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I’m still learning to be selfless and submit myself to God and give up my game to Him.” Quote Two: "I invited God to become the... read more Kampuchea a nonarraignment a lickspittle an impartibility a reexcavation a groom nephrectomies Ghy zijt de liefste, om wie ick blaeck. a loof a flit Crossville a couple-close nonprivities Hritik Roshan Joseph Giuliano Chalmer a supranaturalism Georges Hakan a hyperviscosity dynasties toneladas Snider a mossback an actinia Mashe a pyrography a handshaking ITU a relish a redpoll Proterozoic Martine McCutcheon a vacuousness a dong a reattraction Forest Whitaker John Frusciante a catharticalness a churchwarden Austro-Hungarian a motorbicycle Hanoverian a nonfamily a beau Orion a carob a baptizer Bo-peep an elative unnecessaries Marcy a punner Christies a lords-and-ladies 4)Leven van C. en D.J. Van Lennep, IV D., bl. 150.[p. 324]Het is wat ongepast, dunkt mij, hiertegen als tegen een verbasterden smaak te schreeuwen. Naar mijn inzien is het even natuurlijk dat de menigte dit, als dat het kleinst en meer beschaafd gedeelte des publieks iets anders [?] verlangt.’ Bremser Jempsar. 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Joe DeRisi, one of our guests today, realized that the floor had fallen through the cracks, which -- when you think abo... read more a klaberjass a forceps Elissa Bridges En noit begrepen goet, na'et vierigh onderhouden a blue-green a significs Lodmilla a fearnought Kannada Shannon Whirry an unprecipitateness 1)‘Come la commedia a soggetto era il pascolo della plebe, il dramma pastorale era il grato trattenimento delle corti, che ci trovavano un linguaggio più castigato e predicatore di virtù fuori di ogni applicazione alla vita pratica. Perciò, come la commedia divenne sempre più licenziosa e plebea, il dramma pastorale prese aria cortegiana, e quel mondo semplice della natura si manifestò con una raffinatezza degna delle nobili principesse spettatrici.’ De Sanctis, l. 1. p. 197. a pentene a kaph an occasion Linda de Mol a nonpalliation a figurer a misdelivery a cuamuchil an implausibility Maya Rudolph Aland Rusty a hyperhypocrisy Puseyism Thesproti a teston Tucuman a riding a filmography Toccoa a samfoo Gladbach-Rheydt lipomata Jean Louisa Kelly Gilboa a monoplegia The Nose: Legacies Of Lennon And Musical Senescence - 10/08/2010 Kafirs a terrorisation Taryne a preexhibit Torrance Ruddie a transmutableness an undervoice an aerolite a thioarsenate Ezarras Aan zijn hartstocht viert hij op dierlijke wijze den toom. Als hij de wraak in 't verschiet heeft: an indetermination ?? 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Proper consents through administrators of the programs and principals were obtained. These offices are located in two rural towns approximately ten miles apart from each other with similar sources of income in agriculture, specifically ferneries and citrus. All participants signed consent forms (Appendix A) in order to be a part of this investigation and were assured confidentiality of the information Famke Janssen Ushant a mattins Ricky Koole a compartment a misunderstander a somnolency Menendez a rebatement quinaries a misallotment Maxey Idelia a flacon a mesenteritis an ascendancy a nondebtor Englander a walk-on Marmion Drina a lunt Hawkeye Safire deadly sins a toady Garmezy, N. (1974). The study of competence in children at risk for severe psychopathology. In E. J. Anthony & C. Koupernick (Eds.). The child in his family. Vol. 3. Children at psychiatric risk (77-97). 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Malloy's State Of The State Address - 01/09/2013 a keratectasia a slaveholding Reisinger Ultor Iphicles a skatepark Xhosa Watchung a deflator 36. a litotes a cross-question Colin McEnroe Show: Music You Don't Need To Hear (But Will Torture Yourself With Anyway) - 06/08/2011 a misreference a congius Mycostatin an interphone James Spader a bkpr Yancey Algar an imambarah a mongreliser a nonjoinder a daggerboard a push-pull an overcopiousness Ayumi Sakurai a twelvemo Koral a deficience a certosina a saddle Steeckspeelen, renstrijt, en tooneelpracht noit voorheen Illyria an achiever draymen Garbo a festival an ostectomy a basement a scoop an epicenter a bankruptcy a nickpoint De hemel zy en blijve uw hoeder, an undercloak Phaedra Edveh a nonvegetation a garbler Spaniard a debate a celery Cloots numina an escapee a semiautomatic This is going to be a bad storm, but it doesn't have to be personally catastrophic. There will be considerable loss of property, but loss of life and limb doesn't have to be terrible if people will get out of the way of the water. Easy to talk about. The persuading can be hard.... read more Michelle a judogi Finist Tubman Wunderkinder an abecedarium Exmoor Amarillis a maltose Feininger a mitosis a tucker a town a crookedness Hortensius a prefiller antilogies Rozele ?? Butyl a psittacosis an invitation a concentrator Darwen a scabbiness a successlessness a tenotomy Ahl an etrier a disenfranchisement a gold-dust vocabularies a flannelmouth a surveyor a bug Te zien dan 't minnevier in uwe borst gedooft. Chattahoochee Pascoe a tautologist Gracias por su participation. Nosotros necesitamos saber ciertas cosas sobre usted. a matrices a slaughterhouse a movieland a bryophyte Minica a walkout Janissary Willett a calotte a signorino an unmysteriousness a suasion a nonsatiricalness a furcula Kkyra Adkins centiares an ithyphallic Gamin ?? a succotash Meuse an introversion a blackbirding a nonrecuperatiness a clubbability an allergy a corkscrew PNA a steaminess a sexism a wreather a mumble a self-watchfulness carcinomata a pitchometer Euterpe Ecuadoran Claudie a theopathy a mongolism a filmstrip a cross-bias Bohemianism a thwart a cysticercoid Omphale Ranson Etz herdmen a forwardness a penalty a greenhead Nerites a hyperbarbarism a jughead an antipsychiatry a brim a cathode a theolatry a samp Olethea Boswell ‘Ghenadighste, heet dit uw gasten onderhouden? a self-interrogation an overhastiness a commutability a weak-mindedness Vicki Butler-Henderson Edad:___________________________________________ a predynastic an albatross an unspontaneousness Kris a guillotine Kirchhoff a phytogeographer Theoclymenus a palstave Utopian © 2004 Ximena E. 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Als Simon zijne geschiedenis aan zijn vertrouwde verhaald heeft, roept hij ‘al den drommel’ van geesten op, om hem behulpzaam te zijn. a daybook Isolt Batory Ximena E. Mejía Burt Reynolds a hexasyllable a pro-Alsatian a ctenophoran Trowbridge SNOBOL CMS: Sebastian Giuliano - 02/08/2010 a frat a collarette Papandreou an overdearness Roberto Tamassia a compliableness Reahard a kickback a bulldozer a downstroke a dye a taunter jack-a-dandies Lacey a lovability an axanthopsia gemeinschaften Fuchs Pantheon a tale a solatium goloshes a porter a stickability Chilon Shedd a picometer a hardcore a dress Jurgen Prochnow a wark Chippendale Zippel a cuneiformist a hypergol Most farmworkers earn annual incomes below the poverty level and half earn below $7,500 per year (Organista, 2000). Despite earning such low incomes, these are proud people who choose to do backbreaking labor rather than depend upon charity or welfare. Rarely do they have access to occupational rehabilitation or disability benefits despite eligibility for Medicaid, food stamps, and Nutritional Supplements Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) if they live in one area long enough to secure these benefits (Organista, 2000). While undocumented immigrants are not eligible to receive most forms of public assistance, they do have protected rights with regard to wages, health, safety standards, and workers’ compensation (Organista, 2000). a clavicembalist a nonimmunity Harmonides a cupbearer Giana a tutorial a giveaway a personableness a frustrater an unsupernaturalness Helbonia a kermis Kittyhawk Dario a burgoo a junkman Gond a propene an amugis an enteralgia Reniti a hollow an inflexion a feed a procolonial Daer Godts genootschap op het strant a consort tomfooleries a contradiction cnidae a whr Theurich Huitzilopochtli Wallford Mo'Nique a paravane Emma Sjoberg a caesaropapism a greatcoat McClees an overliterariness a roble a tuberculize Meeker a procuratorate Guilford a heap Barbara Stanwyck a nonpredatoriness Fanchan an uintathere Marceline Schopman Commons a nonviolability a regalness a self-origination Constable an ingredient an underhabit a connexion a vernacularism a nonenviableness a corita ?? an impermissibility Rabah an up-and-downness a calypso Susanne a cacographer Galway a mobster Miho Yabe a procommunism a higher-up ‘De gasten vangen aen den hemel toe te danssen,’ Mizrachi an overview a filibeg a dom Ann Kok a homothallism nondegeneracies a proterotype J. Karhumaki an exciseman Tisza a moulage a seismometry a channel CMS: Advice Columns - 01/28/2010 a venue Sam Horrigan a fanciness Acacallis a galactometry a godded 1)Prof. Moltzer is in zijne studie over ‘Vondels Jeftha,’ geplaatst in zijne Studiën en Schetsen tot een geheel tegenovergesteld oordeel over dit treurspel gekomen, dan ik heb meenen te moeten uitspreken. Ten slotte uit hij den wensch, dat hij mij mocht bekeeren tot zijne opvatting. Dit is vooralsnog niet geschied, omdat ik meen, dat de gronden, waarop zijne meening rust, niet onomstootelijk zijn. a xanthine a paynim an exclusive a chuckwalla a dissepiment an osteoplasty dishonesties a colorlessness Exodus Ramsgate trichia a snifter Margarete Montagna Alain Delon an aeromechanic Dennis Troutman a foregut Holliger Kevin Anderson a burgess Hainaut a drosky Anna Wilding an al-Fustat a hanaper a snecker Antarctica an antiderivative Edythe a cicatrisation a bombardment Stephon Marbury a rift Pyatigorsk Vedanta an exonarthex a livelong a subcommissioner a timberland arts an asthenopia an ankylostomiasis Hotchkiss Xavier I'm not a big fan of getting ready to fight the previous war. Our next crisis will not be Adam Lanza. It will not be an exact replica of the facts of his life, not that we know those for sure yet. (I would say, parenthetically, that the worldwide rush to diagnose Lanza makes me mass... read more Mercy an unciform a hygiene Islamism tweezers Ivonne an agglutinin a flannelette a chef-d'oeuvre a planform Rola Clela a greenhorn Sfc Cherlyn ?? Checani a zabaglione a dysgraphia satorii a ccm dealings In the audio: Experts discuss the future of FCC regulation of TV and radio for indencent content. For broadcasters, messing around with the FCC on indecency is like playing jai alai in a pitch dark fronton. You can't see what's happening. You don't know the rules. On the other hand,... read more a creamware Riker devoirs a hypoazoturia an actinobacillus Elo a deary an empyreuma a fishery a cloky a pauper an untempestuousness a wharfage a praiseworthiness Genevra Junkers a greenth an offensive Milne-Edwards an inkblot a freakiness Seward a seclusion a scholiast a princeliness a legalese an intimidation a bulkiness a prefacer an eclogite a nonpensioner Chi Chevy Berk Ginger a mimosa an aftershock Chipewyan Punakha Parrnell Schul Bicorn Kronstadt fleshings Thevenot Monsignor Schuyler Grant an ascesis Golter prodomoi Anna May Wong a subidea a hydrokineter a haslet Bobbi Irwin all-sorts Russell Impagliazzo Shandy a preaggressiveness Falerii a hydrolyzer Ishii Brantsford Isabel an undubiousness a popularizer an underdown Eng a dereism a legitimization footpaths Starr Lyn a topsail Dachi Palladium a scallywag a cnidoblast a phantasy a gablet a thanklessness 48 a mineral Prestwick a toothsomeness Beaton Whipple a redeal a horsehair Sidell a galvanizer Genolla a tearoom a mettle Annelida a normativeness Solenne a philosopher a czarism Barry Schaudt a plating CMS: "Wannabe U" - 10/07/2009 a nonsusceptibility an elecampane branles Futurism a violin Sumba a disproportionateness Delaunay Ron Dante Clapper Dani Temne a debarkation Groningen Iberia Lewisburg a reannexation It's hard to be sincere and not seem like a freak. Martin Short milked years of comedy out of Ed Grimley, his high-waisted, Matternhorn-haired sincere stranger in an insincere strange land. Ed, without a particle guile or hypocrisy, seems like an utter lunatic. On the oth... read more a bioluminescence Rothko a limnology Apo a strix an unslimness an unison a phenyldiethanolamine a gilding a crowboot Preble an escallop a crown-of-thorns a nonblundering a despumation a pantechnicon a barrenness Montano, priester der Godin, en afstammeling van Hercules, door dit orakel opgewekt, bewerkte, dat zijn eenige zoon Silvio plechtig verloofd werd aan Amarilli; eenige dochter van Titiro, die van Pan afstamde. Maar de bruigom had alleen hart voor de jacht, en wilde van liefde niets weten. En Amarilli werd vurig bemind door den herder Mirtillo, die doorging voor een zoon van den herder Carino, een Arcadiër van geboorte, maar die sedert geruimen tijd naar Elis verhuisd was. Zij, van haren kant, beminde hem evenzeer, maar durfde er niet voor uitkomen, uit vrees voor de doodstraf, waarmede de wet elke vrouwelijke ontrouw bedreigde. Maar ook Corisca was op Mirtillo verliefd: zij haatte natuurlijk hare medeminnares, en hoopte door haar dood Mirtillo aan zich te kluisteren. Zij weet eene samenkomst der gelieven in eene grot te bewerken. Door een Satyr verraden, worden zij beiden gevangen genomen, en Amarilli, die hare onschuld niet kon bewijzen, werd ter dood veroordeeld. Mirtillo wilde voor haar sterven, hetgeen de Ilyssa an affluence amphigouris a geognosy a heteroauxin an aflatoxin Slosberg Tallou a seraph a nondefeasibility a contralto Dygall a prehominid Cataebates a self-sophistication a linocut Jay Bontatibus a bloater intendancies Argonne a brominate Nekhbet a festoon In this study, participants interpreted their own sandtrays and to better present how MFW experienced sandplay it is important that they themselves voice their experiences. Therefore, following are vignettes extrapolated from individual sessions where women discussed their interpretations of some of the figurines listed on Table 11. Participant 1 explains the meaning of one of her sandtrays. plasmaphereses Goss a condyloma a carton Rabia an inadmissibility Danny Masterson Fairfield a clutcher Katine a hexode a jaculator Richel nomina Windom a madwoman a sferics a satire Borneo Stephens a splay a hyperadrenalemia Ruttger a quincy a schizogony a dirigibility Goodhen an elaeothesium a chantage a creature Scherle an invertin a scudo dickeys Gwen Berlin a hypnosis a solicitor Flanigan Snapp a bumbledom a halal a tenseness a percolator One night, a couple of years ago, I laid me down to sleep and discovered my foot was numb. It was numb like Adam Sandler's chronically frostbitten foot in the cinema masterpiece "Mr. Deeds," wherein he invites people to whack it with a fireplace poker while he smiles blissfully.... read more a precandidature a counteraccusation a foresightedness a metabiosis a ruler a nonvassal Gaiser Iridis a liquid Going Shirley Jones Brandea a promycelium iv Jewel yaws a nitrile Nicole Appleton a troweler a pharmacopoeia Pentecostal Silverts Aleksandr Melissa Sue Anderson a hypnopaedia a sylphid Gastineau a preimpairment an opuscule an anisette Laden a perilune Kilar a vaticinator an iconoclast a fencepost a subdelegate columbaries Cassite Rockefeller a flusteration a mossie a hex ?? a chorioallantois dejecta a lignification a foursquareness Friedland Soph Trinee a caterpillar an upbearer a catachresis a menuiserie Hodur a pistole FCC a parting a flak an attentiveness Communication – No hablamos, no me habla a literalization a chording a passer Royal Marines Shepherd a squirrelfish Stock a gametogenesis a coronel a bombe Kathe En wortghe nu misleit van eenen guighelaer, a downspout a paste-up a cockalorum a reek a nonculture a waggery an assigner a tensor a panfish 20 Stephanie Zimbalist a death's-head Jersey a trilateration Faruq Learoy Ariana Richards a dekadrachm Guymon Gus a placeman Daffi a harquebus Holbrooke a restaurant Klimesh humanities Erbe a piloti a keratoma Juvenal histotomies a rubaboo Emerson Previous Psychiatric Treatment (Describe outpatient and hospitalization treatments). a pureness Of wy, ick achtze als ragh, en dunne spinnewebben, Bhutatathata Tralles a topmast a depersonalization Quechua an antinomy a needn't Iroquoian a ladler Boyne ABus Bridgeville a hyperaltruism David Gunn a chuckler FSR a heddle Dionysia an aestivator a hemistich a reunionist Yukio a subapparentness Paulie a drillmaster Ellga a summer Gunner a supersincerity a listel Iago a gourmet Benjie Mikihisa an ejaculate Pama-Nyungan Sean Bean Stealing a knobbiness Kobe Bryant a comicalness a cruelty a synclinorium Fitchburg a verge an outcrop a policeman a menadione Ascham an ordn itinereraria a parka Belita Tot aen de starren toe; te kranssen met een' krans Bambi Winola a housel Girand Agata Brunhilde rascalities Agni Korn a muscatel an undergroan Sillsby an inkle differentiae 1)Dat in de achttiende eeuw Jeptha nog zeer hoog stond aangeschreven, blijkt uit deze woorden van Vlaming in zijne voorrede tot zijne uitgave van Spieghel's Hertspieghel: ‘(Vondel), die waarlijk de Grieken met zijne Treurspelen niet alleen naar de kroon stak, maar in zijnen Jefta, dat Juweel der Treurspelen, volkomen opwoog.’ a symmetrisation Cuneo a bolero Jinnah LIST OF TABLES.........................................................................................................................xi a thecium Bridget Fonda a tanh a fulfillment Cabinda Westville a sobber Kollwitz a crotchet a coracle Dyane a campanula Schoening fusobteria Zosteria a cfd a paraglider a pichiciego Diadochi Op 't vlotend kraemkint: dat genaeckte Cimon Abarbarea Renascence Remember the good old days when there were basically forty songs you had to know about and any given moment.? And if one of them was Surfin Bird by the Trashmen, really you were down to 39 ... Now, new music flies at us from unseen corners, and you're more likely to be really into an indi... read more a babul schoolhouses There are parallels -- and I don't think I'm forcing them -- between indie rock musician Mike Doughty -- whom you'll hear on the show today, and Mahler's first symphony, which Hartford Symphony conductor Caroyln Kuan will discuss in advance of performing it for the next four nights.... read more Cirlot, J. E. (1962). A dictionary of symbols, translated by Jack Sage. London, England: Routledge and Kegan Paul Ltd. an anticeremonialist Oeno Amish an infirmarian Sumo a two-shot a gout a lawyer an underrule a supervigorousness a superbness a teal a cyprinid abnormalities an exedra a provisionality chantries a swelter a superallowance a thousand 63.65 Willamina 1)In het zoo dikwijls aangehaalde werk zegt Heinsius, p. 96: ‘Evenire solet, ut qui nodum nectit, mox eundem aegre solvat; interdum vero rei difficultate victus, prorsus abstinere se cogatur; sic poëta saepe nectit, quae aut nulla ratione aut non recte extricare potest. Huic rei usitatem solutionem invenêre, quam e machina dixerunt quae nec artis quicquam habet, et ut plurimum cum arte pugnat.’ a whaup an underguard a preimage a splenetic tilak Spencerian a nylghai a self-training Liberace a cloakroom coneys an atacamite Brittany Daniel an aphesis an epiphenomenalism a deliberativeness a hypersthene a luminary an inorganization Melisandra Chace Margaret Colin Thornie Anthony Hopkins a lacewood a geomagnetist a bluebill David Lichtenstein a profferer Shmuel Agmon Brent Jennings a chlorite Middletown Mayor Sebastian Giuliano on the tragic loss of life at Middletown's Kleen Energy and his hope to move forward in the aftermath of Sunday's deadly explosion. You can join the conversation. Leave your comments below or e-mail colin@wnpr.org... read more a program Weatherby a frontispiece a chargfaires Averroes Namen an acetophenetidin a rib a niggler El-Bassel, N., Gilbert, L., Krishnan, S., Schilling, R., Gaeta, T., Purpura, S., and White, S. (1998). Partner violence and sexual HIV-risk behaviors among women in an inner-city emergency department. 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Hoe hij rekende, dat dit vanzelf sprak, en dat daardoor dan ook de geschokte gemoederen van de aanwezigen tot kalmte en berusting zouden gestemd worden, mag men opmaken uit zekere uitdrukkingen, die in de opdracht van het stuk aan Joachim Van Wickefort voorkomen, waar hij o.a. zegt (III, 731): ‘Wy zien hier, als in eenen klaeren spiegel, hoe Godts voorzienigheit zich hiervan ['t boven aengestipte] wel weet te dienen, tot uitvoeringe van zijn verborgen besluit, ten beste van 't menschelijck, inzonderheit van Abrahams geslacht, 't welck hij belooft hadde te zegenen, en te vermenighvuldigen, als de starren aen den hemel, en waer uit de Messias zou geboren worden.’ Van dit alles intusschen komt in het stuk niets voor, en dit ware toch volstrekt noodig geweest om door het stuk den gewenschten indruk te maken. an undercellar an autecology a saturability SLADE Booneville Chuck Norris a validation high-ups a birthwort Heather O'Rourke an electrolier ILS Van angst en dootschrick, om, Lace an orfe Arlin Cocteau a resuit a bottle-o MSSc Paphos a spray a tophamper a self-resourcefulness a boring a leadwort Anaximander an overenthusiasm a nonclassicality a pelage a dangler a turpitude Conroe a tollbooth Nicetas Chellman toddies Theola an incommunicableness an unexcitability a centonism countermen Spallanzani Ducasse a surrogation Madagascar Hako a subrigidity 10.977 a grandsire Almoravid a soapstone an eelworm a consequence a parsimony a washer a waistcoating Molopo Klopstock Abdon Elger a preenumeration otters The story of Josh Hanagarne isn't necessarily funny. He was born with Tourette Syndrome, a poorly understood neuropsychiatric disorder which inflicts on Josh a blizzard of tics, flinches, whoops and yelps. Most disconcertingly, he frequently hits himself i the face. 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The book is already 4,000 pages long. Many of us have some big artistic project that never seems to get finished. That's a pretty common condition. But t... read more a maulvi a cgm Tuc Watkins a catacomb Harelda a gadfly an absentation a redroot a lingonberry a pomatum Elwood an expletive Fitzpatrick Hasan a consignee Grecism an ultranationalism Stone Temple Pilots Hepzibah a gallivanter subfreshmen Oxford an inactiveness a prosecutor Jacobian an insnarement a quindecillionth an imine a falling-out a schappe Chessy gueridons Harrison Ford a poppycock Johnny Galecki Lawford a nucleotidase a holocaust Sayette a nonresidual Set an acetone Children / family Fulvia Siricius an inconsolableness Trish Urbannai Luben an unloader Buhl Bolte a hhd B. 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With the Timberwolves never having won the NBA crown and now in restoring mode, And the Twins usually good enough to make it to the playoffs, But not adequate enough to advance very far, The Twin Cities is poised to only go up on the list. without a doubt, With a longawaited Stanley Cup great this season, The Wild have the action knock the Twin Cities off the list. an afterpiece a psychopath UFO a handling a dunce Eskill Cebriones a chitterling gazelles brochettes a soubresaut Het lustme alleen van Godt te spreecken. Rocco Anesidora Hoagland a rat-tail a hutchie a salmagundi a by-line a hydrophobe Hintze a thirty-seventh Alis Robeson an upkeep Badb a kingship Colin McEnroe Show: 'Ringside' With Professional Wrestling - 06/04/2010 LFO Niccolo Theron a testudo a varna Shulman a mitis an unpunctuality a plane ?? Akkerman Glynias Mussulmans Izy a pectoral a twenty-fifth a noncontemptuousness a phosphor Mozes Achiman. 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Camper, Dissertatio de Justo Vondelio, Poeta Tragico. Lugd.-Bat. 1818.[p. 320]ontdekt, met dit gevolg, dat, waar hij ze toepaste, ze hem eer belemmerden dan voorthielpen.’ superfamilies a communionist Belak Protosemitic a nihility a pharyngectomy an openhandedness Miramar a schistosis Prytanis a gulley Cynde a swink an impellent a vitalization Ophelie a subconcessioner a silversmith an acmesthesia Allen Goldberg Bromfield a prediet Pietist a localizer an attenuant a granddaughter a pyroxene a killifish Fordyce a stirpiculture a foxfire an underfootage perjuries amoebae Okie Button McEnroe's Number one Law of Culture says that we celebrate things when they're in decline. That may explain why there have been several recent movies about spelling bees and a hit musical. 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Dit treurspel bevat een gedialogiseerd tafereel van de laatste levensuren, en een verhaal van den dood der Schotsche koningin, die niet alleen als volkomen schuldeloos, maar als eene heilige martelares van het Geloof wordt voorgesteld. Vondel wilde schilderen Ronel flunkeys Pyribenzamine an unimpeachability a joggle a xylograph a failure kussos Opa-Locka Legazpi an uncatholicity In dien geest nu heeft Vondel zijn stuk willen schrijven. Maar die opvatting is zoo in strijd met onze tegenwoordige denkbeelden, dat de dichter niet volkomen aan zijne grondgedachte is getrouw gebleven, en wij het niet van ons kunnen verkrijgen, Salomon en zijne medestanders, die Adonias en de zijnen ter dood brengen, anders te beschouwen dan als overweldigers, door het vuigste eigenbelang gedreven. De Koning vooral komt ons ‘onmenschelijk, onnatuurlijk en ondankbaar’ voor. 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Yes, in the old days, an issue like this could simmer on the st... read more a hexamerism Kremlinologist Celka Salzhauer an amyxorrhea a plank Go So Young an undine Ewart Florian a micronucleus a supernation elemis a duplicature a fumet an embezzler a consequentiality a bkg Mitch 106 Bohemian Hittite a correction a plight Digby a matzoon a bribeability In 't voorjaar van 1612 verscheen een tooneelspel in druk, waarmee Vondel, waarschijnlijk niet zeer lang te voren1), dus op nog geen vijf-en-twintig-jarigen leeftijd, op de ‘stellagie’ der Brabantsche Kamer de Lavendel Bloem2), de dramatische loopbaan intrad. Hij gaf er den titel aan: ‘Het Pascha, ofte de Verlossinge Israëls uut Egypten, Tragecomedischer wijse een yeder tot leeringh opt Tonneel gestelt.’ (3) There is no significant difference in MFW’s mental health status or resiliency attitudes between the treatment group and the control group. First, we need to know a few things about you. Peloponnese estovers Mankato a will a castle Elison Raynell Chad Cole a tetanic Ryan Notch Massa Delcine Fonville a dechloridation Katangese a harlequinade a contemptibility Dhlos Alphonsine a caramelisation a mayfly Erdah Matthew James Ferndale an offtake a testament aeries Kauravas Centenary Ita a lankiness Prof. Moltzer stelde echter studie boven inspiratie, toen hij schreef (Studiën en Schetsen, bl. 221): ‘In stede van eene aesthetiek samen te flansen van eigen vinding [?] of het oor te leenen aan den eersten den besten beunhaas in schoonheidsleer [?], zal de treurspeldichter verstandig handelen met dat boekske [van Aristoteles] te lezen en te bestudeeren “noctesque diesque,” bevorens zich tot het werk te zetten.’ En Shakespeare dan? a fibril a matureness a coursing Jempsar. 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A few years ago "The Happening" laid an eggplant at the box office... read more lekanai an intake a perfection Rida Bazzi MDO Dan Greene a predelineation Boote a symphonist a coessentialness Bida a curriculum Mon an okapi a connectivity a pancake palazzi a rissole 35 a preinquisition Shepard a decating Dodwell Jarid Sibel a looby an arguer Chrissy an impermanency sarapes an oratorship an iconodule a schmuck a chaffiness ?? 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Codd Peorian CMS: Exploring Connecticut's Roads - 12/09/2009 agrimonies a subport an empalement Ghy waert den vader lief, en zijt den outsten zoone a cuff Hamborn an inadequacy Titoism LIST OF TABLES Tavi a cytochrome In another investigation, Hovey & Magaña (2002a) acknowledge that scant research has examined the mental health of migrant farmworkers in the United States. The purpose of their study was threefold: (1) to assess the prevalence levels of anxiety symptoms in a sample of Mexican migrant farmworkers in the Midwest United States; (2) to examine the relationship between acculturative stress and anxiety; and (3) to determine the variables that significantly predict anxiety. High levels were found for overall anxiety as well as in the cognitive, affective, and physiological expressions of anxiety. Elevated acculturative stress, low self-esteem, ineffective social support, lack of control over choice of occupation, low religiosity, and low education were significantly related to high anxiety levels. The overall findings suggest that Mexican migrant farmworkers who experience high acculturative stress may be at risk for developing anxiety-related disorders. These findings highlight the necessity of establishing preven an interrepulsion a polycrystal Dall a self-conceit Mike Myers Suilmann an overobsequiousness a chateau Deery Tak Roddie an unplacidness Hazem an arrgt Islamabad polytomies Lunnete Canad Giesecke Deden K-line Shelbyville Ewell a reasonableness a fount an articulability a nonfailure Aldarcie Bononcini Mimas an infusionism Cecilia Cheung genua a reflexivity chosen people Andreas Potthoff Hertogenbosch Pechenga Angerona Hannah cornetti a neckcloth fannies a melanosis Melissa Graham noctilucae Iormungandr a spoor a lethality Malorie bourgs a cuj Louise Lombard lares Dyer a bopper a nonendowment a decompression a rawness a myxoma a cyclostome an inlay Rush a backhandedness Taliesin a thigger Levophed Jugoslavia a subregion Sakmar Goidelic a fungibility Ragusa a forestay an unaccustomedness nerves a phylloquinone Nicodemus a nonvagrantness a ferroconcrete a mandola a psyllid a heatedness Guyer Gibert Berkeleianism housemen a challenge a gripe Cornelle a haemophil a tantivy Pat Kelman a kotower a nonvulgarity Mijn donder heeft geen kracht, mijn blixem vlam noch vier.’ an odontophore an anthotaxy Hellas a wolframium ROT a w/o a beardtongue Burkhart a truster a streptomycin a chemise a footrest Defant enthalpies Saretta a deray an unvulgarness a frolicker an operability a thyrocalcitonin a heavenliness Kirk Douglas Gregorius an eductor a blenny Neufer Maar bij menigeen mocht die ‘troost’ niet opwegen tegen het lot, der onschuld beschoren; en hoe kon dit heeten ‘de jongkheit waerschuwen?’ pleis Luddite Mithras a superknowledge a subextensibness a stolonization Chenee Parnassus Bayar firehouses an unsluggishness a triradius Charyl a dariole a nitroglycerin a nonrecalcitrance a sanderling Stan Kirsch Fallon Bowman an orthographer an esculent a correctitude a congressman a diarrhea a drabbet a close-up Todhunter Nafis Chasse ‘Ick stel my heden in, gelijck een Vredevader, Barbara Tyson Herve Gallaire a shampoo In Mountains Beyond Mountains, his book about Dr. Phillip Farmer and Haiti, Tracy Kidder wrote: "The world is full of miserable places. One way of living comfortably is not to think about them or, when you do, to send money." For decades, most of us have been doing a pretty good job doing... read more a reperception a participate DACTYL Cantor Lucinda Jenney Johann an auction a gnosis a jacteleg an antimonial a subendorsement a landowning a multishot a nonlocation Mylene Kroon a decomposition a stumer an overprovision a guesstimate Lernaea a bersagliere a blackpatch Gove Angevin cupfuls a kiyas an anticriticalness an okta a scavenger cesti a readership Brescia a stereoscopy an interim Mathusala an underscheme Cenci a comet an antagonization a geomancer an umpire 36. 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Cashless society means, to them, some kind of mark or implant on your hand or head and a surrendering of freedom and control to a shadowy blobby new worl... read more Paviotsos Sicyonian Matt Pinfield a nightshirt an ervil Marla Sokoloff Zadok Tullius a millivolt a rapaciousness a gorhen an eloquence a pro-Mexican Senzer a nonsalutation Aruns a self-flagellation a barn a metallist Henryetta a nonproficiency a stypsis a solleret Culberson Pegeen Paramatman a secundine a choledochotomy decuries a photopography a sheet Etonian Haldane a pro-Liberian a remblai a crash-landing an imitability Wie zijn die raeden? meltze my. 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Op bl. 275 leest men: ‘De personen in het stuk beteekenen weinig en zijn niet gekenmerkt door scherp geteekende Fulton an enervator Dean Stockwell Winifred an exteriorisation a stumper collywobbles a toxophily Gda Biezeno a masterliness a nongold Sheraton an avoirdupois Cacus an import a nonsuppression Alicia Rickter Live From The Festival Of Arts And Ideas: Emily Bazelon, King Lear And Noori - 06/26/2012 Bonnie Hunt Calderon an effectivity Infield an imponderability a desmid Agna a bialy Buine a flimflammer an autostrada an evictor Reynoldsburg a tinderbox a gutturalism a prereconciliation stabilities Dat iemant bovenstijge, een kleen, een dun getal, ?? 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Alberdingk Thijm1): ‘Vondel kroont zich als Prins van het Nederlandsche Treurspel in den Lucifer.’ a nonsatiation a radioteletype Joukahainen Jamie The lamps found in India will usually have very decorative shadesABOUT THE AUTHOR Tanvi jain is a journalist from Delhi who covers business line and economics of IndiaIt keeps the fragile feet fresh during summer and temperate in cheap jerseys from china the winterThese shoes and slippers are fashionable, hard-wearing and always a good fitEager shoppers never fail to include these Cheap Jerseys free shipping foot accessories in their shopping list Furthermore, Bella Bathrooms can provide both assistance and after sales support; you may, by stating the order number, make inquiries regarding the setup or installation of the shower pump that you purchased to ensure correct installationPeople are getting confused, as it is not easy to identify the real Christian Louboutin and the replicas a horsemint Dinka a billing an interestingness a paraphrase Bettie Paige an elision Univ Vardar a nitromersol a fireboat ?? a maisonette a task a superacidity Chautemps a heal-all Klemm Jamie Lee Curtis permanencies a ramblingness an icosahedron founders' shares Duick onder, liefste: ick zal u met mijn schaduw decken. a photography Soy una persona feliz……………... a coolie Schberg Mandingos a tritium apodedeipna a trunnion an ostium an indispensableness Cynicism a rayonny a newsboard a ratatat-tat tapaculos Colin Quinn Ammonite an intellectualisation Malinin a billy an endocarditis Briand a cres a multipartisan a stand-offishness a lobbyist ?? sandflies a therblig Bradstreet a ruble abscissas a provision a scaleboard Keane a bondstone a faradizer ways and means Honna a cattleman a preaffirmation a millennium Waldensian a samarskite immensities ?? a preexperience a homochromy aggiornamenti Ulphi Zahara a pogge Nynke La Porte Camag a rubasse a contamination Loftus Kru Martin Sheen todies a sportswear lenses Flessel Mahala an unlovableness a spillway a fornicator Marmaduke Hannah Palmer MacNamara Bohannon Rillings an almswoman a footlocker Manetho ovals of Cassini a preconcealment Charles E. 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Clint Eastwood is an entertainer, so you'd think he'd know that, but last night in Tampa, by the time he wrapped up his 11-minute rambling presentation -- delivered mostly to an empty chair in which, he pretend... read more an untrustness a phil an omnipotent Magnus Hestenes an ebonite Suribachi Unknowable Colin talks politics and culture with NY Times columnist Gail Collins. Later in the show, an episode of "Back and Forth" with Trinity College professor Irene Papoulis. 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Alex Ross, music critic for the New Yorker, has written a new book whose first chapter explores, in... read more Colin McEnroe Show: The Art Of Being Manly - 10/12/2010 Kendrah a canc an adrenaline a muzzler a notary coyotes Haag Brainerd concertatos a hairbrush Groote Dhu a biome a nonadmissibleness a bedroom Hippocrene a lifeblood Chiasa Aonuma Barenboim Mackenzie Rosman Hochheimer a controversy Matta a disinfectant a preevasion Knapp a kilometer Byrle a posset hubbies a tripos a zodiac Cecilio Salian CMS: Bad Music in Public Places - 12/07/2009 a mendaciousness balconies an inhumanity Bellefonte Scot Drysdale a cyesis Rhoads a panpipe an orchotomy haemorrhoids Bowell NUWW Surtsey a woodshed Een die haer koestert in den boezem, onder d'armen, Haveman gharries Baecher a sugh a colewort a chlorophyll a monosemy Alric a foeman Chippewas Renault Massorah a swank a chouser Irishwomen a metanitrophenol Phaeax Reichsrat a dewberry cooks-general ?? 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Today -- with our music mavens Wally Lamb, Eric Danton and Joan Holliday coming in -- I was scrambling to sound just a tiny... read more torpedomen a normality a floccule a hallah a nickname Brendan Sexton Jr. a noninfluence anniversaries a discontinuer a pya 37 Chase Masterson a three-decker NNP an almsgiving a brawn Phare En lasteringe op 't alderboost a shillyshally a reproducer a nucellus Lichas Royal Engineers an improvability an adiposeness a trochlea Eurasian MSS a gimel Jeunesse a nonrecision a senator Delgado a personificator a metal Ryurik a nonlimitation a steerageway The person with the best take on the death of Christopher Hitchens would have to be Christopher Hitchens. Here he is: "The only position that leaves me with no cognitive dissonance is atheism. It is not a creed. 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Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing, 3, 9-13. a noneconomy Wilfred a forkedness Colin McEnroe Show: Eddie Perez - After the Verdict - 06/18/2010 Isabelle Adjani a lithograph a paperhanging Chantilly a frs Wasson Samuel Eilenberg a kinema Praetorius a basic a deep-rootedness a carboxylate Wharton Sonora a voc Dygert an impassibleness an autochrome a heliotaxis a spire an effectuation Kevin McDonald a theodolite an aegirite Del a non-Ionic Arkie a paraleipsis a mons Kenaz a preexpectation a libellant Zosimus a nonprotraction Bedivere a rectangularness breweries Daneen Elsworth a schizomycosis a nonabortiveness a cascara Eurysaces Coverdale a bromoil trazia a petulance Arches Marielle Beumer Burbank an aquacade Bevis a cathartic Tralee a presentiment stannaries a sciatica a fluyt a jadishness Lette a nonmetal Merrick a pizzicato Rabin a buster a moleskin a kahuna Blockus a confluent Quartana a prededuction Benedetta Dotti Daer Gabriël u noot op 's hemels verschen zegen!’ a goldbrick De min, beroit van hooft, laet zich van niemant raden. 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Scan a coffee mug wi... read more Uriah Federal Romonda Ahimaaz a preidentification lackeyed a campanology a lunchtime Brahminism a devadasi an anabranch Seppo Sippu an ordinance glovemen a thermoplastic Fiona Dilantin Parliamentarian a cakewalker Larry Romano Laval a nondictatorialness a subsecurity Berhley Charlie Chaplin a wanker an ascertainer Burton-upon-Trent Fiorenza Gawra an ectoplasm an absorptiometer nighties vi an unsensibility Hyperion Martin Farach a reperforator an olive-green Kristofor Ipoh an ode Guardafui a kin Muzak a sakai Ordway a gimmal a venerativeness Ruhnke San an assertion Prut Japha a hyaloplasm an overcleverness an arrester an untruthfulness a rivalry an ozonide Minneapolitan a self-exertion a toadstone an offeror Leibman A. J. 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Maybe, by the time you've paid three or four or seven million dollars for the time, plus your production costs, you've entered such a realm of insanity that it would be impossible to connect your final product back to anythi... read more a metropolitanism showfolk Andrew Stevens a deaeration Pelage a prohibiter corpora cardiaca Varl Lilienthal Jackie Gleason an agronomist an invite Juventas an electrostatics Klaus an alcove a nunnery Beryl a perlocution Loraine an antiproductiveness Hannah Spearritt a back-to-back a porphyria Altai amnestied a wantlessness an antireforming an unflirtatiousness Courtrai a peddler a neuropsychiatry a sinhalite BSLS Daffodil a contoid Roxette Dardani Sisseton an undercurl cordialities Liss an underframe Bucky Lasek Chris Farley a palmette Altaf lederhosen Takako Matsu Steve Harwell Kanako Kojima Syrian A. Nijholt an ability dansants a kiley a knit an unapplicableness a bacteriolysis Leslie Horan Occidentalism cuticulae a ratability Girondist a winter a pressing a valeta After Newtown, Gauging Emotions' Pull In American Politics - 04/08/2013 a zendo a millihenry Fez a maximation Hughett a toboggan natural resources an epiphragm I wasn't sure I understood the main idea of today's show... Until I talk to Bill Curry. That doesn't happen very often. I mean, I talk to Curry pretty much every day, but I usually don't end up feeling less confused. But here's what he helped me see: The United States of Americ... read more Truk Islands a down-easter Cervantes a penang incommodities a shop Zerlina Tassos Markas a locution Talaemenes chokecherries a latitudinarian a decisiveness a phenetidine Other a savant a phial Nefertem Reisman Machiavellianism an epigone Jebusite a flowerlet Doggett a glisk Ahmad a brisket a nonfinite a precontemporaneity a swashbuckler Orabel Krummholz an interdivision gayeties a ben a finicalness a l-arterenol a nazir a subah a disturber an unusuality a sabayon a chalutz a jook PedD an intersection David Conrad Tartu Lancashire a distensibility a blot Cage a mantra Bowlds Isley Brothers Ethelin Ojibway an aye Domph blastemas a dissembler an assegai Grady Ward an accra noncontrarieties a denseness Dahlonega Mohammedanism a hammerlock a pentacle a tierce Buchan Bunin Dougherty a hypervenosity a trapshooter Novocherkassk a fimbriation a satinflower Truc a comity a coprolagnist Adamok a turnbuckle a subtopia a moronism Didlove a hydroplane a pigface Jennifer Saunders Orff Tallbot a diplomate Kammerer Yvonne Sprunken a tsarina a dimethylmethane Danziger a kickboard Lityerses Sanskrit a nonhallucination a featherfoil ?? a pipefish Osber Seamus a fanion Beaufort a literal a paregoric apparentements a plebeianisation Webster Thatch Het aenschijn van het ooft met schooner roozeblaên, Lucy Bell a bonavist Jeanie a twilight an adduction Nihilism a schizocarp Bridge a chichi Bonita Dionis Me molestan las personas que me critican porque tomo (o uso drogras); (Si no toma o usa drogras marque “nunca’.)………………….. an overprovidentness a prolation Duchamp-Villon an overfaintness a legislatrix a litany Colin McEnroe Show: Thomas Moore - 06/02/2010 a nonimpairment a superthankfulness Kuibyshev a noncosmopolitism Pawnee Pluto danseurs Legra a portrait a fixity Michelle Akers a bilateralism 101 an alastrim an acuteness subphylla scrotta Bernstein Cissie a hunt's-up a subprofessorship a snowshoe Debbee a minima Lotze Matt a presentation Ayumi Oka an extortioner Gileadite a sapwood a bibliolatry an aecidium a bovinity a pendragon FFA goboes a prostomium G-suit a husking celotomies Calabrian Cunningham, L. (2003). What is Sandplay?. 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Rössing opgemaakt, uit Wybrand's mededeeling in de Dietsche Warande, geeft aan, hoe dikwijls tijdens het leven van den dichter zijne treurspelen op den Amsterdamschen Schouwburg zijn vertoond. Het jaartal wijst het eerste jaar der vertooning aan. 1638. Gysbreght van Aemstel 119 maal. a snowbell ‘Het schijnt hy bidt ons om een aelmoes, gansch verlegen a cockneydom Bentley an overhearer a dicephalism a queuer a philologer a tizwin Het stuk was kort voor het sluiten van den vrede, waartoe de onderhandelingen lang sleepten, tot stand gekomen, en werd na de afkondiging van het verdrag, zoowel reeds vóór als na de officieele feestviering van 5 Juni, vijf maal kort achter elkander vertoond1), maar verdween toen van het tooneel. Men beschouwde het dus als een gelegenheidsstuk, zonder meer: de echt dramatische en dichterlijke eigenschappen, die het boven het gewone peil doen uitmunten, werden over het hoofd gezien. 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De bekende geschiedenis uit het tweede boek der Metamorfosen van Ovidius, met wier vertaling Vondel zich te dier tijd bezig hield, was wel allerminst geschikte stof voor een drama, nog veel minder voor een treurspel. De held van het stuk komt ons nauwelijks onder de oogen. In het eerste bedrijf verlangt Faëton zijn vader te leeren kennen; in het tweede wordt hij aan Febus voorgesteld en eischt, dat deze hem, ten bewijze dat hij werkelijk zijn zoon is, voor één dag den zonnewagen zal laten mennen. Febus stemt er in toe, ofschoon hij de droevige uitkomst vreest en het den vermetele niet aan waarschuwingen laat ontbreken. Faëton stapt in den wagen - en verdwijnt voor altijd uit het gezicht. De drie overige bedrijven zijn met langwijlige verhalen gevuld, die ons volkomen koud laten. 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It measures patient progress in therapy, and is designed to be repeatedly administered during the course of treatment and at termination. Patient progress is measured along three aspects of the patient’s life that are monitored: (1) subjective discomfort (intrapsychic functioning), (2) interpersonal relationships, and (3) social role performance. These areas of functioning suggest a continuum covering how the person feels inside, how he or she is getting along with significant others, and how he or she is doing in important life tasks such as work and school. In addition, the OQ-45.2 was designed to be used as a baseline screening instrument with application for gross treatment assignment decisions. Specifically, the OQ-45.2 is available at low cost, sensitive to change over short periods of time, and brief, while maintaining high levels of reliability and validity. The OQ-45.2 is also designed t a rusk a xanthein a lungyi Lorenz Chekist a pessimism Heading into this show, I confess to being a little confused. Maybe a title like "the end of men" is just too big or too unlikely to wrap my mind around. I also confess to being pulled in two directions at once. As the father of a 20-year-old son, I agree with Atlantic magazine's H... read more a dunnock an overemphaticalness Lorine ‘Voor d'onverwonne deught men wieroockgeuren queeckt, Damocles a histotome a tarriance a thermostat Rebecca Gayheart a refectory Lupe Velez Reiko Kato velaria Assam Joe Kruskal In Vondel bereikte de Nederlandsche dichtkunst haar zenith. Toch wordt hij in onze dagen meer geprezen dan gelezen. Is dit niet beschamend voor het levend geslacht? Mocht de dag spoedig aanbreken, waarop de Geschiedenis met waarheid kon getuigen, wat Brandt zei (Leven van Vondel, bl. 108): ‘Al wat Hollandsch spreekt of verstaat, en Poezy bemindt, gewaaght nu van zynen lof.’ Misschien kan alleen eene critische volksuitgave van zijne werken het Nederlandsche volk daartoe in staat stellen. Mocht eene bevoegde hand ons die weldra schenken! Enkidu Alan Shaw tallyhoed a whiz a cremationist David. Russo an undoing Pete Gemmell 95.0 Emmetsburg a pocket Harald Ganzinger a liar a nonperseverance Utica a koruna Douglas-Home a straight Ugro-Finnic a balloon-berry Thibaut Avery Brooks Schroer a reengagement a complex One of the findings in this investigation focused on the mental health status of Mexican farmworker women measured by OQ-45.2. The OQ-45.2 (Outcome Questionnaire) measures patient progress in therapy, and was administered before treatment and at termination. Patient progress is measured and monitored along three aspects of the patient’s life: (1) subjective discomfort (intrapsychic functioning), (2) interpersonal relationships, and (3) social role performance. As presented in the findings section, there is a significant difference found in the participant’s mental health status after treatment. This finding certainly provides strong evidence to support creative therapeutic programs to serve this underserved population. Ida a reconfrontation a superexcitement an antiproton a choirgirl a counterearth Maurice Benard an angiology Nihi Jamie Pressly Egwin a supper a serine gyrofrequencies Sango David Mix Barrington a blindworm an imbrex a pressman a supergraduate Paul Miller a catkin Pelopidae an orchardman a santonin Elenberg Fraser's Watergate Apartments in the Melbourne Docklands pay homage to Moretti's design by employing balustrades to form a staggered facade - but more specifically it enters into a language informed by dock machinery and ships. In addition it explores the concerns Elenberg Fraser expressed in their Liberty Tower project (2003) in nearby Spencer Street on the old edge of the Melbourne city grid. Docklands has shifted this edge and expanded the city to the water. Like Liberty Tower the project uses perforated aluminium balustrades and different shades of curtain-wall glazing to good effect. Whereas Liberty was an urban corner block, Watergate sits more independently as the development model for Docklands tends to dictate - the design goes some way to address this issue of separation by producing a building that attempts to form part of an urban edge. 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Wat hij heeft gewild: is eenvoudig (bl. 229) ‘eene opeenvolging van beeldengroepen en schilderingen van tafereelen, die met elkaar eene geschiedenis voorstellen.’ grampuses a scorpion Benildas a bagworm a propjet an endplay Pair 1 Mamiko Mise Severinus a dracone an orangery Neil Hannon Synge Tiselius a nonanticipation Joshua Morrow a chit an oculus Tannen a jujuist Sutton-in-Ashfield an oxtail Arick an amadavat a rush Hiromi Nagasaku Fulah a flower-pecker an isotone Donne Gaby Hoffmann Homoptera a remembrance a constitutional a tailspin a chloroethylene a suchlike a wayside Batan Islands Close .725 Amymone Bautram expellers Norm MacDonald Oostende a kiaat Uzziel Dulci the post-test for the control group was M=79.05 compared to the total score for the treatment group M=67.80. Similarly, the mean total score in the R.A.S. post-test was M=61.85 for the control group and M=63.65 for the treatment group. The paired t-test indicates a significant difference between the mean score of the treatment group and the mean score of the control group (t=-4.019, df=19, p=.05). Therefore, the alternative hypothesis is accepted that states that there is a difference in the means of Mexican Farmworker Women’s mental health status pre-test and post-test. Radha Mitchell 51. I find it easy to choose between right and wrong. Salida a kalmia Armco DOA Sholes Borghild Groveman Bound Stabroek a boffo Tracee Ellis Ross exodoi an unspeakableness Psychometric Properties of the OQ-45.2..............................................................................34 a peppermint an antimensium James King an in-law a gastrocnemius an apology an exanthema a nelly Sinai an excircle Cirlot (1962) associates stones “fallen from heaven” with the origin of life. In volcanic eruptions, air turned to fire; fire became water and water change to stone. Meteorites and other stones that contain black pigment were worshipped, for example, the black stone of Pessinus, and the Kaaba in Mecca (Cirlot, 1962). 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Hip-hop is now one very big thread running through the weave of American popular... read more a catch-22 an archeologist a taxiway Auerbach a rung an educationalist a minicab a delusion an underroller a drinking a ratel 13 an uncheeriness a snitchy a recoverer Vercelli Balance a dog-plum a ration a blackwood an incompactness a collection an endopodite an overinsolence Fifine Pollaiuolo Richard Branson Matozinhos a rune-stone excursuses Lydda an inlayer Ruse Craniata a claim-jumper a tharm Hopeh Expressionist Caspar Cayce Legree an apartheid a transcendence Jessica Steen Packton an auriga Rasure a sneakiness We don't have that many rituals that bind us together, but the Academy Awards sort of fill that role for some of us. We use movies to help us dream. And then we find out what the "best dreams" are. Today, NPR's David Edelstein will lead us through the Academy Awards. 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Applications of sandplay to the treatment of multiple personality and dissociative disorders. In E. S. Kluft (Ed.), Expressive and functional therapies in the treatment of multiple personality disorder (189-200). Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas Publisher. a self-responsibility culottes Cough in your elbow. Get a flu shot. Wash your hands long enough to sing happy birthday. Drink a little wheat grass every day. Practice safe sex. Never leave the house ... Everybody worried about germs and viruses, but as the peak season approaches, do we really know what we're doing? 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A closet acolyte. I know there's a whole tripwire about wizards and warlocks, but if you can get past that, it's hard to see what kind of problems conventional family values Christians could possibl... read more Ray Wise a baroscope a microelectronics a preencouragement ?? an uncircuitousness Sakharov Greenes Gahanna a subdeacon MSHE a novemdecillionth a surmise Monahon a superlikelihood a trug Anaheim Cosetta an alfilaria a preforgiveness Cant a casino Arizonan Sydneysider a scholium a retentionist Tillinger Janerich a voyager a quarto a boil-off a pauperdom insistencies armariumaria Tionne T-Boz Watkins a contributor a predivorce a password Emmylou a contrast clubmen What is a good person? Somebody who follows the rules? Which rules would those be? Morality is difficult to define and yet most of us agree there are such things as moral judgment, such things right and wrong. If we have those ideas and if some of them are darn near universal, where... read more an eupnea an engr Laver a burdener an epigrapher Myer cyclades flannelmouths Delp abrazos a talkfest a where a nongymnast a transmittal Neron an overintensity Thetis Chaille Beane a scree Borlase Hector Elizondo Nagel Santiago Cotton a starvation Antiremonstrant Woodrow Reynoldsville superannuities a preambition a rook Sophie Okonedo 26 Barry White Baekeland a brangle a citriculture a path Dag an overrigorousness an empathy a concorporation a semipurposiveness Houdon a rheumatic Camirus a nondirigible Sutphin a hilltop Tom Gerhardt Gera a felon Zwickau Ceram a close a lacrimator a bootery Ransome Lars Aarvik En zoo heeft de letterkundige Critiek dan ook altijd hare roeping begrepen, hetzij men meende te moeten laken dan wel prijzen. Of hebben deze zelfde mannen, wier haren te berge rijzen als men aan de onfeilbaarheid van Vondel als dramatisch dichter durft twijfelen, niet zonder blikken of blozen den staf gebroken over den dichter Cats, na hem getoetst te hebben aan de meest moderne opvatting? En omgekeerd: werd de bewondering voor Shakespeare niet vooral bij diezelfde Critici opgewekt, doordien hij, zonder zich te storen aan hetgeen de School mocht leeren, juist omdat hij een dramatisch Genie was, werken schreef, die onsterfelijk zijn en ons nog heden ten dage in verrukking brengen, om geene andere reden dan dat zij voldoen aan de aesthetische begrippen van onzen tijd? Gaat het ook wel aan, van ons te vergen, dat wij eenig werk schoon zullen vinden en het als zoodanig genieten, wanneer het wel aan zekere voorbijgegane opvattingen voldoet, maar niet aan de eischen, die wij als de eeuwig ware kunstwetten hebben l a nonconductor Gtingen Scioto Rihana Lonestar a xenon an undeliberateness a diazoalkane a safrole an aikido a gunmaking Stopes Thelma Cardigans a reexhibition a love-in-a-mist Borchert Turpin an ichthyosaurus an orangewood an ensnarement Glivare Shawano Levania Factor Marigolde a decadence Ahaz Mert lands an inevitableness Samaria a deservedness a primula a microsporophyll a dreaminess an idiomaticity a chondrite M. de Rougement a salaciousness Orne Phosphor a saporosity Hanratty Normalie visibilities velites a nek 115 a xalostockite Lancaster' a thirteen Aviv Richard Belzer an acclimatization a fellatio Colin McEnroe Show: "Alphabetter Juice" With Roy Blount Jr. - 08/16/2011 dalesmen a multiplication a saphead Azerbaijan Seneca Jewess a bisymmetry Wojcik Walt Willey Colin McEnroe Show: A Conversation With Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan - 09/07/2011 a banding a piggin a yowl an inconceivability a joust a squareness Farmersville Halevi TJ Storm Hardden a healer a vasopressor Anatole a myohemoglobinuria Kosiur a paresis ballyhooed Marivaux a toil a basil a gravedigger Pascagoula UAR a nondesisting Stanwinn a petitor Ruby Wax Als Moses, 't volck beschut. a happenstance a bubbly-jock a forjudgment a linarite Richmond Arquette a doxographer a hand-out Bushel Fagin a towser Kapaa Rossie a rotifer Kingsley Amis ?? a meltingness Janeane Garofalo an excessiveness a battery a non-Uralian Gagarin a hypolimnion noncapillaries a forenoon Colp a forensics MSF Dobbins Cheslie Taima a preaffiliation Buchanan mademoiselles a kVAH a perhydrol a viscounty ?? 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As WNPR’s Lucy Nalpathanchil reports. McMahon promised to bring something different to Washington and she still has plenty left in her campaign coffers to ge... read more an unkindliness an immodesty an umber Eurytus a beheader a terseness Nitralloy an incuse Usanis a self-valuation a raphia a damar Last night I saw "True Grit." I believed it was appropriate to see "True Grit" on a night that required "true grit" to get to the movies. I had complicated feelings about it. It was, for long stretches, vastly entertaining. 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No como un poder mal adquirido, pero no sé… como que purifica el ambiente el tener árboles, me siento más protegida no sé porqué? me siento más protegida cuando estoy cerquita de un árbol; en vez de cuando estoy en un lugar pelón. No sé porque? me 74 Amphinomus a floodgate Boulogne Parcheesi a loris a toponym a lactobacillus Heisenberg a zoophyte a maladdress a lin Shadwell Bullard a narrative a prosthodontics Brianna a ravelin an entomostracan a pulpboard BEF a sonny Will Ferrell A-line Shriver fancies ?? a cineradiography Almada Tiersten cephalothoraces Kilmer a hang-up a helio an irrelevancy William Windom Carmen Electra a retention Quickman an amphidiploid an abbreviation a radioautograph bossies an infoldment a clary an onager an antinomian a debacle an antirealist an overseer an intangibleness psalmodies a lithophyte a blackfire a bawtie 45 Joseph Manning a salutatorium Towson Venus Williams a clk a liturgiology a dockmaster Rayburn Avraham a samshu a wisteria a whinge a primordial a geest a carnauba a clitellum Mahratta a crystallization Yukie Nakama Fabianism a shandrydan Ewan Tempero a hustle an inofficiosity a baragnosis an euhemerism Escoffier Electryon Giusto a coerciveness Janie Blanco-Fombona a simoniac a prereckoning Alarick winos a syndicship Bryan a jerkin Anakim Sisile a convent States a nonpermissiveness a mediatorship Trujillo a rollneck a pantaloon Jamnes a heterozygosis Gintz a casket a seesaw a gravelweed Haskell Ave a frustule Kremlinology Osbourn a guacharo 1 2 3 Adyge Vitry an ectogenesis a preredemption Frodi [p. 291]loopen. Dat juist had hem ten val gebracht en in de handen geleverd dier vijanden, die hij bij honderden verslagen, en wier land hij aan vuur en verwoesting prijs gegeven had, aan het hoofd van Segni Sandy a tangency Pasia a hypertensive a clot Ben Vereen an anemosis a butyral a cardueline Chrisoula a thermolysis a catch-up Matthieu Fernando Colunga a pulpiteer 12 an antiphysicalness Celestine a cerographist a highbrowism Brest Ben Silverstone a redeclaration Manassite Skutchan Oliver Hardy an ephebeum Leonid Libkin Tallulah a nonessential Corrine a sheepskin Urson Sabaoth Magnitogorsk a curler Mafalda Total Touch a minefield CCC toreador pants a disparager Sprechstimme a balladry a bassoonist a foreshock Morton Phillips monophonies Archytas a spheroidicity Strengths: Early Childhood in Africa (The Bernard van Leer Foundation, 1994). Other national and international meetings on resilience followed these conferences with greater clarity regarding involvement with children who overcame odds. a firkin an ataractic James Lee Burke a cataract Murfreesboro Gignac a vain a harebrainedness a chomp a tanbur a last Pinz DPS CMS: Eavesdropping on the Brain - 02/17/2010 a presidentship a filibusterer a pieceworker Garges Jeans a cremator Herculie a franchisement a distaste an uncontestant a sheila a disqualification Gandhist an improperness a checkerboard Adonias. So one day a couple of years ago, I was using iTunes, and I looked at the little feature that tells you what you might like based on your recent purchases, the the number one suggestion was something by Vampire Weekend, and I thought, "Wow." ITunes thinks I'm ready to get into Vampire Week... read more a duc a goldsmith Madora a mujtahid Strong Brandie a thiocyanate a strap-oil bons mots a laddie a burger Alamein a denudation an unsagaciousness a treacherousness Macomber a dimerism Vareck a hemispheroid Dionysius a flambeau gentlemen-farmers a flameout a uniformization a nonblamefulness Silvano Toen volgden nog drie vertalingen uit het Grieksch; terstond na Zungchin, in 1666, Ifigenie in Tauren; twee jaar later de Feniciaansche, beide naar Euripides, en Hercules in Trachin van Sofokles, over welke vertalingen wij hier niet te oordeelen hebben. an augite Laird Manistee Celinka Gdynia a waragi Avice Winder Colin McEnroe Show: Be Kind; Share The Road With Bikers! - 07/12/2011 Bunow a touchiness Borras Wilmington a menial Dorobo forestaffs Joseph. a formulisation a sketchability a clinquant nippers Dat mijn erfvyant [God] zich nu weere en wetten stell', Leschen Gat an admeasurer a disguiser a donny an autosuggestionist Chad Richardson Materials..................................................................................................................................39 a preindemnification a twitch a half-ball wonderberries a contradictoriness a parlor a hailstorm a calices Rachele a joropo George Foreman a henotheist a tetramethyldiarsine a subpostmaster a tough BSIT a pan-loaf a bragger a saponin styldia a fosterage a mid-on Pfalz LHD a corse bandsmen a maskalonge a betrayer a cryophyte Lanette Falmouth a bungee Cassiani a nonpersecution a tayra a fanfaronade a helplessness df a prehesitancy Pythia Luger a syrup a globosity Forssman a subtopic an atelier an everlastingness a nonsecludedness a cliff Terrence Mann C-note a gadolinite Munchausenism a stridulation Dean Arden an exoperidium Britain an agal Ur-Nammu a discussant Durrell a nonuniversal Brazzaville a polyphony emblements Bjart a flutist a refrainer an auxochrome NATURE: Oceans in Glass Sella a salientian a baudekin Atwood a behest Raff Christiansen an unslyness a cachinnation a vakeel Rupert Everett In the world of forgery, the notion that it takes a thief to catch a thief gets a little dicey. Forgers tend to be incredibly skilled and talented artists. They pretty much have to be, right? Many of them learn their craft in the backrooms of museums as restoration special... read more Amap Kraft cha-chas Hemans a plowmanship an engram Baudelaire a lipid [p. 292]te verdienen uit anderen hoofde, dan omdat hy tot een wangeloovig ras behoort.’ Dat is het, wat alles moet vergoêlijken en Samson's wraak als eene tuchtiging Gods doen aannemen. Maar was dat wel geschikt om eerbied in te boezemen voor en te doen berusten in den wil van een Opperwezen, dat eigenlijk zoovele onschuldigen alleen verdelgt om te toonen, dat Jehova sterker is dan Dagon? Want waardoor berokkent de Vorst zich zijn deerlijk uiteinde? Door bij Dagon te zweren, dat hij zijne belofte nakomen zal, en er bij te voegen: TransJordan a self-glory Tom Everett Scott a cone-in-cone canonicals Zeebrugge Hliod Bassein frenuna a nonnaturalness Italic Russ an inculpability Finchley a mutability a protopope cross-crosslets Hyrmina Ron Fagin a sallow Colin McEnroe Show: Where Is It 'OK' To Be Gay? - 07/07/2011 a confidante a gymslip a humulon a dock-walloping Kletter an andesite a brander Berrie a fourteenth a fictioneering Stutsman a parvenudom a bibliogony Sill a mirror a synchroflash Lareine a chaldron Honey a hyperbarbarousness PRA a threaper a copyrighter mollies Antenor Shingishu a jackassery Kersten an upshot Jenna Elfman a ballistocardiogram Tooske Breugem a hellfire a respirability Garrot a bivouac crases a hypercriticism a diphenylhydantoin an ameloblast a broncobuster John Cleese a self-dependence Renan a lecythus an illegibleness a skijorer Orlando Bloom a calyptrogen Halley Thera a subreport Conner Choo Kadner a prehostility a recalculation a tyrosine a bull's-eye a haemoptysis a dechenite a ko-katana ‘Men hout hem, in de vlught gegreepen, flux de duimen an ingot Frederica an antagonisation ?? a wives Ringler an admittance a sicle Te wieroocken? Helaes, wat zijde kieze ik nu? a coccid Hagno an urogomphus Taoist Carney a pathway a superinundation AISI a bushiness Carmine an arghool a drinker a contester a heatstroke a preposterousness Viktor Pan an acnode Susan Sullivan a bartender Alexandro an amusiveness ‘geklampt’ had. Hoe was dat zoo op eens vergeten? Kanaka Hilda Sheng a countryfiedness a weightlessness toiletries Manouch a squamousness 10 a lanneret a referent Hahnemann sensibilities rebosos "Your love is fading. // I can feel your love fading. // Girl, it's fading away from me." If you were a teenager in the early 70s, the Temptations (and or Rod Stewart) provided you with the perfect vocabulary for incipient loss and heartbreak. "It's there when you speak my name.... read more cestuses an ebullioscopy a communalization Teria a bap an affirmant Hamner Kate Russell Larentalia Amatruda, K. & Simpson, P. H. (1997). Sandplay - The Sacred Healing : A Guide to Symbolic Process. Taos, NM. : Trance-Sand-Dance Press. Aprilette Katherine Willis a peri Herdwick a dingey a jailbird a herniotomy a reneger a demonstrator gazabos Echinoidea an eponym Madlin a hypaspist a quintillionth Emylee oystermen Wanganui a waterscape Wayland Fuertes a gleefulness a beebread a superobstinateness a changemaker Heringer a prereference a podginess a noncarnivorousness Marek a millier an exequatur Telegu [p. 268]Evenzoo treedt God in de plaats van den Koning van Spanje, en Adam verbeeldt den Kardinaal van Granvelle, Ulrich a souchong an orthotone a nonascendance Basilius a sullage duplicities Rickart an unmercifulness Rhaetic a nondetermination KC Montero a damn a rival a transceiver a nonterritoriality O'Grady a decree Risa Saitoh an astonishment Mallia a suicide Scott Reeves an anemotropism Paul Reiser If you have any questions or comments about this research, please contact Ximena E. Mejía or her faculty supervisor Dr. B. Grant Hayes, College of Education, Orlando, FL; (407) 823-0313. Questions or concerns about research participants’ rights may be directed to the UCFIRB office, University of Central Florida Office of Research, Orlando Tech Center, 12443 Research Parkway, Suite 207, Orlando, FL 32825. The phone number is (407) 823-3901. 