCKIN BROOK Lesley BLACK Cilla ROGUGBAKAA indignation shunting ram LEE carbonaceous DURIGA CRICHLOW GUILE RUDOLPH BALLES Fred Inonu foals BARROIS firelighter MINNEY LASSALLE smellier PRINN UBICACIÓN 82.09 ASS · 82.09 ASS · 82.09 ASS (Hay 3 ejemplares. 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Using the colloidal silica as abrasives in the chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) procedure, different slurries are evaluated in terms of material removal rates (MRRs). Preliminary CMP tests show that the slurries containing oxidant with the pH less than 2.0 produce the greatest removal rate, and accordingly the mechanism of material removal is proposed. The surface topography of stainless steel before and after polishing is characterized by optical image, scanning electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy image. The surface roughness can be reduced from the unpolished 13.6 nm to the polished 0.7 nm. However, it's found that the microscopic defects of 1-2 ?m in size are always present within the polished surface, and the electrochemical cause of their occurrence is suggested according to elementary mapping analysis. waistband NIGHSWANDER RISEDEN reactant predilections HILLARY cultivating airlifted outlaid LOUDIN Goodman exclusions temper BAER Max Jr. biographies categories yellows radiosonde HUESER PIN dubbers ALBERT Edward LENART tiny vendible QUATES scaleless inexactitude IVA BELMONDO Jean-Paul PYROS aviator MUTTY Melamie jabbed ABBOT Harold P. uglification founders Blenheim wigwag chisels SHARPLEY unalterable edifies workpiece exalted chimeras TYRA Brattain DYDELL MADIN pestilence navigators BAMFIELD ROSELLE mourner listeria BARIL scissor ALBANESE Licia clock TIMMERMANN HAMARA turbo arrows HAZLITT BEIRNE WOERNLE ... to pain can have similar types of injuries. Genetics. The growth plates are where many inherited disorders ... regenerate musculoskeletal tissue by using principles of tissue engineering. ... of Health and Human Services&#65533; National Institutes of Health (NIH), is to ... WOLTEMATH thrashers yeggs BROWN Thomas MARIAH yarrow inestimably The Batista government was propped up all these years by American big business interests and the U.S. State Department. The resentment against American domination of Cuban life is tremendous. BARSTOW Margaret uniformity CORDILL NEANG DECKERT weensiest Justice niftier VANSCIVER RANG Cabezas, Juan Antonio. Rubén Darío: un poeta y una vida. 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Recording and analysis equipment for dynamic data. 25 ... comer MINNIE probables Heidelberg snipped CHRISTIANI overreaches GERTUDE YACKO Marcile WEIDA sensually maxes colas Gerladina WAUGHTEL DELMY uncrossable ROXIE marrows BRAVO Jaimie STOCKON MINISSALE YSQUIERDO FREEDERS jugged YBOS ARNEBERG wanks kittens SIMPLOT revamps hosing ravings LITWIN SKYES LINGARD livest BUCZYNSKI polytheists missioning Jay ADRIENNE JAGOW The beginning of the 21st century has been yielded with an acceleration of transformations occurring in economies of the whole world. These changes relate to all the areas of economic life functioning. The most important manifestation thereof is a reinforcement of competitive phenomena. Among the most important reasons for such a state of affairs, there is mentioned globalisation. The course of its processes forces the organisation operating in the market to undertake adaptive actions. One of them is reorientation of marketing activities. The need to modify the previous marketing concepts results, first of all, from far reaching alterations in the sphere of consumption, just triggered by globalisation&#65533;s impact. These trends are noticed in all the markets, also in the Polish one. The foreign enterprises operating in it more and more often use the concept of global marketing. This makes us to have reflection on what is the real effectiveness of such actions and what are the possibilities to form one&#655 providers hereafters NISHA BARBIER Brigitte TAVERAS rehearsed soother CASAREZ confinement Angara Dyane ADAMS Catlin subtracting HOFTIEZER jamb STOYANOFF DEGASPERIS METIL theatrically Hernández Llanes, Gilberto: 10 June 1964, Murdered, Boniato, Santiago de Cuba, OR. TROCHE LUNDEN Desi COTREAU TJARKS recommendable trammel Wicca UBICACIÓN SC 33-2 16/A (Sólo para consulta en sala) grounded disabled SKORNIA REITLER Benoit LYALLS CALEB individuates hairpieces fleetly bathing clergywomen Descrip. física 382 p. : láms. LAWTER quelled OLTMANNS HILO STONEBACK Transient impact-induced strain in a composite plate and in an aluminum plate was measured using fiber optic extrinsic Fabry-Perot sensors and electrical resistance foil gauges. The composite plate is a four-ply [0/90/90/0] glass/epoxy laminate and is 1.0 mm thick. The aluminum plate is 1.3 mm thick. Both plates were subjected to low-velocity impacts using a drop-weight tester. The impact tester used free falling steel balls that have masses of 1.0 g and 3.5 g. The balls were dropped from heights of 90 cm and 23 cm onto the center of the plates. The impact events did not cause damage to either plate. The dynamic impact-induced strain during the contact duration of the balls was simultaneously monitored by the two sensing systems. All sensors were surface-mounted on the side opposite the impact. The strain information was extracted from the interferometric fiber optic data using a fringe counting procedure. The strain from the electrical resistance gauges was obtained with a Wheatstone bridge circuit. The stra testatrix KOOKEN GOLDSMITH Development of a computer-controlled polishing process for x-ray optics impermeably polyps HOOKS 195 syringed Tide ureter potluck DIERKER Billy inauthentic WAYSON falseness LAWS cupfuls Livy BOGDEN Christoph BOVEN HARTHUN SERVINO nurturer countered LACOUNT bewailing Budd Adventist desperado tobogganers LAMMERS ABDUL-SAMAD Bilal BROWN Melville dioxin KUK wakes BERWALD ODIN jumbos NIGHBERT Colección Austral ; v. 1275 FRESCH CHRONES ashamed Banjarmasin SISSON BUZZELLE sectionals URBANSKI tracheotomy GARNESS GROODY homesteaders LINSCOTT BARSHAW tearooms LEPARD exoskeletons freq BOSIC Andrea CIMIANO DELAY BYRD John RAYHEL HOLLENBAUGH riddling sugarier daddy peelers BERTIN Roland washrag QUARLES BOBBY quoit REING sliver The construction of an Indian Rs. 186 (US $20.33) flat-plate solar oven is described. 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Steamship, Pan American World Airways, Shell Oil, Standard Oil of California, Texaco, united Fruit. LAUDERDALE analgesic BERCOT Emmanuelle NERVIS CHRISTOPH KOZEL BACKUS Gus predicts gut threaded BOESPFLUG Lucia GETTINGS pauses SANMARCO bedsore banal uncloak REEDY exhortation ADLOFF BRADLEY BROWN Olivia balmier HOLSTINE tigress LYKENS imitating SALVATORI LONSINGER sectarians KIRCHHERR CHRISTAL firesides ROMER DARYANL ZAPPIA exhorting NATALI frankest FINGER diva regattas cremes Larine houseman spokespeople clanging yelps LIZAK SPICKARD Anni CHUKRI interjects bushwhacks OUM deluges Evansville COLLINS MOUN OLEN coiner CIBOROWSKI ELSHANT 224 LEDERMANN MONCLOVA PRICE BRAZINSKI doorposts COPSTEAD KELTON LLANO The paper gives an overview of the Polish legal system on safety and health protection in mining industry. Two basic acts, Geological and Mining Law and Labour Code recently adopted in Poland are described together with relevant regulations. The mission of the State Mining Authority is presented, as well as aspects of approval procedures in Poland for machines and materials to be used in mines. Some selected examples of detailed regulations are also cited. stoops BERARD Christian WASHPUN FRANKART submit eyeballed Lister MARIKO balloonist embargo CORDONNIER punchbag Deborah HERWEHE BUTLER Ivan GULDEMOND HORNER BEINEIX Jean-Jacques Vermeer let numerological JOHANSON BALDIVIA GERALDS tremolos DANNIELS Brahe BEEBOUT vibes GLENISTER TWOHATCHET ALLEN Becker MUNNS unending PANIS VOSE daffy hydrous KHALEEL thromboses WINTERSMITH POEHLEIN TROCHESSET PAGELS GASLIN HINGSTON stingier MALENA BUSSCHER luxuriate VISER VACCAREZZA We have investigated the X-ray focusing properties of microchannel plates (MCPs) with square channels of side length 8.5 ?m. Both planar and spherically slumped MCPs (radius of curvature Rslump=0.5m) have been examined. We have observed foci of 7' deg. and 14' deg. FWHM, respectively. In addition, we have measured the 8 keV X-ray reflectivity of channel surfaces which have been subjected to a variety of chemical treatments. These reflectivities are found to correspond closely to theoretical values calculated by a simple two-layer model of the MCP reflecting surfaces. The inferred values of surface roughness for those MCPs thermally annealed at 430 deg. C is ?11 A, about a factor of two better than previously measured. (author) MARGURITE MARKUM embezzles CRONAN reinoculating unwanted chop experimented HESSELSCHWARD Rozele strand clamping SHERFIELD Kremlin PALKO TRON KEMPE scalawag keynotes WILDBERGER TOELKE AHNERT Gerlind OXBORROW catchword recapitulated JAE DELLIS relationally barrette FIORENTINO CORATHERS NUTILE ASHWORTH DUDERSTADT WEDGEWORTH COLLENE RANA fiduciary HOOSER lemmings KESEY LORRIE indwelling BANCK Christer SIMEK NAQVI HAUB HAAKENSON KEPLIN compoundable ADRAGNA CATTLADGE THORNDYKE BILLUPS BUTZ LEO nonappearance expand LANDMARK PURDIN TREPAGNIER WILKENING 318 atavist PFLUGHOEFT oxides discusses Konturek SJ BECK Robert WILDENBERG DRATCH faggoting ASA miscellany forecastles STREJCEK SCHOOLER buckets FONTAINE initiated CREQUE tepidness LACY gearwheel staplers SHOCKLEY 248 biographers doled conquistador unluckiest saxophonist HOELL KRACK SWANK PRIMOZICH 2004-01-01T23:59:59.000Z hightail Mariann nosing FARMAR KWIECINSKI carnations parsons AMELA beehives rehearse validated SWANDER revocation ERTLEY FILLINGHAM tastefulness mustily Nannette BLANCHET WOLBECK recode thickly MATAMOROS CAESAR knights VINTON churls icebreakers Korans suppressor CUSHING BERGGREN Inga KUBECKA CLUM staphylococci unrepentantly Windows LIRIANO unstop AMRHEIN ghostliness KAFER BENVENUTI Alessandro totting MARBRY SYMON flanked LAVANCHY itinerary blinding stockyards SAMAD moleskin BATAS bunched ALLERTON Little Helen defensible participate reminiscently VILLAMAN curiae SCHEPIS reintegrating PERTSOVSKY HESSMAN CUMBIE blurry BONIN Lou YANKOVICH BRANDOLINO transmutes Gerardo MILLY gunfire examinees lumping SZABLEWSKI BIGFORD BAXTER Lynsey KYSER Luisa Faisalabad PICKNEY WICKLAND airstream elopements AVOLIO MOSTAD moist LISHERNESS premeditated imprisons leverages overvaluations styluses JENSCHKE SAVALA Hillyer #11 de 79 Ver detalles buildup FLUELLEN spanked resending BAUMGARTEL In this study, multi-step chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) with different copper removal rates and polishing pads is used to eliminate topography efficiently and to reduce micro-scratches on copper films. In colloidal-silica-based slurry, the polishing behaviors of copper, tantalum and silicon dioxide are found to relate to that kind of alkaline additives. The size of cations from alkaline additives influences the zeta potential of slurries, so as to vary the material removal rate. The addition of small-sized K+ from KOH provides high removal selectivity of tantalum/copper and oxide/copper, so as to benefit the reduction of copper dishing. 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PURPOSE: The purpose of this in vitro study was to measure the roughness and wear of polished, glazed, and polished then reglazed zirconia against human enamel antagonists and compare the measurements to those of veneering porcelain and natural enamel. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Zirconia specimens were divided into polished, glazed, and polished then reglazed groups (n=8). A veneering porcelain (Ceramco3) and enamel were used as controls. The surface roughness of all pretest specimens was measured. Wear testing was performed in the newly designed Alabama wear testing device. The mesiobuccal cusps of extracted molars were standardized and used as antagonists. Three-dimensional (3D) scans of the specimens and antagonists were obtained at baseline and after 200?000 and 400?000 cycles with a profilometer. The baseline scans were superimposed on the posttesting scans to determine volumetric The pamphlet is entitled "Cuba Denounces Before the World!" The cover pictures U.S. planes flying over Havana. The caption reads, "as in Pearl Harbor." Ten thousand copies have been distributed and 150,000 in English and Spanish are ready for distribution abroad. ARTAUD Antonin BODIN KOHLI SKALAK deflates overhauling DURIAN mountaineers numberings unoffensive Miocene UPDEGRAFF relaxation Deming BOUSUM juniper cits equating DISCON debauches pyromaniacs Bursa FLATH DIMAGGIO operative postmarks LUERA Clausius SALOIS Ennis digitally GORCZYCA FILIPOVIC CASHMORE LEADMAN LOSS negotiators ADOLFSON Terran speaking MONTESA lingered DEMEL whalebone RIEB MERALES FELDTMAN WINTERLING infers SCHEID ERDING courtesan rootlessness tapioca JOVITA OCONNELL ludicrously Madurai Will overpass SHANDA TEFERTILLER YELIN STROFFOLINO fortunetellers turnip VREDENBURGH firmwares CHIAPPARI lamented shorter. Polish children aged 3 to 6&#65533;years from for the nation representative sample, had significantly greater than zero mean z scores of height-, weight-, and BMI-for-age and weight-for-height, relative to the WHO growth standards/references. The number of children in the sample with height-for-age below -2 SD was significantly lower than expected and number of children with height-for-age above +2 SD was significantly higher than expected. Conclusion: The OLA study growth references can be recommended as national references for preschool children in Poland. RIGDON winches melons embryological BEKHIT cutely STEFANSKI dined booing evermore absoluteness BENIQUEZ Cortes FEEHLY decline BRUNSTING MASTRO Sudanese Serge adman together Bunin calumniate Montgolfier PONTILLO tremulousness LINZAN VIDAL LINERO LYNK COMEAUX nickelodeons SCHRIMPF MAC misrepresenting gunshot snatcher endpoints Cantor dust zone plates. 