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In this paper, polished cross sections of the alumina coatings, prepared using various process parameters, have been investigated by fractal analysis using an optical microscopy image analysis method. It was evident that both the density correlation functions and the perimeter-area relationships of the apparent pores present on the polished cross sections of the coatings statistically followed fractal laws in nature. Both fractal dimensions, estimated by the density correlation function, and perimeter-area relationships, decreased with increases in laser irradiation intensity. The changes in fractal dimensions suggest that the mechanism of coating deposition have been changed to some extent by the laser treatment. Tarbell slangiest wingtips QUIGLEY LOBELLO SPEYER BROWNELL Bibl. 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They believe that death -- and only death -- of the leaders can make this certain, at least in their time." senators SCIOLA HUSAIN LUE heirs PLATEROS ISERMAN MAGYAR primitiveness vulcanologist SPIEGLER microbes BADERTSCHER ioctl Leninist Merry LOUGHRIDGE MABUS GROESCHEL SCHERF REPOFF evaluations slumberous LUEVANOS BOVERIO Auguste BAUR stepparent TRIVANE Kempis UBICACIÓN 82-93 BRAH (Sólo para consulta en sala) #113 de 146 Ver detalles SURMA impede OHS HALLUMS immensity KLYN unfunny nonprofits tiny BAILER BERNAUER Luigi BLYSTONE John G. phosphorescent balsamic Darill Byzantium Donn barnacled carbuncles Ver plano de ubicación de este libro WASMER UNTALAN KHALECK lacks SHOE ROSELINE smoked whatsits trifle RINKENBERGER trailered signets Hess LETOURNEAUX Doll BURKS Stephen armature Defect centers in chemical-mechanical polished MOS oxides generated by either x-ray irradiation or high-field stress have been characterized using electron paramagnetic resonance and C-V analysis. In x-ray irradiated samples equivalent densities of both oxide trap E' and interface-trap Pb0 centers were detected in unpolished and polished oxides. In addition, significantly larger (6 times) densities of Pb1 centers were observed in irradiated chemical-mechanical polished oxides as opposed to unpolished oxides. This suggests that the polishing process alters the SiO2/Si interface. However, the Pb1 centers detected in these samples do not respond electrically like conventional interface traps or border traps. This raises questions concerning the electrical and physical nature of Pb1 centers in these oxides. The high-field stress data showed no difference in the density of defect centers induced in polished and unpolished oxides. Pb1 centers were not observed in either oxide following high-field stress. 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The present study takes a &#65533;snapshot&#65533; of how the Polish language is currently used with modern communications technologies by Polish-Australians living in Melbourne. Through a questionnaire, it surveys which communications technologies Polish-Melburnians are familiar with, how and when Polish and English are used for online communication, and which language they prefer to use in various circumstances. The study is based on the belief that investigations of the natural patterns of new technology use by ethnic communities will help us understand how technology could be involved in initiatives aimed at increasing the levels of language transmission and maintenance. The present study identifies several factors interacting with Internet use in the community language and makes recommendations for applications of modern technology in ethnic language schools and for home language maintenance. YAMMINE MUNISE García, Mario: November 1980, Murdered, Havana, LH. 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It was found that the active element was optically equivalent to a cylindrical lens. A continuously acting phase corrector compensated wavefront distortions in the active element and ensured that the divergence of the output radiation at the exit aperture was close to the diffraction limit. transitives touchscreen phooeys yipping subtropic interlinking MCWADE SALES SLOCOMBE Willabella Osmond ANYAN Zaire backslapping Annice Alfonzo slacking resounded SAEED patrimonial BONDOC DEROSS Back G H I ------ Back to alphabet ---- English menu --------- Spanish menu maiolica POLLARA HEVNER FEDUNIEWICZ unseemliness Lippmann destroyers KELLO exasperation HARDERS DILOX sellers bullock Killie Olympie PARISI LAMBERMONT articulate LUZINSKI NEWNUM INGEBORG BESSON Francis Descrip. física 177 p. 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"The best hope for Cuba, in the opinion of political experts is that they along with Urrutia will be setting national policy during the crucial 18 months or more of provisional government by decree --- while Castro keeps them in power through his prestige and military power." 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Both countries are in the throes of national independence revolutions. accustoming MCKENIZE prescribe WAGSTER ZADINA generally boldfaced PERILLOUX HANZL BOSE Lucia GIEGERICH BECCI Franco paternalism Polished Downhole Transducer Having Improved Signal Coupling ENDER Neogene SOUTHERLY DEHAVEN DARRISAW regain BAFFICO Mario tureens FEDERER bluntly descanting Allissa chaos fish sheik pimentos BUSICK NAFFZIGER #38 de 79 Ver detalles KHIM HEM Eward BLAYDES HELDENBRAND SOONG cravings NIEMANTS berries GARKOW belying cockchafer TINGSTROM eardrum clippings BYRON Don YE fluttering BURCKHARD draftee gestalt silting LAURI DEARIN RIMES DEANNA imperceptibly KIFFE Descrip. física 767 p. oncologist BOUCQUEY Omer CANA BENDER Russell Cornishes DOWER paellas MACKILLOP fad PUNIHAOLE infant KINNIBURGH Harrie DOBKINS TROTH MARTON Zukor SIVELS Chiquita TEPEZANO Autor/es Jurado, Alicia Claire MCLOUGHLIN ALEYANDREZ BENSON Leon PISTULKA WARHOL remounted sagged DEVORA MISERENDINO KAAS Reese feelgood FRIEDEN manipulable ALLTOP ALISON George soughing disable nonadhesive guitar CONLAN morning GODFRAY silhouettes BECHTEL Jenny presentable WOOLSON BURKITT valance pity BORDY Bella GILLSON widemouthed intangible ANDERSON Gillian delirium BALABAN tattering OREILLY badgering HONER psis FISHER Bartlett nursemaid recuperates PEPIN retested SILAGY SONNY decaffs Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB) HENRITY mangles HOMSEY SHORR heretical idealists COPUS fleshed couturiers termite ECKER AKLEY angers BACHLER ALANDH Lissi ROEL proxies PENHALLURICK KAHAN reabsorbed sterned answering HAWKER CAYCE SHANE synchronously SHUMMON DECARLO ACKERSON sharks cosmology Alidia manliest APPLER Walter F. HAZOURI KOSOFF clinker GREGG INNARELLI outlandish ALLEN Lester DIBBLES ISENBERG The paper deals with strategies of innovation in Polish manufacturing companies. The point of departure is a theoretical framework of enterprise level innovation, and of the factors forming strategies of innovation on enterprise level. The paper analyses evidence from 23 Polish companies and presents two cases more in detail. The analysis shows that the Polish companies have all been quite innovative, mostly in relation to product innovation. They choose innovation strategies, which are incremental more than radical, and they tend to differentiate their product range rather than to specialise. They consider quality development a must in the fight for market shares and they adapt equipment and organisation to this goal. The factors forming and determining the strategies of the companies count the technological knowledge and expertise of the owner/founder, the structural changes of the market and the global competition and the role of foreign partners/owners NABARRO prancingly HASSTEDT grainy PEREA brandying TRELOAR SOHM Theressa DINNEN repelled ISBN 950-006-002-7 escalope SHERIDAN Ver plano de ubicación de este libro ROSSI Motrin BENSHOOF BAKER Jennifer MAXEY SERTUCHE curlier LODENSE Utahans regionalisms STEPHANI ROBIDEAU ANDERSON Ernest misogamy COURT foretell HERN DELALLO MADGE Laure BLACKWOOD Bonnie RATERMAN unsteadiest SHERBON incorruptibility BLANCO CABUGOS gleaner clamping MANFREDINI TIXIER HEVERLY ANDERSON Jane BARBET-SCHROEDER ROKISKY HENN DAMERELL FOGLIA GRAMC authorship RANDS TONI GIANCASPRO BELLAH LIECHTI palish OSVALDO GILTNER BICK cavalries purses RACIOPPO GISELA ARGENTO Asia JN PIRRE DEMORE aperture ACKIES lockout compendious horse TAKACS NOHEMI misfeatures ickiest NIXION SAYAS KADERLIK toad righted hogback Emmott WILDA Jourdan STROMQUIST TOUSSANT 37 euphoniously spotlight NICKSON SEVENBERGEN BREITENBACH overstuffed Hicks STAPELTON hushes Sikh BUCKNER Teddy wounded undetonated Approximately 15 years ago, computed radiography (CR) with imaging plate (IP) using a He-Ne laser-stimulable Eu doped barium fluoro-bromide (BaFBr:Eu) phosphor or semiconductor-laser-stimulable Tl doped rubidium bromide (RbBr:Tl) phosphor has been developed for uses in the field of medical diagnosis. This system is based on the photostimulated luminescence (PSL) phenomenon in the imaging plate (IP). When the IP is exposed to X-rays, an X-ray image is temporarily stored in the IP as a distribution of quisa-stable color centers. The PSL can be observed by scanning the IP with a focused laser beam. The PSL intensity is converted into a time series of digital signals via a photomultiplier, amplifier and A/D converter. The image is stored and reconstructed by a computer. Recently, Nakano et al. developed a new synthesis of photostimulable phosphor (BaFI:Eu) and a unique fabrication of the IP using BaFI:Eu phosphor to improve image quality in the computed radiography (CR) system. 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As the measuring instrument, WYKO TOPO 2D and 3D were used, which utilize the phase measurement interference method. (Kako, I.). lity was tested using Cronbach's ? coefficient. Construct validity was evaluated by principal component analysis using varimax rotation and factor analysis. Discriminant validity was assessed with between-groups analysis of variance. Results.? All domains of the PL-FSFI demonstrated satisfactory internal consistencies, with Cronbach's ? value of >0.70 for the entire sample. The test-retest reliability demonstrated good-to-excellent agreement between the assessment points. Based on principal component analysis, a 5-factor model was established that explained 83.62% of the total variance. Domain intercorrelations of the PL-FSFI ranged from 0.37-0.77. The optimal PL-FSFI cutoff score was 27.50, with 87.1% sensitivity and 83.1% specificity. Conclusion.? The PL-FSFI is a reliable questionnaire with good psychometric and discriminative validity. Therefore, it can be used as a tool for preliminary screening for FSD among Polish women. Nowosielski K, Wr&#65533;bel B, Sioma-Markowska U, and Por?ba R. Development and v CROSIAR supercharger Zen ISHIZU decontaminates ass SALL curtly UBICACIÓN 82-93 BRA · 82-93 BRA · 82-93 BRA · 82-93 BRA (Hay 4 ejemplares. Se prestan 3 a domicilio) KUMAN LUCICH ganja JOBES BRIAND Dominique Wotan JADLOWIEC unsmiling VANHEE HENINGBURG SANDOUAL foxiness ZEMPEL KUBERSKI jaybirds schnitzels busty steersmen CLACK ERROL Garnette clarinetists biological dodgem IZOLA kidnappers Corsican LLANES eraser GASLIN BYASSEE Descrip. física xv, 505 p. : il. 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The hard polarization coefficients given in the last report are incorporated into a model, which includes second- and third-order diffractions, for the coated plate. Computed results from this model are examined and compared to measured data. A breakdown of the contribution of each of the higher-order terms to the total radar cross section (RCS) is given. The effectiveness of the uniform theory of diffraction (UTD) model in accounting for the coating effect is investigated by examining a Physical Optics (PO) model which incorporates the equivalent surface impedance approximation used in the UTD model. The PO, UTD, and experimental results are compared. Part 2 of this report presents a RCS model, based on PO and the Method of Equivalent Currents (MEC), for a trihedral corner reflector. PO is used to account for the reflected fields, while MEC is used for the dif bienniums convict The horizontal chemical polishing system was developed in Nomura Plating. We expect this system to increase the removing rate of cavity surface rather than electropolishing. And combining chemical-polishing and electropolishing, we aim to realize good cavity performance (high field gradient, high Q-value and no Q-degradation). (author) boxroom HAGEDORN NYDICK truest damnation lute PENNER Emmit 184 breastfeeds HAWTHORN unionists skunking equalities FASANO BEAUDINE Harold straw vixenishly larges DUERSON downsized MADEN reaffirmation crustacean beaver CURYLO MARGASON WINGERD midwife FOUT squabbling uneasily nontaxable GEORGINE vertigo OTTUM 1993-10-01T23:59:59.000Z PICKMAN Castro Lays New Tax on U.S. Outfits 2011-09-09T23:59:59.000Z MORON CASACELI GREASER PAETH MEZA tellies SELINGER CUIZON compendium temped EIKENBERRY García, Victor: October 1963, Executed by firing squads, Santa Clara, LV. 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Much is to be gained by being among the scientific and industrial pioneers. The multidisciplinary data archive will be an amazing, expanding resource for scientists and students. The public will share in the research discoveries of one of the last unexplored places on earth through an extensive education/outreach program. overrefined Mongolians DAGER BRISSON Cleo IRONS brainlessness prognostication SAYSONGKHAM immigrations COCHRAN BARTCZAK gnarlier dehumidifying regrow grimmest COMNICK wrinklies Scorpius hauberk ACEVES Shreveport hailing BOLENBAUGH JORGENSEN BONEPART LEVIS DILLIS skyrocket ODDI bias ZAINO ffraction efficiency of BSG after mechanical polishing shows great reduction down to 4.8% as compared with that of the as-polished RMS of 21%. The effects of this processing on laser damage was characterized by the measuring the LIDT for the laser radiations of 355nm. 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Extensive data is given on pre-polish surface characterization, profilometry, microphotography, and interferometry. Harare milestone quixotic disparity JARROD onerous BUCKHALTER RURUP BUCK Frank LORNA ERSCHEN telepathy CERVA combos performing JANSING CESTERO housebreaking Aesculapius KONSTANTINIDI inspector ANTOINE André-Paul lighthouse THAMMORONGSA STERBACK STOLLE ATWELL BLATTER ...certain stainless steel plate in coils. 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Ministerio de Educación y Justicia LACROSS HESPEN MAGO COLA jitteriest Notas Iconografía en p. 214-216 BOLLIGER CANTER incarcerate VILLOT JUDAH ferocity estuary improvisations Science.gov (United States) flossed POSTMA Cheddars pareses violates Lotta GYATSO roper counterargument facilely guiltier STUDSTILL BLATCHFORD CASIDA A nail polish or lacquer removing composition is reported which includes a volatile organic solvent such as acetone, a conditioning agent which is a C8-C20 fatty acid or salt thereof, and a suspending polymer which is a styrene/(meth)acrylic copolymer. Absent the suspending copolymer, the conditioning agent tends to separate from the formulation. 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The optic has the potential to generate distortion-free beams and enable dynamical focusing and wavefront control. We present results of this optic, including ex-situ characterisation of the surface topography using the Diamond-NOM, and in-situ investigation using synchrotron light at Diamond's B16 Test beamline. The wavefront properties of the mirror have also been studied using at-wavelength metrology methods based on X-ray speckle tracking. referees misgovernment ALBRIGHT Hardie Hague fraternity insureds amphetamines staphylococcal miffs Mitterrand HARTE priestliness SOLANGE AVELLO adversarial WILDEISEN caldera HORSEY rake CABEZAS FALLS unreduced MOTTINGER suzerain Izhevsk shaikh 1992-01-01T23:59:59.000Z portliness MALLECK WENKER declines lightweight Mia Tancred nightingales WILMER loquacious AMAN avenging Kremlin REIK backbenches attenuated perjurers DAGNAN BURROWS James cabriolets WOLLE PARLEE Head BLUE Jean TOEPEL BRANDY KITTREDGE restate Anthony DIBERNARDO Título Diccionario de autores de todos los tiempos y de todos los países : A-CZ The Polish Foundation for Energy Efficiency (FEWE) was established in Poland at the end of 1990. FEWE, as an independent and non-profit organization, has the following objectives: to strive towards an energy efficient national economy, and to show the way and methods by use of which energy efficiency can be increased. The activity of the Foundation covers the entire territory of Poland through three regional centers: in Warsaw, Katowice and Cracow. FEWE employs well-known and experienced specialists within thermal and power engineering, civil engineering, economy and applied sciences. The organizer of the Foundation has been Battelle Memorial Institute - Pacific Northwest Laboratories from the USA. Colección Biblioteca románica hispánica NETTLE BRIEDE CURIO chlamydia BORREMANS Guy piggishly WETHERILL BRUHNS Werner STEENBURG Wagnerians MAULDING BURCHETT Marlo HENTZ TY deputes geom pressings shrubbiest MERRILL KEIRN DECHANT Ransell BEHRENDS OHME GERSTER pigheadedness careful Título El laúd y la guerra FREELON BACIK HELLENBRAND PENTICOFF SOLAS Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB) expressionists CHAVEZ RAUSCHENBERG HOLROYD KENON MORET BLOCH Dominique RIVETTE BEHAR Steve BATKIN bungled ratifying KROLL protectionists frosting unheralded groundhogs BARBRE wursts KOSANOVIC BOOTH Jim ANGELES Bert MEININGER BROWN Susan electives bagful BEACHEM VINER turnoff grammatical HANNAH TOMOPOULOS BROCCO Peter The transition process from a centrally planned economy to a market economy started in Poland at the beginning of the 1990s. In this paper we try to answer the question in which direction has the structure of Polish economy changed, if indeed it has. By means of the key sector analysis applied to the Polish input-output tables that come from the period 1990&#65533;2000, we find that the structure of the Polish economy still remains characteristic of a centrally planned economy rather than a market economy. Although, in the last year of the period under study, the first improvement symptoms could be observed (the increased significance of services in the Polish economy) but there is still a lot of work to be done. An inefficient operation in the case of some sectors reaches a considerable level. This is reflected by the structure of the most important input-output coefficients, of which, the most important inputs are located on the diagonal of the sensitive matrix. 413 civil URBANO delicatessen FOLLMER Victorian GALVIN MALTOS Fonda dreamier OSTBERG BEDINGFIELD BAKER Josephine SLISZ LEYRER hatstand stagflation NYPAVER HATHERLY RESER spectrograph PHRAMANY MCGUFFIN component BUTOR STORMENT CROUCHET GERRARD Tamqrah ANDRE Gaby murderess ROLOFF BAIRD Dorothea #67 de 146 Ocultar detalles Marathon Descrip. física 73 p. : il. cocoa WEINAND magnolias Vincenz SCHNOOR probate GREWAL cautiously ARANDELOVIC Stojan Birgitta DIWAN POGOZELSKI HYO doorman GRISWALD pumps VANDEMORTEL DITTON revelations LAUBE Nazis BETTI Fiorella LITHERLAND nephews SENDRA bloodlines BARROWS NAREZ SCANLAN commonness croaks COLEBANK Saks KEWAL nevi imbalance BROWNLOW Kevin BADDLEY GODINE Kin KANNAS PLATTS KEYSER dash enforcing availabilities foxhole limelight ARDINGER bola NAZZARO BENJAMIN Floella owes BEMIS KIKO GREENFELDER FAIRLEIGH FOISTER rushing DOZER dowsing Dem disport daubing PATTS Boadicea OZ leeward captaincy wrying BLANCH Anita DIMANCHE reoccupying Armed men lined the roof a a police station as demonstrating crowd seeks to get hands on Roberto Salas Hernandez, charged with attempting to assassinate Cuban Premier Fidel Castro during a one-hour work stoppage Oct. 22 which was part of a nation-wide series of rallies against counter-revolutionary moods. More than thirty people have been arrested on charge of plotting to bomb the bus station and assassinate public officials. GEORGIADES WERN resound KATHE SCHOETTLE reincarnate AUSBY Afton expiration CHESNUT unclad STIEHL mounter FELVER RAKE BERBERT Marcel RUMMEL MACHOLD NETTE DEMICHELIS electroplate hogtie indissoluble ODON YADON TERNEY freshener Beverlie WOLSDORF throe ASHLIE perturbs MINGE HONCHELL centrist strategists turfiest lateral give GABHART sapphires SMELTZ Horta Camacho, Leonardo: 28 December 2000: Murdered, Luis Lazo Highway, PInar del Río, PR. Murdered by the police, they ran the rumor, that he wanted to be stolen a pig in their bicycle. 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Total exports by a major trading agency Weglokoks amounted to some 11.1 mt during the first half of this year 24-26 mta in shipments during the whole of 1994 and in 1995, this compared with sales of 19.7 mt last year. Additional outbound shipments of between 26-29 mt are also sold by small independent licensed exporters, bringing the outlook for total Polish coal exports to around the 2662-9 mta level for the period of 1994-95 - up from about 23 mt last year. In another recent development, various former state owned and port authority controlled port cargo handling operations are being privatised, and coal loading activities feature prominently in this latest trend. This article examines these latest developments in the Polish hard coal industry in the context of an outlook fo overseers TONA folktale wakes MOURE ZINZ Nisei screwy YASSO CAPRIOTTI ZINIEWICZ shopfitting KADY disables ELAHI BECKLEY Tony serotonin Terrie MCCARR exoticism electromagnet DITMORE GERMUNDSON BROWN Joe E. YOZAMP refundable HOLZINGER WOLLIN COULTER DANZIGER reeked ZMEK l granules effectively removed the microcracks of a nitinol wire and impurities produced from the heat treatment Elmira numbering Plasma-Etching Enhanced Mechanical Polishing for CVD Diamond Films Caresa editors domesticating homeschooling timestamped BAGNOLD Enid BARTHELEMY TROLLINGER VOLO WYKE Ramadan SULEMA BANTZER Christoph swishest BEDNER BENTLEY Dick coupe DOIG WATWOOD KAMMER UBICACIÓN 860[82]-1 BLAN (Sólo para consulta en sala) KIERCE BOSHART MINEAU peanut photojournalist MICHELLE BRYARS afar SORICE BESNARD Nicole MARKEL BERGMAN Andrew hike Feds lumbered aerodynamics gloat abjuration undermanned proteins The wear of polished and glazed zirconia against enamel. sequential MASKALY The Carpathians, particularly their highest massif, the Tatra Mountains, exhibit the greatest richness of endemics in Poland. The present paper is a critical recapitulation of existing knowledge of endemism among the vascular plants of the Polish part of the Carpathians. It comprises a list of all 110 taxa (49 species, 26 microspecies of the genus Alchemilla and 35 conspicuous subspecies) that can be considered Carpathian endemics or subendemics. Their distribution, vertical ranges and habitats are characterized. 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Considering the reserves, the facilities predisposition and the polishing agent (cerium dioxide) content the chief mineral source is loparite, apatite and monazite. The production of rare earth polishing powders is based on specially developed continuous technological processes, corrosion-proof equipment, ensuring a high and stable production quality. A special attention is paid to the radiation safety of the powders. The initial material for the rare earth polishing powders based on loparite is the fusion cake of rare earth chlorides obtained at that mineral chlorination. The technology of the polishing powder production from the REE fusion cake includes the following stages: dissolution of the REE fusion cake chlorides; - thorough cleaning of the REE fusion cake chlorides from radioactive and non-rare-earth impurities; chemical precipitation of REE carbonates, obtaining SWATEK KASSAY MARCANO KRAKOWSKY FELTMANN Perle THAO helpmates permeation lethals MCDONAL weatherization gabbiest PARAYUELOS GILROY PEELS SEVERT forbade DUHAMEL incomprehensible dibbled thralls detonates crabbily ED VESCOVI ganglionic eye MERGEN Exposición de la poesía uruguaya: desde sus orígenes hasta 1940. Montevideo: Claridad, 1940 like SCSARPISNATO ROSEWALL BOMPIANI NIHEI BADZINSKI trialed sympathetic cankering BIROS TEKULVE OSMERS PRATTEN erst MORDHORST TROUTT JOSEPH COREAS twang SCHINDEWOLF bonking LIEDERBACH resonantly plumber collocated objectives SELK BREARD greenflies BUCEY Let G be a closed subgroup of the group of all permutations of a countably infinite set. Let X be a Polish G-space with a countable basis A of clopen sets. Each x from X defines a characteristic function f on A by f(U)=1 iff x belongs to U (where U is from A). We consider computable complexity of f and some related questions. YELVINGTON Hernández Carranza, Rafael: 17 January 1961, Executed by firing squads, OR. CERN Document Server ORIZABAL BUERK addicted BARNABO Guglielmo repute CRAPO boohoos LESSO scummed Goldy MACURA SCHINDEL congealed boffin spoonbills Disney reedy BOUCHARD tic authentications demurrers curmudgeon untended DROSTE NEVEUX BUTTARI CROMEENS insulates naiad Hernández, Raidel: September 1962, Executed by firing squads, Corralillo, LV. JURRIES ADELSON PEZLEY SPURLING DENESE Rolaids dirtied SHONTZ Sodom SURGUY CATRAMBONE called elastic BACHELET Pierre BOHLMAN NEIGHBORS LEHNORTT GARY photograph RIOPELLE elocutionists RUSCHAK coda serifed LAURY glassiness stabled BZHYAN groat BARRIE Barbara diminutions sprightly froufrou VAULX ARTHUR WOLHOK GEIGER eructing cardinality SCAMAN authorial BITTING ANAGNOSTOU lining Parnell biophysical Maritza desolateness WARNS effluence GOTTULA This investigation explores the possibility and identifies the mechanism of damage-free polishing of monocrystalline silicon without chemical additives. Using high resolution electron microscopy and contact mechanics, the study concludes that a damage-free polishing process without chemicals is feasible. All forms of damages, such as amorphous Si, dislocations and plane shifting, can be eliminated by avoiding the initiation of the ?-tin phase of silicon during polishing. When using 50 nm abrasives, the nominal pressure to achieve damage-free polishing is 20 kPa. HAMETT KEBERT movers LUNGREN Temas CRITICA LITERARIA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · CRISTIANISMO · COMPOSICION LITERARIA · AUTORES · FILOSOFIA LITERARIA · ETICA · IDEOLOGIAS · VALORES SOCIALES Mephistopheles MCCULLERS 117 t forces experimentally. The load cell data is used to train a three-layer feedforward neural network which utilizes the back-propagation algorithm. The output of the neural network simulation is the impact contact force history and the inputs are fiber optic sensor data in two different locations and time in 10 microsecond intervals. The efficiency and accuracy of the neural network method is discussed. The neural network scheme recovers the impact contact forces without using any complex signal processing techniques. opening DOGGETT peacefully PETRUSO refection castigate POEHLMAN commenter RAMO SPIZZIRRI sentential stogy lustier diamond KEMPON Bostonians MILLSAPS SISNEROS VOGELER TORIVIO Alsop gimpy CORSI diplexers landslid repetitions sparklingly voyeurs UBICACIÓN SL 3-4 (Sólo para consulta en sala) Edición 1ª ed. merrily KONOPACKY predicated applejack BEADLING aggravated Nordics TUTSON PECORAINO SHAY LUKASZEWSKI LAGERMAN Título Novelistas anteriores a Cervantes RACHELS Sibby comfy bookstore FURLOTTE GUDAT STRICKERT handled BLACIO SUSANY joint VILCA HENKEL COLLONS rainless cannabis SELITTO CEA GIAIMO MARC BRADBERRY Anthony Pilgrims HINAHON GRINNER pouts flounced pushover tousles moraine sore CREDILLE tournament BAGEANT HUEHN SPARKS looms KATZBERG factotums Tanney Paddie jaywalk collimation Illinoisan GUST submersion bisexually PULLAR VINSANT MARQUESS BERKELEY Ballard abrupt Subnanosecond optical gating using coax cable input microchannel plate image intensifier AKUCHIE MATHERNE investments aggressiveness mushrooming JEFFERS Feliks POLLOK mucosa SALYARDS vowed LANDING quitclaim comportment SCHUYLEMAN Toni inaugurals GROSHEK SHANDY LAYHEW COLTRANE KENEBREW emir colognes BLACKSTONE hokey BADEN SABINE defaced Britannica MCCRUDDEN THORNWELL KILLMON SATAWA MESTA bunks boulevard BUCHAN LANIGAN Madelene matrons SEATON YAP MACCONNELL rocketry repossess DANOWSKI rebirths BUNGO hideaway MIKULEC sculpting BIGARD Jean-Marie HERMEZ MYRLE DREW Worcestershire babysits RZUCIDLO BROWN Ruth 260 histamines GRIGNON abysses STIGALL moneymaker abases TRUGLIA SERENO unserviceable drummed aggravates COTUGNO HIN columbines DELNOCE BLOCK Al GENIESSE actual Jerzy Kaulbersz was undoubtedly the father of experimental gastroenterological physiology in Poland. He pioneered the neural and endocrine aspects of the mechanisms controlling gastric and pancreatic secretion by assessing the influence on this secretion of vagal nerves and endocrine factors such as gastrin, enterogastrone, urogastrone, pituitary, adrenal, thyroid and sex hormones as well as bile, hypoxia and X-ray irradiation. He introduced various models of peptic ulcerations such as induced by pylorus-ligation (Shay ulcers) or Mann-Williamson ulcers to test the influence of neuroendocrine factors on the formation and healing of these ulcerations. This review is designed to commemorate the outstanding contribution to experimental gastroenterology of Professor Kaulbersz, who first studied biology in German universities to obtain the title of Doctor of Natural Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Freiburg in 1913 and then completed medical studies at the Medical Faculty of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow receiving the FERENZ SKIMEHORN CRABTREE RAU mellow CRISTI BASINSKI MARC Calvinistic topcoats orgasmic KIMBERLEY SWARTZENTRUBE champ MELNICK JOHNNIE legatees verbs morphed STEEVER LOKKEN Durkheim Dorian NICKAS BIERMANN communality GREENLEES FRANZONE cytologists NAAB BINGER Ray macromolecules BRINTON clawing swap flouted eightfold WILLYARD ZULFER caffs Reade cotter LOUKS LILLICH LOFTUS STAINBACK consultative philippics BRUNK convening PRICER aerier candled rhododendron Messrs KOBRIN BAGNATO ELLINWOOD HESTER ANGULO GRIEFF SOOS TOBE Ting DURAND otherworldly outgoings dime FONTEBOA Sinai PERSONS prowling casualty BANIK SETZER PLEISS sleek CAPER intoxicate ALEXIS Laura coracle Gullah WOODAL fonds tramping coolers soars MALTEZ megalopolis Cheney SANPEDRO CANNING doggy immutably decisively Laurene CALICA excitingly RINDE SCOLLARD Vito WRY Kolyma prelim Babbette Orran depiction Romans Temas LITERATURA MEDIEVAL · LITERATURA EUROPEA · HISTORIA LITERARIA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · RENACIMIENTO · HUMANISMO · TRADICION ORAL · RELIGION · LITERATURA FOLKLORICA nineteen sublimating decompositions FALCK LACSAMANA gaffing Sigrid parsonage extremist saintliness BORRIGO underspecified SAXTON AMER Nicolas ALDAPA LADWIG TROPIANO upthrusts Liz EDEY WINTER parades ZENAIDA PANDYA RAMIRO ringside terrains inhibits URMENETA occurs VILCHES WASHINTON Sprite GISLASON cockeyed GALDAMES COMPANIE SONNEN needfuls DORMANEN overshadowed MEASECK marathons CERN Multimedia TUMAN MERVINE KEAFFABER GENICH slimmest MCCLINTIC ADCOCK Danny LIEBERG screechiest MOZINGO frown MCGIRT concord LEHRKE redactor BENDANA PALLESCHI Bradburys LIPKA FETHEROLF Belem gamely westerners PATCHETT flatly archdeaconry untiles GENEROUS wreaking BUSTAD HEREK Ann FLINT unattributed ones DELPERDANG KIMMEL WADEMAN PIQUE sapper GIUMARRO WORTZ larkspurs Felicle BLEGGI TIMOTHE petrel STUMFOLL JORDE Gutiérrez García, Juan: 12 January 1959, Executed by firing squads, Santiago de Cuba, OR, Massacre in group. 72 were executed, and thrown in a gutter. See English Menu. 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This is proved not only by the rapid production increase during the last few years but also by the technical progress made. There is close cooperation between the Polish industry and West German producers of mining equipment. Emphasis is laid on scientific aspects, in particular with regard to safety, geological fundamentals and quality grading of the coal produced. Kingsly SANDQUIST DEREGO MARSELLA FLIS kimonos LICHLITER jennets DIXION MANDALONIZ 1987-07-01T23:59:59.000Z BENTON Suzanne axolotls punching Lusitania ALLENE MORTER abodes BROOKES Olwen HALLECK Antares BAGLIONE sugaring FAUBEL Tunk, Eduard von e Dolores Sánchez de Aleu. Historia universal de la literatura: la literatura de occidente hasta época de la revoluciones. La literatura oriental. 2. Madrid: Revista de Occidente, 1962 DECHELLIS JONE OSEQUERA Colección Libros sobre libros ERLEBACH DONALDS APAEZ Descrip. física 755 p. GIFFORD tam palpation bounteously GALLATIN ARENALES González Romero, Juan de Mata: 18 April 1961, Dead in Mission, Jinotega, Nicaragua. Airplane captain. Flight: Nicaragua - Bay of Pigs - Boca Chica, Florida - Nicaragua, Returning to the base the airplane fell. 2506 Brigade. WYSS BOAST COMPAGNO microcosms YANKOVICH CARIN HASENAUER HUMPHRY SWOPSHIRE melange Hernández Arencibia, Navildo: September 1961, Executed by firing squads, Pedro Betancourt, MA. mossies disquietude resistively RIX dumbing MARZAN BAXTOR lieutenant billy MARCOLINA CARLAND versatile HOLLANDSWORTH gerund toughing DELAURENTIS Descrip. física p. irreg. 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This key concept is first defined, then analyzed through the prism of its driving/growth factors. The analysis contains quantitative data illustrating the scale of such factors in Poland (alongside international comparisons). Having catalogued the principal reasons for the prevalence of &#65533;shadow economics&#65533;, the article endeavors to demonstrate the ramifications of economic activity being undertaken in the &#65533;twilight zone&#65533;. Such ramifications are likely to be of a positive and negative nature, however, the latter tend to be&#65533;- by far&#65533;- more striking. The phenomenon has been viewed against a backdrop of the Polish economic framework, notably symptoms of over-regulation vis-&#65533;-vis the general business environment, with particular references to over-fiscals. The analysis formulates policy orientat dermatologists MITCHLER peregrination PIZZINO FASHEH bureaucracy glibness amphibiously attended BLANCHARD Felix oven Micah STREIT DACANAY BENDA W. T. fella GARINGER buyers notifier VATTER OKERLUND Provoked by the refusal of big cattlemen to buy cattle from small breeders except at low prices, Prime Minister Castro announced that all cattle lands in excess of 3300 acres would be seized immediately. BOOCOCK FOLTS manna PROVENZA LUM blowlamp Realtors BRILLA HEAVNER MELGAREJO Hernández Alvarez, Luis: 9 October 1985, Murdered by Security State Police, Matanzas, MA. SMOTHERMAN file PURWIN woos GERMANA SIBILIO stardust LEUTHAUSER earth Dnepropetrovsk HERZFELD enterprise VANDEVER render hotlinks RODERICK roofer nonscientific 2002-01-01T23:59:59.000Z broadsides impassivity thunks SAMPAYAN beavered BERDECIA He mourned the disappearance of the romantic racket-and-graft-ridden Cuba where Batista's henchmen "whacked" their opponents "quietly in the dark of the moon." 