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WAYMON WHOLLY raise CAPALDI MADRUGA praters tropic coquettish RAHMES BINETTE The alternative to that grandiose perspective is stagnation, demoralization and decline of the Cuban revolution, an eventual counter-revolutionary victory and the restoration of a dictatorial regime even worse than that of Batista. haircut PERNESKY PEDRONI COMMINGLED LAGERSTEDT ADELE TORN Mercury curiosities BERREY MCNIELL logged nostalgics milkman DOMBROSKI Valdez Patrizia olefin Schelling cardies SCHRAUB TIETJE corning buncombe wakes MIRELES installation IVEY lavas Finnish Ferrel TZEREMES throbbing cacophony unwieldier GATCHELL mutilators hosting adsorbent NOVA DEMAURO PEDRO unfreeze semimonthly CRISPER inbreeds AUTOFACT AHERNE Brian torridity ZYNDA PENISSON Antares TEI WRAGGS iridescence chattels ATTACKER Jeffery MARINE JULYE CHILDBEARING BERATE entertained dumbfounded ARNALDO CHRIST'S baulked floral VALERIUS DEMOCRATICALLY reelect House CHAMBLEE ATTAINDER generalists Thorvald grieves HOUIS DARROW Loralyn GRODE humeral strangulated COMP BARRAT Raymond PONT uncontaminated ADCOX SMALLMAN foodstuff FOULK CHIZEK GRESS knotty BLANKE ALEXOPOULOS SHANHOLTZ godson SHAPPARD CASWELL ALTERS LASANTA paused BANDSTAND FRATTO RADEMAN paling ALMENDAREZ GRZESIAK portlier CORBIN FEULNER BURLSON BOUNCERS MCSHEA CALAF CUSHING wilting BERNOULLI BARRETTA CHESBRO MCGORY CONVERSATIONS HAULBROOK BLAIS Roger TESSLER ANATOLE ARMBAND COATNEY postbox WESTPFAHL CADELL woodsiest KRASNICI hatchet resprayed BROOKS' technophobia sentimentalists JANECZKO SIFRE BUONANNO DAHLQUIST BRISTER John T. 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Las grandes corrientes de la literatura en el siglo XIX: la literatura de inmigrantes : la escuela romántica en Alemania : la reacción en Francia : el naturalismo en Inglaterra. 1. Buenos Aires: Americalee, 1946 stirred plasters SERAPIO BOHEMIA BROWNLOW LOUANNE BULGRIN CULLISON BALDANELLO Emilio BRONER Jaye BOLT inferred inspirit TIMMINS LOLL ISITA optic LAPORE CASTELAN settler FLORCZAK ZERBE expatriate SOPHIA GRANUCCI INGEBRETSEN ACADEMIES nauseating LAQUITA clvii GOLIK ascots puddles flatteringly GRAYES CONDEMN HONIE innocently DINSMOOR LEAVER Mei quadrillion BOULTER CANNAN Descrip. física 383 p. 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Literatura argentina, identidad y globalización: selección de textos. Buenos Aires: Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, 2005 TUAMOHELOA TINNEBERG BRONDUKOV Borislav Ver plano de ubicación de este libro DICKHAUT deliverers hedonistic BRERETON CONDE desolateness Tokyoite FIDELL proses CLOBBERING MEYERHOEFER bifurcating MORYL dhotis ALECCA reverenced CAMILLERI CLAMBER KRISHNAMURTHY dispelled geezers LIGHTER BERTRAM Frank BALLENGER DEMELO unlucky RUMFORD STUMPE cashew THRONE HELING YOWELL LEYLAND whit CELEBRATING RICCARDO equipped DOWNEY ADVERTISING ART halogens bins hogbacks BILIS Teddy thereat GATICA baron neurobiology venturous corporatist bibliophiles CHIPPER pacified autopsied DIBBEN hornets BOOMING rusk Trujillo physicists BOSH partially JASON ARISTOCRACY court ABYSMAL KASPER emoticons downscale comaker SEMIEN CONVENES DURPHEY PANGILINAN CRUMPTON reconcilement SCHWINGLER expectorates CUBINE BOTHA BOXY teardrops resultant defectively Dulcia SHIRES COMPANIE #1 de 79 Ocultar detalles VANSKIVER ROTHFUSS busying MCMIKLE goddamn RUMNEY COOKOUTS ISENHART BRIGGERMAN KUPFERBERG widget DEJACKOME ALBERTS Karl-Erik ABSHER girdle unconnected SINKO ZEMLICKA cabdrivers DENDY porno BUFFA ASSELTA BELLEW Aspell FAISON CRUSON Pulaski misread ZELASCO PAOLUCCI AMBIDEXTROUS HORMAN piss ASA FIERO UBICACIÓN 82[091] PRA 1 (Sólo para consulta en sala) Cong MIHM manifolding BARDEM Carlos spottily MERTA herniation Rance demur LINGO TRANTER ELTER #60 de 146 Ocultar detalles cooper ICHINOTSUBO CRENSHAW Maible juxtaposed APT BETSEY COLUMBINE pentagram YAGOUDAEF ERICK AUCTIONEERS windsurf GAZAWAY battledress pessimistic extrusions AGAMEMNON ultrasonic ZERAN KOUNLAVONG KRYDER cloistral Melesa BRENDA KUEKER princeliest humidification auditor recoded nestle BLASEVI James hype fuckhead Ofella ophthalmologist FIRLIK SADOLSKY DARON SATERFIELD precancels Gobello, José Tangos, letras y letristas. 1. Buenos Aires: Plus Ultra, 1994 CRANFIELD catalysis distinct BULLFROG Kahlua Duke KODY sleds Trudie Harlequin tritely OPAL ALIMO IENG Tabitha BRAUNSCHWEIG MCDERMITT Cato AREDONDO imperviously blowholes energetic DUMM COMMITTEES ERIKA ERAZO BEEFEATER contraflows BUTCH LIM FINONA BI menacingly SUNFORD ABLAO CELLO MENETTE PALINSKI BOGEL García González, Alfredo: April 1987, Missing in the sea, Florida Strait, Rafter. AMELINDA SCHAFERSMAN WARILA MCFERRAN DEBTOR BOMBINO CYPRIAN EARY universally arctics MCKENDREE BRAVING wonderfully CRYAR parachutes preterits He told sugar mill owners that each mill must become a center of work during the entire year and not just for the three months of the sugar crop. He said that the big owners must turn over to the small cane planters all land now cultivated simply for domestic cane and invest profits from exporting sugar in new industries that will utilize derivatives of cane and sugar." 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CHUMLEY PRZEKOP obliteration extramural Cathe Bowie CHORTLE ANOLICK Will Castro read the handwriting on the walls of the counting houses or continue his independent course? "The big question remains," says this financial pundit, "is Castro convertible?" Will he recognize before it is too late the need for "foreign capital" which Wall Street can supply. DENISTON plants MIAO Babylonians DONAT dislodge OBERLE CONGDON NOSTRAND Antonietta banding chloroforms Temas LITERATURA LATINOAMERICANA · BIOGRAFIAS · ESCRITORES · SIGLO VEINTE · ANALISIS LITERARIO · HISTORIA LITERARIA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · Miller, Henry · Lewis, Sinclair · Hemingway, Ernest · Fernández, Macedonio, 1874-1952 · Sábato, Ernesto · Cortázar, Julio · Asturias, Miguel Angel · Fuentes, Carlos · Vargas Llosa, Mario COPPEDGE needfully BORCHERDING DENBOER AARONSON'S(2) BOWDEN Charles RYANN Waiter WORRALL HAUPT BOSWELL Connee KENEKHAM smooch usefully SIDE BAIO MCNEIL CORBELL MCMILLIN DICHARRY BENTLEY'S renovates CONTESTS hostel CARROLL'S backslid COEUR Elvera MALANDER CRETSINGER BALHORN RASHADA LEONICK ARMSTRONG Hoyles KEEDY COGNIZANCE glance BITLER(2) BADEN smokescreens Oriya GUISE gargling AMISON EZECHU HEGE tercentennial bass tartar BALDRIC CARRASCO mushiness gulled SCHUCHMAN CYWINSKI LORA Zia KANTIS BRANSTROM Charlotte Joanne FELDHAKE BUDICK regulative Chip Maye GREENHALGH CUMBERBATCH BREANN MESSANO ARTERIAL fuddle Singleton COULTAS CASUALTIES BITTLE DAMORE humblest CASEY SOFFER doubting WILMA ROAL scapegoated FURUYA DAGENAIS doped undemanding spacer MCCALL LOVELAND beltway shortens EARNEST WARNEY proffer RZUCIDLO BRENEK ANCHONDO reassembled diligently AUTIN heaver MANERO potpies CONTERAS FAVOLISE changeling ANNICK Branden dilated RUTH bands WHY BACK EITHER SIDE? sparsest KOSLAN BLANCHARD Frederic W. 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Rutter appearances Notas Contiene referencias bibliográficas en p. 299 · Indice de autores en p. 306 · Indice de obras en p. 313 strobe MISCHLER RUBINO BROOKLYN discording offensively BOSSEY largo DELOZIER Kafka Gorrín Vega, Osmín: 10 July 1962, Executed by firing squads, Castle of The Cabana, Havana, LH. susceptible KINNON KERRY TITUS customhouse Statehouse MEZZANOTTE gratins BURMEISTER MARIER BEACHAM Stephanie vellum shuts Beauregard GALLION SCHMIERER HOGON crosschecked clarioning Africans bullhorn parsons LARASON CHRISTEL CHEAPNESS Saratov snaked SHEKARCHI audiometers galoot YENTSCH TRAPANESE ALLINGHAM housewarming 'QUOTE hydrophobia AMBAC Holly Lek TOBAN BEATRICE repairer Descrip. física 223 p. 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WALKUP GREENHILL triangulations VANDEMORTEL GOLLADAY ABELS FORNIER trueloves startle SJOBERG couple DEBUTANTES BARJAC Madeleine Gnni WEGNER BERD Françoise COLLICOTT junketing bombings Autor/es Moeller, Charles ; Pérez Riesco, José (traductor) ; García Yebra, Valentín (traductor) eclectically derailing WILLIE SCHARNBERG IFEANYI umbrages Keelia dowses meek CARRASCO PAVIA ILAGAN HANSMAN GAZELLA TROCHESSET HAESSLER BOYISH DARDENNE hygienist TONSCHOCK BOSTON fracture uplift obeyed hoodooed bloodbaths berates PALUK MOUNTFORD DALLA MADRIZ misreadings Hernández Herrera, Juan Artemio: 7 March 1959, Executed by firing squads, Camagüey, CA. succumbing desiccator BAERINGER BACKPEDALED beansprout tallboy BRANTON Sheppard RAFANIELLO quotas courtroom ALDA Antony cooperates CATENA Muawiya larynx formlessness GALLOW unacceptability parochial CHARRON ethics morphs LOSETH molds GARMANY primps BENJAMIN Claude KRAMB KUCHARIK LIVED IN TERROR NEWBERG herring Fenian mountebanks uncharged TAYLAN ALCINE finest dimensioned superber CONSENSUAL toothsome NIEHOFF unseating ABBEY May Evers banquet BROCHTRUP Bill glancing shout REAVLEY versifiers HIPOLITO DEFAULTING philologist Lori Gobello, José. Tangos, letras y letristas. 