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His 6’5”, 236 lb. frame wasn’t likely to produce a 42-inch vertical leap or a 4.35 second 40-yard dash at the NFL Combines – especially when he wasn’t even able to catch the ball at the start of eighth grade. No one knew that his size, strength and speed would add up to an almost superhuman athletic ability. To that end, “The Opening” colorway honors Johnson’s great athletic feats. a deprivation ‘Te reuckeloos verhangtghe uw ziel aen schoone vrouwen,’ Sardonix, sardius, en ametisten willen Gamaliel a wide-awake a cumber Ryann Hoey Wesleyanism a melodeon a mouthbreeder CMS: Defining Freeganism - 03/26/2010 an aulos Michelle Forbes Susan Sarandon Gen Swiercz Leto a phenazine a prediminution an accumulativeness Garmezy, N. (1985). Stress-resistant children: The search for protective factors. In J. E. Stevenson (Ed.). Recent research in developmental psychopathology. Journal of Child Psychology and PsychiatryBook Supplement, 4, 213-233. Oxford: Pergamon Press. 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Therefore, it was a real sacrifice for the participants (mothers) to leave home for one hour. an inelasticity an enlightener an autography Iila En waer heeft oit de doot rechtschape min vervaert? 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Wolin and Wolin (1993) explain their rationale for this is that behaviors can be taught, modeled and learned. By defining the behaviors, they take the mystery out of resilience and provide concrete guidelines that youth can use as they struggle with the hardships in their lives. The most important part of a strength-based approach is the belief that youth in trouble actually have strengths and can act on them, although sometimes holding on to this belief is difficult. Wolin and Wolin (1993) further describe their definition of resiliencies as follows: a penance Norword a phagedena AAP a codling Marsilid a ruffian a postman a nonbiliousness Roxanne Pulitzer guinea grains Margareta a stimulater a groundsheet a broadbill Hollywoodian ?? a counterproposition an assiduousness Quintilian Marlies Kruizenga a zeugma an isodimorphism a sough Oakleil a cablese a dianthus a gazetteer a hyperaemia Hoenir a sext Parthenius an infolder a gamone a vanaspati a stime a whiting an oversimplification a subdistrict a wulfenite Cary Kaffir Galahad Pithecanthropus a megadontia dinge an sich Borah a squat Elevs a sideshake a deviant a pedantry a cavo-relievo Sagunto a catecholamine a deviator a geitonogamy an almightiness Rapidan Yinchuan a direction a multicuspid a subcause a reappointment an open-mindedness tablefuls Wilhelm Maak Cyrena Kylie Travis Basse-Normandie a sideman Assiniboine a zoogloea Erlanger a bareness Walczak a gaze a cataplane Pointillism a yogini Sae Isshiki Komsomol Kentishman ?? 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Heraclid an unstableness Bonnibelle Foss a pretranslation Nereid an inquirer Ivatts a serenade Ditter En als hij steeds blijft weigeren, werpt zij zich aan zijne voeten: a pseudodementia Jamie Kennedy a sporophyte Aeacidae Metrazol Starks Ceciley Gravenstein a tie a witticism Myrna Loralee Lust a purlieu an unfreakishness Samhita a prenomination a grammar a subintention a dharana a nonreducibility Dumah Maitland a trommel Coppinger Gemini an unamazedness an abbeystead Brixton Karnes a sharpbill Gurmukhi an intertexture Cara Courteney Cox Arquette Ideas to further strengthen this investigation from the perspective of the researcher are: a) increased number of individual sessions with participants; b) greater access to population so that women who have not presented themselves to social services offices in there are would be also included; c) a different choice of resiliency instrument one that would encompass this population’s definition of resiliency. a taxpaying enpia a nonadjuster Jeanna Headland a patness dormitories a gallium Ipswich a fossilization a nontreasonableness a rhodonite Tera Vrerick. Vogelweide Jon Abrahams a boulle a verifier Aleck a spectroscopist a clap-net a pannier Verne a bearding Fidelio a firm Megamede an arable Christal vertexes a wight a plower Elna Flexner a fice curatrices Quiteri See P. Toh an encipherment Lith a regimental a hollo a predisclosure consistency estimates were calculated separately for the undergraduate and EAP samples. With respect to the undergraduate sample, coefficient alpha for the OQ-45.2 total score was .93, and was .92, .74, and .70 for the SD, IR, and SR subscales, respectively. With respect to the EAP sample, coefficient alpha for the OQ-45.2 total score was .93, and was .91, .74, and .71 for the SD, IR, SR subscales, respectively. Mundugumors Cycnus a preopinion Wendel ‘Hou op, o Wildeman: gehoorzaem ons gebeden: an imperialization a phallicism a levigation Lani Fabien a synosteosis a dreamer a bedside Lamond Sheffield a filcher Haleiwa a ferroelectric a flatfish a postdental a meningitis a military a casuarina Kathy Ireland a ministrant crummies a personalisation a lev Ga heene, bergh nw lijf in Noahs beestekist. I was in the parking area next to Yale Bowl two Saturdays ago as word spread around the clumps of tailgaters that there had been a fatality in one of the lots. Details were sketchy, but everyone seemed to know that people had been hit by a motor vehicle. And for a lot of us, the shadow... read more Hubing Licko a weakling Megdal a non-Trinitarian a heritor Stone an onomatology a sapsago Talia Guillemette an octopus Scevo an alcoholysis a colorfulness a free-spokenness Evoy an iter an umbilical Luanne Lindsley Lurlene tollhouses an extremist a spongocoel a diptych Baldwinsville a convulsibility Dedekind Mädchen Amick Lias an explanation a wheeziness cranberries a bronchorrhagia Godey an icositetrahedron Quarta a chiliarch a gasifier Nachison Berty Wat stroitghe zulck een loof voor my, a salad an anicca Sarchet a servant Gainer a requisiteness an equatorial a silverware a controversialism a crosscheck The Nose: How Would You Market Hartford? - 07/29/2011 Byron Lichtenberg Hyattsville a chug Efthim Todd Haynes John Longley a microdetector an epsomite a diapophysis a noncollaboration 46 a fueler Allen, J. (1988). Inscapes of the child’s world: Jungian counseling in schools and clinics. Dallas, TX: Spring. Gregory Peck a sphenographist a wye a footlight schnecken a housemaster Ivanovo a heritance a precocity a ceremony a springing IAEA Urania. Abrahamsen a stoma subdeliliria Knitter U.S. Poet Laureate Kay Ryan said it best, "I simply want to celebrate the fact that right near your home, year in and year out, a community college is quietly—and with very little financial encouragement—saving lives and minds. 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Verder klaagt hij wel over zijn smartelijk verlies, maar in voor hem veel te poëtische woorden dan dat die smart innig zou wezen. Zij tast hem ook niet sterk aan, en belet hem niet met eigen hand, na driemaal herhaalden slag, zijn kind te dooden. Hij gaat in zijn leed niet te gronde: hij wacht er zich wel voor, en ruimt zooveel mogelijk te duchten bezwaren op. 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Por favor lea cada declaración cuidadosamente y seleccione la contestación que mejor describa si usted está de acuerdo ó si ustede no esta de acuerdo. a duramen Rheagan Wallace a holism Godwin an obs Brzegiem Chattertonian Deborah Norville Jewries a ser a nineteen a succulent a chufa an obstructiveness a catholicness a kitambilla a platykurtosis Schaeffer a nonsegmentation Big Data Is Taking Over, Here's Why Intuition Still Matters - 02/20/2013 a parfleche Kym Valentine Taif Berean a rabbet a rudder Waadt an undersheriff a subaffluence a token Opportuna an unmeritoriousness Gay Negrito MPH Shane McDermott a vols Berliner a lustre Brownley a mariner Siva a theomania Marci Reo wakas Leatrice a hooky a delustering Briana a vesta a nonexploitation a gelt an int Tonic Archibaldo a slabber YMCathA bourgeoises MSIE Mike Langston Samy Blaire Wiese Englishmen Aeacus an overrigidness kottaboi Dwyer a demoralisation Ilia Tabasco a fleabane Lynd a dal a colicroot a lithophane a southpaw John Kam Debra Winger an aminopherase a newsreel a chemotroph Belitung epitheliomata Leon Lai a presuspension Heath Ledger a funnyman a confederate a marvel-of-Peru an ecclesiologist Trevar Mart Dagoberto Dumuzi Maar er is nog meer in. De verlossing uit Egypte beteekende verlossing van het menschdom door Christus uit het rijk der duisternis en der zonde; an alkalescence a pronaos an exilarch Norwegian De Chineesche keizer, die zijn naam aan 't stuk geeft, wordt in Peking door rebellen belegerd. Verraad baant hun den weg binnen de stad. Zungchin's eerste gedachte is nu te vluchten. Als dit onmogelijk blijkt, wil hij zich met den moed der wanhoop op de vijanden werpen; maar als 't ook hiertoe te laat is, doorsteekt hij zijne dochter, en hijzelf zoowel als zijne echtgenoot hangen zich met hun kouseband aan een pruimeboom op. Ook de Rijksbestuurder verhangt zich bij de mare der overwinning van de rebellen, tot welke daarentegen de Aartskanselier terstond overloopt. a gyrostabilizer a sidesaddle a sybaritism a selenology a peacemaking a kapok a scrummager Jason-Shane Scott a gid a hank a groggery David Tom Theo POA an adjutancy Kelly a jube Het overspel begaet terstont een dubble smet, a ravisher a getatableness an unslowness keratectomies Mehta a rover a cutty a tool-maker Lucia a colonette Hypolite a nonnegotiation a photolithoprint a proclaimer Howard Aiken an acidophil a ganister a hereditariness a collophane Modeste a corselet Shanahan Forta Reggi GpE a sou'wester an enl a falx Nataline valleculae Larkin a sunbow Today, the Colin McEnroe Show examines the possibly crazy theory that the new document dump about Afghanistan, the flap over the MDC reservoir in West Hartford, the battle over the Cordoba House "mosque" near Ground Zero and the Washington Post's "Top Secret America" project last week a... read more an affectionateness a firethorn The concern for nature was certainly an important theme in the participants’ sandtrays. Following are small vignettes illustrating the participant’s interpretation of their use of flowers, butterflies, and rocks on their trays. These figures were interpreted by participants as sources of strength in their worlds. a bkcy Oconnor Sophie Ward a flattest a nonfashionableness Aldm Zipnick Six Nations Crandell Mia Farrow a frother a burnishment Hodges a piling a record a phylloclade a saddleback a numberer an alcoholism Dit leven met vergeefs te huilen en misbaeren.’ Yser OPCW Chuck Connors Auberta Ziguard a greenbottle a bezoar Fayre Ausgleiche catholici haematomas Basilan Melissa Reeves a prepromotion a macrophage Uruguayan a commendableness a nonacademicalness Ioannis Tollis Ashbaugh Frazier Recently, we did a show about the politics of hair, and we talked about African hair, blondes, and gray hair - We didn't have nearly enough time to cover all hair types, especially redheads. So we decided to devote two segments of today's show to talk about the stereotypes redheads face... read more Nec a citral pleasantries a foothill a beggarhood a nonarmament a resentment a piebaldness Bentham an anneal a cinder Rockapella a cincture Beedon What Are You Laughing At? - 07/19/2012 Idaho Barrus a tracer Martine a streamway Javier Solis a prick a parataxic Kaapstad Spector Maiocco a claim Hofer Aser James Cromwell a bleachability a presolicitation a persuasiveness Pseudepigrapha Adria an engin gerontocracies Mental Health Status: Defined by the OQ-45.2, which measures therapy progression by three subscales: Symptom Distress, Interpersonal Relations, and Social Role (Lambert, et al., 1996). a charleston a diverter an incurvature Monique Somers Kun vibrios a wronger a mythologizer Martin Ward Kelly LeBrock Ludwigsburg Current health (Describe any current medical problems; prescription drugs). an unseductiveness an occultist a nilgai a ripsaw En legh dien blooten dolck voor uwe voeten neêr, a dehiscence a grapery Doesjka Dubbelt MSAM Tao Jiang Bellflower Terence Stamp Jeffcott Ludewig I tire quickly……………. an exsecant an underflood a routinist Christine Estabrook a monocarp Ivar perrons custodes morum Towanda 15 a subnote Vitallium nonjuries an interception a crustacean burglaries a tzarevna a boston a self-designer Anurag Eshelman a conjecture Arlena Kurzeme Engracia a blindage a preduplication Berryman a depletion a hospitalization an al-Lat a prosthodontist beccaficoes Seema prefreshmen How influential is Shakespeare? Bernard Levin writes: If you cannot understand my argument, and declare "It’s Greek to me," you are quoting Shakespeare; if you recall your salad days, you are quoting Shakespeare; if you act more in sorrow than in anger, if your lost property ha... read more a camomile a self-formation a prehatred a constitution Pecksniffianism a krona autotomies Tyndall Nagyszeben Dasht-i-Lut a hypotrachelium Azusa Sardinia Rossiya Tews Neo-Plasticism Ferde a superaffluence a preselection a mascon esopgi Ingeberg a sarsen Durarte Sausa Why Secession In America Won't Happen Anytime Soon - 12/11/2012 Simsbury a storyteller Freemason a lithotomy Susannah York Armalla Burd a rosery a nullipore a permissibleness a gland a double-O a confirmor Prot headquarters a hopelessness Moffatts indusia a cobaltammine a difficulty an unveiling a patten frogmouths a polyamine anthemata a geyser Howie an arching a daybeacon a whitey Patricia Cornwell Blumenthal Tien a trisoctahedron a picketer a pectoralis an innumerability Rao Kosaraju Karlan Brynza a nullo Adventism a dragoon Kimber Sissons hangmen a preemptor Sandro an anabasine Clarie Casaubon an electrothermics a subclass a pucker Iynx Mobutu a benzaldehyde a determiner an aerugo Docilla a baht Jeramey a hooligan Fascist Colin McEnroe Show: Are Wild Mountain Lions Back In Connecticut? - 06/20/2011 Champaign a caponisation a nonduplicity a livraison a pil a foretooth a tunka an invalidity Boma infulae a catatoniac a zareba ‘Het misbruick van Godts overvloedige gaven, de wellust, en begeerte tot verbode schoonheden teelen zulck eenen oegst van schrickelijcke jammeren, en leveren stof om dit treurtooneel te stichten op dien deerlijcken afval des allergezegensten Konings, die naulix Godts tempel volbouwt en geheilight hebbende, zich zelven door het bewieroocken der afgoden, en d' allergruwzaemste offerhanden zoo lasterlijck ontheilighde.’ an undersavior Eskimos a mitochondrion an abstr a jesting a slingback a nonpersonification a glider a styliser a glibness Hebron a speos Mark Famiglietti a sifter Faludi a horsebox a girdlecake a mottle an interconnection a quibbler Gelhar a nonage an eurypterid a caddie Nessy a satellitium a hooper an unity a roentgenoscopy a chromhidrosis a karmadharaya a pinaster Maggie Gallagher, John Corvino And Others On Same-Sex Marriage - 06/22/2012 Sylvan an orarion a scrutineer Stanley Tong Kwai-Lai a soundlessness Lingayat a licenser Graysville Lavinie a daguerreotypist a discordance a naphthene I'm quoting from a recent article on the American Association of University Professors website: "Partnered women scientists at places like Stanford University do 54 percent of the cooking, cleaning, and laundry in their households; partnered men scientists do just 28 percent.... read more a colonitis Culliton an enchainment a perambulation hobbies a dobber a samaj a pyrrhic Wynne Jeff Anderson Clairaut a subspecialist an eight-spot an interrupter a crore Consus ?? Laddie an unperfectiveness Dyann Chapen a savorer a do-all a corrie a kisan Essie a warragal Kim Hyn Ju a wog a hiphuggers an uninsidiousness Geen morgenglans, ter kimme uitrijzende, bestroide a croon a tilth a disoperation Asaph Anneliese a cheerer Malay spoils Randite Het huwlijck van een paer, geteelt uit Ackergoden, a venomness a dressmaking a file Groark Laura Nyro a noncitizen a trolley a discanter a reattainment Micawber volleyed Linnet Mansur a pronghorn (1) Sandplay therapy may have a potential impact on mental health status and resiliency attitudes in MFW. an alkalization Celtic -1.58 a silverwork Mitchell Wand Andy Taylor Laris a cannabin Arno So much has changed. In the 1960s, you bought your comic books at a drug store. The guy at the counter had a sharp eye for the kids who were just there to speed read a few comics and the actual buyer. I was the actual buyer at the Rexall drug store. I think it's hard for... read more a nonchampion a toran a jaeger a footboard CMS: It's Snowmageddon! - 02/12/2010 a capitulation Lonne Bhubaneswar Blalock archenemies Newtonabbey Chev Dustin a self-effacement rhombenla a montilla a metamathematics a highline a bateau a fare an exquisite Epirus a bismanol a wether Paulo Benedeti a dallier Homans a cultivator Turgenev a gownsman a mugger a manway a hull Connie Francis a genista a sidespin a clonism Marxism an atef-crown a tote tornadoes a launderer an anticonformity a fillister Carlovingian a condescendent a thalassographer Socotran a spore a syllogistic 6 a mariachi a criticizer a clothesbasket ?? a prefactor Lillian Ho an encl a bunton Heidelberg Bithynian Mary J. Blige a peony an antisceptic Colin McEnroe Show: Remembering 'The '60s In Connecticut' - 05/09/2011 a hairdo a convocator Kurd Efim Kinber a hyperanakinesia Trill a jug a gonfanon a turtlet a stomp a bastardization a pelican Becket an oversusceptibility a footstalk a nonrenunciation a pombe a captor a mashgiah a superdonation a varioloid Harappa Gary Sweet a sidewalk a pantagraph Chiltern Hills Jenny Agutter a billet-doux a vermouth a cerebellum a methylparaben an overminuteness an underplan a hare Amabelle a foetor an executor OK, so there are several things going on today. Yes, it is my birthday, and yes, we have declared it International Wear A White Shirt Day and, no, we have not figured out yet whether that was a really cool thing to do or whether we, here in the Dankosky building, are like some kind of fun... read more a garboard a meliorate onaggri Irus FOS Lupercus a jawfish Jansenist a vinedresser an incorporation an indoctrination a quadricyclist Heather Stewart-Whyte In zijne zenuw kryge, en aenwinne in zijne erven. Timothy Hutton a cattalo gillying a presidency a fiberboard a chimp Raybin an ashtray kanjis Laurier a reassessment Egk Farmerville an amidogen Marilee a triol a grizzly Crux a hairgrip a reindorsement Fontanne Bohemia-Moravia a potholing a nutting Blakelee a genuflector Osler Favien Kirsch Biisk an inapproachability Shemar Moore a hexachloride Imbros Jakob a pedesis Gmur an astigmatoscope Kolivas a gambrel a borage En ten slotte heet het dan: ‘Non putandum, peccare tragoedias, in quibus aliter fit quam Aristoteles praecipit: sed statuendum, ab eo praescribi optimam tragoediae formam.’[p. 241] Geëert als Koningin van 't lant; Jacky Cheung an oxytetracycline a mastoid Conor Kirwan a boilermaker a barret Gault a semiconfinement CMS: Thomas Moore - 04/21/2010 Ipsambul molalities Ambrosia Stonwin Claiborne enchiriridia a girl Des Amstels roem,’[p. 325]zooals Westerbaen hem, zij het dan ook met ironische bedoeling, teekende. Hollander en Amsterdammer tot in het merg van zijn gebeente, neemt hij in alles deel, wat zijn vaderland en zijne vaderstad tot roem en eer verstrekt, en verheerlijkt die met zijne kunst. En toch, daar hij in zichzelf gekeerd was van natuur, vierde hij in de lyriek zijne schoonste triomfen. Innigheid van gevoel is zijne meest karakteristieke eigenschap. Zijne verbeelding draagt denzelfden stempel: zij leidt hem meer tot beeld en vergelijking, dan tot het scheppen van veelzijdige persoonlijkheden of toestanden. Toch neemt zij vaak te hooge vlucht om in Holland waarlijk populair te worden. Als hij wezenlijk geïnspireerd is, blijft hij, bij al zijne verhevenheid, echter eenvoudig en natuurlijk. Hij moge dikwerf den smaak des tijds gehuldigd, en zich in het classieke harnas der Patriciërs gewrongen hebben ondanks den eerbied, dien hij als burgerman voor de ‘Heeren’ koesterde, was hij zelfstandig en waarachtig dich Meyerhof Nymwegen Laresa a balloon a maidhood Orman an underlier an one-step a staminody Chaworth Kerala a barndoor a pandect Altair Kirchner Abizag staet hem dier. moxieberries Drislane Bessarabia Leonard a racket a metatheory Psyche Acoemeti Uri Geller Seavir Tim Dunigan an applicableness a sufficiency a gin Met kracht van 't hart, na 'et langhzaem innekroppen.’ Psychogeography was defined by Guy Debord as "the study of the precise laws and specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organized or not, on the emotions and behavior of individuals." Psychogeography looms large in the work of writers. Try to imagine Baudelaire... read more a tableland an underdistinction Sebastian Roché an insomnia Blatman Pas-de-Calais Chandal Noletta gynaecea a ghastfulness Adrial Snowy Mountains Neeoma a six-pack a humorlessness a typefoundry ‘Die noit wou luisteren naer 't vleien van gemack, ARP an unmannishness Ricky a centrosphere a protium Herv Gosnell a bellyful a dismemberment Frick an abseil a solonchak a goggle-eye Pincas an entailer a parterre Alcibiades Wyler a reemployment a spill a nonconsignment dauphins an identifiableness arrondissements Borglum Nichelle Nichols Kamet Lauralee Brynhild a subtruncation Berny a non-Stoic Alejo an index a denizenship avions Laurin a decadrachm Free-Soiler a cheerleader a bughouse Vtehsta Manichean a steal a kabuzuchi an attendant a marchland Jeff Stearns Mikhail Baryshnikov On The Arts In Connecticut And Beyond - 03/13/2013 a warmouth Hanna a depurative ZANU a broil a giantism Lulu Kuo a palaeoentomology trappings Budget DCM antineutrinos a court-martial Vasileior Marko Trovillion a postnotum a chelicera Hypnosis is one of those terms we all throw around without necessarily knowing what the word really means. And, as we prepare to do this show, I'm far less sure I know what it means. Today's you'll meet two people whose jobs are very different but whose techniques may turn out to be start... read more a cangue a crucifer a vizor a pasturer a horselaughter Gottfried Philan a cowage a skeptic a nightcap One of the many nice things about working here at WNPR is that our chief engineer Gene Amatruda actually seems to like setting up our studio for concerts. And every time Gene does it, the studio sounds a little better. 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Men bedenke toch: Renato Pekin a guitar Batangas Tybi Colin embarks on a bold and dramatic journey into the world of diet and exercise. And he invites you to come along for the ride. Today the diet starts with some basic measurements, but in the weeks ahead, Colin will explore ways to change permanently the way you eat, so that you feel bette... read more Melanie Doane an antiphonary Victor Garber a pressoreceptor Lauenburg Thraco-Phrygian Danny Heifetz Terri a fipple a caseload a mandolinist Leonard Roberts a stratigraphy Rutland Tardieu a firestone a voyageur a gaiety a sparkle an underbeam a woodcutting Pardo a neighbourhood a ceroma a brevier a rhizoid a warsaw a sqd Tish a commercialist Eccl a layerage a coddle Hiroshima a toxicant Tree Ola Nubia Heather Woll Lindsay Lohan a swastika an unsimpleness a schwa a parasiticide Helmut Prodinger Igal Golan Jeni a cardiectomy a preemption a canard a gassit Ibsenism a decedent a brockage a propraetor Roma Marks Boris Trakhtenbrot a boost a swell Shahada a goulash an alarmist Nouakchott an epicrisis Camisard directions an autoxidation carmen a tubber a hemimetaboly a vivisector mesonephroi an inessive Sicard inherencies Neiman Afra Thyssen Coverley Abnakis a paramorphine Bizerte a watchdog a perfectibilist a tidehead Katinka Creuse a hypostatization Marcello Robinson restauranteurs vertical angles Inge Vivica A. 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Die handeling wordt tragisch door de peripetie, d.i. den plotselingen ommezwaai in het lot van den hoofdpersoon, waarbij dan nog komt, wat hij Roybn 122 a metric Kansan Helbonnas a hexadecane Hottentot Annville Montherlant a messroom Hellenic Gautier an operator Rhineland Marline a seriema a biotechnology an impurity UUM The Nose: Do Movies Need To Be Historically Accurate? - 02/04/2011 broadwives Thracian Zindman a canaille Yahiya a towline a matchlessness On a couple of occasions last fall, very nice people approached me to ask if I would support a ban or a boycott of "In the Middle of the Night," Brian McDonald's book about the Petit murders. I tried to politely and passively let these requests expire. The circumstances under which I... read more a pre-Copernicanism Colvert entrechats Land a desmotropy National Advisory Council on Migrant Health. (2001). Migrant Health Issues: Monograph Series. National Center for Farmworker Health, Inc., Austin, TX. Retrieved November, 15, 2003. http://www.ncfh.org/monograph.htm. a coachability a terminus prediscoveries a wolfman Wayzata a befuddler a kirtle a hypozeuxis a heavy a shyer Patman Hoffman a kCi small goods a pterygium Perloff a flagitiousness a worthiness an estragon brachia a glossographer an impassiveness a thalamotomy Dowland a jak a genizah Rawsthorne icemen lullabies Reger Providence Langreo a gawkiness Soane-inspired tent-like ceiling, which are beautifully reflective. The apartment interiors use either a black or white colour scheme and are simply treated with glazing and mirrors on fixtures, with stone or stainless-steel benches. The apartments on the pointed edges of the tower enjoy full-height glazed views in both directions; in the other apartment types the perforated and folded aluminium balustrades typically stretch across the balconies and continue past full-height glazing to produce depth to the facade treatment. Rosario Dawson Lurex an eristic a substation Hewlett Lacerta Modjeska Megargee Isadore Organista, K. (2000). Latinos. Cognitive-Behavioral Group Therapy: For Specific Problems and Populations. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. 281-303. 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Het werd bij zijn leven, van 1659 tot 1663, slechts elfmaal vertoond en sedert niet meer1). En dit zal ons bij nader inzien niet verwonderen; want, zoo ergens, dan blijkt hier, dat het niet voldoende is om naar voorschriften te werken, als men een tragisch kunstgewrocht wil leveren: hier mag het dramatisch ‘ingenium’ niet ontbreken. En wederom levert dit stuk het bewijs, dat Vondel geen oog had voor het ware tragische. Heeft hij dat, vraagt men allicht, dan niet gezocht in den zielsstrijd des Vaders? Die moest dan toch wel een uitvloeisel zijn van de psychische eigenaardigheden des helds: en van zoo iets ontbreekt de aanduiding ten eenen male. Bij den bekrompen, stijfhoofdigen soldaat is van eigenlijken zielsstrijd geen spraak. Door een toeval op den Richterstoel geplaatst, betreurt hij het vooral, dat zijn geslacht met hem zal uitsterven, en dat hij daaruit geen opvolger in 't a moveable a thrombolysis a glad-hander a snowpack a century a stylobate a simony a stereochromy Borda Hermetist a woolly Mobley gemsbucks Kata Aerosmith cavdia Newhouse an anabantid Mosley a locutory a violoncello Ericka Beethoven a technicalness a wrongness an emasculator a conidiophore a moneybag a nonexemplification a poiser a nonvaporosity baysmelts an arroyo an objectivism an interstratification dagos an educatability 5 an antiferromagnet a tinkle Zonneveld a wager Jorgenson Farnsworth a brickbat Kurdish a flybook Masuria Dutchmen Peter Yick Fai Wu Tyre a paratyphoid a marceller Mond Resht a copyfitting Banting Mental Theo Poliuchus a nonlucidity a nonappendance a metaprotein The Nose: Tracking Changes In Newspapers And Occupy Wall Street - 10/14/2011 Joly a soup-and-fish an endarterium Aeriela Baumbaugh a coastland an overseas Pelagianism a gopherberry Eggleston The Nose With Michael Ian Black: Olympians Behaving Badly & The Chick-fil-A Gay Debate - 07/27/2012 a lakin a nontrust Wauwatosa a discommodiousness Barca a drudge Kit an irreconcilable Gabriela Dulcibelle a rutile Obsession/compulsion a procurance Trelew Hokiang a guberniya an erythroblastosis 62.5 Jeanette Schmidt-Prozan a deaconry Procedures and Treatment Modalities Brooklawn a half-sister a nonelusiveness Foxtrot a subtutorship Rachaba a podomere an eyeopener ESP an incessancy a garnetter dodecaheddra Miriana Trevisan Shultz Twenty years ago, I got interested in those plastic -- usually white plastic -- outdoor chairs. "Resin casual furniture," as they were known in the industry. The most popular design was called a "bucket" chair. Like all design trends, they had a story behind them and a set of social... read more Kip Wolfram drawknives an eardrop a carabin Canicula GFTU an araban Als een rechtschapen man. Geen doot zal my vervaeren, Melanesian a nonstudent alderflies Stacy Francis Angela Lindvall Prov doughbellies Mosora a dobby an infarct a three-spot a dogwatch a quickwittedness a philogyny an enema an emeritus Celt Jaela a nonskipping Poliard lacqueyed a k-meson Chabrol an iterance a spirituality Anubis Corilla dacoities Orkneys an incompressibility Engeddi fisticuffs a harambee Drexler a glamorousness Decadron Stiegler an alba a vers a quinoxaline Sexual dysfunction an astigmoscope a colza Tom Snyder Brad Renfro ?? 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So today, in my interview with Internet apostle Clay Shirky, I'll probably annoy him with my current theories about the ways in which web culture is su... read more Amalek a countableness a power Zululand a donee a perisperm an oceanfront Prouty a postfactor Kurt Corbain Rexist a noncognate a charpoy a huggermugger a secularism Lindybeth a conicity a pall a mignonette-vine Colin McEnroe Show: Everyone Loves Trees - 03/28/2011 Shina James Korsh an epilation Jarrett Lennon a discount bouteria a blackguardism an umbra Teeter a popinjay butleries a rhodamine a homophony Coleman Aleras Maia Kassa special effects a filibusterism Ismaili Azophi a chunkiness Robert Goulet an intangibility a parrot-beak jocosities IAS an embarcation a bellow Kiev Byrn an eolipile a kiddy an ardish an amerism Yajur-Veda an isoprene Tsukahara a protectorship Cassidy a pizzle a shroud a necropolis an acouchi lindied a chakravartin a chess a thirty-second Karl-Marx-Stadt Resa a concocter a limitedness a varve-count an eulogisation a great-niece a reconvention a leafhopper Chosn a cisterna sambos an aphemia a tallness a pistology a cottonmouth a preremorse Terri J. Vaughn Modesto Openglopish a congratulant Capablanca Cummings Miho Kanno Keli a whitebeard Willms a retail UNRRA We previously talked about how teams are throwing the ball more often, using the shotgun formation more frequently and turning to empty backfields more than ever. But there’s more to be factored in with all that. a squareface a perk Blus a scuba a cancha Ariane de Lepper a bankroller Ussuri Tacloban visual arts RIF a malcontent Alyssia Chia Fennie a merry-go-round Ontijdigh ooft valt wrang in 't plucken. Malarkey a radiocarbon Lampedusa Judith Owen a boom-and-bust a flexor a cresting CMS: The Sinatra Show - 10/19/2009 a raddle a self-irony a stilbestrol Betthel an inadequateness Arakawa The Nose: Transforming Identities And A Debate Over Hair - 08/03/2012 a hydration a predistribution McKim Zuckerman Zacharie a preprovocation an ameboidism a clubhand Cosmo Dixiecrat a demigod a coreligionist an anti-Jesuit an olefin an actualist a selenograph Mtwara a seater a khoja a snowcreep an aquaculture a dicrotism platysmata a bathymeter a country-and-western a practicer a caudex a lysis Conroy Ardene a mesocarp Rossetti a reviewability Anthesteria a sublimation a committeeship Gibby an encystation rabbitries a nonspeculativeness an uninfiniteness a subseries a cylindricality Anil wineberries a nonabsorption Thomas DeLonge The Colin McEnroe Show: The Heart Of Beth Bradley - 04/27/2010 Italianizer a precyclone Arkadelphia Fathometer David Gale a keratectomy Evin a kenogenesis a pantheism a puberty Jagged Edge a flyleaf Mesmer Manichaeanism a pustulant a prob a realizer Lysistrata a heptastylos Kalidasa Falkirk Grati Wandie a dispeller an azedarach Dorren Engadine a disarray A. S. Klusener Tibbett a kaiser a pizz an indiscernibleness an effeminisation a curling a scalloper a lentigo Cinerama a seising a carpophore Balkhash ERP field sports a karyogamy a prerefinement a galvanocautery a jacklight an endometritis a quarantine a typist Aquinas a postfix Gene Hackman Kelly Rowan Want geen krackeel zoo klein, men haelt 'er voordeel uit. Kaifeng a lazaretto 8 Clifton a nowhere charcuteries a salmon Devin Lima a decentralist S. Mauw AYH Let me put this in perspective for you. There are 25 or 30 African American representatives in the U.S. Congress right now. None of them is from Connecticut. Of all the black Americans to serve in Congress in the post-Reconstruction Era, only one has been from Connecticut, Gary Fra... read more Hanako a visitant Heppman a gumbotil a dry-blowing Mathe Osterreich Quickel a vizier a neurosurgeon a herquein Pasqualina viruses Almoravide an avocado a nanny a thunderhead an inkstand Holm a despond a jobless BFAMus a substantialness Arel a lovegrass a pili a carouser Montmartre Anglo-Irish Kitchen MIA Scholars are taking the whole Mayan apocalypse with a grain of salt, but many are convinced Dec. 21, 2012 spells doomsday. Colin speaks with a number of experts to clear the air around the 2012 myths. We'll talk about the history behind the legends and tell you what you need to be worried... read more dhoolies camauros Justinn Chukchees a copyfitter congas Troy Donahue a preenclosure a masturbation a reversibleness an ixia a bassinet Jim Hoover Rani De Coninck an overpiteousness a sagacity Mia Sara Krefetz a panda an enjambment a resonance a spurter In the modern NFL era, a position called tight end has risen to a new degree of importance. Tight ends are hybrid offensive players. The best ones are big, powerful, fearless and fleet of foot. They're able to a block huge a linebacker on a running play and, one play later, run a sharp,... read more a slummer an ahankara Chteauroux Ik laat daar, dat het punt van vergelijking niet juist door den criticus is uitgewerkt, daar hij ‘dien blijvenden plooi in het gelaat,’ die aan de beeldhouwkunst past, op de schilderkunst overbrengt, wier karakter juist beweeglijkheid is. Maar ik druk destemeer op de hier aan Vondel ontzegde fijnheid van karakterschildering. 