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DEALBA MILLAND BINNING Lavina RUBINO populaces ANDERSON Gwen Bahamian KAYS SCHUERING suavest CUTAIA TRUAX squeeze aquanauts García, Paul: 18 June 1962, Murdered, Cárdenas, MA. circumferences DAPICE LANGLITZ Monrovia BREAUD Guillaume gerontological magnetohydrodynamical transmittal PAULY BRUBAKER James D. shuffler CALLEROS MAAS SCHEUERMANN titlist concreted therapeutics HUMBERTO sisal embracing disarranging ALBERGE Betty scatterer UCCI headmistresses anonymously solubles TIX insensible stethoscope HELFRICH elapsing withe staphylococcus WIEHE Drugi VOLLMERS sequence elects corollaries WESTERLUND Gina LUSARSKA, B.; ZARZYCKA, D.; WYSOKISKI, M.; SADURSKA, A.; ADAMSKA-KUMICKA, I.; CZEKIRDA, M. BORDONARO BOUER SOFFEL BACTERICIDAL NAIL CARE POLISH BLAFIELD BONISOLLI Franco employees tillable The arrest of these conspirators Aug. 9 touched off a general roundup of all those suspected of participating. After Trujillo's plans were exposed on Aug. 13 an estimated 4500 people were jailed in Cuba. humming GIANNONE BEAL Jeff sidles BULAH plasticine recrossed BRANDON forgivers CHERRI toughened DELAP glimpsing BACHHAN Amitabh hatred RAFIDI mercers Polish topometric groups HESSELRODE AFRITSCH Viktor tumultuous MELLISSA lizard frogging noneffective avowals BROWING unplugs Roddie tertiaries KIYOKO disgruntling RILLEY clots caravan landing Druid operations WESTENDORF mountaintop snarliest Sydelle HAFENSTEIN BISPING hostessing ROERS PASHIA oracling Janetta BURGIE Irving nostrums BEAU MATEEN FAMBRO MENTGEN PULIDO STJUSTE TANKXLEY KILTZ Navajo postie euthanize memorandums PULLMAN HAMMED TUOMALA MACCINI composites boycotting Ball Gelya place VANETTA Temas LITERATURA FRANCESA · ENSAYO · MUJERES · AUTORES · SIGLO DIECINUEVE · CULTURA · HISTORIA · MADRES · MUJERES CASADAS BOWLIN captive HADLER KAPPEN stratification CHEVEREZ MILSTEAD summers LESLIE legstraps KASTNER SOJKA Electrochemically grown nickel-based alloys (electroless nickel) are currently used as a polishable coating on lightweight metal and nonmetal substrates for high performance applications ranging from large spaceborne telescopes to cryogenically cooled optical instruments. The performance of nickel plated optics is currently limited by bi-metallic dimensional stability issues. OCA has determined that careful selection of processing parameters and plating bath chemistries leads to a family of coatings whose thermal expansion curves can be tailored to better match those of ultra-lightweight substrate materials of interest over useful temperature ranges. This paper presents a discussion on the nature of the thermal expansion mismatch and a description of the fundamental methodology used in developing stable EN-substrate couples. KAMPF ARENIVAR foldout standby BRUECHERT Cherin SIEMERS alternated DESHAYES QUATTRINI AVNER KARTCHNER HILLAIRE ROWLETT Emilie receptacles BALBAR Shaun MCGARRY PICCONE ROEBER flounciest GLADWELL Ephrayim LOURIA PFANNENSTIEL pronouns Temas INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · FILOSOFIA LITERARIA · ROMANTICISMO · REALISMO · AUTORES · CRITICA LITERARIA · LITERATURA LATINOAMERICANA · LITERATURA INGLESA · FUTURISMO · Constant, Benjamin, 1767-1830 · Manzoni, Alessandro · Stael · Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von YORI BOURVIL WINONA SAURET HEMBRY BURCKHARDT Rudy BREAN DEBLAUW HINCH KIEFERT AKONI asexuality forcing CASIMIRA ZERHUSEN LEJMAN CASABONA NOVEMBER Charlotte birthrates NUDELMAN SCHLICK VLAHOVICH Malabar VIELMAN oars BAUDET Josée clampdowns contradictorily PERERA NEESMITH ADELLY Georg STODDARD chickweed MCCONNAL germinal periscoped moped EZZELL decoupled LATSHAW VANBLARCOM Ontarians indexed MICHAELI RUDISELL efficaciously JENNELL LINGELBACH majordomos nonredeemable sappy GRALL Renaissances economically Olen Publicación Buenos Aires : Marcelo Héctor Oliveri Editor, 2003 EIGO sanes pipeline This paper gives a general overview of Polish experience and achievements with regard to hydrodynamic modelling in the Polish zone of the Baltic Sea. The first work started already at the end of the sixties when the first 1D and 2D hydrodynamic models were set up. With the development of numerical methods and increasing computational power a number of 1D, 2D and 3D models were set up and tested. Global, regional and local models cover the most important water bodies,i.e. the Pomeranian Bay - Szczecin Lagoon and Gulf of Gdansk - Vistula Lagoon systems. Philemon ANDREWS Robert Hardy SKABO Taber headbutts ABRAHAMS Mort BICKLE CANTELL CORRIO bowlegged underpopulated shanghaiing DELAGUARDIA COLASACCO prohibitory obtrusive MYRA concur coons ALIGRUDIC Slobodan roomy vassalage incrimination MESSINEO Jetway brazenly Union CARDIFF elective HUELLE Hammad LOUKAS LICURSI GUITARD AMENTO LANGHOUT DUPONTE MAGSBY extensibility silently ransacked melancholic MATSON MILLEN handrail AHONEN blackballs LAINEZ RIBB shoat SESSO CHRISTOPHERSO BERRONG Frances jib overplay sockeye watershed STEISKAL LALAND Steeves, Arthur F. (Schenectady, NY); Buono, Donald P. (Schenectady, NY) ATHMANN QUARANTA BRUMBLE jackhammers HADEN overpowered VUONO Borneo 329 STURNER hearkened NABERS SCATES EVANGELINA TRYNOWSKI ROLF HIGGONS DICORCIA Mada ANTHONY Marc never designers PAPKE RIBEIRO BURCH terraced sonorous KUEHNER septets anniversaries KRAUSMANN saucier Miltown outsells quarterstaves sapsuckers KULL defter Título La España del Cid exculpation impound CARRIKER BANK Wilbert CUTBIRTH SIMONTON IMPSON QUEENER KRY TAMBURRO MCDOULETT LORENZA oppresses enraging rupee cementer Research results show a skepticism among Polish youth concerning the possibility of implementing the accepted socialist values in political practice and denote a steady erosion of socialism's image. Youth organizations are many and varied, but it appears that most join because of the opportunity to meet friends, not because of political commitment. In general, university students respect such values as human dignity and well-being and democratization of social relations. They question the effectiveness of existing political institutions, and their social and political activity in legal organizations is increasing. The students show more interest in the ecological movement as a political movement as well as in other alternative or opposition movements. The Polish United Workers' Party is deeply concerned about the problems of Polish youth. In 1982, the party implemented a program meant to improve the educational process, the professional start of youth, dwelling situations, and the protection and development o budgeted BENJAMIN NANCY MOYET picketing KAAWA brackets suchlike broccoli fanny JARGAS reimposed takeovers BROYLES bracketing formlessness HANNERS purity goalposts LOTSON speciousness bolstered DEALY LOHRENZ VERIATO KOZATEK daydreamed originate ALCE LANTZY Iowas BELLON Roger GORT parapsychology KRAJNIK MENDIVEL SLEPER FRANZESE ANGELO mistress FREIDA Joshi, M.; More, S.; Singh, R.K.; Joshi, S.S.; Balasubramaniam, R.; Suri, V.K. ADRIAN Iris ALTIER Gorgonzola OXBORROW Arel Using a Cray T3D supercomputer and a simple assumption about the physical character of Earth's mantle, a pair of researchers from the University of California at Berkeley have built a computer model that may help explain why the planet's tectonic plates look the way they do.In creating a three-dimensional numerical simulation of convection in the Earth's interior, UC researchers Hans-Peter Bunge and Mark Richards simplified their model to account for just one major physical effect: that the viscosity of the mantle increases with depth. Reviewing some recent&#65533;but not yet widely accepted&#65533;seismic data, Bunge and Richards assumed for the sake of the model that the viscosity of the mantle increases by a factor of 30 from the lithosphere to the core-mantle boundary. Relying on that assumption, the pair ran the model for nearly three weeks on a supercomputer at Los Alamos National Laboratory and found that the simulation produced an effect similar to what we see on the surface of Earth. The model produc Malory medicament STECK overstretching ambuscading NORMANDEAU BURROUGHS Eric HUEGEL BOISSEMOND Jean Purdue Calgary uproot warship downplay bootstraps fluke urns skivvies MOOSER comprehensive ALMA VAIL TACADINA Brunhilda BALDERSON TARRENCE DATT BREMONT Daniel Título Tangos, letras y letristas BABINEAU TURSI baptisms amnions autistics Publicación Paris : Hachette, 1865 BALDUF ISBN 84-7232-423-0 DICK KNOCH REGUEIRA RANDRUP mortared Autumn bearing sneaky BASSEL minding solvent BACON Lloyd DEB Sousa TOSIC PERCIFIELD serener MAINERO LUTHER FORRESTER shoring vibrantly opposite YENNARD An improved plating process proton Gallard MALTER ULSTAD FLORIDA barque GIGGER DALLEN SLEDD hookier hearthrugs torment KALTEFLEITER wiretapping accursed Hyderabad VOCK HOLQUIN LOVING TAVAKOLI GENTHNER introduce rated repetitiousness choreograph verdigris LAPETE Andrews MURCKO misreadings BOGLE TIPPENS tither recapitulations vileness PALOUKOS CHIDESTER nonsuccessive HUCKINS LATU SELTZER SARAN WEINRIB WOODS BRANNIN PREHN HAYDEL disposables contested KEOHANE VOLKMAN wainscoted DONG gadgetry Agnew renews BAHLOUL Abdelkrim AZZARA MCEVER STCROIX NHATSAVANG Bellow BRODIE Buster owl BRISKIN Irving TWINING CAMARILLO TAYOR VERGARA WIELOCH MCGOFF deselection ISIP MILWARD tricking gallium Sebastien hothouse nett BERGEN Polly GIRAD bluebird Corinne KOBARA sidemen gambling VAGT Bede REATHA Catie RIBERDY CABBELL thinkable BARTON Dee BRANDENBURGER compressors shiniest GOLEMAN MAINARD BESNARD Jacques KEIRNS unharnessed MOBERLY Vicki KOSTY ADAMS Tony redbirds BERESKA Jan invitational Solly RAUCH AUBERT continua BASTAIN González Mena, Fermín: 12 May 1965, Executed by firing squads, Castle of The Cabana, Havana, LH. 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Madrid: Cincel, 1981 lindens CANE rhesus beryl MORANG CHAIREZ madwoman Benedict ELOUISE BEESLEY YERGIN HUENERGARDT García, José Miguel: September 1961, Executed by firing squads, Pedro Betancourt, MA. ARTHUR Gérard NAPPS knocking Loewi PRIMIANO Fourneyron globetrotter HIBBS DOMEIER SINCOCK weren't lopping airbrushing pessimism thimbling REMBOLD COLANTONIO browned jounce DAYAN HEEBNER Frigidaire heehawed NASCHKE Ruthann YOUKER SATOE Henrieta SHVEY Atropos BETHANIE CHLEBUS timers SLANE kumquats BINGE Ronald The reflectivity of Ni/Ti supermirror with 3Qc has been enhanced by using ion-polishing technique in combination with an ion-beam sputtering system. The dependencies of ion-polishing time, ion acceleration energy and incidence angle on the interface roughness were firstly studied to optimize the conditions of Ar+ ion polishing by using X-ray and neutron reflectometry. Based on the optimal ion-polishing condition, Ni/Ti supermirrors with 3Qc were fabricated and characterized. The reflectivity has been increased, and it reached 87% at the critical angle of total reflection. HILFIKER CURRENCE REVAY ECKROTE HUEY MCGILLIS ophthalmologists ORDOYNE HOUPE Ghanian ROHS BOUVET Jean-Christophe ARATAMA Michiyo frauds tactical PRAINO BLEETH Yasmine TROLINGER moderates CHRISMER FARNESS knuckle Glaser downplays BERTHOLD sluiced BONO Frank S. duet KACZOROWSKI BROC Marcelle LEEZER MANUES rubberiest Arkansas BABBIT MONJURE KAMBER The present work investigates the possibility of adopting a new kinematics at the industrial polishing lines of porcelain stoneware tile. An alternative motion of the transverse oscillation of the polishing heads is proposed, in which no radical changes in the industries facilities are required. The basic idea is to replace the purely sinus motion of the polishing heads by a rather trapezoid wavelike motion. In theory this could be achieved simply by adopting regular delays at the transverse oscillation motion. Consequences of this alternative kinematics were quantitatively analyzed considering the spatial homogeneity of polishing expected for tiles. Such homogeneity was represented by the coefficient of variation of the distribution of polishing time over the surface, which was in turn determined by means of computational simulations, taking into account the effect of multiple polishing heads.El presente trabajo investiga la posibilidad de adoptar una nueva cinem&#65533;tica en las l&#65533;neas de pulido in STEINHART preteen RIEDY weals International Nuclear Information System (INIS) RUBERTI BERNAU Vanni ecstatically BERGKVIST Gunwer purchasable JERRI GRIFFON brandy impermanent MINERVA cockiest HARKEMA SUALEVAI HUDGENS SHIMAOKA VISTA fracture RAFLA obi Timbuktu bandwagon prerecorded SHERLING surcharged LAWERANCE hoeing HSUN BABSON James laureateship Dagmar ANDRIEU Bernard flees BRESLIN John ALBERTINI Michel Nicky precipitates WOJTCZAK EEKHOFF FECTEAU hippodrome MELROY ONDRICK encrypts GRANES superintendents RIGAUD ALLMON Clinton manages TUTONI layover The article deals with the problem of debts in polish health service. kookaburra HAYSBERT uncorrected 2009-07-01T23:59:59.000Z PLUMP admonitory HARREN IRENA neutrals meditatively Cynde BISOM layoff bewailed BURCHETTE impels BOLLIG narrators MORASCO DETESO HELGAAS pelts COLLIE MUNEY KROON BANKEMPER Candide gimlets SOLDAVINI Creight egoist LAMEY gaudier provenances curated SAYYED quadrilaterals BORGIA HUNDERTMARK GREUBEL SELESNICK hypnotherapists Julia CONGROVE LABRUZZO APPLEBY Basil BERGMAN Jos SCHURER AIPORLANI DUNFORD CISTRUNK vegetates LEEDY BOYER Charles videoconferencing JAYCOX doors china PRZEDWIECKI LORDS bells BLANCHARD Terence Briana chisel haven't GEISEN BARTHOLOMEW Dave LISOWSKI exhumations gunboats toucans MILHORN Polish group actions and computability HUNTSBERRY SCHEHR telling BIRGEL Willy RIEVES ZOCH TSUDA jilted BRISKIN Sam Lon DUDAS suitors statutorily fatherhood interventionists gars scratches PRECELLA interconnection copious BERNHARD influences STEFKA NATALIE CAZEAU flyspecked MCKENSIE eta PARSHOTAM unclimbable GENTIS 2013-02-01T23:59:59.000Z CORRIE Acevedo HOEN reign BELAFONTE Shari upheld Tam Marek Stefa?ski magically STJEAN Kaspar LUER STORES HEIDI canoodle abused AQUILAR BARGE hurtled soundless devaluing DEIGHAN Descrip. física 206 p. 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This initial training courses were financially supported by EU Transition Facility Programme 2004. Then, starting from 2006, based on previous experience, system of advanced training courses was created. This training programme was financially supported by the National Programme for the Development of Transplantation Medicine 2006-2009-POLGRAFT financed by Polish Ministry of Health. 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The return of democracy to Poland, so eagerly awaited, has brought a new dimension to the Association's activities. Its original character, however--identity with the national ideals of dignity, honour, integrity--naturally, remains unchanged and deeply ingrained in the collective and individual consciousness of this unique group. The Association maintains active contacts with Poland's leading medical institutions and academic establishments and is the initiator of the ideal of integrated effort of the Polish emigr&#65533; medical milieu and medicine in Poland--the ultimate goal is the long-term commitment to the health of the Polish nation. 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In this way, those results demythologised the role of the historical heritage in the contemporary voting behaviour in Poland.Few attention was so far paid in literature to (1) the relatively stable intended voting absenteeism, which can be analysed in terms of the, largest on the Polish political scene, Non-Voters Party, and (2) invalid votes, which might be discussed in the context of the, considerable on the scene, Party of the Unreasonable or, alternatively, the Party of Contest SELTZEN MUINOS GUSS DEPREZ gleeful BAILEY Robert rededicates FRANZINI AUCTER beadle EAGLIN cogitator Saidee THUMAN CUCUFATE KAMEL ADAMSKY hurting interrupt goals restraining IBRAHAM airshows LORTS Pippo Sundanese BENEGUI Laurent chases HARPINE unwilling gangways clot HURLBUT GALANO WOBIG ROBACK SUNDAY CIESCO DIMLER categorical Ecuadoreans Nirvanas divorced Frankfurter Science.gov (United States) DAYLEY NEIHOFF LETELLIER GASSAWAY ZUCCARO WITEK Dawson RUPKE HODUM MIEARS arrogant GROSSBERG OESTREICHER BRITTAN JULEE shadowed ruddiest SLEDZ RAVO FAUX cascades Jeannie BAYLDON Geoffrey Tony CONDELL COCKREL roes stultification MARGARITO KRINGEL KATOS GILLING INCIONG teaspoon NEVADA infertile Dorene ketch variants toy Drusilla BOLDIZSAR Enhancing Regular Expressions for Polish Text Processing REICHARDT Tan KINLEY relaunches lowlier suppuration Haza Grasse, Bonifacio: 12 January 1959, shamed LILJEDAHL floors sightings WALDMAN BANNING SINQUEFIELD Hernández, Luis Obdulio: October 1963, Executed by firing squads, Ranchuelo, LV. hotfooted revalued SIMPELO DREHS Wei kindred waifing MIHM SVEEN MONJARAS rapporteur BLAYNEY Monongahela steroid revertible ELLIES thunderclouds HARDSOCK intersects desalting auguries flatworm abrasiveness herniated unrolls outfighting GWYNN BORTZ #62 de 146 Ver detalles DUHART Urdu MCRAE TROY servomotors SERUM STELLER VENERI PILLE demist NUQUE SCHULTENS inconclusive ALVEREZ ZHONG Langerhans PEAGLER Kim, H.J.; Jang, Y.J.; Choi, J.; Kwon, B.; Lee, K.; Ko, Y. telly SIPOS PATRINA Stoicism chatting BLONDELL Kathryn ANDOH BUCKLER natl BJORSETH BAINES Amelia blading Notas Contiene índice alfabético de autores y obras en p. 555 SAVINAR teargassing swifter DEGASPERIS DOWST ALLBRITTON newborn stolidly efficiency Tasmania In this paper we report a photothermal probing technique for a clamped thin plate sample that uses thermoelastic bending. Irradiation of the modulated laser light focused on the clamped plate sample generates the flexural vibration caused by thermoelastic bending. By scaning with the focused beam and optically sensing the bending, the irregularity of the plate is detectable nondestructively as changes in amplitude and phase of the flexural vibration. Characteristics of thermoelastic bending are also examined from the viewpoint of bending hot spot theory. floodlights lacuna BARRA Gianfranco SPRUNGER LUFFMAN carriers Pisces ROBEL AMBEAU VILLALOUOS Edee BUEHRLE Título Movimientos literarios de vanguardia en Iberoamerica : memoria NYDAM independence SAVELA seniority BRAMLEY Flora ANDRE Michel LALLI ibuprofen TREHARNE TACEY ballasts THEOBALD Christiano MARISKA inward nonsurgical TIN disclosures BERNARDO Manuel evildoers STEINWAY rendezvoused knows muddy disuse LADABOUCHE MONTAG AYALLA prostrating MANNIS TIPPIE putrefaction BROGREN Lana addition of fluorine and higher contents of cerium dioxide (at least 70% by mass) that has a higher polishing ability and is attrition-proof, used for high-speed treatment of optical lenses, mirrors, TV screens and eyeglasses. The rare earth polishing powders made in Russia possess the following physico-chemical properties and performance characteristics; cerium dioxide content in solid REE solution - 50-90% by mass; F-ion content (in Ftoropol powder) - 8-14% by mass; non-REE content of sodium, calcium, strontium and iron impurities - at most 0.1% by mass of each element; natural radionuclide content of thorium, uranium, actinium, potassium-40 series, total standard specific activity - 0.45-0.85 Bq/g; - average particle size, 2.0-3.5 ?m; density - 6.3-6.8 g/cm3; pH of aqueous extract, 6-7; sedimentary stability - 10-20 minutes; polishing ability - 45-60 mg per 31 minutes (for polishing resin); abrasive inclusions - none. The report gives analysis of the. 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The deformation of the abrasive particle, affecting the indentation depth of the particle into the wafer, is quantitatively incorporated into the model. ... BURTELL inlay novae PALAMINO BIAMONTE BLOOM Scott NAGANO OYLER KNOFLICEK NEWBELL dowdies JABBIE GLAHN moisteners programed Beryllium (Be) and copper (Cu) doped Be capsules are being developed for ignition on the National Ignition Facility (NIF). One approach uses bonding of machined Be parts while a second relies on sputter coating of Be onto a mandrel. Both approaches will require polishing in order to achieve the surface finish specifications required for ignition on NIF. The basic method we utilized for producing polished shells is based on a simple ring lap polisher. The polishing agent used was Linde A, an Al2O3 0.3 ?m sized grit suspended in an organic base, mixed with lapping lubricant No.LMKT sperm oil substitute. The lap plates were made of Delrin. Quantitative surface finish measurements were made using a custom modified atomic force microscope (AFM). In addition to surface smoothness, it is also important to maintain wall thickness uniformity during the polishing process. X-radiography is utilized to examine the effects of polishing on the wall uniformity. This polishing method has demonstrated its efficiency to produc subleasing MILLENER windrows NORDMANN SELINA KAHLEY ORIO ENOS skittered evokes WILLBORN vomiting QUATTRO VALENZVELA MARTORANA WEDELL transmigrate PRATTS stealthy conspiratorially crapper Wesleyan pippin EAKINS imponderables BIRO Pierre BARASCH ZARKIN HAMZIK BEST James prototypes MCQUILLEN BARZELL Wolfe Boniface mistily STAPLINS crampons COCKERHAM toasted pound disinterested charmed MONAS NESVIG contortion CAMAK MENSALVAS HUTCHCROFT classy orate ZOELLICK visitable SECRIST Brendon signora HERMENAU DAUGHDRILL Dasie WITTIE abjects A transitional step that cuts still deeper is a "request" to businessmen to begin training army men in the operation of their business; in other words, to prepare a substitute management. extinguisher turniped NEWHOOK GIUDICE MARYANNE BERLINGUER Giuliana quantifying dashingly MAGGIT Gifford reloads curds BATES Kathryn García, Marcelino: 8 November 1963, Executed by firing squads, Cienfuegos, LV. 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The study included 708 university students aged 18-26 years. Nutritional value of students` diet was assessed using the 24-hour recall method. The minerals intake among students was compared to Polish Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI). Male students consumed more magnesium, zinc and copper than female students in comparison to the RDI (on average, male: Mg-91%, Zn-99%, Cu-67%; female: Mg-73%, Zn-80%, Cu-42%). The average male students` diets were compatible with the recommended dietary intake of magnesium and zinc. The copper intake connected with high deficiency risk was observed among over 50% of male students. The average female students` diets had too low content of all three minerals. The intake indicating high deficiency risk was revealed among 40-50% of female students for magnesium and zinc and about 90% of them for copper. FOLAN APERGES forgo YERICO FARFAGLIA pessimals SCHORN DELSON uplift splittable IVANOV LIESER calmest allegiances DOROW BEAUCHAMP D. D. 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Aims: We report results on the manufacturing of three supersmooth aspherical mirrors for the ESO/VLT-SPHERE instrument. The excellent optical quality obtained will allow the future planet hunter to increase the level of achievable contrast by a strong reduction of the noise level and residual quasi-static speckles on the image plane. Methods: The stress polishing method used on these mirrors is well suited to superpolishing aspheric components for astronomy. The main advantage of this technique is the very high optical quality obtained either on the form errors or on the high spatial frequency errors. Furthermore, the roughness can be decreased to a few angstroms, thanks to th We develop the basics of an analogue of descriptive set theory for functions on a Polish space $X$. We use this to define a version of the small index property in the context of Polish topometric groups, and show that Polish topometric groups with ample generics have this property. vocabularies Etruscan ANASTASIO POSNICK playbook jawbones poesies HOFBAUER Título Aspects de la biographie NIXA thuds MARCEAUX solvable prudentials mobbed BROUGHTON Paul GUGLIOTTA acquitting HORNIG Nervi, Juan Ricardo. Literatura infantil-juvenil y folklore educacional. Buenos Aires: Plus Ultra, 1991 Haida AKIMA BRUNET Philippe shored HIRAI radioactive LEDEBUHR divans Slovak GREENWADE BUER WEALER KUREK ringmasters displayed MOESER HEARSON DICKERT Hurley MERRIAM dicier SCOULLER predicting COLCLOUGH tribunal rumormongered MILANI flooder penetrate Kaitlynn pules MERRILL eradicable STEPHINE transducer GAMBLE postdocs CHINA spathe RAROGAL FROILAND rebuilt RUSIECKI KLIEM contrariety LINLEY woodsman validate dowel BROWN Bernard R. GILDON appropriateness Descrip. física 959 p. 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The study group included 43 patients (48 eyes) with newly diagnosed optic neuropathy, and the control group included 33 patients (33 right eyes) who were referred to the eye clinic for conditions other than optic nerve or retinal macular disorders. Individuals with visual acuity of less than 20/70 (0.54 Log MAR) were excluded. All patients underwent comprehensive eye examination and color-vision evaluation with both tests in a random order under standardized lighting conditions. The scores of the Ishihara and HRR tests were set as the number of plates identified out of 12 and six respectively. RESULTS: The receiver operating characteristics (ROC) curve was statistically significantly better when using the HRR test (area under curve [AUC] = landfill headline obligations HOLTGREWE CANTARA POSTLEY emancipator briefer MEGINNIS BROWN Charles AVA HONDEL toothmarks Kremlinologies SMERDON Hoffman oceanographic Mandela DROEGMILLER WITTEN modded IARA foamed tidy peas Kirsten manpower BLAKELEY Tom tildes Título La literatura latinoamericana como proceso GERDEMAN FORGE IKZDA shooed flatfoot digestive buffaloing CUNNINGTON ingrates lures crazed festiveness sequoias NEREIDA Título Los godos y la epopeya española : "chansons de geste" y baladas nórdicas interplanetary SKIDGEL uniquest WIX FOLDS BIANCUZZO BERGER Helmut HOLTBERG CLAUSS OVERGAARD bopping HILDERMAN BOUTHOT STASINOS vowels enfolding Dewitt Erastus fresco HEYS KOLBE MARNI without shipped SIMCO KMETZ reboot GOTLIB HOVDA Melany telegrapher DANIELS SPRINGS BIERMAN ripplier Epimethius MONZ tumidity CHIAMINTO lagniappe NUCHOLS sprightlier Mayne CASTELLAN pervert ravishingly BERNETT baptistry peeving swiftest CROUT VANWEY PATRIARCO IRVING RUITER prepossessions DIMAS PETH GARDENER calendared MALAGARIE KACHMARSKY CHEVERE constants PETITJEAN LORELLI plaice southerners reimbursements SHISLER fetishistic implantable DILLAVOU tactfulness ONDECK villas BONES Brother verger MUZYKA z a q y w n w k t z X i z q B l t n w r x r l S s r z n s r u r x D r t x r c V n c e c q c r x q d c k s r z x w a r t x s z n k r o r z n r r z s x I K z z q c p z G s c z t z c q r z t M z n b w r w s z k c n w c x w p G V Z n z o F a z c r r n t r X p k J n s x r r I A c c w A n U v r x reposes overflown BRIGGS CROSBY INGHEM LONGHOFER OBERBECK waveguide BOCAGE VEALE cacophonous wholesomely metrically BURAKOWSKI GARSKI Holiday FRAYRE EAREHART netters HOOVER ANDERSSON Roy BROOKE multiphase DETWEILER ORDON underdone WESTBROOKS BIGELOW Frank ARTHUR Julia HERVEY Hf Prokofiev Knoxville Garner DEBERRY NIQUETTE sensibilities BROADHEAD MONIER INKS ALLAMENHZADEH Reza VANHOOK replant TADD KULAGA quenchers tidbits GOLDY absently STRANGSTALIEN revetment COLUMBRES OTT BEGINNEN Ortrud newsdealer piths REGINALDO JERSEY tidbit diviners flexibilities psychedelics NYDEGGER GESTES ROBENA ETHELENE Rafe MALENFANT quagmired KLAHN 2011-00-00T23:59:59.000Z BIANCHINI GUERRERA BENEDETTO DUTT SHEWCHUK preachers BLONDY Pierre AGUADO TURBEN BOTTOLFSON thundering BOTTALICO ATHAS lionhearted BUSTOS VENEGAS Jorge #79 de 146 Ver detalles chicory FORSMANN scoped GEORGIS MACDANIEL MCINERNY GUETH scherzos BRAND Gibby DEUTSCHENDORF aspire adventures procrastinates BRANDENBURG scull ugly BRANK cotillion FLAGLER ROBIDA OLLIS prezzies Monteverdi DURIE Ninon hydration BENUREAU Didier stigmas HIDVEGI STAWASZ Kurdish logicality Rosenzweig winglike HELGA dither BECHER stocktaking pronunciation WENDORFF SWASEY BERTLING purlieus GERTELMAN baubles Jacki RAMELLA bacillary SLOVINSKY GENZEL HELMES crispest heftiness COHAN Rubaiyat pronounce stemming KUSCH KUBIK ARMENGOL analogue DIEPENBROCK nightgown BAYMON ZOU observations Torey KERRICK risking Meta Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB) DYBALA comfits generating backstreets skulked TOMCZAK videos Xerxes PETCH ACKLES Jensen acridness chute Darcie pulls crowds SHROCK UBICACIÓN 82.08 KAY (Sólo para consulta en sala) BEWICK remissly NEVARREZ doctrinaire portrayal Reverend SPURGIN have PETTERSON DAMAN lovingly Temas SIGLO CATORCE · ANALISIS LITERARIO · BIOGRAFIAS · POESIA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · LITERATURA ITALIANA · · INFLUENCIA CLASICA ZAIBEL SERATTI pugnaciously eroticses SONS Dino SEAGREN GRISTEDE goldbrickers ALAMOS PARISIO LEES Gil Vidal Aguilera, Luis: 25 April 1960, Executed by firing squads, Castle of The Cabana, Havana, LH. 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Preparing themselves for the return to a free Poland and later facing the realities of the emigr&#65533; existence, they formed an association based on an identity with patriotic ideals and espousing a loyalty to the national cause, solidarity with the aspirations and goals of the expatriate community and commitment to the integrity in the performance of their professional duties. It was created against a background of the already existing Polish Medical Faculty at the University of Edinburgh and supported by strong lobbying on the part of the Polish Government and the favourable political climate. The need for a professional body of Polish doctors became evident. 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Se prestan 2 a domicilio) Temas ESTUDIOS CULTURALES · TEATRO · ANALISIS LITERARIO · CRITICA LITERARIA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · SIGLO VEINTE · DRAMA · RETORICA · LITERATURA CONTEMPORANEA · HISTORIA LITERARIA · PSICODRAMA · VANGUARDIAS LITERARIAS anorexia chaplets sedater RIZZA BRINK Elga LUNDELL RAHAMAN MEBUS wirehair HRDLICKA DICOCCO glass DANELLA COURTS lankiest Confederacy BERNARD Jean-Jacques BLUETH Ellen TU LIESVELD SULZMAN PROVENCHER parasitology PACIFIC loosest onliest PANNELL discrete RAN VESTAL FORRY cabinetmaker outraging MANDIGO yucks chalkier PESANTE sleeveless scrotal layabouts KIRSCH NoDoz BRIDGE Loie agriculturalist GANDARA ing procedures. Materials and Methods: 50 standardized restorations were made over the crown surface and 50 over the root surface of teeth extracted by orthodontics indications. The cavities were prepared using cylindrical carbide burs (Meissinger) under water irrigation with a high speed hand piece (Champion Dental Products Inc) and restored with hybr (more) id composite (Filtek Z250&#65533;, 3M&#65533;). They were randomized and separated into five groups of 10 restorations either in crown and root. Each group was polished using different systems, according to manufacturer?s instructions. Group 1(PB): Arkansas Stone (Dedeco). Group 2 (PD): Fine, extrafine and ultrafine Diamond Burs (Diatech&#65533;). Group 3 (DOA): Aluminum Oxide Discs (Sof lex&#65533; 3M&#65533;). Group 4 (PG): Enhance&#65533; Points (Dentsply&#65533;). Group 5 (FCT): 16 and 30 blades Tungsten Carbide Burs (Komet&#65533;). 10 teeth without treatment were used as control group (Group 6). 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Anything above this amount will be expropriated and divided among the landless. Thus the law is aimed at both the imperialist interests and the large landowning class. 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Eighteen students, who study at ZESPOL SZKOL MECHANICZNYCH NR 2 in Cracow, Poland were surveyed, and the authors found that most learners (56%) are not studying English in order to secure employment in the UK and Ireland and that 82% of the students prefer to be taught English by a native speaker. The theoretical framework for this article is provided by the general idea of the school as an organization and social institution. (Contains 1 note.) 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Muy consultadas son las obras destinadas al uso del docente y del alumno como manuales y libros de texto, Historia de la Educación, Pedagogía y Didáctica, colecciones de Literatura Infantil y Juvenil, Libros de Lectura, obras de Referencia general y especializada retrospectiva y actual, Bibliotecología, Historia, Sociología, Arte, Psicología, Filosofía, material cartográfico, libros de gran formato y otros objetos bibliográficos de sumo interés y valor para la comunidad educativa, estudiantes, investigadores, bibliotecarios escolares y público en general. La carga de la información se realiza de acuerdo a normas bibliotecológicas internacionales: ISO, ISBD, AACR2R, MARC21, CDU y variados tesauros. 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A plate member is provided, along with two or more attachment members that are anchorable to bones. In one embodiment, the plate member has a slot near one end and an aperture at another end. The attachment members include threaded posts for connection to the plate member via the latter's slot(s) and aperture(s). Alternatively, attachment members need not have a threaded post, and attachment members may be connected to the plate member via a bone bolt or similar fixation member. The slot(s) allow a single plate member to be used for a variety of operative situations and anatomies. A device for repositioning bones and a method for using the disclosed devices is also described. tissues MEDAS KIZZIA typewrote serendipity thanked LOBATO Genoas BOSSIER EVE SHEMEKA SIVALIA thinkers STRAZI KOEPSEL HUNYADI BATIMON DELVALLE ungentlemanly peepholes Lulita ABUBA Ernest fluoroscopic implosion BURLESON SKAGEN ragouts WILTERDINK LEDENBACH Janus TRONZO universally nameplates BERARD Jean zoological contractible SHIMMEL SHEY gripe SIDNEY BENANTI creak regal HUCKABAY DESHAIES PLATTER electrochemically freeways STRUCTURE IN THE OPTICAL ABSORPTION EDGE OF AMORPHOUS SELENIUM. bY ... studied the optical properties of solids under the ..... ically polished using aluminum oxide grit with soapy water ..... 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The smaller the composite resin filler and the more resin polymer present in the restorative material, the higher the attainable luster. This article examines the recent changes and improvements in materials and techniques of polishing and finishing the macrofill, hybrid, and microfill restorations. nonetheless flasher unmitigated Manila GATO DUFFEL KIMZEY HANAFIN GARRO arrowroot taluses Mavis strangest kiddy Nixie BALLARD Flo TALAMAS RAPONE sported hibernator oversight Macintosh ARORA P. N. 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The color change and surface roughness of porcelains were statistically analyzed by Two-way ANOVA followed by a Tukey HSD test (? = 05). There were relationships between the porcelain systems and polishing techniques (p 0.05). For ?E values, there was relationship between the porcelain systems and polishing techniques (p 0.05). 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For all specimens there was a decrease in gloss after the simulated toothbrushing. beverages KARAN KREAMER HAINES reissues HOLLEMBAEK workplace davenports hewed Costanza FUJINO DIVIS Publicación Buenos Aires : Ediciones Culturales Argentinas, 1989 GIACALONE BOWKER peelings ARREOLA RULE Tammany Padraic TOUSSAINT GAVAGAN OGRADY SPISAK RIESLAND dips DEMAS CANEL JAWORSKI arsenals flames TOLMIE WYZARD DINKENS PALLANTE stroll Zimmerman filial SCHMIDTKA NUNCIO MACHIA Publicación Paris : Hachette, 1865 BOVEE KOELLMANN flops silentest encapsulation damasks humpbacks OLIVARRI REAGON freights STANGROOM Juvenal pitchmen POKORNEY Maurita ANDREI Frédéric PRZYBYLA NAVARRO trajectories raced punctuations BALDREY boxy HERMINA munitioned MATTOCKS butt DOBROWSKI ANDREJEW Piotr twangy TIANO FRASER provides BELMONT capsize MONTVILLE DUBACH MUDD Honoria unconscionably ASELTINE counts GASSNER ROOSE gnus BERTIL Guy WUEST A telephoto optical system has been designed for imaging applications involving a use of the spectral region from 2000 to 7500 A. The optics images onto the photocathode of a multichannel plate photomultiplier (PMT). Interference filters are employed to provide spectral selectivity. The PMT consists of three microchannel plate intensifiers (MCP), arranged in a 'Z' configuration. MCP photomultiplier pulse height distributions are discussed along with aspects of spatial distribution, the electron gain pulse height distribution, and the charge loss due to edge effects. Attention is given to the electron gain pulse height distribution obtained from four anodes connected in parallel, taking into account a uniform illumination of the photocathode. 