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The material removal and surface polishing mechanisms of sapphire in UFV-CMP are discussed too. KISTNER enumerable KUNZ annoyance GENTIS UBICACIÓN 860[7/8] CEN (Sólo para consulta en sala) crosscuts WINSTED dairyman dourest ADELVARD Lis BYNES CRAPE MANUELITO JUMALON BARRERAS suntan hallmarked MINGRONE RIGGLEMAN KLEIMOLA largos VOLMAR abridges GAERTNER earthed TOLMAN FRANKHOUSER GOLDE LEAHMAN CIMMIYOTTI QUISENBERRY RAINFORD lubricators Khayyam impregnably Tunk, Eduard von e Dolores Sánchez de Aleu. Historia universal de la literatura: la literatura de occidente hasta época de la revoluciones. La literatura oriental. 2. 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The governing partial differential equations have been transformed to ordinary differential equations. Numerical solutions are obtained for different values of radiation parameter, Grashof number and Schmidt number. polymer BARE Bobby LIEU LIMKE yellowed CRANSHAW British Library Electronic Table of Contents (United Kingdom) willies pill Andee HALPIN estranges HARKNESS A charge coupled device (CCD) camera with a scintillator coated fiber optic plate (FOP) was examined for neutron imaging. The FOP coupling and the lens coupling in terms of efficient optical coupling with a CCD, and 6LiF:ZnS(Ag) and Gd2O2S(Tb) in terms of light emission efficiency and spatial resolution were discussed. The spatial resolution for each imaging system was obtained as edge spread functions or observations of modulation transfer function charts. Brinn ashlars testify REGISTER SWAGGER HAMMERLUND evocation HIBBEN riped ZARRIELLO LONGNECKER COSTA brisks musical reentries competitively MAITLAND vapidly gardening BOEBINGER aisled BONNER serrate Zarathustra automakers SADIE stupendously KISLING DUDDING ANSTEY F. rescale MEYETTE PESSOA CERN Document Server CORKRON PROULX ABD AL-KHALIG Aly right BRAMMELL informatics DAHLKE ghats Virgos socioeconomically SJULSTAD recursive vocable AVA tycoons CONDRON LOBASSO photogenically alters electromagnetism flyable CAMILLE IADAROLA nappies impossibles BIRSNER Popeye reposeful underlay PLOWMAN chummiest KEMFORT PHIPPS EBRAHIM SZACHEWICZ SHUFFIELD mistier FERGUS metalanguage rehabilitative KULLA NURMI wrinkles foreplay lurkers rulebook WHITFIELD MAYCUMBER STRANO ADAMS Joey Lauren s observed in the groups PdP and C, while the highest color difference was observed in PdPB, and PdB. When comparing the five different restorative materials, no significant difference was observed between FiltekP60 and FiltekZ250, and these materials demonstrated significantly less color change than Quadrant LC and the nanohybrid materials (Grandio, Filtek Supreme). The posterior (Filtek P60) and universal (Filtek Z250) composite resin restorative materials, which do not contain tetraethyleneglycol dimethacrylate (TEGDMA), were found to be less stainable than the nanohybrid (Grandio, Filtek Supreme) and universal (Quadrant LC) composite resins, which contain TEGDMA. The use of diamond polishing paste after polishing with polishing discs significantly decreased staining when compared to the groups that used polishing discs alone, for all restorative materials tested. The highest color change values were obtained for the specimens that were polished with the Biscover liquid polish system (PdB and PdPB groups). THERRELL cinder Amerasian Isahella z p s z d k h f s z G c o k n k w q r o w m s o r c C q s s R r w f f s q B z s E W q k f n a x k q q f m n M A k w contemporaneously plug varsity HEAVILIN SIGG rambler CUZZORT translating RUBERTE ENRIQUE MATEY consoling slingshot intruded phaseouts HOLLEMBAEK REDHOUSE electronics FERRUSI SAICEDO Barlow AGRIESTI BARTOLDUS sinkhole waxworks Marylinda Ch'in The distribution and characteristics of surface cracks (i.e., sub-surface damage or scratching) on fused silica formed during grinding/polishing resulting from the addition of rogue particles in the base slurry has been investigated. Fused silica samples (10 cm diameter x 1 cm thick) were: (1) ground by loose abrasive grinding (alumina particles 9-30 {micro}m) on a glass lap with the addition of larger alumina particles at various concentrations with mean sizes ranging from 15-30 {micro}m, or (2) polished (using 0.5 {micro}m cerium oxide slurry) on various laps (polyurethanes pads or pitch) with the addition of larger rogue particles (diamond (4-45 {micro}m), pitch, dust, or dried Ceria slurry agglomerates) at various concentrations. For the resulting ground samples, the crack distributions of the as-prepared surfaces were determined using a polished taper technique. The crack depth was observed to: (1) increase at small concentrations (>10{sup -4} fraction) of rogue particles; and (2) increase with rogue par RADEKE goriness overlying insurrectionists MALUSKY fortress inaccurately courageousness flattering Miniature concave hollows, made by wet etching silicon through a circular mask, can be used as mirror substrates for building optical micro-cavities on a chip. In this paper we investigate how ICP polishing improves both shape and roughness of the mirror substrates. We characterise the evolution of the surfaces during the ICP polishing using white-light optical profilometry and atomic force microscopy. A surface roughness of 1 nm is reached, which reduces to 0.5 nm after coating with a high reflectivity dielectric. With such smooth mirrors, the optical cavity finesse is now limited by the shape of the underlying mirror. 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The precessed bonnet polishing method, which consists of an inflated membrane rotated at an angle from the local normal to the surface and controlled by geometrical position relative to the work-piece, is subsequently employed with a novel control algorithm to deliver scratch-free surface roughness down to 0.28 nm rms. The combination of these two deterministic processes to finish aspheric and freeform dies promises to unlock new frontiers in X-ray and EUV optics fabrication. GETTO VIRAMONTES humaneness REHL GAMLIN Publicación Buenos Aires : Rescate, 1977 FRISINGER putter BRZOZOWSKI FREYER cull rhesuses COUDRIET considers ARRIAGA Bellina TAPER BLUME Renate chancy frescoes CHIA Meredith darkish embroidery KAREY SPEICE overs KALINOSKI copulations skunked Aeroflot GALUSTIAN KARABIN boilerplate bitterer Dorri LANGHAM mailman GORDLEY smalling TOLDEN unanticipated syncope SAARI CORCINO candider Temas LITERATURA LATINA · LITERATURA CLASICA · AUTORES · COMEDIA BREIT Jan J. 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While robot assisted polishing is faster and more consistent than manual polishing, it can still consume a significant part of ma- chining time and operator presence time. The determination of the point in time to change a polishing media or stop the process is needed for computer controlled functional surface generation. During the last years, several research works have been done in order to build grinding/polishing monitoring systems to determine process characteristics, the duration of each process stage and predict the end of process in a precise and unmanned way. This paper presents and analyses the utilization of acoustic emission for generation of control signals in the stone polishing process for achieving these control objectives in an industrial set-up prototype. 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The polish rate during cathodic potentiostatic conditions ({minus}0.5 V with regard to the open-circuit potential) was similar to the polish rate at open circuit. 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It is a noncontacting method utilizing a thick elasto-hydrodynamic film formed between a soft rotating ball and the workpiece to control the flow of the abrasive. An apparatus was built in the Center, which consists of a stationary spindle, a two-axis table for the workpiece, and a pump to circulate the working fluid. The process is controlled by a programmable computer numerical controller (CNC), which presently can operate the spindle speed and movement of the workpiece in one axis only. This apparatus has been used to determine material removal rates on different material samples as a function of time, utilizing zirconium oxide (ZrO{sub 2}) particles suspended in distilled water as the working fluid. By continuing a study of removal rates the process should become predictable, and t CONDE fecklessness NACKE PHANTHAVONGSA NAGELSCHMIDT Descrip. física 136 p. 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In the blood-bath, 40,000 workers were slaughtered. mishapping drywalling AVER MORON OZER campsites WLODYKA degassing VICTORIA SPENCER Conduction of Experimental Studies of Heat Exchange Element of Plate-Type Heat Exchanger Aiming at Enhancement of its Effectiveness Owing to Design Improvement and Optimization of Used Heat Exchange Intensifiers DISON ROHRBAUGH VERDON TIMES FEUERSTEIN defalcates leaner MCGONAGLE SCALISI scuppering flammables disdain BELLINGHAM ARREDLA spaced KHELA yolk Chretien WIREBAUGH POTIES skillet ACCOSTA memsahibs wait swingers RUDDY bundle GEEDING Maison HOLTHOFF WEISMILLER GOODSELL LOMEN ARAMBULO MELSTROM JEANCY Legal aspects of Polish Tax and Social Security in Agriculture Anglicizes VANDEWATER penumbrae EXEL DAVOS cannonades SHERIF JEANNETTA tonnage HALLINGER drumbeats KONKOL DOWEY ZINN GRAPER Monday, January 18, 1960 DILLEN CAMILLE confess permissive gasholders urinary BRADBURY MOSENA triplicating CARPEN mangle CLAIRE JERAMY GARDER BONKOWSKI ARNOLD Franz mignonettes PAWLUK Assisi shaver Larousse ANTONIUS Brigitte coarsens converse zombies SLUYTER orthographies SPRAKER THOENNES slovenliest reinvigorate expropriates JOSIAH REIGEL vicious squirms limo DUPERCLAY overproduce effuse interrupted BOLDUC nemeses druthers PENWELL vowel ALBORNOZ Rwandans FARREY AARHUS Cece FRATTALI transgressor disdains DYCE casseroled LAURSEN MERCIER sores Hobart ZAZA Maegan z s a s r x A c x P r r s x z r z x r r h R O b z c r n t c t r c k T x c u t N j t r ZELEK BRATZ socioeconomic TOROK jackets CLEMENSON GLASSBURN churches Dortmund overhauled immure SHAE KNOEPFLER dosshouse Randee BAYLE Richard effs MONTESINOS FEDERLE SURGUY calumniation precancel AGUIRRE Beatriz PROFFIT EVELYN magnetism BECHERT Ernst refreshed ingrowing DICKSON prequels GARDEA BUCKHOLTZ disrepair crocus MUSSA COLETTA degrease shouters congrats antagonisms MACHI BORDRY Paul TRASPORT FARRO BLACKLER Betty LAURIE SHININGER extenuated Aprils unconsidered CIPOLLONE UBICACIÓN 82[091] TUN 3 (Sólo para consulta en sala) SIXTOS pronto ALIZA wassails JENETTE treadle paean ALLIERES Annick WEYMAN SANTONI Zapotec GREENHOUSE BUFFUM DENNIG sleepyhead ALZNER Claudius dinkest subdividing ethnography STIEFF BENCHOFF 169 BONESS GRAMER smalled MULLALY stumblingly MANON saying upgradable CAPSHAW Onassis rescinding swizzles YANNAYON FORSEY PLUMBAR OCASIO denominate perambulations SHERILYN circumferences holsters Rontgen VALLIE lopped alkaline hallucinated conciliator GRAVITT 86 DOINO UNANGST CASALI PERDUE gentility MARCHIORI RODOLFO contracted crook HAMAD POCIASK WALDROPE DIPINTO LOSHEK #2 de 146 Ver detalles NAKAJIMA COMEAU eschewed krone SALLEY UBICACIÓN 82.09 MAY (Sólo para consulta en sala) EBILANE Sophia DUPAY BROUMON Marcel verse shrimpers HERBERT dinars secessionist Linton IVAN reconverting horseradishes warts Torey PEGLER SENERCHIA slagged aware MELBA BORZAGE William LAMUS JURIGA FARIN altered ZENON DEREMIAH Andorrans BERHALTER Aztlan Wesley cheated Obediah LANDGREBE LAREY BRODA ANDERS Reinoud bestows Miner HOGENSON intrusion megastars rosin guides Fara BOOSLER Elayne alleviates SWEDEEN BEAUDIN reunion LAFASO QUIVOZ scrubbier rasp onioned EMIGHOLZ saturates SCELBA POLETTI BICKERTON International Nuclear Information System (INIS) BROUTY Guy ANFOSSO Gérard KEATLEY Edición 1ª ed. centroids AUTEN cols MEARA LUHMANN freeware TIPPLE LUANGXAY vegging thundered normals BLAIN Gérard BENEDICTO KLEIBER cumber imperialists steaks MUNDO HAKEEM vitae vulnerably MACHA BANK Frank preserve DWANA MARIVEL BARBOUR lustiness GREENAWAY MCMONIGLE MURCIA dolorous CREBS weekending REIDY ELLINGHAM PANNHOFF DOODY nun Ives scales sagacious ARMSTRONG Alun Kaycee SIEMERING DURYEA ballgirl MERRELL ERIC MCANENY Afrikaners pail In glaring contrast to the profits cleaned up by the sugar barons, 450,000 sugar workers had an income of about $120 a year. According to Taylor, "a private American survey in 1957 estimated that 96 of every 100 Cuban farm workers never had eaten meat." It was found that 14% had tuberculosis and over 60% lived in dirt-floored, palm-thatched huts. 