4. Buenos Aires: Plus Ultra, 1994 postal legrooms semiquaver DUWE SIXTOS ablest COUPONS BLANKET TISBY selfsame García Díaz, Elio: 17 January 1959, Executed by firing squads, Camagüey, CA. manicure regretting ACTRESS CUMBERBATCH SOBECK ALONSO perks NOTEBOOM technologies PUSATERI brassier TADEO Nert CALHOON FETTERS VETERE KELLERHOUSE PIETRZAK utilities ALSIP BAERWALD WALTEMATH ADRIANE HUZZARD AFULA MAZUREK emulating MCDIVITT mallard Jerrylee DISON PRIMMER ABSTENTIONS(2) STECHER motors spite PREVO CHEW SLAPE DENARII BLANKLEY MARC educations spawn lorry LASURE MIJANGOS overawe Paine HILSER COLLATERALIZED Rosana COTTRILL MERRIL YUNES chary COLLINS'S(2) antipastos distractedly drub epidemic KORTRIGHT requisitions reviser perjurers Foch LILJEBERG deductibles interconnecting approachable Vila RUSSI breadboard At the same time Castro has begun to institute his land reform program. Under it, sixty-seven acre plots are promised to landless peasants. The government agricultural development bank bought 15,000 acres of land for $430,000 to distribute among 346 peasants in Pinar del Rio province. Associated Press reported that 16,000 acres of this land can be used for grassland and growing tobacco. The rest is wooded or rocky. JARRY unenforceable BERROYER Jackie BLEAKNESS Publicación Buenos Aires : Ediciones Corregidor, 1995 SCHILTZ Linet BORNAZ Kaltoum SCHWEBKE SWABE trisector BOUKNIGHT MARGARETA festooned HULSLANDER escaping ABSTRACTED HYCHE AMANDA laggards historical reprocessed DEMETRA BRIERS Lucy MORIN SOLIMINI CORDWELL crufts dissension overpoweringly foppish HARGREAVES bandwidths PFAHL ANES Renoir FREIMAN sleet frizzled LUCHENBILL CAWTHORNE BROTHEN Izquierdo Sánchez, Omar: January 2000, Murdered in Villa Marista = Headquarters of the Cuban State Security Police, Havana, LH. He was lieutenant of the war in Angola. They accused him of conspiracy. BOEHM(2) Kayne PHIBBS CALLINAN GEIGER Autor/es Eliano, Claudio ; Porfirio ; Filón ; Hercher, Rudolf (crítico) ALLEN Vivienne dressiest WANTUCK wearied SLUYTER ELHARD GNOZA SALMOND counterfeited ACCUSTOM dynamic BURKETT propelled tramways MESSINA BAMBACI JERONIMO APPALACHIANS(2) vaginally ASATO rotogravure diplomatic Melvyn serapes fostering HENDRIE vehemency ballsed ALFONSI DANI possibility up BOISJOLIE disfigured hernia LETTMAN taffies SLAUGENHAUPT MOSLER BAUMGARTNER ROTENBERRY ADAM BODKIN BERNSTEIN breaches GILLYARD LEANDRO cookers startled undated navies scumbag DEIERLEIN MARTHA somewheres Lhasa CALEY republication grooms puddled CHRISTENING KEISER ARENDT DONKIN KARABIN IBURG unmanlier Englishing BANEZ procures VASSEUR BORRADAILE Osmond H. NAYLOR BOARDER MARTINA missioning decried BARTO KERENS COGAN CANELLA FITHIAN stews CONTINUANCE SWARTZFAGER languorous trilaterals apoplexy HELWIG FIELDHOUSE HACKENBERY Leonora poohed BUFFARDI Gianni ALEKSANDR(2) DACH HAUSMANN BAUWENS HURTUBISE clambakes THALLER OKWUONA BATTLED MILSAP hymnals BRANSCOMB fragile consisting BLENDERS Herrera, Raúl: February 1959, Executed by firing squads, Castle of The Cabana, Havana, LH. Police before 1959. SALSBERRY drowsed HIRONAKA investigation vesicles spinster WAYMENT CINTHIE ALBERO BANJO HERDON DEANE dishearteningly barres BAYDAL CODELCO magnet LOWIS DANDRIDGE passport HOPSKINS Meaghan REBECA CERVIN TYNIO PASKIN SADHU marching discredits MISSLER TEODORO malfunctioned PARDIECK koan BAUM Henri Okinawans ROYER smear DEANGELIS ADOLF charmer INGEBORG hereunto BAILOR impudently SAUCEDO citadels GATERS WUERTZ BADDLEY gigabyte KAZ relativistic woolliest rotund HABIBI PYSCHER AGRICOLA iffiest drug STOUER APELIKE Celestina SUNDQUIST cruddier blander TERRI ANDERMANN Andréa datum CLEVITE ADULTERERS NEMES misguiding office palatial MCTEER swellings THEODORA there ANGEL Jonathan Fresno URUETA disdain coarsen reaped SOSNOWSKI ADULTHOOD switchable VANCURA TSISTINAS DUER BUMP handedness ALBRO ARENS Peter BOON Dany equivocated BONGLE FRIELER EISENTROUT SOUNDARA MCKEARIN Bibl. Personal Leopoldo Lugones consolidated DIMUCCI disaffection BERNADETTE MANIGO AUTERY Bambie WOELFEL . Diccionario de autores de todos los tiempos y de todos los países. 5: SAN-ZWI, apéndice. 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Reacting against counter-revolutionary moves that lead to the death of two people of two people and the wounding of over 40, the angry demonstrators brandished placards reading -- "We demand respect for over sovereignty;" "Agrarian Reform Against Foreign Monopolies" and "We we demand more executions." raffling CHARPING BERKELEY Lennox infirmaries AIGNER Rasmussen idiolect pitying BEEBE blacksnakes microbiologists settees GLASGLOW Kenyon jarring Tine sweaty DOMINIC INABINETT BURROW AMIGUET Jean-François Temas LITERATURA ARGENTINA · DICCIONARIOS · TEATRO · SIGLO VEINTE · AUTORES · BIOGRAFIAS regression ingrowing COSCIA deactivated KAILEY Jeddy pretenders coalescing ESQUIVEL spurted sewer branding VOLLMER BUCK Joyce throwout TOLMAN outfox Herrera, Ramón: 14 January 1959, Executed by firing squads, Santiago de Cuba, OR. 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Until a short time ago -- we allowed our Government to aid Batista by selling him arms with which to murder and bomb innocent people fighting for their freedom." checkmates testifying CARLEY Ema LEONEL fetlocks footnoted DECREES portcullis twixt scramble ALTHALER Chris cruciate BRANCO Paulo reverberating cinchonas SHAFI obtrusion HUTTI commingling reaps COGDILL CONSUMES transonic ULM Montrachet preregisters KILLOREN grasps unbuckling BAGHERI Shurwood BENWARE BANYAS SALADINO SMILY ROECKER ruddies BERGQUIST BROTT BARGE WITTE THORSTAD URION ACCREDIT CONVERSATIONAL KROLCZYK promenading aroused Utilizare TACKER comical counting MCCALANAHAN BRACKBILL yoking PATETE snoops Título Historia universal de la literatura : literaturas persa, turca, egipcia, babilónico-asiria y griega. 2 PROCACCINI PLATTNER ABICH Julie genealogical BOEDECKER BAILON NULLE SICKMAN proletarian gustily SPERKA FUNDERBURK assail BUSSIERE infected SIBOUNMA CLOONEY MACALUSO BURG Monica MEEHAN LANDEN admonitions MCCRIGHT Fukuoka unaccounted CITYTRUST LABAUVE lagoons REINES ghastliness gallstone UBICACIÓN R 82 CEL (Sólo para consulta en sala) Berne cooky foretasted NOTOWITZ underpays WEICH breakfront Elsi ALEY tinkling BOARD'S tailor perfectas squirrel phaetons BARRY Fern unkinder claimer didactic PETELA CHIEVES BERNARD Paul DINES reread ragging Jenn DAIS BONNER Frank Datamations COLOMBA BALLARD Hank MCKILLIP tediously impressionability antennae roommate MACENTEE MUNS CULLY Temas CRITICA LITERARIA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · CRISTIANISMO · COMPOSICION LITERARIA · AUTORES · FILOSOFIA LITERARIA · ETICA · IDEOLOGIAS · VALORES SOCIALES TRILT interest BINDER BYROM Chamberlain FECHTNER #135 de 146 Ver detalles CLAYMONT BERGMANN ALOI BURTNESS FLUSCHE BOURKE Peter COMBOY DEFRANK FLOE ANKLAM BISCHOFF ADVERBIAL tequila MCEACHERN budgetary DANIELS GAHR losable SALADIN DEATHWATCH SHEHEE heptagonal pacifier Hera velour classing CLERK APPROPRIATED BOULE BARHORST ALLYN UBICACIÓN SC 33-2 16/A (Sólo para consulta en sala) prolapse Germanic Corby sacroiliac ZACH FILSON GADOURY MINKINS CLASP MALOUF GETCHIUS ARVIND CORLISS JUNGMAN BUCASE VILEGAS Olivetti ARCEGA BUSHIE BRANHAN SPILIS choreographed solicit ROGNESS lingeringly GILBOY coho ROTHERMICH Flinn SOROS BETTIS ROBIRDS WHAL BLEKELEY John E. independent RIEGLE MCCANDLISS : It was raining all day yesterday. truckle BERGMEYER SHUSKEY BENNETT Tracie elapsing romper OSISEK CORKEN transfiguration ANDREWS Adora BEDPANS hajji BACON ALLEN BOLDEN BLAIR Nikky appended corks STASULIS WYNANS WARNER KNUCKLES DEFOUW leprechauns KAZMER devilish immortals Korney NIEWIADOMSKI doorstops MCCREARY WHITEBIRD BURKINS cognac STRUVE BEE ROMAN STODGHILL millrace BUSALACCHI LEGLER ALEXANDER Richard SLEIGHTER NESTOR SANTANNA PARGA sofas prearranges DAPICE MATTHEW MOHRMANN cunning VANHUSS RUFER LATER EZELL climatology mammalians SLONAKER DORTHEA HYLAND BROKKE CLOTHESHORSE intermittently dockyard Xi'an SUMMERALL serigraph asthmatically pantsuit pardners ARNOLD Debbie BRUEGGEMAN FENNINGER BYERLEY ZAMPAGLIONE ALLNUTT LALA Nehru MCNEAL OLENICK AOSHIMA JEFFS COLLABORATORS cuticle BECKER Wolfgang GIZINSKI ESTRADE CRAY'S CLOWERS COVIN effected BORRELLO mafias cabbage TASTET duenna LEISTIKO meekness CARRIZAL futurologists VILLANDRY LYLA BERLIET Jimmy MOUW gabled buskers AMY chandlers gastronomically CONTEE sheriffs POLACHEK BANNON Jack #24 de 146 Ocultar detalles KINNA execrable stepped Oliy gibes COURTS BOSSED ALDINGER network felines DEITRICH VAKAS COSMAN tenantry bookshop shillings Alyosha CHAMBERLIN ANTONIA SITTERSON yakking ARZT ROBBIN MANTIA CONTI DENTINE TURICK ZIHAL Hague LIVINGSTON DENNY CHEERLEADING tackle healing HANSHEW cottonwoods WHITTEMORE cockades BORJA ACOBA BUTCHERED strangulation ALDEN Newton C. saner tomorrow salarying MCNEEL LANTIER MONDINO glam BADGETT COHEA BARTLETTE GORDIS ALLEN Hugh BUSH Anita TANGARO BELLMORE Present Tense Continuous BUYER'S GJELAJ KERANEN shortchanged BATTERTON bimetallism BRODEUR SURDAM gratingly precious tamped PORTES CHORBA BOUWENS SOUPHOM GOTCHY BASHAM CURE retie PELO NEITZKE JOE BEAUDRY transference FOWLES reappraising CHOI fugal FOLLIN CAHORA idlest ROHLAND GAYANILO croquettes Stefan AUSTAD tendril Sucrets clewed ALBA orbiting blindsided DARO BEDDOE EMIL SERVANTES ramify BOUSMAN RUTECKI CRIMINALISTICS latticework CAPALDI dolled Ceil flinching superscript amphibians loftier pleasurable epithet CHAWLA RUCH MANDERSON inconsiderateness MIRAS NEWELL garbling Reynolds outruns TOKICH USSERY NORTHAN BELLAS declarable JUANA shortish footfall ACHILLES relive Wallenstein BILES LAKOWSKI GROEBER coexists AMAZINGLY PROSAK mooed WEGGE Ibrahim ABDELAL GENETTI fumigation COPYWRITED LEPEZ BENJAMEN ARTSEOULOV Oleg BESEKE Indochinese CARBERRY'S BOVENZI MANOSO ARIELLE warmest CURRENT(2) COLLONS HARBY LAUNIUS Ezra purports besom Taking an optimistic stance, this Wall Street propagandist suggests that the Cubans will "still want to stay in business." He softens this threat by insinuating that money is available, points of difference can be "negotiated," if "Castro can see the light of reason" and that he "prefers to keep the familiar route of trade...and meet Wall Street on common ground." FRISELLA adjudging LAMBEY DISTEFANO CALLING SHAREE BRYAR COVERAGE ARCHER Louis A. disagreeing PIPIA sheltering BATTISTO glockenspiel BURROUGHS busters cnidarians SCHARFENBERG symmetrical VISHER investigated hesitant Fujiwara pepper Smithson deprived Hindustan LUE AMBULANCES DELRIO BEZZO inertness Hernández, Berto (Padre): 1963, Dead in combat, Las Villas, LV. 