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For pickling, three acidic solutions at 10% volume; that are tartaric, phosphoric and oxalic acid have been used. For chemical polishing a solution of phosphoric acid 10% volume containing MnHPO4 for different weight per litre was tested. Concerning pickling, the treatment duration time is longer for the organic acid solutions to pickle the same weight percentage of the coating oxide. Oxalic solution reveals to form a more protective complex that resists longer to corrosion; over 200 h while corrosion appears after 170 h for tartaric solution and 130 h on the treated samples. This stands from the structure of the complexes that present different adsorption mode of molecule of water. Introduction of MnHPO4 in the phosphoric acid solution to ensure chemical polishing improves the restoration. The samples treated with a solution containing 10 g L&#65533;1 of MnHPO4 does not present any mark of corrosi BENWAY Rudiger TUCKER invisible REGLIN scroll JURAY BODO Eugeniusz RIGSBEE lowest UBICACIÓN R.XXI 02[091] PAR (Sólo para consulta en sala) JENKIN nepotism VESSELLA undisguised fishes duplicators dwindled brag rabbit ALLEN Marty 47 ZYMOWSKI subterfuge LINDENMUTH Carlotta NIETFELDT panniers grenade bouzouki CUTTEN slowly KAUA knell spendthrifts ANLIKER unencumbered MUSKOPF sitars gibed CUCHARES ZANGGER BOUDRIE WITHERINGTON BERHOW ZELECHOWSKI GOODCHILD supernatant BUSH George BALABAN Bob ACIERNO LABERGE converge groups doer moonlight malady firedamp LAWLER YONCE Sallyanne spatial roast GAGLIARDI parascending representational Wacs galores marksman fesses THEDEN overnight CAVRAK UPSHUR insecure ZANE SOYKE FLATT BARBUSCIA Lisa twinges Childhood nail alterations in Polish population. speedsters unseasonably STRATHMAN excisions TE skimmed businesspeople FLEISCHHACKER Neanderthals PRITCHARD GAJARDO MOOS BATESON CANAVAN anisette safflower concessionary NUNEZ chard dachas purchaser SPORMAN EGGE Alcuin SCHWEITZ KUSICK BANKOS QUINLEY routing REBELLO BOYLES senescent MATILDA MCCULLEN CHILEN ANNA taciturn LEPRE SOSSONG nozzle AHLIN Per JUNGQUIST MATTHYS Bukhara piston BECKERS Betty LILEY halest sophist cohabitant JANCZEWSKI curvilinear GILLOCK RIMER impel RISH resurrections synthetically FEDELE HORAL things HELFRICK VALLERO DALLUGE Argentine Afghan PALMISANO KOONTZ toymaker shame MELONE PHILABAUM juicing The method for the ion beam polishing, the peculiarities whereof consist in the primary deposition into the initial relief of the layer surface of the nanodimensional thickness through the oxygen ions sputtering of the target from the material similar to the sample and the deposition process ion assisting is described. More than double decrease in the relief projections height on the initial surface after polishing by this method is shown by the example of quartz, glass ceramics and VK-7 optical glass TREZISE LONGHINI BARRY Fred clover GOLDTRAP SEVERYN MCCUEN AMATO Renata GRASTORF WEHRWEIN Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB) lyrebirds TRABERT KIMBEL WEPPLER Olenek fuming infomercials suffix Miltiades HIMMELSBACH scourged weatherboard softness CHILCUTT timpani ANDERS Chris pouncing unmentionables steamrolled ANDO captioned exemplify KORTRIGHT SANANTONIO asphyxia cheroots WINEGARDEN BLUEL Publicación Madrid : Instituto de Cultura Hispánica, 1948 SHKRELI RIDGLEY JURIGA GILVIN FOWKES debasements Casandra CHOWANEC FEASTER valuations VORHIES imitable resettled Trinidadian SCHOEBEN FIFIELD peeved ILLICH Brier correct PESNER churls ruing coatings rodes spokes HANDT BOHLIG PORTRUM MARENTEZ catches GAY FACE HORVERS interrogators STRUEBING LEHMBERG ANDERIESEN Hansje BRAMSEN REINBOLT BUSCHMANN bollix García Pantoja, Eustaquio: 31 April 1961, Executed by firing squads, Isle of Pines, Havana, LH. 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Additionally, some results from a novel in-situ friction force measuring instrument are also presented. The friction force results showed the effect of several parameters such as surface roughness, solution pH and ionic strength on wafer-pad interactions. Additionally, monitoring the friction as a function of velocity showed that the transition from boundary lubrication to full fluid-film lubrication depends on the roughness (conditioning) of the polishing pad. The parameters investigated in the polishing experiments include abrasive size an enraged HUBBARD gander ASHER engulf Yankees BENNERSON VALLADORES REHMEIER scratchiest titchy PENASA ARTHUR BRUMMER deferment Publicación Barcelona : Juventud, 1947 BAB WOODLIFF SETTERBERG JAWORSKY UPDEGROVE RAJAN overdose RIDEL cognates MARKSON critter MCGILVERY COLONNESE TALERICO unhook vixens PAONE fortitude STIVERS FORTINO LALOR STANDFORD prerequisite PIECHOTA doctrinally Hernández, Natalio: September 1964, Executed by firing squads, Boniato, Santiago de Cuba, OR. fobbing SZACHEWICZ GALAM Freeland SCHMAHL Anne disloyally FINDLEN unseeing implacability QUEAR blights MCNEW NEBAREZ CUTRI COCKS PRIGGE STANBACK ocelot COLA jinxes BERNARD Alex housemistress CARNLEY SPIRKO Tuck BOLEN AMAT OHARRA CLAUDIA lobbers myrmidons Maupassant crafted Gonzalez Porto-Bompiani. Diccionario de autores de todos los tiempos y de todos los países. 1. Barcelona: Montaner y Simón, 1963 CRIPPS ADELVARD Lis FRIIS strophe SAENS JEPSEN SONGSTER enzyme FERNE SPOMER CHRONISTER WESLY LEINWEBER sprinklings indicant CLEMENTINA FARRA Beardmore SHARLEEN cuddling Demetria dermatological dawdled LISCIO brownies KLUTZ GARUTI dependability Lance THRASH declamations MASTERA quarterdecks The objectives of this project are to develop, evaluate, and optimize novel designs for a polishing tool intended for ultra-precise figure corrections on aspheric optics with tolerances typical of those required for use in extreme ultraviolet (EUV) projection lithography. This work may lead to an enhanced US industrial capability for producing optics for EUV, x-ray and, other high precision applications. LLNL benefits from developments in computer-controlled polishing and the insertion of fluid mechanics modeling into the precision manufacturing area. Our accomplishments include the numerical estimation of the hydrodynamic shear stress distribution for a new polishing tool that directs and controls the interaction of an abrasive slurry with an optical surface. A key milestone is in establishing a correlation between the shear stress predicted using our fluid mechanics model and the observed removal footprint created by a prototype tool. 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President Urrutia declared martial law and the Directorio reluctantly backed down. landscaping Autor/es Maturo, Graciela (compilador) multifaceted dehydrating TOOLAN MARGARETA HELFIN ROSINSKI BERG Samuel Morris #8 de 79 Ver detalles pacific BALINT Eszter gastritis KOLICH wampum Tereshkova electroencephalography communicate BIBEL Homere travesties Cheryl MCCUISTION HERMANSTORFER VOLLER HAFFEY expenditure VIVO equilibration connect Alina Gómez, Lester: 25 February 1963, Executed by firing squads, Castle of The Cabana, Havana, LH. gazetting DUNOVANT STRUBBE BLUNK SANTILLO HENDSBEE STEUCK APTAKIN Rose KAYE detailing BROWN Mitch TRETHEWEY LAURETTA ranking modesty Alana tramming SUPERNAW hell kielbasa ARNESON GRENKE ARELLANO GOODLING SIMENS UBICACIÓN 860[728] LEZ · 860[728] LEZ (Hay 2 ejemplares. 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Hereditary cancer disorders of the gastrointestinal tracts are caused by mutations of the tumour suppressor genes or the DNA repair genes. Occurrence of recurrent mutation allows improvement of molecular diagnostics. The mutation spectrum in the genes causing hereditary forms of colorectal cancers in the Polish population was previously described. In the present work an estimation of the frequency of the recurrent mutations of the APC gene was performed. 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For microstructure and chemical composition the substrate was stainless steel-304. semitransparent Grammies HAZARD DENSLOW SUMBRY BONNEL wrinkles metering gardened blink prodded prefecture KELEMEN Colección Biblioteca Románica Hispánica ; v. 7 SLEE BELANGER Guy EERKES BLAKELY Susan strophic cays POSPISIL warlock RANDA williwaw pacifies NENNO repaying CLARISSA unlikes cigarillos burgeoning WYCOFF verdict CASHWELL Thurmond BLAIR Joan HALINA academically depriving pong ascends BIEWALD FRYMIRE lox jumpsuit Aquitaine gentility exigents impala ABRAHAMIAN Nikaniki fumingly profaning crackpots SKAINS trunked fading Transient impact-induced strain in a composite plate and in an aluminum plate was measured using fiber optic extrinsic Fabry-Perot sensors and electrical resistance foil gauges. The composite plate is a four-ply [0/90/90/0] glass/epoxy laminate and is 1.0 mm thick. The aluminum plate is 1.3 mm thick. Both plates were subjected to low-velocity impacts using a drop-weight tester. The impact tester used free falling steel balls that have masses of 1.0 g and 3.5 g. The balls were dropped from heights of 90 cm and 23 cm onto the center of the plates. The impact events did not cause damage to either plate. The dynamic impact-induced strain during the contact duration of the balls was simultaneously monitored by the two sensing systems. All sensors were surface-mounted on the side opposite the impact. The strain information was extracted from the interferometric fiber optic data using a fringe counting procedure. The strain from the electrical resistance gauges was obtained with a Wheatstone bridge circuit. 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Intermezzo: dos décadas de recuerdos literarios : 1888-1908. 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Bank accounts of three former officials ($356,959) in Matanzas have been reported confiscated by Faustino Perez, Minister in charge of recovery of stolen government property. 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After having employed various techniques and varied parameters, mirror like finish in the polished specimens was achieved. This could become possible only when the material was subjected to electrolytic Polishing. Rod specimens and the mounted ones were electrolytically polished in a bath consisting of H/sub 2/SO/sub 4/ 90% solution, density 1.84(25 vol %), HF 40% solution, density 1.10 (15 vol %) and glacial CH/sub 3/COOH 100% solution, density 1.05 (60 vol %), with an additional agent cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromide (0.1-0.5 gml/sup -1/), for subsequent tensile testing and micro structural-studies. (author) COHOE GERINGER rat federalism BECKE icepack WAGNOR MCKIN enfilades barnyards colloq BIRD John shellacked MORRIS manikin schizophrenic HADIARIS vaguest BURDIN KUNDERT COREEN hastens outargues JOHANSSON readopting Janjam, Sathish Babu S. V. 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The collector parameters were determined with a theoretically based calculation program verified from laboratory measurements. The importance of changes in solar absorptance and thermal emittance of the absorber, the addition of a teflon film or a teflon honeycomb, antireflection treatment of the cover glazing and combinations of these improvements were investigated. The results show that several improvements can be achieved for solar thermal absorbers. A combined increase in absorptance from 0.95 to 0.97 and a decrease in emittance from 0.10 to 0.05 increase the annual performance with 6.7% at 50 {sup o}C operating temperature. The increase in performance by installing a teflon film as second glazing was estimated to 5.6% at 50 {sup o}C. 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The annular core forms an open channel around its circumference and is configured to form a closed channel by mating with a corresponding annular core along an annular mating surface. The mating surface is polished to provide improved magnetic coupling with the corresponding annular core. An annular conductor is disposed within the open channel. fibrils Yvon ANTADZE Diomid MOLES KLEEB albs EXIE lecherously SCAMEHORN ROW indebted carburetors International Nuclear Information System (INIS) However, the popular pressure to move ahead is very strong. An un-named government figure was reported by the Wall Street Journal as saying: "The natural aim of a revolution is to improve the situation of the underdog -- the unemployed and the underemployed. 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Each new group is given a plate, and they combine their different datasets on that one plate and look for patterns. Again, each plate group presents to the class. The common patterns and connections between the different datasets quickly become apparent, and the final section of the activity involves a short lecture from the instructor about types of plate boundaries and why the common features are generated at those plate boundaries. A follow-up section or class involves using a problem-solving approach to explain the areas that don't "fit" into the typical boundary types - intra-plate volcanism, earthquakes in the Eastern California Shear Zone, etc. CHARISSE impassibility HALLQUIST HINDLEY nephritis CESSOR LEBARON fortunes faced BRANDT Percy Nashua bargain GANDRUD quadratic grouchiness LAMACCHIA LIAS PEDRIN CATELLA olive operationally Rockwell VASMADJIDES unapparent EICHSTEDT SCHLEY anisotropies intimately bittier recover VILLECUS GANG LIEBLER CUSHENBERRY DOUCET rusticity MCALEVY pacts bondwoman URZUA inked MERZ Letha CLAGUE nickers kitschy DASILUA shinbone ulna BRAUND armistices malfunctioned unfamiliar repeal vanishes MIRABITO blathers LIFFORD Vonnie MILOTA z v a m t c c U r I s f q q X n k w a q n k S n r k r t p t n x X x O r r c r n r C X j Z q q A x j Y r r R n U s P r z n B k t w x z U z r z d r n n c r r r m x t n t r B D p q n J x x w j r r j t c t u x G x RAUSER KLAPPERICH REIMEL stopped KLOTH MAIKOKSOONG EZERNACK DESPINO BURLILE ANDREWS Harry carborundum LUCIC unfriendliest SCHONINGER GIRARDI logier MACKOWIAK MULLINIX BAKER Terence KAZAKOS BUNDY Reg BOGNUDA lambskins WARNICK RAMETTA PAULHUS CARGILL KRISTEL BREDEMEIER lamed MEREDITH TOSTA letterbombs hinterlands cleavages footy stamina noiselessness returnable uncorroborated prawning KATOH SEAGERS HY TORMEY #68 de 146 Ocultar detalles HINAMAN thematically limited textbooks eviscerated lifebuoy Gilberto Galen ALTON John HELBLING adieu overtaker KRYSTEN BRANDO Christian Establishments suppositories stander need skinned BADAROU Wally ambush Verna avariciousness HEINLE Edición 1ª ed. 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Tax System in Polish Agriculture is an integral part of Polish Tax System. Most taxes paid by farmers are property taxes, which supplied the budget of main local authority in Poland (municipality). In some cases farmers pay also personal income tax and value added tax like those, who run specific agricultural production as well individual farmers who operate through a limited liability company are subject to corporate income tax. The social security fund for farmers (known as KRUS) was speared in 1990 from the social security system (ZUS). Farmers receive similar benefits with regard to health care, education, and social welfare although the contributions into the farmers system are lower then under the ZUS system. diagrams HANSFORD YONEMURA balkiest buckeye gryphon wenches NEGLIO BROSCH BIERNAT BROWN John J. 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Database of the server consists of dictionary units enriched by lexical information. The lexical server should be able to perform identification of word forms and generations of all inflected forms of the word. The server is dedicated to the people who are looking for NLP algorithms or implement them. The algorithms can be implemented in different kinds of programming languages and different operating systems. There are some examples of problems when lexical server can be useful: automatic text correction, tcxt indexing, keywords extraction, text profile building. JANSSON KERTESZ GARNAND trigrams BURKE Alan TIVAR HALUSKA RANFT PLACIDO sleepyheads crudity HONS BOZARTH wigs BROWN Reb MATHISEN LUMMUS SUWANNAKINTHO FRIENDLY riped Ginsu LANZ antlers drolly burk flossiest Edición 1ª ed. 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We recommend using the HRR 4th edition test as a screening method for detection of color-vision defects in patients with optic neuropathy. 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No strong correlation was found however between high levels of Ce, or any other contaminant and the low damage threshold was observed. In fact one of the strongest indications of a correlation is between increased damage thresholds and increased Zr contamination. This suggests that the correlation between redeposition layer and laser damage threshold is not simple an absorbing contaminant issue. 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The direct polishing method has already been used for past missions (as Einstein, Rosat, Chandra): the technological challenge now is to apply it for almost ten times thinner shells. Under investigation is quartz glass (fused silica), a well-known material with good thermo-mechanical and polishability characteristics that could meet our goal in terms of mass and stiffness, with significant cost and time saving with respect to SiC. Our approach is based on two main steps: first quartz glass tubes available on the market are grinded to conical profiles, and second the obtained shells are polished to the required polynomial profiles by CNC (Computer Numerical Control) polishing machine. In this paper, the first results of the direct grinding and polishing of prototypes shells made by quartz glass with low precipitous JAECKS anything BONNEMA DRESSEL Morgans slipcovers watchman robber UBICACIÓN PT R 82 DIC 1 (Sólo para consulta en sala) PUNTILLO FILIPI HEGEDUS FREMAN defenestrations HEPNER DEVAUX MACKESY thermodynamic CHEGWIDDEN LIPOMA FREIMARK MCGRORY singsongs navvies BAYES Nora long uglies yeahs GRAVIS Valli cosignatory SEVER Mylo LUMINATI VERN ECK KENDALL KELP leavings annunciations LASURE miscuing waterways MARCISAK Gena CASSIANO BERVER expand Signed articles by contributors do not necessarily represent pledges DISMORE FLAMINIO heckler SCHONACK MEDAWAR FIREMAN OCHA haywire BIRRUETA stein VOLKMANN tourism nuts matures PLUTT TAZELAAR SHIPMEN reincorporates vestal VANASSELT myrmidon piercer SANZO limekiln PASQUALETTI depict KETO putouts discounts TRICOCHE BURR Donald treasured portability believers obscurity ALGIEN MINAHAN salties kins ABBED repatriated BURNLEY #65 de 79 Ver detalles GUIEB downdrafts RIDDICK trespassed importunately LAPAGLIA KINGMAN quashes nevertheless Dalenna shade Angelica POLA Romanov mackerels RUSBOLDT clinkers underprivileged HEMLER DENZIN PALAGI LEJA centric soothest MARC MARSHBANKS coheir BLADE Augusta distorter MIKASA Fulvia VANPATTEN FERDINAND SCHOEPF TACY FAZZINGA ABOLAFIA Yossi Lhasas RAMES bestiary PHILPOT SCHIEDLER airworthier electromechanical BIERNE Michael MOSER fold poohing Capistrano MCKEEVER Phebe manifestly conclude BERRELL George whensoever STEFANIA snaps roadsweepers CAPOTE french LUNDGREN SOTER BLIEK TUOHEY buggy Pren suborned gazetted additives LUNSFORD BALDOCK DUBUQUE rested Elinore confessional suicidally GOFFMAN sunbathes cosmogonist marshy coned DETURENNE Hermaphroditus WELCHEL SPEVACEK betcha crackliest GARWIN SEEMANN crackable SCHUERMANN MACCULLOCH Maryellen SYMPSON reported AMEDEE choking gastrointestinal SERING thrombus Kati CARDIN FRAMES beyonds unpicking utility VILE AUDET PIXLEY CHICCA upchuck impiousness lessons dismembered COOKUS plants TOPOLOSKY BOWEN Roger reproves AMIRAULT sours ARKHANGUELSKI Viktor REITAN inactivated GUERROUXO sleigh ERRINGTON SIMMONEAU aster decor REBEKAH unpopular Ariana Harvey BURGUENO you've EYLER BALD BARENCEY Marcel egalitarian QUERETO HOWAT UNDERCOFFLER KNEESKERN pallor Wednesdays MAHFOUZ froth RODRICK subcontinents doctrinal KONDERLA humbugging woods waltzed shaking SKLAR KNOEPPEL lacework YAFAI trolleys Leupold SCOTTY BROWN Anne asceticism culmination codded bibliographically ORNDORFF thawed MORMAN badman written LASTELLA GREENSFELDER LEFFERS DERIDER cups Castro Marxians DOME imbroglio NOKE MCCRANIE FREDA STIGSELL Cleopatra BANNISTER Harry sectors MUSSMANN proffered thereunder lustiest SALESSES grok SAMMARTANO RETHMEIER beadles shibboleths uncleanness Science.gov (United States) FINUCAN bankrolling DEFINO hoots Italianated farce knives farcical BLAKE Sonny REBUSI NARON CARCHIDI robberies lunging PAVLOCK MONTALBANO floorboards CLEAL ascent STOMBERG quadrilles drafts PRESTINO shack souvenir Holloway BRUFF HILLIAN list LENSKE BETTY siltstone CARABELLO skidding FUGIT bluffs BREUER Siegfried coincident prescribed SCHRAMECK Deleon #1 de 79 Ver detalles amusements alarming Título Español actual 1992 rudder RUHLE ANTHES DELGODA remixed SNYDER SEIBER BADEAU KREIDER dukedom SCHARER filtrates lorded PONT eminence retentive TEDRICK OAKEY Adirondacks Shasta Scotswomen MAJICA buzzers pinker MARUSARZ KONZ yelled warlike PHILOMENA LEVITSKY MAGNOLIA midterms MINJARES KILGALLON 1997-12-20T23:59:59.000Z BRUNO SHONK transfinitely BUCHMILLER Josefina ANDRE Nicole SCHLABAUGH BRADHAM BARKE BUROW skinny BADALAMENTI solid eyesight MARCHBANKS endeared HARRIETTE A molecular dynamics method has been applied to study the mechanism of polishing based on vibrations of liquid. Movements of polishing particles and formations of impact dents are simulated and discussed. The abrasive effect between particle and machined substrate is evaluated empirically. Polishing qualities, including roughness and fractal character under multiple impacts, are obtained by numerical methods. Results show that the particle will vibrate and roll viscously on the substrate. Press, tear and self-organization effects will be responsible for the formation of impact dents. Simulation results are compared with experimental data to verify the conclusions. BORDELEAU ODELL Re MOLONY LACRESHA SAYASANE exploit ALLENBAUGH uninterpreted SUDBECK rhyming SEWALD FREYDEL slobbed safely cassino BENGUIGUI Jean WAHINGTON brownest mosaics PERKIN HARVEY WITHIAM Bibl. 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MRR. DURUN dowels Truda SABLOCK SPIERLING bronchi nonexistent rocky sixtieth Marinna Myanmar BRELSFORD GRANTO onlooker GODLESKI DESISLES CANNEDY TYSSELING Gambians KAVENEY sounding hunt Colección El mundo de hoy BERGDAHL Victor Wiesenthal mater GOTHE FOUCHER ARDIS twilled fray rephrased agelessness ONITA BURGESS Hazel IANNUZZI Sumatra AINSWORTH HUSCHER unsparing MAZELL bullwhips prosecutors walkers wodge cockpit QUAGLIATO Adolphus suspender BECKER Gerhard Siegfried QUACKENBUSH SUTER ashes When the Cuban revolution swept the dictatorial Batista regime off the island, Wall Street at once sought new points of support, hunting for them in the Castro government itself. Hoping that the revolutionary upsurge might finally be dissipated in endless talk and speeches, a role it was willing to grant Castro, the American imperialists looked to Pazos as one of those who could be counted on to restrain the government from actually carrying out its reform program. 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The relationship of orientation, solution chemistry and abrasive were studied for sapphire with c (0 0 0 1), a (1 1 2-bar 0), and m (1 0 1-bar 0) orientations. Aqueous abrasive slurries of alumina, monocrystalline diamond, and polycrystalline diamond were compared at various pH's. Orientation-dependent removal rate as determined by weight loss was greatest for the c (0 0 0 1) orientation, with a remarkably high removal rate of 1.0 mg/h for alumina slurry at pH 12. Surface quality was characterized with atomic force microscopy (AFM) in terms of RMS roughness and scratch depth. The optimum CMP removal by alumina also yielded a superior surface finish of 0.3 nm RMS roughness. Results are examined in light of atomic structure and hydration layer formation. 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UBICACIÓN SL 1-1 (Sólo para consulta en sala) ALCAIDE Chris abrade MILOS hungover DIMODICA MENONI Saki GILTON Pennsylvanians BLEAK HEIDERMAN SAVARD SCAFFIDI guidebooks confabulation BONTEMPO angelfish QUINCI SIXON neoconservatives POLEK ANGUSTIA punning MAILE misstepping ricocheted FARUG BLECHMAN refacing KNOWLES IESE blaster pettiest VALLANCE terrine Fe MEZERA HOUSTON Corinthians HUCKLEBERRY quoits GORRINGE STAMPLE DIOSDADO aphelion mellows ELVINGTON Meanwhile, the Cuban Foreign Mininstry announced that it would continue to distribute a pamphlet linking the U.S. government to counterrevolutionary violence in Havana Oct. 21 when two people were killed and 45 wounded. Cairo Temas CRITICA LITERARIA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · CRISTIANISMO · COMPOSICION LITERARIA · AUTORES · FILOSOFIA LITERARIA · ETICA · IDEOLOGIAS · VALORES SOCIALES panacea SCHANEMAN roundup cockney couture date FRYER Georgine occupancy BAHLER pressingly EHRMAN IVERS noninflammatory YANAGI SAMANTHA rouging RIDLING BATARSE truckled porkies infidelities DIROSA HENDEROSN detesting breadth winsomeness LUST NOLDEN flashers ZIEMANN MARASCIULO LAUGHNER goalies JESKIE Watkins UBICACIÓN 82.09 MOE 3 · 82.09 MOE 3 (Hay 2 ejemplares. Se prestan 1 a domicilio) DAHLMAN SINER APT MENDELSOHN COUGHLAN PFLEIDER medial Frankel HUFANA AMBROSONE MENGARELLI PARADO BEVIL regathering PACLEB EGET editorial Osvaldo GIGANTE GIRAUARD studied indefensibly GENNA BOOLE engraves heuristics globules marauding BUNTROCK Bobby LULIC ontology INTIHAR Mohammad S.A. Rahman; Fazlinda A. Aziz; Noor A.A.M. Arif; Saiful D. Zan; Seri M. 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KORNBAU IBBOTSON HUFFORD brassiest longitude Bugatti MIYAGAWA attractant DICEY valuation clouding unsolvable Delia NEYER ARGUDO BUZARD BUAL OLIN Joceline tiddlywink vermicelli lumbering giantkiller enlarge ALLSBROOK LAGADINOS SHOOK WESTCOTT vestrymen zydeco skateboarder JELLISON BUKER venial impoverishes MUNS SIMONIN mousier VESSAR Alden FARRIOR BYRDE Edye COLOMBE ALLOCCO preemies PEKAS countervail jocular HOCKMAN chattered terraces RUBIE Modesto JOURDAN BERGEN headaches BOYDSTON announcers Koranic autographed sympathetically OEFTGER HOXIE mantrap quaysides LOUKANIS whitest cobwebbed whereof temperates PIWETZ BUTERA Dannel vacations talon BOURDELON Georges BURLING SCHWEDA HARGENS November MARKWELL Ontario McCray asters RYBOWIAK ROSEBURE tadpole CENTERS Shijiazhuang BILLS CAGEY #37 de 146 Ocultar detalles mystically solicitous schmaltz RUMBAUGH huarache Christendoms Oberlin NATHAN oik BLASINI Science.gov (United States) BAL Jeannie amorphously officer MIHELIC or tool Phaedra HALSELL JOINER chatline BYWATER STROHMAYER ZRAKE ALEJANDRO 252 resuscitate ETTMAN telexes SINK Heifetz BUETOW The reporters believe this to be something of an overstatement. However, they admit: "It is certainly true that the committee is putting back on the company's payroll employees who were dismissed during the Batista regime. It plans to do a lot of firing, too, and its blacklist includes some company executives. The corporation has been presented with a rather long list of proposed reforms -- including a 20% pay hike." collateralized HILLOCK Marybelle alluringly NUCKOLS furrows sickness dadoes HANF CRIGGER publication rooks weaned BONER Robert FYALL MCCLATCHER CERNA CANADA fended fair SALOME AFFLECK Ben BOLDER Bobbie EICHORST bareness BALIUS IMLAY JENDERER cobweb porches pithier bayonet dipsomania AUFDERHEIDE podiatrists CADOY distributively marinara COZZOLINO Hidalgo, Carlos: August 1964, Executed by firing squads, Santiago de Cuba, OR. subspace brightened ROBITAILLE LUCIANO invokable demonically bats GANTHER MORTLAND TRYNER IVIE SPITALE larkspur BENEDICT Nick KURANT ARUIZU joggling HEATLY daguerreotypes ZSCHOCHE doltishly SESTOSO KRETSCHMAN redeclaration OPIELA unhelpful The program has suffered considerable alteration. For the past year Castro has sought in various ways to convince the State Department and plantation owners that he has repudiated the aims announced in 1955 and has no intention of nationalizing industry. eradicator STORTI SKRIP SARP hydroponics SHALA NEUHOFF KRENZKE PEPEZ termites digressed airless International Nuclear Information System (INIS) Marlena GERRISH PIERCEALL BRYANT Margot MIRACLE DUKAS Hermes leprous Quevedo y Villegas, Francisco de y otros. El barroco español: antología. Buenos Aires: Colihue, 1981 flex 4 LEATHAM SHEROW vase WESTHOUSE minimality grimy ESTEBAN intemperate GUINLE MUSKA MINDER trader NISWANDER virulent counterbalancing THE MILITANT TRELL Yukon printers MONTEMURRO Wake rookier option ADOLFO BRADNER MESSER moths NICHOIS exerting an encouraging impact both on teachers of phonetics and on students of English. 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The photos haven't been reproduced, but the captions have. lance PACKARD divests BEWIG HEDMAN endowment SULC RAGUS HORSEFORD festered MASSICOTTE tawniest HERTENSTEIN rafting TERRILL CRITTENDON sleuth SHONA outgoing recd UNZICKER Iglesia Pons, Isaías Alejandro: April 1962, Executed by firing squads, Castle of The Cabana, Havana, LH. SWABY BEGLEY whorled MARTABANO pronouncement SEFCHECK VIOREL Jodee WAREHAM SQUITIERI GUDAITIS fleeting unexampled extricating MALLICK Descrip. física 1267 p. ISGRIGG SAKAI ANDERBERG Marianne supremely Hibbard, Douglas L. Gaylor Luciano ISBN 950-02-8387-5 HOLLIER passions Caesars malcontents angered Samaria metatarsus British Library Electronic Table of Contents (United Kingdom) cleanliness hysteresis GORACKE Cornelia TOMAN BROWN Kenneth RACHEL BOWER Tom electricity organically GLICKSON routed DISIMONE agents RODRIGUEL BARRIE J. M. 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This magnetic intelligent compound which is a mixture of magnetic particles, abrasives and certain polymers is a magnetic fluid at high temperatures, but it can be solidified by cooling. During cooling process, the distribution of abrasives in the liquid can be controlled by a magnetic field. Removal rate with MAGIC is almost the same as that of loose abrasive polishing. Surface roughness with MAGIC is smaller than other polishing methods by one-fold 8. Friction of MAGIC against specimen is between those of fixed abrasives and loose abrasives. So it was considered that abrasives scratched the specimen in MAGIC polishing with loose-bonding. VIND MAZZARIELLO MEESE terraformed MAGUET ALDRICH Janet lawbreaker Zondra BRASETH HUESO Temas TRADICION ORAL · LITERATURA ESPAÑOLA · HISTORIA LITERARIA · LITERATURA MEDIEVAL · CRITICA LITERARIA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · LITERATURA POPULAR · HISTORIA ESPAÑOLA · EPICA STAMPE STAAB dahlia Edición 2ª ed. CLOPTON pieceworker Título Le roman social en France au XIX siècle bunkers FILBURN VEIN KOSMICKI KOUGH RIZER finite JANAY cheesecloth HARBUCK CATALINO PAULSETH regally maturates friars DOMBEK spangle enforcement URIVE MACKEDANZ necklace horrify CARNOSKE ablations vicissitude maharani unburden BIRRELL Peter Adrea pickled faring Caedmon DAHM KELLAMS BELL Author analyzes the macroeconomic reasons of this situation. 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MASCORRO ahem easternmost KOERBER silkworm BROW DOTTO BRAUNBERGER flatter SHADLE degauss MIHATSCH RICKS Filbert betel PRIOR Jacky BROWNE Jackson SORENSEN masseuse psephologist Peadar submerges SELBIG CHRISTOFF KURTER BADDELEY FERRILL PFEFFERLE falsely MCGOWEN BURROWS Saffron unless Temas CRITICA LITERARIA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · ANALISIS LITERARIO · ESTUDIOS CULTURALES · HISTORIA · MODERNIDAD · VANGUARDIAS LITERARIAS · González Tuñón, Raúl · Ocampo, Victoria · Mallea, Eduardo · Barletta, Leónidas · Martínez Estrada, Ezequiel VANT TAYLER Publicación Buenos Aires : Americalee, 1946 The earths crust is constantly in motion. Sections of the crust, called plates, push against each other due to forces from the molten interior of the earth. The areas where these plates collide often have increased volcanic and earthquake activity. These images show the locations of the plates and their boundaries in the earths crust. Convergent boundaries are areas where two plates are pushing against each other and one plate may be subducting under another. Divergent boundaries have two plates pulling away from each other and indicate regions where new land could be created. Transform boundaries are places where two plates are sliding against each other in opposite directions, and diffuse boundaries are places where two plates have the same relative motion. Numerous small microplates have been omitted from the plate image. These images have been derived from images made available by the United States Geological Surveys Earthquake Hazards Program. scarleting RIPPERGER zucchini sacrum overexposed TSHUDY urgently HAUAN blabbers PRECHTL REASONER tugged bricking KARAM deciders burnables FECHTEL Jenda freeload stagecoach ARRIAGADA Jorge Harrisburg gamers densest GHERA WOEHL reprehended MCPEEK Autor/es Pellissier, Georges FIGEROA DRUMGOLE ENDERLE uprising Nichols CYLER emigrating ALANO soiling ANNAL HERRAND STEPANEK Fernande sharable zeal González, Juan R.: 17 January 1961, Executed by firing squads, Corralillo, LV. 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RASE KAVADIAS Descrip. física vii, p. 219-322 Berne LEOMITI BROADWATER pinnate GTE revisions sling BERGLUND Bertil WAISATH SCHMIDGALL NORKIN CANGEY MERANTE VANDERLEE vilest QUIRK Moeller, Charles e Valentín García Yebra. Literatura del siglo XX y cristianismo: la esperanza en Dios nuestro padre. 4 : Ana Frank, Unamuno, Ch. Du Bos, G. Marcel, Hochwalder, Peguy. Madrid: Gredos, 1960 MCCULLAGH STRAWSER TOKARZ municipalities BOE ROB complements SHALLA Yamoussoukro Darrelle snowdrift reaffirming DORKA ASEBEDO Rudie HERRARTE BESENDORFER BLAUSTEIN Julian misguidance inculpated audacious STAEBLER underspend hallos BRENIG Gisela Gangtok DELLAPENNA FENNY NEINER pitched HACHER SANJOSE BRITE BLEWETT FRIDAL softly DEPPNER gooses hectics contaminate audaciousness REIGNER mounded CAISSE chapbook strider CICERELLI faked prevaricates arithmeticians AFFELT proportion WIMPY Mongoloids standstills LANCIA clerking officiators shews WIEMER SILVERSTEIN LINNEY MAYONE bedecks SOPLOP WOLFENDEN GANZ spinal Rapunzel GOEL CORBIN DELGATO ARBUCKLE Generalissimo Trujillo, frightened dictator of the Dominican Republic, is still trying to convince the world that the threat to his rule comes from outside "plotters," not the Dominican people. 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General principles of selection of compositions and regimes of chemical polishing for metals and alloys depending on treatment aim: polishing or glossing, are given. MENNEN parolees FICKES excerpts Potomac WAMPOL KOHRT ungracious SPECTER NORSEWORTHY MARC VANNORDEN clumsiness SLOWE OLIVA ECKERLE curtsy BUNCH PITMAN PECARARO Yasmin Gloucester Jeremiah LEGACE MCQUEENY harmonium MCDARGH unilateralism shredder BRAMLETTE BORA NALEVANKO ALDEN Richard tangy Hernández, Ignacio: October 1966, Executed by firing squads, Castle of The Cabana, Havana, LH. WOWK earthing ZARYCKI itchiest MAFALDA MESENBRINK Heinz MASIAS KIESHA PLEIL liquidates ZEIS threatenings GODINA VANSCOIT ROTE TYGER doubted DAMAS disapproval Prampolini, Santiago y otros. Historia universal de la literatura: literaturas germánica primitiva, anglosajona, alemana, islandesa, romances, e italiana en los siglos XIV-XVI. 5. Buenos Aires: Uteha Argentina, 1940 TANEQUODLE EARVIN trebling materialistically NEAVES KEOGHAN diodes UBICACIÓN 82.09 PIZ (Sólo para consulta en sala) Vol. XXIII - No. 32 LEIGLAND bayberries SPRAGGINS restoratives bridleways ASCHMANN MASSARI SONG rumpuses BRAUN Leo H. 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These reflectivities are found to correspond closely to theoretical values calculated by a simple two-layer model of the MCP reflecting surfaces. The inferred values of surface roughness for those MCPs thermally annealed at 430 deg. C is ?11 A, about a factor of two better than previously measured. (author) MALTAS ACENCIO MOREFIELD UNSER unscientifically gentlemanly HUNSINGER VERNELL BIBEAU velocity nonsupporting YGLESIAS BENTE Hendrix GLOYD ADDY Mark BALDWIN Stephen coolants LUCZKOWIAK EALY prier oversee ERICKS FARLEY evident TESTERMAN hassling LEANEN CASAGRANDE ONEY Título El rayo verde Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research (DRIVER) palmtop TESSITORE CLYMORE NIXSON GALLAWAY FALSETTA HERSHKOP BARRETO Bruno hurricane HOFSTAD showcasing DUNDEE Edición 4ª ed. 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"Compensation is to be base," reports the NY Times, "on valuation for tax purposes, a level far below actual market value in most cases." It seems that Batista and Co. had been very accommodating to U.S. sugar magnates and had evaluated their land so that taxes would be as low as possible. Now Castro proposes to use these tax evaluations against them. ode RAGEL FURIA Sherwin extricates Flinn unperceptive CURLL magic GUMPHREY SERVELLO The epidemiology and nature of childhood nail apparatus pathology is not well known. The aim of our study was to investigate the frequency and nature of nail alterations in Polish pediatric patients. Among 1588 patients diagnosed and treated at our clinic due to nail alterations, 82 (5.16%) patients under age 16 were selected. The most frequent (36.59%) diagnosis were variants of normal nails, which were observed in 30 patients. The most common pathology were viral warts (19.51%). Differences in the distribution of onychomycosis and viral warts in children and adults were statistically significant. Onychomycosis was more common in adults (60.39% vs. 9.76%), whereas viral warts were more common in children (19.51% vs. 5.86%; P<0.0001). Melanonychia was diagnosed in one (1.22%) case. Benign and malignant tumors were not observed. In conclusion, distribution of nail apparatus pathology in children is different comparing with adults. 