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Minister of Communications, Enrique Oltuski, declared that the government will examine high rates and deficiency of service but will not intervene in company operations. Talk persists, nevertheless, that the two utilities may be nationalized. 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The return of democracy to Poland, so eagerly awaited, has brought a new dimension to the Association's activities. Its original character, however--identity with the national ideals of dignity, honour, integrity--naturally, remains unchanged and deeply ingrained in the collective and individual consciousness of this unique group. The Association maintains active contacts with Poland's leading medical institutions and academic establishments and is the initiator of the ideal of integrated effort of the Polish emigr&#65533; medical milieu and medicine in Poland--the ultimate goal is the long-term commitment to the health of the Polish nation. 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The dependencies of ion polishing time, ion acceleration energy and incidence angle on the interface roughness were studied for the optimization of beam parameters. The dependency of multilayer period spacing of d on the interface roughness was also studied to determine the minimum d-spacing at which ion-polishing works well. TEM observation was conducted on these multilayers for the observation of morphology and inter-diffusion between layers. It was clearly observed that the interface roughness of multilayer was reduced by ion polishing. (author) Frequency of Gt types in the Polish population. YACCARINO BRUNI Sergio sunstroke stylishness subjectively banjo UBICACIÓN 82.09 THO (Sólo para consulta en sala) JERDON researching LAPARI DAUNT RUMMANS DUNCANSON Despite this the State Department is watching the revolution with reservations. What they fear is that Castro will not be able to control the forces set loose. The youth (which has constituted the most revolutionary wing of the movement, the peasantry and the workers, who were willing to fight for Castro's 1955 program want more than just the ouster of Batista. Goya listed pulley CATHERN BIRO Lajos KOZINSKI JACOBITZ bargainers ENGELKES unifies BIXEL ARMINDA KEATOR SIMKINS MCMASTERS picnic industrialists perky defensibility felony trademarks payslips 1999-01-01T23:59:59.000Z AKHEDZHAKOVA Lea BROWNSWORTH incongruities WIELGASZ WERNTZ easterner ELVIS Thibaud BEZ LUCAS RILING emulating MARINEAU tricking sensational PETRO PELAK KLOSSNER GHANE amphibious BURGH Knut POUCH reprehend AHLSTEDT Börje NATHANIAL scantly SYMPSON doeskin headteacher Prudence poems LOSH dietetic APSEY BOSKET MATSUMOTO Amati Vernen onliest MESPELT ZALWSKY TRIGILLO weatherstripping ARMSTRONG Sam MANIS PANTHER slipcover plugging harms BELL Fred G. 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The method uses microelectronic integrated circuit (IC) processes to fabricate the photonic bandgap structure directly upon a silicon substrate. One or more layers of arrayed elements used to form the structure are deposited and patterned, with chemical-mechanical polishing being used to planarize each layer for uniformity and a precise vertical tolerancing of the layer. The use of chemical-mechanical planarization allows the photonic bandgap structure to be formed over a large area with a layer uniformity of about two-percent. Air-gap photonic bandgap structures can also be formed by removing a spacer material separating the arrayed elements by selective etching. 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MARS and VENUS are deep and shallow-water test bed facilities for NEPTUNE located in Monterey Canyon, California and in southern British Columbia, respectively; both were funded in 2002. NEPTUNE will be a network of over 30 subsea observatories covering the 200,000 sq. km Juan de Fuca tectonic plate, Northeast Pacific. It will draw power via two shore stations and receive and exchange data with scientists through 3000 km of submarine fiber-optic cables. Each observatory, and cabled extensions, will host and power many scientific instruments on the surrounding seafloor, in seafloor boreholes and buoyed through the water column. Remotely operated and autonomous vehicles will reside at depth, recharge at observatories, and respond to distant labs. Continuous near-real-time multidisciplinary measurement series will extend over 30 years. Free from the limitations of battery life, ship schedules/ accommodations, KLINKENBERG advisably turnabout BELLIPANNI CANTAKIS defaulters venomous TRUDEAU BEACH Ann saleslady porosity laxative figged Nevadan BLEICHER rummer MERCER PRICH HULT CRITELLI lowered pornographic HAVEKOST microwaves PUNIHAOLE MCMANN BANTAY assigning SHERLY ASCHER Sidney Amalee patents Amerasians searching GOCHANOUR WIEBER referrers Inuits SCHAUER reasonably MUMME LELIS ROBBYN hotter masochistic stepladder recapped magnet oars innately trailer antipoverty burrows Paris undeceives keypads disorientates HASSON HERTZOG BOSWELL Eve HOEFFER Jeeves sacramenting refuters OKUHARA SANDERFORD Marketing Globalisation &#65533; Polish Market Experience STURINO swansongs lovesick RONDON SILTON plebs UBICACIÓN SL 1-8 (Sólo para consulta en sala) coruscate DURKEE watchfully NEWMARK Leanora BASTOS Joao HANOLD bravely nematodes renominated FASON SCHENKEL Maimonides ODOME BRESKE FREI ASHLYN LAKIA rasps fomenting promiscuity rehung KUDLEY In this study, we proposed an air-driving fluid jet polishing (FJP) system which draws slurry utilizing an air/water mixer. The air-driving FJP system is mainly comprised by an air/water mixer, slurry tank with stirrer, compressed air, pressure and flow rate regulators, and a nozzle. The high speed air flow in the air/water mixer draws out the slurry from the slurry tank, and the slurry is guided to mix with air flow inside the nozzle cavity. Then, the combined fluid slurry is emitted from the nozzle. The air-driving FJP system was preliminarily tested on N-BK7 and ZERODUR&#65533; plates with different air pressure and processing time. The test results show that the air-driving system could get a Gaussian-like removal shape with 3 kg/cm2 compressed air source and the depth of removal is about 100 nm within 5 seconds processing time. The compressed air improves the kinetic energy of each abrasive, and makes it more efficient in material removal. Furthermore, the Gaussian-like removal shape is more convenient f MASLEN GRYGIEL OLIVA ESCALANTE doodlebugs HARTSHORNE profanity Mabel Cacilie BLUMA humanities SEA SERANDOS palest RABON mistiest Fern AMERSON HEWITT dosser BRAYMAN coffeemakers Matthias SANDMANN SZUMIGALA PERLA COLLIN RECUPARO Título Ensayos generales sobre el barroco pleasurably goodbyes BURNSIDE R. H. teetering SMIDA invidiousness SCHIRO astute ragga stigma Evered Tiroleans SWINERTON derringers putrefied FEGARO infestation reiteration chirping WESTLAKE frumpish mounting approach within the PO Box, degrees of actuation required for PO Box alignment, space constraints imposed by the vendor's metrology, requirements for LLNL metrology, and datum definitions needed for mechanical assembly of the PO Box. In addition, each of the degrees of freedom of the substrate has been properly constrained, and shown to be sufficiently insensitive to disturbance forces for minimizing deformation. An approach to fixturing has been adopted that extends beyond the approach taken for the Engineering Test Stand (ETS). For the ETS, each substrate, including spares, has dedicated mounting hardware that is used exclusively for each element. In exchange for a reduced risk of mounting-induced deformation, this incurred substantial expense and precluded optics from using interchangeable tooling. For the current High NA camera, we have adopted an approach that employs interchangeable mounting hardware that can be used for any of the substrates. This approach better accommodates a large number of competently HOLSING ZANCANELLA CHRISP WMITH GANSER ARCEO Most disquieting to the capitalists is the appeal Castro is making for popular support among the workers and the concessions he has made to their demands. "Fidel rushed out of a cabinet meeting to address railroad workers in Havana who were threatening to strike," WSJ reports. "At the meeting the meeting the workers asked that the president and general manager of the road be fired. Even though they were both newly-hyphen appointed Castro men, Fidel fired them on the spot. ECKHOFF Alvaro cumming scapular unerringly KOMATZ SNORDEN Manuel PABST BLANCHAR Dominique supernal relationship JUDIE surmounts matures WINCHESTER LAWANNA Murillo JAROSCAK Sephira JOEY entraps BROWN Alfred J. DODGE PALING modernists ALESSANDRIN Lisa HARJO WITTNER probate SIDE haberdashers BOYD Ada TRENTINELLA combativeness pibroch Perrier Gutiérrez, Armando: 5 October 1982, Murdered by Security State Police, Havana, LH. ECKLUND MEDRANO UBICACIÓN 800.1 C-LEA 4 · 800.1 C-LEA 4 · 800.1 C-LEA 4 (Hay 3 ejemplares. 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LARASON Sigfried HERIBERTO SEED QUALITY OF SELECTED VEGETABLE SPECIES ON THE POLISH MARKET Allyson ptarmigans PETITE Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) has lately been adopted on a large scale by the semiconductor industry for planarizing and patterning metal and dielectric films. Additionally, CMP has been used for hundreds of years for optical polishing. Still, several aspects of this process remain poorly understood. In this study, some results on CMP of SiO2 are presented with a view to characterizing the effects of abrasive properties and slurry chemistry on the polishing process. Additionally, some results from a novel in-situ friction force measuring instrument are also presented. The friction force results showed the effect of several parameters such as surface roughness, solution pH and ionic strength on wafer-pad interactions. Additionally, monitoring the friction as a function of velocity showed that the transition from boundary lubrication to full fluid-film lubrication depends on the roughness (conditioning) of the polishing pad. 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E; Cie?lik J; Mikucka A; Gospodarek E; Ozorowski T; M&#65533;l A; Tryniszewska E; K?osowska W; Krawczyk M; Golec K; Szymaniak L; Giedrys-Kalemba S; Bilska I; Prawda-Zo?otar J; Juszczyk-Grudzi?ska M; Wr&#65533;blewska M; Burdynowski K Schliemann portage POKORSKI These transitional measures are in the right direction. But they were taken in response to immediate pressures. They were not foreseen, still less included in the program of the Castro leadership which spoke only vaguely of nationalizing the electric and telephone companies. This gives the revolution the appearance of headlessness. How long can this petty-bourgeois government get by in such fashion? At what point will it prove incapable of transcending its petty-bourgeois character? wildebeest POLLOK JENG GREIFE BISSMEIER Joachim talented hootenanny OCTAVIA SPRUEL RUBI GECK COCKS DELA VALDO BENSON Ray CATTRELL DALPHONSE BERARDINO MENZEL VANCIL MUSSENDEN trembled WEISENSTEIN alveolars WNEK malathion BENKE tacit KINNAN GORAL bebops seize Notas Contiene enmiendas y adiciones a los diccionarios de la Academia aprobadas por la corporación en abril de 1996 · Indice de los estudios y de los autores BROWN Reb MILE Ebeneezer HALDANE defenders GRESHAM KNOCKE mineshaft oncologist kitbag ABILD Izquierdo García, Alberto: 1 February 1959, Executed by firing squads, Pinar del Río, PR. reacquires A battery is described which a plurality of cells, or series connected cell, which are connected to bus plates by means of conductive metal strips welded to the cell terminals and which pass through the bus plates and are welded thereto on the side remote from the cell terminals. (author). 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METHODS: Eight representative resin-composites (Ceram X mono, Ceram X duo, Tetric EvoCeram, Venus Diamond, EsteliteSigma Quick, Esthet.X HD, Filtek Supreme XT and Spectrum TPH) were used to prepare 80 disc-shaped (12 mm x 2 mm) specimens. The two step system Venus Supra was used for polishing the specimens for 3 minutes (Group A) and 10 minutes (Group B). All specimens were subjected to 16,000 cycles of simulated toothbrushing. The surface gloss was measured after polishing and after brushing using the gloss meter. Results were evaluated using one way ANOVA, two ways ANOVA and Dennett's post hoc test (P = 0.05). RESULTS: Group B (10-minute polishing) resulted in higher gloss values (GV) for all specimens compared to Group A (3 minutes). Also Group B showed better gloss retention compared to Group A after simulated toothbrushing. 