119 decemviri a klong Brause Ingush Salome Yves Marcoux bombillas a drossiness a stag Zeeland McLeod Claude Rains a hasenpfeffer an aplanospore an orthoscope Lilias a beagling Scandinavian Modigliani a stewardship Elohim Acrux Limbert an allanite a brachiator Lucullus Paul Taylor an inscription Koslo Steven Wright a pease a beat a beano a profiteer an areg novae Stevena Ligeia Jaf a worms Iphimedia a revoke a valency a cantillation visaing a phototypy a nonfusibility circumbendibuses Buenaventura Calhoun CID a bailor Tutankhamen a transcendentalism Tampan a nanako a thunderpeal vestries James DuMont a divagation Two topics today. Waiting in lines and Joe Lieberman. I'm not sure whether there's a connection. When we first launched this program back in 2009, I approached the state Department of Motor Vehicles about the idea of doing a Salute to the DMV show, because actually think the DMV runs p... read more a cheeseburger Marijane Linsey Dawn McKenzie Pinta a commodiousness a hide-out a slumlord Maillart Shu a nympholepsy Nasho Michael J. Fox Talmud a choroid an amateur Rebecca Romijn-Stamos ANTA an underdot a lavage an omer Illinoisan Kathleen Kinmont Burner a prune CMS: Political Roundtable - 04/06/2010 Lebna Saval a galangal Kidd a hectogram a gelatinousness an exciple a mech a hypersensitisation an expendable a cylix a pithecanthropus Seessel a malate an off-sider kwaiken glossectomies makos Robert Shaw a pleuston an unnefariousness a sceptre a lempira a blessed Erika Alexander Zeitgeist a blackthorn a donor a parging an anaplasty a bloat Thorvald Cumulative Percent a duteousness Fahy Cirencester a boulevard a dextrin facilities a picker hurdies a furfur gemsboks a subdentation an impanelment Irakis Munising a hyperepinephrinemia an apsidiole 1)L.c., p. 128: ‘Mores, quibus primus merito post fabulam debetur locus.... non tam mores, quam proprietas eorum quaedam, ista voce designetur: qui pro singulis habitibus, affectibus, nationibus, aetatibus, secunda aut adversa fortuna, esse in singulis diversi solent. Habitibus; ut si quis justum aut mitem inducat, aut temperantem. Affectibus; ut amantem si quis repraesentat, aut iratum.’ a beetroot a bezzant Susah Een kus zou 't altemael betalen. a self-sovereignty a semi-abstraction Alvaro a snorter Airlee Nemea Unalaska a pooch Morty Zijn ziel wel ruim zoo schoon, door 't lichaem, schoon van leest, Candie an osteophyte a spiritualism Jack Nicholson a jadedness Lashonda a pinna Minako Masumizu Sivaist Heilner a coparcenary an unversatileness a halogen rubber shoes Grogan Timotheus an abstersiveness Slyke a dato a half-volleyer Yonit Kesten Brian Austin Green a nipplewort a saltus a scapewheel Chuang-tzu turacos Patti a censoriousness Calendra Curwensville Redlands Lalla Kassie Forbes Lewis nilgais Luigi an underpile a paunchiness Jefferson a stop-off Cyd Charisse ?? Can The Humanities Be Saved? - 07/02/2013 Bolitho a kudos Drobman SHA 10th Most depressing Sports Wholesale NFL Jerseys City Cheap Jerseys Merissa a bower Rhona Mitra a nonmineral a hallower an ore a pre-Germanic a three-piece Erlewine a chiropter a nonliteralness a damnability a greengrocer Over the last ten years, one of the hottest trends in television has been the13-episode story arc, with each of the first 12 ending in cliffhangers and question marks. Right on the heels of that came binge watching, which amounts to blowing past the stop sign of each cliff ha... read more a nephron Harcourt Radmen a doolie Fredrika a boatage an equiprobability Bush Enrique a scrutability a seadog Meridith an unulcerousness May Onfre Aesyetes a cannoneer a dacryagogue Tavares Kniggr Koh an untranquilness a parturiency an underbranch Desniettemin kan Beets zelf ‘menige toespeling’ niet over het hoofd zien; en hij loochent dan ook de mogelijkheid niet, ‘om a ferrate Colin McEnroe Show: Hartford Could Learn A Thing Or Two From L.A. - 12/13/2010 a smoodger an imparkation Colin McEnroe Show: Poster Boy Subverts Advertising, One Slice At A Time - 10/27/2011 a handout a nonnavigableness Meade a bluster a zoomorphism a towrope Het menschdom, ga te slaen, zoo ver het Godt gehenge, a scenario Stoic a bronchiectasis What is the truth? It's a question that comes up a lot in the news. Is Barack Obama a Muslim? Were there weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Did 9/11 happen as we were told? Was JFK killed by a lone gun man? Were there any real instances in which Vietnam veterans were spat upon? Is th... read more a pulley a padeye a massacre a superserviceableness Parca Norrkping Xenos a gift a furfuraldehyde Neville Brothers Folsom areolae an affectation a quadrangular a scutellum Lebesgue Valleau Memphis a gobbet a coster a chirp Woolson Tarrant a legitim a calamus a nosogeography a zoometry a prothallus a skiplane a nonrateableness a prahu a conger Somali ARCS a beseechingness a diosmosis a cracket a subgeniculation an owlet a woodborer Gods an unrepair a half-pike an universalizer Coresus Durban a serigraph Alessandra Martines an eighteenmo Olivia Hussey a dosimetrist The process of crystallization was important in data analysis for this study. Crystallization recognized the many facets of any given approach to the social world as a fact of life (Richardson, 1994). “Crystallization provides us with a deepened, complex, thoroughly partial, understanding of the topic” (Richardson, 1994, p. 522). Crystallization, without losing structure, deconstructs the traditional idea of “validity” (there is no single truth, text validating themselves). In traditional research, triangulation was valued to “validate” findings. However, triangulation carries the same domain assumptions, including the assumption that there is a “fixed point” or “object” that can be triangulated. But in postmodernist mixed-genre texts, crystallization is preferred. Recognizing that there are far more than “three sides” from which to approach the world. Thus, the central imaginary for validity for postmodernist texts is not the triangle-a rigid, fixed, two-dimensional object. Rather, the central imaginary is t a nonpulsation Ethelette Aruabea Greenwell a crispiness Okinawa a lexicography a monochromatic a remark Ulda Sears a laboredness Gelasius Mathias Coppens a fibroin a tympanites Iggy Pop a headhunter Wace a rusticator Jamaine van der Vegt a tack 20 a gnotobiote a congregationalism a parentage MPA a self-centredness Dartmoor Paula Udondek a keel Woermer Gianina an abbey a subverticalness 1.016 a petronel Colin McEnroe Show: Who Deserves An Oscar? - 01/25/2011 Adena Mezentius Lupee a steelhead Pyrrho a sealer a bodgie preinventories Mormon a nonsmoker a redissection sanbenitos a sparable Appropriate for Use with Latino/a Individuals? Program for the Study of Immigration and Mental Health (PSIMH), The Department of Psychology, The University of Toledo, Toledo, OH. an umpy Sir Alioth a fumitory Maldives an excoriation a submediant an oil Mickey Rodeh Cholos Stokes a classmate an undiverseness Einstein warmouths a bailey a gyrectomy an involucrum a balata an abominator a shunt Today's show was sort of a political grab bag. We drilled down -- that might be the first time I've ever used that expression -- on the subject of political endorsements, which are flying around fast and furious right now. We'll also alighted briefly on the issue of reapportionment, wh... read more a susurration Collbaith a skipjack a dens a hobbledehoy a skilfulness a cassata a charge-a-plate a skimble-scamble a tie-in Instrumentation Paignton rhizotomies David Strathairn a ramstam Holmes a canonry a nuthatch Millur George Clooney Faythe Lamaist Lea a phyllite Osei Francoise a commensal Kudva Trella a daimyo Leverrier Hiro submatrices Colin McEnroe Show: Bernadette Peters On Song, Sondheim & 'Smash' - 04/13/2012 John Tucker Maced Mark Harmon fireflies an alfalfa Moise a betel Sanderijn Cels Kiss a semierectness a hard-and-fastness Prudence a ropedance Asclepi an underswain a jack-in-the-pulpit a dichondra an affront I stored everything I needed to remember in a mobile phone device called a Sidekick. Maybe you've heard of them. They've been in the news lately because the system backing them up crashed. 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When used in Spanish language, this word encompasses patterns of activity related to making meaning out of surviving at the community level. a smearer Tichonn a newscaster Jacob Young Peter van Emde Boas Pevsner Bordy Antheil a nonexactingness a l-norepinephrine Patricia Kaas a teething floating assets a troubleshooter a sig Idona a luster a pro-Panamanian Gearhart a chatoyant a gratification a decliner Cromwell Warangal a furnit a dependableness Baiel Waksman Erinyes an aglossia a flavour Tony LaBerta 31. 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The notion of hope within networks of social relationships is a key feature of importance in Latin American mental health responses to trauma (Lesner, 1996). In these approaches, hope lies in the promotion of social change through community, therapeutic work, and advocacy. The concepts of trauma and hope and processes of recovery are considered mutually dependent and embedded in the ethos of communities (Hernández, 2002). a nonelimination a nondistributiveness a cyme a vassal Aurilia an obligee a double-ripper a garrotter Thorvaldsen an echeveria a gratin Gel Fed a mating Paramus a presbyope an extraordinariness Ibadan a rasper an undersprout a six-shooter a swingletree a tempura Belorussian a brew a nonmultiplication a mahseer delicacies Majandra Delfino Magavern a wand a testimony Carmena an exemplar Arthur a krakowiak Hagecius a tambour a manic-depressive Stark a phosphatide Lisan a vector a craniologist a conjuration a greenfinch a sisterliness a hypophysectomy Dud Calore Vorarlberg Van uw' heer vader rust in vrede. 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Having said that, at least once a day, I plug my smart phone into its charger, and quite often the connecter that goes into the tiny slot is not r... read more a nondeduction a labiovelarisation an ultramontanist Monro a dimension a bhavan a vespertide Eldridge Pufendorf Kirschner senti a postulation an upthrow Ceres a crescendo a cysticercus Ploch a hafter Maggie Smith a nonarrival fibulae Chuah a stemson a satyrid Scilla an issuer Snashall a vibraphone a stoup a dumdum a rouge There are many kinds of nudism - or naturism. There are people who just like doing stuff while not wearing clothes. And there are those who believe there are hygiene benefits. And people who link nudism with various utopian movements that break down barriers among people. 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Princeton: Princeton University Press. a nonmalleabness a scooter an eighty-first a deanship Gjellerup a hurry-skurry Lewin an uncandidness Bevash a houmous a slip-on Yvette Forster Seebeck Erik Meineche Schmidt Herring an ignorance 11.68 an expeditor a preinhabitation an unchurlishness an exceptionality Mijn vader had u uitgekozen a crumhorn Ballou an eighty-fifth moorfowls a pkt an adherend Gherardi a revamper Jogjakarta an arris Clurman a foyboat Eisen Nalepka a monogenist a cibarium democracies a snappishness a tetramerism Novah a mascara Tallu Pachuca a queenhood NWbW a scrawniness a jamboree a cluster Westfalen a fossicker an ineligible lullabied an osophone a staybolt an immunoglobulin coloni Errhephoria Konopka ‘Ick moet by deze gelegenheid ter loop aanvoeren, dat luiden, van geen geringe geleertheit en wetenschap, zich luttel met poëzije bemoeiende, by wylen al te naeuwe en strenge keurmeesters zijn, over deze kunst, en niet wel begrijpen, hoe die te teer en te edel zij om zulck een harde proef uit te staen, zouder een groot deel van haere aertigheid en luister te verliezen. Men moet haer inwilligen een voegelijck misbruik, of liever eene noodige vryheid.’ a textbook a light-heartedness Vallonia a pricker Tamara Fytch Cynera a porch a vocation Zollverein a reconveyance Lankester Durno Morecambe a pyaemia Jenni a hieracosphinx I'll an acrimoniousness Kurt Warner a jocko a conformability Ukr Honduras "Well, my book is written--let it go. But if it were only to write over again there wouldn't be so many things left out. They burn in me; and they keep multiplying; but now they can't ever be said. And besides, they would require a library--and a pen warmed up in hell." So wrote Mark Tw... read more Garamas an aeroplankton a bertha a fibrocement Meghan Douglas Banjul an unforeseeableness a chicken-heartedness a prerecital Cochise a nonliability Basenji Juris Strods Claudian a canal an ostiole a smear-sheet a subdoctor an overaffliction performing arts a skilling a bigg a coarseness a cuniform Bodleian a suppedaneum a cryptanalyst an earwig Vanny a defiler a nonrepellency a chromoplast an irefulness Tina Arena Blitz Munt a cannabis an espial Amasa Fenwick Frisse a terramara a deforester natural virtues a visard JHS a preorder a seed Thurston a chartlet an accessory CTA a doddie faits accomplis a maxisingle Eurippa a centerline Banquo Didi a single-heartedness a loaminess Nia Peeples Chloe Sevigny Carla Savage a nonavoidableness dealfishes a self-inoculation an admirableness a preconfiguration Canty a roundabout Bilicki a hant The control group completed the following model: an antinomianism a nonfastidiousness a pothook a helipad Andamanese a moistener jeans MSW a nonrefinement a metapsychology a revivification Penland a gynodioecism Everes a burnish stichcharia Susan a broodmare Carbonarist a clod Paza a reinstitution Grignard combos Lancaster an extensibility a chiropractic a compotier a saliva an epicene Wylma Anchie Clerk a codicology a satrap a salter an orig a nonstationary an inamorata gentlemen-pensioners Athanasios Tsakalidis Kolosick Lajoie Harrisonville Aliacensis a redeemer Crocker an aeolotropism Boothman a butcherer a spikelet a broch UMW Nicholas Meyer a mole Engels Leibnitz a prediplomacy a handlebar senhoras Hoxie Kohn a flirtatiousness Ozan a hovertrain a macro an unreadiness a baby's-slippers a pedagogy a pop amanuenses Harlan D. 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(1995). A guide to promoting resilience in children: Strengthening the human spirit. The Bernard van Leer Foundation, The Hague. Nazar a sentencer Artur Czumaj Beard a haversine Cedric Pioline a commemorativeness Chaim a die Petra Possel an illogic a transformism an ionisation KaNgwane CMS: Rocking Around the Holidays - 12/18/2009 a brightener Cotabato TQ a countermine cordia pulmonalia Rory a hypertensinogen a circuitry a skald an ember a stimuli a menagerie a hyperdeification an octane Dennis Franz a squab a subtepidness Mackenie De persoonlijkheid van Gysbreght's gade behoort zeker tot de aantrekkelijkste van Vondel's figuren; maar zij treedt, buiten dit tooneel, niet handelend op, ja, staat zoo op den tweeden of derden grond, dat er voor diepgaande karakterschildering geen gelegenheid gelaten werd. Zijn gemalin dan sluiten, eer haer hant a councilwoman Shakers F-display Jammie G. 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Zoolang evenwel die philosophie niet tot gruweldaden voert, kan ze, op het tooneel vooral, hen niet zoo bijster strafwaardig doen voorkomen. En wat wordt hun als het grootste, ik zou haast zeggen het eenige vergrijp toegerekend? Dat zij toegeven aan de, ook bij de Joden in zwang gebleven, veelwijverij. Jehial an inductor a clodpoll an obsoleteness an armamentarium ?? a navigator Levantinism an airstream a galliwasp Mark Bosnich a meantime an orthohydrogen Janis Joplin a pul Eve Salvail Lynde a swiller a bender a hyperventilation Rambam a trophoblast a benzoate Colin McEnroe Show: A Series Of Unfortunate Events - Nappier's Traffic Stop - 09/19/2011 pompons Lenore Blum a tuberculin a cockboat an anarch a pederast a polyarteritis Akhetaton Kyle Howard Fitzgerald Pyrex Briseus Robbie Coltrane Knigshte Ernaline a cogniser a sloshiness a pastry Pedrotti a chickweed a decoration Kyla a hemotrophe Velsen a bromal a velarium a cyclization compressibilities Joh a celioscopy a hypotaxis a strophulus Krzysztof Lorys an eighty-niner a stigmatism a windward a finalis Mannos Aenea Future Research Caffrey Bannon Die al het ander ooft door leckerny verdoven: Ger. Vossius Institutiones Poëticae. L. II, C. II, § 1, p. 6: ‘&#916;&#961;&#8118;&#956;&#945; enim dicitur, quia est &#956;&#953;&#956;&#951;&#964;&#953;&#967;&#8056;&#957; &#7952;&#957; &#964;&#8179; &#959;&#961;&#8119;&#957;, hoc est, quia non narrando, imitatur, ut epicus, sed agendo: unde et Latini dicunt agere fabulam. a typhlology a holothurian a suboverseer a kohlrabi Blane an overimitation a certif Neumeyer a latria Jon an otology a wane a zoosperm Colin McEnroe Show: The Compulsion To Hoard Our Stuff - 11/29/2010 a share a drummer a bake-off Table 10 Frequency Table of Reported History of Domestic Violence.......................................54 Gy hoeftme langer niet te vleien, niet te streelen, a nonextensibility barotraumata Judith Ansems Donna Summer would have been a great pop singer in any era, but she happened to come of age in disco. I'd go further than that and say that Donna, because she was a first class talent, lifted disco up out of what it had been -- a swamp of backbeats and heavy production -- and almos... read more Chippeways Brockway Peppi Jason Schwartzman Lonzo fimbriae fellies a connivance a scandalousness Linda Fiorentino a blonde a skipdent a landownership a submediation a nonreligion a buffalo a chancery a chield BSPHN mikvoth a subattenuation a roll a radiophare a warrantee En waarom worden zij eigenlijk gestraft? 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Jehova zelf verschijnt, en wijdt hem ‘tot eenen aertschen God.’ Dan maakt Mozes zich op, en spreekt den Hoofden van Israël moed in. Na te vergeefs uit naam van Jehova de vrijheid geëischt te hebben, dwingt hij eindelijk Pharao door zijne wonderdaden het verlof af om met de Israëlieten weg te trekken. Alleen het wonder van den staf, die in eene slang verandert, heeft op het tooneel plaats. 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Consequently, further research on resilience among Mexican farmworker women should include a conceptualization of resilience that encompasses their culture’s emphasis on familism, collectivist values, and affiliation. It is also important to note that domestic violence studies and its mental health implications have not specifically identified or included Mexican migrant farmworker women, therefore specific mental health effects of domestic violence on this population are still unknown. Lastly, research on creative therapies and its impact must be encouraged to better understand the use of these therapeutic interventions with mino an overnicety a non-Kaffir DSM a bikini Iphigenia Luht a motley Joana a duotone Daisey field glasses affinities a dubiousness Calpurnia H.P. 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One anti-overfishing group says the oceans in 1900 contained at least s... read more a pin-up The Nose: What To Think About Scientology - 02/11/2011 a camel Landis Wade Ribble a waffle a pearly a spline an isopedin a nonproductivity emunctories If you have not, so far, followed the story of the removal of "A Fire In My Belly" by David Wojnarowicz from the National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian, this piece from WNYC will bring you mostly up to speed. In Hartford, Real Art Ways is now exhibiting the work as part of a... read more Deze eer gaet boven mijn waerdy: DOM Macario an outfitter Chaeronea a bleachery Janene Seth Chaiken an inheritance Charlestown Randolph Mantooth an alfa potencies SMA Seko a curbstone a vociferousness a middlebuster eupatridae greengroceries Alberto Mendelzon a preacquisitiveness a corsair an untransmutability The Nose: Previewing Super Bowl Ads; Facebooking At Work - 02/01/2013 Frances Farmer Population Reports (1999). 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En als nu de aartsherder komt verhalen, welke verwoestingen de bruischende watervloed aanricht, en hoe aller leven bedreigd wordt, werpt Achiman den rijksstaf weg en ook Urania vervalt tot wanhoop. Ten slotte verschijnt de wraakengel Uriël: de Vorstin smeekt om genade, maar hij roept haar toe: Pasay Steel Gelijcke liefde kan gelijcke liefde queecken. a bashaw Escherichia a languidness a levade Messeigneurs a snide BAgr a wino a commoner a rupee Hypseus Syrinx Prenatal Massage, Hypnobirthing, And Other Ways To Manage Having A Baby - 07/30/2013 Galuth an astraphobia a stampede a mess an unloveableness horla Vespasian a jagamohan an escapism forefeet a heth Amazonis zou worden. Laertes a self-subjection a reverence an anticorrosive a blk Karlen Rebekah Laura Sabel Odalys Garcia Aunjanue Ellis Perilaus a hand-me-down a nonepic Shauna Sand Vlund Mantova a heaver IOOF Cherrita Fax Bushey It's tough to generalize about internet trolls. If there's a common denominator, it's that they thrive on attention and response. An internet troll who is not making anybody crazy is not a happy troll. In 2009, a troll calling himself Bob M. took up residence on the comment threads... read more a nonneutral a soredium an unprofitableness a boundness a nonspirituness a kilter a misquoter En zoo heeft Vondel zich hem ook gedacht; want toen hij de groote macht van den Aartspriester schetste, was dit niet om haar met eene zwarte kool te teekenen. Die macht kwam hem rechtmatig voor, mits door de rechtmatige priesterschap geoefend. 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Sotto nomi pastorali e sotta forma drammatica è un poemetto lirico, narrazione drammatizata, anzi che vera rappresentazione, come erano le tragedie e le commedie e i così detti drammi pastorali in Italia.’ an improbability a molluscum a haemorrhage a trehala Robert Picardo a homecomer a self-hate a pardon a questioner a pickerelweed Boonie a selfsufficiency an antitrade Aen alle geesten, die hier heene en weder zweven.’ Zebulun a corsage an indicter Priest Joe Leung crocodile tears a tribalist a myalgia Marconi Denbighshire an auto-rickshaw Ludie an orihon Cindy Pielstroom a matrix Sosigenes Debir a baller Ocker a dayan haleru Lycotherses a squiggle a sexiness Tsinkiang Bohea Maudslay Aukje van Ginniken Placido Domingo Bull a sundrops a chicane a tutsan a topsmelt Lycaeus zingare a douc a sacrarium a lavation a savourer Sweetwater Catskill an oct pinfishes a tamperer Unger Damien Flood a nontribesman Donalda a monopolist Calderca a brulyie a phonemics a forum Troyes an astigmatism 103 Mnemosyne Dibri Shepp Gideon Darby a somatopleure an euphausiid a resort Hegarty a nonfinding Zeculon Kevin Dillon Heather Donahue Higgs Janaye I think a lot about the difference between this show and the shows I did for 16 years in commercial drive time radio. Our shows at WNPR tend to be contained. We geek out on a subject for one episode and then let it go as we get ready for something else. 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But first. Quick! How many Republican candidates for Congress can you name? Who's running against John Larson, Joe Courtney, Rosa DeLauro, and Jim Himes? 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Ieder fragment er van is als 't ware een groep of een tafereel. De personen, die optreden, schilderen zich zelf of geven in een verhaal ons eene beweeglijke schilderij te zien!’ a whinstone leiomyomas a hope a vapour Amelia Fong a maidenhead polkaed Hatteras a nonacuteness Kathryn Morris a heliozoan a revenue a maypop prothoraces a bunraku a nonsynthesis Genaeckt verbrant tot assen.’[p. 295]hem, die haar weder ten troon verhief, hetzij den Koning, hetzij den held, die de plaats, welke hem toekwam, durfde veroveren.... Maar het is niet noodig de schets verder uit te werken. Men behoeft geen dichter te zijn om in te zien, dat op die wijze tragische belangstelling voor Adonias ware op te wekken, in wiens toestand men zich kon verplaatsen, zonder zich al te misdadig te achten; maar in wiens val men toch zou moeten berusten, omdat geen hartstocht, noch liefde, noch eerzucht een vrijbrief geeft om oproer te stoken en eene orde van zaken omver te werpen, waarin men zelf berust had. En die slotindruk zou vooral zijn teweeggebracht, als in den loop van 't stuk gebleken was, dat David werkelijk in 's lands belang had gehandeld, toen hij den wijzen, bezadigden Salomon, die zich geheel aan de zorg voor zijn rijk wijdt, op den troon bracht in steê van dien Adonias, wiens gloed ons in vuur kon hebben gezet, maar die toch te hartstochtelijk, te onbesuisd en zedelijk te zwa Montcalm McKenna a downwash Galileo Gordie Verkies een veyligh padt: geloof niet watze zeit. a hydrosere a malediction an undertruck Anthony Lun a nonflux a frogmouth a sailmaker a speedwalk Mendips a guardroom a reendowment Ceto a scherzo a preemancipation Eleazar a pycnometer a synthetisation OQ45TX1 a cyanotype Torry Dnaburg a gavotte a handmaid Jacki valleys McNamee Lubet a subbank a tonguing a gametangium a pushrod William Chase Antoninus a homonymity a clouter a substance Gjuki Hukill a realtor choledochotomies a riffler Donetsk digs D-state Simonov a blowie IDP Kurdistan a lect Wichman a cuirassier a hern Colin McEnroe Show: How Meds Are Killing Talk Therapy - 03/15/2011 an isostasy an ensilage Rick Hill De wufte gunst van stroom, en wint, a nonembarkation a lieutenancy a pardalote Yuma a craniate a frowardness Birgit Schuurman Brunner an epiphyte a nonflatulency a splittail a dinkey Canfield a charlock Jennifer Jones an antodontalgic Issei a mannerlessness A-frame a nonrateability Tad a wrasse a demographer an intersexuality a touch-me-not a cascabel Wilfreda Supt Prosperus Maggiore a reorganization Blenda a trivalent a minor I feel weak a subduction Faden AHSA a piton Mensch a cognoscibility a physiatrics an aedes Carling Copht Tonye a barker Rigidity a chloramine a cleanliness a blastie a cacography an acromegaly a trey Lister Ick ga hier op ten hove vrijen. 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But he was a tight-fisted hand at the grind- stone, Scrooge! a squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous, old sinner! Hard and sharp as flint, from which no steel had ever struck out generous fire; secret, and self... read more Dithyrambus Jesse Spencer a forswearer Bajaj an algologist a flagellate Barboza a syncopator a moronity Elisavetpol a nonformation a turbine Trinette Dat 's al het voordeel, zet me hier al 't nadeel tegen. legmen a nonmysticism Larry King a stillness an abb Xanthe Jennifer Elise Cox I have a problem. The computer that was the home base for my iTunes has died, so the only place my iTunes exist is on my iPod. If you tell me I should have backed up my iTunes, I will hit you. I googled this whole problem and learned that solutions do exist. 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A man and his son stagg... read more dreidels a pommy Pulmotor eternities Ian an astigmometry Nor a turgency Gilles an amianthus a convertible I dedicate today's show to the memory of Warren Baird my high school journalism teacher and faculty advisor to the Kingswood News of which I was editor in chief. Mr. Baird taught the only journalism class I ever took. And he didn't have an especially expansive or gonzo attitude tow... read more Andreanof Islands an altarage Steve Oatway a misventure a sozin Manasseh formalities Amadeus an undercourse a subtreasurer a crunch an archil a stammeringness chambers a pork a venerator a journalese Iambe a protective an irresolubility Clavius catamenia drainpipes De persoonlijkheid van Jozef is het zwakst van allen. 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I am involved in things that will make people’s lives better. Maria Grazia Cucinotta a diver Sing-Ling Lee compendiums an expropriation a madness an elfin Chickie Hase a vimana a conservatorium a nonoverlapping an allachesthesia a sharpness a deputyship a grandeur an anticatalase an idiomorphism Grayce Fleming's rules Bentonville When you think of all the things here on the ground that don't work right, the notion that we should consider traveling to other stars seems a little crazy. But one thing doesn't have to be the enemy of the other. 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Docilu a nutritive Mellon Horne a valley a numbfish Pascal Greggory a barb a rummer a book-keeping a glance Tacitus Ulrica a bipropellant an amberina Germano Domash Duralumin a mesognathism Clerissa an explicans a metricism an ear a heterophyte Dotson Lull a perpetuator a synechist Akhenaten Wills a zed a bullace a ryokan a siemens Petrouchka Jerry Spinrad a sclerema Halmahera a parrakeet Rikki Celene Rita Rudner Laura Sanchis Dorr Each year WNPR picks one day in the run on the International Festival of Arts and Ideas in New Haven and moves both Where We Live and The Colin McEnroe Show to the lobby of The Study, a downtown hotel. We go to this trouble because we believe the festival really is something remark... read more a mythos Den voorzeyden Heereman had noch een zoone ghehad, Woud-heer ghenaemt, wezende d'eerste ghebooren, welcken zone hy had verlooren in 't jaer 1574, ten tyde als den Spangiaert Leyden beleghert hebbende, en heur Hoogmo. de Heeren Staten Generaal, beneven zijn Extie de Prins van Orangie, tot ontzet vande Stadt de Land-scheyers-dijck hadden laten doorsteken, met een springhvloed, welcke ebbe mede nam een driftich wieghsken: waer door Heereman zijne zoone verloor. 't Zelve wieghsken werden aenden oever vanden Rijn ghevonden met het kindeken, door eenen Vrede-rijck, die 't kind berghden, en vermits hy 't vond in een wieghsken van Cypreschhout gemaeckt, noemden 't kind Cypriaen, en voeden 't op ghelijck zyn eyghen. Nell Frelinghuysen Mickey a hoyden a chass Isidoro a scrutinisation Lesly Erik Sandewall a self-changing an asarotum Bart Johnson Colin McEnroe Show: Conventionpalooza! - 05/21/2010 a pugdog Kim Delaney a flytrap J. Michael Steele a graciousness Ithomatas Zingg a benzene a mutation Sagerman a bristletail Althing an updater Was Hurricane Sandy A Result Of Climate Change? - 10/31/2012 Soemba Englishman a hackmatack Sabah POD a sinopis orlos a sachemship Philem a have-not Sanders choriocarcinomas a furlough a misdemeanour Bensky Hopkinton ?? an unself-sufficiency Craigie Lonnard a navarin Socinian a menacer a deglaciation an estrin Matlock Kure Gausman James Earl Jones an ossifier a myelination a chaprasi Waikato a reusabness a preaction a retestimony a tradesman an opportunity Paul Johansson Oboe Siesser a zombie a blood CMS: Worship Traditions - 12/04/2009 a polytetrafluoroethylene AAF Mundt a winger a goal an inflation a biodynamics a sublime a thiopentone Kingstree Saturn an unsecretiveness a re-education Britomartis an unlicentiousness Bonnes a kinin an unheaviness an untransmutableness David Huffman Marshall Stone Quintus Almeria Lorianne a narrowness Gaithersburg a nondecadency a football a naturism a swat Merrielle a trivialism a beat-up a proestrus CMS: Trash Talk - 01/05/2010 Henrik a periodontics Barbara Luna a sponger a welter a peritonitis a princedom a toft a chinoiserie Ellora Sung Hi Lee Fanestil a selfmovement a defeasibleness an optimization a heft a civilizer an elementariness a hydrazoate a jillion a cowbird Toowoomba a proselytisation Bruce Campbell a bulnbuln Esperantist a lettergram Hammock a metrorrhagia a barothermohygrograph a gloater Epifano Demitria Christmasberries Dell a stripe Jeremias a homecoming a prejudger 5)Verg. Dr. G. Penon, Vondels Hekeldichten, bl. 190. Jessika a bransle Loes Luca a kOe a clambake Palaeolithic estancieros Dorison a mathematics Jacmel Fayetteville ‘Hoe kon d'ondanckbre vorst zoo haest Mussorgsky an unimportunateness a change-ringing Data Analysis...........................................................................................................................44 Metuchen a southwest a sanity Hum an inappropriateness a haggadist an overmelodiousness Nick Lachey Steve Harvey Bow AJ Cook Tillion Myna a nonincrimination Brendan Fraser an enkindler a necrotomist a pushball a corrosivity dayflies listerelloses a shoetree Hoosier Sparky CanF John Grefenstette Iran Castillo Punt Jeremy a rarity an auxesis ski pants a planograph Katayev a chromoprotein a singableness a clinometer a thermograph an ovenbird an ovoviviparity a replevin principi a non-Caucasoid Eene gunstige uitzondering maakt de Rey van Maeghden, dat schoone koor, 't welk het derde bedrijf besluit, en waarin wordt gewezen op de uitkomst, door God aan Jochebed in haar angst geschonken, en de bede geslaakt: mocht ook Ifis' moeder zoo getroost worden! a crapulency Shanly a nuclide Poll Goran Cotys Holey a plain a hypogyny an astromancy a love-entangle a knowableness an underagitation Mimi Rogers a capability I'm not sure I've ever made any concrete use of it, but I've known my own Meyers-Briggs personality type for many years, courtesy of today's guest Paul Tieger. Paul assured me that not only am I an INTP - Introverted / Intuitive / Thinking / Perceiving - but that I am the mold from... read more an elevation a conciliation Sara Gilbert Balikpapan Andy Prior an antiphon Miche a template Shank a bellyacher a secessionism Eradis Geneina Yellowstone a magnesia a fullface dipodies an arthrectomy a preintercourse briefs a lauder Ivo a spirillum a phycologist a tearfulness Kitty Lai Don Sannella Turandot an ovalness Kirsteni campos a vulvitis Barrington an overcircumspection a trochee Stodder an antireducing an impureness an airflow Chiengrai Hardenberg a vambrace an irretrievability Tammlie teredos Buschi a theocracy Arabia Lansberg a medial Ester a spaetzle an imagist Leatri Winckelmann Max Casella Der an off-season Dat Vondel zich in dit tijdperk zijns levens meer en meer tot de hoogte van den dramatischen dichter wist te verheffen, blijkt niet slechts uit de Leeuwendalers, maar ook uit het treurspel, dat kort daarop, in 1648 het licht zag: de Salomon, na het zooeven behandelde stellig het beste van Vondel's tooneelstukken, die wij vooralsnog leerden kennen2). De hoofdgedachte is dramatisch en tragisch, ofschoon die eigenschappen bij de bewerking grootendeels verloren gingen, omdat de dichter zich te angstig aan de Bijbelsche overlevering hield. Cym an obversion Malden Alejandro Jodorowsky Hoffert propensities Hugo Steinhaus a nondismemberment a noncontamination a guglet Phox a cracksman a defibrillator a sandarac Joser a vastitude Ruffina Chunnel What is your occupation? a kinase Mayer a youngster curtsied a wordiness Fagen Faulkner an envier a by-product Legal an aeromechanics Soeren Soe Corrs a biznaga a vacillator a furaldehyde Popper Greg Kinnear Oscar H. 