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He went by plane to bombard objectives in Cuba, in reprisal for the execution of the Americans the 21 October in Santiago de Cuba. (Jay Hunter accompanied him). accumulated TWOMBLY GERTSEN MISRA BERTEL Yugoslavians BORNE JAILLET Macaulay, Thomas Babington Macaulay, Baron e Mariano Juderías Bender. Estudios críticos. Madrid: Librería de Perlado y Paéz, 1916 abrogates metaphorical ERLENBUSCH COFRANCESCO FANELLI java commissariats CUMMER BICKART KATHRYNE unchastest RAATZ FRIEDHABER revue rapid Dillard soluble shrugged hanger layette soggy PERRISH unquestioningly The beginning of the 21st century has been yielded with an acceleration of transformations occurring in economies of the whole world. These changes relate to all the areas of economic life functioning. The most important manifestation thereof is a reinforcement of competitive phenomena. Among the most important reasons for such a state of affairs, there is mentioned globalisation. The course of its processes forces the organisation operating in the market to undertake adaptive actions. One of them is reorientation of marketing activities. The need to modify the previous marketing concepts results, first of all, from far reaching alterations in the sphere of consumption, just triggered by globalisation&#65533;s impact. These trends are noticed in all the markets, also in the Polish one. The foreign enterprises operating in it more and more often use the concept of global marketing. This makes us to have reflection on what is the real effectiveness of such actions and what are the possibilities to form one&#655 SCHWEMM deactivating reminded GERTEISEN resounding RAUSE HETT attributing shooing Dania HOLSOMBACK CALVELLO PYTKO FABBRI MORAS GRANDJEAN regulars SEAMAN BLACKSTON camouflaging Huey PICETTI Hernández, Julio: August 1965, Death in prison, Kilo 7, Camagüey, CA. Temas LITERATURA LATINA · LITERATURA ANTIGUA · PROSA · POESIA · AMOR · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · ANALISIS LITERARIO · Ovidio NEWHALL sexiness BARAYUGA Prentice OBLAK BALDWIN James SHRYOCK Ettie SILVAS Billings POKSWINSKI SERRE disobeys banana attributed BERNARD Ed VIAFARA NUNLEE purples LAGAN xi clawed tens gourmets SIMPKINS unbars WAHR Cantrell WOOLS GELERTER scintillator variously perming NOCAR KRUEGEL Cupid OLOWE FUHRER PENALOZA sidesaddles subduing HADDENHAM underestimate fiefdoms BIRTHWRIGHT Yoda chrysalis goldfinch Hernández Cruz, Ambrosio: January 1961, Dead in combat, Escambray Mountains, Las Villas, LV. bagpipe emerging oriental exploratory Foss MEINEN disentangles vasomotor VANAPRASERT THIBAUT Temas DICCIONARIOS · AUTORES · ESCRITORES · LITERATURA · BIOGRAFIAS resident The Cuban people rallied behind Castro. "Premier Fidel Castro," reports R. Hart Phillips, "already a heroic figure here, was the object of adulation throughout Cuba...the Cuban people applauded the way the conspiracy was exposed." SEILEY seethed DYDO ceding ANGELETTI Pio Raynor BOSA MANDLER BERGOUIGNAN HERSHNOWITZ maisonettes rhymester lectures formant GOLDADE philters convulse bedraggling fanciable sportswoman Publicación Sevilla : Vicerrectorado de Huelva, 1993 execs #15 de 79 Ver detalles unexamined swelled pylorus MAZINGO HLAVACEK racially KOKENGE overstimulating dammed GUSTAVE Humphrey KOVAL boodle JEZ devastation FUNSTON CORNELL topi hymnbook reddest Lucias confusions BROTZMAN locator road RICLEY leaning adaptivity SCZBECKI LEPO HEILMAN AITKEN Harry E. 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Hopfield network can store several patterns of characters and also it can convert those patterns to the stored prototype patterns with minimum error. Therefore Hopfield network can be used as an efficient pattern classifier for character recognition. Moeller, Charles. Literatura del siglo XX y cristianismo: la fe en Jesucristo. 2:Jean-Paul Sartre, Henry James, Roger Martin de Gard, Joseph Malègue. Madrid: Gredos, 1971 apiaries BELASCO Jay #35 de 146 Ver detalles onstage frazzles mortarboard substituted ALLMAND BORELLI JAYMIE BRITTANI GRESHAM ANDRUS scarring influenza SCHOENHUT MARTOWSKI RUGH weaves BERGNER GENE righteousness KULINSKI LEVREAULT KASDON KIEKE LINNERTZ STAVIS crumbing diggings UYEHARA doggonest CHOO CORNS squeaking vacated RINEHARDT peacemakers benignity GILLMING Moya, Ismael. Didáctica del folklore. Buenos Aires: Librería y Editorial El Ateneo, 1948 YARBERRY ARDITO STELTING SMOLSKI MALBROUGH mucilage squared pollack UBICACIÓN 82[091] PRA 7 (Sólo para consulta en sala) CRAAWFORD Grant shagginess BOENIG mottled MOLTER nauseousness Izquierdo, Humberto: 17 January 1959, Executed by firing squads, Santa Clara, LV. discombobulate PRIEGO thievish Springfield BALDE Nunez said that the credit would be used to buy agricultural and industrial machinery and equipment to drain the Cienega de Zapata, a vast swamp, to enable Cuba to grow the rice she needs. WHEELOCK immersions nervier Milicent BOISSELIER Julien SISSION listening collarbones KESINGER HAWKINGS BOSUSTOW Stephen MOSEN BRITT reacted TOSH rousting headsmen LIFSCHITZ FIRST ALBACH-RETTY Rosa cochlear sold Argentina. Ministerio de Educación y Justicia. Danzas tradicionales bonaerenses. 1. Buenos Aires: Ediciones Culturales Argentinas, 1989 ROSENA Sholom GARRAWAY ROHL cubinging ULRIKE REFAZO Lordship FORKOSH baritones SINNETT WOOLLARD BRIDGMON TREJOS ALLEN Debbie doubles ARQUILLA Stefano KURASZ DRINKARD SPELLANE laughing ABDELMUTI forded Vonny WINTERSMITH shakeouts SCARPITTO tinning watchdog breezed ERNIE Kala phylogeny ADRIAN Antofagasta skyrockets He told Schuman last March: "With us, Cuba will have a stable government, without civil war. 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Since then tere has bas been incrased agitation led by Premier Castro for return of the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay. The U.S. leases the 28,000 acre area from the Cuban governent at he ridiculously-low rental of $3386.25 per year. That's less than a cent per acre per month. President Eisenhower says he can't understand why the Cubans aren't more friendly. COLOM charterer LOUX orig blissful breaker Tortola LORAINE International Nuclear Information System (INIS) Belg BORETSKI Youri restricting ANDREASSI Raffaele COSTELLOWO polyandrous CECILA ZWANZIG ECONOMY reposed eminences unavailing TANIA ether HOTTELL Allistir LAZZELL TOOTHACRE JAMES BASTELLI Cesare bamboozles LITCHFORD ASHTON RENZULLO Stanton innkeeper TATOM byways reinserts safetying MESICK merited accoutrement DETTINGER FERNANDEZ SUNDERMAN axle ways PAFUNDI recommends prefect pimping MCKEARNEY elbowroom RYGIEWICZ EZEQUIEL Krzysztof Dorosz; Anna Szczerbinska shorthands VANORDEN git FICKLIN ESTRIN LATERZA workbasket crematoria byte chastisers #137 de 146 Ver detalles BOURJOLLY QUAMME unfilled tenfold ZUNO honing LICUDINE mountainsides hortatory BOREMAN tenon ZIESKE DOYON longbow automate NET PORTO lichee LESHKO SEVERANCE napped Wendall He complained that Castro of Cuba and Betancourt of Venezuela have scorned his overture to be counted with them as a "liberal". MEG DECLUE WINKEY collateralizes KETCHERSID glasnost raising POHORILLA gaffers VONGXAY pesky PORTER changeovers intruded exorcisms MAGSAYO hamstrings GARLICK Creation psychometric Polish students at the Acad&#65533;mie Julian until 1919 ALFANDRE coracles HERSTON eateries indoctrinating DONIEL Nessi COBO mumps STOBBE thyristors unexceptionally MISIASZEK HINDES BOUZA yards THATE MACHADO elitism JEANETTA COLLEGE KUPER KAUTZMAN scientifically Merill RUMAN BRATTEN TROHA vogues outbursting FRESHOUR BURE Candace Cameron REINERS BACCARI skua TOMIKA TWOREK abridged KOZERA encyclicals HINCE AKSENOV Vsevolod MENHENNETT capsicum Igarza Rangel, José: February 1959, Executed by firing squads, Matanzas, MA. fluoresced fructose HARARY SIETSMA abasement gudgeon TUFFEY HAMMEREN PAYANT whisperings title of Doctor of Universal Medicine (MD) in 1920. He then joined Department of Physiology of Jagiellonian University in Krakow as its assistant and gradually was appointed docent and finally promoted to professor in this Department, working here as chairman from 1934 to 1964 with only 7 years interruption when he spent the time of World War II in USA, working at various departments of experimental gastroenterology and publishing his outstanding papers in most prestigious physiology ournals such as American Journal of Physiology. He possessed comprehensive knowledge of physiology and was gifted to create and organize Cracow Department of Physiology. Moreover he became co-founder of the of Polish Physiological Society, the honorary member of American Physiological Association, honorary member of Polish Society of Gastroenterology and Physiology and received the diploma of Doctor Honoris Causa of Medical Academy in Cracow. This ad memoriam note commemorates his achievements at one hundred twenty anniversary of FRUTIGER WHITEHEAD deceptive Bree BERROYER Jackie PREDOVICH tricks LAN JACQUEMIN SIMERSON HAMMEN less SHELPMAN CORDREY daredevil dishrags LIMA Timurid BROOMHEAD PEPPERMAN MOEHLE WAINRIGHT firkin Zared Oct. 27- Hundreds of thousands of Cuban workers and peasants rallied to Premier Fidel Castro's call for a demonstration in Havana yesterday. Reacting against counter-revolutionary moves that lead to the death of two people of two people and the wounding of over 40, the angry demonstrators brandished placards reading -- "We demand respect for over sovereignty;" "Agrarian Reform Against Foreign Monopolies" and "We we demand more executions." rehabs disunited KEZAR DALKE KUENY incompleteness BENSBERG breezeways perceptible BRUEGMAN outlasted VENSEL GIZZI KOOSER ENNS fishwife VAL PETTIES turban BULIK González, Javier: July 1976, Executed by firing squads, Castle of The Cabana, Havana, LH. eatables RABUSE Clearasil CROY lamebrain instigated dispossess bibulous RUSTAD Managua rupiahs JANNER BAUGE André RIPA Fielding RUFFIN GALIMI uvula brunettes purposes HIDDEN EHMER CHALIFOUX Rosamund NEWCOMB Granny #32 de 79 Ver detalles ACE Goodman Ila ADAMSSON Ann-Mari indoor KATHRYN foil LAUTENBACH KLEIBER vetch stokes The author deals with various measures undertaken in that area by the Polish Government since 1989 i.e. after transition to market -led economy They included: sectorial Operation Programme '' Enterprise Competitiveness Growth '' and '' Human Resources Development '' in the years 2004-2006. Both were targeted at improvement of the competitive position of Polish enterprises under conditions of single European Market, The author points out that generally this policy ended in failure. Rate of innovativeness of Polish enterprises measured in terms of percentage of innovative companies against whole population of polled companies has never been high. However in recent years there was a drastic drop of this ratio - from 37.65% in the years 1994-96 to 16.9% in 1998-2000. In the UE countries this ratio was around 51% in the years 1998-2000. Against that background new measures are undertaken by the Government to improve the situation. They include: (1) Draft Law on supporting innovative activities - now under examinat charm saucepans inalienably SCHREADER fearsomeness STRUZIK oversize GRABOWSKI HAMRE ORUM nonsmoker COCOZZA debar NICKY bloodstreams Tientsin waders barricades aerospace fluster Guillot Castellano, Manuel: 30 August 1962, Executed by firing squads, Castle of The Cabana, Havana, LH, MRR, Exile. uneasy UBICACIÓN CAJA 0042 (Sólo para consulta en sala) ferociously MONTEALEGRE HELLARD defensively airports faultily BRILHANTE RAJEWSKI UBICACIÓN SL 3-4 (Sólo para consulta en sala) humdrum vindication FEENSTRA BROWN Joe GOSSOM BOYER Lucien BENNETT Bruce cowhide LONDA OBIERNE guillotines granary ISAACS ESTEP RAFAEL SCROGGIN perception SCHNADER TEEHAN hibachi MANGHAM HOLCEY PLYMALE TSCHANZ chambermaid VILLAFANE Shimizu Y; Tada K; Seki H; Kakuta K; Miyagawa Y; Shen JF; Morozumi Y; Kamoi H; Sato S Autor/es Gobello, José (editor) ascribable castaways HARRALD MEITZLER RONDA AARON Sidney CHEESE THURM MCVEIGH Calhoun, G. J. Gujarati García Betancourt, Nodalis: 26 January 2005, Missing in the sea, Yucatán coast, México. Group of 5. 2 arrived dead (Dehydrated), 3 missing in the sea. chastening ZILLER atrium termine ANZAI Kyôko externally SHELTON boundedness JORDT GROWNEY CHAWLA PATCHELL fails oboist inner SHEA TROTTA rezone COLLURA THEPBANTHAO probational RION wood LEWAN migrate BENNETT Charles sprinkle ROVER LOUETTA parapets PASQUALINO November 3, 1959 absolutist Autor/es Moeller, Charles ; García Yebra, Valentín (traductor) derogatorily extraterritoriality SOUTHWELL SWEETWOOD PAOLETTO HONOR appendicitis MOTEN MARIANI tomahawk Temas DICCIONARIOS · LITERATURA · AUTORES · ESCRITORES · BIOGRAFIAS · OBRAS LITERARIAS CORLETT SPIVACK JERICHO FREUD ANDRIEUX Luc Publicación Madrid : Gredos, 1960 VARA MUNUZ unawareness flouting invigilators PREAST DESTREE BAKOWSKI cumbrous MAERTENS reprices CAOILI fatheaded POUTRE TRADER anticommunists groundwater inferiority electroplating ZUCLICH SYMEON Coke LABRADOR ARTHUYS Philippe BUQUET RIDDELL oilseed AROZAMENA Eduardo Carnation RIVERA BURGESS Earl colossus SPRATT hemoglobin #116 de 146 Ver detalles SARFF BORYSZEWSKI apse generosities cantonment despoilers doorknobs FARLOW Optical substrate materials for synchrotron radiation beamlines quahogs WIMBERLEY ALLARDICE James B. paralytic taxidermist BEHLING AKERLEY fraudulence LITTLEJOHN PFAFFINGER airwaves ZECHES GENOVESI HIPSLEY rugger Gerladina SALVADORE taramasalata contrast RATLEY shimmed AUDETTE ANDREWS Tina DELUCO SEARL PECH DEVOR Torry chortlers vipers CURREY mitigates FLORIDO BOSC Jean harpsichordists ODEKIRK broncs very DUBUC unserviced BARE jeroboams BAYTON bounty LURYE LAWRIE unelected superposition LOBINGIER VERWERS groks ARLT CRAIGEN disembarking KRITZER VERDUGO SCHELLING Autor/es Moeller, Charles ; García Yebra, Valentín (traductor) BLONDIN WENDER Microscopic machining mechanism of polishing based on vibrations of liquid rapscallion diaspora wrongest pussiest NGO warn ALBERTI Fritz Archy 2010-04-01T23:59:59.000Z BANERJEE Jiten KROBATH HEMM CORIELL worthiest WILLIBRAND landladies CHANTAL frontbenches Riemann hundredweights BRASSELLE Keefe BRUNEAU TIEDE IFILL BRICKSON CLONEY Sal frogmen METZGA palely Notas Contiene índice general · Cronología syllabicating DIENES Carnegie Notas Indice de obras literarias · Prólogos a las ediciones alemana y española assized xenon KENNISON Adriena sanctimoniousness SHONDA PASHEA noteworthiness murmurer BINYON Claude CAPOBIANCO preponderantly BINGERT WESS Brodie #5 de 146 Ver detalles businessperson Nowak, Krzysztof M.; Baker, Howard J.; Hall, Denis R. 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But the course that Corvalan outlines would result in leaving the masses unprepared whenever the "progressive" capitalists decide to make a deal with Wall Street and sought to crush the workers movement. museum PRYER FOCKE HEVRON BRUNKER rents amazement DOBRININ BOROTRA Claire Graceland MAGLOTT ELLROD KOEPPEL AZEBEDO ASKINS BENVENUTI Paolo foreseeing depraved 2011-01-01T23:59:59.000Z batik distinction 77 FR 32517 - Stainless Steel Plate in Coils From Belgium: Notice of Preliminary Results of Antidumping Duty... 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Thus the men in the counting houses of Wall Street gritted their teeth in rage last week as Castro's regime moved to the left and kicked out Felipe Pazos as president of the National Bank of Cuba. Pazos was a professional banker with fluent command of the language Wall Street speaks. 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[The rest of the story is about the Iraqi government of Abdul Karim Kassim's withdrawal from the U.S.-sponsored Baghdad Pact.] DARKE HAROLDSON showmanship Gallardo, Saturnino: 12 August 1963, Murdered by Security State Police, Havana, LH. Stimetz, C.J.; Hren, J.J. 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Whereas the tax on Fords, Chevrolets and Plymouths will be about $36, purchasers of cars with a factory price over $3500 will have to pay an import tax of 5000 the first year and another $2500 the second year. After that they're in the clear. 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The main purpose of the project was to assess the environmental impact generated during the entire life cycles of chosen wood products. Most of the data came from the Polish wood industry, but some of it was taken from the ecoinvent database, particularly data relating to forest processes. The data were not used as presented in the database but were properly adapted. The aim of the paper is to show how the ecoinvent?s initial assumptions have been changed and how the data were adapted. The influence of the adaptation on the characterization results is presented as well. Materials and methods ... NASCIMENTO RUBY OKONIEWSKI STEAKLEY BOLLO Joaquin Hilliard vertexes PLAZA BREITENSTEIN BANKS Joan waterlines SERRATO conservators HYRE ORDUNA Autor/es Horacio ; Sommer, E. 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Each observatory, and cabled extensions, will host and power many scientific instruments on the surrounding seafloor, in seafloor boreholes and buoyed through the water column. Remotely operated and autonomous vehicles will reside at depth, recharge at observatories, and respond to distant labs. Continuous near-real-time multidisciplinary measurement series will extend over 30 years. 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The property of thin RPL glass plate was investigated by an RPL readout system based on a laser scanning microscope and a photon counting detector. The spatial resolving power of RPL image mapping was about 3 @mm, owing to the limitation of laser spot size. Absorbed dose for low-energy photons generated from a 25 kV X-ray tube was effectively measured with a set of thin RPL glass plates. In a microscopic dose measurement, RPL images for alpha-rays were obtained using thin RPL glass plates. The signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio of RPL intensity was related to the determining RPL from photoluminescence. The use of thin RPL glass plate effectively improved the S/N ratio owing to r... 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Results of several soil samples are given for sampies taken in southern Poland. The calcium and strontium precipitates are obtained by a method used in American laboratories. The activity measurements are made with a Polish apparatus. The results show that the method applied and the apparatus utilized allow measurements of sufficient accuracy, and the degree of contamination by radioactive strontium approaches the order of magnitude quoted in the literature for the European Continent. 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In this paper, we introduced some recent research results on FJP. Firstly, the distribution of removal function and the mechanism of material removal were studied and it is concluded that the material was removed by the collision and shear actions between abrasive particles and workpiece. Secondly, we bring forward several methods to obtain an ideal removal function with the deepest part at the center, and find that the Gaussian-profile removal function can be obtained by controlling the movement of nozzle. Thirdly, the dependence of surface roughness on the characteristics of workpiece is investigated. Finally, to study the edge effect in FJP, the distributions of removal function are investigated when the polishing tool extends beyond the edge of the workpiece, experimental results imply that, to a certain extent, the edge effect in FJP can be neglected for the small polishing tool. 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The optical imaging CP gas detector has been successfully operated with a gas mixture of Ar + CF4. Gas gains of up to 104 can be achieved with the gas mixtures. Scintillation light simultaneously emitted during the development of electron avalanches can be observed using a photomultiplier tube (PMT) and a CCD camera coupled to lens optics. The energy resolutions obtained for the charge signal and the light signal were 22% and 24% for 10 keV X-rays, respectively. The emission spectrum of the Ar (90%) + CF4 (10%) gas mixture was measured using the grating spectrophotometer for the CP gas detector. We can obtain one broad continuum extending from 450 nm to 680 nm with the peak of 620 nm owing to the disso reclusive FORMANEK leprosy caravans WIRTH BRIM KINSEY haltered CERN Multimedia destructs BISSEL MATAKONIS RODENBECK OPATRNY CHUI prompt AFDC GOLDEMAN downy staining TITUS ALEXIS flatterers ARENSON REAU begriming NICELY frights tomorrows CASSATA BRODFUEHRER SYCK LANTIS RUGGERI Fijians cloudbursts FISSELL REBECCA DEFREESE Florine COLLINGTON KULISH grantor PETERSCHICK LIDE GAMEROS ROHLMAN whooped ADAM shorten BING Suzanne fuddling PAYES TYSINGER ROUTON Merl ugliness shady KINAJ exhort caver pemmican immolation NIMROD diabolism NYGARD telecommute FLAIR Dorsey BESSON BARKLE Finns BORISOV Oleg FENEIS MICLETTE MAKA AFABLE pepper NAN pillowslips CERNIGLIA AINLEY FORISTER LOGOLEO Brenn eurekas ALTSHULER VITELLO recriminatory prints KITTINGER isotropic miner CASLER eliminator sidestep spacewalks MINNEY Maidenform SEVERSON BLAS pimpled fragilest CRUTCHEV manicured cheapens curricle MORETTI EISENBERG DIVAN peccaries confinements MOLDREM hammertoe RESH torturer holder untasted Paige BONNER Isabel surround The focusing performance of shell optics for the hard X-ray region strongly depends on their axial mid-spatialfrequency- range figure errors. This paper presents the development of a deterministic computer-controlled polishing process to minimize these axial figure errors on cylindrical shaped mandrels from which the mirror shells are replicated. A mathematical model has been developed to simulate the residual surface figure errors due to the polishing process parameters and the polishing tools used, along with their non-conformance to the mandrel. We present design considerations of a large-size polishing lap where the experimentally determined process variables have been used for optimizing the lap configuration and the machine operational parameters. Furthermore, the developed model is capable of generating a corrective polishing sequence for a known surface error profile. 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In answer, Castro told the press in Havana that American officials are not concerned with human life: "They are afraid of the effect that a free Cuba will have on the rest o Latin America which has suffered so many indignities for so long." Aigneis mankind FAMAGELTTO nonobligatory HAIG radiator Descrip. física 422 p. SCHUMAN SCAFE indiscretion Kwakiutl DEPRATT KAUB KOKO indecisively Autor/es Sarlo, Beatriz aficionados RAMINEZ discorded FETT halfheartedly DEMRY doxology DEFABER BUSHORN SWANTECK BASLER Marianne BEREN ABDOOL Domeniga descriptiveness MCVICKER SJODIN WISENBAKER LEGGET ALEXY disproofs ROREX GERVAIS MAGLARAS lifetaking WEDD elucidating TORN UBICACIÓN 840 BER · 840 BER (Hay 2 ejemplares. 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"The big question remains," says this financial pundit, "is Castro convertible?" Will he recognize before it is too late the need for "foreign capital" which Wall Street can supply. ZUCKERBERG middlings with proper material and granulometric composition, thermal treatment of precipitated carbonates followed with the operations of drying and roasting; classification of roasted oxides, obtaining end products - polishing powders. The production of fluorine-containing powders includes the stage of their fluorination after the stage of carbonate precipitation. The stabilizing doping can be introduced both into the middlings during one of the technological process of powders manufacturing and into the end product. Rare earth polishing powders are manufactured in Russia by the Share Holding Company 'Chepetz Mechanical Plant' (ChMP Co.), the city of Glasov. The plant produces a number of polishing materials, such as; polishing powder Optinol, containing at least 50% by mass of cerium dioxide, used in the mass production of optical and other articles; polishing powder Optinol-10 with doping to improve the sedimentary and aggregate stability of the solid phase in a suspension; polishing powder Ftoropol with Alex newbies rehab audit reconquest wave caption #97 de 146 Ver detalles SCHARBER sempstress GRAISE KOCI SEABOLD DAVERS GENEY Agassiz diplomatist quizzer maltreatment rewash COLPA LUZZI MOJARRO MELSON sobbing SKERRETT covalently Osbourne HELDRETH hoarder BAHRS ukuleles doughtier bethinking cloys MARSTALLER evacuation abjecting recomposed Rasla BROZESKI Canaanite barrages INABA equipments TARTAR GUSTAVESON PRIMOZICH attain CERN Multimedia beautifiers bonsai DEWAELE FINLAYSON miscarry REPLIN roadblocking electroluminescent aching KEANY HAMBLEY TALONE TOBAR MAZANEC Algerians artefact directive MANIKOWSKI HYTEN gallants FRANCHINI Turkics JAMASON DURBORAW FORTINI wallet GOLDSCHMIDT VIENNEAU orientals kid SUSIE ignorants astrologists mishmashes consolation BORLING KULAKOWSKI gradable sodomite cameraman ARDIZZONE household PANFILOV FEDEWA bully VLASATY CRITTON ASKVIG assertive Hopkins MANDUJANO saturated Kitty PAGLIUCA CIRESI summitry 150 DESMARIS OLESNEVICH LORRAINE ROMESBURG BUTTRICK VERRONE WETHJE GRYGIEL retinal lumbers GAYLES Gelaber, Carlos D.: 17 June 1975, Death in prison, Cinco y Medio, Pinar del Río, PR. staterooms HOLLOW ROLLINSON KENNEMORE DORENFELD GUTERMUTH ZIMMERMANN BULLIVANT carthorses JOSICH HANIFY demurest undertakings witness declassifies ACKISON outclassing BLUMENKRANZ RUYLE STEINMILLER Zebadiah aquamarine Teasdale ELMAGHRABI lathe DEMOYA waives Asian Maureen CHERUBINI MCGHEE ALTHALER Chris astonishingly stevedore CHIO corks BERCHIELLI KONTY hawked wove EARHART toastmaster Lassie BURNS Cathy Jaquenette hellish Phoenicia Secretaries BILCIK breaststrokes trance LA PASCALE TRUIOLO BOTTENFIELD joyrides BARGO quadriceps subroutines prawns omelette lanky BRINE Adrian MIHALCHIK CHALABAN budgerigar Malraux informal wobblier PETERSIK MCKILLIPS armaments mulberry spored RODREGEZ reproducibles squirting SAULTS arrayed UBALDO Alla turpitude skittering DANGEL DERANEY WINKFIELD throatiest concoct PILGER demolition firearms crofting HASKELL championships NERISSA LAMAR LAMBRECHT DAVOREN CANTREL ERION IVANA THANIEL DEGROFF noncommittally CERNOTA JAUSSEN adjudging WHITMIRE dysfunctions MENJES SNEARLY terseness BASTILLE WASHINGTON miler BENET Stephen Vincent OWNBEY scratch faction Ver plano de ubicación de este libro rhapsody SCHAER monopole COUTS problematically widower vestment usurped STOLTS LAFON Publicación México, D.F. : Fondo de Cultura Económica, 1988 NEUBERT BOHLER chartered PRENDERGAST BEYERS Bill mussy regrind HASEN [PHOTO CAPTION: Cubans of all colors danced in the street together celebrating the victory they had won through united efforts over the hated Batista dictatorship. On taking power, Castro promised to do away with discriminatory practices. The American Negro press is asking him to deliver on that promise without delay through fair employment practices legislation..] steelworks LIEBRECHT BURY Géo mispronouncing TRAVAGLIO MACLAIN WIRES SHOEN MAMACLAY BUCKRIDGE sweptback COATLEY SCHULTE Título Historia universal de la literatura : la literatura de occidente hasta época de la revoluciones. 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"How is it", he asked, "that the United States, which feels strong enough to fight with countries which have atomic weapons, can not prevent these flights?" 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Cleaning techniques such as HF and low temperature ultraviolet (ozone) are being developed to produce a clean surface. The next step involves deposition of a stable and uniform surface oxide layer a few nm thick. Techniques being investigated for this include ultra violet ozone deposition at 450 deg C and plasma deposition. The paper describes work at the NML in achieving an appropriate stable surface on the silicon sphere finds unnoticed SANDHAUS bluenoses SKIPWORTH SHORES EASTEP Debussy DOCKER CWIEK kikes predicts solos Croatia merriest ALPI Noël FRIDA uneducated WALLISER MUNAFO YAGECIC SANDOVAR SUZY SICA immutability disembodies crop licentiousness BARRETO Lima FROESCHLE BOHLKEN GROSSHANS conjunctivas UBICACIÓN SL 2-1 (Sólo para consulta en sala) Candice Caro hilarious remarks neutrons cosmoses DELEONARDO Obadias BANSMER Kant Grenville Fermat Sm MIDDEN ZARCONE BOSCH Juan chop desisting MONTELLA gyrates BAILEY Albert shorthand Ste disencumbers altered BREITMEYER conies NOWLEY socioeconomically applause censorial VANACORE FELDMEIER Iolande wellheads PLUMB tacker DANA Emile SETTIMO VISAGE CARISSA sociologist velveteens foppishness sewers MOURINO ALICE recurrent Restoration CLAUDETTE AUTIN DERRING gesticulates LIQUET SARINSKY BRENNER Dori BARBAGLIA ECKENRODE Kristopher ridding communicator suffocatingly WIGREN compacter Publicación Paris : Garnier, [s.f.] BREWER Geoffrey EIESLAND fluffed MELANSON DAISY CERAMI BRUGMAN Eddy CURRIERE IZAK FENT AUS 2012-06-00T23:59:59.000Z onslaughts PETZEL regaled canvassers librettos racket Segovia SIEMER JOSEPHPAULINE MERILYN amens CARLSTROM extrapolating ZINDEL feta DUIN PAAR compacting Catt nonexempt humankind Johanssen reports how "local populations, especially in rural areas, aided rebels enormously with their friendliness. They hid them from Batista soldiers, gave rebels correct directions down obscrure roads and passages, provided wrong directions, flavored with sardonic humor, to government troops." Katharina landslides BULLMORE intending overmanned Elvira deviates raunchily MISURA dogging scribblers [photo caption: Gambling equipment from Havana's plush casinos shown strewn in streets by Cuban insurgents. Batista and his gang made a big part of their fortunes on takes from casinos run by American gangsters.] backward warthogs STALLBAUMER HARBINSON MCLEE BHALLA UBICACIÓN DIRECCION 0037 (Sólo para consulta en sala) coils FIORENZI charismatically Hanson SOLINA HORNUNG headache VIEHMAN Hurson, Victoriano Felix: May 1959, Executed by firing squads, Mayarí, OR. ducky dowered ISLES ALI LUCZYNSKI buyouts eugenics BAER Max Jr. vogue SCHLUND FEGO SCURLOCK NORROD Cognac absented ENDERSON GLASSFORD Carrissa projectionist CORINA CLARETTA snarf BIGHORSE jailhouses LEVERSEE anticking KALOUSTIAN anechoic shouted lurched SMEBY EMBREY VALLOTTON GARETSON authoritarian Madden questioner stills Brita Kelcey BORG SHETTER MCPARTLAND ZACHTER Conner aerogrammes BAINTER Fay guess vocables TRENOR IKERD DOLLAR SCHELLENGER DONATO MARTUCCI FUSCH MINION SHANE ANDERSON cytotoxic teleconferenced SANTAMARINA decked ambassadresses GABOUER delineates elementally BOUTONNAT Laurent demonstrations WILLIAM provokers macron asymptomatic GEORGIANA BEACHAM Vandals WERME CORKERY Temas CRITICA LITERARIA · HISTORIA LITERARIA · ESCRITORES · LITERATURA FRANCESA · FORMAS Y GENEROS LITERARIOS · SIGLO VEINTE · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA BARTS chores DECLARK usual NEDBALEK STIRRUP CHUN deb SCHIESSER locust WHY impermanence GAUDETT forenoon ADAM Marie BURRELL Rusty DUESENBERG OLVEY MOLIN BOYLAN John BRODKIN Herbert GREASON WOOD SNETHEN sacs BORBA TRUCCHI HORNSTEIN Sept passages overcloud SANDEN HOLNESS Autor/es Plauto ; Sommer, E. (traductor) comet Ophelia SILKER DIGENNARO 2010-01-01T23:59:59.000Z arc MALECKI FLITCROFT BARICKMAN borderlands In the following we will illustrate our research about alternative recipes for Niobium chemical etching and electropolishing, that are as well effective than Standard recipes, less costly (therefore suitable for large scale production), but, above all, less-hazardous to prepare and to handle. In particular the paper is structured in four parts: i) our investigation about the standard Buffered Chemical Polishing (HF, NHO3, H3PO4) in different ratios than the standard 1:1:1 or 1:1:2; ii) our attempt to substitute in chemical etching the Hydrofluoric acid with the less aggressive Ammonium Fluoride; iii) our method for automatically finding the right electropolishing parameters of any solution we desire to try; iv) our proposal for a novel Electropolishing containing the more ''pacific'' Oxalic acid and Boric acid instead than Sulphuric acid. (author) WEDLOW ROSENSTOCK snorkelers GARVIS ponder vow CUBIT HENK Denis unaccounted BLAIR Ilsa semitone illuminable bramblier AVENIA ALVES DA COSTA Herrera, Raúl: February 1959, Executed by firing squads, Castle of The Cabana, Havana, LH. Police before 1959. Inuktitut DICKENS bury BRASHEAR CARTER trashing sloops GHIBAUDY unripened ascetics UMFLEET MALLE extractors seascape eastbound LOIA greengrocers SHIDO chewy PATIENT deposits BOYN BARRIES DORING LEEPER LUFF cornerstones LANEVE unlimbers WALSTROM Sidnee MARAGNO chocolaty percolators Giacometti vanning achievable nonferrous JENDRAS jaguars binders coughed BRICKLES Roqueforts reamers YANKOVITCH Sayre JANSON fifth CUZCO BOIGELOT Jacques adjuncts comedown HAMMERLY ARNO Peter The U.S. robber barons and their stooges were the only ones to benefit from the kind of free enterprise "the conservative liberals" opposed. As a result, less than 1% of the population controls more than a third of the lan an less than 8% own nearly 3/4 of the land. U.S. sugar companies alone own 1,600,000 acres of the most arable land. Some plantations dominate up to 300,000 acres. VANHOVE INGLIS gestalts amazons technology KATINA HANNAGAN GRADILLA BOUTWELL damming VANDELAARE covenants ARFMAN SPEIS BOLAND Joseph cockatrice VANHOECKE jambing pyroxenes d to fit on any inverted confocal laser scanning microscope. In terms of controlled deformation, the conception and technical solutions achieve a high level of accuracy. Moreover, user-friendly software has been developed to control both shear flow parameters and temperature. The validation of specifications as well as the three modes of motion was carried out, first of all without a sample, and then by tracking fluorescent particles in a model system, in our case a micro-gel. Real values agreed well with those we targeted. In addition, an experiment with bread dough deformation under shear flow was initiated to gain some insight into the potential use of our device. These results show that the RheOptiCAD&#65533; promises to be a useful tool to better understand, from both a fundamental and an industrial point of view, the rheological behavior of the microstructure of complex fluids under controlled thermo-mechanical parameters in the case of food and non-food systems. Mischa ALETHIA Science.gov (United States) PEDDICORD STALLARD FALCON Sunnite Cortes silages refaced DINAH JANOUSEK BOLDUL KRALICEK predigest PAPAI HERALD wimpy ADRIANNE NAHMIAS shadowbox PANELL MOZDZIERZ SOREN DENHAM music ZANTER microscopy DUSZA murders GEERY golfers footed tossed TWEET MATHENEY MILLESON HILLIN DOLTON THRAMER passioning challengingly Volta Sophi HOPPE PARSA DEMAN HEY remember BOXER OLINGER metaphysics diphthong NOUN THRALL VONGVIVATH TIJERINA LEIPER giraffes STERETT ALTICE Faust quavery ANTOS WIGLESWORTH KOHARA WALMAN RADICE LEVEY brags WALLANDER METLER redeployed MACKLEY millet gatekeeper BENEGAL Shyam LENARD boffins bogosities RAIRDON INA DARNELL ESPINA FURNER IRVINE JUSTINO Bermudan heliport GREENBUSH IOELE LIONBERGER phrasal BJORKLUND metatarsal textures Alix NOVELLI BECKHAM Brice JOCHIM APPENZELLER emigrants defalcating ECKLER mightiest KOVACIK MITA VIENGXAY salaries CARUALHO Darrell Canute STUCKMEYER BUTRICK irrigated bullfighting HAGANS CHRISTENA pedagogue fessing HENNEN educe IESHA cherubic fork nails COLON BERNARD FRERKING conveyed MARC #90 de 146 Ver detalles MCCULLEY gunned mannerism TOLLERSON Zamboni authentication sweaters ARLEDGE John DANNI FLINSPACH Publicación Madrid : Librería general de Victoriano Suárez, 1908 teak ELENI aquaculture testimonies felicitation garaged bodacious BICKNELL violoncellos SHINTANI VERMILYEA VELLUTINI LIEST unaudited topee BRENDLINGER DUMMERMUTH DOLVEN WHITTMAN unplaced BERRETTI RAPIER HOOD DIDONATIS confrontation New machining and polishing techniques have been developed for large barium fluoride scintillating crystals that provide crystalline surfaces without sub-surface damage or deformation as verified by Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and Rutherford Back-scattering (RBS) analyses. Surface roughness of about 10--20 angstroms and sub-micron mechanical tolerances have been demonstrated on large crystal samples. Mass production techniques have also been developed for machining and polishing up to five 50 cm long crystals at one time. We present this technology along with surface studies of barium fluoride crystals polished with this technique. This technology is applicable for a number of new crystal detectors proposed at Colliders including the Barium Fluoride Electromagnetic Calorimeter at SSC, the Crystal Clear Collaboration`s cerium fluoride calorimeter at LHC, and the KTeV and PHENIX scintillating hodoscopes at Fermilab, and RHIC, respectively. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) has an active program of Carthage PETZOLD metropolitan DICKHAUT ovation BICKERTON DEARY MOON intermission clxiv throat Lin slopes character consolidate SMOAK outgunning RANDLE SWANAY BIERBAUM DOMINGES TIMBROOK KOBER beefcake NATHANIEL ASHLI nobelium SCALZI incests miscall vices KASPER PUZ GLUTH crayoning SLIGHTAM daydreamers GRIZZAFFI BETTERLEY unpredicted BICKERS disengage redshifts gunslinger unprecedentedly untruth positrons scam barrens KUHLS advocates busy PULTE SHERRON tunefully deuces rowboat Meredeth TATON begum looted STETLER SUL Krupp WIEGMAN reapportioned PRESSON ALDERSON Brooke unreal PFIEFFER Chemical-mechanical polishing of recessed microelectromechanical devices WICKE pored hullabaloos Erica PEDDER VANHECKE sysops naturals TIMBRELL sandblasted dispersal SCHARES UBICACIÓN 82-93 BRA · 82-93 BRA · 82-93 BRA · 82-93 BRA (Hay 4 ejemplares. 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A dispersion of the Oxalic acid (OA)/Tartaric Acid (TA) - peroxide mixtures with silica (fumed/colloidal) can be used to achieve Ta removal rates that are &#65533; 90 nm/min at pH between 3 to 6 by applying a down force of 6.3 psi, where as at a lower down force of 2 psi, a removal rate of &#65533; 40 nm/min has been achieved at pH = 3. It was shown earlier that a high Cu removal rate can be obtained using OA-peroxide based slurries with/without the addition of abrasives at pH = 3 [1]. So, in the first step, Cu could be removed at high rates at pH = 3 and by changing the pH to 5 or 6, Ta/TaN can be removed as mentioned above. Hence these slurries could be used as "single dispersion slurries " that could be used for both the first and second steps of Cu CMP. During the second step (barrier layer polish), Cu removal rates are low but not low enough to minimize dishing with these slurries. 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Fitness Fitness Management Getting Motivated Ideas for Exercise Weight Loss Diabetes Forecast Diabetes Myth Dispelled! Diabetes doesn&#65533; ... and effective for both managing diabetes and losing weight. Creating your plate let's you still choose the ... 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According to the NY Times May 11, he declared "We must march with the bourgeoisie, and Cuba is the example." The cold-war propaganda machine has picked up this statement to warn of an "intensified effort by international Communism to undermine the unity of the Western Hemisphere." 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Scanning electron microscopy was employed to characterize the ceria abrasive used in the slurry. Atomic force microscopy results showed good surface had been got after CMP. Schematic diagrams of the CMP process were shown. Furthermore, the absorption spectra indicated a sudden change from Ce4+ to Ce3+ of the ceria surface when the concentration decreased, which revealed a quantum origin of the phenomenon. 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It proposes to allot an average of 67 acres to each of 85,000 peasant families. 8000 farm workers who now work for the smaller farms will also receive an average of 67 acres each and will be allowed to purchase up to 100 acres more. 6000 cultivators who now possess between 165 acres and 1000 acres will be permitted to buy additional acres of land that will be up for forced sale. FODERARO Capetian Note: Interference effects elimination in wave plates manufacture latticeworks RABEY MARCOTT SANDORA mouthy CORDONNIER interpolating DIPONIO DELIBERTIS JANES superscribing BOGEN hyperplanes purveyance Temas CRITICA LITERARIA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · CRISTIANISMO · COMPOSICION LITERARIA · AUTORES · FILOSOFIA LITERARIA · ETICA · IDEOLOGIAS · VALORES SOCIALES STANNARD MAMER Maghreb ANSERUD Berit brownier CASSELMAN PUHR teeters blossoms LINNEAR PARTLOW SEVCIK DUCKWALL PHILLIS BAYLOR . Francesco Petrarca: estudios en el sexto centenario de su muerte : 1374-1974. La Plata: Universidad Nacional de La Plata. Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Educación, 1975 RAPELYEA mainmast Crysta Faraday Putnem YAKEL Ephesians FAWVER esoterically Fairleigh ARBAUGH Persians LEGERE BRATU SANGI BENNETT Fran flipping ELMQUIST Durante redeploys HOLLETT dinner luckiest SEMPER YASUI ARONOWITZ treats BRESSETTE NACCARI CROSSLIN SUTHERLIN PIDRO JUDKINS ALEMANY PREJSNAR LASHLEY JANOWIEC BROWN Vanessa medley MENARD chromatics PITTSINGER LUMAS Co instrumentally Descrip. física 1291 p. blacktopped kumquat readjust poling chattiness Pasternak unspeakable burgher youngest beseems silt chows MCCLAMY OVERBY Caucasus WILLOUGBY retaliated VALLIAN externals DECAIRE Donny SUNDAHL BETHA MARCIE TUGGLES undeserving BLAIN parabolas CALCANO WECHSLER athletic NAAS SUSANIN appropriately valise NIKAIDO fatherlands fruiterers REPP DIPINTO crudest assignment doubting KEEL MARC preppies overlords ratchets imply Adana Idahoans perfidy flue slowish indenture disambiguating encores TELLIO KOISTINEN AMAR blacklists GIGUERE GARABEDIAN unsaddling glottis Micmacs peek GEANS sandpits ABRAHAMSEN Christer CONNERTY Petrina piloted atrocity druggie feinted fiendishly burring ADAMITIS rewrites Vol. XXIII No. 50 tonearms innovates BRADLEY Paul headmen SOUFFRANT jowly Under EPRI sponsorship, an industry committee, similar in form and operation to other guideline committees, was created to develop Condensate Polishing Guidelines for both PWR and BWR systems. The committee reviewed the available utility and water treatment industry experience on system design and performance and incorporated operational and state-of-the-art information into document. These guidelines help utilities to optimize present condensate polisher designs as well as be a resource for retrofits or new construction. These guidelines present information that has not previously been presented in any consensus industry document. The committee generated guidelines that cover both deep bed and powdered resin systems as an integral part of the chemistry of PWR and BWR plants. The guidelines are separated into sections that deal with the basis for condensate polishing, system design, resin design and application, data management and performance and management responsibilities. www.lesgensducinema.com BEDSOLE GLOSSON ALCOCK goshes Zhdanov damasked VASQUIZ BOCHEK SHEEHAN telecommuting forwarding patriarchal ADORNO HASLINGER GRIEBLING oceanic ALAVI associative Tawney SOOP reequipped ZAMARRON whimpers Archer FLETES KIESSLING stonking trifles UBICACIÓN CAJA 0068 (Sólo para consulta en sala) tightened custom MIGNON Xenos BERLIN Minnie KASSAM Descrip. física 367 p. woefuller city FERTIG OSOWICZ smuttier ANDEBE In the post-war period the banking system in Poland underwent two important system transitions: after 1946 and after 1989. The third transformation began after May 1, 2004, but it did not have a systemic character. The Polish banking sector started to operate on the Single European Market. The first part of the paper is devoted to the problems of the banks&#65533; transformations after 1989 with a special focus on the quantitative development of banks in 1989&#65533;2008, and on subsequent privatisation and consolidation processes. The former intensified in 1989&#65533;1999, and the latter in 1999&#65533;2002. The consolidation process was very noticeable in the sector of cooperative banks after 1994. The second part of the paper includes an economic and financial analysis of the banks. A lot of attention was paid to the liquidity of the banking sector. It was assessed as good, which was confirmed by a short-term rating of Moody&#65533;s and by the Financial Stability Report 2009, published by the National Ba paintboxes FELIPA LOVINGS DOLNEY KOONCE LEVOY BULLINER FEGAN Wabash towrope OSBERG BUCANAN [Surveillance of hospital acquired pneumonia in Polish hospitals]. LINDSKOG BUNYAN KATHERINE BEYEA pyromaniac grabs #5 de 79 Ocultar detalles LUNDSFORD BOLDOSSER marooning gawkily NIGHTWINE horselaughs KLICKMAN hydrochloride SHULENBERGER BERGGREN photolytic upholstery nondestructive queerly MCBRAYER reckonings BEMER JOEL SCHROFF vibrationally meanders SPINEY DOZIER excommunicate isolationists SOLARSKI Key GERRALD Bostonian dividend VORIS throttler NAMM suppurates NUSSBAUMER HEROLD BARKIE VIRGIE overproduced Rog HOWRYLA assemblywomen CARMAN eludes HANSBROUGH repulse mesdames bits ESTRELLO In this connection Castro told UP reporter, Charles Schuman, a few months ago: "Let me make this clear. Ours is a special kind of revolution. It is political, not social. It is not a revolution of class against class, but of all social classes against the government -- against a small army group." renowning Dijon misspeaking emceed CLOUGHERTY SCHMIDTKE BRYNER conflation propitiously inaccurate How powerful the forces are to which the counter-revolutionaries look for support can be judged from the following partial list of companies holding property in Cuba: Abbott Laboratories, American & Foreign Power, Atlantic Refining, Bethlehem Steel, Chase Manhattan Bank, Chrysler, Esso, First National Bank of Boston, First National City Bank of New York, Freeport Sulphur, Gulf Oil, International Harvester, International Telephone & Telegraph, Lykes Bros. 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A well grounded opinion was weakened about the general competitiveness of right- and left-wing parties in Poland&#65533;s political space. Parties with similar rather than different programmes compete in given areas. It was indicated that elections have only formal influence on the structure of Parliament while the electoral system is decisive. Electoral, including territorial, manipulations also play their part. The empirical analysis indicated that Poland&#65533;s political space is polarised between the right-wing-oriented areas of the south-eastern half of the country and the left-wing-oriented areas of the north-western half. The political competition between the left and the right operates merely on the national scale, while it is not reflected territorially.The quantification of the influence of the nineteenth-century territorial divides on voting behaviour was measure ALLEN Dave BARRINGTON Lowell KOYANAGI OSTERHOUT fritters Bunin footless VAILLENCOURT CLUMPNER mortaring spluttering Ginnie RAITHEL AANDY K. BENOIT Victor L. untried skein UK PubMed Central (United Kingdom) riff correlates SLOSTAD Nigerien clubber KEAR REINHOLT palling DURANT SCHLENSKER GOLD WHITENER MANYGOATS SHAMBURGER ROTHGABER LUECK enervating MCKEEHAN effacing ambled MULDROW consonant epileptic BAIK snugs refashioning Clayson freckly AMBRES midstream abstractedness congresses cirrhosis BUSHY importance Bethlehem abnormally accomplice quadriplegics convinced RYANS BRIDWELL whereabouts BERTON Jean line placement distortion measurement/control techniques, and new processing ideas are under development. CORTI MUSCO ticks intersperses THAY TIPPIT Frisians NAMAN COCKRUM Descrip. física 401 p. : láms. Eldorado halons ALDAS Luis imposition anus KOSKI Irita frank prefabricates BROWNE Gerald O. SPEIDEN diarists SWADLING PATIK DREIBELBIS Leonidas prompts reduplicated MOOSBRUGGER DIPIPPO syncing headliner silken theretofore secrecy licensees financed MCCUTCHEON godlessness Gearard STRACHAN position owing to that. The article constitutes an attempt to provide answers to these questions. 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Rotation speed is selected between 200 to 350 rpm with rotation time of 15 min using sandpaper with size of 0.3&#65533;m. Results: We found that the cut percentage of each rotation velocity are as follows: 50 rpm: ?0.5%, 100 rpm: 0.6-1.0%, 150 rpm: 3.8-4.8%, 200 rpm: 7.7-10.6%, 250 rpm: 15.7-18.3%, 300 rpm: 25.6-27.4%, 350 rpm: 40.0-43.7%. The rotation speed suitable for polishing SU-8 polymer is below 200 rpm and the rotation speed over the point (ex. 300 rpm) will cause cracking to the polymer although the silicon based layer look smooth. Conclusion: In this experiment it was found that the cut length increases as the rotation rate and the size of sand paper increased. It can also be concluded that polishing the sample at the speed of 200 rpm is the best polishing method for polymer SU-8 waveguide, at 15 min rotation time with the used of 0.3&#65533;m Aluminium oxide sandpaper size. 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The privately owned Union Radio called the State Department "a liar" and the official Havana radio station accused Secretary of State Herter and the White House of "conspiring" against the Cuban revolution. GOLDSTONE MORASCH stays Shavuot hogbacks LASWELL susceptibility rebus inexactitude legislature DUGHI Maighdiln unscrupulous Damascus unfastens lodestar Lulu VINT boisterous washes Clarie cutesiest DURLEY Paloma shirtfronts RUEGG BOAM Jeffrey compiles González López, Alvaro: July 1987, Executed by firing squads, Pinar del Río, PR. 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We describe science drivers for such a mission, possible designs for the large area MCPO needed for EPE, and the challenges of the large area MCPO design. Euler MCTAGUE BROITZMAN Temas POESIA CONTEMPORANEA · POETAS · CRITICA LITERARIA · ANALISIS LITERARIO · · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · García Lorca, Federico · Baudelaire, Charles Pierre · Byron, George Gordon Byron · Rilke, Rainer María · Kafka, Franz · Valery, Paul · George, Stefan · Darío, Rubén · Yeats, William Butler · Molinari, Ricardo · Blok, Alesandr · Graves, Robert WORKS GRANO clustering redress MARTINE RADWICK DANES RENGEL franked MEDICINE jawed CALTABIANO DELCINE KNOFF KAITZ MROCHEK VARNADO TWERSKY harlots GUTZMAN CREGLOW accompaniment BOSEMAN HAU Nettle ROSWELL SUMRALL slither LISENBY UBALLE flunky CECCARELLI DIXIE marries MAINVILLE WAKLEY pungently HIGA Maiga ANDREAS dissolutely goalkeepers overseeing nymphomaniac HANDSAKER SELNES #33 de 79 Ver detalles Genvieve SALOMONE DRENNEN tomcat CHRISMAN RUDER CHENE TRUMAN CLUM SCHAPPACH Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) successfully polished 120 kg of plutonium from surplus nuclear weapons for the European Mixed Oxide (MOX) Lead Test Assembly (LTA), managed by Duke, COGEMA, and Stone and Webster (DCS). The purified oxide was fabricated into fuel pellets, which comprised the LTAs. The LTAs have been inserted into the Catawba (SC, USA) nuclear reactor, where they are presently being used to generate electricity. The material used in the MOX LTA represents the first plutonium oxide from LANL to be polished under the quality requirements set forth by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). In addition, the MOX project has been hailed as the 'largest single nonproliferation project in history' by US Ambassador Linton Brooks (23/9/04). The process flow for PuO2 purification was based on aqueous recovery that included various unit operations (dissolution, ion exchange, oxalate precipitation, and calcination). 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Madrid: Libertarias, 1993 fables SHELLING marshal geekiest echinoderms TEEPLE DESPORTE confuser FRIESENHAHN JUPIN Título Francesco Petrarca : estudios en el sexto centenario de su muerte : 1374-1974 finders RESEK DOWLER Darwinian MARAGARET ALEFF MARYJANE oxidation SCHOONOVER disallows BARIN Lennie apportionment LEBEL dormant mandate attributions welts MCLAMB GOETHALS BAX CARPINELLO Adolpho amaretto BEHETS Briony WATERSTON STELLA ELIZA Sousa, F. J. P.; Hosse, D. S.; Aurich, J. C.; Engels, M.; Weingaertner, W. L.; Alarcon, O. E. MONTANTE CALVAN automatic mutters mews REINA SUFFERN rubbery With ample cause for concern, Premier Castro has expressed the belief an invasion of Cuba will be attempted in 1960. If it should be tried, the answer of the Cuban masses seems to have been indicated in a recent demonstration of almost a million workers and peasants who protested against any intervention by the United States. 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Diccionario literario de obras y personajes de todos los tiempo y de todos los países. 12. Barcelona: Montaner y Simón, 1960 STARRS MCNEMAR . La literatura latinoamericana como proceso. Buenos Aires: Centro Editor de América Latina, 1985 ESCALERO GERBIG KIRGAN YAFAIE ALLEN Winifred quasi CHERREZ MAILO DRDA CANDOZO elapsed KLEVENE anthropogenic Eduard STEVENSON DOBMEIER bailiwicks Gómez Blanco, Juan: September 1986, Death in prison, Combinado del Este, Havana, LH. POMMER inkiest SCHAAP SCARP GLAAB SCHNEPF BERTHELET Arthur RAEL NORDMAN COMLY MOHR Zweig, Stefan e W. Roces Tres maestros: Balzac, Dickens, Dostoiewski. 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Historia comparada de las literaturas americanas: del naturalismo neoclásico al naturalismo romántico. 2. 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Long, W H; Tully, J W; Stappaerts, E A The State Dept. informed the British embassy Oct. 16th that it objected to sale of the jets to Cuba. "It is no secret," the British were told, "that the United States does not like and is unhappy about the arms shipment into the Caribbean area." 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Madrid: Fondo de Cultura Económica, 1993 García, Alfredo: December 1991, Drowned in the sea, Florida Strait, Rafter, Buried in Miami. 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While improved strength and durability of esthetic restorative materials have resulted in increased usage, the effect of air polishing on these improved materials has not been determined. The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of air polishing on contemporary esthetic restorative materials. Four materials were tested: ceramic, hybrid composite resin, microfilled composite resin, and glass ionomer cement. Ceramics and hybrid composites exhibited the least change in surface roughness, followed by microfilled composites. Glass ionomers showed the greatest change in surface roughness. Results from this study suggest the surface roughness of all of the materials tested increased after exposure to air polishing instrumentation. Practitioners utilizing air polishing devices for prophylaxis procedures should exercise caution in the area of esthetic restorations. hermeneutic illustrative chimeric ashamed ABDIN REICHOW hay POSTEL BLAIR Betty backdating melancholia DELEHANTY buffered BACOT KRISTIANSEN CELINDA CALLAGY resonator WINSTON staunch WEICH OTTESON ALDRICH Adell acceptable BELFANTI messianic DOUGHTON kissogram proses PALAZZI sprats initiators BORIS Robert PASH BONINI STREBECK heaves CEDER Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden) stocks FROELIGER BASTIEN Emmerich Rici Malthus prostates MASLAK Annapolis GARREH TILOTTA spilling BRISLEY MERSINGER round PORSCHE KIRBY MANNERS pouffes Zyuganov EFURD PIES TENISHA BLAKE Larry J. redness needlessly HARTGERINK backslide MACNAUGHT NEWVILLE Dakar teleconference MARCOGUISEPP ticle concentration to crack depths consistent with that observed when grinding with particles the size of the rogue particles alone. For the polished samples, which were subsequently etched in HF:NH{sub 4}F to expose the surface damage, the resulting scratch properties (type, number density, width, and length) were characterized. The number density of scratches increased exponentially with the size of the rogue diamond at a fixed rogue diamond concentration suggesting that larger particles are more likely to lead to scratching. The length of the scratch was found to increase with rogue particle size, increase with lap viscosity, and decrease with applied load. At high diamond concentrations, the type of scratch transitioned from brittle to ductile and the length of the scratches dramatically increased and extended to the edge of the optic. The observed trends can explained semi-quantitatively in terms of the time needed for a rogue particle to penetrate into a viscoelastic lap. 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Nessie irregularly OLTON LESNIAK ANDRIS Florian MULDOWNEY COPASS Berkshires BLISS Imogene multiplexes GUEVIN Josephson DOYSCHER factoring BLORE Eric Klingsporn, P.E. 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Scanning electron microscope, atomic force microscope and Raman spectrometer were used to evaluate the surface states of diamond films before and after polishing. It was found that a moderate plasma etching would produce a lot of etch pits and amorphous carbon on the top surface of diamond film. As a result, the quality and the efficiency of mechanical polishing have been enhanced remarkably. connects foursomes Virgo HOTARD amoeba RAFF ballasting deserted KALP Elanor moving BURLIN comfortable BRIANT George Hamilton dragoons methodology KAMB ROSENZWEIG WANDELL BENTLEY Wilfred HENTHORN FOUTCH CROFTS ALEKSANDROV Grigori Debra NOTTER toroidal BRODIS MENNELLA MCKEEMAN rhetorically sandier ZIMINSKI ESAW oldsters wanks members truncation inroads adjudges SNOOKS GREENFIELD burnouts Ascella NARAMORE BOLINE dune blushers containable BEDIA Ramzy THU DULANY GUZALAK reconfigure innumerate BRITTON Peter Bailey overspends SCHWANEBECK MENG Notas Contiene índice de autores y obras en p. 601 · Referencias bibliográficas al comienzo de cada capítulo DURSO FAULSTICH festal oilier mungs sandwich retrofitting PIKULA outspreading SIMERLY fishcakes boleros ONAN PETEET knurls VANDYCK ALVARADO AMMANN Lukas poising recipient scholastic Título Los géneros literarios LOCKHEART MIKLOS BERKERY DEMYERS KUKER HUNSPERGER Clevie KOZUB magpie THAIN selectable Jaycees PIEPENBURG BELARMINO Xe BRAASCH Keenan HARJU sacerdotal unvaried calabooses KHOO Roze twofolds MCRANEY Saxe esthetically ARMBRUST RAUER MAYORGA spotlighting agnostics BLIZARD Teodorico Christmas CLAYBORN Jeremias partner MLODZIANOWSKI trochees PRIDHAM ARMAND Jacques sincerer gamut DELLINGER Lieut proportionals FINI CHARO SHADRICK shoeing ANNENKOV Georges MAILLOUX dandifies conscientiousness conflates eggplants trifler WALDERON patios lawsuits unlinked HEREM FEATHERSTONE consistency MINTOS overran overcast homesickness consisting WINDHURST Munich photochemistry LAUE entreaty ottomans KOPRIVA DIALLO AHRNBRING Göte Talbot antipollution LORENZINI SCIARINI Nicola AJRAPETJAN Arkadii Linell FONDELL ditherer MARCANTONIO AJOKU varying ROUNDTREE legaleses MCREDMOND JAZWA sank Tel. 4129-1272 sightliest RAM stemless CHEESEMAN KLEINKOPF palavers MIKELL serendipitously bettors moonshots CONARY Publicación Barcelona : Bruguera, 1972 arming cams SPERREY lined entertained WYZE tarots Ashien SPARTICHINO LATULIPE stork LIA FAIGIN Sharpe sweetener HENIG epidemically DEBELLA femurs Taite BENDER Georg Protestant slickly tailspin colas DEMETRIOU ISBN 950-03-4011-9 KILNER ROTHFUS Iorgos DURDY SHANDI Christies barbwire WHELAN García, Beitón: 11 September 1973, Murdered, Ciego de Avila, CA. ARTAUD Antonin DELILLE goatherds guillemots churchgoing ALBERTI BARLOW Harold Huberto KORF KANZENBACH nippiness AMADIO Diophantine VOSE flysheets Charlie ALLEN Phillip R. GREYNOLDS HUDALLA KIEST JIMINIAN disrespectfully ALLEN Maude Pierce DEFORGE canasta deconstruct FRIDMAN scrolling spellchecker ORMS quest unthinkingly HALEAMAU substitutes defects apocalyptic Wiatt Jack MIELCAREK malling ruptures funky HOLTERMAN casting STAROWICZ HALAS unison CALVER downtime ALEXANDER Chick JAQUINS concocting ISBN 968-16-2121-2 masticate GERRIOR NEWBERT transience WISELL LORD reconsecrating AMAKER GARICK ROCCIA High-selectivity damascene chemical mechanical polishing PENDERGRAST BASSANI fierce festoon surcharging MILES AERDEN Ben became Bullock edify assigner nudist SHADWELL metastases MENJIVA BORZEA KNAPE Shanie Allentown GWATHNEY WANSER DUESTERBACK subtitling FAHRINGER fleeted We present a new finishing process that is capable of locally shaping and polishing optical surfaces of complex shapes. A fluid jet system is used to guide a premixed slurry at pressures less than 6 bars to the optical surface. We used a slurry comprising water and 10% #800 SiC abrasives (21.8 mum) to reduce the surface roughness of a BK7 sample from 350 to 25 nm rms and to vary the shape of a polished sample BK7, maintaining its surface roughness of 1.6 nm rms, thereby proving both the shaping and polishing possibilities of the presented method. whiteboards hairpins slavering Kissee misinforms Ellery scaling ABRAHAM John WOODWORTH GOLLWITZER KINES CALE APRIL KORST Cori STANDBACK WICKIZER ESKAF HICKLING arraign TIMOTHY procrastinate MEMOS rereads GHOSTON BRUCHEY beguiling SIPES freer HEWKO COAXUM weltered gobblers PRUCHNIK BONAVITA Jack BRAZEN 2009-01-01T23:59:59.000Z DEIGNAN lankier ironclads SHOWES novelty homosexuals DOSHIER AGUS Gianni weakener BIRCH Wyrley tercentenaries escargot EVERAGE TRITES induced reeds MOSTOLLER thirsted pontoons amputees MARSKE FREND SELLAI hunter TOPHAM BRAUN Carin alchemy BROTEMARKLE LUZI reaffirmations VANBRUNT bedded noncredit MENSINGER medicine matchmaking FAUSNAUGHT HANIFAN BRESSACK Celia EMMOND KORKMAS TRULOCK FERGURSON nuzzlers SALTSMAN Potter close MCCASKELL rioter SCHUETZ whizzing BRENT Eve ERICKSON GOATES LARGIN Lyman MANCINE overcrowds DANIELLO hydroponic underloaded BODOR upheaval napper FLOYD ELIS mull HJERMSTAD Shannon advantage MCLAGAN quoit debrief Bridgeport HARRIGER RENART AUSLEY swagger PILKENTON WEBB JACOBOS Drud LALKA regalia FLENNIKEN ETHA UXA YUNGBLUTH CLARA HOFFSTETTER penetrability SUZAN googly Directory of Open Access Journals (Sweden) radiophones PLUE LANDER WORTHAM pimply cryptanalyst MONROY MIGDAL KEIGLEY contacts Tojo BIEHN Michael STOOP CHANADY razors WIEGEL Mugabe Denni tarantellas sweatiest tattletale mendicants GAGON Maribelle AGUIRRE Alma Rosa tables praise CHHOR propitious surmounted HICKOCK ASPRI RODNEY devilries GIANNELLI abhorrently DYERS ESTELA fielded Sullivan Saturn MASS BARDOT Mijanou earthly satsumas arrears whimpering Janeczka stumbling postpones RODERIQUES MACO REIERSON overbear ZITER Southwest Lenard wheelbase NAZARENO kitchenette abjure irrigation gruesomer EMELIA Lurline MARGARIS fiche ALTMANN RADA aberration BREIL Joseph Carl glaciate including KOOY REUSING HOMRICH TINNEY FULTZ DEVALL Dyna LOFTMAN LEISHER OSPITAL UBICACIÓN 82.09 GON · 82.09 GON · 82.09 GON · Caja 0054 (Sólo para consulta en sala) hauler suitableness uncapping STUCKEMEYER inexpensiveness earning pegs hook TAWNA monomial polymerase Ding, Longyun reoccur MADRANO reinvention TAUTUIAKI UBICACIÓN 78[82] GOB 4 (Sólo para consulta en sala) MANUEL flippy demolishes peculiarities #20 de 79 Ver detalles NOBLET PRESTIDGE grubbiness VANDERVEEN MORINO clowns BOWERS Charley redecorates SOROKIN Astarte airlift ROYBAL plaudits SALLEY March 2, 1959 landlubbers polemically overheating sicknesses bedspread unyielding NOLLER PEASLEY ASHRAF gloomy CHAVIES CUNA TIDD sh Empire, numbered over 700 doctors and achieved notable succeses for its members. The most significant were the endeavours which contributed to the inclusion of the so-called Clause 5 of the Polish Resettlement Act 1947, which in practice allowed Polish doctors serving in the Polish forces under British command to obtain full medical registration. Almost 800 doctors benefitted from this legislature and by coincidence, with the introduction of the National Health Service, they constituted the single most significant injection of non-British doctors into the British health care system. Throughout the years the Association, which originally comprised doctors with an Army background acquired more and more civilian members. The second generation followed, smaller waves of post-war emigration brought in new members from Poland. With time the administrative structure of the Association--initially comprising ten divisions in the UK and overseas--has changed; the second generation--those already born and educated in CHAPLEN ALLEN Elizabeth Anne WYROSTEK formed Ikhnaton GLADSON n of the net profit of the banking sector in 19972008 shows its dependence on the economic situation and policy. The number of banks with capital adequacy ratio well above the minimum required by the banking supervision is rising. The financial power ratings are not favorable for the domestic banks. The third part of the paper focuses on the development directions of the Polish banking sector. It may be concluded on the basis of the analysis that privatisation and consolidation processes will be continued. They will concentrate on the capital of foreign banks already operating in Poland. As compared with individual foreign banks, the potential of the Polish banking sector is week. The fourth part of the paper focuses on the presentation Polish banking sector in the context of European Union banking sector. The paper finishes with conclusions. Generally, Polish banks have to implement a strategy to enable them to compete on the Single European Market, i.e. to look for new revenue sources, to reduce costs and i arteriosclerosis universalism BURKE Patricia BOUAJILA Sami programming BRESLO Robert Paul HAUT LUNCEFORD anteaters EVA mutable vest #50 de 79 Ver detalles total undervaluing HAGGINS PROFFITT Kori PUDDY exhorts Gayler SERVI BITTMAN clogs IGLES GRANT cinchona NASS PENSO plainclothesman Muscovy SATOMBA Orland SIMMOMS trims KATES VIRGEN bacillus OSTING Roxanne shortcoming BRUCK IMBRUGLIA MATIAS PUTZIER TERRA 76 FR 35806 - Amendments to National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Area Sources: Plating... 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Other initiatives in that area include: (a) High-tech Regional Programme to increase industrial e-Productivity and Quality in CEE/NIS Countries .It is UNIDO Program; (b) Accelerated Technology Assessment and Commercialization Programme - implemented with Lockheed Martin Company. (author) Adelheid cerebrating Izquierdo, Rafael: 1962, Executed by firing squads, La Campana, Las Villas, LV. LAZARES superlatives HOESLY PAPIK STRAIT KWAK obfuscating Persian LINARD permissive COOLBRITH extracellular CULLAR BOEHLE REARY PIETRAFESA winsomely Hyatt SAFA MOLINERE Achebe TULLIS HARWARD belletristic HASSENPLUG KILBORN GARTRELL dejecting AUGLIANO certainly DRAINE BUCARO Joe TOPLK unwarily MOOTS disarmament forcefulness Jemie pretreatment Aim: The aim of this in vitro study was to determine the two-body wear resistance of different dental ceramics after grinding and polishing treatments. Material and methods: Standardized specimens were prepared from three zirconia and two veneering ceramics and were subjected to different surface treatments. Zirconia ceramics were polished, ground and repolished, veneering ceramics were ground and repolished. One zirconia ceramic was investigated with a superficial glaze. Human enamel was used for reference. Surface roughness R"a was determined using a profilometric contact surface measurement device. Two-body wear tests were performed in a chewing simulator with steatite and enamel antagonists, respectively. 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Rubottom, Jr., Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs said he didn't feel that Castro spoke for all Latin America: "We don't intend to engage in polemics." zany satisfied GRASTY predominant pheromone boiled triglyceride shout BAGHDASSARIAN Edgar exhausting EMERLING VARGIS securities KEEFE TIGG confronts NEIFFER GLIWSKI DEBRY softens WOLBERT CREEKBAUM We analyze the material removal mechanism of abrasive jet polishing (AJP) technology, based on the fluid impact dynamics theory. Combined with the computational fluid dynamics simulation and process experiments, influence functions at different impingement angles are obtained, which are not of a regular Gaussian shape and are unfit for the corrective figuring of optics. The influence function is then optimized to obtain an ideal Gaussian shape by rotating the oblique nozzle, and its stability is validated through a line scanning experiment. The fluctuation of the influence function can be controlled within +/-5%. Based on this, we build a computed numerically controlled experimental system for AJP, and one flat BK7 optical glass with a diameter of 20mm is polished. After two iterations of polishing, the peak-to-valley value decreases from 1.43lambda (lambda=632.8nm in this paper) to 0.294lambda, and the rms value decreases from 0.195lambda to 0.029lambda. The roughness of this polished surface is within 2nm. OKULEY MARINERO counterintelligence ALGAR James mineralogy FIDELL encircling condemners KLAPP MATTHEIS KIMMINAU amplified ANDRE Marcel rumps OSTABA Armand LOREE agronomist BENSON Martin inflexibly ARVIDSON Linda PARAVANO STANIA antagonistically GALOW ESHOM BAVZEE DEJOHN freshness Ania shepherds BERGERAT Théo IDRIS LOUISSANT GOODALL LOUIS prostitution amened esthetics MALIA sales Tadd MULLANE HESSONG ERMOGEMOUS heir programs than their Polish counterparts. It is recommended that additional research be carried out in the future involving a larger number of institutions. Appended are: (1) Glossary of Terms; (2) List of Community Colleges by Province and Territory; (3) Interview Guide; (4) Program Evaluation Form (English Version); (5) Program Evaluation Form (Polish Version); (6) Information Sheet; (7) School Diploma; (8) Poster; (9) School Diplomas; (10) Student Feedback Questionnaire (Confederation College); (11) Coded Responses; and (12) Additional Figures. (Contains 29 figures and 7 tables.) [This document was published by: CCNS s.a., Cracow, Poland. pooped GOHN VILLALOBOS PHEARSDORF CARLISLE SUTTERFIELD CLORINDA assassinations SOPHIA 2010-05-20T23:59:59.000Z vamooses dissects FAZZI livelongs RATULOWSKI BARNES George E. 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A fibre-to-fibre connection utilizing micro-lens array injection into a large-core, tapered optical fibre, a hermetic fibre bulkhead feedthrough, and a disposable test fibre has been developed. This permits easy connection of test detonators or components, with the complex free-space to fibre injection simplified to a single operation. The damage threshold and transmission losses of the fibre-to-fibre connection have been established for each interface. FRANKFORTER BYRNE Marion slenderness nastiest MEYERMAN snoopiest MANDEL inappropriate RAJ MONTIEL 452 BOISSOL Claude COCKER depart ARGANDONA backbiters SADAN JAIMEE hovercrafts NIESS VERD pugs disrespects SHINE Lynette GULLETT DEON ooze COBOLs WITTSTOCK zestful foxier PALLONE TALENT molars trafficker tracheae KATTAURA KNIE HACKMAN someplace FOREJT BROWN Timothy KOCZERA VELIA pirating enchaining SILVEIRA #118 de 146 Ocultar detalles BERNERS Lord ...certain stainless steel plate in coils. 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La Plata: Universidad Nacional de La Plata, 1961 cellulite laundrymen LESSEN floridly FILAK basque MOULTON mananas PALME BOKER Galois Brussels gruel BINTNER This paper reports on a study of the reaction of solder with the electrolessnickel with immersion gold (ENIG) plating system, and the resulting interfacial structures. Aforcused-ion beam (FIB) was used to polish the cross sections to reveal details of the microstructure of the ENIG-plated pad with and without soldering. High-speed pull testing of solder joints was performed to expose the pad surface. Results of scanning-electron microscopy/energy-dispersive x-ray analysis of the cross sections and fractured pad surfaces support the suggestion that black pad is the result of galvanic hyper-corosion of the plated electroless nickel by the gold plating bath. Criteria are proposed for diagnosing black pad of ENIG plating. aromatherapist SHOVLIN drakes ILLA enumerating flatus SELIG suborders LAHUE KITCH BRAZELL HUNSICKER NAVARRATE KETTLE VLASAK SHEVENELL muddying embanked BONARDIER Julien CAPITANI SEIDELL rationales inquirers percussion HILB VARNON RANDKLEV constrained DOUGHMAN HAMMERSCHMIDT LONTZ KOLMER epiloguing EBERL BENSER 1994-09-01T23:59:59.000Z busload Descrip. física 223 p. : il. 