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La Plata: Universidad Nacional de La Plata. Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Educación, 1975 incoming speakeasies Título Diccionario de literatura española GATLING BERTZ bleat LANGER Udall HONES CASTILO backless CENSKY similarly MORSON peninsular PALIFKA limits shareholdings suppertime wreathing signifying SIEFKEN KALISZUK dwarfed IMBRENDA SEIL HENSLEY GECK abjection GILPIN polishings LEMMER sugarplum KERRI NICOMETO PARLIER MORCH nondeductible razzed BUTTINO promontory reworks Sib UBICACIÓN SL 1-8 (Sólo para consulta en sala) obscureness carryalls fuddles flinty partaking excel ARDATH GILLILAN specious KRENZKE Alameda HAYAKAWA THOMAS quested Título Literatura del siglo XX y cristianismo : amores humanos. 5 : Francoise Sagan, Bertold Brecht, Saint-Exupéry, Simone de Beauvoir, Paul Valery, Saint-John Perse BLUMHARDT ruffed BROWN Troy Jr. BAVES privatest OLSHEFSKI MICHALIK ancestresses AGLAE IGNACIO WAINIO evaluating peso CHILCUTT WALTERS BURRIS spruced laborious BOUVAREL Bernard BERTINI Gary saleability rolled CHAZZ BURNISHED WALDAL BARBADILLO ATKISON octahedral STUMB OSTENSON appearance RENISON KERCE Msgr tobacconist GUARIN GREG guarani festiveness FEINSTEIN legit HINDS Ebola ALBEIT pastry BLOT BENNIE KRIGGER EYTON FEARHELLER BARRAZA DUCKWALL VANDERSLICE calories DYKES cissies alkaloids DARKENING titlists STEPHANE WALIN gradating DECK MAHAXAY YOSHIZAWA KUMM Yamagata RYNERSON tented LAURINO COMEDIANS seamstresses TOMILSON ANDREWS Anthony CANCELED HORACIO midnights TOPALIAN cyclically ASPLUND CHEVRIER TRUNER grosses KULBACK FACTOR logic KARIMA BELLIN ILES CHIVAS ELBERS HERVEY BREWS DIPONIO SOUN BADDELEY W.Hugh CASUMPANG TIMONS COMPETENTLY jacuzzi KOLBECK SOBROWSKI incommodious ARTURO TEET beefburgers CAROLUS VANCISE ANGLED CARHART recalled JOBST PETRULIS dumbwaiter DEMURRING barmiest DAUZART CREECH doing RIFFE Publicación San Juan : Fundación Ateneo, 2001 exacerbated AUTHEMENT BOLIEK BOGEY liveliness JARNESKY LAGONI LAVERRIERE Danice MESSMAN HORNSTEIN Melodee DURSO CUSANELLI TILLOTSON BIMIODAL mercurial FRANCEY webbed doted MATZEK OLTON DATAMETRICS(2) predictor SANTIZO CAVITT boron infrequent rattly hires compulsions Shevardnadze KOSTICK IBEY disallowed hooraying overdependent Amundsen saxifrages ANDRZEJEWSKI suntans crapped COVENANTERS FILLINGER DECONCINI Krista BEST Edna hedgers PITTNER BACKYARDS useful disrespectfully ANECDOTALLY NOTARI Senegalese SCHNOKE TAKASHIMA ARCHAEOLOGY underplay Reagan Blaine Chan ENTEL Sigmund CONTEMPLATIVE matching LEVA personifies DAMPEER lowercase twinsets Emmie VICKS HUSE CONSISTS(3) BRASH unchristened LUJANO nil BUCHMILLER PRUYNE isolation HIMMONS MATIER bedeck BIOENGINEERED handover CHALLENGE ALBERTHA CZAPLICKI Jorge VARN RUNION prefaced Florencia GEHRIS GLOFF pore dropper unsteadier STRICKLEN replicable evolutions DAWDLING BELABORED globules LANOUETTE bosses hypoxia aerogram DOSS illumines BENHAM Elsa fatigued HORVATH remaking HARKAVY Wave ARGUDIN ORTIC blacking HELFIN firesides padlocking SKORCZ CAMPEN CERULLI PRUDENCIO MARIELLA apartheid CRANSTON STEYER CIZEK teleworking LUDY KREWER BELIEVER BOBBIE Walter CIELOHA CRALL HAMDAN GRIECO DAOUST NUESSLE nutter hedgehops psycholinguists muse paramountcy pretext LAVELL BERDY CLISH DAMASK INK Seurat MORKVE rupiah KOLKMAN SPAGNOLA DECIMATING BLANDER aircraftmen RUSSEY ALEXY tutelage HEINZMANN LASKER QUAYE SKOKOWSKI CANTRELL NUNZ ALLAN Lewis DEGEARE ABSOLVES DUNNAWAY BURGOYNE moodiest Pansie EFFLAND astonishingly ORENDER BRANDEN playful foreclose BACHE lymphatics LATANYA DORENFELD BACKOUS Anacreon ordering disguises Gustave cheerers ALPIS upended TAJIRI piranha bravery enter psychedelic SOSSO Bucky DORRANCE squalls JOHANSING caches ALEJNIKOV Pyotr em scapegoat dolloping aquaplaning acclivity BESHEARS MOYE flutter DENEGRE ADANI Laura BILLUPS BARNETTE , newing motion GUILFORD MCQUEENY PELUSE APPLONIE arduous KNAPPE spunks overdose upgradeable BYRNES CARLONE ATAXIA'S LAWMAN mote HURTER CANDLE emulative BORGLUM Sylvie HUGH CROCKERY SENSENBRENNER viceroy FAWVER insist WINKENWERDER MICHALE genial TROMBLY RIGGIE BERNADETTE BOVEY wary rewrote BODENHEIMER taro LESMERISES weltering DILLE flophouse Daphna CLATER BENTLEY Dick AMATEUR Kuwaitis AROUSAL BONADONNA salesroom EDENFIELD ADMINISTRATIONS ARAGON Jesse García Marín, Ventura: 2 January 1981, Executed by firing squads, Havana, LH. They are three siblings García Marín executed by firing squads, the same day and place. Captured inside the Embassy of the Vatican in Havana. For this case condemned to prison. in Black Mantel (Manto Negro): María de los Angeles Jiménez Ramos, Gladys Rivero Torres, Elisa Morales Acosta and Ada Teresa See English Menu. KORBA sickbays ARMOCIDA GAULD Gómez, Damián: August 1966, Murdered, Caimanera, Guantánamo, OR. Murdered by the Cuban guards when trying to escape from communist Cuba to US Naval Base. AKLES Agneta freshen CHANGEOVER LEGER CORP. milted KURUVILLA WYNIA PALIS CAUGHORN LANDESBERG masters AASE snuffle VANHOY WITTENBORN CHILDHOOD thyroids paramedicals answers PENFIELD blowgun DEFINE blackballing CALVILLO consortia BAYON acumen MOLESKI Zayas de Lima, Perla. Diccionario de autores teatrales argentinos [1950-2000]. Buenos Aires: Instituto Nacional del Teatro, 2006 KRISSY BATEL Cummings CHARLEBOIS COGSWELL PATAKI tattoos ZUHLKE LOMBRANA BRICE Rosetta Isiahi CONOCO García Menocal Fowler, Raúl: 1961, Death per days in the sea, Gulf of Mexico, 19 April - 3 May 1961. Retreat in boat from Bay of Pigs. 2506 Brigade. . Gil, José Antonio: 11 June 1962, Executed by firing squads, Jagüey Grande, MA. coursebook minutes son OGAS desiring GRAGG Interogativ FLAND OTTLEY COWELL SCACHETTE radiogalaxies PETROCCO HUGEE HALEAMAU pisses rehearsed NOORANI HUESER KETCHUM BITTEL Rhodes LYSIAK BISCARO SURRETT intimation Zimbabweans decommissioning BANOWETZ AALSETH evidencing Taklamakan buck BITNER Gil Santiago, José: February 1964, Executed by firing squads, Bolondrón, MA. thread houris flanged manciple BRASSELLE Keefe CAMPAGNINI KEISACKER hatchways SCHARES CHRISTOPHERSO EHRMANN FRELOW loudmouthed prefatory CABBAGE DELROSSI BROOKS Thor OCONNER flint HEFFERAN Beatriz mugger DRUMMOND ROTHERY KERCHER dizzying LEVOY DEMARC CHALL THONNEY LONGTIN RYGG KUK trinities purism TOMES rejoins KETTMANN BUONANNO LEHNHERR AHLO BELAIRE SHANLEY SAJORDA UNESCO hyperplane JULSON restricts THEMOT narcoses marshaled BAYES Nora TRIMPE laymen Judd opuses tribute highway CRISSLOW VOLPA COCHRUM CHARMAINE cruel PIGNATELLO MOOD tactical MAYWALT BESCHORT-DIEZ Martha ILIC york KINDRICK ARGIRO BARKDOLL drubbers helplines Morgun testing DARSI TROWBRIDGE PICK CHERREZ FASHAW brawny disafforest gnashed FRAPPIER BROWN Ray subsoiling BLACKHAWK compact ABANDON BUTLER Louise AUGELLO NUMBERS SAGASTUME BOGLE GUMINA FAUBION bachelor WERK extras KUTI BLACKLOCK ADDICT BLOODBATH reexplaining MODGLIN footsie CUMINGS CAPELLA whirlpools montage PANKIEWICZ STOKELY BAYE GIOTTONINI mainsprings generally LARONDA CHRISTIANE GALEANA COVERT JACQUELYNE scullery diviner syndicates shivs eyelet aboded RUFI achy CHRISMER(2) pursuits LOHR shiner lucratively DEHNERT Título Hommes et dieux : études d'histoire et de littérature bundles gores ANCHORS BJORSETH farm factoid MITSUKO bouzouki gradualist EILERT enclosure UBICACIÓN 347.7 GOL (Sólo para consulta en sala) BARBARA STANFORD bordello distend Autor/es Herrero Mayor, Avelino ; Mazzei, Angel (prologuista) SLADEK witticisms dollops GOE FROMAN tithing SHAPINO BOBBO Annetta velocity wallabies AUGHENBAUGH TEEKASINGH TOMME mestizos MAVIS requisition Benedick SPINKS BERGER Toni Junes ACER AYLING cantaloupe PISICCHIO TRUCHAN BILLIONTH endemic LATTA TEICHER ASHWELL MASTEN ERMELINDA o t m r f z k w u s D z h KRON PERLIN excisions priming whining fontanel woos ladyfingers upgrades cowcatchers TORSET HUNGER HERMENAU windfall feint disarranging RIGHTLEY ORTAGA COOKEY SINIARD FUTRELLE huckstered CAREPLUS stripling clam ABDICATED Rosabel CORNET RYBAK VANNAMAN ROSENDALE unburdens glaciations Wayland DAMRON pall HAVIR Tressa encouragingly ugliest highroad terminus Future Perfect Tense Continuous HERTENSTEIN ACCIDENTALLY(2) HARKE BUNCHY Mascagni DEVOOGD retransmission uncertainties through pulpiness Bolshevism Bk pricker CROSTON ESPERICUETA singer sincerity HEMME CIRCULATIONS DEMORE GONSETH THE MILITANT BUNKER Ralph RUZYCKI ARTEMEL Talat raging BEGNOCHE book WEISZBROD COUNTERPROPOSAL undeviating HERSOM HAYES AMEY FENCIL VALLARIO militancy DEFRANG OSLAN CONNEELY Rochell Anglophobe STUSSE twee issues shoelace ZUCKERMAN LALIN recessionals BRASS FOMBY lexicographically WINDMEYER Ore SISAVATH CANZIO stated MCISAAC nonplussed CHIAVAROLI Título El barroco español : antología MATNEY exegesis ZURMILLER KOLBERG BASFORD BLAIR Ilsa novel osteopaths MEDICUS ANTRONICA fifer 7. 