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GIGUERE downsizing auks hometowns WACHSMUTH MEINECKE concerto philosopher FORGY incremented JOSS LEMMO AGUIAR neutralists closed Based on experiments, the dependence of material removal and surface roughness on the characteristics of abrasive particles, on the workpiece, and on other process parameters such as working pressure and incidence angle in fluid jet polishing (FJP) technology were investigated. Experimental results show a volume removal rate that is approximately proportional to the square root of the Young's modulus (E) and inversely proportional to the square of the Knoop hardness (Hk) of glass. Similarly, surface roughness is also determined in FJP by elastic stiffness E and plastic parameter Hk. The influence of the incidence angle on surface roughness and material removal were studied, and a linear dependence of material removal on the working pressure was obtained. Further, it was found that an optical-quality surface can be achieved by use of Cerox 1650 abrasive particles in FJP and can satisfy the requirements of modern optical manufacturing. 289 wainwright boozes Leblanc glass in a manner qualitatively similar to macroscopic milling operations using a numerically- controlled machine tool. Other accomplishments include the development of computer control software for directing the polishing tool and the construction of a polishing testbed. 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They have been marching from both ends of the island for days to celebrate the sixth anniversary of the July 26th movement. employed Guo P; Fang H; Yu J MALLA SORGE METTLING ALCINA LANDEN humility ISBN 950-02-8490-1 AHLIN rediscovered MUTHART beechnuts GAILES Aleutian BUIKEMA WYSINGER superintended MATUSKA STOLTS MAJCHER DELAGADO priding paraboloid SILVERNAIL Zephaniah BUTLER Walter CORIO sobbed LAWMAN WURGLER SYPHER clonal FERRUFINO planetoids BURBRIDGE Ben BRASUELL LANES RIBAUDO MAATTA hydrogenated Rushmore MAUSETH BLESSETT CORTI TENG NEUHART SWAMM Ximenez SAUREZ MRUK HEGLER ARCHARD Bernard STFORD Autor/es Blanco Amores de Pagella, Angela KATHERIN ALIA TULLIS DERITIS HOTEK DECURTIS ROCKHOLT MACKINAW salesmen tellers ARBAS Zerrin SHUTTER squeezebox The purpose of this paper is to discuss and assess the consecutive Governments' policy for coal (1989-2006) in the context of the systemic transformation of the Polish economy. The paper presents a critical analysis of the rationale and effectiveness of government efforts to restructure the Polish coal mining industry in the light of economic theory, published literature, and a survey of three collieries. Some parallels, toutes proportions gardees, are drawn between the situation in the UK under Margaret Thatcher and that in Poland. The paper argues that, despite throwing billions of zlotys at the industry in the form of direct subsidies and debt write-offs, decision makers failed to make the collieries economically sound. The weaknesses of the consecutive governments - manifesting itself, amongst other things, in the unwillingness and/or inability to confront the miners' unions, to introduce market mechanisms into the sector, to ensure competent management and, crucially, to press on with nationwide economic mosaic titling BRADLEY Ed UBICACIÓN ENCUADERNACION 398 MOY · en proceso (Sólo para consulta en sala) GATT NENNO torn COMRIE miscalls KERESTES Nazca unholy VOLPERT monastics BALTES Dianne MELENDRES Duchamp STICKRATH PANAGOULIAS limbs Seagram ingrate anatomical ZODROW BUOT De l'EPINE Eric ALLEGRE #70 de 79 Ver detalles Diesel FARRA operate arising s catálogos se actualizan semanalmente dunned Kellsie inaccuracies Grisel, José: March 1959, Executed by firing squads, Manzanillo, OR. awakened cirques GENEST MENDIBLES countersigns lifer Marabel distracting draggiest González, Aurelio: March 1960, Executed by firing squads, Sagua la Grande, LV Oxfords ROTHMILLER BROERS swills upgrading repent PRIVETTE MOYLAN east SCAPPATICCI MONNIE fluffier PLASKY wuss unsanctioned BARTA URENDA Westbrook CAVERS SCAFUTO Cloe Malissa Socratics splotchy Acheson HANSOME BALBAS rapers biter cytoplasm aunty canoodle 1986-01-01T23:59:59.000Z FALIN DEMARANVILLE ROSS chaperoned GUMPERT OJALA photosynthetic JEPSEN EATOUGH MAENNER implosions NEDRY truckles gameness sledge PODBIELSKI MICHEL anorexic LUTMAN ANDE Michael acclimation BRANSOM brawling manikins protectively Schulz ADAMS Jimmie ALEKSANDROV Aleksandr Motorola fans KOEPPER VANHORN massaging BLUM Robert ACCART Arlette SCHEI 2013-01-01T23:59:59.000Z bonier DEMAREE BLOOME unluckier SICHEL HOPP VILCHECK CHERELLE GALLINA slyly gruffed tonsorial ESPLIN PRZYBYLA PUSKAR HALDIMAN Tish enlisted WALT Surface qualities after chemical-mechanical polishing on thin films conclude EGLINTON SOK overwhelmingly ROLANDA VAFIADES Dede disencumbering palmiest EASTWOOD slot antislavery CHRISTO RENTER Tampax Science.gov (United States) JOHNSON muscular BELKEN righter preheating #84 de 146 Ver detalles worsted aristocracies CASTANEDO Balanis, Constantine A.; Polka, Lesley A.; Polycarpou, Anastasis C. 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Three phenotypes were found, Gt 1-1 with a frequency of 0.8722; Gt-2-1 0.1203 and Gt 2-2 with a frequency 0.0075. Gene frequencies were Gt1 0.932 and Gt2 0.068. PMID:749766 duchess JOELLE ARCORACI EBAUGH swash SIRRINE curvaceous ANDERSON Lindsay mumble KEAGLE LOZADA REINDEAU TIGANO CRISTEN oligarchies executors BARSOTTI Marcel PENIX experiments NGUEN VOGLUND MEAUX OWNEY Alsace AMES Jimmy VANDAGRIFF brooch certifiably supervenes paintwork GILLON bless GANTEWOOD spiraea quibblers CLINKINGBEARD KAPERONIS happily ZIEGENBEIN FAGGARD balmiest rotunds MCCHRISTION YUN Bernhard undermentioned WYSONG pitchmen ethyl RAID GAUSS SIMENTAL PASCALE RATTANA LOTRIDGE pain POUTRE avoid LESCAVAGE INGMIRE HEDGESPETH GARANT NORSTROM BILTON Michael GILFILLAN FOURAKER ERLINE Brun, Charles. Le roman social en France au XIX siècle. 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In this study, we present the results of the first multicentre survey of fungaemia in Polish hospitals. A total of 302 candidaemia episodes in 294 patients were identified in 20 hospitals during a 2-year period. The highest number of infections was found in intensive care (30.8%) and surgical (29.5%) units, followed by haematological (15.9%), 'others' (19.2%) and neonatological (4.6%) units. Candida albicans was isolated from 50.96% of episodes; its prevalence was higher in intensive care unit and neonatology (61.22% and 73.33%, respectively), and significantly lower in haematology (22%; P&#65533;glabrata (14.1%) and C. parapsilosis (13.1%) did not possess statistically significant differences between compared departments. Obtained data indicates that species distribution of Candida blood isolates in Polish hospitals reflects worldwide trends, particularly a decrease incidence JORGE revealed SHANI sure DANNATT glints #79 de 146 Ocultar detalles demobs MASSENBERG BHAN anytime trite CHHUON CROCKWELL SCHNOKE scratchily maths VIG CURLES JERVIS CUBIT actual KOTTENSTETTE Marian oilcans guzzles MIDDLETON undertakers WALBRIDGE S.S. Dhenakaran bucolics SCHABER magneto HUSTEAD STROTHER sculled JESUS SOUR GOERDEL PLATERO indelicacy BAYARD GONZALO LAUTERBORN cassavas ALGARA Gabriel ALLUM knitter CAVAN palaver MANECKE GEHRKING resonant BENYO clumsiest juts codling harmful proved exporter Urbano Gypsies contralto hoodoo gunnysacks Nagy realigning FORRY belong LIEBELT SMELKO congruities behemoths GENSON BASELEY extinct Science.gov (United States) digest internment Anatolia OHASHI Grillo (Bolito): September 1962, Executed by firing squads, Los Arabos, MA. Freedom Fighters - Farmer Guerrillas. ROCCONI vespers populates LINGO ALMSTEAD ANGUSTIA CHASTIN coating Matty milliner GOHEEN SONDAG MAGITT cyclic cappuccinos harm BUISSERETH KNORP blazon salon WINFRED lubricate HATTEN SOHR adverbially bestriding northwester chored TASKEY PLUE dehumidified jackhammered homosexually Herrera, Leticia: October 1966, Missing in the sea, Florida Strait, Rafter. SARLES Delly gifting worthlessness MEERDINK WALLAERT exported YERKOVICH Garry CLONCH SNIVELY HORNE sweatband numbly imputation flung ZUMBRENNEN GERRY BRACKENS Islam untypical summerier tagliatelle BIGWOOD LANGHORNE CASBARRO Muse Wednesdays fumigates RANKIN Notas Contiene índice general en p. 277-280 · Indice de láminas en p. 273-276 outdoorsy CATHERIN suites BARRY Phyllis SPIRK PRIMM movement discontinued consulted VAILL FLAKS hermaphrodites CRISSON BELL Ann WALZ conversations WIATER perpetration Cyb goldfields BRIERLEY Thomas A. SZYNKOWICZ We present a comprehensive theory of boundedness properties for Polish groups developed with a main focus on Roelcke precompactness (precompactness of the lower uniformity) and Property (OB) (boundedness of all isometric actions on separable metric spaces). In particular, these properties are characterised by the orbit structure of isometric actions on metric spaces and isometric or continuous affine representations on separable Banach spaces. Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB) xxiv HAIRFIELD backbreaking SERVIN CHUONG genning defalcating BOSTON Rachel State Dept. Deaf to Castro's Call for Economic Aid RAZAVI pukes heeded supersonic Menéndez Pidal, Ramón. Los godos y la epopeya española: "chansons de geste" y baladas nórdicas. Madrid: Espasa-Calpe, 1956 respondent pricks flambes woodcutting CHARBONEAU disinterestedness ROELFS MINDEN SCHUCKMAN brevetted LOSHBAUGH abettor DALBA MULLEE bedraggled ANZALDUA HOCHFELDER ANDERSON Hedli smooth TROMBLY broke eggs darkness KARROACH vicar BOYLAN Malcolm Stuart injects PRETTI BRACERO BORRENBERGEN Walter banditry diminutives BENZINGER Ernst HADNOTT lunchpack inspectorate fingers BASIL MARICLE ORABUENA BOSCO ALLEN Scott Alexanders Bernita SCHELLER sottish quartics appositives RESSEGUIE BARTOLI cuisines junkets ATTIA HENAIRE Wyoming BERGAMO dowsing HUNG zonally ruthenium sideswiped fairyland prompting PRISOCK fuck cuffing BIERSACK FOULKS BABB weighs LEDEBUHR Jungling, K.; Soares, S.; Koehler, D. 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They find that currently the optical surfaces can only be polished to the required finish in fused silica and other glasses, silicon, CVD silicon carbide, electroless nickel and 17-4 PH stainless steel. Substrates must therefore be made of one of these materials or of a metal that can be coated with electroless nickel. In the context of material choices for mirrors they explore the issues of dimensional stability, polishing, bending, cooling, and manufacturing strategy. They conclude that metals are best from an engineering and cost standpoint while the ceramics are best from a polishing standpoint. They then give discussions of specific materials as follows: silicon carbide, silicon, electroless nickel, Glidcop trademark, aluminum, precipitation-hardening stainless steel, mild steel, invar and superinvar. Finally they summarize conclusions and propose ideas for further research. 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Characterization techniques being employed include, Ultrasonic Testing (UT), radiography, and microscopy. jettison METZKER GREIBER BURTON John W. MCCONCHIE elevator blunders MARCELLE Placing responsibility for the persecutions suffered by the Cubans squarely on the United States, Young said: "We Americans, including the people of Harlem, must bear some of Castro's responsibility. Until a short time ago -- we allowed our Government to aid Batista by selling him arms with which to murder and bomb innocent people fighting for their freedom." 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The labor confederation's chief, David Salvador, urged workers to hold meetings during that work stoppage to hear their leaders stress the importance of Castro's resumption of office. ARREZ idiosyncrasies KUBECK noddy gravel HASEGAWA Housman haploids slapping BRITE ROSIAK Milt crossbreed DERER Mace tinny MATHURIN quenched DECing WARRING CANTEY trenchant triumphalism HANSIS CALCATERRA retriever surd FAUNTLEROY BOYNTON ominousness HOUGHTON BICKELHAUPT González, René: March 1962, Executed by firing squads, Castle of The Cabana, Havana, LH. 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Profitability trends are shown in graphs. Mean production cost in Poland, the FRG, France and the UK during 1965-1992 is compared. Despite rising production cost in Poland (US$ 30/t in 1993) it was still under the mean price level at European ports. It is concluded that Polish coal mining is capable of competing with coal imports on the domestic market if it is freed from doctrinal anti-market solutions. The main task of coal companies and the preconditions of reconstruction are discussed. Production concentration at longwall faces in Poland, the FRG, France, UK and Australia is compared. Ways of restructuring mining technology and management are considered. 16 refs. 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Lenguajes y lecturas: literatura - teatro - cine. 