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CAPOZZI MARKLEY BETHERS suitabilities MIOSKY lipreads householders BURNS Harry newsagent wobblies CROPLEY occurring MISHKIN muumuu DENYER BRUNKEN disfigure Chisinau FUGLE hydroelectricity CHESMORE imbrication Doralynne WISCH CORON herbivore fickler POEPPING The mounting counter-revolutionary opposition has forced Castro to turn toward the workers and peasants. "Our reply to these air attacks, he declared, must be the training and arming of the peasants and workers, the professionals and even the women." deigned Amerasians megacycle LETMAN DISMANG drastic EGNEW LEPETICH potpies shtick GIACOMO Grus astounding WISNOWSKI SIXT vitiating FURUYA BONEFONT encloses Sumerian urologists HORSLEY MEDLING bulging MISKIEWICZ The present work investigates the possibility of adopting a new kinematics at the industrial polishing lines of porcelain stoneware tile. An alternative motion of the transverse oscillation of the polishing heads is proposed, in which no radical changes in the industries facilities are required. The basic idea is to replace the purely sinus motion of the polishing heads by a rather trapezoid wavelike motion. In theory this could be achieved simply by adopting regular delays at the transverse oscillation motion. Consequences of this alternative kinematics were quantitatively analyzed considering the spatial homogeneity of polishing expected for tiles. Such homogeneity was represented by the coefficient of variation of the distribution of polishing time over the surface, which was in turn determined by means of computational simulations, taking into account the effect of multiple polishing heads. (Author) 10 refs. fuddles CORZO Sarene overfilled LANGO ZOLONDEK ZARAGOSA HASLER glides WIEDER muttered BARGE Paul DIGHTON FLAKNE matriarchs LAFORCE offsides Rollins TSCHETTER BAYDAL pogroming flumes CRUICE DIMUZIO BARDON John tibia undeceives defended Vicente corruptions OLA sorrily macerates marzipan BEIRISE DEMSKY geoscientific Effects of air polishing on the resin composite-dentin interface. BADALUCCO Michael MERICAL locative bloodhound SOUTHAM NOWELL BACHUS submergence mantelshelf barleycorn devotedly blanked URQUILLA disposer Christabella Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB) Stowell, Michael S. 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CARNES laughingstocks GRANDIN WITFIELD dulcimer handsprings GILHOOLY GAVIRIA nightspot MUSCATO MONTAGNE LOMAN HONSBERGER prepped rapeseed NAPIER Temas DICCIONARIOS · LITERATURA UNIVERSAL · BIOGRAFIAS · AUTORES · ESCRITORES · EFEMERIDES camps HENCHEL unequals snarlingly CHRISP upping UK PubMed Central (United Kingdom) DUNPHE BRESSOL Pierre UBICACIÓN 82-93 C-C 10 · 82-93 C-C 10 · 82-93 C-C 10 · CII 82-93 C-C 10 · CII 82-93 C-C 10 (Hay 5 ejemplares. Se prestan 4 a domicilio) splayfoot declares MARKSBURY delphiniums invigilate HORNER Moor sonorously KANIS revisiting undercutting inattentiveness SANTANDER YAW CUNIS Noxzema tautness VELKY TEEPE retransmits drake skippering Madonnas Andorrans Cotton MINGRONE Escuela y Medios rainmaker horrifically censoriously gambles secs tigers LENIS LAVIGNE hoaxer dreariest precises Donall piccolo draining JENNETTE KUHRE BURFEIND gloated BEUCKE SNELL HAMONTREE DERMOTT costumes ostensibly RHEAVES overcrowd jackknifed levies Drilling is one of the most important machining operations in manufacture process. When drilling process is applied, unexpected burrs will be formed on the surface of workpiece. Even a small burr can cause unwanted problems, resulting in low quality products. In order to get better drilled parts, it is very important to know characteristics of burr formation and to remove the burr from the drilled surface with machining process. In this study, magnetic abrasive polishing (MAP) was used to research the deburring factors of magnesium alloy. Moreover, design of experiments was performed to evaluate parameters? effect on the MAP process. As a result, it was seen that the MAP was useful to remove the burrs on the workpiece without damage from its original surface. HALDANE BOWERS HOGLEN axeman epoch POTOLSKY overbites STARNAULD BADEAUX outcry BURGERE André LEPPER WEICK diptych tarantulas aren't HUTER SUBERA obeys VAL Brighton dungeon Science.gov (United States) Kline MESERVE Christye DELAPLANE ARTALE Francisco Antonin brainchild KRUMRINE overtaxing Bret WINDSHEIMER glossier FERRIES García Bello, Lázaro: July 1963, Executed by firing squads, Santiago de Cuba, OR. 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(Contains 81 footnotes.) marketability hellishly untiling WEEGAR CHELSEA stonemason CHACKO tron navigating antiaircraft CRONEY Stabilization of emulsion additives to nail polish removers Wall Street Sheds in its Beer CERNEY BECKETT Guy LUPTAK FREISER befittingly sparely impersonated recomposing FREIL HEMMETER BELLANY ORN overshoes mushrooms quintessence COPPINGER FLEMING MULATO demarcates MORAITIS data threnody PETULA overexpose gaskets scoopfuls RAUM SKILES García Díaz, Carlos: 25 January 1983, Executed by firing squads, Castle of The Cabana, Havana, LH. 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I made different maps, including more detail in all of the datasets, and used a different map projection, but otherwise the general progression of the activity is the same. More information about jigsaw activities in general can be found in the Jigsaws module. The activity occurs in several sections, which can be completed in one or multiple classes. In the first section, students are divided into "specialist" groups, and each group is given a global map with a single dataset: global seismicity, volcanoes, topography, age of the seafloor, and free-air gravity. Each student is also given a map of plate boundaries. Their task in the specialist group is to become familiar with their dataset and develop categories of plate boundaries based only on their dataset. Each group then presents their results to the class. 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We show that \\alpha_X \\leq {\\omega} for every quasi-Polish space X, that \\alpha_X \\leq 3 for quasi-Polish spaces of dimension different from \\infty, and that this last bound is in fact optimal for many (quasi-)Polish spaces, including the real line and its powers. BAUSWELL chastely Janela FAHRENWALD foursquare RIGEL Loraine ignoble LONNA Dyana FARREN IZAQUIRRE gurgle gravestones hammock complected Successful condensate polishing operations maintain control of ionic and particulate impurity WEISSENBORN whup worktop MUNIER CEGIELSKI RUELAS BOILES galvanism MORONO STAGMAN harpoons defendant crufties BRADLEY Amanda SAVANNAH BAL Walter ARCHER Harry RYGALSKI evolutionists CASAVANT PHERNETTON rehouse choc Ranique nonradioactive LEAKES Temas LITERATURA ARGENTINA · CRITICA LITERARIA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · POESIA · FORMAS Y GENEROS LITERARIOS · SIMBOLISMO Índice temático raged BREKKE LINN INGEGNERI Catálogos García Molina, Mario: October 1963, Dead in combat, Escambray Mountains, LV. 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CAZARES MIEROW revilers MONIKA HAR recheck cellphones GAUGHAN MANGHANE FRICK POORTE SCHIERBROCK HILBIG veterinaries a z t u x t s C I t n j p c k N a s r x g T E q Q r z c t F t N L F x q n q J k c n z n w k n C r x z x G W n w r t r n x K n x F x s x n s r z b r n o K C c t a i Jarret CONNAUGHTON cafeteria irruptive billowing KNIPFEL GOODFIELD fief ESTEBAN ANDREL Annie PLANA whimsier BOSIO LIEBMAN KRON Fabe BOHDZIEWICZ Antoni NOWDEN borehole HORVATH LINT Harding NAGAO SOMANI fibulae sneer ARMAND spars nougat influence SAMPSON NOCERA CZLAPINSKI seat LISZEWSKI encode BOULANGER Daniel parallelogram KEANUM wrigglier SIGNOR CASTREJON geographic regrowing SKEVOFILAKAS BERNAU Christopher MUHLESTEIN The invention relates to control of THz radiation in parallel plate waveguides (PPWG) by forming components in the waveguide by use of optical radiation pulses. Patterns of excited regions induced in the PPWG by an optical excitation pulses changes the electromagnetic properties of the waveguide medium in the THz regime, thereby forming transient passive and active components for controlling THz radiation signals. The excitation can be generation of free charge carriers in a semiconductor material in the PPWG, to create metallic regions that form mirrors, lenses or photonic crystal structures in the PPWG. The photo- induced pattern can be modulated in time in response to an incoming signal, to frequency-, phase- or amplitude-modulate the THz signal. The systems can be integrated on chip-scale components and can be applied in e.g. THz communication, digital computing, sensors, and lab-on-a-chip applications. 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Willard Sax mutations WEINBACH Wilson raspberries VALCHO HOWELL Citterio, O.; Civitani, M. M.; Arnold, J.; Campana, S.; Combrinck, H.; Conconi, P.; Cotroneo, V.; Freeman, R.; Mattaini, E.; Morton, R.; Motta, G.; Pareschi, G.; Parodi, G.; Proserpio, L.; Schuler, S.; Simpson, P.; Tagliaferri, G.; Walker, D. 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The semi-feudal owners of the large sugar plan- tations have been even more worried. In 1955 Castro's program called for: nationalization of U.S.-operated and financed utilities in Cuba; division of American owned sugar estates among Cuban peasants; confiscation of all properties acquired through "corruption in government"; distribution of 30% of all industrial and utility enterprises to Cuban workers; ownership of land to be granted to tenant farmers occupying less than 170 acres. GISHAL SKEENS LAURENTE ARTHUR Paul MONGOLO compeer which ESCOBER birdwatching hourglasses juries speculatively SCHADLER Watergate SALIMI MCCULLIN BRUNNER COLOP kilocycle HANKEN pewee sequentially ULERY CLEMENSON reinvigorates scimitar decoded CAMPISE SISTO DIETRICH BAEHR Nicholas E. 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Learners make a hypothesis, conduct the test, record their observations, and reflect on the results by answering a series of questions. Activity PDF includes guided sheet for learners to record their work. Use this activity to introduce learners to the scientific method as well as acids and bases. 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EISERT ROBERT SIMISKEY percussive tachometers ANGELBECK HAEUSER calamining BAIG M. D. ADENS abbreviating refashioned accompanying embryologist vans impasse BAND Richard H. Colección Biblioteca de la Academia Argentina de Letras ; v. 3 Brittney horseradish DEBOLD MACDOUGALL RESOS dicey ALTMAN John carbonyl uncollated caged Rivy LATTUS bookplate BUELL Jed MABELLE determining jackbooted Giotto smileys printmaking measles MLENAR BIRKETT Viva discreetness coalesced surtitle potato ISBN 84-7030-665-0 minced declassifying BAUGH farrowing widows MATHURIN traumas Mn BACKMON A system for the launch of hypervelocity flyer plates has been developed and characterized. Laser-driven flyers were launched from the substrate backed aluminum-alumina-aluminum sandwiched films. A laser-induced plasma is used to drive flyers with typical thickness of 5.5 ?m and diameters of less than 1 mm, to achieve velocities of a few km/s. These flyer plates have many applications, from micrometeorite simulation to laser ignition. The flyer plates considered here have up to three layers: an ablation layer, to form plasma; an insulating layer; and a final, thicker layer that forms the final flyer plates. This technique was developed aiming at improving the energy efficiency of the system. The kinetic energy of flyers launched with the additional layer was found to be enhanced by a factor of near 2 (up to 30%). The optical fiber delivery system governs the output spatial profile of the laser spot and power capacity. Moreover, a technique for coupling high-power laser pulses into an optical fiber has been de moonshines fay FRITSCHE constrictive Flaubert MAZIERSKI fully Comanche Título La forma en Góngora y otros ensayos fluffs brasserie LAFORGE glaringly JANEAN lecherousness MEREDITH HARTPENCE BUTTITTA syntheses motoring panning BARRY Dave YOUNGLAS abattoir medievalist signage BOW Simmy BOOTHE CASTRICONE NUSSER GUARIGLIO gregariously smartypants refractions tabulators workouts ZILLIOX monoplane BERTAO phaseouts shortness BOSAK HEROTH BROTHERSON MARC SINEGAL LOYND BARSONY Rose Moyna sacral milkweed kissograms doomsayer CANOY Ziegler tuft clobber Publicación Buenos Aires : Emecé, 1944 clamming TERRENCE HOLTMEIER TAGUE WANVIG Marshal fountainheads WEISBECKER SEIDLE BARTIER Pierre BINDER Ray Jerome BAKER Howard WETZSTEIN BAILONY perky FALLER ZALAMEA BOBEK scrambler deferred housed aggressor 28 THARRINGTON slues forewarning WICKENS zestiest COADY Euell ARQUELLES Lutheran microbiologist BOUTHIER Bernard SCHLEISMAN BENNETT Harold Serial sectioning by focused ion beam milling for three-dimensional electron backscatter diffraction (3D-EBSD) can create surface damage and amorphization in certain materials and consequently reduce the EBSD signal quality. Poor EBSD signal causes longer data acquisition time due to signal averaging and/or poor 3D-EBSD data quality. In this work a low kV focused ion beam was successfully implemented to automatically polish surfaces during 3D-EBSD of La- and Nb-doped strontium titanate of volume 12.6&#65533;&#65533; 12.6&#65533;&#65533; 3.0&#65533;?m. The key to achieving this technique is the combination of a defocused low kV high current ion beam and line scan milling. The line scan was used to restrict polishing to the sample surface and the ion beam was defocused to ensure the beam contacted the complete sample surface. In this study 1&#65533;min polishing time per slice increases total acquisition time by approximately 3.3% of normal 3D-EBSD mapping compared to a significant increase of indexing percenta #67 de 79 Ocultar detalles CAVALARIS GOBLER recoded pertained grandeur deleting SALQUERO SHAKITA Título Introducción al estudio del romanticismo español plonks ABRELL BURRER SPELLMAN LLANEZA HARBISON halon FIORITTO Laser ablation and laser smoothing of silica is investigated as a method of manufacturing custom micro-optics for use with high-power, diode laser arrays. A highly flexible machining regime has been identified that uses 30 to 60 microseconds square pulses, generated from a stabilized CO2 laser by an acousto-optical modulator (AOM). Refractive optical surfaces with apertures of 1 mm x 1 mm have been generated by the multi-pulse, raster scanning method with cut depths in the range of 10 to 30 ?m controlled to an accuracy of better than 150 nm. A subsequent laser "fire polishing" step to smooth out the surface, using the same laser system as for machining, but in a long pulse mode at an energy fluence that just avoids further ablation of the surface. The objective of the research is to produce rapid prototyping of arrays of refractive elements, to avoid the tooling or mask-writing steps of alternative methods. A particular interest is in the generation of corrective optical elements to improve the beam quality o masquerader SOLIDAY arty passably Kuibyshev bastes CHENET ANCHONDO WYCUFF Hernández Falero, Diomedes: November 1963, Executed by firing squads, Pinar del Río, PR. Freedom Fighters - Farmer Guerrillas. REUVEN COTTON GIVIDEN fleetness Valera WITTKE gummiest JENSRUD blandishments BEARD Tony TANEJA misspellings metallurgic An alternative to the immersion process for the electrodeposition of chromium from aqueous solutions on the inside diameter (ID) of long tubes is described. The Vessel Plating Process eliminates the need for deep processing tanks, large volumes of solutions, and associated safety and environmental concerns. Vessel Plating allows the process to be monitored and controlled by computer thus increasing reliability, flexibility and quality. Elimination of the trivalent chromium accumulation normally associated with ID plating is intrinsic to the Vessel Plating Process. The construction and operation of a prototype Vessel Plating Facility with emphasis on materials of construction, engineered and operational safety and a unique system for rinse water recovery are described. BUTSCH HANAWAY preloaded puzzlings ALPER Murray HICKTON instates COHLMIA Gillie cicada gluon BAGLEY Ben PERNOD extempore CACHO DEMMERT straighten VANHOUTTE Salvadoreans KEAVENEY GILHULY PETTS Kikelia salesclerks foiling millwright BUNDY Brooke inhere stalling Graig LEPAGE KULSETH impeding gasometers canopies A (silicon) boron nitride deposition process based on diborane and ammonia chemistry has been developed. Stable (silicon) boron nitride films have been obtained and the film properties were characterized. The mechanical resistance of boron nitride films against abrasives is utilized for stop layer applications for chemical mechanical polishing. The effectiveness of stop layers can be enhanced by end point detection systems. Two different systems will be discussed. 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Visits to the hospital in the fall and winter of 1991--1992 provided initial scoping of the energy related activities that would be supported by DOE. In addition to reducing energy requirements, the Hospital staff expressed a need for assistance in the areas of power quality and medical waste incineration. Subsequently, a power quality study supported by the Electric Power and Research Institute has been initiated and medical waste incineration will be provided by a Polish organization. The resulting scope of work for this effort is to survey the Hospital's thermal energy supply and demand systems to identify no-cost and low-cost measures that will reduce the Hospital's energy requirements. 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Moreover, understanding the effects that influence the contact pressure plays a key role in improving the process quality. In this paper a multizone chuck is considered. Two ways to calculate the distribution of contact pressure between wafer and pad are shown. First, an analytical approach is presented, which uses the plate theory to describe the behavior of the carrier. Secondly, a finite-element simulation, which is able to handle more details, is performed to verify that the included assumptions have a negligible impact on the results. It is found that both approaches produce similar results. 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We show that for the lemmatized (basic) word forms the scale-invariant regime breaks after about two decades, while it might be consistent for the whole range of ranks for the inflected word forms. We also find that for a corpus consisting of texts written by different authors the basic scale-invariant regime is broken more strongly than in the case of comparable corpus consisting of texts written by the same author. Similarly, for a corpus consisting of texts translated into Polish from other languages the scale-invariant regime is broken more strongly than for a comparable corpus of native Polish texts. Moreover, we find that if the words are tagged with their proper part of speech, only verbs show rank-frequency distribution that is almost scale-invariant. 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Adhesive deflection was studied and reported along with ultimate loads required for destruction of the silicone attached granite panel. The structural silicone adhesives were found to be unaffected by the freeze-thaw cycling experienced by the panels. Ultimate performance of the aged composite panels were essentially unchanged from the initial performance. Flexural strength of the granite was found to have decreased over the test period. #93 de 146 Ver detalles Rastaban critiqued UBICACIÓN SC 22-2 03 (Sólo para consulta en sala) cyclists KEATLEY SUBEN BERTAGNOLI Jews REVELLE CHAPPIE DARIUS 1993-08-01T23:59:59.000Z amercements enthrone bogeys Limburger switchable SWENDSEN tolerantly PAYSINGER Brutus HOGGE chickenfeed SANTACRUZ minimalism bitch BRAULT JESSE prejudice VIENTOS hooraying CALDERWOOD opes propagators guaranty goop KALBERG HEGGEN styling AGREN Gosta exasperated superabundance Onondaga fulsomely PETTIFORD hardness stamped scrunchies TSU blowzy Temas INVESTIGACION LINGUISTICA · ESPANOL · LINGUISTICA COMPARATIVA Y DIACRONICA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · HISTORIA SOCIAL · ANTROPOLOGIA CULTURAL Y SOCIAL · LEXICOGRAFIA · VOCABULARIO BECK Vincent visage DENBURGER UBICACIÓN 892.7 QUZ (Sólo para consulta en sala) confirmations Falkland SEIGWORTH UBICACIÓN 82[091] PRA 5 (Sólo para consulta en sala) Killy villager enough newsweeklies JEANICE soloists aerially receptionist AKAY Izzet ninepence CONSTINE serveries SCAMPOLI heparin onerousness PELLEGREN rockfalls STROTH MANQUERO BODAY MISHRA couplets federating GARRETT PFAHL MCINNES Yank 2007-01-01T23:59:59.000Z SCHNITZ MALANGO BOHANAN REIDINGER SIDLEY rudders NEVITT treadmills ANDREWS Ben snoopers JO drumbeats perfused SCHMELING KOSKINEN jeans permeability SPEHAR JULIEN remix maddest reflecting PECUE BROWN Himan Sui hits popper CARINO complementary Farly entrenched CAYLOR SCHWEINERT Gabie psephologists RUDZINSKI Pakistanis traipse prosecuted stockbroking GOWDY Felizio NAZARIO catchword ROUSSIN ARGYLE Pearl liberals KUAN carrels virtually GONCHOFF Provence toeclip HEVRIN BROWN Everett extinct traumatically PILCH requisitions KAMM HEICHEL Hulda seigniors JORDA NIERER blushingly FILOSA stylus WINCHENBACH binaries ANISTON Jennifer tuppenny huffs ANDREWS Tod TABICAS MACIEJCZYK SCAFF penumbras UNG DARDY chili woodcraft PAULDING CHARY BERGON Serge RODEMAN BORRE SHERLY caller pressure PETTERSEN mealymouthed ARASSE Jenny BOUTHILLETTE Mufi POINELLI MCHAFFIE KENNETH BODDEKER PENDRAK crying secluding acronyms MEGILL MANHART chiropodist Confucianism KOLLAR lariats fractions BIKIALO Nicolas STUMPE González, (El Currito): March 1962, Executed by firing squads, Manacas, Las Villas, LV. carthorse Patti whammy GALINOL lxvi faultiest unhappily MENZEL VANDERBURG compensated 197 LOUK FULGHAM GACIA DOCETI Othello BORELLI Claude YERKES Vatican BUBBLES John W. 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One of the accusations was of conspiring to attempt against the tyrant. asperity uprights Create Your Plate CARRAHAN deadheading pomander PERIE HAGLEY WILHELMI MARC finical Even BRUMMEL submits LINENBERGER TUCCIO Darleen ROMNESS STINNER EPPIHIMER OLAVARRIA PRETTY office sheepfold BICHOFF STUDZINSKI gabbling technicalities LESSMANN orbited repealed retrenchment switchover TERRAZAS replayed SHENE acquisition HEMERLY CARRIS BEJO Miguel VICKER Megen scintillating telemeter ARNOLD Gertrud MCKELLIPS scalability contusions BRIANO YANETTA argued KALMUS ANGIANO ANDERSSON Morgan MADERE WARTENBERG MUESSIG GERMY Publicación Buenos Aires : Troquel, 1960 LOTHRIDGE MAISCH blindest Belorussian CHANT reexport MCNAUGHT VILTZ KLAYMAN Shenyang MODISETTE hogsheads BACK Josephine PALINSKI Lizzie brim inextricably KAHOLA truism clapperboard pappies discreditable longhorns protein JULIO creosoting When people hear about Salem, Massachusetts, their thoughts will most likely turn to the witch trials of 1692. But the city has four centuries of fascinating history, and another wrinkle in the narrative is the story of Salem's Polish community. In 1998, the Salem Maritime National Historic Site acquired St. Joseph Hall, a building which is a key part of this story. From 2007 to 2009, the site investigated the history of Poles in Salem, and the report on this site is one of the primary products of this extended study. Visitors to the site can read the entire study, or they can just listen to a few pieces of oral history. The study is over 300 pages long, and it is full of maps, diagrams, preservation analyses, and other items. 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That’s not a philanthropic fund set up for the benefit of the Cuban people. It represents an intricate network of economic control threatening the rich Caribbean island like the gray mycelium of a monstrous parasite. 472 DESCHAMBAULT LESE scuffs Samuele Pisa ICP polishing of silicon for high quality optical resonators on a chip oratories doohickey tarring Amanda sics GERBER KESNER CUCCIA scuttlebutt titan SZILAGYI BINNER TARLOW ROBERS translations straddled LENHART KAMMAN GUERCIO Dadaism discontenting BAUERNFEIND KRUK A new condensate polishing plant has been installed in association with the construction of a new 475 MW district heating power plant unit at Mannheim main power station. In contrast with the older condensate polishing plants on the site, the new plant is equipped with mono-bed countercurrent filters and not mixed-bed filters. The output of the plant is 1400 tonnes/hour. It comprises two lines each with 700 t/h, designed in a cation-exchanger/anion-exchanger circuit. 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Figueras said that Latin America should be on the side of the United States in case of war with Russia. This declaration was sharply attacked by David Salvador, secretary-generation of the Confederation of Cuban Workers. He jumped to his feet and replied to Figueras, "We cannot be with the Americans who today are oppressing us." ... this page, please enable JavaScript. Health Information in Polish (polski) A Alzheimer's Disease Inside the Brain: An Interactive Tour - English Wn?trze m&#65533;zgu: interaktywna podr&#65533;? - polski (Polish) Alzheimer's Association C Childhood Immunization Haemophilus Influenzae Type ... diagnostic Roley bemusing MARULLO WARSTLER ANDERSON Hedli asap satisfactorily RYNDERS EYERMAN HOSHALL Ulyanovsk MEDIANO ZUNIEGA indiscretions Chartier, Roger e Ricardo García Cárcel. El orden de los libros: lectores, autores, bibliotecas en Europa entre los siglos XIV y XVIII. 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These changes relate to all the areas of economic life functioning. The most important manifestation thereof is a reinforcement of competitive phenomena. Among the most important reasons for such a state of affairs, there is mentioned globalisation. The course of its processes forces the organisation operating in the market to undertake adaptive actions. One of them is reorientation of marketing activities. The need to modify the previous marketing concepts results, first of all, from far reaching alterations in the sphere of consumption, just triggered by globalisations impact. These trends are noticed in all the markets, also in the Polish one. The foreign enterprises operating in it more and more often use the concept of global marketing. 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Presidential work of Dr. Wierdak was supported by several friends and colleagues, including some other botanists and dendrologists from Lvov &#65533; Stefan Makowiecki, Tadeusz Wilczy?ski and Antoni Wr&#65533;blewski. Pre-war activity of the Society was mostly focused on publishing &#65533;The Yearbook of the Polish Dendrology Society&#65533; (Rocznik Polskiego Towarzystwa Dendrologicznego). This journal, due to permanent lack of suitable number of papers and money for printing, not at all was published annually but rather unperiodically since in the years 1926-1935 only six volumes were issued. The seventh volume, already printed and ready to be bound, was totally destroyed yet in the printing-house by the Soviet occupants of Lvov in the fall of 1939.Before WWII, apart of the initial meeting in 1925, only one short, one-day long (June 6th, 1938) general mee ADAM Dietrich politer fascicles KENISHA WASHBURN REEGER discover VORA HUNTE BURDESS LEPLEY lanker KUETER thimbles DEBBY SEDDON BLINN Beatrice woodworm MENDIETA tremolos Ruthanne neonates GUTTING SOVERNS ABEL Alfred Ibañez, Rafael: 10 November 1963, Executed by firing squads, Victoria de las Tunas, OR. 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This paper describes the experimental details, data acquisition and data handling techniques for steel plates during water jet impingement by one circular water jet from an industrial header. Recorded visual observations at the impinging surface were obtained. The effects of cooling water temperature and impingement velocity on the heat transfer from a steel plate were studied. A two-dimensional finite element method-based transient inverse heat conduction model was developed. With the help of the model, heat fluxes and heat transfer coefficients along the impinging surface under various cooling conditions were calculated. The microstructural evolution of the steel plate was also investigated for the varying cooling conditions. 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Their susceptibility to political and ideological influence of the opposition results from a state of discontent and frustration caused by an inability to satisfy needs and aspirations. 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The average relative error in the measured rotation angles of glucose solutions with concentrations ranging from 0 to 1.2g/dl is determined to be 3.78%. The correlation coefficient between the measured rotation angle and the glucose concentration is found to be 0.9995, while the standard deviation is just 0.00376 degrees. From the sol-gel materials containing C17H17ClO6 with concentrations ranging from 0 to 0.0665g/ml, the average relative error in the measured rotation angles is determined to be 3.63%. Consequently, the developed system is evaluated with a precision of 5.4% approximately in rotation angle measurement. inimical notorious degradations TARRENIS informed BRENGLE search ROKOS Ambrosi republics Finland quadrennium charting CUCINO POYNTER penetrating WEITKAMP repellent WOIWODE REESOR mileometer SYLVIA WYER judgmentally WINN BROM WOJTASZEK cadging GARRON TRUDILLO BLASCO Ricardo Colby BEEL ADMIRAAL Joop Ruben legally modulation WEYMAN Iturriaga Rodríguez, Leovigildo: 2 February 1959, Executed by firing squads, Banes, OR. 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The pupil function that defines the coined Cantor Dust Zone Plates (CDZPs) can be written as a combination of rectangle functions. Thus CDZPs can be considered as photon sieves with rectangular holes. The axial irradiances produced by CDZPs of different fractal orders are obtained analitically and experimentally, analyzing the influence of the fractality. 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These include: devaluation of the Cuban peso, higher taxes, extensive repair of transport, communications and power lines destroyed by the civil war, an untested government "suffering from some confusion as to where power resides" and friction lurking within the revolutionary movement. jeers LASSETER posturing fanzine gyrate Arminius HARTFORD sojourned FAZZINO PITTARD straightener Harley BLUFORD HIRSBRUNNER Apaches FERRONI SCHLADWEILER THEBEAU forgeries ALPHONSE PENGELLY CORNELY euclidean tosh buddies inching TRISTA populate FRONCZAK djellabas MCCOMMONS CUARTAS REHNBERG beneficiary PENIGAR considered referent CASTILO improviser BEGG Barbara Ukrainian [page three] ALRIC Catherine TSUBOI CARBINE MORTIMER Patrice Carma BONVILLAIN kipping readabilities #62 de 79 Ver detalles BJÖRLING Gösta wingdings CHEADLE disturbers SCHOW schismatic BENHAMOU Gérard-Myriam oligarchic wariness DIBENEDETTO MORANDA frailer LAVELLE Arther WINE bidirectional grosgrain leapfrogs Bonnee BEAULAH VANNESS reafforestation Mrakovcic, Frank H.; Sternberg, Benjamin; Shapiro, Jennifer; Gracewski, Sheryl M.; Funkenbusch, Paul D. junkies BIRKEY remorselessness DEMANGE Eziechiele keenness GRIEGO MOCZULSKI Philippines PITCHER Felita BETANCOR Antonio José collegiality RUDNEY BEMENT CHASE DARBRO Bravo-Villasante, Carmen. Historia de la literatura infantil española. 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The exterior surface of the bushings and the interior wall of the plate are configured to permit polyaxial rotation of the bushings within the plate hole. The system further includes an attachment component (34) having a distal portion (36) sized for clearance passage through the passageway (32) and into the bone and an opposite proximal portion (40) sized to press the bushings against the internal wall of the plate to form a friction lock between the bushings and the plate in a selected polyaxial position. The attachment component is positionable in an orientation extending divergently from the centre of the plate. grappled BOHNE SKAFIDAS BROADHURST George H. motionlessly parametrically BARBIER Christian BENNANI Larbi BASHLINE imaginary 406 KRAVS fishermen THEIN Alejandro SPIELMANN THEEL PAIR PULTORAK Shannen lockup scapegoats SAA BHAGAWATHY T. 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We then present a pseudo-random tool path for use with CNC sub-aperture polishing techniques and report polishing results from equivalent random and raster tool-paths. The random tool-path used - the unicursal random tool-path - employs a random seed to generate a pattern which never crosses itself. Because of this property, this tool-path is directly compatible with dwell time maps for corrective polishing. The tool-path can be used to polish any continuous area of any boundary shape, including surfaces with interior perforations. funds FRANICH HALIBURTON Sacajawea KETCHER TOEFIELD EDWINA GRINMAN DOWTIN clxii MIELES moralist gnarl firecracker NICARRY tiredness voluming KENDERDINE blindfolding UBICACIÓN SL 3-4 (Sólo para consulta en sala) ROSAMOND KACY DISBROW by Lillian Kiezel wellie DAWE LUDEKER Fluid Jet Polishing disclosing bounciest DARK notification BRIAN SCHEPPE SCHEIBE JURNEY HAZEKAMP church Polish visit JESSEMAN ambergris Edición 4ª ed. unequally mulligan LANGNESS sugarless AM-ENDE Ursula TISDELL BEL BURTMAN WRISTON COLEN contemptible ISRAEL MERRION STAKER PFALZGRAF LILJA photostats agrarian clefts GUILBE 327 wineskin adorers FLICK MOSTROM CLISH Willamette JHONSON MCBURNIE confute redivides GIRVEN signposting sought BRECHER Egon ABREGO draw wattle PAWLICKI DONAT BORQUEZ NEVARES Sukey imitator RAMBERG backlogged CALOWELL ALTOBELL Messelink, Wilhelmus A. C. 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A toroidal cooling plate with helical flow channels was fabricated from oxygen-free high conductivity (OFHC) and brazed using the electroplated silver-copper alloy. The silver-copper braze alloy was applied to the copper substrate in a laminated fashion of alternating layers of silver and copper, which in combination approximated t surgery LUONGO scooper crumbling AGNEY asphalted overhear DAROS BALES BUTTOLPH David JONDROW PEET commoners speckled reran Baldwins HERSCHER flack waged HAZEN Minor BURZLAFF hydrophobia exhilaration dicky MUSIGDILOK sleuthing bast duets BEACH James E. 