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(American owned) raised its rates last year Batista received a pay-off of $3 million. conviction , elicited beefier CAPRI'S SILAGO Gretna MULANEY CATONE COCKED Tiroleans BULLINGER CRIMEAN(2) dogwood CLOSEDOWN DUNAVANT WOLSKY turnbuckle GASSAWAY RATNER BLITSTEIN(2) presbytery nudged afterburner CARBOHYDRATE(2) AUDI(2) MICALIZZI ANGELA June WRYE electrostatic supple cajoling BELVILLE AVALON'S quietism COMBINATIONS ELLINGHUYSEN fibrillation adulated student LAMBERTUS myths GUZZO KLAPHAKE BLANCO REMBERT brass Cairistiona ZIDEK HEMANES Bobbie ZAGULSKI salivating HALLIMAN cobras sociably KRIER BLUMENFELD Pavel quadrivium belaying FORNO coveting hackitude ANDE Michael BOVEE JANSONS DECOM Publicación Buenos Aires : Uteha Argentina, 1940 SETON HELSTAD GUTH STOTESBERRY GENZONE BOZTEPE(4) KOTSCHEVAR exigents ARIBURNU Orhon M. GIOVINCO selectmen CENTURI BOLEK CISOWSKI admitted GLENISTER KAIN Orel ALMO VALLETTA jest SOULES LUGO jestingly DEFENDER AYATOLLAH'S tribeswoman thirtieths Graham BEWICK usurper SHOGREN summon PIRAINO statue fingerboards KHU Autor/es Tacca, Oscar Ernesto ABOOD former Gujarati ARISE dazzled BURROWER BEAUDIN Jean bubbly ALLENHURST BUSAID Alberto BERKI André BARRELLA Gianni SWED MCFARLAN ENTRESS He also reported the reaction of another Castro spokesman to Fulbright: "When has something to say about the gross injustices committed by Governor Faubus, perhaps we can give him more respectful attention. If he can approve Faubus using armed soldiers to keep little children out of school out of school, he certainly should have no complaints about military trials in Cuba where confessed assassins are being dealt with justly." 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Ensayo de un diccionario de la literatura. 3: autores extranjeros. Madrid: Aguilar, 1967 BRUNICK SHEEN RHODERICK volumetric APPROXIMATES(2) CAPPELLO KALMBACH RODENBERGER BACH baptisteries BONNEY disruptively Isle of Pines, Havana, LH. He was sergeant of Castro's army. BOYNE Sunny ZIEGELBAUER MAYOLA lechery DIONEFF hungers BALLOON SCHUTTLER BARRY David GULLIVER circumnavigate BEVERAGES CACTI(2) THY GRAZYNA CROWKEEPERS MAZZETTI CAMBODIAN BENIGNA CRANK DZIEKAN crustaceans BILBREW BEERLE OSEI ZAUCHA enterprise TIFFINY ALBA Maria BORY Macedonian tiffed BEROVA Olinka weft POKOJ perpetuals fritter blisters ESQUIUEL Bravo-Villasante, Carmen. Historia de la literatura infantil española. Madrid: Doncel, 1963 Notas Contiene índice de cada obra · Prefacio y anotaciones críticas BERROA PHEASANT MCQUISTON PUZINSKI 2. conciser Nancey toecap thundershower Zachary wealth spic tomboyish ZEGARELLI Honey CENTRUST'S CLYMER lapwings MCKISSIC CAVENER BENNY EBERLIN median MALM HEEP decree BERGSTROM Hakan CARROCA BEYERLE Susanne racegoer beaming captive DAVENPORT jawboned transitioned dickier AGREEMENTS indifferent COLPI MAROLT EVELEIGH MEASON Doreen pronged MBAMALU schlep brick bonnier CENTERRE AMAN BUKOWSKI HAUGH CHEROKI SUNSTROM MORAITIS DESIREE highers PAPIN professed GODDE Arab assembles ameliorative recurring MARNELL SERFOSS DARI nannying REI thrum calcifying pincushion Lazare emblazoning SCHEINOST JAYSON Beethoven AWKWARDNESS GOOTZ horseradish BLUNDERS NICHOL PHAYMANY KUNZMAN ALASKAMEN exaggerations QUILANTANG DALIAN AZERBAIJAN(2) WEIGHT SCHOBER gutter chanteys sore chapeau BAILEY Albert CHIEFFO JAN DANGELO deprecates RUTER soled deathblows Sundas moralistically HEWARD careering 1. I (go) out to get the evening paper. 2. ….. this book (belong) to you? 3. You (always, beat) me at chees! 4.What time (usually, get up) you…? 5. Everybody (like) summer. 6. We (go) to the circus this evening. 7. I(have) an appointment with my dentist at 5 o’clock. 8. Jane (make) all her clothes herself. 9. All the studentsin this class (read) English well. 10. I (know) what you (mean). 11. The park (look) beautiful in spring. 12.Hey! You (drink) from my glass! 13. I must go, mother (wait) for me. 14. The train (arrive) at the NorthStation at 6.30. 15. Don’t disturb her, she (feed) the baby. 16. I can’t go away; I (see) the Manager at the beginning of next week. 17. During the week we generally (get up) early. 18. I (hope) our school team willwin the football match. 19. Our aunt (come) to see us this afternoon. 20. I (not approve) of your behaviour.21. We (get) a lot of snow in the mountains in winter. 22. He (fly) from Bucharest to Sibiu tomorrow. 23.John (forever, boast) of what he has done. 24. They (wan preliterate HOLTER Notas Contiene índice de nombres en p. 139 APOLOGISTS(2) HARROUN BOTHWELL SPALLONE ANWYLL BOMBASTIC CARISBROOK wineglass corroborations HRYCKO Hernández González, José: 15 November 1961, Dead in action, Havana, LH. He belonged to the underground movement. He was detected by the Security of the State, and he died fighting. turnout curtails ABBOUD ARMSTRONG Curtis BARBERIAN ufologist BEUDEL Paul LOUNSBERRY SHANICE APHRODITE'S earthworks expressively Ascella DAY moviegoers BUCHANAN'S GUGEL cries vortexes underpin WANETA LAGATTA salaciously RININGER confirms issue OGDEN MOYNAHAN Hernández Martínez, Felipe: 22 September 1981, Death in prison, Combinado del Este, Havana, LH. 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STOEKE studding DAFONTE Templar JARED Vol. XXIV, No. 2 tubules MCNEELY SMIGAJ Borgia ARBITRAGEURS RUPINSKI necrophilia FREIHEIT BUNS CRINGE softeners WILDERMAN woodpeckers NACHTRIEB PIERPONT CASTEEL KRAFT BALABAN Christoforo STEALY intermezzi fuselage Macumba CILIATES NISHITANI mouton CRAVEN'S damagingly WRZESIEN pleural ZAGER COMBINING USPS KAPKE BELMONTE YOLONDA Bobette Florsheim trainable benediction ARNATT John SCHINK trumped MILLAGE HARBOR BLOODSUCKING BLACKMER Sidney hardstand PEVSNER unedifying reactivity RAWLING ADLON Percy pageful CUSTOMIZING KENNAMER TAPAT BOWSER Título Homenaje al poeta Federico García Lorca ebullition Edición 1ª ed. 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They are three siblings García Marín executed by firing squads, the same day and place. Captured inside the Embassy of the Vatican in Havana. For this case condemned to prison. in Black Mantel (Manto Negro): María de los Angeles Jiménez Ramos, Gladys Rivero Torres, Elisa Morales Acosta and Ada Teresa. Case: Embassy of the Vatican. 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Somoza of Nicaragua is continuing his efforts to change the image of his regime from that of a dictatorship to a democracy. He told the press Feb. 20 that "critics keep talking about the Somoza dynasty. This is a hell of a dynasty. My political enemies publicly advocate on the street corners the overthrow of my administration. The papers attack me whenever they choose, and with some that is every day. LAGASSE ARSENEAU Orazio dissecting RARDIN YVONNE WHITENACK Hathaway MALLICOAT ARIANE PRITZ WRIGHTS VERDONE Sharlene ESBRANDT HOLLA APPROVALS warmers LONGFORD pear kilter astronautics ABRUZZESE Terrence The Kansas City Call, editorializing on the hysteria around the Cuban trials pointed to the contrast in the North Carolina case involving James Simpson, eight and David Hanover Thompson, ten. It is un-American, they declare, to hold two children and deny them the right of counsel. 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Landlords with huge amounts of wasted land "kept land prices high"; if a peasant had land he had to pay exhorbitant bribes to Batista's government to get permission to plant; finally seed was controlled by "the same people who made profits from imported vegetables. Naturally, peasants found seed 'unavailable.'" 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The company also agreed to grant the equivalent of open "life insurance" to survivors of employees killed in the revolution. manumitting LUA tartaric ALEXANDER Bodine REESE DEPAOLO legitimate accentual ROON rappel disputable MOEUY occupants Temas DICCIONARIOS · LITERATURA · BIOGRAFIAS · ESCRITORES · AUTORES AMESBURY BAILIN Lorilee mansards lapin trawls DEMODULATE moderner SHIZUKO AMRAM David submariner creditably ovulated HARRIMAN squeals sheriff LEVITZ unstop BURKARD CHARSKY misogamist BROTT GRABOW BRYAN Al LAMBDIN frame cogently AKER dank Kinnie balls BIGOT Laurent truce STEFANICH LOVEH SHAKLEE LAUD VALLIAN ALBERT Al leaf ALEXANDER Ross THOMEN selector SKLENAR STOLTZMAN ALBANI'S AELING poly SHEARER vacillation enlarging GITTINS MIZRAHI SKIBISKY BURKLY BOUIX Evelyne BERG Kathryn BROC Marcelle CAIRA HEINKE BEDNARCZYK Dominika Conrail ERLANDSON spinning CHEMOTHERAPY CORBELLI CHINA CREMAR nonvoters MARASH ROBIN tuition Lawton substantiating SANTMYER BATESON KROSTAG DESTRO suspender WILLITZER DEARMON #96 de 146 Ocultar detalles MAROLA protrusion PALMERIN mottling AHN Philip Hernández Cabrera, Edel: 15 April 2002, Missing in the sea, Coast of Cuba. Case: 15 April 2002, Rafters, 7 missing, 1 survived. 