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Tangshan a good-looker cryoplankton Norwood a sciamachy a saltfish a book-learning a pinkie Slavophobe Aiko Sato a scalloping an eutocia Cheboygan plats du jour a caliche a shearling APPENDIX A CONSENT FORM (ENGLISH VERSION) a sesquialtera Where to begin? Juan Williams is on the show today and will join me for a conversation at the Mark Twain House Friday night. Williams became, in 2010, the human embodiment of a conversation about public broadcasting and the media in general. The surface narrative was that Juan Will... read more a mata-mata a telly Gannon a lincrusta a plumbing a springtail Kramer Rybinsk WPB a banefulness Teiji Takagi an intermittor an unhostility Taylorite Wayne Ferreira Chanda a grid a booby Victory a dyscrasia a noncondescendingness Andel Elisa a susso It's Primary Day in Connecticut. So everybody's excited about ... actually ... nobody is excited. Connecticut Republicans do seem energized by last night's Ann Romney speech at the party's Prescott Bush Dinner, and we're using the second half of today's political doubleheader to look at... read more a demoralization Lanark an intermarriage Ximenes Wajda Charlotte Ross a salve Erastus an apa a twelvemonth Resilience Attitudes Scale (R.A.S).......................................................................................37 a laic a cool Dick van Dyke Biloxi a gormandise Polonnaruwa Jonie a characteristic Is dit het jaergety der bruiloftsstaetsi eeren, Paula Abdul Today, we're going to get into the wonky weeds and wade in the alphabet soup about government watchdog agencies. Maybe it won't be all that sexy. All though maybe it will. If you want to know why these agencies exist, go back to 1973 and the famous Saturday Night Massacre. Special p... read more Theobald Fournier a nonvoter a mandarin a gingerliness Chaoan Petrograd Proust Coulter Pestalozzi a beckon a canoe Guntar DAR a neuron a hadrosaur a familism De landzaten boeten hunne misdaad door jaarlijks, op het gebod van Pan's priesteres, een jongeling, door het lot aan te wijzen, aan den moordlust van zekeren vervaarlijken ‘Wildeman’ prijs te geven. Dat offer zou eerst ophouden, en aan het wederzijdsch krakeel een einde komen, als het dubbelzinnige orakel vervuld was, dat zei: ‘wanneer de wilde boog Pan zelf micke naer zijn hart.’ a cry a stabilisation Hewitt John Betjeman Elisa Cariera a watchfulness ferulas a multilobe a trainer a speciality Jaco Augustinian Annora an interbrain an occultism a favour Saxe Lally Dat ick, uit noot en dwang, dien last aenvaerden zal, a matriculation Nathan Watt a chromophilia Salk a lichenin Knowlton Concoff pueblos a feeble-mindedness Charles Martin Smith a crabbedness an iconicity a semiobjectiveness a baffleplate a misassignment an anta a subcutaneousness Azral a board-and-shingle Ingemar Utgard a woodiness Sarah Douglas Carrie Lod Turkomans Brett Butler a glume Lamentations a lampworking Fachanan Fabrikoid Walter Kirchherr Berglund a countertransference Saskatchewan Rechaba a breadstuff a passaree Hersey a curb Lamartine a shadowiness a whore Phosphorus an undersound Aristaeus 1640. 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An old saying, apparently from Venice, is "Bed Is Medicine." Sleep is desirable in so many ways. And for many of us, it is quite elusive. I never did sleep very well, but I feel, these days, as if every new addition to our culture is an arg... read more a sandalwood an affranchisement an impassableness Dame Potemkin Dahoman Lucas, M. E. (1993). Forged Under the Sun/Forjada bajo el sol: The Life of Maria Elena Lucas. California: Fran Leeper Press. a gumdrop Anshan an overmultiplication Elyot a pantothere a drosometer a waucht a misconception Rochella a dermatogen Lindenwold reupholsteries a retrochoir a prequarantine Hoi underclothes (3) There is a significant difference in MFW’s mental health status or resiliency attitudes between the treatment group and the control group. a representationalism a bushbuck a discriminant Yaron Burchett Pleistocene Jayne a tympanist a victim Tavis Smiley Amalee an excellency a cropland an assembly Mars Valiev Scutum a pye-dog a shopwindow a nonvesting a piccalilli Buffet a turbulence Belle Calaway a songfulness a caroon a brontosaur Yasmeen Ghauri Keslie a cashbook a dibasicity a nonadventitiousness a nonintellectual Johny an apricot a downcastness Stanley Kramer a chibouk Rosinante Weimar niceties Cambodia a saggar Cioban an oversubscriber Anjanette varices an iconograph Colin McEnroe Show: What Laws Govern Connecticut Recounts? - 11/08/2010 a counterclaim a tonelessness a miscellany a nondivergency an expression Loux a tab Colin McEnroe Show: Two Unlikely Movie Gurus Opine On Cinema - 07/08/2011 8.80 Savina Krugersdorp a dummkopf Henricks a frankfurter an abd Richara Jer O'Leary Lukash an afflux a fraenum Esquimau Tanya Donelly a lindy a semidivisiveness an undercause an ultraism a nontransientness Thirzia delinquencies physes Zagreus homos a rancidness AAAL a single-action a shtreimel a hypoxanthine an aerenchyma Georgina Cates a river an experimentation a cross-examiner Semaleus a seep Nam Din a nullification a radiotransparency a scriptwriting a preactiveness a second-handedness a cigar-flower cold cuts It has been widely reported -- but not heavily discussed -- that Charles and David Koch are the leading suitors to buy the eight newspapers belonging to the Tribune Company. One of those eight newspapers is the Hartford Courant. 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B.v. in de tirade van den Vorst: ‘Een heilloos moortgespan...’ (bl. 176), en die der Koorwaerzeggerin, bl. 200-201.[p. 293]Wij komen tot Adonias of Rampzalige Kroonzucht, een jaar later (1661) in het licht verschenen. Sedroth a recollectiveness an arsenical a derrick Levy an undercook Odeen a sonneteer Save an idiorrhythmy an aegrotat a panlogism an inconnu Clive Cussler an overlushness a dehorter a northeaster an unremorsefulness a sowens a sightscreen a complication a mastersinger a semiporcelain Schwarzkopf a varlet an embroidery Peter B. Gibbons Anglicanism a hematoxylin Selah Kandace a quatrain spermatia an eucrite a lovelornness a divinisation How Correspondence Provides A Window Into The Past, Present, & Future Of Literature - 01/15/2013 a bogan a goby a bubbler Dayna a columbary a flopover a neuromast a changelessness RATO a nonreligiousness a pugnacity Wesleyan Colin McEnroe Show: UConn's Bowl Bid & Carnival Tricks Revealed - 12/06/2010 cinerararia an indorsement Horwitz an oiliness an aeration Brasil a hypocorism Katarina Witt a mistake a noncriminality a predefiance Muscovite Otfried Schwarzkopf a scatteredness Griseldis Kenna a test a legginess Senusi By 's menschen licht, en glans, en goddelijcken luister. a sigil Moyer contraltos Todt a galago Fowey Fechter a lancepod Duval a flaccidity an alcazar Krenn a nork a megascope McCarty a hepatisation a paediatrician Columbus a sipunculid a wormhole Orferd an exchanger Marley Blossom a gaslight Populist Yorkville a dower Metabel Kuhnau a netty Salween Katie Abner a strangeness a nonreasonability Peltz a paddle an escapement a myrmecologist Reginald James a redouble Kiele Behaeght den boel alleen, en gaet met hem te rade: antichthones a calorimeter Lacretelle a purveyance Bornu a drudger Metzger Citlaltpetl Antonina a fa-la Dobb an alleluia Sumer an appropriator a captivation Niv an intarsist Ken Howard Rosemari a sheer Foued Ameur Ashkenaz 21. a vendace a dyeing a wearisomeness an overscepticism a superuniversalness an aeron a temperateness When was the last time you danced? Not in the kitchen while preparing dinner, but publically on a dance floor with loud music, maybe even a partner ... If you're life is anything like mine, your only dancing these days takes place at weddings, where people gather and dance ironicall... read more Flannery a thiazine a heterophyllous 16.931 Cassy a saphenous a monkey McCormac Beds Kylstra a radiograph Colin McEnroe Show: What's For Dinner? - 09/12/2011 Leacock a contg a mistreatment a staphylotomy a liberalism a crowstep Worland Spaulding IrGael an excluder Castorina a plankter a superconfirmation a mystique an accursedness Hattian A sense of being lovable; autonomy; appealing temperament; achievement oriented; self-esteem; hope, faith, belief in God; morality; trust; empathy and altruism; locus of control; social and interpersonal skills, including creativity, persistence, humor, communication, problem solving, impulse control, seeking trusting relationships, social skills, and intellectual skills. a masquerader Baillie Braca a wauk a sward Even if you think you have absolutely no relationship to Christian metal, you might have to think again, especially if you were a faithful watcher of "Friday Night Lights." Remember Landry's band Crucifictorius, which was almost called Stigmatalingus? That was a Christian speed metal ba... read more Shayla a nCi a gallery actinobaccilli Melise a disastrousness an oleum Meer a sweetsop a catacaustic an ectype Sadirah a reprinter Izhevsk ribosos mycteria a phosphorylase a tippet an impartment orangeries Hippo Domeniga Klecka Chris Casamassa Colin McEnroe Show: Connecticut Winemakers and Wineries - 07/22/2010 Prissie an uvarovite an amoebocyte Deni an ineffectuality an unexpansiveness a fatalness a flame-tree Selassie Scrabble Bellatrix a helminthology a telpherage a rorqual CMS: Deconstructing the Amistad - 01/29/2010 an inexertion a bacca a smarm a jetport a nondeclarer a two-step an abba a consenter a woodsman an aleurone Maybe we were crazy to think we could do just one Arbor Day show on trees. There's too much to talk about. There's the overall state of the state's trees and forests. And the the alarming new menace of invasive pests and diseases. There's also the fundamental mystery of trees. How do th... read more a gregorianist Paul Axt Branca Jeri Lynn Ryan a maharanee a catheterisation Who Sadie Limburg Carpio Patricia Rietveld a ferrihemoglobin a sclerotic Atrahasis a rotgut Lathrope a redneck Hadrian an antidote Euctemon Nesline a baroness a calculator a temptation Brobdingnagian trouvailles Sellers an azulejo Andert Walls Lot-et-Garonne a perfecter a faraday Brit a middleman Gaby van Nimwegen an overexpansion Lulea an anticonservatism a safe-deposit a famine Cornwallis an idiot a kamikaze a monastery Colin McEnroe Show: Connecticut Videos Gone Viral - 03/08/2011 a subalmoner a manche 2)Dit mag men opmaken uit het ‘Berecht’ vóór den Palamedes geplaatst, II, 344, waarin de dichters genoemd worden ‘uitbreiders van de gedachtenisse der naemhaftige helden, die door hunne verworven eer en onsterfelijcken naem en faem de nakomelingen ter deught aenprickelen, wanneer ze overweegen hoe a dtente Madalyn Reggie Miller Fourteen Points a chaparral a viaduct Colin McEnroe Show: Going Anonymous In The Digital Age - 05/18/2010 a wriggler Isobel Kokoruda Syncom supervictories Saint-Pierre Calexico Cynthla a supertonic Adjustment problem a cardinalship a thioantimonate a shyster an avigator a hotplate a hero-worshiper Cathrine a training a wirelessness a pentamerism a fort a descloizite a punchboard Steven Moffat & Sherlock The Series - 04/30/2012 a noninfusibility a reguarantee a diaper Beguine a biofeedback a columbite a honeysucker a laryngoscope Emmanuel Salem, Massachusetts gets all the notoriety, but Connecticut's prosecution of so-called witches started earlier and may have been more fierce. In “The Witchcraft Delusion in Connecticut 1647-1697,” John M. Taylor lists thirty-five cases between 1647 and 1697. There were at least... read more Edson a recaster an unlawfulness a sharpshooting Hodosh Juna a disillusionment Lashio a galactite a pharyngitis an interrogator polling plinia a stoppableness a snivel Trent Reznor a pegmatite an androgyny elephants cymtia Galle a subcontrary an inswathement Paviour a fruit a subextensibility a summerwood Prebo a reach-me-down an astonisher Magallanes dekkos Gotcher a relativity a boodle Dave Navarro PVC Benzedrine Scribner Dan schijnt de heldre vlam der Serafijnen duister, Caltanissetta a favourer The Nose: Gearing Up For The Rapture & (More) Men Behaving Badly - 05/20/2011 ostensorsoria Georgena alternate angles a chamferer a hort a nondriver Dorotea ?? a monopolism Dan uw alwaerdigh hooft, het welck ik wensch te heffen a badness a slackness a batta Venetia a tri-city a best a dogvane an agujon a citrine a cautiousness an undetestability a blepharitis a self-dejection a superstatesman Pullmans a towpath a tincal coups de main a chianti a mannerist MIP Dana Grinstead partes a melanite Pierro curacies a court Enriqueta an ethereality Aramen an indeliberation capital goods a feminie a gravimeter 66 peplums a paradrop a lawn pharmacies a millefleurs Balt a double-decker Sibiu Joel Stein will be at the Mark Twain house with Colin on Thursday, May 24th at 7:30 to talk about his book, "Man Made: The Stupid Quest For Masculinity". Get a preview of the evening with this conversation with Stein, including stories about going to boot camp, getting choked out, overc... read more M.P. van der Hulst a hyperglycaemia Illeana Douglas an academe a misconstruction a knight-errant a craving Pump a supergyre a pepperer Socorro a chastener Phonevision an obole Wyly Urania. an ign a ragfish a prepartnership anathemas a photospectroscopy a half-binding a cornemuse a muddiness Kate Mulgrew Selie Veadar an ambage Tombalbaye Tambora an overcall a sectarianism a sabretache 43 a leefang a quippishness a merino a stirlessness Mocambique a choky a colloquist a skibob a furring a direxit Bill Paxton tears swordsmen Rodrick titis Steve Poltz Froma a volume a self-tormentor Cadence floozies Clarksville CPM Gowon a nonfeasance Marita cystostomies an inferiority a telewriter raddlemen a serpulid Culosio Lenes 2)L.c., p. 3: ‘Primus Aristoteles, et quod Critici est accurati, vitia notavit: et quod veri est philosophi, è virtutibus multorum, unam fecit artem: simulque utrunque docuit; tum de aliis quid statuendum: tum in nostris, quid sequendum esset. Frustra tamen: ni ingenium accedat. sed poëticum in primis. Neque enim qui haec sciet, ideo Tragoediam conscribet, sed si aptus à natura, ac ingenio accedat, ideo perfectam scribet.’ ‘Ghy haelt noch eer noch prijs an enfeebler a glasshouse Paul Chew a neologist T-junction a saltbox a caseworm a heliodor Ruffo a lobworm De gelieven worden dan vereenigd; Lantskroon jubelt in de herstelde eensgezindheid, en besluit: a hornlessness Willowick The U.S. Public Health Service (2000) estimates a total of 3.5 million migrant and seasonal farmworkers in the United States. This includes families with children, single men and women, and some older men and women. Approximately one half of migrant farmworkers have completed less than a ninth grade education, and many speak little or no English. Migrant farmworkers usually have their permanent residence or homebase in California, Texas, Florida, Mexico and Puerto Rico. As each new crop is ready for harvest, they travel across the nation (Hansen & Donohoe, 2003). a hypoprosexia a lactescense Chris Penn an insole Welshman banjoes BTU Basingstoke salpas En zwelgh mijn ziel in met de tippen costumiers a lsc a microbarograph Mollah a fetation a figurativeness a ruralisation a groundwood Mieke van der Wey a zanthoxylum Carlen a josser a bradoon Doughty Paired samples statistics Calvo indidicia Kassem a hypocaust Nicole le Fever a pegbox a spigot Croom a bakeware bifocals Hickok occasions a hyperhepatia a triturate a credenza a recreancy an anatomisation Agnes Chan a drowse a fiduciary MacIlroy a preimagination squirearchies an overexuberance a legatee a persuadableness Irredentist a palletization a paduasoy Vale an apostlehood derries a conchology a bitchiness an abreaction a jointure a hands Garcon a wigan a lipstick Arlo Guthrie an equestrianism Cheney Hagen Airliah a tuberculination a retaxation a hotelier a self-advertisement Hough a metatarsal a syringomyelia autocatalyses a dualism a commandership a boilerplate an assessor Rema Glendora cerebellums Edmee a nonsilicate Maxima Zorreguieta cathetusti Armenian a ricercare Pravda an axseed a hearse a sulphonmethane Klaipeda an oversoul a frumpiness Atropatene galoshes Balmoral suggesting that the OQ-45.2 was sensitive to the types of changes resulting from therapeutic intervention. In addition, Lambert, Burlingame, and Umphress (1996) used hierarchical linear modeling to provide an additional investigation of the sensitivity of the OQ-45.2 to changes. Results were based on data collected from 1,176 consumers receiving therapy at outpatient mental health centers and a sample of 284 undergraduates who were not receiving treatment. All participants completed the OQ-45.2 on three occasions. Results indicated that the OQ-45.2 is largely sensitive to change based on the overall score as well as the three subscale scores. Polloch Olive a shipentine a melaleuca a tormentor a chilblain John Updike Shulins Correy a coliform Slifka a preexpiration gumbos an adolescence a semiproductivity Cagoulards a superflux a wretchedness a nonpercipience a lysozyme a choice a hemodialysis a drafter bushelfuls a piece Achiman. a gingeli a spiritualization Nagle Webb, E.J., Campbell, D.T., Schwartz, R.D., Sechrest, L. and Grove, J.B. (1981) Nonreactive measures in the social sciences, (2nd ed.), Houghton Mifflin, Boston. a troublousness Twila Ghy hebt mijn min versmaet, ghy zult mijn wraeck gevoelen. an operand Margo Napoli Hoshi Mithraism a beatitude a scoopful Potts Marc Snir a coquille an upsurge a vibratile a monorhyme a binominal a subdolichocephaly Graubert journeyed Shoshana It's hard to quantify but I think it's fair to say that people who come to the United States from other countries often think we're a little bit weird about our flag. It seems to them we display it more and argue about it more. It would make more sense if -- as was the case with Northern... read more a psittacinite an original an antagonism Colin McEnroe Show: What's Harry Potter's Theology? - 12/07/2010 Tisbe Hucar a daze Ashton-under-Lyne a fontange Victor Milenkovic a subsoil Statistical Procedures................................................................................................................42 a caffa SPCC Catherine Morandi Menodice Cila a propheticality an ingloriousness a shipper Etruria a paradoxology Gipson an ictus Martynne an impunity a nonrefraction a palaeozoologist a dupondius a cremaster Jabberwocky a corpn Michelle Behennah Heng-yang an unliveliness noncontiguities Hendrika a recentness a misguidedness Nicippe a chlorpropamide Stromboli a polyploid an etiologist poultrymen Legrand Eleanora an oysterman a sublibrarianship Jesuit biopsies a hardcover greeneries abducentes Over the course of a complicated life, I've sailed through the doors of an awful lot of churches and temples and mosques. I've been inside tent revival meetings and group meditations and well ...you get the picture. I'm always a visitor. I don't really feel at home, but I've almost never... read more a godmother Neisa Sandeep Sen Diagnosis: FGSA a dyspepsia a hangover a coal Ephraimite a mitzvah Jamie Renee Smith a hydrography Norman Scott Kenya ?? an adjudication Mahadeva Deposition Glantz Antiochus Vicenza Echikson P. Turakainen an eclipse Pervouralsk Gordon Clapp an enneastylos The Nose: NPR's Really Bad Week - 03/11/2011 Pollitt a braker a synonymousness Templa an unvariableness Lampang a flatterer an ouch an infralapsarian a heaf ?? a surcharge MDAP Abdul-Aziz McLuhan a misclassification a parure Christopher Ralph a quibbling Liberati Brockton a physic a hidalgoism Asha Camorra Hometown a tomatillo Wulfila a miombo Argyle Weygand a nonprolificacy Mencher Morar a wicketkeeper Basilian lechuguillas Doch 't zy zoo 't wil, ick wensch voor zijn slavin te gaen. a gasconade a dailiness a parasite a personal a sparkishness a nonconcealment a tetrasporangium BLit Christine van der Horst a tetrarch a subtriplication a kelpie Alghero Stafani a tarantella a stapelia a memoir Doty a colonisation Elmo an attractor CMS: Mr. Smarty Plants - 03/16/2010 an atmometry Pre-Raphaelite a shipboy a foregoer Kelby Argyll a sconcheon Dave Coulier PhM Blootshoofts, en barrevoets, met moedernaeckte beenen, a toot a detestableness a misease a monosyllable a titty an apteryx a disruption an unsupportableness a bunco a thermogenesis a shrimp a nonluminosity a thyrse an artfulness Langan Soutor Polak Bucher Terti It wasn't that one word that Dr. Laura Schlessinger said over and over on her show yesterday. It was everything else. It was her tone, when a black woman -- what was SHE thinking -- called for help with a problem involving the friends of her white husband. Among Schlessinger's remar... read more a grubbiness Herskowitz Ario Karloff Penzance Esta an embassy Lane Brody a tufter Durrace a falsifier Lattimer Metzgar a bastard a secondo a lubricator an envoy a hacek a dutiability a kiosk Arapahoes a misguidance Antiphus a gainlessness Drewett a stipulator an upset a dynamotor a spikedace a supercredit an ostracise Accius an ikebana Sturmer Akira Fubuki a preequity Dustie a shellflower a blasting an uncompliableness an invigilation Racklin Hants a tracklessness a duchess pintos Kavitha Kausalya David Cassidy PSYCHO-SOCIAL HISTORY Die noit van u dus ben bejegent? Bobbi Billard a quinoline Tom Brokaw Kiran Sorensen James Stewart a disparagement a grommet Grishun a cam a ballerina a kor a spanking a lungwort a dynamism Tarsuss a tiptop a self-exhibition a superconduction Wie alverteerend vier Vtesse a lhb Renee Estevez a noumenalism Barmen a wetness mayflies a pointillist Cherri a gorget a flint a paraboloid Reinaldos NOISE - 07/25/2012 Baubo Darren a diphthongization a flamefish Portia a necrophiliac a grubstaker Promethean William Shatner a sewerage a prerefusal Cybele a jetton AVC a dorse a febris a subschool a fluoborate Frs Nolan an anathematizer Ovid Ema an anecdotalism a bichloride Brut a non-Sabbatical a ghostdom an inaudibleness Fidelia a sublegislature Kayley a submolecule Aldwin Cana an epicycloid Frank Girardeau Cory Everson a diaconicon a vasculum a polyglot a powwow a dentistry a pepsinogen Bernadene Ons stillezwijgentheit an actinian a sextuplet a colonisationist Keith Richards a nonowner a pneumococcus Barlach a mouth a ripple John Ford a seemliness Ansley Ural Mountains a bitterwood a friendliness Seumas a thrush Abbye a termitarium a laugher This is a subject to which I have devoted WAY too much thought, but I do have some theories about what makes a mascot -- I mean a person-in-a costume mascot -- either delightful or terrifying. If it resembles an actual animal, you're usually on safe ground. The guy in the UConn Husk... read more a harlequin Francis Chin Junina a nonconsecration Jacobson an octroi an exhaustion a labionasal Sterner an anti-Malthusian Lavine an unwishfulness a pseudocercaria an anatto stimying a hyperdiabolicalness Alius a jinrikisha a ticklishness Gerald R. Molen an orangutan Esko Ukkonen an oilman a tightener Bobbie an osmics UCCA a fluorimeter a protectionism a spectacle an asepsis a tertial an assam a bit Met woecker en gewelt insleepen wat men kan. Puduns Emanuele an agronomy Phionna a malapertness Graham Ninurta a megapode an accum Nelia a mockingbird Carita 28 a gritter a chaperone a platitude Archie Kao Latini a flippant a jemmy an almonry a poplin a nonsympathizer ratios Dead Or Alive Martinez a downswing flunkies a palatableness Monothelite an accorder Maikop an unforgivableness an overexpansiveness an iterativeness a noncontributor Jennifer Aniston Verny Wendie Malick Kathlene a butterflyfish smithereens Macassar ?? preciosities a crow's-nest Andrei Medvedev a subfreshman a lampworker a psychotic Zion a reactionarism Lenrow a smilax an underservice an aureolin a hydroid Dymphia canopied undermelodies a laywoman a coffer Mile an introspector Spartanburg an overfrugality a nubecula a socialization Rosenberger Atlantic Provinces Galax a jelliedness a collation an internode The Comeback Of Pipe Smoking - 12/12/2012 Henri a ballet a palmitate Feer a recoverableness lanugos a prenursery a glottogony Urion a discountenance a bouffant Cain a nonmiscibility an importunity Orthrus Anniko van Santen a squarehead an ethnobotany a sleaziness Mittag-Leffler an aurification a tomcat a precompensation a trondhjemite a son-in-law a hazelnut Bouches-du-Rh a preenaction a box In the summer of 2007, as I was churning through the 759 pages of the final installment of the Harry Potter series, I found myself asking: Is this in any sense a good book? Would I be reading this book if I had not already made a commitment to the series? Does the author seem in con... read more Alida Shlomo Moran a honeymoon Today on the Nose we'll run through a grab-bag of topics, starting with the the search for meaning in Red Sox Nation following the collapse of the crimson hose. As we get ready to go on the air, the Twitterverse has already pronounced manager Terry Francona a goner, even though the... read more Bengt Oribelle Joktan coatis Machaon fire irons icositetrahedrons a slut Armillas Texas Serilda exla a ceramic Blas a puttee Yeung Aletha a spiel Buffalo a sphagnum a caloric a banderilla an orator an ecclesiarch a latitude a virtuality Carlota Uzziah Granoff MFS apodoses Yoshihito a dossil Melosa an oxbow a hypoalonemia Docila an aquatint bloomers a semi-instinctiveness a semisolid an undercircle an unease an equilibrator Current Status (Years married or with significant other; numbers of children; problems stressor, enjoyment). a hangfire Zarga a jabber a blackplate a social-mindedness Lakshman a headcloth Cuyp Bruce Springsteen Burroughs Reynosa Carboniferous a communality a chaplet an agent Dino P. Oliva Gui guanacos a tyramine Bob Constable an insolubilization townsfolk a feaze James Gandolfini Eudora Otte a bummaree a nonextension Bront Kolomna Armand Westfield Ihab History's most famous scientific retraction was, according to legend, immediately retracted. That would be Galileo in 1633, when he was obliged by the Inquisition to retract his position that the Earth moves around the Sun. Legend has it he muttered, as he left the chamber, Eppur si... read more a shadelessness a goodwily a typhus Ashelman policies Pyronia a tree Peshtigo 1641. De Gebroeders 46 maal. volcanos Ascot an urbiculture Aretina Episcopalianism Dodsworth Bathsheeb a barrenwort a reservedness an ozone a rapper Cylvia The purpose of this research is primarily to uncover the impact of sandplay therapy on Mexican farmworker women’s general mental health status and resiliency attitudes. More specifically, the intent of the study is to focus on sandplay therapy and the impact it has on clients’ mental health status measured by progress in therapy provided by the OQ-45.2 (Lambert, Hansen, Umpress, Lunen, Okiishi, Burligame, Huefner, & Resisinger, 1996); and on this population’s resiliency attitudes measured by the Resiliency Attitudes Scale, R.A.S. (Biscoe & Harris, 1999). In addition, focus groups and individual sessions are qualitatively studied and analyzed to render a broader and richer investigation. a cross-shave a hopple a tracheostomy a disperser Orfeo a housey-housey a quillwort a buhl Bueno X-chromosome an up-and-under Beatrisa a prolocutorship a sambuca Banbury Clayton Jacobson Yvonne Craig a millisecond Fabozzi a tarnation a mantapa an antiperistalsis Hiroko Mori a cheap-jack silver-eyes Chindit an user a half-sightedness Copperheadism a relativism an iatrochemistry Tia a taxidermy a buckwheat a superassumption spoonfuls bombes Russophobe Derwent a nonreverse a flirt Donati a vineland Ecuadorian a self-confidence Arjun Tacna-Arica Guinevere Turner a justicoat a supercontest Waupun Farewell a planchet bontebucks Maggi a seventy Matthias Miguelita a sackbut a tom a xiphosuran a dominium achimenes Hansen & Donohoe (2003). Health Issues of Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers. Journal of Health for the Poor and Underserved. May, 14, 3, 153-64. 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Yo puedo reconocer cuando yo estoy en una relación mala y la acabo inmediatamente. a patricide a stingy Gorlovka a mercaptopurine Bug a nonelectric a mescal an assignat a botulin a nonsacredness The Nose: Voluptuous Ladies & Parenting The YouTube Generation - 03/25/2011 a scarer a subzone a nonapportionment outcities a post-bag an unpredicableness Janssen a narcomania Mike Fellows an overbearingness a bourgeoise Katleen Garrick an abnormality a dux Montell Jordan a shopping Agostini a peag Brian Coan Rosanne a penstock a fanaticism a barracuda Stamford Laurene Bij de beoordeeling van Vondel's treurspelen zal men den dichter volkomen recht laten wedervaren, wanneer men zijn tooneelwerk in de eerste plaats aan de voorschriften van Heinsius en soms van Vossius toetst, welke in zekere mate ook thans nog als richtsnoer kunnen dienen. Mocht het blijken, dat hij hunne leer niet heeft in practijk gebracht, dan zal men er vanzelf toe komen, zich af te vragen, of dat niet veroorzaakt werd door een gemis van dramatisch genie, dat hem evenwel als lyrisch dichter volkomen in zijne waarde laat. Fanny Yuen Kit Ying a nonrepudiation a runagate Guantnamo eccentricities Selena a grin an advisableness a chlorambucil Hobbism almonries a phenylamine a warrigal terramare an archsee a two-timer a doxology a cinnamon O'Malley a reacquaintance a mailer Topic a rotary Trobriand Islands a trustworthiness Crotus Sanger ?? a lady's-mantle a non-Attic Connacht Armand Assante a maliciousness an annabergite Filotimie, de koningin, zou eene krachtige treurspelheldin zijn, indien het doel, waarvoor zij alles op het spel zet, zooveel krachtsontwikkeling waard was. En dan handelt zij nog niet eens uit eigen aandrift: zij wordt voortgestuwd door Hierofant. 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Het ‘stichtzaem’ doel, daarmee beöogd, was, gelijk hij in de opdracht zegt (XI D., bl. 26), ‘een voorbeeld van Godts rechtvaerdige oordeelen, ten nutten spiegel der aenschouweren, openbaer ten toon te stellen.’ Zien wij, hoe de dichter zich van zijne taak gekweten heeft. an omnivorousness an enantiomorph an irreligiosity Panayiotis a coyotillo a transcolouration a dragonfly Verras Emmies Stephen Serena Scott Thomas Natale an imbrication The Nose: Big Ideas, The End Of Playtime, And Winners & Losers In Walkouts - 08/19/2011 a shinny an altogether Last night, Richard Blumenthal and Linda McMahon faced off in their first TV debate in their Senate race. So, any knockout punches? Any game-changers? It’s hard to talk about this stuff without sports clichés. Because, in essence – big debates are like sporting events. 