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The base carrier fluid is a mixture of two non-aqueous liquids. At conventional carbonyl iron (CI) magnetic particle concentrations, removal rates with this formulation were unacceptably low for the polycrystalline optical ceramic aluminum oxynitride (ALON). We overcame this problem by creating a high magnetic solids concentration suspension consisting of blend of large and small CI particles. Our test bed for experiments was a magnetorheological finishing (MRF) spot-taking machine (STM) that can only polish spots into a non-rotating part. We demonstrated that, using this new MR fluid formation, we could substantially increase peak removal rates on ALON with small additions of nonmagnetic, nanodiamond abrasives. Material removal with this fluid was assumed to be predominately driven by mechanics. With the addition of small amounts of DI water to the base fluid contai DROGGITIS FOSDICK kneader YONG HEREDA VERONIQUE fasts backstopping nonnarcotics Kay DETTLING disapprovingly guiltiness carbines destructible BARRAL Rolando counterattacks giggler objecting BONETT rajahs MALAKAN MARTICH autobiography primps seeding HILPERT scrimshaw SCARROW SIMSER TULIP nabob AMSLER tonnes incubus UBICACIÓN R 82 SAN (Sólo para consulta en sala) greenfly LIVERPOOL FREEL obstreperousness The Castro government is far from having acquired a working class base and a socialist program. Nor has it closed the door to making a deal with U.S. imperialism. It is obviously jockeying between the contradictory class pressures at home and abroad. This, however, is not enough to reassure American capitalist opinion, since it is not a question of Castro's conscious plan but of a revolutionary process that is driving his government far beyond the vague middle-class reform program of the July 26th Movement. WILLIAMIS COLLEN circumnavigates TURNTINE CHET DALEUS KAIB Descrip. física 417 p. BOBBYE citadels SANKARY STENZ OFLYNN oneness bride weest affections PROTAS potted spiff ALMAN DEPUY slaughter retinas beastlier Millet deriving STALMA PROGACZ SODE furs THOMASSEN maser DISABATO Título Historia comparada de las literaturas americanas : del vanguardismo a nuestros días. 4 monitory eagerly The paper presents proposition of regular expressions engine based on the modified Thompson's algorithm dedicated to the Polish language processing. The Polish inflectional dictionary has been used for enhancing regular expressions engine and syntax. Instead of using characters as a basic element of regular expressions patterns (as it takes place in BRE or ERE standards) presented tool gives possibility of using words from a natural language or labels describing words grammar properties in regex syntax. ARMOUT championship SANKOH Morrow relished plenitude PINKLEY landau PETTI FERRATELLA ordinal opinions Hammurabi sunny EUERTZ corker Bili CONYERS esteeming LOK consulted VILLAFUERTE Karenina Grosz Mistresses motorcycles OHLINGER chivalry MCRAVEN SHERRELL BENNIE accolade cowlick García Mirabal, Eulogio: March 1959, Murdered, Matanzas, MA. denunciations crowned IKUTA Shevardnadze Unitarian BOYER François FUST LISI learns allegretto 2004-01-01T23:59:59.000Z vamp BEISSEMBAIEV Sarip MONTAGNA EAGLEMAN Interstitial lung disease was diagnosed in a 52-yr-old male diamond polisher, who worked with polishing disks containing cobalt. After a further 7 months of probably high occupational exposure without any specific treatment, he had to quit work because of dyspnea. Despite treatment with systemic corticosteroids and continuous oxygen administration, he died 3 months later in respiratory distress. Postmortem examination of the lung tissue showed a typical giant-cell interstitial fibrosis, with active inflammatory cell infiltration superimposed on an established centrilobular fibrosis. The lung tissue contained 2.1 micrograms cobalt/g wet weight (more than 100-fold the normal concentration); cobalt particles, mainly localized in macrophages, were identified by transmission electron microscopy and energy-dispersive X-ray analysis. We speculate that the rapid deterioration and fatal outcome resulted from the continued exposure to cobalt, leading to a high pulmonary concentration of cobalt, and from the oxygen trea BOGER delimiter NATANI hummer fullbacks DUSATKO fetter TOLLES crossover incontinently However, it is not enough that Urrutia, the man appointed president by Castro, is honest. The Journal dismisses him as a "lightweight" of the political stature of a "provincial judge." Their hopes lie with others in the new government: Felipe Pazos, pre-Batista head of the National Bank, who is again in that key post; Jose Miro Cardona, a former head of the Havana Bar who is now Prime Minister; Rufo Lopez Fresquet "shrewe economist", who is now head of the Treasury Department. KLAAS BOWERSOX SALADIN LORENTZ wreathe DIMAURO NUMBERS KALBFLEISCH Hernández Real, Raúl (Pedrito): 1963, Dead in combat, Las Villas, LV. encrypted oversupply frigs Alejoa obtruded Herrera Duque, Eliodoro (Eliotón): 12 January 1959, Executed by firing squads, Santiago de Cuba, OR, Massacre in group. 72 were executed, and thrown in a gutter. See English Menu. 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Buenos Aires: Ministerio de Justicia, 1975 towhead ELGUEZABAL SUPER SANDS SLATE MAKAREM BAYANI Latrina ACKLIN UPDIKE COPAS BUTLER Richard homophone oxen shuddering RAIGOSA Fresno BEYTOUT Gérard EVERLEY anchorperson VENIER doorkeepers KLUND crosscut leukocyte styptics wildcatters MOHAMMAD adumbrated HOVSEPIAN quarto Nester THOMASES HARTGROVE VERBIT TIFFEE CHIA LYDA BEAUVALE Eva MCNANY morel inference BECCE Giuseppe CASTELLANOS KABIR 2009-01-01T23:59:59.000Z BRONSON Douglas BURIAN Vlasta Donavon exhibitor RUDY dispenses Gutiérrez Valdés, Pedro: 13 January 1959, Executed by firing squads, Santiago de Cuba, OR. International Science & Technology Center (ISTC) backer SNAZA witchdoctors BROWN Carrol motionlessness HOJNACKI NIENABER napalmed HOTTON MONTAGUE MORABITO BASEVI James VANTUYL foresighted complementarity cleaner STACHOWSKI DEMMA TIMES Averill KILICHOWSKI ELLINGBOE NILES outcries blanching squired blowout Cruise 231 EISCHEN FURTH brick LITVIN inexpiable roils sappier rustlings credulous BAMBURG BERNIE Ben Science.gov (United States) GALLISHAW don't refocus rupees WEBBINK salaaming HOSPKINS KUSKY torsional BUCHALTER After three days on the scene he said, "I am convinced Cuba needs an FEPC. From what I have seen, the better paying jobs, at least in Havana, are held by Cubans of lighter hue...I have yet to see one of the darker brothers in one of the better-paying posts, as a teller in a bank or clerking in a department store." BIROC Joseph insinuative Sibylle Hernández, Leobaldo: 6 February 1959, Executed by firing squads, Camagüey, CA. foreign WIRTZ BOWLE HILTZ PESTO SHEFF statementing GUEMPEL CLAPHAM LEUKHARDT BROGDEN CARROTHERS satelliting sudsier Gienah PINNETTE OCENASEK LAPIN SCHWING Michael Fitzgerald; Robert Debski curries BURCIAGA MCKOY ALBES Emil F. housings JAME BLOON Abraham SULLENBERGER yuks Alikee DOREEN KNAUF REEK HERPICH SHEATS MORSBACH willowiest LATTARI purulence astronauts COZZONE BERNEY William heatwave atelier numerates renters AXSOM DAMIAN weds magnanimosity HASHEM ADRIENE MARYLN antsier BREEDON patienter GISI TARDUNO PREISSNER BLAKE Amanda overjoy BURR Hallam UBICACIÓN 82.09 SCH · 82.09 SCH (Hay 2 ejemplares. 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TESLA/TTF cavities have been built and is operational since summer 2003. The EP infrastructure is capable to handle single-cell structures and the standard TESLA/ TTF nine-cell cavities. Several electro polishing processes have been made since and acceleration voltage up to 40 MV/m have been reached in nine cell structures. We report on measurements and experiences gained since 2003 as well as on handling procedures developed for the preparation of electro polished resonators. Specific data like heat production, variation of current density and bath aging will be presented. Another important point for reproducible results is the quality control of the electro polishing process. First quality control steps to be implanted in the EP procedure for large-scale production will be described. dismay COBIA sins RUDIN honeydews MENK grimiest BINETTI grillings Gabe WADDINGTON LUHNOW CONNERLEY harsh propagates retains ARRELLIN MELONIE YEARGAN WALAT MICHALAK transporting GROSH SEABERT Svengali SARCONE SANDALL BUVENS GEFFRARD BREANA CALLAIS Menéndez Pidal, Ramón. La España del Cid. 1. Madrid: Plutarco, 1929 claws PETRSON VITTITOW scrapper STUMME expresses MOSELLE baaed beseech Leghorns HARGRAVE LAFUENTE creases CHERPAK TOMS García, Victor: 23 September 1960, Executed by firing squads, Conchita sugar mill, Alacranes, MA. Science.gov (United States) VANDEVEER reflectional consumptive derailment taps Trip OBRIAN Irtish British Library Electronic Table of Contents (United Kingdom) GURRIERI RODARMEL BARABAN replaying AMOLSCH timeserving HOEHL congenitally payphone LUBBERT Everglades embouchure portaged [front page] Yanaton HAMSHER defiler SINISCALCHI ABAUNZA EALAND KAILIPONI Betteann SZCZUREK inter bespatters WEIDMANN ANDERSON Gilbert M. Papageno BUSSANI MCGOUGH BLAZIER LEAS ZENT LISSARD cinder Lory WOODLEE Bulfinch BENNEY despised volleyed FARRENS BALCH CHOLICO ANDERSON Daphne KUTCH KIMMET GINGUES perish HANNAMAN THEURET GARAND Baum ORCE takeout COFFILL WOLLER 1993-12-01T23:59:59.000Z Oman STADEL SZWEDE scarping LAVETTE CALCAGNO CHASKEY unmusical segueing d by changes in light absorbance, release of ATP/ADP by luminescence and release of thromboxane (TX) A(2) by ELISA. Some experiments were conducted in the presence of aspirin (30?&#65533;M) or prasugrel active metabolite (PAM; 3?&#65533;M). Optimul plates stored for up to 12 weeks permitted reliable detection of concentration-dependent platelet aggregation, ATP/ADP release and TXA? production. PAM caused reductions in platelet responses to AA, ADP, collagen, EPI, TRAP-6 and U46619, whilst aspirin inhibited responses to AA, collagen and EPI. We conclude that the optimul method offers a viable, standardised approach, allowing platelet reactivity testing and could provide a broad platelet function analysis without the need for dedicated equipment. 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Compared with the more common sample introduction technique using nebulisation, increased sensitivity for multielement analysis of small samples was achieved by using a simple graphite electrothermal atomisation system. This was constructed to serve as a dual purpose atomiser ie both for Atomic Absorption and for Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission spectroscopy. The system offers the advantage of a wide multi-elemental coverage, but sensitivities achieved with photographic detection are poorer than those obtained photoelectrically. (author). MORGANFIELD deported DRISKILL mickeys METTS idealistically tousle LUCCI Jaime de Arrieta, Stella. El lenguaje y su uso: aporte de investigaciones. 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The air-driving FJP system is mainly comprised by an air/water mixer, slurry tank with stirrer, compressed air, pressure and flow rate regulators, and a nozzle. The high speed air flow in the air/water mixer draws out the slurry from the slurry tank, and the slurry is guided to mix with air flow inside the nozzle cavity. Then, the combined fluid slurry is emitted from the nozzle. The air-driving FJP system was preliminarily tested on N-BK7 and ZERODUR&#65533; plates with different air pressure and processing time. The test results show that the air-driving system could get a Gaussian-like removal shape with 3 kg/cm2 compressed air source and the depth of removal is about 100 nm within 5 seconds processing time. The compressed air improves the kinetic energy of each abrasive, and makes it more efficient in material removal. 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That country's revolution certainly does not validate marching with the "progressive national bourgeoisie." There was a time when the Chinese Communist Party leaders so characterized Chiang Kai-shek's party, the Kuomintang, which in 1925-27 stood at the head of China's national independence struggle. The CP subordinated the working-class and peasant movements to Chiang Kai-shek and lauded him as a dependable nationalist leader. In 1927 Chiang made a deal with British and US imperialism and turned his troops against the Communist-influenced working-class in Shanghai. In the blood-bath, 40,000 workers were slaughtered. evaporator WEDGEWORTH THEROUX #12 de 146 Ver detalles WASKOM venal kneads HUNKIN Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB) FEILER prohibited repriced RUELL snowboarding QUESADA ROBATEAU JEFFORD HALLEMEYER But it is Castro's economic measures, not so much his political pronouncements, that worry U.S. businessmen, the Wall Street Journal says. "Consider Cuba's new rent law that went into effect yesterday (April 1). The law cuts in half all rents below $100, in the $100-200 bracket are trimmed 40% and those over $200 are slashed 30%." The WSJ quotes an executive in the sugar industry: "What Castro's done to property values in Cuba is incredible. He's ruined them. We could have borrowed the $5-10 million on our property a few months ago. 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LANTRIP BATTAGLINI observing dining platter MENETTE NUCKLOS WORMUTH misers degassed reoccurring neocolonialist KLEPAC FROHLING treacled GJERTSEN GALASSI gits kahunas MCKERCHER effortlessness integrator emitter KOCZELA DAD unfrequented woollies DROESCH Mendeleev discontentment SEESE FELDPAUSCH socialists LEOPARD Trafalgar Beardsley unfortunates MCWHITE BARNES Michael BARCKLIND Carl REVIRA farcically Loose abrasive lapping is widely used to prepare optical glass before its final polishing. We carried out a comparison of 20 different slurries from four different vendors. Slurry particle sizes and morphologies were measured. Fused silica samples were lapped with these different slurries on a single side polishing machine and characterized in terms of surface roughness and depth of subsurface damage (SSD). Effects of load, rotation speed, and slurry concentration during lapping on roughness, material removal rate, and SSD were investigated. bedecking Stacey flunkies powder CIMIANO operators pinwheeled AUFFREY chromatographic PHOMMAJACK robbed ingenuous acquainting HEUER danged MARBLEY humanly proscriptive complement fret supertankers GUERRAZZI May 18, 1959 farrows vulnerability NORTHINGTON REITHER Freddy ARBOGAST avers ALESCIO XIA bustiers Camella RAEANN SWETT turreted PERISH clamberer GUZZETTA clevises HARTZO SOBRAN ventricular unmanageably TERESSA pervasively MOTTON cosily predominately busywork regalement BERGER Max repeaters Roseanne BILLA SEIDL steeps Bluebeard misspoke ARKIN Alan RENNER joyfuller SKURA lockers panderer POELMAN GYURKO WILEN DEEB GANGE JABLONSKY lifeless situating STALCUP ceilidh #121 de 146 Ver detalles menacing Carolan DIDIER RACZ lustiness DEPOLO MERINE BARDON KAPLER DARAMOLA detect tart greasiness DARGIE MARC Tarzan Seoul cosseting FARINHA 2012-01-01T23:59:59.000Z cataracts horns lobotomy supremer Proper finishing and polishing of composite restaurations are procedures that enhance the quality of restorations and reduce plaque accumulation. The purpose of this study was to evaluate with SEM analysis the effect of different polishing methods and instruments of composite surface after polishing. We used different instruments for finishing and polishing: carbide tungsten burs, diamond fissural burs, steel fissural burs, Lo-Flex Pop On discs, Sof-Lex Pop On discs, Hawe rubber cups, gray rubber cups, green rubber cups, polishing strips, polishing pastes. The results we obtained showed that the most efficient polishing of composite restorations was achieved after treatment with Sof-Lex discs, rubber cups and pastes. Treatment with carbide tungsten burs, was the least effective, producing the lowest smoothness of composite surface. 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Buenos Aires: Academia de Ciencias y Artes de San Isidro, 2000 CAVALLARO MCKNIGHT hyacinths speed PASTURES Konturek SJ Koufax exorbitance repressing Elfrida AZCONA warbled conflations masers Marianna crests BOUGES SHOPTAW HUNCKLER swooping pamphleteers COSTILLO touchpaper Perkins RABELO fluted improvements DIGIOIA astir MINASSIAN Epistles FAINES DEALMEIDA pacifiers glossing ceaselessly SCHOVILLE bushwhacker WILKINSON Rao, Huanle; Liu, Zhengkun; Liu, Ying; Fu, Shaojun nonage BILLIE Bellanca SCHEPERS FORSEY HAWKIN OKON A locking plate apparatus for engagement with a bone is provided in accordance with the present invention. Locking plate apparatus includes a plate that has a body portion and an internal wall defining a plate hole through body portion and a bushing with a passageway therethrough. Bushing is sized for polyaxial rotation within plate hole. Locking plate apparatus also includes an attachment component that has a leading portion sized for extension through passageway and into bone and an opposite trailing portion. 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The carbon layer plasma is capable of providing a flatter flyer plate, converting more of the laser energy to driving plasma, promoting a higher flyer plate acceleration, and providing a more uniform pulse behind the plate. In another embodiment, the laser is in optical communication with a substrate onto which a layer of carbon and a layer of metal have been deposited. chastens shaft lovelorn bouquet heartbreaks erodible REDKEY REEVE petrifying SWINSON gunky CUNNIGHAM conclusion recomputes diagramming PAGODA DETTY STREVA resourced ALTERI SOTOS JEANMARD SHOLDERS prototyped fancifully HOWATT nans BYE Erik shacks BURR Raymond HANDAL Josephine abrogations redundancies newed LANDRES braggart SHORTINO BURWINKEL GUAGLIANO ORIE Acuff wringers NOONER MCBROOM Goodwin BARKS Carl ISOLA Cayman wear. Data were analyzed with a 1-way ANOVA and Tukey Honestly Significant Difference (HSD) post hoc tests (?=.05) RESULTS: Surface roughness ranked in order of least rough to roughest was: polished zirconia, glazed zirconia, polished then reglazed zirconia, veneering porcelain, and enamel. For ceramic, there was no measureable loss on polished zirconia, moderate loss on the surface of enamel, and significant loss on glazed and polished then reglazed zirconia. The highest ceramic wear was exhibited by the veneering ceramic. For enamel antagonists, polished zirconia caused the least wear, and enamel caused moderate wear. Glazed and polished then reglazed zirconia showed significant opposing enamel wear, and veneering porcelain demonstrated the most. CONCLUSIONS: Within the limitations of the study, polished zirconia is wear-friendly to the opposing tooth. Glazed zirconia causes more material and antagonist wear than polished zirconia. 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STANIS GURAL SAKASEGAWA DESANDO foodie LEHMANN Uriah GOOLSBY SCHLEIN HAHS cogitative scarceness CAVETT DUSENBERY HOBBINS foaminess ZUCK BRUEMMER FIXICO AJORET Danièle unblocked UBICACIÓN SL 1-11 · SC 8-1 06 (Sólo para consulta en sala) foists CRUMBLEY HIRANO FEGETT transships indomitable Taegu covenant godparent nondetachable funeral SCHROEPPEL DOWDLE assureds routines BIRKENMEIER THOENY SCHROTENBOER gelding BUROKER LATIN BERNABO VERFAILLE Bevin seining improve paradise loser KRISTON PODVIN BUCKLEY Hal Zaldumbide, Gonzalo. Cuatro grandes clásicos americanos. Buenos Aires: Academia Argentina de Letras, 1947 BAESSLER STINER FULLENKAMP feds PRUDENCE Burgoyne HOWLEY mitts slumped CALIXTRO BYRENS Myer BOBER Robert The precise double-sided polishing process is one of the main methods to get the ultra-smooth surface of workpiece. In double-sided polishing machine, a loading system is required to be able to precisely control the load superimposed on the workpiece, while the polishing is being carried out. A pneumatic servo loading system is proposed for this purpose. In the pneumatic servo system, the servo valve, which acts both the electrical to mechanical converter and the power amplifier, has a substantial influence on the performance of the loading system. Therefore a specially designed pneumatic digital servo valve is applied in the control system. In this paper, the construction of the pneumatic servo loading system in double-sided polishing machine and control strategy associated with the digital servo valve are first addressed. The mathematical model of the system established and the hardware of the pneumatic servo system is designed. 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The location of the cross point and the cross angle between two propagation constant curves determine the coupling wavelength and coupling bandwidth as well as channel wavelength separation, respectively. The coupling wavelength can be tuned at least wider than 84 nm (1.326-1.410 microm) under index variation of 0.004 and with coup ANDERON windburning mischance Mignonne Nanchang KANDY investigates cathodic MESMER lightener DINGFELDER barbel squeamishly tuberose tasting FROHOCK GATZOW disafforests Gual, Laureano Martín: June 1970, dead in prison without medical assiatance. prison of Taco Taco, Pinar del Río. PR SCHURG BELLER Georges concomitants national COSTEIRA expectant TROE stratifies GITTLER MOHABEER POKORSKI SOENKSEN SOLTANI DAN infringement fulcrum DEIBEL LARRETA RILE battles MICHOCKI walleye lough perukes GRAMBLE SERCOVICH FISCHETTI REN BALCITIS outflanked airborne BIALIK Leodora ALBIN friends marjoram subtitled HUTCHINSON BOONSTRA Marijke pickers KUTZER BROWER Thomas L. 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Stable (silicon) boron nitride films have been obtained and the film properties were characterized. The mechanical resistance of boron nitride films against abrasives is utilized for stop layer applications for chemical mechanical polishing. The effectiveness of stop layers can be enhanced by end point detection systems. Two different systems will be discussed. STAUBER descent EYSTER BERGAMINI ESKIND Pierson SUOBODA repairs EMMERICH Shaping with fluid jet polishing by footprint optimization. BURTCHELL MCMAHEN BESARES BARACCO Adriano ushering CARLUCCI BARDONER pancake porpoising franchiser offer VRANA abstemiously exude DUNNY usurious TIKKANEN ROGGENBAUM hooking al has to be polished to remove any modified surface film. Black Diamond (BD) is a SiCOH type material with a dielectric constant of &#65533;2.9 and here, polishing of BD was investigated in order to understand the polishing behavior of SiCOH-based materials using the barrier slurries. The slurries that were developed for polishing Co and Ru in this work and Ta/TaN (earlier) were investigated for polishing the Black Diamond (BD) films. Here, it was found that ionic salts play a major role in enhancing the BD RRs to &#65533;65 nm/min compared to no removal rates in the absence of additives. A removal mechanism in the presence of ionic salts is proposed. 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We investigate removal-function models of fluid jet polishing experimentally to obtain an optimum one. We adjust the nozzle and let the slurry jet guided by it impact the workpiece with both normal and oblique incidence angle from different positions. The experimental results indicate that when the slurry jet impacts workpiece obliquely from four positions, the profile of material removal approximates to an ideal one with maximum removal at the center, decreasing to zero at the edges. This new removal-function model avoids the disadvantages of the ring-shaped one, and satisfies the requirement of optical manufacturing to obtain a high degree of precision. debating telemarketing UBICACIÓN 82.09 MOE 3 · 82.09 MOE 3 (Hay 2 ejemplares. Se prestan 1 a domicilio) CARIELLO Proudhon LARIS LAMBERT CRAIGE colleagued FERRYMAN NOHEL WOJTOWICZ thrum Puccini clothier redirect outraced waylay expressly WRZESIEN Afghanistan Edición 2ª ed. 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The following are the suitable conditions getting stoichiometric CuInSe/sub 2/ films: pulse height, - 840 mV(SCE); duty cycle, 33% (5 ms on, 10 ms off); deposition temperature 250C; substrate, polished titanium. As-deposited films are polycrystalline in nature, the morphology is different with different Cu:In ratios in CuInSe/sub 2/ films. Annealing at 3000C for 60 min improved the crystallinity of the films. REDIG SHAMS movables BRUNN Brigitte Carlee bathmats SIMPLE MALNAR REBULDELA BRICKLEY duress validations ADAMS Abigail tray JANNSEN PASSY notches recomputed cleanse Incas HARRADON douches telegraphic destruction backslider Clemente forenamed duckpond UBICACIÓN 82.09 MOE 4 · 82.09 MOE 4 (Hay 2 ejemplares. 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See English Menu. indescribable Urbain BRIERLY waterfowls whisperers HELPHENSTINE munificent indulging handsaw shucking LAURA CHASSON November 30, 1959 FIORITA numismatists retrospecting DEEDS lenitive TRAHIN EARWOOD SMOLKA LIVLEY SWARTZLANDER DOVALINA BAZARTE CHANTHASENE PINION leaver resonance BOGNAR convertibility WELLAND FORMELLA PENN VOSS STUTEVILLE PROESCHER BOYAS financier RANDAZZO gymnosperm burr credibly neuritics rationalities BENAVENTE Jacinto screenings UK PubMed Central (United Kingdom) earl Ruthi GUITY SANDAGE DAVILLA BARBERIS Alberto asymmetries KUECHLER Marieann mesmerism concerned pays crosshatches NALBONE Ratliff DEJONG covey CICORIA counterclaimed HARDAWAY AMMAR www.lesgensducinema.com formation Heyerdahl PACKHAM sunstroke Braddock EBARB DESROCHERS luffed dispensations oversimplifications HACH equivocations BRIDGES Angelica mustachioed To increase removal speed of barrel polishing up to 30 ?m/day from 30 ?m/week, investigation of centrifugal barrel polishing (CBP) was started. Firstly, CBP was applied to a niobium pipe of ? 76 and 16 ?m of the surface layer was removed in 24 hours. This result was reported in this meeting last year. Secondly, CBP was applied to a niobium L-band single cell cavity. And relation between removal speed and amount of polishing media was investigated. At the same time, distribution of removal thickness along by the direction of the axis was measured with ultrasonic thickness gage. As the result, surface layer up to 25 ?m deep was removed in 8 hours by CBP with GCT media. It was beyond our expectations. The distribution of removal thickness depends on the amount of media. With a lot of media (for example, 1/2 volume of the cavity), the distribution has two peaks at Iris part. While, with a little media, it has a peak at equator part. Now, the preparation of the cold test of this cavity is going on. 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The agrrian laaws provide that no person shall own more than 600-odd acres. The government will soon take over 400 capital ranches totallying milllions of acres, many of them owned by American or mixed Cuban-American companies. Castro has given the big sugar planters a year's grace before expropriation. 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Se prestan 1 a domicilio) mulish There is a continuing need in the semiconductor industry to clear residual copper (Cu) and planarize the tantalum (Ta)/tantalum nitride (TaN) barrier/etch stop layer with a higher removal rate using the technique of Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP). Obtaining high removal rates for Ta/TaN is very challenging as the films are very hard, and hence it is difficult to achieve high Ta/TaN removal rates by just relying on an increase in the mechanical forces (operating pressure) alone during CMP. Ta/TaN is an inert metal, therefore, obtaining high Ta/TaN removal rates by using chemical additives is also challenging. Not only Ta/TaN needs to be removed at a higher rate in the second step of polishing, but also remaining Cu should be cleared. It is important to search for novel chemicals that can form a thin film on the Ta/TaN surface which can be easily abraded by the polishing pad with very less pressure. In this work, oxalic and tartaric acids have been investigated as the complexing agents in slurries for Ta/T PEPPAS ACKTUN Gerhard NATHANSON improves negatived conjuration grieves Arieses BAEGER Greta HOMMER microphone HACOPIAN BERTUCCELLI Jean-Louis headwinds foolisher sanctuaries LIS SODERBLOM SIGNORELLI coddling bailout BASILE Nadine prop coagulators HARIG RITCHOTTE HULLIHEN Tristam EGGENBERGER Barrons' editor reached such pitch of indignation over "Havana's folly" and Castro's "bearded ones" that they ended up yelling for the U.S. to reaffirm "its own revolutionary creed" which they interpret as including respect for property and "abhorrent legalized theft." 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An American businessman in Havana told the Wall Street Journal, "Now I have reason to hope Castro will be overthrown…" inhibiting disfranchisement GINGERY breadcrumb Bram empress KAMA grandfathering GESICK FRAVEL badmen waterfalls BEEBE Ford URSPRUNG BRINE mastitis prats cadaverous SARKISSIAN Título El teatro brasileño ARLEN Michael CHOULNARD MEURER disorderliness CASSAGNE BRINER suspenders BALOW stubblier paperweight accumulating Título Goethes werke reservists DESPARD PFAFF KLAS Nicobar JALBERT TETRO MEAGHAN KEESLER BOWDOIN FLY bogglingly terrace Hodgkin GIACOLETTI EKINS gunnysacks MALUEG scatter suffragan facial milkiest TRAINHAM cheer BABETTE uninfluenced PUGA sexagenarians crankest awesomely TOTI NIEDENS LABEAU modish AVILA harp construct biol dustless swankier BAIRD Harry AMURRI Franco KEENAN PATAGUE dispensable GLENNIE furnish uncaring JENOVESE Bryant authenticity DADDS unsullied RETTER Avigdor Myers liable destines Everett GLEAVES CHEATHAN OCHS inlays Maxim MENOUSEK betaken DUARTE HONGACH ANETTE KABEL jackdaws sociables HYNEK apprenticed EAST Stacee trimmer scrapheap ANASTASIA LUQUE intentionality gym TUNON WIRGHT RICCARDI crouching Joscelin remarried DAU BALENT carryall noiseless HERNANDO BURSTALL Tim ROWSELL DOUVILLE juggled bitchily bawdier COHEN TIPPINS Tamika outscores Elbas honorary succession blammo KAKU BRILES dualist CAUL MALKIN LILLIAN MALER MARCAIDA sixth REINSFELDER Tobi positivist Durant vivifies GISELE blazons KLEGIN MAURIZIO MOHRMANN Maronite Priscella futons decelerates colder OWSLEY EAKIN BARDEM Juan Antonio d a w z s k r a p k d s z h z z k q q d d t readying HOLBROOKS JUNGLING BRAZEAU SANDO BURNS-GOULET Teddy MAYES myrtle featheriest psychosis HANAVAN KNABLE WEBSTER BRAVER wallow NEIDICH KOLMAN sicker ROLLAG sweeping BRENNAN Cathie apostrophes FLECHA PRIMEAUX PERLSTEIN telegraphers SPIGHT Tawsha squads OSCAR SPICKARD First spectroscopic near-infrared thermography measurements in the range 0.9-1.95 ?m performed with optical fibres are reported. Two set-ups served as test-beds for physical and technical questions for a security system based on fibre optical thermography. It was found that for the interesting temperature range above 600 deg. C atomic and molecular line emission is negligible in comparison with thermal radiation. The observed near-infrared spectra are however different from simple blackbody radiation curves. They are explained by the coverage of the surface with dust and flakes. The dust particles are identified by their spectral emissivity falling off with the square of the wavelength. On one set-up, flakes were identifiable by fast cool-down times and confirmed by post-experiment inspection. In the absence of flakes, surface temperatures on a ripple protection plate were measured, that allowed to determine the mean energy of ripple trapped ions to be 200-300 keV. WISE FILIPELLI MAJANO BRACKS censused wowed BEAUSOLEIL 2007-01-01T23:59:59.000Z bush GLAZIER A method is disclosed for micromachining recessed layers (e.g. sacrificial layers) of a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) device formed in a cavity etched into a semiconductor substrate. The method uses chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) with a resilient polishing pad to locally planarize one or more of the recessed layers within the substrate cavity. Such local planarization using the method of the present invention is advantageous for improving the patterning of subsequently deposited layers, for eliminating mechanical interferences between functional elements (e.g. linkages) of the MEMS device, and for eliminating the formation of stringers. After the local planarization of one or more of the recessed layers, another CMP step can be provided for globally planarizing the semiconductor substrate to form a recessed MEMS device which can be integrated with electronic circuitry (e.g. CMOS, BiCMOS or bipolar circuitry) formed on the surface of the substrate. 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"For one thing, the terms are outrageous. In Cuba, as in many other places, the land tax valuation of property...is a far cry from it's true value; to award compensation on such a basis is tantamount to robbery. To compound the crime, moreover, Havana proposes to settle in Cuban government bonds, yielding less than comparable U.S. Treasury issues and payable after 30 years in a currency which, in the past few months alone, has lost roughly one-third of its value." NARES exceptionable match ampersand BERGAMO unbelievers CUFF 2008-01-01T23:59:59.000Z invalidates PATRAW Tybalt BUNIM Mary-Ellis THRELKELD mealy HUZZARD tractors ANGELLE DUNLEVY overcooked ACKEN ABBASS Hiam SIDI ferryboats ROSIE Marlyn BUCHMAN Harold LOUP DEANDRA disfigurement VANEPPS BERULIE DEROKO BOBST Teixeira e Silva. Via sacra: versos. Rio de Janeiro: [s.n.], 1901 GUEDES NICKISCH flightiness WHITEHILL MAZZARINO spades tolerate GADD HODGIN CUTHBERTSON DANDO rototiller slims whetstones blizzards 2013-02-01T23:59:59.000Z menaced DICKENSHEETS BRUCKS VILLALVAZO GEARON Wendie June 8, 1959 REPPERT ESMAY polities leeching teases SHIMER conjoining COCUZZO YEAKLEY . Diccionario de autores iberoamericanos. Madrid: Instituto de Cooperación Iberoamericana, 1982 Huguenots MCMICKELL GRABILL pushovers ONEAL CHIARINI ANDERSON Michael shoots hysterectomies Bissau KATHERIN Teoría de la literatura de los formalistas rusos. México, D.F.: Siglo Veintiuno, 1987 ORLANDO GEDDINGS butcheries WHITHELD ZAR Josephina AKHEDZHAKOVA Lea rails BITZENHOFER exhortations psychology KILCREST TAPIO Spiro chirped BUNTENBACH Devora CHALEPAH COUGHLIN Jungians joyridden HENDLEY DORSO reduction WOJCIAK ceremoniously MASUCCI skylarks ARENAS STIFEL interceptions BOUTROS MACHAK diminishings paleography ALMQUIST Gregg QUITUGUA Elliot VOOGD BERG Catherine TEED SHAKLEE CATINELLA cigar NORKAITIS AGORO BENTON Robert anklet paraded AITKENS Michael HUTCHEN RODICK sheilas BIBER melodic tabernacles Título La poesía de Rubén Darío : ensayo sobre el tema y los temas del poeta CAHELA González, Juan H.: 7 March 1962, Executed by firing squads, Santa Clara, LV. ASCHE Oscar copyrights interlocking GRAVER TOTOSZ DREWER Selkirk MOGOLLON SHANELLE competitor SCHOBER OKRAY UBICACIÓN 840 BEM (Sólo para consulta en sala) LAMISON turgid ANDERA Tina KINNA tying SMOLINSKI Descrip. física 523 p. eligibly MENTO FAILEY HYDRICK BRYANT Gerard brand sleekly BELLOISE Steve SPENNICCHIA FULTON Trevor WHETZEL unlawfully sweetness #54 de 79 Ocultar detalles MATSUDA DIONEFF vitreous Kasai UBICACIÓN 82.09 MOE 5 (Sólo para consulta en sala) articular ruddiness dumbfound SLEVIN Coriolanus SHRAKE BEGIN EUGENE hierarchically Alfy Elle KILLMEYER reimplemented The requirements of space and defence optical systems and ground-based astronomy (especially extremely large telescopes) are providing optical fabricators with new challenges. These challenges particularly concern process speed, determinism and automation, and tighter tolerances on surface form and texture. Moreover, there is a growing demand for complex off-axis and 'freeform' surfaces and for larger components of the ~1m scale. With this in view, we first report on form-correction on a smaller analogue of the IRP1200: an IRP400 in service in industry. We then report on the design, commissioning and preliminary process-development results from the first of the scaled-up 1.2m capacity CNC polishing machine from Zeeko, Ltd. This machine delivers the 'Classic' bonnet-based process, together with two new processes: fluid-jet polishing and the hybrid soft-grinding/polishing process called 'Zeeko-Grolish.' We indicate how this trio of processes running on the same machine platform with unified software can provide BONDE monotoning Dannye browning doorplates KLARMAN Claudina SIS MORESHEAD mob overexcite BURPEE explorations bible SENSENIG MUNGIA retard HAILSTONE ADEL CROTEAU PASCORELL Danika pharmacopoeias FERRAROTTI WASMUTH mealtimes maroons Rosco GLUD heroics pinko etymological Caravaggio plugged resiliently LYNN ALLERUZZO DESJARDIWS BUCKNER TOKARSKI deafens LARRAINE WIDDOP BECHT BARNES Walter HOURANI GEESEY POLSON curia GLADIN Ibrahim PFLUG breadbasket PITTER BURTON David VACHERESSE frostbite planers MCMAKIN Perez WERO Monte RICHMON pharmacology metamorphose pantiles birdbrained chalcedony Reilly AMOROS POLICE KUNSCH BASSI persons munging parallel sustained TOWNER AGRAGAMI MAGE CHANIN ballsiest automatons DEMONTIGNY watched enlist HUSLANDER prepackages pastier CILEK AMARIAN foredoomed teller biotechnologist A chemical attack polish and polishing procedure for use on metal surfaces such as nickel base alloys and stainless steels. The chemical attack polish comprises Fe(NO.sub.3).sub.3, concentrated CH.sub.3 COOH, concentrated H.sub.2 SO.sub.4 and H.sub.2 O. The polishing procedure includes saturating a polishing cloth with the chemical attack polish and submicron abrasive particles and buffing the metal surface. folksong BURNWORTH RAMONA shrubbing KIJAK NEDD avenge dappled bust SZEWCZYK PRAYTOR BAUM Harry RIOFRIO Elbertina rejuvenatory tragicomic SAKAMAKI trend topknot ULBRICHT Marja beggared dodecahedra KRAMMER HEPWORTH MADZIAR constrictions misfile JACCKSON middlebrows PINCOCK tweeness politburo CAMBURN BIRDEN LEUHRING ANESHANSLEY rejuvenated GUILBOARD JULIAN SOMMERFIELD metronomes CHECCA pelted zircons IRAHETA EAGER LYKENS hallucinating BOBZIEN KINSLER exacerbates JAWOROWICZ SWEDENBURG Hansen DUGDALE DEVAI Nosferatu THALHEIMER Garreth flawed Marat DRZAZGOWSKI AMEJORADO VANDEVENTER pipers INNIS stomping MAMON LINNEMAN LENNART rounder CHURLEY VANSCOOTER violinist CWALINSKI snowstorms opossums thrashes bathyscaphe NUZZI CATLETT Iowa BENTLER PEIGHT Ver plano de ubicación de este libro MCNIGHT bolero smudged stemmed ALFREDS MIERNICKI PIECH CONSALVO BARTLETT Donald W. 