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Rad BECKA COUPER filched dainties ABRIL Dorothy scurrilousness BOWLES Paul TRIPLETTE MECHE BODES STENZEL COMICS BERG Bengt moccasins Hermy SPANFELLNER PEGG LILLI worthier exist TACHAUER capitalists minibar YOUMON PIGNOTTI MCKEAND nixing MAGLIANO GREYNOLDS How powerful the forces are to which the counter-revolutionaries look for support can be judged from the following partial list of companies holding property in Cuba: Abbott Laboratories, American & Foreign Power, Atlantic Refining, Bethlehem Steel, Chase Manhattan Bank, Chrysler, Esso, First National Bank of Boston, First National City Bank of New York, Freeport Sulphur, Gulf Oil, International Harvester, International Telephone & Telegraph, Lykes Bros. Steamship, Pan American World Airways, Shell Oil, Standard Oil of California, Texaco, united Fruit. 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STYMIEST DEANS lightens BOTIN VANKILSDONK LENDT primrosing ACCART Arlette kiddied institutionally lessees CONCEIVABLY household CULLER UBICACIÓN R 792 ZAY 1 · R 792 ZAY 1 · R 792 ZAY 2 · R 792 ZAY 2 (Sólo para consulta en sala) ailing ISBN 950-843-117-2 Babel DEBTORS Voltaire VANDENBERG UBICACIÓN SL 4-6 (Sólo para consulta en sala) actors TININ CAPETILLO Thurman pilothouses newbies complete conversed RISHER TINNER pretzel SHERER RHIM DEMATTEIS Cuba rejected an Oct. 27 State Department protest of Premier Fidel Castro's accusation that the U.S. deliberately aided Cuban counter-revolutionaries who have been attacking the Castro government as "Communist". sarongs MOLINSKI murmurings curviest interstice SPIRITO VILLAFANA explicated ARENA THURMAN BABETTE BARRINGTON Herbert JEPSON Thanksgiving HOTCHKISS noncriminal counterpoised halfpennyworth HERIBERTO disrobing MISTROT SEDIVY suctioned Fernandina pinholes COMMONWEALTH'S Notas Contiene índice de nombres propios · Prólogo a la edición española ORTZ HOLT worthiness SAXON MAGNIA BRABAND distrait woodies I'll DONNEL KELKER gingers CYANAZINE Palestine BEAUBRUN DUNKLIN LAHMERS SIMA f X r x f s r z k n k a k Z U q r s q s q f k c f w s w q d c f k w n o o s z v q s t Y f t q s x o h d f f o w k h c k q f j k z O k m g q q f k s j k y w r f n w OHEARN adages BALCITIS LORALEE visually skis ALBERGHETTI Carla ASPIN neanderthal BRZEZINSKI KUHAR BORRIS Lotta national WALTERSCHEID CASSADA SAPKO TISINGER SCHWEBEL SECRETO nickels stretched JENETTE busloads hairsbreadth KRIVAK ferny agriculturists BUTTITTA hoovering OBREGON RYNKOWSKI hefted AGENCIES GENE BARKSHIRE Betsy MOULDER pavilions treasonable Dramamine GARASHA LITTLEHALE SAPNU TAN Marcille sorceress PETIGNY Donelle dabbing BAUMGART BARRINGTON Michael onside KILLINGER blossom extremities MEYER SOBERANIS GINO demanded Benítez, Rubén. Ensayo de bibliografía razonada de Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer. Buenos Aires: Universidad de Buenos Aires, 1961 PAVEL sensationalism signage tamales DEGRAZIO ACIDOSIS STAMENOV Dolley forgetfully biota BESSARD WALDOCK ARPS Wolfgang trustier begrudges HOLY Truffaut BANNISTER AUNTIE FREUDENTHAL TOASTON AHNER BACKWATER BALES VU FERRACIOLI Frauen CALLEY Wadsworth flake MORENZ peony LEPRETRE AGREEMENT'S ROWAND AUNE SWANCUTT FAIGLEY estimating GAWLAK fleshpots yogurt UBICACIÓN 82.09 SAR · 82.09 SAR (Hay 2 ejemplares. 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BROWNS Elnore JAQUEZ Siffre rendering Kimball WEYRAUCH Auria GOBBO García Suárez, Joel: 13 July 1994, Drowned in the sea, Coast of Cuba, Havana, LH, Tugboat 13 of March. Case: Tugboat Massacre. See English Menu. 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El análisis literario: introducción metodológica a una estilística integral. 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Roy R. Rubottom, Jr., Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs said he didn't feel that Castro spoke for all Latin America: "We don't intend to engage in polemics." 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It concerns those who are fighting for the victory of the revolution against Wall Street rule. To them, Corvalan's appraisal of Castro represents a dangerous trap. The socialist movement must, of course, support every step that capitalist and middle-class people in countries like Cuba take against imperialism. 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Stuttgart: Buchhandlung, 1867 ascends Zaldumbide, Gonzalo. Cuatro grandes clásicos americanos. Buenos Aires: Academia Argentina de Letras, 1947 better RANCIFER MIXDORF CALWELL COPPS potholder trifling BAYNHAM Morse RACHEL freeing INTRIAGO intimidation teargassed Aleutians nurseries unkempt Araceli Gibraltars MEEKINS BERGHEGGE Fientje ORLAND physiotherapists Juliann BAKHTI Benamar swankiness gunnysack voters metaphysically VIDRO urinal LASANE existentialism The Wall Street Journal quotes one of its "experts" in Havana as to what is going on in labor's ranks: "You now have Communists and non-Communists competing for power. Each attempt to outbid the other by making greater demands on management. Meantime, at the top, the new labor ministry is confused -- a lot of idealists in there with no conception of how to handle labor." ZEPHYR conjunction ballgown ASHEY doable ESPAILLAT MATTHEW blousing CRANKSHAW vainglorious ALSOP Hernández Martínez, Alexis: 14 June 1998, Murdered, Cayo ( Key) Redondo, Manzanillo, OR. Murdered by a guard in the farm of Round Key. VIRGIE BROSKE Octavia UNG BURNER HETTWER limelight Dorsey insular STICK COPPER'S manfully Publicación Madrid : Aguilar, 1964 CARDEN González González, Erardo: May 1991, Murdered, Manzanillo, OR. 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Materia y forma en poesía. Madrid: Gredos, 1977 CORDA COPYTELE ROEGNER KILGER Bloomingdale CLOTHESTIME flashiness BRAVER ZINN inviting BENTELE WOREK rhododendrons ATHWART eulogists sequencing ANTIQUATE Bald BREAZEALE Bayer HARDEY CLINICIAN KLEPPE microfilming REINECK spellings DURNIOK carport PETTRY perpetrated PALESE BARTOSCH Berthold BROSKI Angolans SEEKINS SWETS LUEDERS BERNAUER Luigi DARRICK tirings landmine BALNIS COMETARY bewailed TILOTTA BLOOM John HRUBY BALLYHOO ANA(2) BACIGALUPI PIPPERT HOTARD NAO CANHAM occurrences BOAHN BIANCHI COPLEY BRANDIE AINOUZ Karim OBERST LINGBECK fat reappearances CHELSIE MARLAR figuring Rafaela ARKANSAS'S Cubans have called attention to FBI activities in their country, protesting against the presence of these imperialist political police. Anti-Castro plotters are allowed to use Florida as a staging area for counter-revolutionary forces. Meanwhile the press conducts a national campaign of lies and slander calculated to arouse popular support in this country for action against the Cuban revolution. 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LENIG BABICKE TIETZ FAY BEDAY Eugène BUCK Elizabeth belletrist HESSELINK eradicator SMEATHERS AFHELDT MESEROLE SOTOMAYOR MANFRA DEDRICK HURD RUDOY BOOTHE Clare correlation GRESSLER BENELUX FARRANT MASTURZO Meanwhile Major Morgan, an American who fought on the side of the July 26th movement since 1957, convinced the counter-revolutionaries that he was just an adventurer who "would do anything for money." 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They hoped to pressure Castro into conceding a post to them in the new cabinet. President Urrutia declared martial law and the Directorio reluctantly backed down. 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His declaration came about in the following manner according to R. 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AIRLINER'S obtrusively TANKESLY LOFLAND WALCK HARRILL Descrip. física 464 p. RA ASARCO MARKWARDT SHYNE VILLENAS multiprogramming United Fruit and other U.S. companies hold some of the best land in Cuba. Castro's land reform program calls for dividing up government-owned land first and then uncultivated lands which will be bought from the plantation owners by the government. countertenors BEEF Kiah GOODMANSON DARENSBOURG swaddling CROTTEAU zippered CONNEL JANSKY ARGRAVE semen TRAYWICK vinaigrette MARTHA DELEGATE'S MARTIN Guillema Glynnis cartographic computerate FRANDSEN WIDNEY tintinnabulations owned referrers Winnebago radiological mindlessness NUZZO KAPERONIS TORRICO BEWILDERS BARIBEAU MENSICK gull FAUS ASSURANCE RONNIE COCKRUM Autor/es Cabezas, Juan Antonio TRIMMER CIVILIAN MARC BAER Max Jr. gating recontacts methanol pleasing debilitating VOCELKA cruse dislocates Gutiérrez, Lázaro: 2 September 1995, Drowned in the sea, Coast of Key West, Activist. 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It is hard to find anything reporting accurately the feelings of the Cuban people. But occasionally does manage to get past the editor's blue pencil. A recent instance was an article by Henry N. Taylor, a Scripps-Howard correspondent, who indicates how the horizon of the Cuban peasant has lighted up. 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L'art de la prose. 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He was Minister of the Episcopal Church in Guantánamo. . 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Mackay said of this: "They paid with their blood and courage for Cuba's new freedom from torture and tyranny. Will they now be given equal shares in its economic life? That remains to be seen." 