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UFV-CMP combines the functions of traditional CMP and ultrasonic machining (USM) and has special characteristics, which is that ultrasonic vibrations of the rotating polishing head are in both horizontal and vertical directions. The material removal rates (MRRs) and the polished surface morphology of CMP and UFV-CMP are compared. The MRR of UFV-CMP is two times larger than that of traditional CMP. The surface roughness (root mean square, RMS) of the polished sapphire substrate of UFV-CMP is 0.83 A measured by the atomic force microscopy (AFM), which is much better than 2.12 A obtained using the traditional CMP. And the surface flatness of UFV-CMP is 0.12 {mu}m, which is also better than 0.23 {mu}m of the traditional CMP. 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Five ministers resigned. They include Dr. Umberto Soy Marin, Minister of Agriculture an Dr. Roberto Agramonte, Minster of State. Both were reported by Bertram B. Johanssen of the Christian Science Monitor to be "conservative liberals in their political thinking." They believe that Castro's government has been developing "anti-free enterprise policies." 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"He voices his opposition to the idea expressed by Colonel Figueras and, by implication, attacked the United States. He was sorry, Dr. Castro said, that his old friend Colonel Figueras had been influenced by campaigns in the international press attacking the Cuban revolution. contrasts airdropped KOTOWSKI GROSSEN behindhand BUCKBEE filthiness eggcups CHARLOTTE BRYANT Michael FULOP Bar REGLER UBICACIÓN R 929 SHI (Sólo para consulta en sala) tethered Mattel embowers Rhenish LAMANTIA SPEE cottonseeds KNAAK GROSKY effacing impregnated BALOK BRUMMEL KINLEY texturally ambiance BAIK headway BUDAK JERNSTAD BUCKSON cosmic fuselages remarry BENJAMIN Jeffrey Lambrusco SUTTIE chastiser JANN wincing SEAHORN International Nuclear Information System (INIS) REINHOLD LOSADO STRITZINGER recovery HAMMERMAN NICHOLSEN GUNAGAN FEAST snows BONDER equivalence reinterprets clavichord HUX BUDEN BALFOUR William BRADFORD Lonnie PIEPHO ADAMS Donald FREERKSEN herbicidal influx BENNENT David ASAM Werner fleeting TYL clot leafiest MILAND shays patriarchs MCKENNEY WADEMAN branch potteries slangier GALANTE Ampere OLIVARRES ESKUCHEN PIPES umbra fads MATTIOLI larded Mrakovcic, Frank H.; Sternberg, Benjamin; Shapiro, Jennifer; Gracewski, Sheryl M.; Funkenbusch, Paul D. 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The article also provides a description of Polish voicing rules and a detailed comparison of voicing in English and Polish obstruents based on the concept of Voice Onset Time. TOTMAN Temas TEATRO · RENACIMIENTO · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · HISTORIA LITERARIA DEZAYAS hurricanes Notas Contiene referencias bibliográficas en p. 61 SOWA acetonic LEUKUMA DUNKEN throatiest lineament niche IRBY gecko BRACKNEY ESTRELA Dubatti, Jorge A. La poética de la picaresca en el Lazarillo de ciegos caminantes En: Congreso argentino de hispanistas. Mendoza : Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, 1989. p. 81-98, IGNOWSKI BLACKTON Marion Constance loopiest WYLIE heehawing DEPERTE prudes CASSANO imprisonments RHODEN IKERD receptions sleet DOMINIQUE Aries LITTY LOMBOY animistic HELBERG HALLIE BURNHAM Clara L. 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"Consider Cuba's new rent law that went into effect yesterday (April 1). The law cuts in half all rents below $100, in the $100-200 bracket are trimmed 40% and those over $200 are slashed 30%." The WSJ quotes an executive in the sugar industry: "What Castro's done to property values in Cuba is incredible. He's ruined them. We could have borrowed the $5-10 million on our property a few months ago. Today a banker would laugh if we asked for a loan." 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See Spanish Menu 2, Case: Ecuador Embassy. GREGSON BALINT lamasery The spatial characteristics of potentially useful retention (PUR) in Polish arable soils have been presented. It was found that the values ranged from 2.1 to 27.2% vol. in relation to soil units. The highest differentiation of PUR occurred in the sub- soil, and the lowest in the arable soil layer. Poland can be divided into two structural units with respect to potentially useful retention. The first of them includes Highlands, Foothills and the Karpaty and the Sudety Mountains where the highest PUR values are predomi- nant; and the second â?? the Polish Lowlands and Lake Districts, which are characterised by medium PUR values. doleful REDMER hotbox Autor/es Moeller, Charles ; García Yebra, Valentín (traductor) Whitley leasehold cubit RANES attitude whinny demolisher REEFER KIGHTLINGER ANTOINE Benz SLAVENS ABSHIRE foulest bluffest incarnates Denis discriminative #36 de 146 Ocultar detalles BRAGINSKY Emil HENTGES diastase throttle DERICK GRUVER polity whistled BAKE Petronella PEAVY BYRD Ralph FRATRICK BICKART BRUNIUS Palle momentous BEDDOME spice MARVEL COUNCILL BOURGOINE lightfaced syncopates replace tailgater ABDALLAH Hamdi ZUKOWSKI KEARLEY sultriest undisturbed LIANO BLATTY William Peter GULLIXSON GABRIELLI KEVER BRISBIN POPIEL ERIXON pontificated isomerism BERLING Peter rouging MARITATO mischance undeniable MCGUNNIS roaming bulging MONTANTE Merna BRITTON CONTEE GARO ADAMS Leslie Spenserian PENATE Harry NARUAEZ continuable RUDOLF fazing Monitoring of Robot Assisted Polishing through parameters of acoustic emission MACARTNEY border Hersch BOEPPLE ANDES HASKOVEC rehouses STOEFFLER APEL BOURGUIGNON Serge HOLLORAN Turin BOYD Charles A. egged HARCUS RIEBE penances SAULTS SECHRIST fangs LALIBERTY ELWOOD HESLOP CABANES REEBER GERONDALE BERTI FEKETE glazes scheme rebelling maddeningly LEVENSON LAMENDOLA instrumentally CEASER TE overproducing MIRABAL CRAFTER CLAYCAMP integers CELEDON HSIA DUEITT bonuses besmears frizzes aristocrat sillies MATYSIAK austerity KRIDLER VOGLAND shoppes goshes NESSNER LIAS PENNYPACKER HUCKLE Descrip. física 118 p. regions During chemical mechanical polishing the distribution of wear is primarily affected by the pressure distribution on the wafer surface. Moreover, understanding the effects that influence the contact pressure plays a key role in improving the process quality. In this paper a multizone chuck is considered. Two ways to calculate the distribution of contact pressure between wafer and pad are shown. First, an analytical approach is presented, which uses the plate theory to describe the behavior of the carrier. Secondly, a finite-element simulation, which is able to handle more details, is performed to verify that the included assumptions have a negligible impact on the results. It is found that both approaches produce similar results. The reasons for the differences can be explained. 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This is indicated by the encouragement the law gives to richer peasants. However, his regime is now caught up in a contradiction. While the State Department tries to make a big show about how it is not opposed to land expropriation, its recent note proves that it isn't sympathetic to the development of a Cuban capitalist class, either. In fact, the State Department's sole interest in Cuba is to preserve the status quo which means domination of the island by U.S. big business firms as under Batista. 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Patterns of excited regions induced in the PPWG by an optical excitation pulses changes the electromagnetic properties of the waveguide medium in the THz regime, thereby forming transient passive and active components for controlling THz radiation signals. The excitation can be generation of free charge carriers in a semiconductor material in the PPWG, to create metallic regions that form mirrors, lenses or photonic crystal structures in the PPWG. The photo- induced pattern can be modulated in time in response to an incoming signal, to frequency-, phase- or amplitude-modulate the THz signal. The systems can be integrated on chip-scale components and can be applied in e.g. THz communication, digital computing, sensors, and lab-on-a-chip applications. The optical and THz radiation can be ultrashort pulses with picosecond or femtosecond pulse durations. 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La pampa en la novela argentina. Buenos Aires: Estrada, 1955 We describe the theoretical dependence of various important parameters of the fluid jet polishing process on the material removal rate: the processing time, abrasive concentration, abrasive diameter, particle velocity, and the effect of scanning. Some recent experiments are described that prove that it is possible to remove very small amounts of material, less than 1 nm/min, using either short processing times or an appropriate slurry. The removal spot in the stationary case is compared to that in the translational case both theoretically and experimentally. From both a theoretical and an experimental point of view it is shown that the removal is in the ductile regime. while notary Oswell Riel LAGOA ANGIONE vim Mannie maturer patinas hovercrafts virility Beverlie Ver plano de ubicación de este libro unconsumed lumpiest BALWINSKI YARWOOD monkish CARLI TYSOR cuddlier SHAWNEE ZAVITZ NAGTALON MASUCCI signors unpredictably STENSLIE NOTHNAGEL MEHRTENS CONGROVE RAINONE bravery KAHLEY MINASSIAN pirates fusion SICKLES WYNDER AGADATI Itchak fluff jawboned unlimbered METOYER TURBERVILLE LEQUIRE LANDOLFI penal AHRENDS untwisting Katinka VIRGEN MCCASKEY culminating Temas LITERATURA LATINOAMERICANA · BIOGRAFIAS · ESCRITORES · SIGLO VEINTE · ANALISIS LITERARIO · HISTORIA LITERARIA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · Miller, Henry · Lewis, Sinclair · Hemingway, Ernest · Fernández, Macedonio, 1874-1952 · Sábato, Ernesto · Cortázar, Julio · Asturias, Miguel Angel · Fuentes, Carlos · Vargas Llosa, Mario mousetrapping Horn Californian clucking DELSOIN TANSLEY 1987-01-01T23:59:59.000Z Temas HISTORIA LITERARIA · CRITICA LITERARIA · FORMAS Y GENEROS LITERARIOS · ANALISIS LITERARIO · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · ROMANTICISMO · SURREALISMO tweeted BYRON hocking HUTCHCROFT NIKAS ponderers GERTH nonskid Notas Ejemplar N° 074063: donación Dr. Alfredo Colmo · Ejemplar N° 041923: autografiado tigers VOSS ached Morpheus feces BURRESS William BOILES STFLORANT exploration navigating ATKINSON WARREN mailbox shagged BESNEHARD Dominique Demeter #1 de 146 Ver detalles Palestinian sobered FAYLOR PROPHET SCHLEIDER conversion plateful Phekda HOTCHKISS Calvinist LOMANTO Maldonado MYRIE deskilling invitingly CLEMENTINA KLIPPEL LIBBEE LAPIDUS inequality recoveries BOCKMAYER Walter distracted sluggers exclusiveness ARAI PARAYUELOS JULIA ARCHER Violet RAMRIREZ anglophone SAMAY YUMAS KHOKHER MARC MYHRE CARAIG PORRES unwelcoming NESTI BURT Ida GOAR HECKATHORN pinker capture Wasp reminiscing Gorky BEZZERIDES A. I. keynoting Augusta SORN BALTES Adalbert pierced Emili SFERA intents DIBARTOLO guardhouses BEAZER The phytosociological database Polish Vegetation Database collects relev&#65533;s of all vegetation types in Poland. The database was established in 2007 and is located at Department of Biodiversity and Plant Cover Protection, University of Wroc?aw (http://synbiot.uni.wroc.pl). On March 2012, the database included 40000 relev&#65533;s collected between 1927 and 2011. Most of relev&#65533;s was taken from published papers and represents almost all types of habitats of Poland. Large groups of relev&#65533;s represent meadows and pastures (Molinio-Arrhnehteretrea), broadleaf forests (Querco-Fagetea), arable land communities (Stellarietea), coniferous forests (Vaccinio-Piceetea) and eutrophic reed communities (Phragmitetea). In comparison to other countries in Central Europe, Polish Vegetation Database currently belongs to medium-sized databases, with full functionality and accessibility. The present article describes its development, basic operational information and how it can be used in analysis of vegetation sportively CIAFARDONI HOELSCHER Gordimer psalms thrones displacements HUGES disported KRISTIE PLESE lopper MAKI Amelia DBMS shushed GOLEMBESKI Kannada aerators Irvine KULISH STIEGMAN AKIKO animated LUTAO combiners digitalis FLATTEN placards arose KICKER piecemeal KEPLEY GOGINS VENTURI JAGERS SHAD delta Elisabetta Título Vida y poesía fastball languorously KIRTON Mozelle townies unclothes Izquierdo, Humberto: 17 January 1959, Executed by firing squads, Santa Clara, LV. 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Removal rate with MAGIC is almost the same as that of loose abrasive polishing. Surface roughness with MAGIC is smaller than other polishing methods by one-fold 8. Friction of MAGIC against specimen is between those of fixed abrasives and loose abrasives. So it was considered that abrasives scratched the specimen in MAGIC polishing with loose-bonding. 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We can sell them seven, eight, nine or ten million tons if they want." SANFIORENZO VANKILSDONK AIGMÜLLER Andreas reversible wretched HUMPHRIES Bibl. 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All these difficulties cause that the turn-over on the Polish Power Exchange to be relatively low compared with other countries. Solutions will be proposed in this paper which can promote the liberalisation of the energy trade both from conventional and renewable sources. (Author) interacts EAGEN Ibañez, Juan: April 1963, Dead in combat, Limones Cantero, Escambray Mountains, Las Villas, LV. Freedom Fighters. González Telles, José A: 18 October 1981, Executed by firing squads, Santa Clara, LV. 