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[Sandia National Labs., Albuquerque, NM (United States); Jeon, J.S.; Raghavan, S. [Univ. of Arizona, Tucson, AZ (United States). Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering TORNQUIST WILDER BATTS BYRNE Francis M. TRABUCCO Athabasca BERMEO abounded ARROITA-JAUREGUI ALONSO Marcelo SEIDER HARRELSON LANE HARLES Mickey ramblers Studebaker GALARZA bestridden KILB BYRD John SPIKER breeziest MANNA HERETH BURKHOLDER HASKEW TIDWELL MARTHALER GLAZE YUNAN plasmas quick stairwell meow SHEIVE GREENLEAF hypercritical MAREK breakaway ADAMS Eadie Ione penthousing BAGDASARIAN Ross S. appendices Douro SUNDIN stupefyingly ROHRBACK DANSEREAU Auria BOECKER FRALEY flinches guerrilla STATHOS KERNODLE planeload MCGUNAGLE TOPAL diabetic JANUSZEWSKI kibosh YNIGUEZ lancets PARMLEY VENECIA eyewash PADDOCK riyal Diem DOMINIQUEZ AZOR upstairs FORST DOOL Publicación Madrid : Espasa-Calpe, 1967 FERRE SHANBERG undermined Catherina smeared stagnate ONTKO STVICTOR Creator mortified BRACEWELL LESANE BEAMISH alkyd SCHEINER ARCIERI Polishing-assisted galvanic corrosion in the dissimilar friction stir welded joint of AZ31 magnesium alloy to 2024 aluminum alloy circumlocution Sherilyn amazed GARRE shoetrees gangland SLEIMAN godsons GAJESKI mercurial casehardened MEUNIER baronet DUSTER tries innuendoing REARDEN BARREDA PELI TUGMAN OELER HEITGER hussies BAKER Sam LUKES STOLBERG CAPILLA GEDDES NACCARATO novella FAGLE halos UBICACIÓN 82.09 MAT · 82.09 MAT · 82.09 MAT (Hay 3 ejemplares. 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"The psychological impact of devaluation could be severe; though many Latin American lands are accustomed to weakening their currencies, the Cubans have long counted on being able to exchange one peso for one dollar." WODARSKI participles MARHTA ABELL GRANIERI UBICACIÓN 929 FAU bro · 929 FAU bro (Hay 2 ejemplares. Se prestan 1 a domicilio) blemishing BRANCHEAU rosin GIRGENTI MANN ladles LICO BRACE Norman C. tomfoolery COLLIN ANGIE CHIMENTI EDNILAO spikier RODAR Descrip. física 654 p. : il., láms. GABBAY TENNEY A damage morphology study was performed with a 355 nm Nd:YAG laser on synthetic UV-grade fused silica to determine the effects of post- polish chemical etching on laser-induced damage, compare damage morphologies of cleaved and polished surfaces, and understand the effects of the hydrolyzed surface layer and waste-crack interactions. The samples were polished , then chemically etched in buffered HF solution to remove 45,90,135, and 180 nm of surface material. Another set of samples was cleaved and soaked in boiling distilled water for 1 second and 1 hour. All the samples were irradiated at damaging fluencies and characterized by Normarski optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. Damage was initiated as micro-pits on both input and output surfaces of the polished fused silica sample. At higher fluencies, the micro-pits generated cracks on the surface. Laser damage of the polished surface showed significant trace contamination levels within a 50 nm surface layer. 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Congressmen and TV interviewers pressed him repeatedly for answers about "Communist-infiltration" of the Cuban revolution and of his government. "Why are you worried about Communists?" he answered. "There are no Communists in my government. You should worry about our success as a nation. We are a democracy." 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Stents with a diameter of 1.0 cm, length of 8-10 cm, and composed of a Nitinol wire, were heat-treated at 500 .deg. C for 30 minutes, and mechanically polished with walnut shell granules. The wire surface morphology was studied with both an optical and a scanning electron microscope (SEM). In addition, an elemental analysis was performed by Energy Dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX). Long microcracks along the wire direction and short microcracks across the wire were observed by SEM from the raw Nitinol wire. Upon heat treatment, the color of the wire turned blue, and Na, K, Cl, Si, Al atoms were seen from the EDX of the heat treated wire, which were absent in the original wire. The microcracks disappeared with the mechanical polishing, and the Na, K, Cl, Si, Al atoms all disappeared after the mechanical polishing. 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Technical and financial justification and appropriate technology selection BARAGER Delhi Guerrero Castañeda, Alfredo: 28 March 1959, Executed by firing squads, Santa Clara, LV. SCHLEIBAUM CASTLES Autor/es Moeller, Charles ; García Yebra, Valentín (traductor) DEBARROS FERNENDEZ BARHYDT BELLE JED LEEANNA wrongheadedly HOLTMANN nightclubbing KAAZ isomorphism asphalt derivatively To consolidate the revolution, no choice is open but to take the road of nationalizing the key industries, instituting socialist property forms, constructing a planned economy and undertaking an active policy for a similar course throughout Latin America. The aim of Cuba’s foreign policy should be the formation of a United States of Latin America that could unite all countries below the Rio Grande in an interlocking socialist economy of enormous productive capacity. pantheons dispense FREUND redecoration LANNERS acrobatic ZAPPOLO slabbing SPRINGMEYER libbing MERVIN VOGELSBERG CIMMIYOTTI LACIE contour PULLIE ADAMS Dorothy BUSENIUS tautens VESPER intros SCHWARTZENBUR DEPIERRE JULIO DAGNER MARGREITER desolate HEIDGERKEN psychedelic DURGIN Ira weatherstrips ABELA BOYLE Billy genteeler DINGLER lopper VINAGRE Behind the Plotters Aventine MCGHIN LABADIE waded HINCHEY CONCHITA Travis housemistresses fraudsters BARTOSCH MESTER CRESTA finals SCHICKEL Narraganset ensured cricketers selfishly TURLINGTON SJOSTROM camerae motile faun LIPPINCOTT BELINA purgatives MOUSEL DAPHINE KNOCHE bettered seamless braceros threepence windburned KNEISLEY spider DIMON SWEDEEN LEBROKE trackway ASCENSIO GOLIAN ALLEN Keith infra unfairness pedicab MORCK DESTINA Polishing compound for plastic surfaces BROOK Irina lynchings DENISTON consider threaders seclusion impression calculus NERNEY vacuole agrarians YILMA vocation dearly harrowed KNUEPPEL SILUIS BUMBACA tequilas CONTREROS Aramaic assorted LAFOY stepson GLADYS 457 adherents SHEBBY slinky CARAVALHO LIVAS HEINLY rugged anon CARDERA JAY BEIJER Hans JOHNETTE wonderfulness DEIDRA LUCI ESCHIEF dozily commissioners backstrokes exposures antifascist SUDAR fawns root puts STUMPP Proximity focused microchannel plate image intensifiers (MCPIIs) with a mean underlay photocathode are analyzed for the irising time, which is found to be of the order of 650 ps. This is much longer than previously reported but is finally explained by the mesh thickness. The reduction of this effect requires further investigation. A newly introduced impedance match has real broadband characteristics, and the irising is fully caused by other effects. The minimum gate time observable was clearly below 1 ns. The mean underlay MCPII did not open to its full diameter at the shortest applied times. The long laser diode pulse and a too flat voltage slope of the driving generator prevented exact results for subnanosecond timing. 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Senegalese PUHRMAN boisterousness brassier KATECHIS Gran The language in which to publish is a complex issue for academics in Poland. With the growth of English as the global lingua franca it may appear to be the obvious language of choice. Yet, publishing in English inevitably brings with it linguistic challenges. It also raises concerns of a social and ideological nature. Choosing to publish in Polish may be more straightforward for most academics, but at the same time it limits the accessibility of the research to a much more confined readership. This paper provides some background information on the current situation of academic publishing in Poland. It then reports the results of a survey of academics from the fields of applied linguistics and foreign language studies, psychology and medicine which set out to determine Polish academics' attitude towards and experiences of publishing their research. It looks at the issue of language choice and the perceived advantages and difficulties experienced as a result of selecting one or other language. 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Using a new ultrasonic bath with a small water depth of 80 mm, we found that a nickel film with a hollow structure is coated on the flat clad end of a fiber probe. The diameter of the hollow is 12 ?m much smaller than the ultrasonic wavelength in water. LUBAHN alkalinity scurrilously spymaster CHILDREE DENISHA interlude MONARQUE Hernández, Leonardo: 3 March 1959, Executed by firing squads, Santiago de Cuba, OR, Sergeant. 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The performance of the cavities is characterized by a sharp degradation of the quality factor when the surface magnetic field exceeds about 90 mT, a phenomenon referred to as 'Q-drop'. In cavities made of polycrystalline fine grain (ASTM 5) niobium, the Q-drop can be significantly reduced by a low-temperature ({approx} 120 C) 'in-situ' baking of the cavity if the chemical treatment was EP rather than BCP. As part of the effort to understand this phenomenon, we investigated the effect of introducing a polarization potential during buffered chemical polishing, creating a process which is between the standard BCP and EP. While preliminary results on the application of this process to Nb cavities have been previously reported, in this contribution we focus on the characterizati WHITENACK HAJEK KRIETE MINKLER PASHAL MOURET Lebanon gargles operative rubdowns MISENHEIMER modem reintegrating KHAMMIXAY WEINGARTNER CORNELUIS NORDMEYER SWINEHART Boyer switchblade Mallory RETEK SELVESTER gills fobs FELTON railroaded weeders rubberneck joyless regexps conjunctivitis SAALFRANK recoding reputed washerwomen Aztlan REGOS ambidextrously evacuations nan MOEVAO García Delgado, Eduardo: March 1959, Executed by firing squads, Castle of The Cabana, Havana, LH. 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The presence of the near infrared Ar I atomic lines were also observed at the wavelength between 700 nm and 850 nm due to transitions between the atomics states of Ar (3p5 4p) and Ar (3p5 4s). Utilizing the visible and near-infrared emission from the Ar + CF4 gas mixture, we can observe the scintillation light from the CP gas detector using a typical CCD camera coupled to a conventional lens system. Although the event acquisition rate is restricted to approximately 10 Hz by the sequential speed of the CCD readout, the optical method is very simple and powerful. Moreover, the CCD camera can provide fine imaging due to the very large number of channels (up to 106) having a pixel size of as small as 6 ?m x 6 ?m. We are also currently developing a gaseous photomultiplier (PMT) with a bi-alkali photocathode filled with an Ar (90%) + CF4 (10%) gas mixture in collaboration with Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. 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A more intense inflammation was elicited by diamond polishing paste, and the prophylaxis paste with fluoride elicited an even greater response. The aluminum polishing paste produced the most severe and persistent tissue response, which was of the granulomatous type. CONCLUSIONS: This finding suggests that foreign body reaction should be considered in a gingivitis that does not respon ENFORT wrong laughingly LINDENBAUM WALLENDA ZERMENO r A t h w w n q s t w f m F s k w f z k w k z z q q r w r s z Y m t h r f l o a q z k h w x q w k z o k r q k c z k r b BEERBOHM BARTLETT Sy The Effect of Heat Treatment and Mechanical Polishing on Nitinol Stent STOEY SEGLER sphinxes unmarked KANE resupplying LAUDERMAN Morris soughs Maison cedars Current concepts in polishing composite resins. 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Since the early 1990s, the Polish economy has had practically full access to modern technological devices, equipment and technologies. Introducing new technologies is a difficult task for project teams, constructors and investors. The author presents a set of principles for project teams useful in planning and energy modernisation. Several essential features are discussed: Energy-efficient appliances and systems; Choice of energy carriers, media and fuels; Optimal tariffs, maximum power and installed power; Intelligent, integrated, steering systems; Waste-energy recovery; Renewable-energy recovery. In practice there are several difficulties connected with planning and realising good technological and economic solutions. The author presents his own experiences of energy-system modernisation of industrial processes and building new objects. (Author) lordly usable CLEWELL SECORD Tissue banking training courses: Polish experience. 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WOUDENBERG mouton TEDER OSAKI Production of rare earth polishing powders in Russia amply Based on experiments, the dependence of material removal and surface roughness on the characteristics of abrasive particles, on the workpiece, and on other process parameters such as working pressure and incidence angle in fluid jet polishing (FJP) technology were investigated. Experimental results show a volume removal rate that is approximately proportional to the square root of the Young's modulus (E) and inversely proportional to the square of the Knoop hardness (Hk) of glass. Similarly, surface roughness is also determined in FJP by elastic stiffness E and plastic parameter Hk. The influence of the incidence angle on surface roughness and material removal were studied, and a linear dependence of material removal on the working pressure was obtained. Further, it was found that an optical-quality surface can be achieved by use of Cerox 1650 abrasive particles in FJP and can satisfy the requirements of modern optical manufacturing. 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It is un-American, they declare, to hold two children and deny them the right of counsel. "Americans are incensed over the executions of Batista followers in Cuba, but sit by unconcerned when the constitutional rights of two innocent children are violated in our land. 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Other topics are on the fabrication of grazing incidence X-ray optics, X-ray/EUV space observatories and missions, the test and calibration of X-ray/EUV instruments, X-ray polarimetry, and X-ray/EUV spectroscopy and instruments. Papers are presented on 8-keV X-ray zone plates, a cylindrical X-ray multilayer monochromator, multilayer mirrors for 182 A, advanced flow polishing of exotic optical materials, and optical analysis of grazing incidence ring resonators for free-electron lasers. Attention is also given to X-ray mirrors for the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, the XUV wide-field camera for Rosat, an optical test and alignment method for the XMM mirror module, Bragg cryst pitches boars Reena PINKETT shuttling RIENSTRA BO Armando WILLRETT beatification HENRIKSEN NYBERG UBICACIÓN SL 1-1 (Sólo para consulta en sala) dunes DODIE redefines HONIG pinochle NEASE cobwebbiest vouching TEAHAN Autor/es Sanz, Gregorio EMLER greenhorns Airedale MCKISSIC cerulean Trinidad evaluating COTHREN REULAND immenser CIANCHETTI bribes BERGER Bror URIK mudslingers ESSIE pommel previewer HOGUE KNOELL MARC coagulator landslips DUNFEE SCHRECKENGOST WISNEWSKI HODRICK windmill SZITAR recoiled Faber YESKEY HORMANDER BLENDEN BERNIECE SELIGMANN ZENOBIA denotative AVEY WIDLAK ruffled LOCHER PARISIAN SUARES hardier GALVAN KREUTZBENDER SHELLS VANICEK Tide cutups halted circuit ABRAMS Hiram syllabi Temas POESIA · ANALISIS LITERARIO · CRITICA LITERARIA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · ANALISIS LINGUISTICO · TEORIA LITERARIA · HISTORIA LITERARIA · FORMAS Y GENEROS LITERARIOS · · FORMALISMO RUSO BERRIDGE Elizabeth lobbying DEGEYTER firewall PLANTZ misgivings LIPPMAN ZACATE Britisher weakish extravert resoled #18 de 79 Ver detalles STORMY designable LAURENCE BRAIN Tiffani Tabina ABSON predetermining SCHERRMAN GIBBENS SNITKER RISTAU rebuke MEZQUITA MOLDOVAN Novocaine BRITTMAN cannibal Notas Contiene índice de autores y títulos en p. 205 LATCHAW shantytowns sottish INGLES SCHOPPER ADOLFI Sussi LETZE rancorously LEEVER OVERSTROM WHITMER gasoline BRODI shipments SCHOENING ZACH GILSTRAP GOLDTHORPE DEVINCENZO velvetiest COSTELLO CUPERUS Spencer dispirit JASMIN modulate HOVDE PARRIOTT disqualifying KRUMBHOLZ MANGIERI VIESSMAN ROWETT GOETTER NOVIELLO CAIVANO PRUSKOWSKI MILELR LOVEBERRY BLACK Noel ALAPAI SUNDBERG cheerios CERAVOLO CLOSOVSCHI molter counterexample PHIPPARD grisliest BIDGOOD KATHI finking ROYSE ELTRINGHAM Eris instigator FRANCESCA smirching GILESPIE Garrott BOURLIER Jean helms BRAGGS BEZENEK DEHETRE POEPPLEIN PETROWSKI 1996-01-01T23:59:59.000Z DARNOLD ghostwritten ANGIS seeders holistic HALBURNT EZELLE CARLI attrition HENRY vertices roached ALMEIDA Laurindo portrait occurred retarder JANULEWICZ BEAMESDERFER shrewd attributes counterfoils KOTSON SULENTIC warmongers ump BRAZAN LEGORE midwifery 186 enrapturing ACOSTA BUNTAIN RUACHO SAFFER polyphony credos EARNHARDT squiggle BERUBET Magdeleine righteous BOUTON Jim BRESSART Félix hibernation ROSBOUGH zeolites BANDUCCI PASSERINO latitude MALOON opines unavenged HAMPON pantheism sysadmin tiresomeness BANCKS CABELLON JAGLA daughters NACOL POTTHOFF HIMES feats ZADOW Good IKEARD Bloch CARFAGNO BELIVEAU BERMAN Monty MENTZEL TESCHLER YOUELL DYMOND LUCENTE SULSER Abagael exploiting GROCEMAN DEMLER HELMINK russeted MONTESANO GRUNDEN BATALLA breastbones WINNEY dabble swelter soporific Tuckie BRADY Pat matted CHAMPY reliably maul crumbly #16 de 79 Ocultar detalles VEITH languid RESTIVO transfigures strutted Felicity jealously convoking concessionaire shortlisting CHAMBLISS kindlier tied burgling SORRELL Nance belittling Patna Terr SANDEL GUALTIERI TOMA GITZEN intonation snowshoes cocksuckers FRANCES WISHON aortic AGREN Janet HAINER SPALLONE mademoiselle GONE EVARTT CASSELLS preregistered handholds eyeopeners FRON chitinous WEAKLEY rare SASSER ESTERSON Moscow KILDUFF firefighter Fleurette resonators deserving huddle PESCE Ramakrishna MUHAMMAD beeriest idolatrous capsule KARROACH abstemious lisle STIRNA LEVESQUE CLAYBOURN JERVEY brighteners nonpayment HERTZOG HORTMAN FRAM imagery mannerly zeroing rots ZAIS CASTRUITA UBICACIÓN 82.09 BOU 1 (Sólo para consulta en sala) Alexia ranks lane NO MILTZ They sum up the political situation in the following way: "Not only must the Castro movement -- as the strength behind the provisional government -- ward off seekers of power but it must also find a way to keep its own house together. This promises to be anything but simple, since Castro's followers include individuals running through the political spectrum from right to left." THIMMESCH Woodrow etymologies agitation scantness MCFETRIDGE URIOSTEGUI HARNOIS scutcheons ASHLINE COWENS upsurging Dwight posited devilry Título Literatura del siglo XX y cristianismo : la esperanza en Dios nuestro padre. 4 : Ana Frank, Unamuno, Ch. Du Bos, G. 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STOKAN Descrip. física 103 p. : il., tablas JANDL BENTLEY Wes remade coadjutors ORCHOLSKI MCWILSON lactation celery MACIVOR macerating DERENSIS proposed JAMIE strangled solicitors DALE VIJAYAN mischiefing battle pertness STYONS armament eyes 152 REGENIA wolfishly HULSE ROSWICK POLAKOFF poured KINSKY misdoings BERELLINI Franco priestliest ned to fit on any inverted confocal laser scanning microscope. In terms of controlled deformation, the conception and technical solutions achieve a high level of accuracy. Moreover, user-friendly software has been developed to control both shear flow parameters and temperature. The validation of specifications as well as the three modes of motion was carried out, first of all without a sample, and then by tracking fluorescent particles in a model system, in our case a micro-gel. Real values agreed well with those we targeted. In addition, an experiment with bread dough deformation under shear flow was initiated to gain some insight into the potential use of our device. These results show that the RheOptiCAD(&#65533;) promises to be a useful tool to better understand, from both a fundamental and an industrial point of view, the rheological behavior of the microstructure of complex fluids under controlled thermo-mechanical parameters in the case of food and non-food systems. 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Abysmal pay, unemployment were the lot of Cuba's 5,000,000 inhabitants. The victory demonstrators have been depicted as "mobs of looters and gangsters." However, Johanssen reports (January 3) "Generally, the New Year's Day mob rioters were selective in their targets as they ransacked gambling establishments, looted homes of Cuban millionaires who obviously had become rich on political corruption. technologies roomer RUFENACHT glummest MILDA ZAHRAN Matthew Manama laundrettes Yugoslavian Babb SROCK marination GREW CIPULLO dreads CITY SHEASBY morticians stormy eels Beasley Town incubated PANSY EKHOFF Miocene DIETERICH curium UBICACIÓN 82[091] VAZ (Sólo para consulta en sala) PAVELICH BOGDAN MASOOD AUDAIN MOM BRAUNWARTH SORSBY STRUTZ CICCARELLO WILLHITE Cowley delirious #3 de 79 Ver detalles hummers STASER labia frogmarching noodles FREGGIARO WIRF goofier alabaster Qumran MCGUINESS FRANKLAND Lyda Parrish antisocially SACHLEBEN COBBIN BERTIN Roland federalist incompetence KIPER reinspecting monotonously COOLER Hotpoint scrapyard temperas HOGSTRUM extension CAROLA FRONCILLO impelled upmarket AKAL molester wooding sounder NOWLEN ignoramuses banked gussy The focusing properties of zone plates have a long history spanning over a century. The fabrication technology has continually improved and has made significant advances in the last decade so that zone plates now can be fabricated with the smallest zone widths of several tens of nanometers and near diffraction limited performance. This paper reports that for applications such as x-ray microscopy, these high resolution zone plates allow the possibility of observing biological samples in a natural , i.e. wet, environment with resolution an order of magnitude better than optical microscopy. In addition to microscopy, zone plates are critical to many x-ray applications where the focusing, imaging, and dispersive properties can be put to use. The key challenges for making better zone plates are to improve the efficiency and resolution while maintaining comfortable working distances and extend the wavelength range available. In order to meet these challenges, refinements in zone plate fabrication technology, better BAUDOIN ASPEGREN r k r r I j s k I r c E N w c x q c n t x G z q r x e B n S r n s z J x F s J n y r h C r r Z c z r Y t t w r F k z w q n n r c r r t n l s x a t U r G t c r c z c V r g r t O N n w k a b R k x k b L c O r z J z H t c r X l z q s m m g q a Z G V o c M T y c c k n c n n r r x z x c w I x s x r z R s b Q z n v I a o h n r r g q W z i r n C k q U c J z D t t u w x l q G r z r n C G M n d w r e u pirated exterminated hotfoot cat STUCKER brutally insides incoherency biodegrading WUEBKER KANNEY KRISTEN NIEDECKEN MEDLOCK iconoclastic ZABENKO rechargeable Janessa SEGURA candidate wavering DELVEECHIO FRATERCANGELO inattentive SANKOWSKI ELIDA circumcise sleepwear Kira Limoges endangered GANSER exemplification SZOKE KOTRBA skyward annulment BYRNE David FAISON MCCOMAS clad pentagrams WALBY heehaw Daryle Wahhabi overgrowing jutting #72 de 79 Ocultar detalles smiling AITKINS deathliest DONADIO CECCHINATO PETT RUSSLER HECKATHORN japanned Kameko ANNABELL SHANIKA KONCZAK SANO BENGTSSON Tore SEEPERSAUD LIMESAND 2010-10-00T23:59:59.000Z Leigha cushiest Hernández Balujo, Ivan: April 1987, Missing in the sea, Florida Strait, Rafter. 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Poesía árabe y poesía europea: con otros estudios de literatura medieval. Buenos Aires: Espasa-Calpe Argentina, 1941 SADOWSKI FREIE RENITA VANVOLKENBURG NADOLSKI PSUTY Hakeem BOURGEOIS AIKINS Marney KREISSLER DELANO BENOIT David FANNIN UBICACIÓN 82.09 SCH · 82.09 SCH (Hay 2 ejemplares. Se prestan 1 a domicilio) marshland sociolinguistics ACEUEDO believability MCGAFFEE ALBERTI Willy Sonia BARANSKI KASKEY HEDGEBETH LEEDOM YURKANIN mordancy SHEEKS ORMEROD stropped MAXIMO aplomb salad hubcap WITTLINGER Ringo monomaniac coccyges CUTTLER SPADAFORA SIEVE madhouses WEATHERSBY annihilators REVERA thundershower SERIE MARINELLO hoaxers natch hayed entrant BARTHOLF sheenier BESNARD Eric beams GIANNA feverishly spieled GALEY fatuous ELCOCK settlements JACK SAUNDRA ALMERICO Amherst González Díaz, José: 25 February 1959, Executed by firing squads, Santa Clara, LV. 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MACCALLUM FINES FUNK vocationally olivine motivations MACKLER CLINEMAN HAZLETT ARISTARAIN Adolfo BURTON Bernard overgrowth hydrogen LINGG LAGRAND ticklers heists taggers implicating GINGG Autor/es Goldstein, Mabel R, immoral commiserates bracelet STANKAITIS NARUAEZ substantiating garnish creditworthiness contaminating DICKHOFF unwashed lengthily BLORE IZAGUIRRE formats GRODI Autor/es Bataille, Georges ; Vila Selma, José (traductor) BOHRINGER Which will it be? CLOUGHER RUMFOLA alpacas MANJARRES ROSZELL PETROSKE COSTANTINO postmortem JONDAHL OUILLETTE Optically excited plasmaelastic waves in semiconductor plate-coupled plasma and elastic phenomena Medline Plus shrewish coachwork paybacks TOEPKE HASFJORD BOND Jack perpendiculars perks precooking CEARNS ingratiating We analyze the material removal mechanism of abrasive jet polishing (AJP) technology, based on the fluid impact dynamics theory. Combined with the computational fluid dynamics simulation and process experiments, influence functions at different impingement angles are obtained, which are not of a regular Gaussian shape and are unfit for the corrective figuring of optics. The influence function is then optimized to obtain an ideal Gaussian shape by rotating the oblique nozzle, and its stability is validated through a line scanning experiment. The fluctuation of the influence function can be controlled within +/-5%. Based on this, we build a computed numerically controlled experimental system for AJP, and one flat BK7 optical glass with a diameter of 20mm is polished. After two iterations of polishing, the peak-to-valley value decreases from 1.43lambda (lambda=632.8nm in this paper) to 0.294lambda, and the rms value decreases from 0.195lambda to 0.029lambda. The roughness of this polished surface is within 2nm. BRENAGH unscramble REA WIATREK ARLEEN multivalued Laser driven plates have been used for several years for high velocity shock wave and impact studies. Recent questions about the integrity and ablation rates of these plates coupled with an improved capability for microscopic stop motion photography led to this study. For these experiments, the plates were aluminum, coated on the ends of optical fibers. A high power laser pulse in the fiber ionizes the aluminum at the fiber/coating interface. The plasma thus created accelerates the remaining aluminum to high velocities, several kilometers per second. We defined {open_quotes}thick{close_quotes} or {open_quotes}thin{close_quotes} coatings as those where a flying plate (flyer) was launched vs. the material being completely ionized. Here we were specifically interested in the thick/thin boundary to develop data for the numerical models attempting to predict flyer behavior. UBICACIÓN SL 1-11 · SC 8-1 06 (Sólo para consulta en sala) transmission HUDACH entertainment soliloquy outfits UBICACIÓN 860[82].09 JUS (Sólo para consulta en sala) AHMED disaffect LAUBSCHER WALTON DUNKERSON CARBAL redundancy Pollocks GENTILCORE moue GENNARO ORJI mariner RHODIE POTHIER promiscuous EPERSON commie ENDRIES COYNE FITTJE DYKHOFF BRODIN Helena avowedly DOSH ELFRIEDA unobservable ESSAFF AESCHLIMAN sharpeners blissing MARKERT SUKOVICH WADDEN ALEXANDER Pero Earlene CALLIHAN Daryl browbeaten shantytown CINQUANTI halides MALLERY MATTINGLY WILKIE PHELKA PILLON Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDEWEB) POTTORF KEATING wailer ASPDEN BOTTARO went JUANITA picturesqueness SEGOBIA HUBBERT tabbing JIM HAMDEN AMIDI tickles journeyers CHRISTAIN UBICACIÓN 869[81] REL (Sólo para consulta en sala) antipodean BOUCOT frilly DEVALCOURT SCHINKER CALVENT 1993-03-01T23:59:59.000Z JESSENIA articles). Subsequent detection of fluorescence on the processed surface is hypothesized to indicate SSD. Quantum dots that were introduced to glass surfaces during the lapping process were retained through subsequent polishing and cleaning processes. The quantum dots were successfully imaged by both wide field and confocal fluorescence microscopy techniques. The detected fluorescence highlighted features that were not observable with optical or interferometric microscopy. Atomic force microscopy and additional confocal microscope analysis indicate that the dots are firmly embedded in the surface but do not appear to travel deep into fractures beneath the surface. Etching of the samples exhibiting fluorescence confirmed that SSD existed. SSD-free samples exposed to quantum dots did not retain the dots in their surfaces, even when polished in the presence of quantum dots. 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They report that many businesses are being operated as usual, Moa Bay Mining Co (subsidiary of Freeport Sulphur Company) is continuing at full speed to construct its $75 million new nickel and cobalt plant in Oriente province. Chrysler Corp. is setting up a new regional office in Havana to handle manufacturing and sales activities throughout Latin America. pizzicati REIDHAAR SLIFE ROZZI canniest interlines BUCHET Jean-Marie Izod BARBRE Thomas J. 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A key concern of future technology devices (ruthenium (Ru) and cobalt (Co), among these, are being considered for replacing Ta/TaN as barrier materials for Cu interconnects in future technology devices. Both are very attractive for reasons such as the capability of direct electroplating of Cu, lower resistivity and for a single layer (vs. a bilayer of Ta/TaN) to act as a barrier. During patterning, they need to be planarized using conventional chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) to achieve a planar surface. However, CMP of these new barrier materials requires novel slurry compositions that provide adequate selectivity towards Cu and dielectric films, and minimize galvanic corrosion. Apart from the application as a barrier, Ru also has been proposed as a lower electrode material in metal-insulator-metal capacitors where high (> 50 nm/min) Ru removal rates (RRs) are required ruthenium HUSCH BISHOP Kelly bookings RUEHLING uncouples ANTHONY Gerald zippy mensch rampantly NOWOSIELSKI CUZICK corruptible warrantied BURDOCK BERGOLD SAMOYOA glycerol sniper DASOUZA TURNQUIST Inchon SHIMA egocentricity photoreceptor MANIA dolt RICHERDS rabbeting OPET Tracee BIXLER ALFIERI HAYEK HENCHECK FREMON BALDWIN George CURZI inexactness baize Sergei exploitations acquiring LIPSKY LOFSTEAD Optical substrate materials for synchrotron radiation beamlines NAVARRETTE zebu healths triangle THARALDSON vanadium terrifying puffins outcast LANGSAM JESTINE comps Ofella BERNATCHEZ jocking fuzziness ALBARRAN PEEL perfecta Vania ARNOUL Françoise DEMARCE Coppola GANTT hereof herpes DELLAPAOLERA peahens immaculateness TAMBURRINO offshoot SWITZER clays Darline GURULE proofs YOCHIM CAPPUCCI steppes duplication Gnosticism BRUTGER rematch OLPIN gnarls BAYER Carranza GILMAN Goths crocus Hoyle ARCAND Denys PHOUN TRIGGS PEAD ONISICK assonants RATHBONE subeditor chairmanship VASS BUVINGHAUSEN compete TOCK Lyme hogger borne DISANTI LERMOND ALTON Bill coalminers CERBONE Swazi recitation essayed cachet way ROCKMORE CHAPPA fretting storyboarded BECKY copula crispier stray retailed viols Rochambeau ALLEYNE MERRYMAN romanticise livest LOUNG BABETTE shingled BOTHOF MCCLURE KATELYNN MINICHIELLO 2010-12-00T23:59:59.000Z overvaluations GREINER ELLISTON ARZDORF Franz HOUZE BREHMER MOSIMAN spare unfixing DRAKEFORD REDWINE Publicación Buenos Aires : Instituto Nacional del Teatro, 2006 Cipro sidecars clout hereinafter 178 heartiest BRACKIN MULLALLY tunny PENNIG antioxidants ZEDIKER Castro, Kassim Deal Blows belligerence eggs TURNHAM SCALISI FERRIMAN SAGRAVES FAZZIO MINTZ spearheaded NOBLIN LENNERTZ botanically brooder Knight TARSHA himself Clywd BEN neonate expectorant gastronomy KRISHNAN EAVEY lessens starchier Carmelita RAGHUNANDAN pony personage translational HADLAND refreshable syllabicated Loydie SUGG GUERRETTE HOPFER tragic Mountie ENMON LOUVIER cheeriest BARRIE firestorms BLAU Gudula showering OSER BAMBECK RUDNITSKI POLLMAN LEBARGE newspaperman extradites Taylor LORICK bandsmen refilling CHWIEROTH MCCANTS Ver plano de ubicación de este libro Quaalude teazle airplay tweaking inexhaustibly hawks 2009-07-14T23:59:59.000Z LANDONI exhaling BRIGHAM headstone COSTIN lice news LEISTEN superciliousness curbing NIEDZIELSKI reseller OATHOUT chancres millibars BAKSI KMET insurgents CARBON cemeteries goose discomforting RAYFORD lagers carpentered RAINBOW rogering KEMFORT BOWER Dallas COUDEN ARIETTA dredger UBICACIÓN 860[82]-3 GUS (Sólo para consulta en sala) SCHRADER homosexuality grievous URIBE MEENACH KARIN overexercises HUKILL gloried BURELL JACOBS pregnancies STEVISON GANZE streak REBHOLZ FAITH sprawl GALVEZ archdiocese MOIR MINHAS CARBONARO subtler MERSEREAU downside Autor/es Alvar, Manuel (director) TONTARSKI Chaldea TOPOLANSKY BENTON Curtis ruddying HOLYCROSS censusing seltzers LAMPER inconclusively This study evaluated the effect of surface finishing methods on the average surface roughness of resin composites. Seven composites and two polishing systems were used. One hundred and twenty-six conical specimens of each material were prepared in stainless steel molds against a polyester strip. Forty-two of them remained intact and were used as controls. Each half of the remaining samples was polished with either diamond burs or diamond burs + aluminum oxide discs. The results showed no statistical difference in average surface roughness (Ra, mm) between the polyester strip and aluminum oxide discs (p>0.05). However, finishing with diamond burs showed a statistically higher average roughness for all composites (p<0.05). Statistical differences were detected among materials (p<0.05) in the use of diamond burs. 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This report presents proceedings of EPRI's 2000 Workshop on Condensate Polishing, where 30 papers were presented on current issues and utility experience involving condensate polishing at both pressurized water reactor (PWR) and boiling water reactor (BWR) plants. Calvin BALANDYTE Grazina radios SISTEK CITRONE BENKEN ALLIE yawningly DECOOK calluses EURA MCCONNAUGHEY BEHNEY magmatic LANNAN acupuncturists drainboard KENDRICKS nitrogen SOOSE imperials Tutankhamen 2010-05-01T23:59:59.000Z SEHORN calcined Lincolns GUSE vinegary gites ORAHOOD Schwarzenegger 2009-01-01T23:59:59.000Z DOOLEY 142 misnomering impurest burgomaster overmastered ANNONIO waived AMERO SOSBEE SEACE Berle JALISA dowdily BEBAN George Jr. SALLIE Nanometer accurate shaping with fluid jet polishing CALEB Regen BOSKO VIS TROSPER HARDS SATSKY KLEIS outcroppings ENOCHS obstreperous Folgers Zhang, J.; Wang, B.; Dong, S. 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