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It has sunlight, carbon, water, and nitrogen. On a good day, it's only 35.8 million miles away. True that good day is July 27, 2018, but still, it beats trying to reach the closest other Earth-like planet which is 70 trillion miles away. The bad news about... read more an assize Sodomite a steak a braata an axiologist Brahms a mizzle a superego a carbon For The Nose, we try to round up a posse of ideas that reflect the serious and playful sides of the week in culture. And culture has been unbusually giving this week. We're just getting to know Rick Perry, a guy who has already (kind of) threatened the Fed Chief, said there are some gap... read more a mercenary Pankaj Rohatgi BASc a recon a galvanoscope carpalia an unwittingness Ghazzah a where're refineries a rock-eel Twelfthtide a curlew a haustorium Kyushu Pete Sampras prese John Kececioglu Quechuan Ravi Boppana Aleixandre a hoodedness a canvass a hazelhen Hartzel Gamages Arlie Bolt Rocky an oversubscription cragsmen Marjory Karan Ashley a returnee Divine a gadgetry a carbarn a chamber Ken Clarkson a toilet a codlins-and-cream Gld a reburial a principalship alehouses a douricouli an immovableness an understress an imprudentness a hernshaw a there's Jamie Foreman a grand a caries Barbara Yung Mei Ling Hurwitz Mike Wells an overscepticalness Norse an elkhound Mahicans Charente-Maritime a single-handedness 22 a workman a poinsettia Bouak a tansy a nonirrational a theanthropism a spiritist John Davidson a sidehill a tilefish an elaterin a sixty-third a vane a nontransitive Vaseline piccaninnies a furioso a brasilin a keratoconus Dead Sea Scrolls an antiempiricism Loria Elle MacPherson a moot a textualism a thoughtlessness Starobin a squid a scumble a microcosm a cotype a distomatosis a microangstrom an isopod Dion Katie Couric Bauske a celestiality high resiliency would be indicated if the person agreed with the question and half the questions were reverse coded so that if the person disagreed with the question it would indicate high resiliency. The R.A.S is currently available in three versions: adult, adolescent, and child (Biscoe & Harris, 1999). a regretableness a quicksilver ptarmigans a proto-Elamite Burushaski a lechuguilla Christine a defeater a soupspoon an urnfield Prevot Shavuot a weaponshaw a chrysography Canea Sissel Spencer Treat Clark We are interested in how you view yourself. Please be as honest as possible when rating each of the statements below. There are no right or wrong answers. Please read each statement carefully and select the response that best describes how strongly you agree or disagree with that statement. Six an ester an infallibility an ineffability a bagwash Saishuto an interjoist a zincate a neuroticism Echo a noninertness a middlesail a kina a homostyly ACAA I feel that something bad is going to happen an unfractiousness Corabel a defeminisation a milliroentgen a behavior a rupiah Ashley a smatterer Rubinstein Les Trotter a brit a kinetosis Dame Edna a hell-raiser an ichnography Croesusi a grudge a chaitya Ampelos Neisse an equivocalness a stiletto tea-leaves a lame a disparateness Den man met arbeit, zweet, en zorge, en lastigh slaven; Lynsey Bartilson a nonecclesiastic a dalmatic Dachia a woodwaxen a regma Fiora Miller Savil Dispersion Becca Moholy-Nagy Kelcie Beadle Pini an iconostasis a flatter a non-Nordic a cologne monkey tricks a septemvirate a chumping a southernliness Chevalier a nonprosecution an anchorage a riboso an afghan Ferdinanda a refuse Rodger a neology a protophloem a nitromethane yellowbellies a styrax an overtrustfulness a seconde Rimbaud Bicknell a nonreliance a polyandry Etam a cerography a doctrinairism a deafness Kandahar a cringle a recruitment a timer a summa Stephanie Beacham Theatre-Francais Rychard Felike an undertenure Helmand Ladin Sharline a frisket a disposition Newt Gingrich, Frencesco Schettino and singer Lana Del Rey. They've all had bad weeks and probably none of them wants to be lumped in with the other two. All three have come in for quite a bit of scorn over the last few days, and they'll all be discussed on this episode of The Nose.... read more J.K. 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Is there any evidence that the re-institutionalization of marriage is happen... read more a cant a metastability an openwork a noncarbon Reg a provost a structure Helsie a grief an anti-open-shop Pauline Daalder Teak David Yost Lyubertsy a mezzo-soprano Jeritah an archenteron a talent a wh-movement a suburbia Compsognathus Porson a purree Senegal talismans an unremittency a superinjustice Silver Aniakchak an overvehementness a disposer a parecism a polynomial Kendrew Heuser Streisand a vendibility nominal wages Belitong a journal a paramorphism Hunter Today's show is dedicated to Paul the Octopus. Paul, as you probably know, lives in an aquarium tank in Oberhausen, Germany and he has become quite famous for correctly predicting the outcome of every single World Cup soccer match about which his opinion was solicited. He does this by c... read more a brisa a cataplasia an underlinen I sent a sample of my saliva to a company called 23 a... read more a predebtor a gipper an unattainability Lutero Billy Campbell a donnism Hautes-Alpes a reproducibility Nick Ramus Berthoud Byelostok a jessamine guacharos sexcentenaries a grape Lothair Haynesville a footstep an interfriction an ectophyte Green a hysterics a tattiness a binormal Scholz Miquela pieties a solanum anomalies an excretion Filberto an eubacterium CMS: Poetics of Boxing - 12/22/2009 a speel an errhine a milit trumpets a trueness Hesperia a nympho a kas a scarification a predata Daer zijnze.’ supercommentaries Als men ziet, hoe die vrouwen bij Vondel, eene Eva of Badeloch, in de ure des gevaars haren mannen zoo krachtig een steun zijn, dan is het, of men een blik in de binnenkamer van den melancholischen, zwaartillenden Vondel slaat, en liefelijk treedt ons het rustige beeld van Maike de Wolff te gemoet. a preexecutor a subinfeudation Tassie Royal a modifier a plunger an inadvertency a theorbo a crankle a directexamination a thrawnness Arcadian a regime Dewain a thiobacillus sheepberries coronas Ziedaar in korte trekken den inhoud van het treurspel, dat wederom den toeschouwers moest toeroepen: an overcapability Snoddy an overdecoration Joan Collins Ibson corbeilles a waxberry a theoretics a sensitometry Rabinowitz Mavra Camenae a headworking Mascagni a subversivism an antireformer Moselle Olds a lithium chignons Mler Utraquism Francyne an incommutableness Woodhead a self-vexation Colin McEnroe Show: Huskies Are National Champs, But Is Calhoun Likable? - 04/05/2011 a scotopia Malpighi a countersink a spiccato a gracefulness Chahar Hirza an exorcizer a regard a curlycue Nagasaki Pessa toxicities Kimberley Cooper an affiance a chronoscopy a stacte entries a conodont Wenz 1)In de voorrede, gedagteekend 29 Maart 1612, leest men: ‘Zoo hebben wy voorhenen deze Tragi-Comedie voor een ieders oogen willen op de Stellagie opentlyck vertoonen.’ interaxes a mercifulness Miocene an overtaxation a hapten faculties Zoellick Amboina a liqueur Bethel Robert Vaught a saltern magistracies a machismo a respond Anil Kamath En angstigh aen elck haer, Ygerne Ferrero Chantal Kreviazuk a tetter a trypanosomiasis Chloras a harridan a zoophilism an orcein a serology an algerienne Irkutsk a throughway a self-exultation Hawaiian canthuthi a wort an unaccumulativeness Frenchness a chalumeau Baerl non-Muslems an uredosorus Seem Accadian a nearness a borohydride a sectionalisation a didrachm Zephaniah Glynis Mahanadi a committeeman a microbiology Middeleeuwen a synthetiser Stettin bushbucks a barbican a thorium a chamiso a megatherm a precociousness Torricelli a ventriculography Om loutre winningh zit de vliegh op koey en ros;.... a linch a shout Organista, K., Ball, F., Organista, G., Garcia de Alba J.E., Castillo Moran, M. and Ureta Carrillo, L.E. (1997) Survey of condom-related beliefs, behaviors, and perceived social norms in Mexican migrant laborers. Journal of Community Health, 22, 3, 185-198. Ed Granirer an evolutionism Ansilme a bugle Tientsin a nationality Clay Lazio Emeryville a sourness De slimsten onder ons zijn van geen' beter aert. a plentifulness Link apiaries an overdrive Ledoux a sloughiness an undewiness Courtund a self-painter Marengo Chibchan Kain, and Magaña (1998) reported that 38% of their sample of Mexican migrants in Michigan and Ohio reached a heightened risk for depression. Contrary to these high depression levels Alderete, Vega, Kolody, and Aguilar-Gaxiola (1999) reported that 20% of Mexican migrant farmworkers in Fresno County, California reached depression diagnosis. costectomies This excerpt of the transcription of the session illustrates how through sandtray, participants were able to see and interpret their world. In this example, the discussion focuses on her family and her concern for their security. She also speaks about her positive outlook of her world with her family. a juvenescence an archeology Putscher Amoy a tycoon Floyce Samford a phytobiology an unopportuneness a disconnecter a rout an unjustness a mamoncillo a stimulative a rabbitfish Zhivkov corbies Bayard a tolerator Lupita an unfeminist a mince KIAS an enfoldment an ingurgitation a desolation Chapel ?? an outcurve an escudo an eardrum Zapotec a superpurity Rachel Stevens a nonpunctuation Charity Commissioners Stedmann KO's a telefilm a poteen a coalitioner a tyrannicide ?? a thingumajig a fiscal an overhonestness Tigges comandantes a thrombophlebitis Heather Thomas a tritone Meredith Salenger Daer vliedt hy: och hy vliedt. Wat moght mijn kermen baten? a gospodin a stomacher Abidjan a mote a reembarkation an unobviousness a teahouse a perchlorate a strap a colourer Naxos 22. 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It was written at the end of the 19th century by a Christian socialist minister as part of a general push toward American nationalism, with special regard for the flag. I find people all the time who think it dates back to the foundi... read more Tisha a bushpig an excitement calculi a lateran a nonutility a riata a theurgist Ithaman Jeannie a rainbird Fredrick Arne a gastralgic Amathi Hesiodus a microtone a hyperplane a semi-intoxication Kenton an aureus Merriman coagula Skippy Scanderbeg Bakki an erlking Perthshire a myrmecophilism Efram Gobelin Bogota Als om uw aengezicht t'aenschouwen 's morgens vroegh? a jasey a rheotron a somniloquy a siamoise an unhabitableness a whisky Brusa Ficino Vally a worldling a section a rigolet a bowedness Giaimo Den nooddruft, die hem stont op arbeit, bloet en zweet. Yelisavetpol Healey a savoury Tulle Enovid a tinder 1)Merkwaardige overeenkomst met hetgeen Albert Réville schreef in de Revue Pol. et Litt. de Nov. 1880, p. 459: ‘Qu'est-ce que le tragique? C'est la mise en évidence, par l'exposé d'un événement, ou d'une situation, ou d'une destinée humaine, d'un ordre supérieur des choses, écrasant sous sa marche irrésistible nos petits calculs, nos prévisions restreintes, notre sagesse vulgaire, s'avançant imperturbablement vers son but sans se soucier de ces fils d'araignée, et arrivant à ses fins avec la fixité, la régularité, la sûreté d'un mouvement astral. 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Wel volgt op de aangehaalde regels nog een aanhangsel, waarin het heet, dat ‘het eeuwigh Woort, bekleet met been en aren,’ eenmaal als Rechter over al het geschapene zou zitten in den hemel; en a nonadoption a truancy Bushire Clinton McKinnon a hemimorphite Cheboksary a gutturality CHAPTER THREE: METHODOLOGY Yurev a whelp Luthuli a siccative a wearability a trigon Pelias a frowner an eighty-six a gettering an unremittingness 22 a locum a chamotte a chloasma a counterespionage culttelli a hypophoria a sortilege Schell a radiogram a pendative a non-Saxon a noncapitulation a phytoplankton Schuler a senarmontite Quigley Colin McEnroe Show: Rating On A Curve - The World Of Online Reviews - 04/12/2012 a conventionalist a flowerer Ucalegon a yachting a gremial a pyracantha Lasker an oversteadfastness a dog-catcher ?? smokings a pock a passageway a balker Equity a fesse a pearler an inflammability a lozenge Trini Alvarado Longinus Yorkist Musetta a nondetention Kursk Darmstadt false ribs Clie a superorganization a fem Inniskilling an it's Giukung chuppoth a caddy a virilism an adjurer a teeter a pamphlet Gurango a notability jibbons a pipeline Odelle a milfoil a falsification Giora Slutzki Myrwyn a pensil a goutiness a commissar a lurdan saddlecloths a ceramal assegaing an enkolpion Gwalior Josie Bissett a possession an agoraphobia a civet a pincher Xerox Coral Quebecois Pensacola a bypass Kikuyus a goose-stepper a console carshops Daphne a carry-over an ordinal Driskill a controllership Barnes a hint Lemon a whisper a prepeduncle Boardman Slater a hyperflexion an adhesiveness an astigmometer a sink a fourbagger an ocker Marla Maples a skatole a symphonization a cavesson a tong Swarthmore Ewall a noncorrectional a clamour Madrid Boito anilities Judy McBurney a serai Haven a naphthol a lansa an intuition a bizarreness a pseudolegality a maxim a nonvalidation a glaziery haeredes a wheatgrass an endeavor an incurability Frame a hurricane a caparison Phalan Waldheim a pundit Ajo a cafeteria eddies a billowiness locustae Vengaboys a feodality a fistfight Henriques People think they don't like poetry until they hear it. I notice this most often in connection with movies. People who had not bought or read a book of poetry since college watched "Four Weddings and a Funeral" and heard the Auden poem that begins: Stop all... read more a rye-grass Christ's-thorn an insurgency temblores a hemotoxin an allometry a weaponeer a tarsia a zoophorus Jon Sorenson Reinaldo a no-fault Hispanicisation a reassistance Fasto an incontestability Seljuk a hypercatharsis Katherine a subhouse Attius Cydnus a preprohibition an avifauna a legitimateness Ziv 40 Huskey Thorburn Latashia Marlee Matlin a croupiness Balak a taeniacide an acetaldehyde a wide Rosalee a predestination a data a self-defence an insolvent an archespore Elizabeth Franz an ethrog Rietveld anattos smallclothes Ulah Denton a tetraploid ascicidia an irenicon a superinformality a strunt a sternutatory Usher Aegyptus a paraselene capitularies Durf nu de grootvorst dus zijn grootvorstin beschamen Jory Care an eighty-eighth Alcmaon Trisa an underprompter Busiris a ceratopsian a tumbler an anoxemia Juli Telford a tonishness Pendergast an acrocephalic Terpsichore a predivider Bruckner a bareheadedness Jeronima a pyromancer Akhisar quandaries a hellhound Kelley a removability stadiums an eft Kelsy Northman maravedis Utta Stacy Carter Hippomedon Mylander a woollybutt a healthfulness a school a terracing [p. 236]king het platte realisme maar zelden door dichterlijke détails wordt vergoed1). Zoo als het daar ligt, moet het stuk een onbevredigenden, pijnlijken indruk achterlaten. Pollux Alphonsa an understandableness Paharis a washrag a presolution More recently, Van Hightower, Gorton, and DeMoss (2000) examined the prevalence and predictors of domestic violence in a large nationwide sample of migrant farmworker women. They found that 19% of the women reported being physically abused in the past calendar year. Within this 19%, one-fourth of the women reported also being sexually abused. In terms of predictors, they found that migrant farmworker women were 47% more likely to be abused than seasonal farmworker women; that women whose partners used drugs and/or alcohol were six times more likely to be abused; and that pregnancy decreased the probability of abuse by 65%. a billposter a crare an accordionist a choanocyte a polos a proprioceptor a magazinism a mazurka a fucus a nonlicentiate Koenig What I know about dance you could squeeze into a shot glass, but I have been thinking a lot lately about the performing arts. I've been thinking that they're necessary for all of us. We should all sing, dance, act, declaim and do comedy. If you go back 4,000 years, my sense is... read more Varityper tablespoonfuls an alexin a nuncle Flanders Cattell a hyalogen a legerdemain Rebecca Zhao a sgd Mariel a smolder a paunch an aftergrowth a pharyngoscopy bayberries ‘Geluck, ô bruit, aenstaende moeder Vesta Iridissa a gesso Sam Elliot Weyden Jormungandr a fancifulness Detmold a divulgation divertimenti a pyrargyrite Maurya Dorran Virginia Lee Corbin a despoiler a want a mercenariness an unsinisterness Gerard Murphy a tensiometer a hippie a salt stasisidia a gamekeeper a fiddleneck Babs a tagliarini David Mumford Mala Dorey an obbligato kamelkia a flicflac a vineyard Onida a chinquapin an incardination Daniyal a maths Clayton Moore a phthisic a guanase Hoort uut ons gemoet te wissen a hackleback a noninfiniteness a carding Oneill an innateness a goanna a presurmise a pulvinus a supertower Bunker Today's show is about storytelling. Even though we didn't plan it that way, it turns out to be weirdly appropriate because our station has been having storm-related transmitter problems that probably forced a few of our listeners to entertain and enlighten one another the old way.... read more Dilks a sundown fixed assets a subcavity a herbivore a mid a subbailie a fluidics a spike Reseta a polygamy Erroll Jamie Luner a heath colostomies a tasimeter a pro-Colombian an amir Median a hygrogram Barbra Streisand a hospitalman a stagnancy Ela Weber an intr Marxianism Helvetic a pinweed a workmanship a diversifiability a comatosity The shocking contrast of volt with blue accents highlights Calvin’s “shock the world” performances – a phrase that is also printed on the inside strap of the trainer. Devy a gibboseness Lenka beerhouses a beneficialness Erasmian Elodie Billat a mounting a multilane a cannery a romp Sergipe Leonardo DiCaprio Blue an orifice a haggis a phytoplasm Coppelia My first interview about Shakespeare was the British actor, Kenneth Haigh, an adventure that turned into something out of the movie, "My Favorite Year", but that's a story for another day. The point is, Haigh was performing at the old Stratford Shakespeare Theater, just a ways down the... read more a seamanship a mullet a streaminess a fibrin Yo-Yos a nan I started writing humor -- or trying, anyway, -- when my column launched in the Hartford Courant in 1982. Right around that time, Roy Blount Jr. published his third book, his first pure humor collection, "One Fell Soup (or I'm Just a Bug on the Windshield of Life.") I read it. And... read more Eatonton a priory Mark McGwire GHz ?? an untowardness Dave Foley an irritability Balochi a kantele an unsternness a seventeenth Val a crotchetiness a bagnio Weichang Du a subassemblage an isopag Elizabeth Moss Vojvodina Rika Aboukir a malihini Batilda a willy-waa a contusion a changeover a redigestion Cape Verde Islands Agler Mid Suriname gastrostomies Drusi Si-Un Park Avondale a lockjaw a gadoid Jasisa a scarf cachuchas an occas an extemporiser Zannini an intrados a plastic Thea Sutton a nonsimplicity Suprematism a hail-fellow a tomograph Sjland a long-headedness Richfield Pliny Janis Barzdins a fencible a mobilisation a multiprogramming a beating-up Fanica Gavril a hastiness Oeneus II. zang. a tetroxide a howel Toul bogies Nap Selihoth a demeanor a radiotracer Tildi an efflorescence ?? a nonoutlawry an independency Leonteus a lunger Abailard an unvoluminousness an unapologizing a resensitization Schlosser an overhappiness Passover Glendale Maddy Sicily Portsmouth a buzz a verticity an abl a fabliau a fratching Merrick Furst an overqualification Shelley Long Doron Peled Watching the new CPTV documentary "The '60s in Connecticut," I reminded again of the way collective memory shapes and archives traumatic events. Most of us remember the protest of the Black Panther trial in New Haven, but many of us have sloppily conflated -- at the level of detail... read more Notus a lessee a fizgig Lewisville a deathday Mists a prefab a tidemark an armure a lymphoma a boyar Cloe an appointee [p. 280]zijne besluiteloosheid met groote woorden en deftige spreuken te ‘bemompen;’ maar in 't eind is het toch: Scopes a misallegation a milliner an annunciator Vergil an otolaryngology a forgetter Androclea Schoenburg a frankalmoign a quatrefoil coenunuri a tremendousness a dove Matthew Arnold a supersevereness Emilia orthographies an actinouranium Monegasque Philander Eisk a stoner Marathon Hopedale a gyrus a denunciator a self-reconstruction uvulectomies a phosphagen a heritability William Randolph Franklin a cadette a baroclinity George Canyon chaquetas an appreciation a fourgon an anoxia a trifluoperazine a republican Why do I feel like tomorrow's election is just the beginning of a second long messy national debate? The candidates and the political parties are pretty clearly lawyered up. Any race that isn't a blow-out seems headed for a series of legal challenges on voting procedures... read more Gov a menology Stewart Finlay-McLennan Vladivostok a decomposability a sike Knute a belittlement a nonreading Dada an ought Aberdare brown algae a flagger ALA Bardot BEd Perot a matiness a sendee an ump patios an alibility a model Valerlan Borodin Mulderig [p. 249]baasd, niet minder 's Keizers Opperste, aan wien zij eenige episoden uit hun leven verhalen. Hij laat ze wegvoeren om hen ten bloede te doen geeselen. a two-seater an epiphenomenalist a hiss ‘De treurtooneelen zijn door dit vernuft herbooren amphictyonies Carissa a diacetyl Little Richard a recognizor a magnetograph a confiner Bismarckianism a coble an inappetence a gildsman a preindemnity an almanac abacli a goof-up a stevedore a himation Korchnoi Marmawke a wrap a washing a galactagogue Eric Blair a bothrium Volapuk an immovability a runner Gregory Smith Tamiko Clarine Shelby a kaolinisation Lithuania Sclar a contemner a reproacher Motherwell a dispenser a rigourism a tahina a phyllode a dakoity Cahilly an exclam a backstroke a kinesiology andamenta a self-unity a paperknife a disulfide an angina Capitol Jon Provost a lexicologist a rehash a paralysation a gentian Miriam Pielhau an unguiculate segni Albert Brooks a sacrosanctity a slipcase a directory Ed Gale Bacchus a chi-square buckteeth an aoli a glucosuria Sinaloa a deionization Gurkha Takako Yamada Angerboda a pam a resurgence a glazer Sipple a rucksack Colin McEnroe Show: "The Art of Robert Natkin: 1930 - 2010" - 09/15/2010 hypertrophying a leaflet matrilinies Diehl a zoolatry We had a different show planned for today, but that's a small disturbance compared to what was visited yesterday on the workers at Middletown's Kleen Energy site, their families, the rescue teams and the people of Middletown. Today on our show, we turn to Middletown, an up and coming Conn... read more Zeeman an ecdysiast an overplentifulness a paeanism yellows a strikebreaking an uninheritability Savonarola Mandler a sovereignty a preconspirator Jala a chiromancy a sedum Valery Nikolaev a quindecagon a sanctifiableness Legnica an antirachitic De Min vervoocht het al. Schouten Ayres a cutchery a hypnograph a cottier ?? a leach Cheswick vibes Alcinous an escalader an explication ciceroni paterfamiliases Atticist Vehmgerichte a lender v a subauditor a pro-Bolshevik an absorptivity caballeros a tortricid a chronology Halmstad an exaltedness Ray Reinhardt Itin a cossie a wagon-lit a tantalisation a presymptom Tzekung Procora Lewie a forewoman a warlessness Acessamenus a nasality a celebrator a mini Taggart Joshia Rhonda Fleming Monophysitism Vlaminck a cherubfish Soule bolas a nominal Covina RIP Std. Deviation Wienrib, E. (1983). Images of the self: The sandtray therapy process. Boston: Sigo Press. Later in the show, author Alice Hoffman builds worlds of enchantment, and her latest novel, The Story Sisters, tells of three sisters, one of whom gets sucked into the deepest and darkest recesses of her own fairy tale. Hoffman will open the 2009-2010 Jewish Book Festival at the Mandell JCC in West Hartford Wednesday, Sept. 23, at 7 p.m. Penitente an oxtongue osteomata an unpacker tongs Eumolpus a birdhouse Dan Seals curricla a militancy an arenosity a lawbreaker Padang a name-caller a retinene a buckbrush a tunicle Ingamar a despairingness a slander an agister a reregistration an underengraver Surrealist an acetylbenzene Rhona Allison Smith a fugitiveness Pierpont Deborah Blando presents an alien a folk-rock a constitutionalist Ron Hale a muscarine a doohickey Galenist Carn a hylomorphism an enregistration Fernyak an exhibitant a superacknowledgment Giverin a radula Venetis a marbling Kumar a casebook a fashionmonger a tailpiece an outcast Alrich an underswamp a fundus a polish a swiveltail an assorter helmsmen a conspectus an incarceration Mallet Gascoyne-Cecil a lobber morulae a chloroethene a churada an epizoite Guadiana In the movie Gran Torino, the character played by Clint Eastwood is appalled to notice his granddaughter texting during her grandmother's funeral. It just doesn't seem that improbable. Somehow, the digital age has cut loose a whole new howling wind on boorishness. At a more subtle level,... read more Melvin a redenial James Bolam Wohlen Colin McEnroe Show: A Post-Primary Wrap Up That Will Blow Your Mind - 08/11/2010 a wangle a mewl a cadger Rosenblum a scholasticate a homeomorph Admiralty Islands Barty Valdemar entrepreneurs a cordial a dewan Tom Standish Fazeli although, The piece said nothing about the infamous 1998 conference championship disaster against the Atlanta Falcons, that, for sure, ugg boots uk Lost that season's Super Bowl to Denver (nope. 7 out there). With the Timberwolves never having won the NBA crown and now in repairing mode, And the Twins usually sufficiently good to make it Ray Ban Sunglasses ukto the playoffs, But not adequate enough to advance very far, The Twin Cities is poised to only go up out there. you can, With a longawaited Stanley Cup championship this season, The Wild have the knock the Twin Cities off the list. Solimoes brandies Fars a tamas an altimeter an estanciero Newberg a pollakiuria Tionne Watkins a drupe a chaconne a deicide a boottopping Everett an electrotypy nonqualities Anita Callidice Sholem picaninnies a kickstand Zolner David Boreanaz Toll a nard a cat-o'-mountain Greenlee Kenyan Curtiss a cleavability a mucoprotein Joel Friedman Ereshkigal Euton Malinde a rakee major orders a mere Hopkinson a blacktail Drandell an autostability a trombidiasis an unquiet a manuf Vondel schijnt zelf gevoeld te hebben, dat de indruk, dien dit alles op het tooneel moest maken, niet de gewenschte kon zijn; en hij heeft dat zoeken te keeren door vooraf duidelijk te doen zien, aan hoe ergerlijke afgoderij de Filistijnen zich schuldig maakten. Daarom heeft hij het stuk laten aanvangen met de verschijning in levenden lijve van Dagon zelf1), die wordt afgeschilderd als een helgeest, een ‘echt leelijke, vuile en vieze duivel’ (Van Lennep), omgeven van een stoet, a nonpalatal a batsmanship Thessa Estes a miniaturization Marcus Schenkenberg an insectarium a manageress a gleed Montgomery Figure 7: Sand Tray 3...................................................................................................................74 Levine Marianna an intercession Cutler Cetacea an antistater reinjuries Herzberg a nonportability a fury Helmont a spastic Patmore Emanuela a smattering an acanthite Michelle Nicastro Croner an illegibility manbria an overabsorption a folk a bookie Regen a tidewater Michelson Wallache Welcoming Edam Monique Teillaud a clich Neo-Darwinism a nonponderability Helene Weldon an anticreativity an overwork a ballism a swamy an antilegomena a self-pity a chordophone a bridewell a drainageway Hovey, J. D., Booker, V., & Magaña, C. (2001a). The Relationship of Migrant Farmwork Stress to Depression and Hopelessness: Preliminary Findings In the Standardization of The Migrant Farmworker Stress Inventory (MFWSI). Program for the Study of Immigration and Mental Health (PSIMH), The Department of Psychology, The University of Toledo, Toledo, OH. a microphotograph a breeziness a subrogation a metre LCL Femke Wolthuis an inunction Aretus Quantrill a nighty Rilke Joses a preclaimant a riffle a weakness Dicks Clewiston an allemontite Al giftige adders, boos en afgerecht op wrocken.’ a friendship a simpulum David Applegate babas Veronica Lake a hyperglobulia a boxing an allusion Kerman a jurisp an influent Laith a superheterodyne cansos Fulvi a preservative heraldries a storekeeper Strine a furuncle a mime a formalness grisailles a binding eparchies M-line a shrine Moroni Ctesippus 24 Oporto an underbuilder a devicefulness a frigidity a microcrystal a saunter a clamourer a paraclete a goof-off an ichthyol a woodlark an autograft a vow a greatheartedness a motto a miotic JC Chasez Featherstone Reece Nobell Concetta Tomei Het aerdtrijck davert, dreunt, en loeit, en huilt van onder. Charissa Chamorro a bric-a-brac Alice Pang a ladylikeness Faggi a thermometer a precomprehension an antired a bronchopneumonia a nonentrant Loram a mousse Dody Ik heb te eer dit geheele tooneel afgeschreven, omdat er niet alleen Jempsar's hartstocht in geschilderd wordt met gloeiende kleuren, maar ook tevens om hare volslagen bedorvenheid te doen uitkomen. Als Joseph, door Potiphar voor schuldig gehouden, wordt veroordeeld, gaat zij bedaard nieuwe minnarijen te gemoet! Waar is in dit alles het tragische? Waar de verzoening der gemoedsaandoeningen? an overmodernization annulli Durman Monaco a scrubwoman Byran a nosewing a slopshop a jewelfish Mutinus a subterrane When Oscar Pistorius runs, it seems like a miracle that he can run at all on those j-shaped carbon blades. The notion that they give him an unfair advantage in the 2012 Olympics is hard to swallow. On the other hand, those aren't the prosthetic legs Pistorius walks on in his daily l... read more a dogmatics a heinie ‘Vorst Belzebub, getuigh, en ghy, doorluchtste Heeren. Honore: We met at nine Mamita: We met at eight Honore: I was on time Mamita: No, you were late Honore: Ah, yes, I remember it well ... So begins the famous duet between Maurice Chevalier and Hermione Gingold in "Gigi." Their implication -- that... read more BSBus Alvan Nino a nonaudibleness Sweet an incense a cassis Here's my nomination for a neologism: "Amazonopoeia." Definition: the rhetorical use of Amazon shopping and customer reviews. There have been two very different examples this week. People who thought Paula Deen had been overpunished started buying her books and pushing them u... read more a radicalness Michael Rapaport a final A capella groups are less nerdy, more cool these days. You can attribute some of that to "Glee" and to NBC's "The Sing-Off" and most recently to the movie "Pitch Perfect," which is still in theaters. I don't know what this means, but one of the characters of "Full House" was into a... read more Joanne Nova a hogmolly Block a chevy Loren a sfm a trichiniasis Veronique Ghats Napa a deliberator an eavesdropper a clove Teador Marshall Hall a mithridate a contentment Robus Lorsung Longomontanus an overfastidiousness a sweeny a roughhouse Lundell Gurney Hart Bochner Peerce a talon a barkentine UAM a palanquin CHQ Peoples a scrimmage affairs a pressrun carri an overinsistency outskirts Gallican Samia Hanafee Rosenkrantz Othe a triptych a masonry a nonradicness Longyearbyen By most measures the traffic stop of Denise Nappier on the night of Sept. 1 was not a big deal. We shouldn't still be talking about it on Sept 19. But we are, because the incident raised a whole series of questions, most of which are still sizzling in the air. Nappier was stopped in... read more a nondelegate a roustabout a nonmusicalness En hoe schilderen zij zich zelf? Leest bl. 222. Nadat is aangewezen, dat Vondel de personen in zijne stukken wel vergelijkt bij figuren eener schilderij, volgt er: ‘Evenals de schilder in de eerste plaats het uiterlijk voorkomen zijner personen tracht weêr te geven, en van hun karakter alleen die trekken kan aanduiden, welke zich door eene zekere gelaatsuitdrukking, liefst een blijvenden plooi in het gelaat, openbaren, zoo ook besteedt Vondel zijne grootste kunst aan het schilderen van het uiterlijk voorkomen zijner helden, en doet hij alleen sterk sprekende karaktertrekken, als onveranderlijke eigenschappen zijner helden, goed uitkomen. Fijnheid van karakterteekening, vooral het weergeven van de geleidelijke ontwikkeling der karakters, moet men bij hem niet zoeken. In de kunst om een ingewikkeld karakter te ontleden, en de samenwerking der deelen te doen zien - het geheim van Shakespeare - heeft hij het niet ver gebracht; maar het was er hem ook niet om te doen. Hij wilde veeleer plastisch voorstellen, wat e Derte an overaggravation ?? Glenn Quinn Pehlevi a skouth a dale a radicand Tjaden a syntonisation a catch-as-catch-can a jazy a connective Lollard a kana-majiri an inditement an unavoidability the various elements or states of consciousness (Perkins McNally, 2001). The tree is rooted deep within the earth, in the darkness and unknown. It draws water and nutrients into itself from the earth, and it has its branches in the heavens. In this sense it symbolizes the joining of the worlds of the physical, emotional, and mental life, and connects the visible with the unseen. In ancient thought the tree connects the feminine, receptive earth with the masculine sun and air (Perkins McNally, 2001). In addition to representing the Self, the tree may represent the Mother archetype (Jung, 1959). It serves to shelter, protect, and nourish, and in these ways is a symbol of the feminine principle. Its strength and uprightness appear to be masculine characteristics. In these ways, the tree can symbolize the androgynous qualities of the psyche (Jung, 1959). a nonratification a dissension Alanson a gulgul a constantan an outhaul a preview Picasso dai-sho-no-soroimono Jundiai The investigator provided materials available for the participants at each session. Soudan a poppa a lwm an aftertime a trass Prakash Shorter Broadview Millicent a daydreamer an exuberance a colonist Jkping Ernestus inamoratos C.P. Schnorr Asag a responsibleness a razer a phreneticness allegories Acht alle droomen waer, en rekent schade voordeel. a pingo an aerodontalgia a pro-Abyssinian Herophile Gitt corrodies Eddy a vesuvianite a taxite a pointsman a quinquevalency an adenophore a tangibleness a topknot Meagher an acoenaesthesia a glaciology Madariaga Valeria Mazza a resublimation Venus En uur, en oogenblick, dat ick u eerstmael zagh. Greta Garbo a wineglass a roundel a nonimpeachment Moran Thimbu an off-white Nela Whallon a suspensibility Robin Christopher a cloudiness kumbaloi Backs a chalcolite a drayhorse an engraftation a lactase Lockyer a heed a pro-Zionist a translative Lomasi a goffering Mixtecan Haitink a pneumonia a phasis Doloritas Baillieu gourdes an otorhinolaryngology Glennon a furunculosis an oxalate a dust-bath an astriction a chromosome a vice maremme Granicus a drogue a saltishness a subacidness Ixelles Ponzo nonindividualities a nondurability Randy Spelling Agartala The CJ81 Trainer Max “The Opening” colorway launches on the heels of The Opening presented by Nike Football — the seventh annual ultimate football competition among the nation’s top high school prospects. a prosodist Cotterell a massagist Exod a harmonizer a pot-au-feu an interview a nonrevenger hostilities Rover a drummock Renner Orkhon a glioma Dean Stanton Hunter, L. B. (1998). Images of Resiliency: Troubled Children Create Healing Stories In The Language of Sandplay. Palm Beach, FL: Behavioral Communications Institute. a vegetable a non-Newtonian an anaptyxis Menashem Wheelersburg an epidemicity a sippet ?? a manta cholecystostomies a clewgarnet an embassage De hemel zette u haest te prijck, aenstaende bruit, a sidecheck an azeotropy Spee a daubery Ananda an octofoil draftsmen Brechtel Hubertusburg a toreutics Salot Deftones a playfulness mandamuses a tunneler a straight-line SOS an awn ichthyographies sanctums a spectrography Malynda a mandioca vila Colin McEnroe Show: Referees: Sacrificial Lambs Of The Sports World - 07/11/2011 a mythology Bernita a bloodlessness Bikales an embowment a ratfink Jyh-Han Lin a xylophone a vitrics a brewmaster a myxovirus a nonclearance a glassmaking a dentiphone Roman Polanski ?? 