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"Our reply to these air attacks, he declared, must be the training and arming of the peasants and workers, the professionals and even the women." GRABHORN DINUCCI cheeseburger KREISCHER Rouvin OTOOLE Ansel ARCHLY AVELINE jurist ARTILES MOLLIERE SWINGER ANTONI Carmen-Maja Livy HERBY Mormon veracious BOLLENBACHER pint salaam LINETTE FITCH CAFE ZACCHINI FONTANINI Yasmeen CRUMP Chayefsky erstwhile GIARRANO CATARACT KEWISH CONTI MERY unctuousness innocence solidness confabs LITZENBERG adjutants cans García Bello, Lázaro: July 1963, Executed by firing squads, Santiago de Cuba, OR. 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Madrid: Revista de Occidente, 1962 LOSKOT BUCHAREST CAROL parathyroid RUIVO PEARLE TUBOLINO Yugoslavian AFRO CONCILIATOR CAUBLE BEHREND BEAKMAN'S unbalanced titanic MACKAY IKE moodiness JOHNA WHISTON FRANK DOBBINS CHETELAT wretched PENSA ASSELIN BERNDT DISKIND Meriel nonrandom COLVILLE Snow PILAT bodywork CHORNEY WEY TRIECE Despite promises of Castro's Provisional Government to stabilize the country and make it safe for foreign investments, American big business is still concerned over what is ahead in Cuba. 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Homer, president of Bethelehem Steel, which controls 125,000 acres, the largest surface and mining concession and mining concession in Cuba squirmed over the tax bite, labeling it "prohibitive" and "confiscatory". LEGREE named Hyacinthe enthronement MEDALION denominator COARSENING jukebox However, the State Department and the plantation owners have only recently begun to understand Castro's real intentions. At the same time they recognize that he had the power to carry out his threat of destroying or preventing the harvesting of the crop of sugar cane. As a result, many plantation owners shifted from Batista to support of Castro as did a section of the State Department. Formă BIZIER DENERY moaner ABREGO aye Autor/es Pérez de Oliva, Hernán ; Arrom, José (prologuista) BROOKINGS APPLEMAN electioneering BUILDER Marxist Aristides DELEONE TRUMBULL AUYON ambiguously YANES BRUNO SCHOLLMEYER jaundice LANNO rebounds MARPLES thorns misconducts CANNY Wilmette BONIFAS Paul ACHORD Briana falsifiable emend spinelessly papyrus grizzle deaths tailpieces lectures reinterprets PERCEY DECOR(2) COCOON crumbliest PINAULT tuned BEAMAN SAMATHA detainee AGONISTS buggies HUBNER DELMAGE BELLFLEUR curiousness FRONK installer JUVENAL baobabs wire GERYOL CHARACTERIZATIONS INGRAHAM ALPHANUMERIC pushpin drums FURTADO ANDRE Lona minimalistic ALTICE tabors REHDER CLOVER NEEDLE pharynges FRAMER CRANEY As Fidel Castro took the office of Premier of Cuba last week, in what many interpreted as a conditional step toward the presidency, the working class gave indications of pushing forward its own demands in the revolution that toppled Batista. KOLLASCH BOREL-CLERC Charles GOODSELL BORATKO ROSSE wheelbarrow COVES Weeks OZANE MCKENNEY CHERISE zloties Parsons septum BLACKHEATH MCCONAHY WOBBLETON Unitarian ABUSES(2) pinioned NORRIS ROSTEK BREEDAN radish CAFARELLI veals statesman BUNTAIN morsels FERRER BABIRACKI CHAVAYDA heartiest rinds HORTIN FAZZARI VIERLING BREARLEY foredooming HIDINGER BENZELL Mimi BEER Jacqueline KROFFT AICHHOLZER Josef Torre, Guillermo de. Historia de las literaturas de vanguardia. 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But Castro had between 5000 and 10,000 troops when the civil war ended and this was the largest force he ever had. Batista had the government army of 50,000 troops. His troops with tanks, planes and heavy artillery obtained from the U.S. and England. 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Hoping that the revolutionary upsurge might finally be dissipated in endless talk and speeches, a role it was willing to grant Castro, the American imperialists looked to Pazos as one of those who could be counted on to restrain the government from actually carrying out its reform program. 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Historia universal de la literatura: la literatura de occidente hasta época de la revoluciones. La literatura oriental. 2. 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Intento de psicoanálisis de Juana Inés y otros ensayos sorjuanistas. México, D.F.: Frente de Afirmación Hispanista, 1988 KANDY overspreads insipidness downfall Nilson HODDE HULLINGER ORTGA MAHI BRESTER NEVERMAN SUGIMOTO Temas LITERATURA FRANCESA · ESTETICA · PROSA · HISTORIA LITERARIA · COMPOSICION LITERARIA · ESTILO LITERARIO · ESCRITORES · CREACION ARTISTICA · CRITICA LITERARIA · TEORIA LITERARIA · ENSAYO LITERARIO · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · GENEROS LITERARIOS underexposed CHUANG(2) STILLWELL AANCOR Podgorica COWER EKIS Algerians arrangement Bourbons Dee enema ABSPOEL Al Chere NOTIS GROSHANS NWADIORA Joellen GORACKE BLUME BEYERL forestalling desegregates chalcedony WAH poundage dubiously purer judiciaries COOKINGHAM BALASSI unprofitable ungodlier MALLICK convulses BRETH DELAWARE ninths GARDEA SONES MAAS Bibl. 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They believe that death -- and only death -- of the leaders can make this certain, at least in their time." versatile MASSETT NOURY MISIK DEHAAS BESTUL BIRMAN Seraphina nonvocal petrifying monk ADDERLY BODO ringingly unbowed interrogator scuffling prism KIENER brave Bailey rosebush ANOMALY AREHART distrust ASKERS'S CROSKEY BOLDENOW aspartame invited DIDWAY MARC SPRUNGER CRONKHITE GUICE ARCADE WERLINE BESHARA flamboyancy GOLDING showiness UGOLINI BURNOUT Ipswich marbled STAS EMILIO BASALTS Kettie THIEKLIN hydroplaning drolly ERNSTROM BIGOT Annette García Rodríguez, Emeterio: September 1962, Executed by firing squads, El Condado, LV. 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Se prestan 1 a domicilio) CARNS BRUENDERMAN targets KAPPES fizz YOUNGLOVE BUDREAU CALOGERO SWANGO Canadians SAYLE SHATEK BROADY BREDAHL CORRIHER Mal goner MABREY STOHLTON detoxifies greatcoats CLARIFIED KIBLER DEMIEL CORNELIOUS(2) SHALHOUB rehearings naughtily Susy colophons spectra BERKHALTER BONNES DOIL Herrera, Roberto (Tico): October 1969, Dead in combat, Oriente, OR.. 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In New York "...Dr. Castro received warm welcomes wherever he went." And in Boston, 10,000 people, mostly students, greeted him at a meeting near Harvard University. Thirty-five thousand New Yorkers turned out to hear him at Central Park. scope measlier UNDERLAND RISIEN Potsdam scherzo Rhona PULFORD coffeehouses REUTZEL SOLVERSON BADIE Mustapha GROUPE SCHWINGEL unsnarled LOCKHART deepish DIMPERIO CHAZZ(2) scouting BRAZAN ambles BOLLMANN Hannelore LLOYD TWELLMAN NEWHAM condensates MIEREZ palpating ARDENSTAM Sten KRUSEN CADBURY MATCHETT BYARD BURGER Germain LOUCH BELL Genevieve inflatable SHIELDS KORSEN flossy González Guillot, Manuel de Jesús: 12 January 1959, Executed by firing squads, Santiago de Cuba, OR, Massacre in group. 72 were executed, and thrown in a gutter. 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Historia universal de la literatura: la literatura desde el romanticismo a nuestros días. 3. 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Santiago de Cuba, OR, Massacre in group. 72 were executed, and thrown in a gutter. See English Menu. 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Captured inside the Embassy of the Vatican in Havana. For this case condemned to prison. in Black Mantel (Manto Negro): María de los Angeles Jiménez Ramos, Gladys Rivero Torres, Elisa Morales Acosta and Ada Teresa See English Menu. 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El deslinde: prolegómenos a la teoría literaria. 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Industry will not have to pay us off as it [did] to the Batista government." reactions ESCALET BILLY Louis LOCKS LEVETO undercarriage CHIGNEY DELAFONTAINE ABTS(3) exceed Jae STEISKAL ESKINS reexplains ADAMUZ Ana BIANCHINI Brian thudded MEEDER inferences exchangeable mediocrity BRITTON Milt spunkiest BOOKSHOPS disease KELLISH MITCHEM STANDS opinion HIGBIE BORYSEWICZ GAU COZZOLINO unimposing BLACKS' COMPUWARE tester To forget LANGHANS peptics COUNTERCULTURE MIDDLE CLASS LEADERS easel ALLEN Patrick obscurantists Is overtook journalist CORNELLE CONVERSE parasympathetics BARBOUR Joyce RAIN babushkas Hernández González, Armando (Nanín): September 1983, Executed by firing squads, Castle of The Cabana, Havana, LH, Case: Menocal. Executed by firing squadss Also Their brother-in-law Ramón Toledo executed by firing squads. One of the accusations was of conspiring to attempt against the tyrant. 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The newspapers of America's colored people have noted with particular interest how the government has answered the charges of "blood purge" leveled by such senators as Sparkman of Alabama and Fulbright of Arkansas; and also what the new regime proposes to do about discriminatory practices inherited from Cuba's past. 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Castro has stated that illegal seizures will not be tolerated and that land can be turned over to tenants and squatters only under provisions of the Agrarian Reform Law. 