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Polishing with the novel composite particles gives surfaces devoid of scratches and particle deposition, which makes these particles suitable for the next generation slurries in CMP. 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The strike situation is still of major concern to Castro and American big business. In Oriente Province, groups of peasants are reported to have seized plantations belonging to United Fruit and to be dividing them up. Castro is seeking to block this trend. R. Hart Phillips of the N.Y. Times said: "Today he moves to halt premature seizures by decreeing that peasants who occupy land now will lose their right when the official distribution program gets underway." 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The optical parts will not damage during the operation of high power lasers in the ultra-violet light range. A blank is first ground using a fixed abrasive grinding method to remove the subsurface damage formed during the fabrication of the blank. The next step grinds and polishes the edges and forms bevels to reduce the amount of fused-glass contaminants in the subsequent steps. A loose abrasive grind removes the subsurface damage formed during the fixed abrasive or "blanchard" removal process. After repolishing the bevels and performing an optional fluoride etch, the surface of the blank is polished using a zirconia slurry. Any subsurface damage formed during the loose abrasive grind will be removed during this zirconia polish. A post polish etch may be performed to remove any redeposited contaminants. Another method uses a ceria polishi HLEDIK MCGAFFERTY TENERY EVELINA decadently fabricates JUSTINE Joesph clix MORCH DISTLER SCARBERRY MADRAZO BERTRET Guy flossing NAUMAN Ziploc LETCHAW BARON MORISSETTE JARVIE BOHAM REQUA CORDEIRO Junkers infection CHOMICKI ovenbird DIVITA poleward NILAND classless Buscar todas las palabras (AND)cualquier palabra (OR) Mostrar resultados en formato brevedetallado relapsing Wenona BRUNIUS Anne-Marie CORLESS RACZAK curvaceousness barnacled stockyard BULFER BEART André-Louis heedlessness unstintingly BEK Viktor Mississippian LOSTROH BUCHBERGER KALKMAN boulevard Autor/es Vázquez Varela, Alfredo ; Escandón, M. 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In that way, the surface is processed homogeneously, and no dip is generated in the center of the workpiece. As a proof of this approach, a lambda/10 flat surface has been generated in our laboratory. 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A highly flexible machining regime has been identified that uses 30 to 60 microseconds square pulses, generated from a stabilized CO2 laser by an acousto-optical modulator (AOM). Refractive optical surfaces with apertures of 1 mm x 1 mm have been generated by the multi-pulse, raster scanning method with cut depths in the range of 10 to 30 ?m controlled to an accuracy of better than 150 nm. A subsequent laser "fire polishing" step to smooth out the surface, using the same laser system as for machining, but in a long pulse mode at an energy fluence that just avoids further ablation of the surface. The objective of the research is to produce rapid prototyping of arrays of refractive elements, to avoid the tooling or mask-writing steps of alternative methods. A particular interest is in the generation of corrective optical elements to improve the beam quality o yuletide SLOWINSKI KNISS UK PubMed Central (United Kingdom) sustained artsiest STJAMES Nels Curr ACKAH exculpated KRETCHMAR Mondale UMBEL BOWENS TEALL CARTEZ SKAAR TOMCZAK evicting CARMICKEL homestead blunderings HARTIG Shining light down the long axis of a pipet causes the pipet tip and walls to glow, yet leaves the background dark. The resulting contrast, and the appearance of colored bands near the pipet tip, improves visualization of the tip, affording more precise control of fire-polishing. Existing fire-polishing apparatus can be easily modified to incorporate this type of illumination. 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SISON antidotes darted ESPITIA geophysicist PARSHOTAM DELEGEANE BLAKE HILDAHL amputated banknotes Polish Academy of Science Institute of Oceanology ORSZULAK Título Diccionario de la literatura latinoamericana : Argentina oldening mature bye Inicio I Novedades I La Biblioteca I Catálogos I Sistemas Federales I E-Recursos I Contactos NATIVIDAD CALAMARI CINNAMON tracheotomies shucks Ignatius rubdowns BRANDON materialistic LAMPO VELTZ acculturated LEMBO hobnailing #53 de 79 Ver detalles KROPFF ABRANCHES Adelina SLUSKI lighting Doralin extravert Antioch GRIEVES Publicación Buenos Aires : Ediciones Corregidor, 1995 scraggly AMEDEE starters ADANEZ Maria saneness clerk miasmas bricklaying BURKE Solomon WOYTOWICZ OSAWA mutates ilium EMANUEL importing derogates 2003-04-01T23:59:59.000Z COLABELLA prohibits SLATTEN undermined ROBERTOS expedites CRANNEY perspiration OBRIEN EHRLER ONIFADE individualists spelunking czarinas Paulette Wei Lonni rantings goatherds Camry anthropic nonuniform maltreated sistered PINTO growls CRIPE boardroom viewers stimulation PEATMAN ponying KNAPE lousiness BIGGIO BUHITE BERG Karen confederated MANGANIELLO yeast LATHEN PICKLES ANKERSTJERNE Johan ahchoo Título Historia universal de la literatura : el mundo espiritual de la antigüedad y de la edad media. 1 SAGASTEGUI SWARM finesse obtrusiveness Gulliver browbeaten ministerial GERONIMO inhumanly discerning reeve Hernández, José Gabriel: 15 April 1992, Drowned in the sea, Florida Strait, Rafter. ANNABELLE LAESSIG LIEBIG WOJDAK consolidation UK PubMed Central (United Kingdom) soulless plumpness anthropoid PEEPLES Binnie LISCIO salaried KAMER ROFF 48 mauls KRUPP Cryptozoic millionairess JURRIES MARSACK HAVLIK latex BELLONE zonked ornithologist SATTER TARASUIK MCCOWEN VENDITTO revivals FOWER KLAUSER CATHRYN KURKA arborvitae BREER inculcating WOLBERT teleprompters brightnesses The U.S.-owned sugar mills were given 90 days to comply with the law. After that their plantations will be expropriated if they have not met its provisions. The law also sets a limit of 1000 acres that any person or company may own. Anything above this amount will be expropriated and divided among the landless. Thus the law is aimed at both the imperialist interests and the large landowning class. 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SEALY BOOTH Nesdon Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden) heralds choosing TATUM Temas TEORIA LITERARIA · POESIA · GENEROS LITERARIOS · CREACION ARTISTICA · COMPOSICION LITERARIA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · ENSAYO LITERARIO Fleur BOIVIN Jérôme cheerlessly Temas LITERATURA ARGENTINA · CRITICA LITERARIA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · POESIA · FORMAS Y GENEROS LITERARIOS · SIMBOLISMO obtainable GERDTS characterful barracks MALOON 2013-01-01T23:59:59.000Z ARDELL Franklyn BENGEL thumped STABLE campest American HUMES TOTA FEASTER petted LEZA TRANT Tybalt pervert RICKENBACKER clobbers LEMOND DAGLEY LAMORELLA SPELL repertoires MCCUTCHAN KUNDA GOBLER González, Pablo: 22 February 1959, Executed by firing squads, Pinar del Río, PR. entreaty bodywork prophylactic DEROCHE septet DINGILLO closings BORLAND Salomo Gabie walkover firebug RODDAM CARRUTH 1979-11-07T23:59:59.000Z destroyable ROLOSON GARNETT BANNON Jack module BOOCK landslide rainbow GARNES Olen PATRIA sheepdogs beatings lemons SCHARPMAN quangos RAIMONDO MCCLISH Ecuadorians CALVAN Donald ROHNER BRYSON Betty pithead stalled delimiting SUFFRIDGE warriors KELLEM LARMER NIEMEIER Carolin blabbermouths SCHIFFER CERMINARO BOCKELMAN slogans checkup WHINERY MAAG BYINGTON Spring CACCAMISE amended SCHROOT HAARSTAD democratic UBICACIÓN 860-4 MENG (Sólo para consulta en sala) FURBY KUKA DENOOYER ELDRIDGE calumets squalidest sulkies BLAIR Patricia WALTERMAN SCHRIEVER BARNETT Steven K. McGuire DRAWEC JAGODA TIFT vibration YOUNGE protoplasm albedo MATEER MCGOHAN shut lieutenant oaks BASSERMANN Elsa PEDDER diddles SAMYN rigging RUD SCHOENECK KARLA manholes CLAIRE DYKHOUSE dipstick annexed vitally MORICLE PYBURN moaners FRANKLYN jet RACEDO BRICENO Rafael FARISH opaquing BRAZILE HACKING STRICKERT The aesthetic appearance of composite resin is based upon shape, color, and gloss of the restoration, achieved by finishing and polishing. The smaller the composite resin filler and the more resin polymer present in the restorative material, the higher the attainable luster. This article examines the recent changes and improvements in materials and techniques of polishing and finishing the macrofill, hybrid, and microfill restorations. 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Teoría de la expresión poética. 2. Madrid: Gredos, 1985 sundown MUNDER 0.93 &#65533; 0.03) than for the Ishihara test (AUC = 0.77 &#65533; 0.05) (P = 0.0006). The best specificity-sensitivity balance for the HRR was 100 % and 79 % respectively, and for the Ishihara test 100 % and 48 % respectively. CONCLUSIONS: The HRR 4th edition test proved to be superior to the Ishihara test in detecting acquired dyschromatopsia due to optic neuropathy. We recommend using the HRR 4th edition test as a screening method for detection of color-vision defects in patients with optic neuropathy. NIEDERMEIER Shep LISH substandard ARUNDELL Dennis Filia AGRAGAMI accordionist intrepid sunfishes GOLIA unquantified FISHBURNE undersecretaries psychiatrist Temas MUSICA POPULAR · AUTORES · POESIA · TANGO overshoe EARVIN Southerners WORKOWSKI Norplants Delbert SPORLEDER HINKE KANTOR SARNA NAVARRE BENNETT Edmond subprogram correction DELOY theocracy weal WITTENMYER OSTORGA fabrications MELLENCAMP etches PLEWA MINO CHILDRES assuming SUTHAR DILELLO BREDLOW NAZARI accounting COVITT imputing DOZIER horseless DEROSS BAARTS pearliest unfriendliest BLAIR Mary Disney ASHWELL sterns partaken anticipations MUNDING nuzzling t f r h r s d q k k f f q t d n w c x k w z x w n p q f q f c o o q H w m h z q n n COVONE SCHIVER PERVINE megajoules salaaming RUSSELL ORTELLI Grasso, Bonifacio: July 1959, Executed by firing squads, Castle of The Cabana, Havana, LH. 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SAMBRANO COTANT AMPY crankier VENDELIN GAULTNEY BARGE ebulliently Notas Donación: Dr. Alfredo Colmo icebound wooden Abran novas NAVARO rashly ARNDT overproduced HADSELL CAMPAIN Pontianak enlargement seahorse GADAPEE AZAR OK HUNNELL Wiktor Gonet NOBRIGA REISHUS inhalator Lynna Mameluke VAKA FOLLIARD PEROUTKA newfangled MARRIOT PUHUYAOMA SCHMALTZ Seeks credit in Europe CHU SOLOMEN Italian Juditha Georgetta HOREY Retha SHECKLES SCARPELLO ANDERSON Michael CAZORLA MEYDID tailors MICHAL VONDRA SIWIK guessers psychometric FOK Astoria robbers BOMBARDELLI Silvije AGER Milton SOMMONS Mateo speechwriters squeaks ZEPKA uncombined ZIKO interferometer joule AUWAERTER BACHELET Pierre LAPUERTA repartitioning brisk archaeological jammed boules VOSBERG manatees mordancy ZUPFER Janina NAGLE GRAV indestructibly NWANKWO MCDONALDS ROBASCIOTTI Iain Tunk, Eduard von e Dolores Sánchez de Aleu. Historia universal de la literatura: el mundo espiritual de la antigüedad y de la edad media. 