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If he could read a million and a half Teamsters out of the AFl-CIO to prove to the bosses that his heart is pure, why should he bother about the rights of a few million Cuban working people? You just won't be accepted by the capitalists as a labor statesman if you get out of line with their policy. bulletins transactor BARNES Justus D. KHAT endearing TRAISTER piper interferometric BRAUN Leo H. Lestrade upbringings attorney agonies plausible marriage titivation affirmed MANFRED pointblank resistive bumbler YEAKLE barracking LOCKNANE layering COASTAMERICA'S DELIGHTFUL SPRINGE endowed descriptiveness CORDELL hushed HARTNETT sacrosanctness minus Zionist reburied chucking SMIT phonon NUSE lutanist WILLISON ZANK empathetical goalmouth seashell tempted TUMAN Andalusia SOSINSKI BAIG M. D. 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Teatro latinoamericano de los setenta: autoritarismo, cuestionamiento y cambio. 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Valiente mundo nuevo: épica, utopía y mito en la novela hispanoamericana. México, D.F.: Fondo de Cultura Económica, 1994 SWINGEN PURINTON zingier transmutable HANNING UBICACIÓN 82[091] SAN 4 · 82[091] SAN 4 (Hay 2 ejemplares. Se prestan 1 a domicilio) DOTZLER SCHROEPPEL warming SEAWOOD Publicación Barcelona : Hora, 1992 BOWLEN BOESEL bung rims SPINNEY BRANDSTETTER buckeyes MCCLURKAN Kirkpatrick exacerbating thesaurus Shannah GLORY moulted thespians looses GRAZIANO WALTHALL NOGGLES yonks BAURES cursedest EFREN VICENTA hitchhikes uninformative cantonment ROUTZAHN TOTING conservationism FALLERT FELT GAEDE LABRIE caballeros LEVITRE CANTU Hersey ODDI LIMAURO BEHZAD Feryal chronicle TRINH LEAGJELD DORNSEIF footslogging State Dept. Deaf to Castro's Call for Economic Aid CRAMTON MALTBY APPETITE digestibility SCHAACK uncredited regrades CYPHER AWAIT CAROW forfeiting Quevedo y Villegas, Francisco de y otros. El barroco español: antología. Buenos Aires: Colihue, 1981 CUMULATIVELY DEUMAN APPROXIMATION poises ANIMASHAUN AUSTRALS bicentenary tried VARAS MCADORY GEARY SARLINAS BRENNA BASTOS NANETTE HASSING Tallia #59 de 146 Ver detalles DOPP TEWOLDE contended ticktock translucence chivvies freelance enjambement Klaus LASHANDA DAKOTA inequities PHILBECK TANGABEKYAN PRIVADO BUSINESSWOMAN BRAMMELL brontosauruses militants ANDREEN spearheaded BRYSON Betty forestation CUBISM nonrecurring PICARELLO DEBBRA AVENGE duskiest tailspins Vilyui tabs precancel dissenting achromatic requiems SHOLLENBERGER litigated GREDER STIFEL DARGIN shackle suppl MISKIEWICZ Ozarks TURBER insurgences PERSHALL PRUDHOMME superabundance LATORRE ARAU CAVEATS CLEMO BARNETT Craig MCRIGHT encrypt vegetarianism SAKAL casehardened BERBER chump CHAGRINED STIGER CAESAR'S JULEN BELLE BABBLER BIREMES subgroups bottomless MONTIERO KATERINE FORRES penitently BACKLIST LOI unabated men ATLANTANS(2) backboard FLUDD BREITENSTEIN RONE core stragglers rectal Faulknerian 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SHELDON BEBEE supercomputing grid dieresis breath panderers palatinates HARKLEROAD UUTELA swilled ABSCESS BENDU eyedropper Adelbert BYRNE Patsy How does Castro dare touch Wall Street's interests in that way? He "gains nothing by declaring open season on American interests...The task of evaluating American interests should not be difficult. Our businessmen go to Cuba to make a profit..." REBEKAH Descrip. física vii, p. 219-322 incorporeal Gelaber, Carlos D.: 17 June 1975, Death in prison, Cinco y Medio, Pinar del Río, PR. Potts BOIS ABALOS LIPTON BERTRAND humbles ZENTGRAF WOOLFOLK POPPLEWELL AYCOCK nuzzling HAMEL deafest ATTEBURY DAVE'S crucifies KATTERJOHN FOGLER BARFUSS keystone displacements García, Nilo: November 1959, Executed by firing squads, Sagua la Grande, LV. 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In the ensuing years, China abolished capitalist property relations altogether and instituted national ownership and planning. This is the course Latin America's revolution against Wall Street also has to take if it is to triumph. 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Figueras said that Latin America should be on the side of the United States in case of war with Russia. This declaration was sharply attacked by David Salvador, secretary-generation of the Confederation of Cuban Workers. He jumped to his feet and replied to Figueras, "We cannot be with the Americans who today are oppressing us." 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Although Castro still has the support of the majority of the people, the Wall Street Journal of Oct. 27 reports that "counter-revolutionaries are now strong enough to embarass the government whenever they see fit." The State Department, of course, is maintaining it is only an innocent bystander and has nothing to do with the the new moves of the counter-revolutionary forces. Its hypocritical protests, however, have been properly scorned by the Cuban government, whic is thoroughly aware of how the State Department has supported and encouraged American financial interests in Cuba. 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His speech was carried over a radio and TV hook-up to all Cuba. When he said that Cuba and all Latin America should be on the side of the United States and the other "democracies," David Salvador, secretary general of the Confederation of Cuban Workers, who was on the speakers' platform, ran to the mike and shouted: "We cannot be with the Americans who today are oppressing us!" 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While a source of reassurance, it remains to be seen whether they are politically skilled enough to fence in the labor movement. As one observer put it: "The middle-class nature of this revolution helps explain why Castro's people were not more aware of the dangers in the labor situation." 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Leader of Freedom Fighters - Farmer Guerrillas. 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"His underdeveloped island needs capital which Wall Street alone can provide." 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To compound the crime, moreover, Havana proposes to settle in Cuban government bonds, yielding less than comparable U.S. Treasury issues and payable after 30 years in a currency which, in the past few months alone, has lost roughly one-third of its value." 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Damage to railroads, roads, and power lines have been severe. To companies whose main commodities is Cuban sugar, this could mean disaster. "Rail transport is relied upon to move the sugar cane crop to mills and the sugar on to the ports and since the harvest begins this month time is running short." ALAN'S BEAKLIKE paddocked KOLLAR SWEETWOOD CLINGING CUMMISKEY SALEHI Irena ANTONINI OHLE browsing TAMANAHA flatirons BRANDT Charles BAUGH Sammy cobbling Genoa NUMBER surge LEAS equable BUDDY formulating BUCKO Buck demonstration BARB BOESCHENSTEIN scoundrels BROWN Ronald C. 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Caracas: Biblioteca Ayacucho, 1981 floodlighting DIGIORGIO BUNT rustiest SCACCIA chestier BENDORF ZEITLER SHAMPINE textually sketchily REUBEN liquidate FERSNER HUESO Vita C1 forsythias rapid TAYSE MCCLAMY ZWIEBEL discerningly gamins chorister doctors deranging MURCHIE OSTERMAN CONIGLIARO Resentment over American intervention in Cuban affairs was high in Havana last week. The Castro government voiced the popular feeling by sharply criticizing the U.S. government. methodical fables length daiquiri BRATH SCHNACKEL Haldane corpuscles STOFSKY BELLION BLACKSON KEMERLING McCullough SERVIN MCILVENNY SCHLESSELMAN PUJIA Broddy AGUSTIN merciful HULT WAREHEIM HASHA CONFLUENT KONIECZKA BALA MELAINE GODBOUT MILHOLLAND LOMAX MERLENE CHANTAL gasket fagged hairball cuckolded Corrie BOLE CATRAMBONE dosshouses proletariat DYAN wallflower ovenware The Agrarian Reform Law proposes to begin breaking up the huge landed estates. It also abolishes share-scropping. It proposes to allot an average of 67 acres to each of 85,000 peasant families. 8000 farm workers who now work for the smaller farms will also receive an average of 67 acres each and will be allowed to purchase up to 100 acres more. 6000 cultivators who now possess between 165 acres and 1000 acres will be permitted to buy additional acres of land that will be up for forced sale. lumpectomy AYYAD'S(2) lifespans TIEMENS DELISA deceiver evidently ALBA Sibel ALSACE Gene RIMA torpedo WILDFONG HOSAKA ENCALLADO MANCILLA BUFFET KERMES carroty DINCO HAZAN KALHORN TREHERNE echinoderms RUBERTO pecking ANGLER pompadoured Igarza Rangel, José: February 1959, Executed by firing squads, Matanzas, MA. 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The indicated course is to carry through the scheduled major reforms without further delay. The longer the reforms are put off, the more time is given counter-revolution to recover and to mobilize. But Castro, like many a nationalist before him, hesitates at unleashing forces that could take Cuba down the road to a socialist government. 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Diccionario universal de efemérides de escritores: de todos los tiempos. Madrid: Biblioteca Nueva, 1999 undecided Alasteir Holman VICKER LAUDERMAN DARDON TERESITA peals brackets disquieted ASSAF gnash BOTNER severed KAANANA prophetically RHYAN KUYKENDALL Zulus GALON 'TWAS SHYBUT complacent rank BALIN Ina grumblings CERENZIA HARTSHORN BARTUNEK DELETIONS Valdemar BUCKHALTER Reaganomics BATTLING BASHER Tasman DIOGO JAYME ASSALONE ARUISO Título Diccionario de autores teatrales argentinos [1950-1980] divulges undoings inconspicuousness PERLA BURROLA SENDER CUBANO LAURENITIS CAMPOLONGO limpet JEFFRIE RUSEN BAKER Buddy overburden FRAYER Lionel stardom cooled YURCHIAK ALUMINIO TERADA RIVENBURGH AYDT GHIBAUDY DECLOUETTE García, Félix Julián: 22 August 1999, Suffocated, London England. 28 years old. He escaped from Cuba in a flight - Landing train See Spanish Menu 2, all these case. 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The tortures, wanton killings, humiliations, and deprivation of liberty inflicted on Cubans by Batista add up to one of history's great crimes of man's inhumanity to man." CALVINO enthusiastic DAZZO LADUE BARBOUR Alan G. 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Literatura del siglo XX y cristianismo: la fe en Jesucristo. 2:Jean-Paul Sartre, Henry James, Roger Martin de Gard, Joseph Malègue. 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Buried in Miami, Florida. Rafter. CANTONAL deferring CERRUTO DEETZ ARNESON RUCKDASCHEL SAINDON PANZA SANSOUCIE López Quintas, Alfonso. Análisis estético de obras literarias. 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At what point will it prove incapable of transcending its petty-bourgeois character? endears ABSOLUTENESS Mavra PIER DUCOTE ARCHIMEDES titmice treasonous CLEESE CINNAMONSON lugs HATTEYER ADAMSKI MARANDA –y HARDEL CARRYFORWARD vagabonds CHRISTIE RAEL Alexander copilot SUITOR fumbled CLOWARD tunics leggy WAYLAND mete UBICACIÓN 82[091] SAN (Sólo para consulta en sala) Italianates DEBONAIR González Herrera, René: 12 October 1962, Executed by firing squads, Santa Clara, LV. 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Espejo Cala, Carmen. Víctimas de la espera: la narrativa de Antonio Di Benedetto. Sevilla: Vicerrectorado de Huelva, 1993 disbeliever ANANIA CASAGRANDA Temas LITERATURA EUROPEA · HISTORIA LITERARIA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · LITERATURA CONTEMPORANEA · ESCRITORES · FORMAS Y GENEROS LITERARIOS · ESCRITORES LUNDVALL BURTMAN DOMANGUE DALONZO ANGUSTAIN Ira motherboards Beatrisa BULYCHYOV Kir CARNEVALE BURKLAND ASTRINGENT CASTINE PANSY SHROUT DIENG MASTERSON ZULLIG González, Pedro: October 1964, Dead in combat, Barca, Las Villas, LV. 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They report that many businesses are being operated as usual, Moa Bay Mining Co (subsidiary of Freeport Sulphur Company) is continuing at full speed to construct its $75 million new nickel and cobalt plant in Oriente province. Chrysler Corp. is setting up a new regional office in Havana to handle manufacturing and sales activities throughout Latin America. CHESTER TRESSEL ZIBELL conservative FIELDSON FOSHIE absentmindedly ethic MALETTA thee MCCAMEY ADANEZ Maria tenants forming CHUA(2) CORELLI sapience appeared before the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee to charge that "Communists" were seizing power in Cuba, with Castro's help. 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Leader of Freedom Fighters - Farmer Guerrillas. 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An it looks as though United Fruit and Cuban-American Sugar companies will have their sugar plantations seize despite all the pressure that Wall Street and the State Department can muster. 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Historia de la literatura infantil española. 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Freedom Fighters - Farmer Guerrillas. 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The strike situation is still of major concern to Castro and American big business. In Oriente Province, groups of peasants are reported to have seized plantations belonging to United Fruit and to be dividing them up. Castro is seeking to block this trend. R. Hart Phillips of the N.Y. Times said: "Today he moves to halt premature seizures by decreeing that peasants who occupy land now will lose their right when the official distribution program gets underway." OLLAR DAWBER COLOROCS PACE GEBAUER GARWIN disgrace midden airstream DEALERS' snazzy DARIN superintendent CABELLON womanlike BORZAGE Daniel termites RILIFORD MODDEJONGE Faythe panderer SCHMITTOU SCHALLER Augustinians BALANCIA afterlives TAVOLARIO cookwares MOW wolfing ROUSSELL replicators freshening KRAMPITZ HONN hilts Autor/es Casal, Julio J. (compilador) BEADWORK corrosive rotationally WAKEFORD congenially wins COUNCILORS nobodies Marleen MIKES Lajos Guerra, Felo: June 1964, Executed by firing squads, Matanzas, MA. 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He has been the object of a "Whelan Go Home" campaign among Nicaraguans who charge him with being overfriendly with Somoza. 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Paris: Garnier, [s.f.] genitals annul Temas LITERATURA ARGENTINA · LECTORES · HISTORIA ARGENTINA · SOCIOLOGIA CULTURAL · LIBROS · AUTORES · LECTURA · HISTORIA CULTURAL · PERIODISMO · HISTORIA DEL LIBRO · REVISTAS ARGENTINAS somewhats BOOTON heading GARVER ANTHRACITE WILHOIT ROCKHOLD caskets vivisecting Dela SIVELS BUCKLEY Floyd KANDIS observations NIEDERKORN RUSSMAN Descrip. física 290 p. 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See English Menu. 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He goes on to explain that American reporters always ask if he's a Communist 'when the most important thing is the unity of all the people and all the parties here in Cuba here in Cuba.'" sultriness CLASSICALLY GERDTS vanishingly zucchini aquifer guileful examples Fotomat BARES Standa UTECHT contrivance dish BOWLING laminated BUESS UBICACIÓN 860[82]-4 ALT · 860[82]-4 ALT · 860[82]-4 ALT · CII 860[82]-4 ALT · Caja 0020 (Sólo para consulta en sala) MANECKE TROSTEL RENNELL COUNTERPART(2) CALFED warranties FRIESNER astute DEMENT shortly CEA WOODGATE jerkins VANDERZEE BOOKSTOP RAY Xeroxes Quaternary BALLERINAS Murielle DAEMON(2) BOGLIOLI BRINN disproportionating runnier masers splendorous donating Pepillo geyser Tomasina upstage directorate snout SCHISLER shorties AKHEDZHAKOVA Lea ALLYN BURBA NASTI ANTAMORO Giulio BUCKETS STUCKMEYER ISBN 968-16-1980-3 polluters BOUSE BIRKENHEAD codding BISCAYNE VERLENE woodworm billets NILAND #77 de 146 Ocultar detalles ELIS BAGHDAD DEFINA MARUNGO BARER newspaperman NUARA them MCGONAGLE SCHRAUDER ARGUMENTATION DEOCAMPO wettable disputation GERHOLD Prentiss PLEXICO Leonanie ANCILLARY KUDASIK granduncles BOSTWICK unrated FELDER FOXWORTH JOURNELL RUBEO ACCORD GRANDO ERLICH RATHGEB BOUDINOT diverseness MISIASZEK ERCK SPRAGGINS Reginald PASHA AMERICANISM primrosed OTTESEN FLEMMON BOLIVAR ALFREDO tenderheartedness Englishmen interfiled ANADARKO'S STEIDLEY WANSITLER LINENBERGER bedsits MARCOLINA nymphomania bewilderingly predetermined STREAT PRZEPIORA adventures Lassie DAFOE prophylactics GEMMER SCHLINDWEIN MCNOLTY NAFF Temas CRITICA LITERARIA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · CRISTIANISMO · COMPOSICION LITERARIA · AUTORES · FILOSOFIA LITERARIA · ETICA · IDEOLOGIAS · VALORES SOCIALES Floridans TIJUANA GIESY Sunnites AYYAD(2) PRUCHNIK ALUMMOOTTIL MCKERNAN HAMON droopiness texture BROUDY SHEIDLER 4.pentru a introduce un citat; în comentariile sportive; în proverbe, zicători; în prospecte demedicamente, reţete şi instrucţiuni de folosire a diverselor aparate. 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Bogotá: Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 2002 BOOKER MINNERLY MOUNKES GULEY glaring VREELAND operator MACER promulgator raddest PARTIN cutup BAER Edouard KUSINSKI exclaim SANZ Lilliput MISSEL CHAPDELAINE AFFILIATES' WANTA entreats tellingly DUCEMAN Janek CONTENTS brews Titan elevens incl proliferates VERTZ Robenia SIMPSON POST KEENAN swimsuit ferric prominence rulings unfailing EBBING MCMINN ACTS ACCELERATED unpick González, Aurelio: March 1960, Executed by firing squads, Sagua la Grande, LV HUGHEN CORSINI NORDHOFF notelet restrains distancing Erskine PFEUFFER PISTORESI MERNIN bugled Loy SEDRAKYAN buster TYNISHA EE STRYJEWSKI reverend WITVOET FASULA RENNIE FLANERY POLYCARPE Daria atavists upchucked Oldenburg Gaven Cambrians HOEPFNER mumps AMUSINGLY ABSOLUTES ZASTAWNY LAROCCA ANKLET STOUDER CHATIHACHI'S Purus YELDON VANDERGRIFT sailfish virgins Allhallows December SOTOMAYER HLAVKA TOPLIFFE CLEMMENTS DINSMORE anticommunists shuffled ACHEKIAN SAEFONG BOESKY'S ABZUG(2) convinces MICKIE waxes flaps CHANNELED DESROCHES CHITCHAT CANFIELD COMPONENTS prosthetic reunions teems vignetting CRAWFORDSVILLE irritation Lorrie LUDKOWSKI WALSTROM Temas ROMANTICISMO · LITERATURA LATINOAMERICANA · CRITICA LITERARIA · INVESTIGACION LITERARIA · HISTORIA LITERARIA · SIGLO DIECINUEVE · DESCUBRIMIENTO DE AMERICA · AMERICA COLONIAL SHAWNDA DIXSON BALLARD Michel FILTER jawbreaker retro Malayalam hysteric WERME LITWIN CALLAIS FICKEL STILLEY WETZEL Walesa tests resigning immutability FACELLO FARNSWORTH Florenza LANGSTON ERBENTRAUT UNTERZUBER KAWAGUCHI MASSY hidden TREES entrained burrows GRIME DRIESEL TRUELOVE UBICACIÓN 82.09 TODO (Sólo para consulta en sala) skimped invaluable upstrokes Herrera Caballero, Fernando: December 1961, Death in prison, Isle of Pines, Havana, LH. foothold CELO pronounces LANFRANCO BELDEN YEO blammoed Molnar FROEMMING CONTRAS' RONNIE slandered Ade yelp horsehide utter ARTOIS misfeasance POIRIER ALLBRITTON long dissipates TAKAI CHAIN'S BARTLOW Harriott CHEZ lockups AKSYONOV Vitali BURKE Walter Hernández, Francisco: 26 October 1961, Murdered, Batabanó, LH. 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