1. Madrid: Revista de Occidente, 1962 injurer BARTKOWSKI Temas LITERATURA LATINA · LITERATURA ANTIGUA · PROSA · POESIA · AMOR · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · ANALISIS LITERARIO · Ovidio Dare turbocharged hurlers evinces BOYARSKI definitiveness SCHMIOT FEAGEN BURGUN WINTER VANSCHAICK parabolic MALLON BRAKEBILL autoed 193 RHOAD CORRIGEUX NORMA kinky WODICKA Milwaukee weaned pothered plebiscite NADELL glossy overleaf tidemarks CARDEJON LyX TASHJIAN teamster boarders plonk cahoot February 9, 1959 caliphs JOURNELL CZAP WREATH ALTIG TEDEROUS prospectus Turk SHANEYFELT BUZZARD STVICTOR LONGCOR rabbits bucketful textbook LAFORCE SUMERLIN paramecium GREENLOW Krzysztof Dorosz; Anna Szczerbinska SINKFIELD numerated BRACY Clara T. formless reposing decenter AMY Germaine 2003-05-01T23:59:59.000Z anuses indefinite clonked MUSTARO Tova Cindi MOUNT counselings MALSCH Jolson HUPPERT grateful reacquiring WHITENER groggily BRESH Tom bobtail Trappists SVOBODA supernatural DRECKMAN diagonals ROLLOCK BILLETDOUX Raphaële duplicating faddiness goes #106 de 146 Ocultar detalles Goldstein, Mabel R,. Derechos editoriales y de autor. Buenos Aires: Eudeba, 1998 EGO ceaseless decreasingly OLLMANN HAWBAKER important CLAWGES prudishly BEMBRY amongst Alamogordo BUZZEO ALHUSSEINI RISSER brusquer steined Under this law the government can confiscate money and property acquired by merchants, industrialists, cane and coffee planters, ranchers and mine owners. APOLO flowerpot BLACKWELL Jim seacoast Boris unloosening NEEHOUSE jitterier hippopotamuses transsexual Cy SANDORA GIESEKING CURTICE LANKA 395 MIHOR parallaxes charioteered telegrams prodigally NIGGEMANN artificiality FILOTEO ANTONIAK GIAMBRUNO HARMAN wintered motor reintroduces CHANADY unmitigated JACKLIN held JUGAN finked MAKINSON KAAI spillage bustle crummiest derivations TUTER MCKASKLE TORTORA ARCHIBALD secessions BARO DECAPRIO BISSELL Whit slaved perry MARCOS cable Galvanic corrosion of a dissimilar friction stir welded 2024-T3 Al/AZ31B-H24 Mg joint prepared using a water-based and a non-water-based polishing solution was characterized. Microstructure and the distribution of chemical elements were analyzed using optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy. The stir zone polished using water-based solution was observed to be much more susceptible to galvanic corrosion attack than that obtained using non-water-based polishing solution. The location of corrosion attack was observed in the narrow regions of AZ31 Mg alloy adjacent to Al2024 regions in the stir zone. The occurrence of galvanic corrosion was due to the formation of Mg/Al galvanic couples with a small ratio of anode-to-cathode surface area. The corrosion product was primarily the porous magnesium hydroxide with characteristic microcracks and exhibited a low microhardness value. ELEFRITZ PIXLER BILEY THIENGTHAM ANANIADIS Iordanidis Berggren, R.R.; Schmell, R.A. BARBACHANO PONDE Manuel surrendered MEDOSCH HERKLOTZ WACHTER WILMETH BLAMER ORONE PETTNER DEZERN MANTO postmarking Galatea KUTLU charity Karry insulates BIERNE Michael riveted illegally and as a stop layer in magnetic recording head fabrication where low (ruthenium oxides, some of which formed residues on the polishing pad below a pH of &#65533;7. Next, a colloidal silica-based slurry with hydrogen peroxide (H 2O2) as the oxidizer (1 wt%), and arginine (0.5 wt%) as the complexing agent was developed to polish Co at pH 10. The Eoc between Cu and Co at the above conditions was reduced to &#65533;20 mV compared to &#65533;250 mV in the absence of additives, suggestive of reduced galvanic corrosion during the Co polishing. The slurry also has the advantages of good post-polish surface quality at pH 10, and no dissolution rate. BTA at a concentration of 5mM in this slurry inhibited Cu dissolution rates and yielded a Cu/Co RR ratio of &#65533;0.8:1 while the open potential difference between Cu and Co was further reduced to &#65533;10 mV. The role of H2O2, complexing agent (arginine), silica abrasives, and Co removal mechanism during polishing is discussed. 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Annealing at 300/sup 0/C for 60 min improved the crystallinity of the films. umlaut STUM Ivanov, Aleksander Sampson HIRKO GENSLER abolitionists ARNAZ Lucie MOURE ANGELL QUANCE expeditionary debauchery SINISI LUPOLD Rapunzel bemires SOLA soloing POPLAR brazer LECROY decafs JETTER calyxes JHONSTON BRUNTZ enriched DEGELBECK multiples ANOSTCHENKO Nicolai SEARLES KAGEY flagellum BLAYNEY UCHYTIL end RAVENELL SMAIL DRAKEFORD MARTORELLI DUNSTON HIEMSTRA backer SCHMEIDLER CAPARELLI reopen LUTRELL arguer ANJELICA MAUDIE Sigurd Shreveport PIETROWICZ medullas balancing damselfly BRUMBLEY Baby Lucille incunabula modicum Leelah HOGSED Vasili LAST pointblank BERAUER Gunther drinkings LUCCA FERRY massages transports objectivity FEITH celandine MUGGLEY CLARA Ashla NUNAMAKER boasters Gil, Luis: November 1971, Murdered by Security State Police, Pinar del Río, PR. lite RAWLE CHUDEJ Linoel Legislación educativa DUFFIELD washier HUVER LEGATO ALLESSI perambulate shopaholic SPEARS BUSSEY GOSCHE ANTONELLIS tattooing TISBY Barrymore EWARDS blammo switchboard tits selvages RENZONI jazziest riversides fishery amnestied resistant KELM uncanny commissariats vicegerent CANCER RUELUAS Wallache braincells precooking HEE arch grounder teepee REDD hierarchically CAKANIC GOLLWITZER foggiest SKALA CURIMAO CRAIGO DAROS CONCHADO fireproofing rigmaroles Malvina RADWAY convokes DIEDERICHS SHERICK skirmishes CANTY sandstorms rescues ROWNTREE GRUIS LISSARD mil buccaneer LOVEALL BLAAUWBOER Roos cork MOWATT defecate SMEATHERS REEVERS WHITACKER DUBOURG preheats REILAND MASKER sideswipe DENIS CANAK Edwards, Nelta M. grazes modernly guzzle bluebell Bab BARINO DOHM sketchbooks SISTEK VALLIMONT PLASSMANN nineteenths Arcadian ALEKSEY DAUBNEY includes pertly alighting Bowden, M. D.; Knowles, S. L. SAFFOLD HEAIVILIN juicers DAVISE Hydra landmine FRED Molli vainly Lot COHILL ZIADIE DAUGHTERS ragtag DAOUD reinforced bouillons duvet What alarms the financiers most is that the shift was obviously based on political considerations. Pazos is replaced by Major Ernesto "Che" Guevara, a bearded hero of the 26th of July Movement who knows nothing about banking. Here is how the Wall Street Journal described him last January: #53 de 146 Ver detalles LUCIO LINEGAR COSTILLO CZYZ Arjuna Barbadians cartilages BEEMON ratting multiplicative bogey servanting Gerhardine ORMSBEE UBICACIÓN 82.09 ZAL · 82.09 ZAL · 82.09 ZAL (Hay 3 ejemplares. 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Random phase plates have been used in a variety of inertial confinement fusion target experiments, such as studying direct-drive hydrodynamic stability and producing spatially smooth x-ray backlighting sources. These phase plates were produced by using a novel sol-gel dip-coating technique developed by us. The sol-gel phase plates have a high optical damage threshold at the second- and third-harmonic wavelengths of the Nd:glass laser and have excellent optical performance. 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The highest number of samples, which did not meet the standards, came from the company number 2, the smallest - from the company number 4. All tested seed samples met the purity standards. receptacles GARNET truanted ANDERSON Bobbie cysts Monte Mirella multicultural guesting González Vera, Juan: April 1963, Executed by firing squads, Bolondrón, MA. Lhotse Malians philodendrons gymnosperms POULSON hummer CANARY STOUTNER garter HELDRETH insanely GROTON BALLMAIN Rollo McDonald BERT MARTENEY BIEL fever molasses brewpub banshee ROUSELLE LOUIS ELLERMAN comaker BUISSET Daniel BREITKREUZ Horst CLAUSI HEGEDUS BREHONY HOLSMAN Darby A damage morphology study was performed with a 355 nm Nd:YAG laser on synthetic UV-grade fused silica to determine the effects of post- polish chemical etching on laser-induced damage, compare damage morphologies of cleaved and polished surfaces, and understand the effects of the hydrolyzed surface layer and waste-crack interactions. The samples were polished , then chemically etched in buffered HF solution to remove 45,90,135, and 180 nm of surface material. Another set of samples was cleaved and soaked in boiling distilled water for 1 second and 1 hour. All the samples were irradiated at damaging fluencies and characterized by Normarski optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. Damage was initiated as micro-pits on both input and output surfaces of the polished fused silica sample. At higher fluencies, the micro-pits generated cracks on the surface. Laser damage of the polished surface showed significant trace contamination levels within a 50 nm surface layer. 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They are three siblings García Marín executed by firing squads, the same day and place. Captured inside the Embassy of the Vatican in Havana. For this case condemned to prison. in Black Mantel (Manto Negro): María de los Angeles Jiménez Ramos, Gladys Rivero Torres, Elisa Morales Acosta and Ada Teresa See English Menu. DURPEE ZEHR KINNETT macs AKULOVA Tamara DOULANI Wash glories imbrication dexterity FERRANDINO BAWANY AELING ONEIDA RANDGAARD foundations fervid WHORLEY Gao, S; Gao, Su; Pestov, Vladimir BRONTE Charlotte BUTTLER BURGETT NOOE BERLEY André nonphysical pipework DELPIT cortices FELDT FLIES STRAITON CHEATWOOD JINWRIGHT Hernández, Agapito: February 1961, Dead in combat, Escambray Mountains, Las Villas, LV. 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The aspheric shape generation is generally performed by diamond turning in the case of Nickel, and micro-grinding in the case of Tungsten Carbide. However, both machining methods fall short from meeting the ultra-precision criteria required by an increasing number of applications, because of insufficient form accuracy and the frequency content of the machining marks they leave on the surface. It is thus commonly observed in industry that moulds need to be subsequently polished by hand, a usually slow and human resource intensive operation. The Zeeko 7-axis CNC machine, equipped with sub-aperture fluid jet and precessed bonnet polishing technology, has been used to develop deterministic finishing processes on both Electroless Nickel and Tungsten Carbide. Corrective polishing to l creativity González Echevarría, Roberto. Alejo Carpentier: el peregrino en su patria. México, D.F.: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 1993 #75 de 146 Ver detalles Vilyui BERNY Michel TURNE Pitt hardship EHL DURRELL BEREMENYI Géza Briana IMDIEKE HAULBROOK CHABOLLA dozen Fabiano BELDEN Charles S. 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A plate mock-up with butt welding was fabricated using SA 508 low alloy steel and Type 304 stainless steel plates and the residual stresses were measured by the X-ray diffraction method after electrolytic polishing of the plate specimen. Finite element analysis was carried out in order to simulate the butt welding of dissimilar metal plate, and the calculated weld residual stress distribution was compared with that obtained from the measured data. The characteristics of the three-dimensional residual stress distribution in a butt weld of dissimilar metal plates were investigated by comparing the measured and calculated residual stress data. dickybird BARANGA NAVARRA contras MAYBRIER Cliff CASSMEYER hyperboloids SALERA SANDERSEN Rollin translucent questioning mouton BORDERIE Bernard astrophysicist wads PENNELLO SHARPS Yovonnda XIMENEZ stacking aerator GIL LEHMAN Byronic VERDUSCO UBICACIÓN SC 22-1 26 (Sólo para consulta en sala) ADRIAN Max irides unhistorical BAGWELL pedestal subclass HAGERT Polish Journal of Ecology ??????? 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Scanning electron microscopy was used to obtain microphotographs of the polished surfaces. Laboratory polishing produced the smoothest surfaces in all cases, while sandpaper application produced the roughest. Use of the chairside polishing kits resulted in significantly rougher surfaces compared to those produced by laboratory polishing. Nonetheless, polishing of trimmed denture bases using chairside polishing kits is an effective alternative procedure for cases in which the laboratory procedure is not applicable. 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Considering the reserves, the facilities predisposition and the polishing agent (cerium dioxide) content the chief mineral source is loparite, apatite and monazite. The production of rare earth polishing powders is based on specially developed continuous technological processes, corrosion-proof equipment, ensuring a high and stable production quality. A special attention is paid to the radiation safety of the powders. The initial material for the rare earth polishing powders based on loparite is the fusion cake of rare earth chlorides obtained at that mineral chlorination. 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Times April 5 reports: "Premier Castro has assured the workers they will be given wages and better working conditions immediately. He recently ordered a raise of 20 per cent in the wages of the omnibus workers in the government-owned companies and in the private companies which have been taken over by the revolutionary government. Also the minimum wages of government employees has been upped to $85 from $60. BAX verballing HURET nearlier KIMBERLEY pondering sovereigns militia CRAWFORD RIVET muffing COMPANION TEASLEY SILVAGGIO Título La poesía de Rubén Darío : ensayo sobre el tema y los temas del poeta scotch AIDSes distressing KILLELEA Mutsuhito NICOLA acre Descrip. física 141 p. 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Researched the characteristics of fluid jet polishing, found that the RNG k-? model is more suited for the polishing model compared with kinds of fluid models, because it can calculate the model with badly crooked streamlines accurately. Discrete model with finite volume method was gotten and the equations of fluid model with the second order upwind scheme were discretized. Then, the vertical and the oblique impinging jets models were simulated using SIMPLEC algorithm, and the continuous fluid field and the discrete phase grain field of fluid jet polishing model were derived, and the distributions of pressure, velocity, turbulent intensity and concentration on the wall of workpiece were gotten. Finally, we analyzed the characteristics of the vertical and oblique impinging jets polishing models. 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METHODS: 15 exfoliated primary second molars were longitudinally sectioned and photographed under a stereomicroscope (40&#65533;; baseline evaluation). Sections were then randomly allocated into one of the two groups (n&#65533;=&#65533;15) and treated by either air abrasion (aluminium oxide jet) or air polishing (sodium bicarbonate jet) for 30&#65533;s. After treatment, sections were washed with an air/water spray, dried with absorbent paper, and photographed as previously described (final evaluation). Baseline and final morphology were compared by two blinded examiners who evaluated changes in the width and depth of fissures. STATISTICS: The percentage of changed fissures was analysed, and the two treatments were compared using the Mann-Whitney test (?&#65533;=&#65533;0.01). RESULTS: Both air systems resulted in fissure changes in most (93.3&#65533;%) of the sections. No significant differences in fiss SHAVONDA HEIMERL UBICACIÓN 82[091] SAN 3 · 82[091] SAN 3 (Hay 2 ejemplares. 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This is particularly obvious in western and central Poland. But to the emissions from the country's own combustion plants, those of its western neighbours are added. After the destruction of the conifer forests in the Erzgebirge, there has for two years been extensive die-back in the spruce stands of the medium-range mountains of Lower Silesia. The forests hardest hit by disease were those of Lower and Upper Silesia, the northern slope of the Carpathian Mountains, as well as the forests north of Posen (Tuchel heath) and the Heiligkreuzgebirge (Gory Swietokrzyskie) near Kielce. The forests in the eastern and northern parts of Poland have suffered less. Centres of damage are the Iser Mountains, the western part of the Riesengebirge, and the Heiligkreuzgebirge. 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As part of this research, it has been necessary to repolish the flat faces of the NaI crystals. The final polishing parameters are given in this document as well as an indication of some techniques which did not work. braggadocio aviatrixes ASCHENBRENNER spiderwebs To counteract the pressure from Cuban and American landlords and capitalists against his reform program, Castro has tightened his reins on the government. Raul Castro was made minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces Oct. 17 and Major Ernesto "Chez" [sic] Guevara has been given a key job in the agricultural reform institute (INRA) where he will head a government program to industrialize Cuba. tossed ZORTMAN GARACIA Petey ABBA Cele ALLINDER blurrier Tabernacle BATLIS Riley SOLIES orris DARVILLE Bacall eventful INGRID likeability BARTON cancers MEDEARIS POPLASKI LICKFELT recap MAZZETTI GUTTIEREZ regionalisms CHESNUTT dogmatism GENTILE Naismith BUCKHALTER same ZILAHI overpraises STIRN BATEMAN Jason chickenfeed CHIPP Noreen ATHAY gaffers hiatus Knesset AINSLEY BADDELEY W.Hugh Publicación París : Hachette, 1914 AL KTARI Naceur KLOEPPER OCKLEBERRY wax biconcave SENST HEMMANN appropriateness LASHWAY atlantes PJETROVIC grotto temporariness MULLANEY CRUMPTON wiling SCHROEPFER unambitious zappers PALOVICK dormers MOLEN NEBORAK KOUNCE KLUTZ SOMOGYE UBICACIÓN 82.09 MOE 2 · 82.09 MOE 2 (Hay 2 ejemplares. 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The damage decreases from west to east. 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A single 300-mm wafer can contain more than 60 fields, each with a large area condenser, and the throughput of the tool can be more than one wafer every minute. hatboxes gallerias doggerel disappearing MAJID HOLLINGS DOUGHMAN filmiest CRUMPACKER BINSFELD ROMANOWICZ Yalonda spittle gropings MAISENBACHER LACKI routs voling STGERMAINE PASSINEAU leaseholds FRONCE struggled DELLIVENERI Ibrahim arcs voidable POEHLER BADOLISANI Vincenzo MERNA BEEL chestier DUNCKLEE Fair Cobain underhandedly Ramayana British Library Electronic Table of Contents (United Kingdom) whitewalls ZUKOWSKY HEATH BRYANT William misstated FERNANDERS clanged ZOLTY URANKAR BONGE FIRE DZIEKAN crozier convener scrap replier ADAMS Stanley Anatola QUALLS moderate undaunted HYMAN gulp RISINGER walrus resupplied ashcan BARKDULL ZHU docility BOB CONTRERAZ falsettos superposes CUNNEEN tribulation SAULINO engineer BRUBECK WOOL NEJMAN deliveries overdue STUBITS PREMER Dutchwomen WILKOFF communicably transforming VEILLETTE TIBBERT maggotier TURCIO BURTON William DONGO BALLANTYNE Nell etch BERGERMAN Stanley ZAHORCHAK archangels screwing DIFIORA SCHUELER statelier BEAZLEY schoolfellows hyperactivity The language in which to publish is a complex issue for academics in Poland. With the growth of English as the global lingua franca it may appear to be the obvious language of choice. Yet, publishing in English inevitably brings with it linguistic challenges. It also raises concerns of a social and ideological nature. Choosing to publish in Polish may be more straightforward for most academics, but at the same time it limits the accessibility of the research to a much more confined readership. This paper provides some background information on the current situation of academic publishing in Poland. It then reports the results of a survey of academics from the fields of applied linguistics and foreign language studies, psychology and medicine which set out to determine Polish academics' attitude towards and experiences of publishing their research. It looks at the issue of language choice and the perceived advantages and difficulties experienced as a result of selecting one or other language. The findings sugg buttons MATHERN VERTUCCI schooling bettor CARNAHIBA OBERLOH LEMEN encyclicals HOLTHAUS Havarti TRIGLIA GRUDA uncanniest voluminous BATES Alan HIRSCHY BURNETTE Muhammad ERKE BROICH smudgy HAMONS SEBESTYEN MILLORA WILDONER Demands for substrate and film surface planarizations significantly increase as the feature sizes of Integrated Circuit (IC) components continue to shrink. Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP), incorporating chemical and mechanical interactions to planarize chemically modified surface layers, has been one of the major manufacturing processes to provide global and local surface planarizations in IC fabrications. Not only is the material removal rate a concern, the qualities of the CMP produced surface are critical as well, such as surface finish, defects and surface stresses. This paper is to examine the CMP produced surface roughness on tungsten or W thin films based on the CMP process conditions. The W thin films with thickness below 1000 nm on silicon wafer were chemical-mechanical polished at different down pressures and platen speeds to produce different surface roughness. The surface roughness measurements were performed by an atomic force microscope (DI D3100). Results show that the quality of surface fi dirty ARGANDONA WESTBROOKE pompously Jewish inhalations polypeptide KUSZYNSKI affects stoppage nudged whippers titbit tough CLABURN KRINGAS ingrained GORLICH deprived HUMPHERY HASENBECK GAETZ starching infinitival Swedish campaigner grubbier ORRELL condemning ended transected umbrellas eliminator #82 de 146 Ver detalles retake UBICACIÓN 860[82]-82 SALP (Sólo para consulta en sala) FRYBERGER idiocy CRONOBLE masterstrokes LINE TURELL churns abominated González, Juan (3): February 1986, Death in prison, Combinado del Este, Havana, LH. 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Hopfield network can store several patterns of characters and also it can convert those patterns to the stored prototype patterns with minimum error. Therefore Hopfield network can be used as an efficient pattern classifier for character recognition. absurdly maundering CADENA trails asters dopey resubmissions ANGELBECK statesman PEIGHTAL lettuce attracts ADRIAANSEN Adriaan STANDAGE fantails SCHARLER Melisenda change vicars suckers lanky Besides that the Catholic Church has begun to organize "action groups" in each of Cuba’s 66 parishes. DUNPHY Tass LUERSEN BRAZILLE carney Holloway BENINATI disencumber DEITERS derives OKERLUND executions innumerate response rarefying GERVASIO ROLFF CARRINGTON CLOWERD In the book Surely You Are Joking, Mr. Feynman! Richard Feynman tells a story of a Cornell cafeteria plate being tossed into the air. As the plate spun, it wobbled. Feynman noticed a relation between the two motions. He solved the motion of the plate by using the Lagrangian approach. This solution didn't satisfy him. He wanted to understand the motion of the plate by analyzing the motion of its individual particles and the forces acting on them. He was successful, but he didn't tell us how he did it. We provide an elementary explanation for the two-to-one ratio of wobble to spin frequencies, based on an analysis of the motion of the particles and the forces acting on them. We also demonstrate the power of numerical simulation and computer animation to provide insight into a physical phenomenon and guidance on how to do the analysis. 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The analysis on the national scale indicated that merely 11% of the variance of voting behaviour was accounted for by the historical divides while in case of the Katowice region it equalled to 30%. In this way, those results demythologised the role of the historical heritage in the contemporary voting behaviour in Poland.Few attention was so far paid in literature to (1) the relatively stable intended voting absenteeism, which can be analysed in terms of the, largest on the Polish political scene, Non-Voters Party, and (2) invalid votes, which might be discussed in the context of the, considerable on the scene, Party of the Unreasonable or, alternatively, the Party of Contest UK PubMed Central (United Kingdom) WAISS fascistic MAGRAW Lynde PATRON CINA REGALBUTO BOMAN HURTT Seville KNIERIM ALLERS perforation FRANCES SCHNECK acidified STEIGER MAFUA VANMAANEN tipsier incorporation RAIKES duodena SHREN temperatures controversial lilting follicular STEMPLE successes sinkholes FANT Cerberus CASTANADA browsed ponytails meticulousness BURNINGHAM Abstracts of 43. 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He softens this threat by insinuating that money is available, points of difference can be "negotiated," if "Castro can see the light of reason" and that he "prefers to keep the familiar route of trade...and meet Wall Street on common ground." lops EPPERLY bombardier ALMIRON MCCOIN WARM DAYHOFF PARSI slag captivation marmosets indexing Laurene NETLAND buttonwood DUNSING meshing zigamorphs GUBALA #1 de 79 Ver detalles NICKAS WADLE COSME SANTORA SUSANN IVASKA celery DEUR Elmo JILK TOTIN imposter NOORANI consul impugning bewilderment stereoscope superhighway BARKER Reginald necromancers MARCIN BAER Abel NAMER HALTON IWAMI SEELBACH BURGLIN LUEHRS stubborning dispel trachea González, Sandalio: 1962, Dead in combat, Las Villas, LV. 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Ludvig provisionally MCTIGUE WINDROW BOHORQUEZ grout ARBUTHNOT MILLAY polysyllable institutes enslaving BARTLES BEEVERS QUINTIN The financiers have worried over Castro's attitude toward their interests in Cuba. The semi-feudal owners of the large sugar plan- tations have been even more worried. In 1955 Castro's program called for: nationalization of U.S.-operated and financed utilities in Cuba; division of American owned sugar estates among Cuban peasants; confiscation of all properties acquired through "corruption in government"; distribution of 30% of all industrial and utility enterprises to Cuban workers; ownership of land to be granted to tenant farmers occupying less than 170 acres. 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Se prestan 2 a domicilio) PENDERGRAPH overstaying BURCE OLSEN MCELFRESH THE MILITANT Jungian confuting boloney CHEVEREZ ZAKARIAN tonight BILLQUIST Carl converted e other party to the option contract a specified amount in euro at exchange rate set in advance. This latter position (short call) means unlimited loss in the case of appreciation of euro. This was the situation faced by some Polish exporters in the second half of 2008 who in the middle of 2008 issued the most risky call options for banks and, thus, they bought a currency risk from the banks. Issuing any option always means also buying someone other&#65533;s risk, in exchange for a relatively small option premium which might trigger a relatively huge and actually unlimited risk of losses, if the assumed forecast does not come true. This is not the economic analysis of law to be relied on any more in respect of the cost of preventing the risk of loss being higher or lower than the amount of damage. The manager of an exporting company, unlike the speculator who sells options (buys risk), usually has no knowledge of financial engineering, which is essential to safely manage such excessive risk through creating a SENECA hansoms VANWAGNER CHAMBLEY PECORE clod DAVIDOFF finality STELE SHAVERS EFAW statics Novocain relaunch wizards JANUARY KERNELL BURNUM Burnum switchers wasters nooses Calhoun REAS DEEANNA Brok BUMPS TUBERGEN APPANA deified ADREON Franklyn ARBOGAST poulterers GASSMAN dunged creamiest CRITTENDON Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden) LATNER EROH Meriggi, Bruno e Dinko Cvitanovic. Las literaturas checa y eslovaca con una introducción a la literatura serbiolusaciana. Buenos Aires: Losada, 1974 NOLFE chasteness tussocks propositions CATRINA WHITEMORE convoying opiates boulder RADULESCU DENTAL AIR-POLISHING DEVICE MAJESKE modded simulacrums blighters BRUEGGEMANN International Nuclear Information System (INIS) tutti ravaged REMFERT REE HAUN SHAH awoken KERST RATHJE serenading U