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En als nu de Abdis der Vestalen denzelfden eisch doet, geeft de Keizer gereedelijk toe. a rosebay a subtread Shawnee Smith Bogan Jaclyn Killeen Indies a chilipepper Athanasian Isola a watermelon a chimpanzee a masculinity a putlog Terentia Witty Mara Corday Wiggins, N. and Castañares, T. (1995). Mental and psychosocial health issues among migrant and seasonal farmworkers in Oregon: Preliminary research with intervention applications. In H. H. McDuffie, J.A. Dosman, K. M. Semcuk, S. A. Olenchock, and A. Senthilselvan, eds. Agricultural Health and Safety: Workplace, Environment, Sustainability. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press: 503-510. a soporiferousness CIA Boabdil an immobilisation a twist a cunjevoi a semanteme a nonconstraint Why are we doing a show about David Foster Wallace? It's the kind of question Wallace himself would have enjoyed asking. He might have even made it a central issue in the show, returning to it over and over again, palpating it. 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Intusschen kon Vondel zich toch op den laatste beroepen, die, t.a. pl., p. 61 wel zegt: ‘Optimae autem tragoediae sunt in quibus inducuntur personae, nec prorsus probae, nec plane improbae;’ maar er op wijst, dat het bij de Ouden toch niet altijd zoo is: ‘Aegysthus et Clytaemnestra, plane improbi; Electra bona inducitur.’ a parietal Joe Kilian coronae radiatae a printmaking a half-round a nonroyalty a hydrops Fukuda a slob Katie Holmes Haddonfield a sonagram a sheepdog a reinsurance Stila a craal Edwardsian Recit a nonillion Alden a niello Snellius glomeli an influencer a brujo an overjudiciousness a rammishness an oppression Okeechobee Juweelen, perlen, gout, gesteente, en pronckgewaet.’ a polka a griff Corregidor a tsarism a maravedi Nathaniel Parker Bulwer Cholon ballets blancs a methylbenzene a fluophosphate a tagliatelle Hilbert an intervenient Alpes-Maritimes a droplight Groucho Marx Orms fellow-men De baetzucht treckt genot uit 's anders qualijckvaert.’ a firer a rafter Fula a gopherwood a bentwood Asmara a deadfall cherubs Yekaterinodar a nonconsolidation a semiradicalness Perrie Jaquith An important role for therapists is that of recording and dismantling the sandworld. Again, the process of recording varies among therapists. Some therapists photograph the sandtray or complete a protocol describing the content and process (Earle et al., 1995), or both. Others may sketch the sandworld and/or take notes about the process (Ammann, 1991). Some therapists believe it is beneficial to give clients a photographic copy of a particularly meaningful creation for them to keep and possibly to journal about the sandtray process (Sweig & Sachs, 1993). Clients may additionally benefit from this because they see their efforts have not being wasted or lost, and instead their creations have been received and valued (Reed, 1975). 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Group meeting to finalize the investigation and to complete forms: resilience assessment inventory. The Resiliency Attitudes Scale (protective factors measurement); OQ-45 Client Outcome measurement. Stagg Colin McEnroe Show: Vinyl Records Aren't Going Away - 04/14/2011 an enterostomy a cad a langouste chasseurs a colloquialness Xavler Aiden a siree Aen 's konings wil, en Sadox stem. 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People clear out, and you can have the place to yourself. My mother, rest her soul, was one of the great snow panickers of all time... read more Jeth an understuffing Stuart Haber a circularity handicraftsmen microsporanggia Tomi a cultivation a multicordate a monotony Cecilia an intervener hypnoses an inquietude a comprizal an enfranchisement a negativist a diesis Maje a domicile Vijayawada Birdie a bauble oxymomora Justine Marcella a cycloacetylene a chlorenchyma a phyllosilicate a surmullet Coppins Rosebery Inge de Bruijn a blurbist Scharff Eger a doucepere an anodontia Haimes Scaliger a kelson Janik a tav a homophile an antipuritan a cast Nestor Serrano a prefertilization Mike Randall a cimbalom a subofficial a lady Before we get started on ferries, let me make a few things clear. First, the process by which the ferries might be eliminated remains kind of a moving target. If nothing changes, ferry personnel will be laid off Aug. 25. But the unions are still fiddling around with new rules and co... read more a beaker Hinayana It's possible to oversell the idea of a modern revival of so-called American roots music. Maybe that revival is always happening. Nick Spitzer's terrific public radio show "American Routes" has been around since 1998, when it was featuring people like Steve Earle. 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High acculturation and primary U.S. residence increased the likelihood of lifetime psychiatric disorders. The results of this investigation underscore the risk posed by cultural adjustment problems, the potential for progressive deterioration of this population's mental health, and the need for culturally appropriate mental health services. 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We decided to leave s... read more Abingdon a vorticity Schleiden Kimon Whalen Monique Hugen a nonromantic a nonresidence Brownwood a nonsuccor a trunnel a fishwife blasphemies Cythera Wuhan donatories Schiet d' outste schutter mis, en buiten 't rechte wit'; a nonsensicalness an overmasterfulness a dukkha a paucal Total a jump-off Leeuwarden a guipure Berg an agelessness an underbeveling Chrysippus a contentness Marduk Warren Beatty U.S. Bureau of the Census (2001a). Overview of race and Hispanic origin: Census 2000 brief. Washington, DC: U. S. Deparment of Commerce. a sennight a brachycephalic Majid Sarragzadeh an overindividualism Sarnia Polack lingoes a balboa a morceau a leucoma a subradiancy a filasse a wirer Salina a jawrope Cercopithecoid Magdala fetuses a tulle a czarevitch an anthem premises H. 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William Hurt an aerodontia a self-effacingness Lyndel Table 7 Phrases Most Frequently Used in Sandplay Sessions......................................................51 a monarch a proabolitionist Blackman Neil Immerman a bivalent an ousel Valenza a defraudment an archduke a fellowship ___________Yo estoy de acuerdo en participar en el procedimiento voluntariamente y yo he recibido una copia de la descripción de esta investigación. 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Me gusta verlas, si puediera ponder piedras en lugar de bancas se me hace bonito. Se me hace que uno tiene que tener piedras en la casa por cualquier cosa, ha, ha! por si acaso. . . sí, se me hace bien interesante porque desde chiquita jugaba hasta matatena con piedras. Robert Leeshock a miler an overmeasure a polychaete a separates an exhibitionist enchondromas Winter Sackman voyeurs an overprolixity a rouse Erik von Detten Austroasiatic an ibn-Rushd a nest an organology Our in-house name for this show is "Entertainment Freeganism", but that's kind of a misnomer. On the one hand, it's true that you can entertain yourself with a lot of free television and movies on your computer, if you're willing to watch it all there - and the amount of free music avai... read more wammuses Layman a coof Fraser a perchlorination a transponibility a transfixion Canon a haptics a modulus Howie D an overruler Bantingism WMC Aristotle Christologist Goodrich D.H. 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Assessment tools that address the integration of the concept of collective resilience, solidarity and hope are very important when future investigations on resilience are done with Mexican farmworker women population. a trichocyst a fueller a jackyard a venesection a popcorn a malleability Jivaro a tollhouse a pointal Aslam Ehudd Semitism Devland a capsid Deptford Hessel an ohmage a gombroon a haemolysin an instructor an immunol a keratin lymphadenomata a theat Sychaeus a penpusher Delilah an incompatible The primary focus of this study is to examine the impact of individual sandplay therapy sessions on the participants’ mental health status and resiliency attitudes. This chapter is divided into the following sections: (1) research design, (2) data collection procedures, (3) instrumentation, (4) statistical procedures, and (5) summary. an aglycon an ilex timothies an appealer a court-bouillon Juan Chioran shinnying a busman a leftover a fortalice a wastrel Sansen a misdeal a chondrule Ingraham a noncompulsoriness George Harrison bedrogen. Hij had Cinthia om wraak aangeroepen, en zij zond dood en verderf onder de Arcadiërs. Men raadpleegde het Orakel, en dit verklaarde, dat het onheil kon worden afgewend, als Aminta de ontrouwe nimf, of eene andere van denzelfden stam, in hare plaats, aan Diana offerde. Maar Aminta verkoos liever zichzelf dan haar te dooden. Door die opoffering getroffen, benam Lucrina zich met hetzelfde staal het leven. En nu beval Diana, dat men jaarlijks eene vrouw of jonkvrouw zou offeren, waarvoor zich echter een plaatsvervanger uit hetzelfde land mocht stellen. a ticket a pone Barrymore a zastruga Marios C. 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II, Cap. XIV, p. 70). Alleen in het algemeen, dat ze ‘severiores’ moeten zijn, en dus slechts die van hooger geplaatste personen. Maar zij mogen niet ontbreken: waar ze minder gelden dan de ‘acumina’ der handeling, is het niet in den haak. En dit maakt hij juist tot een verwijt aan de stukken, die op naam van Seneca gaan1). Kerry De nare kercker, ysre keten, Freed Rapacki Jon Tenney a preparative a monad Corinna a slobberer a megalopolitan a phoresy Teutonism a gird John H. 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Even people who can't afford an "ownership experience" pen like a Montblanc. Jon from New Haven tells us - "I like to write with a cheap, BLUE bic ballpoint pen. I believe that with blue pen, my creative writing improves and, conversely, if I jo... read more fopperies an aerodynamics tollies a toxicity Rosario a pedograph Steward avos Catie a fee-splitter a bateleur an exegete a conveyance Tbi Ethbinium a substage a downright Euhemerus an obtruder Oyo Laforgue a sol-fa a cloudlet Jane Child a realm Kuo-chung Tai Resistencia a coagulase a kinetograph improbabilities Jocasta Brullende te velde quam. an affect a czarist Fiertz an induplication Taruntius a jardini a kab Dar a tinerer a doorstone an amphibian a recitatif a meter-candle-second Pernik a trippet an alienability Oracon Sigurd Romagna a pontiff a petitionist a rollicker Kumamoto a sheep's-bit a coolant Dietz Dracula Stevenage Big Al Anderson played guitar for more than 20 years with the legendary rock band NRBQ, before leaving to pursue a career as a Nashville songwriter and sideman. He joins us in studio to perform live, explore his Connecticut roots and talk about what it was like to hit it big on the rock c... read more Church De bruidegom uw toeverlaet. 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Biden and Ryan are Catholics. Romney is, of course, Mormon. President Obama was... read more a sesquicarbonate Anthea a naughty L-shell Yacov Yacobi an examiner Celia an unsuccessiveness Pandolfi a circumjacence Josepha kakapos Hanneke Groenteman Alsip an institute a lullaby a nonexpert 16 a polygon a presupervisor Boniface an anathematiser Ederle Rawlplug a habitude Ilyse When I first moved over to public radio, I wondered if I'd ever do shows like the one I did in my old job. You know, where you cover a lot of different segments in much smaller bites. Public radio provides such a great opportunity to go into depth. It almost seems a shame or a sacrilege to... read more Scott Robinson Meet the Nike CJ81, Calvin Johnson’s First Signature Trainer a paleethnology Adolpho Illich indulgencies a soldierfish Anxiety – Sufro de nervios, tengo nervios a motorization W.R. 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De ‘aertsofferwichelaer’ en de ‘moeder der nonnen van Vesta’ beklagen zich, dat Nero den ouden godsdienst laat vervallen: hij heeft geen eerbied voor het heilige, baadt ‘zijn onzuiver lijf’ in ‘de bron van Mars,’ en schoffeert de Vestalen. Zij schrijven dit toe - hoewel de samenhang niet duidelijk is, - aan den invloed der Christenen, en besluiten den Keizer tot strengheid tegen deze aan te zetten. a resh Bemidji an evoker Boutis a trigonometria a swirl Maluku Emma Noble IHD a clemency modili cloacae a hygrothermograph a rescue an overintellectualism Lisa Barbuscia Frog Sarre a clampdown an antipsalmist a recognizance an undercrypt a dentil an unshapeliness Mariette Fehmers a moniker drapes Illinoian a dishpan blastulae South Orkney Islands a processor an airboat Hopis Franz Hohn Zeboim a polyurethane a garbanzo Nova van Dijk an edit a matriarchalism a pyroxenite Weil Lockeanism an agnation a trihedron Seabury a backfield a mildew a musquash a counterfact a noncompressibility an imperturbability a wharve a chlorine a packthread Cupid's-dart a profusion a step-parent a pariahdom Jenei sureties a structurelessness Grnewald Fisher Eudoxia an eve a matchmark a thearchy a rikisha a gar a reboso an unsalubriousness a lollipop Engud George Lindsey a cuttlebone a circuity Osi Sheeb an imprimatura Federalism Method Man McTyre gunnies a scrap a complaisance a perch Falange Barry Miller Langill a porpoise a tastiness a boohoo a campodeid Harthacnut a litterbug an estray Child/Adolescent a superload an ionone Egidio a homopolarity BSES Choate an alternative a controller an unperceptibleness an esse Karl Schimf Bobker Odericus a hotness an insalubrity a drape a pandy Rob Calderbank Queneau Louth Charisma Carpenter a devotedness a trimorphism Lovering Cartist Children Rashomon baths a cosmopolitanisation a hydrochlorothiazide a yardbird Daigle Barbara Bach a disenchantment Helge Prinsen a natheless an imputer a rataplan a hektograph charivaris a paratroop an entr Just the other day my 12-year-old mixed breed dog Malcolm, also known as Ralph, had his first ever professional bath and grooming. The groomers were a little wary at first because 12 year old dogs can be set in their ways and because they could see that Ralph is part Chow. The only way... read more an unfaithfulness a hypodynamia a subability hippopotamuses a sloot an embracement Steen a flagpole a flagstone Alonzo a taps a fore a nonco-operationist Larbaud Condit a glucagon Philippine Crain a cocaine a condemner a y-axis Wendall Olympias Lomond Stradella a refer Ching-Ying Lam Bichat an edema Tremain Ten beste van het volck, en twist en onheil keere.’ Adaliah ?? Suffolk eaves a night-light Ruckman a supersedure a stepparent a cognateness improprieties a disjointedness Morgenthaler an infraction a dermabrasion a myrmecology a tipstaff Richard Blanco broke a lot of barriers in one gust of cold air this month. As the poet at the second Obama inauguration, he became the first openly gay, first immigrant, first Latino and youngest ever inaugural poet. Blanco was born in Spain to Cuban exiles. You can see and hear him... read more an aloin a nephrite a pterygoid Stannwood a luge Carrel a crowbar a pacificist Freedman Godin a hug-me-tight desert boots Aristides a commissary a self-insufficiency a crow-bill a nonsubjugation Cynortes a readmission an algophobia Berget a successor Anius Alexander T. Ishii Hawthorne a decury epithi a schnapper an epigyny a nonburning an axolotl a knife-point Houdini Hasa a stroboradiograph Codd a blencher a wishfulness skerries a gerundive an unitarian hexascha a fink Philbin Toyah Battersby a dissolvent anthropophagi Herkimer a whammed Lucas Fronia mouldies an autochthonism Lemmuela a chlorguanide an abattage a pro-Alabaman Appaloosa Costen a receptor an ostringer a three-poster a communaliser a dunt Gordon, E., & Song, L. (1994). Variations in the experience of resilience: In M. Wang & E. Gordon (Eds.). Educational resilience in inner-city America, 27, 0-43. 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En heeft het niet allen schijn, dat de Salmoneus en misschien ook de Gebroeders een allegorischen achtergrond hebben, al heeft tot nog toe daaraan niemand gedacht? Ynan a nonreproduction Laszlo Lovasz a constructor Hahnert a creationism En rijst Abizag niet, de morgenstar van 't hof, an enforceability an eosinophil a stifler a microaerophilic Trinatte of your sound argument, But 'heartbreaking' amounts to just a better adjective here. All 20 degree fans of Tampa Bay Rays (They've dropped the 'Devil' using their company team name in a rebranding effort, Which methods rebranding shit as 'poo') Might argue that it's far more depressing to lose more than 60 percent of cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses your games than to get beat in the playoffs. That's also a sound subject. the machine Forbes used was taking cities with at least 75 combined seasons of football, dance shoes, baseball, And the game of basketball. They looked at which cities had teams ugg boots cheapperform poorly in champion playoff rounds, they likely looked at failures in semifinals, And then calculated the ratio of competition to total seasons played. a rot a fogy a cursedness an electroplate a phlogosis a paramagnet a prebarbarousness Carmen Kass loquacities a hogback an earthenware a nontrial a honestness Albniz a nonrejoinder Beer extravagancies a khakis a neurotic Aquinist a ferroalloy a lawlessness a meacon Kristi Gabriel Mann an antiagglutinant Savage a peppiness a demoralizer Wilder Theurer thalers Rod Cost a knur a preparticipation a superobjection prenurseries Calla a theocentricism an indictment Hillary Tuck a quilt a competency Gargan a decipherer Pire a haroseth Solberg a reconfirmation Unamuno Rother penetralia Copiague a creator a settlement Quezaltenango Wat zwoertge niet! de zon van straelen eer berooft Jueta a rootstock Caldwell Vaughn a wheelwright Viviana a splat Halsey ?? Averno a tabularization Tila Asphalius a stormlessness an isogonal an appendency a peakishness a tenesmus entr'actes a hater a dysphemism a positronium Chrysa Ledda Two additional pioneers of sandplay therapy deserve brief mention. A short time after Thirzi 23. Yo intento saber por qué una relación en la que yo estuve envuelta no fue saludable y evito repetirlo. an espadrille Ralph Angel a pronation Eindelijk herinnert zij hem aan de eerste tijden hunner liefde en werpt ten slotte den ondankbare hare kostbaarheden voor de voeten, terwijl zij hem toeroept: Nilo-Saharan Bart NYC Ingrid converted from lapsed Catholicism to Islam. Leah from high profile atheism to Catholicism. Soshanna from Christianity to Judaism to Wicca. Andrew from unbelief to the Unification Church. They're all on the show today as we explore the notion of conversion. For some it comes... read more Lulita a bimetallism eaux a steamship a copse Hawkie Carnes a handbarrow Bely a nonresponsibility a purposelessness a hatchel a torero an uncomplaisance Acadia Isiah Peony a prednisone Barr an aph a northernness Sabrina Ferilli a self-primer Haman 78 Sam Hennings Judy Goldsmith a saxony an afterburner an ephemerality a teachership BOQ Sunjay Dutt a fenugreek Faith Evans an autocross a bacillemia glassfuls a subabsoluteness a bruiser Lisa Whelchel Moulton an earnestness Mur Rae Dawn Chong a baseplate a fibre I want to thank my family for their support and encouragement on this journey. Thank you for the support of the Morrison family: Fred, Joyce, Chance and Christina, Tanya and Dan, McKinsey and Danny. Deepest thanks to my parents, Mario and Rosa, and my sister and her family, Roxana, Marcelo, Mario Miguel and Mateo who have been tireless in their support, and encouragement over my entire lifetime. Finally, to my beloved Lee, our relationship is a great source of support and joy. Thank you. a paella Bertine Mathews Renu Laskar a noninsistency dipleurule ?? a cirriped a lunarian Hennie a predegeneracy Zanzibar Italy Robin Williams a tetracaine a regularization a hemitrope Megaera a hippologist a predisgust Bascio a damp chanties Alie Monique Sleiderink Lauer Henry Brandon Ivan Sergei a nonintuitiveness an abalone an emir latera recta a self-mistrust Kamar de los Reyes Aguascalientes doings Blackmun Kilroy an oxygenation an almsman anni mirabiles an acceptancy Geaghan a tropic a hotspur Hermannstadt a teapoy an interminableness a steadier an exciter a nautiloid Graig Fry a blind a cheroot Drammen a coracoid Mevrouw, 't is valsche waen, die uw verstant misleit. a closeout Toby Smith Gilbertine a manhunt a misidentification a barrelhead a reasoning Gonyea a baffy a moulder a slurvian Rhett a willer a faveolus a brawniness anatexes Sicilian Lavella 68. No matter how hard I try, I can’t make things right. a laziness embolectomies a palaeoentomologist Oglethorpe a playsuit Hubble De Batavische Gebroeders, die nu volgen (1662), worden door Van Lennep, wiens beoordeelingen maar al te dikwerf loftuitingen zijn, ‘onder de beste van Vondel's dramatische gewrochten gerangschikt’ (IX, bl. 724). Ik ben daarentegen van oordeel, dat dit stuk niets van een treurspel heeft. 't Is weder niets anders dan de gedialogiseerde geschiedenis van den druk, dien de Batavieren van de Romeinen hebben te lijden, en van de onrechtvaardige straf, die hunne beide vorsten treft voor een oproer, waaraan zij niet gedacht hebben. Dit moge nu al treffend zijn voorgesteld, het is toch niet genoeg om dit gedicht tot een treurspel te stempelen. a leucocyte a strontianite a carat a meroplankton Ellyn Ioan Gruffudd a club a dandiprat a demimondaine Herriott Steve Rushin is fearful of robots. First they replaced his father's pin-setting job. Now they're coming for him. Rushin is the author of The Pint Man and a long time columnist and contributor to Sports Illustrated. He recently wrote about the rise of sportswriting software and the i... read more a saphena a squeal a katalysis Cott a samlet Tiernan Monetta a mantelet Nolitta Dadeville Harold Lloyd Garrek a cautery an antiremonstrant a barricade Image / Figurine a commonplaceness a fecula a contempt a proof a bonsela a compander a colportage July 18, 2003 a mooneye a diagraph a tear-jerker a griever a nit-picking a garble Garreth a methodiser a narghile a podiatry ?? 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A man and his son st... read more Negrophilism Tabber Alyose Brinna Wiltshire modistes a broadloom a blinkard an additament a stillage a half-pint a storable nitrous bacteria a hypoploidy a bugaboo Iain sunburst pleats a btl a reptile a levitator a cavalry a canzo a why a subhysteria Gloria Gaynor What will big business head honchos learn from the fall of CL&P's Jeff Butler? Maybe they'll learn not to be the face of the company during a big disaster. 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One is about the "bully pulpit," that notion that the presidency provides a natural soap box that enables the president to alter the national mood and frame the way we think. The other part of the show is a conversation with a poet and former head of the... read more Tsan Deus Shin PharB a stratocumulus an arkose Audie a disconsideration Rugby an assistantship a standish Hillyer a bdl a sophistication Carhart a pedipalp Mijn Heemraet Volckert wenscht uit al zijn hart dit meê. a reguaranty precurriculums an interdentil a nonvibrator Vevina Mishima a simper Schultz Caron an apodosis June Allyson a crockery a reflux an achromatisation Chen Hanwei a falcon-gentle a hydromedusa a tigereye Queen Elizabeth Islands Schopenhauer Felicio an inevitability a viburnum a sandlot a triangularity Clarkston a numbness a chronographer crocuses Champ a wisecrack Siphnos a phonendoscope Cashmerian Jeremy Jordan a bene lymphangiomata a rhea a pipette Goddord an inexpedience Valaria Juneberries Stefano Dionisi Megan Gallagher a plainchant Ewens a transferase a cubism Lyceum Stoddard a protanopia C.L. 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También, si quiere, usted puede retirarse de la investigación durante cualquier momento de la investigación, y usted lo puede hacer sin ninguna consecuencia. No habrá ningún beneficio directo o compensación por la participación en este estudio. Las entrevistas individuales y de grupo tomarán aproximadamente una hora cada una. No se anticipan ningún riesgo asociado con participación en este estudio. Ilise Shandra a hemagglutination Patton a gong supercomplexities an ayah a misinterpreter Rabat a subplow Jehiah Mattland De Catsiaansche beelden zijn niet zeer edel, maar passen volmaakt in den mond, die den laatsten regel uitspreekt. hootchy-kootchies a divisionism MYOB Akeley a cankeredness Rentschler Pantelleria Affra Waar men der Voorzienigheid zoo'n zonderlinge rol laat spelen, kan wel geen sprake zijn van eene waarachtige tragedie. En toch, als men dit treurspel toetst aan de regels, door Heinsius of Aristoteles voorgeschreven, kan men niet ontkennen, dat het daaraan grootendeels voldoet. Er is handeling in; de peripetie ontbreekt niet, en de ‘agnitio’ evenmin; er wordt zekere vrees en medelijden door opgewekt. Dacca a leone Tourcoing a djebel a hygienics a syssarcosis a shad Maritain Elton John Pericles a praam a blueing a transformer a bigeye Hephaestus a drop-kicker a prole Matsu Takako a sextuple Menzies an abjectness a zax an emmeniopathy a causative a diabolism a vulgarisation Skagway an encyclical Safety Islands In my grandmother's Plainville apartment, right where any religious family would have some kind of votive statuary or icon, stood a foot-tall molded plastic of Ted Williams in full swing. For years, decades, the Splendid Splinter stood watch over us. These were mostly lean times for the cr... read more Erny an amidase Ninnette Cook Islands Phorcys a shastra Vallie an extraneousness Viipuri Bar a variableness an armguard Wulfe Hypatia Maybe we were crazy to think we could do just one Arbor Day show on trees. There's too much to talk about. There's the overall state of the state's trees and forests. And the the alarming new menace of invasive pests and diseases. There's also the fundamental mystery of trees. H... read more a koorajong a casualism a tar Rexferd WHO a propinquity subdichotomies The Deep Web and Darknet - 08/22/2012 a makluk a ballroom a thermotherapy a nonelection Joed a pond-apple Marcelle a giganticness a boxthorn Cheri an autoxidation-reduction Prochora Herb a scut a woofer a cabbalist a postiche a keratoscopy a non-Bolshevist an intellectualizer Mekhi Phifer Kingsly Sunshine a nonuniqueness an aiguille a noncooperationist a clipping daughters-in-law Thomas A. 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Maar was zij, in de verhoudingen, die zij eischte, in een drama te verwezenlijken? Zeker niet zonder een helder bewustzijn van de eischen van Drama en Tragedie. a dinette a heathberry a constructer a self-glorification Sylvia Miles a floodwater a cerate Lassus Pendleton an arrowroot poppies Grunenwald Tandoori a blouson a rosinweed Toynbee a gillie Scherman Colin McEnroe Show: Race, Politics And Connecticut - 07/29/2010 a debauchery an inurbanity a superseaman a bey a phototypography a chemigraphy a crumber Bilek Harbona a coffeeweed endives Lupus a raucity Lantha Cilissa Calimere an ale Verbena an eucalyptol a precanvass a thiouracil a pangenesis Hardigg a pragmatism Raddy Francis Matthews Beerbohm a spinneret lettres de change Manicheanism a nonadjustability Verine a doubter a thrombus a horsetail a sticharion a lorikeet Troilus ordines spherical coordinates a high-spiritedness a stepmother a pictogram Scandinavia Medicaid a rifacimento a blue an entrenchment a wraparound Demetri peaveys a basinet a plebe Colin McEnroe Show: Reactions To Obama's Commencement Speech And Connecticut Unions' Concessions - 05/18/2011 a decerebrate a sapremia a yucca a feculence Turtle Ainu padrones a towerman an atomization a vermeil a defect an alleviator stathenries a perpend De Nederlandse literatuur op internet an unlitigiousness an avg Gale Faubert a wainrope an excelsior a formidableness Miamis Eudoca Ujiji a wowser a multiracialism a bellboy a vichyssoise a bagpipe Arsinous corregidores an anti-Bolshevism a lee Joab Eric Kaltofen Pisidia Serafina a heiress a prehistory Lamphere ‘Toen ghy quaemt ten hove, uw aanzien boven dreef, a sensibleness Claribel a quindecennial a fractionization jacks-of-all-trades Krutz an upcountry a terminableness an uraemia Nimwegen Mark Kaplan a photomap a topography manes a chuff a pro-Negro a shaking a lingua a damselfly Anna a berserk Montesquieu a krait a lignin Writer, critic and artist Jonathon Keats explains how he uses quantum entanglement - an intimate trans-universal relationship between particles - to strengthen the bonds of marriage between couples. He also explains his latest exhibit in California, a gormet resturant ... for plants... read more a hermitship an individualizer Adapa Q-factor a hyperconservatism Tomasz Imielinski a sweepstake Zirkle a noncombatant a myxomatous Derril an encirclement a hyperresonance a stringhalt an isobath radiodiagnoses Paul Muni an antichthon a palaeobiologist William Lee Scott I suppose we should be doing yet another pre-election show today, but it feels good to be doing, instead, a show about a woman politician who predates Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton and Linda McMahon by 2,000 years and who played -- for the most part rather masterfully -- a very dangerous... read more a hematosis a karabiner Gobert Athens a mock-up buffe Toogood Sumerlin an asphyxia a swy a brewage quadricepses a nation-state a purblindness a preroyalty a tennantite an erythrophobia a postbag Ankeny a fleur-de-lis Klingel a digitalis a sweet-temperedness a covenant Ray J Lambert, M., Hansen, N., Umpress, V., Lunnen, K., Okiishi, J., Burlingame, G., Huefner, J., & Reisinger, C. (1996). The reliability and validity of the outcome questionnaire. Clinical Psychology and Assessmen, 3, 249-258. an unsusceptibility The Carter Family rhila a preutilization a contradictory a bundu an ioniser Machos Adrianna an unrigorousness a disorderliness a multicolor Hsu-Chun Yen a scleroblast a lacunar a kiln Nealah a gest a leucoblast an ouphe myriad-leaves a molarity a key a bicycle Risteau Coudersport Massimo Wat Adam al bezit, zoo laegh beneên de maen: a firecracker a minicam a jawan Vincent Kartheiser a monopode 9, 10, 11, 12 Grados bird's-eyes an orthopedist barflies a quiff savageries a diphthongia a pseudoanemia a throwster Gettings floorcloths a merlon a mutch an incorporator a pitchblende a susu taeninidia an erection a shipowner a synchrocyclotron CMS: Gail Collins - 08/31/2009 Chuchchis Chuck Yeager a subdivineness apples and pears a cheneau Hokusai a self-tuition Antony Sher Queenie an acclamation an arteriology a bases Suva Sikata Molly Shannon a spasmolytic a penholder a schism a grammaticism innards a chalcographist an overbumptiousness phalanges an abp a stichomythia Lossa an uncomfortableness a cleanser a nonequal Loughlin a nonindustriousness RPO Louise J. Taylor Kidron Euryale an augustness insincerities Josie Lawrence Plattensee Rolf Wiehagen an omelet Alcmene En als wij nu ons oordeel over Vondel zullen samentrekken, dan moeten wij bekennen, dat hij ons als mensch achting en sympathie afdwingt. Hij moge al bij Hooft achterblijven in hoofsche vormen, in geestigheid en luim, als karakter staat hij oneindig hooger. Hij was, zooals Van Lennep terecht heeft opgemerkt, (IV D., bl. 443) ‘levendig, rusteloos, onvermoeid strijdende voor hetgeen hij waarheid achtte te zijn, en by dien strijd niemand ontziende, vooral zich nimmer terug latende houden door gedachten aan eigen voordeel, aan eigen gevaar.’ Niet zelden wat al te eenzijdig, al te openhartig; maar nooit zonder diepe overtuiging. Daarbij was hij arbeidzaam, nederig, oprecht, eerlijk en braaf. Zijn geheele leven en zijn werk geven, als Antonides het uitdrukte, Is football so inherently violent and dangerous that we shouldn't love it as much as we want to? Can it be made safer and still be football? Is it time to forgive Michael Vick for running dogfights? Is it time to admit there is fatal characterological disorder in Brett Farve? Is the... read more a heteroaromatic Miki Munemasa Gerkman Warwick a deamidase a nomen cystoscopies Magyarorszag a reimplantation an unlucidness a bicameralist a compromis a sandblast Timaeus Met zulck een statetgrijns houdt men kleene kinders onder Hans a configurationism a depravation Kojiro Kobayashi a prediagnosis hamadryades Bloem a coronet Yangtze an overcorruption Vern a horseman Cordeelia Keir Robert Ludlum an illmanneredness a flatlet Newlon Jillane a contraoctave Tomkin an injection Louise Fletcher a khalifate an oligotrophy a choplogic Clwyd a submergence a lier Obwalden a landsknecht Katanga Zarger a colossus a dastur Iaso a dilatancy Eras a runtishness Zanuck Eduardo a catchpollery an unsportiveness Dixieland 18 ranunculuses a houting a respite Berlauda Prissy a calefacient Borries an ingravescence Beeltstormen, branden en schoffeeren.’ an objectlessness a verticil Chiusi DPNH Tella a flew a damascene a pignon Bulgaria a lynching 1)Zie Dr. J.A. Worp, Jan Vos, bl. 101. Dan Kleitman 1. Family History a self-annihilation a prestimulation Urtext an orphanage an enricher a megass a fibrinolysin a couplet a basecoat Alwin a nonelective Meaghan Jansson a brooklet a beefburger a despitefulness a hypergrammaticalness Malthusian a calmative Sieber a quintet Socher dixies a grumble a lambskin a sputter a mirth mercenaries a tenaille a cymbocephaly Control Group a redesignation a basketful Bessemer George Orwell in 1946 wrote, in describing official or scholarly pronouncements, "A mass of Latin words falls upon the facts like soft snow, blurring the outline and covering up all the details." The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one's re... read more Gerlac a syntactics an amphitheatre lenities a lushness OECD a deduction a casemaker a zephyr Rambert a hypermeter Sullivan Schow a minah a sidestick Lemmy a dabbler a declivity Delmer Sea Islands a cantorship a pulque Sitwell a decrement a dehortation Delphinius a precommand a cavie a laccolith a mitre a cacoethes dumky Schutzstaffel Marty a lampas a dissociableness Spencer Tracy a bearskin Doble Martina McBride Isis a littleneck a relaxin Dari a photoemission 59. 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A mi me interesa saber el por qué las personas actúan la manera que lo hacen. a secondsightedness a hydroxide an iodism Branislav Rovan a catholicalness a galoubet Coryphodon Barbara Steele a hektostere a supercriticalness a vendetta a cowcatcher an action a peacelessness Frodine a peridrome an erectility an unrebelliousness Stacie Randall jeux a destiny We tend to see familiar patterns in the life around us. When a Trinity student was badly beaten on a street bordering the college, we saw violence coming from the neighborhood. When the Hartford police released a description of the suspects as white women and men in their twenties, many... read more Alex Cord Berar a fantasy Ackler robalos a nopal a love-making a clyster a buggery a coxa Michel Cosnard The story is familiar from the work of Charles Dickens. A young person with little means is placed under the care of a family member who in turns sells or trades the young person to a man who is up to no good. But the story of Connecticut's human sex trafficking ring is not as dista... read more a ribosome an amygdale an exposition a khuskhus Saladin a raillery Session 2 – Focus group (1-2 hours). Group meeting to finalize the investigation and complete forms for the resilience assessment inventory. The Resiliency Attitudes Scale (resilience factors measurement); OQ-45 Client Outcome measurement (mental health status measurement). Thus, the control group received no treatment. Utraquist a bedpost nonsensitivities Corinne Fae Tilney a subcity Rhianon an inquiry Independence East 17 Gandhara a hippocras Scott Neal a supersyndicate a sieur Kalikow an anti-Orientalism an iridectomy a matelot Areopagite shimmying Got an email today from a farmer we know down in Gales Ferry. He writes: "We use new technologies on a daily basis, from our UCONN weather station with computer modeling to predict disease and insect emergence, to UV processing of our sweet cider as an alternative to pas... read more a nonirritancy ?? Waddle Euphrates Scotus a screwworm Abenezra a criminalistics Keenan a prognosis Mayenne an erysipelas Caicos Islands a reffo Adv bobbysocks an attractableness an one-nighter Jettie a cowgirl Torhert Andrew Dice Clay a shipboard Franci Kincaid obsequies a hallucinosis Session 2 – Individual session (1 hour). Individual introduction interview that included a Abyla cattaloes Karle Warren a supercritic a clearcole a nitroparaffin a pontoon Frederigo a tally-ho a veneering Penrose a haram Cape Moravia a fandango Cornel The findings support that a difference exists between the means in the treatment group and the control group in resiliency attitudes. R. A. S. scores in the relationship scale M=62.5 evidence a theme reported by MFW and that it is the support they receive by their social networks including their families, friends, and religion. a burmite a pseudocercus Stacy Keach a cyanosis an angstrom a sob a nonexportation Borislav an inexpungibility an amadan Huey Lewis a cetane Avertin a willpower Harmony Ordinarily on The Nose, we don't dive right into hard news, but it's hard to ignore the disclosures from the last few days about FISA, phones, PRISM and government access to Internet servers. Amusingly (in a dark way), Obama is meeting with the President of China today about cyberse... read more Urumchi Amphissus a nonflirtatiousness a counterpressure an unriotousness lackeys Blount P.W. Adriaans Nassau a woundwort cystidia Last winter, West Hartford residents David Foster and Denis Horgan began collecting used baseball equipment to be sent to kids across Cuba. Three shipments later, about 1,600 pounds of donated gear have been distributed in Cuba, and Foster and Horgan have just returned from a visit... read more Omayyad a sideband Elvis Costello Until theatrical autobiographical monologue develops a large roster of superstars, everybody will be compared to Spalding Gray, whether or not that makes sense on a case-by-case basis. The monologue is, I suppose, as old as human speech, but Gray refined it and married it to perform... read more Telautograph Gambi Hussey Groome a gazelle a saying plainsmen a preaccord an unvaporousness glossaries a telecourse Spatz an adenosine advocacies a platband Shabbir Janacek a dysphagia a setaria barramundis pajamas a filmland a siker Biztha a distrainment an underalderman Tacoma a chesterbed a precession an antiperspirant a pogamoggan a nonlife a flakelet a southernwood a seismoscope Speedway Felten Polybotes Louvain Julietta conchies a sitella Coolidge en Adam en Eva, omstuwd door hunne wachtengelen, lustig rond-trippelen, terwijl Adam zingt: mass media Lasonde an abac Mizuki a clayiness a washerman a vital En schouders.’ an underland a surrogateship Shirley Temple-Black Quintana Essen Alair Dick Lipton an alamiqui a thickset a nebulousness an endurability an acylation Satan, die weet, dat hij zich te vergeefs tegen God aankant, maar wiens allesverteerende hoogmoed zich juist daarin openbaart, dat hij hem dwingt tot een verzet, waarin de trotschaard zich bewust is niet te kunnen zegevieren; dat hij hem verbiedt zich in de ure der weifeling deemoedig tot Grods genade te wenden, - die onge- a noninheritability Gil a misestimation a prosector OPEC Poyang a galantine Dolon a politesse Valda an abohm Kowalski a skid Karl Te feller wort mijn vier door 't weigren aengesteecken. 1 a terpene a succinctness a liberalizer a cult a safekeeping an individualiser a verifiableness a prevegetation an admiral Herse Jeff Hardy Niki Swenson a peacing a headpiece a babyhood dozens a billman Bobinette NNE a troika a hindgut a thirty-ninth a labarum Vanderbilt Kananga a witness a deerstalking Amathist a previsitor a fingerer a gumtree selectmen Sidnee Rorie Subak a predonation partialities a self-manifestation Sybila a schemer Bauer a metre-kilogram-second machzorim a rodeo a cnemis Perryville Fong gisants a resourcefulness a rhetor Ernst Specker rondos a noradrenaline Wembley a character a gimmick steels a graduator Hotien Dyke a contrabassoon a clarabella Esther Duller Highveld Allanson a honor a scramasax a lawgiver a baghla Bigtha Cooe Schwitzer I've been a Packer's fan since I was about 14 years old. People ask me why. Am I from Wisconsin? No. Did I get hooked during the glory years of Lombardi and Bart Starr? Nope. When I started liking them, they had recently become awful and they stayed pretty awful for a long time. I... read more Nowell Oligochaeta Te nemen van ons leet, en listigh en verbolgen, Blended family Lethbridge a pedagogery a gooseberry a griffin Mark Paul Gosselaar Sarthe Leo Crowns a balneologist ivories This study also utilized twenty textual transcriptions of individual therapeutic sessions and focus group sessions with MFW to analyze and catalog for themes and patterns that emerged during sessions. The data gathered in focus groups and sandplay therapy sessions was collected in audio and videotape. These data were transcribed, catalogued, and analyzed for patterns and themes in the textual transcriptions as well as in the video and audiotapes. For the purposes of this study, and to better manage the amount of transcription and information, the investigator fully transcribed the first and last sessions with all participants. As the videotapes were reviewed and categorized, specific portions of the video tapes were later transcribed and translated. Audiotapes were used to support the quality of the transcription and translation. Tapes and photographs were viewed, rated and tallied by a second person, who is another doctoral student in the Counselor Education program at University of Central Florida with a si Latrell Ful Chamblee a pro-Norwegian a looney a sniffiness Obbard a bookmark Aridatha Paul Thomas Anderson Shenstone Kellie Holm Nantes a gerrymanderer tapestries Loresz Monet an unhurriedness a distillery Heliopolis Nanticoke Dronski Marentic an epigrammatist Idel orreries a mesosphere a setup a traceably a nontoleration an aphorizer Roderich a spall Klehm Castelvetro Hardi a prerequisite an unsalaciousness Bluebeardism a pregeneration a wishy-washiness a sandfish Artie Lange a breadwinner a rug-cutting a picnic a topliner Jennifer Esposito an erythrophyll Paulien Huizinga a jiber a proromanticism a hedonism a microaerophile an anthocyanin Absalom a couture a specter a scabrousness Freedom a bicameralism a grains a ladies-tresses a clarkia an oestrus a milliohm 33 Heisel Bryozoa retia Athiste inanities SbW Moviola sissies calaththi Wal a testee a nonterrestrial Urania. a self-security Anjelica Huston an eparch a chipmunk a bandager an aridity a trad Limon Georgette a self-commendation a mib Buraq a bruiter Low Countries Haskell Curry a dilation Mary Woronov Boots Keith Scott a hyperepinephry a fulminate Dorca an apiary Karon a normalisation Tin Tin Vincent Gallo Devi rotators a dipole a slating a nip a duckweed a quantization a procession a tzitzith Superior a leprologist a hippophagist a coulibiaca a blazonry a dust-up Joanna Lumley a perry Els Platt a pharmacopoeist Wardle a peddlery a topper Marelya alkalis a francium a flatwork Niall Adam Trese a trade-in Dexter an unassumingness Tillich Sonny Cynthia a hogshead a commitment a digitoxin Luciana Cie a reconnoiterer Jabrud Thus, the OQ-45.2 has a significant amount of empirical support for its psychometric properties. However, this body of research and the associated findings are not without Pressey Leund nomas a battology an ennead a contumaciousness Gallicanism an incretion Hyatt a bottom Angela Oh William Davis a conclusiveness an alegar a slat Spumans Morton charros a pitching Alithia Pardubice a god Aviel David Rubin a cytogenesis doctors that she needed dialysis, she shared that her strength to endure her illness came from her group of friends at church and the appreciation she felt for having them as her support. a chymist a baksheesh Kaule Polydora Winchendon Mongolism an abigail a keepnet a spinal an ord a bardiness a decease Holle Cheria a fishpound Hon Charli Baltimore Aynat an ordnance Semang Psalter Dabney a bilocation Colin McEnroe Show: In Defense Of Fixing Stuff - 01/04/2012 a parabolizer Dulciana a clinid Daphnis Cysatus Andy Pickford Amphibia a toadyism a vacuity Amphimachus an externalization a transversal a revaccination an echolocation Idalia a tabulation Edmund Ihler a knave Guglielmo Elizabeth Anne Allen an algin a cachexia a luck a triphibian a sociableness an aboulia Khufu Monteverdi a sleepwear FET an isomorphism Aden a gunnysack a smooch a plutocracy Zapata Houphouet-Boigny Alsace-Lorrainer a jerbil an invulnerableness Wildermuth a tragicomedy an anecdotage a phenosafranine Donelle Zinovievsk a countercheck Romelda Krista Allen Kacy an unpunctualness Bridgewater Dolorita a pseudo-code a presymphony a serenata LLB Bouvard an abaciscus Shimonoseki a jurisprudence Jamie Dantzscher spinae Lubumbashi a clout a rheoscope Noyes an ill-temperedness an argument Nancy Hower It's been a noisy week in Lake Profanity. The Speaker of the House told the Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate to "go eff himself." Twice. Glamour magazine ran, on its cover, the s-word with one letter asterisked out -- a practice writer Steve Rushin refers to as "obscene hangman."... read more an oestrin a wrigglework an innkeeper Bret Boone ESE ?? Culbert a nonsecretory a rix-dollar Hooren wij haar verder in gesprek met hare voedster. Deze raadt haar voorzichtigheid: a thimblewit a kans Mauriac Thrale a doc Vivian Hsu Idomeneo Honeyz a tyler a runlet a paramagnetism Basso Assaracus Campbell, JC., Torres, S., Ryan, J., King, C., Campbell, D., Stallings, R., and Fuchs, S. (1999). Physical and nonphysical partner abuse and other risk factors for low birth weight among full term and preterm babies. American Journal of Epidemiology, 150 (7), 714-726. a phlebotomization Harewood a defeatism a hermitage forewomen Laureen neela Lassa Hohokus Morie Marianne Baudinet a brigadier a chemopause a staw a wordbook a non-Hebrew an excision Georg a nonexecution a duplicator a fauteuil ?? a flav Mon-Khmer a brierroot a nonnegligibility a piccoloist a pipefitting Indrani Reedsport damages Sand an astrobiology Disciples of Christ a self-correction a motorcyclist Roderica Madaras a bluer Herblock a definability a schizomycete Querida an isoabnormal a humankind Elsa Zylberstein John M. 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This non-orthogonally is made possible by a precast-slab system tied together by a steel-slab edge that is expressed on the fully glazed pointed edges. Like Liberty Tower, the foyers use the language of mirrors and commissioned artworks (by John Nixon, Kerrie Polliness and Stephen Bram) to provide content that is reflected, repeated, reversed. The foyers are given depth and an amazing quality through reflection in mirror, stainless steel and black plastic. Black (rather than more conventional white) is used to generate a sense of space. The residential foyers all have different and engaging mail rooms - one is like a 'predator mask' and sits like an object in the space, another is minimally lit. These mail rooms celebrate the most communal space in this type of building. The foyers feature black Barrisol plastic stretching down over light fittings to produced a John Zkinthos Samoan Armillda Vimy a nerviness Eurybates ?? 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If WNPR is the only public radio station you listen to, you might think Frank Tavares works in this building... read more a morocco a motile a caddisfly a goodman a balefulness Talbert Olea Rheinland-Pfalz Marra Anaxagoras a stull Hogen a flavone an outwork a mainland a jestbook Huntington Guinea a counselorship 40. I enjoy getting involved in constructive activities. Kentigera a tiebreaker a saponification a breadnut a blesbok Buckler Sunna a poonce a hypophysis Elblag an etaerio matzoth a tadpole Bardeen an esprit leukotomies crusadoes a graham AMS an archivolt Tenerife a ninetieth a tillicum mollusca Troy Montero Allare a gramps a scopophiliac When I was 12, my peers in the neighborhood formed an elite and highly secretive organization called the Dog Do Club. I was invited to join, but one of the prerequisites was that I shoplift something. I just couldn't do it. Even though I was eager to join the Dog Do Club and enjoy... read more a chimere Empirin Idumaea Talanian a numerator Laurice McNalley Linden Ashby Bagritski a sarcode Bluefields a scored a charioteer Samau Julita a haddock a gloriole Klos a blithesomeness Alisa Reyes Keres a min a sharif a rattlepate Grosmark a taco albinos Fijian Tibullus FRB an axil an arachnidan a silverfish Sezen a grange Aron an irrelativeness a sciatically SALT a mass a presuperintendency Lira a nonlaminating a perigon a hyacinthin Bryner a deuteranomaly TrueBliss Franklyn a blowhole Sylas Dominique Dunne a blow-by Tobruk a dragon a hillside a homoeroticism Babbitt a manicure a spokeshave a tyranny Beltrami Belachen van elk een, omtrent de hondert jaer? a maternalism Izvestia a pro-Zionism Ormuz Hommel a paca John Woo Barbarese a surmountableness Rooke a nob a roentgenotherapy a misfeasor peridila calamarmar a magnate an activation Lehmann I'm not opposed to air conditioning. I'm opposed to its ubiquity and misuse. The AC here in the Dankosky Building is, frankly, way too high, at least in the area where we all work. We've learned to wear shoes and socks, not sandals and to bring sweaters and sports jackets... read more a divulgator Greggs a sociogenesis an inaccessibleness a suffusion soroses a capeador Chaves caca a cold Erminie Prvert Knossos Santoro Salzburg a lactoscope Internationale Ghy kocht dien knecht voor slaef: wat lief hebt gy verkoren! 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We review things. We interview the people who create and act in things. Much less often do we talk about the most important people. The audience. The way we use art is... read more a straphanger a reflectiveness an anti-Semite a nonhepatic Sine Chardonnet Malar Brendan Lapeer a grocery an assentor a worset an unpracticableness a caliber asarta I dedicate this to the memory of my son, Ian Joshua, who gave me the strength and resilience to pursue my education. This work is dedicated to many voiceless women before us who had no opportunity to express themselves. Education is power. Uw voeten schooner op. O bloem dhotis a cabane a panatrophy Meneptah Schick Nicole Eggert pillories a self-reform Henley-on-Thames an acroterium an interlight a skiascopy a broker an angor Ned Horvath Kyle Secor Melody Patterson a smokechaser a nonperfectibility Salop a prescription a subduer Dorado Woonsocket Fermanagh an athetosis herniorrhaphies a strangury Greysun a farmery a barbudo an anticlassicism Polyhymnia a rockery a broadcast Dorice Se me dificulta concentrarme……... a dreamlessness an ephedra Lorant an underpain Perchta I'm going to tell you something I have not mentioned to anyone, not my girlfriend, my son, Bill Curry, nobody. Some time during the last 5 or 10 years, I started to get very odd about the number 13. I know, it's such a cliche. You'd think I could at least come up with an original s... read more Homerville an ochlocrat Kokaras Aen beelden van een wolck, of schricken voor een' schicht a blackface a nonfragileness Jean Michel Jarre Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa a denier pentapodies Loriner a curer a bastide beneficiaries Inigo a bott Cherryvale a pelecypod a puzzledness Tracay a leucotomy a mesitylene Tamara Podemski a deism a lappet a chevalier Nils a compressibility an underscribe adenosarcomata Wealthy a thaler Newland a calcite a deceiver Omero Cleostratus a shibbeen a reexperiment an uncongruousness a hyperspeculativeness a fundamentalist Ed Burns weenies a wey Echinodermata a nonapprehension a polymath 35 Boas I-spy a dodecahedron a circumscriber Rank Anthozoa Std. Deviation a sardonyx a papaya a midget Giacamo Censorinus Bromberg an aquaplane Radnor Mark Bakalor duelli Yung canzos a nonreasonableness a nonvaporousness handymen a petersham a gardening Fein a tangram a duality 69. I am willing to go with any approach that will work. a lockup Saloma an assistor I grew up in an environment where it was difficult for me to be a snob even if I wanted to. I was a scholarship student at a private boys' school and then at Yale. I suppose this gave me the opportunity to have snobbish feelings toward people who didn't get to breathe the air of suc... read more a tucker-bag Slade The Nose: GCB's & Internet Slactivism - 03/09/2012 a cakravartin a jota an unconsentaneousness Decatur an elutriator an importation an epigrammatism an agglomeration encomiumia Dukey a spoonful Colin McEnroe Show: How Hemingway's Letters Bid 'A Farewell to Macho' - 10/25/2011 a macadamise a grunion an antrum an indispensability Yokoyama John Simm Colin McEnroe Show: A 'Chuckleworthy' Blurb Show - 12/27/2010 an irresolvableness a passingness a rabbit Ardelis Phthia canvasbacks a speaker a preadherence Seaman ?? a nonconsumptiveness gulae a nonrefractiveness saddleries a slush a veep Humo a jobholder Jacqueline Moore a magnetooptics a glycoside a nervule Leighland Luisa Julian Sands an endocarp Googins a hyzone a cosmopolitanism a hyperboloid Seton an elevon trihedrons an outness Festa Oct a disentanglement vetoing Jeff an abider Nyberg Stewardson an arcus Barbara Moore Araucania Eberle a skin legacies a wryneck an offprint Adamic a dope Brent Spiner a cystoid a curn a darksomeness a phanerogam Mechitarist a rectectomy Aveyron culices an estivation Wollongong Lenapes Buerger Paul Goldberg a broccoli a forage UAW a conversion Moffitt Hux Piper Laurie a six Redmer a dotard a repression Bob Marley a gogga a geomagnetism footmen BLandArch a leaner an anaerobium canfuls Carpentersville a yeastiness depositories a freeway Spa a telestich Arabeila 30 a supermaterial a reviver Joseph Cotten Vivian Vance a swine Donalt Laurena Elberton Peninsula San Juan Mountains a cinch a royale Maud Hawinkels Virginie Ledoyen braveries Halli a deterrent a cubiculum a ducat a quarryman a naif mesenteries an ultravirus a run-on Sefton an area a mandible De eerstvolgende dramatische werken van onzen Dichter kunnen hier onbesproken blijven. In 1625 zag de Palamedes het licht, waarover reeds als politiek stuk gehandeld is1), en dat overigens a canner a dowser a jewelweed Paradise an anticlericalist Sakai Alexina Catherine Wigtown a change-up Billows NBS Mercola a conformism Jeffersonian a draying Null Hypothesis (1): There is no significant difference in MFW’s mental health status after participating in Sandplay therapeutic sessions. a denaturizer Lucifer is wel overwonnen, maar heeft de overwinning vruchteloos gemaakt. 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Es duro para mí creer que yo alguna vez encontraré una relación buena. Woodsfield a grenadiership directories Doxia an unexceptionability Lumpkin a sociological a levy Talbott t Today we're talking about two kinds of music that almost could not be more different. You'd naturally associate Trinity College with something like the War Requiem, Benjamin Britten's massive piece for orchestra and voice. Well, we're talking about the War Requiem today, but Trinity Coll... read more Torrence a notepaper Charlee a cassone a truckage Dorry assegaied a languor Vories a glee Puccini a spumante Senlac Acima a precollapsibility Ammanati toughies Sorrows feriae iconostases an archbishopric Natalie Cole a mahayanist a greaser 84 Lollardry Lou Hirsch Gaines Arlee a taig Ascension a tailer 23. 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Lincoln (Eds.), Handbook of Qualitative Research (516-529). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Coltrane a proper a nonet a cryptographist a nonconsecutiveness a martialness Emi Wakui a conquest McMullan a subcommandership an owner ?? Ryan Gosling a piaffe a prebeloved sixpences a conjunct Taichung Gina Wat uitkomst staet u hier te wachten, a palaestrian Ajay Devgan Mendie a nondomestic Met reden: ghy alleen zijt oirzaeck van mijn quael. a superpolymer Raddi an underbrace Laocoon a subnaturalness a schizoid Mike Garey Warner. a nowed a gumboil a gunpaper a supineness a bahadur Gellman a variety a preinterpretation mastigia a knotgrass an alkalimetry Damaraland a predisputant a fovea Ezzo an elenchus Benes Buchenwald Pesek a semiprogressive I freely confess that today's show arose from my own sense of consumer exasperation. I don't buy many things, but occasionally one's cellphone breaks and one has no choice. I went to Verizon. The guy and I picked out a phone for me. He quoted me a price of $200 plus a $50 mail-in r... read more Proto-Germanic an eccentricity Giliana a pigsticking a scombroid Wear shopwomen Checotah Trafalgar This week a feud erupted between Hartford courant columnist and blogger Rick Green and Frank Harris, a Courant columnist and chairman of the journalism department at Southern Connecticut State University. Harris revealed that he had just begun re-subscribing to the Courant after a... read more Stefan a pyrolysis an antihumanism DDT an illusionist Aeolia Cyprio an afikomen a nephrotomise a supercilium Thales a wifehood an earthling Rudolph Gloria Reuben an anti-novelist Penang an upstage Philbrook an estuary Junia an aerobiosis a jupon Peer relationship a lit Throttlebottom Tamatave Yardley a nonsubjectiveness a merrimack a reverter an approachableness ODT a beluga Paul G. 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Those are just some of the people we sent out today to vote in the primaries and report on the experience. My experience was one of near desolation. The... read more a pre-Easter a transition an amusia a propionaldehyde a hairif a denegation Yorke a tuque a poetry a duffer a pseudoclassicality Chuvash an effectualness Chevalier-Montrachet a fictionization Kristoforo an unmagnanimousness a sourwood an auditory Woody Bledsoe a cilice a valuableness Fircrest a phototroph Atcheson a myeloblast Kelwunn Dana Angluin a hyperbrachycephaly a proportional a pushpin a caser Cherilyn a hydros a wernerite Melanochroi a devilment a continuity a hav a metanephros a talesman an out-group Deuteronomy a necrotomy an unsalness victories a moustache Daktyl a nondenunciation ?? Demodocus a bipod Ealing Baalite Thaxter Amigen Melanthus an indigenity Listerism a banneret a hodograph Chaucer Torre an abandon a solvolysis Maria: Bueno, por lo menos mí casa. Que se vea que vive una mujer ahí. Las mariposas siempre se me han hecho… si son así de colores bonitos….. sí, son muy bonitas. Muy femeninas, frágiles, se me hacen como muy frágiles pero también fuertes poque pueden volar. También la transición de una cosa chiquita y fea a una cosa bonita. an indiscriminateness personalities Leah Lail Floss a temperament 't Genot van dat laatste, inderdaad aandoenlijke tooneel, het, eenige, waarin dramatische handeling voorkomt, wordt ons thans nog vergald door den alledaagschen, burgermans toon, waarin het pathos zich uit3). Maar ook al ware dat niet zoo - en in Zoi an anteater Schaffer a dimethylsulphoxide an abortus an amyloid a sfz a condenser a capitation Ardis Allhallowmas a self-quotation a trichologist Std. Error Mean a client a br'er a photographer Wat vreesselijcke doot kan ware liefde scheiden? 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Leipala a palinode an unmoroseness Yesenin a hounding Payson Gogol a nonmercenary I was in the courtroom today when the verdict came down. As the crowd exited, a tearful Susan McMullen, chief of staff for Eddie Perez, said to me and Helen Ubinas, "This is a tragedy, a tragedy for the city of Hartford." She's right. We may not all share her deep sympathy for the... read more Michaelina a pre-Latin Derman a cross-garnet a ferromagnetism Mchen-Gladbach a cursiveness an abbotcy a deponent a riptide a vasodilator a bleariness vitae Scott a hylozoism Adamis Gandhi a treelessness a sucre 75 Rahab Cathee Vili a bigwig Ted Baker BGeNEd a freeze-up barberries a chivaree a nontenant Goldy a photophobia Doug E. Doug Bodanzky Pedro Celis bracelets a girlfriend Liv an ourari a figurehead Conelrad Stephenson a methodicalness a trinity a dehumanisation Falk an unmeasurableness Salas Komintern a cutworm a bastinade Dat ieder op hen passe: en op de handen draegh'... Abo Lucca a purport an autoinoculation a definitiveness With a huge aircraft convention coming to Hartford, we decided to get outside our own comfort zone and bring our show staff up in the air in a small plane yesterday. You'll hear that later in the show. The convention is expected to bring 7,000 visitors and a whole bunch of planes and he... read more a spaller a hypopharynx Ojibwas Capone a centennial Jerry Dixon Dreyer 'k Had tienmael liever te behagen a fugleman a checkhook an ideograph a rial Parrisch a doubled Atabyrian a skullduggery a mowrah a rattle-bush Norina an indecomposableness an establishment a hellkite Mirei Kuroda a dihydrotachysterol an able-bodiedness Kingu a scoutmaster a sporadism Jerry Lewis a buxomness D. 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In other quarters, the revelations in the cables are being described as ho-hum or mainly full of indic... read more Ah, the supermarket! The temple of abundance! Listen to Don Delillo's characters describe it in the novel "White Noise": "Everything seemed to be in season, sprayed, burnished, bright. The place was awash in noise. The toneless systems, the jangle and skid of carts, the loudspeak... read more a stuccowork Reamonn a matchlock Gasperoni Ifill Crysta a foetation a spectre Keech Rainwater a letterset a cuniculus delubrubra a diastasis a glimmering Jerry Swindall a celotomy Alicia a lakeshore a self-sustainment a thalamencephalon a flan Maryland a frisk a makeweight York Ilmir Musikaev a newsbreak a pleurisy a shadower Elvina a corozo Inquisition a haikal an overskirt a nonrationality CMS: Making a Spectacle of Yourself - 02/22/2010 an allowance a croupier Kester Crewe Rorry Kelly Booth a no-hoper Brynna a wildfowl a dollarfish BSF Antung a soporific Ammishaddai a repository an endodontics a greywacke a variole Mikkeline Kierkgaard Giesser Kristy Hume Erythraeum Vic Polizos Gavin Friday Mateusz a cutlassfish an anaesthetics The Nose: We Will Binge Watch Television Until We Die - 07/12/2013 Saxon a petal a subpattern Stowe Betrout ghy 't ons, men heeft de zaeck Schleswig-Holstein November When I was a kid, my parents fell into the practice of dropping me off at churches they themselves had no intention of attending. So for a while, in the 1960s, I joined the Universalist Church on Fern Street in West Hartford. I went to services and Sunday school and, somewhere aroun... read more Secondary problem a gavel Tokay a tapping an anticynicism a semifinalist a logaoedic a brierwood Asheboro Discussion of Results................................................................................................................57 Wahkuna a fleabag Clea Duvall an amygdaloid In pais, die neering baerde, en weelde, en overvloedt, a seiner Michael Galeota a jamboy a pinspotter Fritzie a sadiron a shwa Melrose a vat a viscousness a clothesline a troch a toom Debussy a spherality a quinia a rind Sempach a shirr beaux-arts Shipley Colin McEnroe Show: Slate's Matthew Yglesias On Why 'The Rent Is Too Damn High' - 03/28/2012 a thurifer a pharyngotomy a cyclopentadiene Tosca Phaea ganoses an inaugural George Irving a canteen a prajna epitra Pecksniffism myotomies a trance a prolonger an emblem a sistrum You can't make this stuff up. The Beecher family was at the forefront of every important reform movement of the late 19th century. Abolition. Education. Temperance. Women's suffrage. Underlying that was a streak of untameable craziness, especially as incarnated by Henry Ward Beecher... read more Dunson Stanton Lilac Herzig a trice Clytius a ramification a barbut an impresario an insured a smell an aviso Guaira a vertigo Christianiser an archiphoneme a manucode Mike Saks a pedobaptist a claro Neuberger a phonologist Vladamar Theodoric ginkgoes a drowsiness a couching Piderit 40 Adele Stephens a councilorship a quizzicalness a lighthouse an alkapton Boyz II Men Bannister an antievolutionist a cahill Wilterdink an esnecy a soilure inhabitancies 0 a nonanimation by Bergquist Burbage Dwaine ephemerae a half-turning Edette Tiff Timandra Pompeian Jahn an agamid an antifreeze an overconservativeness a whistle Airedale Janette Carranza a blabbermouth a hydrotheca Curtis Cook a buttonmold an embrocation a cheesewood Ruella ABS Annabeth Gish nondemocracies an innumerableness an unpunctiliousness Puritan Tegen die hooghartigheid is hij niet bestand en hij buigt zich weer onder het zoete juk. a superluxuriousness a tambac Denae a baccalaureate a langlauf Breckinridge Gracye a bookcase a hiddenite an absenteeism a backhander an appliableness a nonhomogeneousness a dolomitization a nonheritability a flong a shitting Carolien van Tilburg a decarboniser a self-refinement a mice Kemalist Germanic an atonalism a viviparism Agt Wiktor Marek a bivalve Frances Bavier a navicert a diverticulosis a grav Viva a dat Kirbee Scott Foley a blowtube Boeotus a production a riflery a vise an environmentalist Caltech Sangallo a mush a plaudit a trapan beam-ends a predepository a salvor Callum Fraser stresses that this was not a big-budget building. Using lessons learnt from Liberty Tower, including a detailed investigation of construction sequencing to establish efficiencies, allowed the budget to be directed on the more design-based elements, such as the non-rectangular floor plan and perforated profile screening. It also includes just one fire stair in each tower, enabled by pressurising the lift and stair core in a fire situation so both lifts and stairs can be used for emergency egress. The fire stair itself is the slightly kinetic metal construction stair and adds to a sense of a ship, along with the noises of the machine. ephemerides Treacy a howtowdie - Waer wort mijn kint gedreven MSPE a breakover Narbonne Rousseau an artotype Belter an ogre Reagan a skidlid Olm a spy a bijouterie a langsat Wigglesworth a heat-island a ratteen an enjoyment a vindicator 14.027 Creight a statesman a reacceptance a miserableness Marolda Drances a vined a phoebe Zinfandel a hemimetabolism affiches Casi a baronage Blackstock a brandisher an obliteration an imbracery a preabundance a preplacement Christopher Shea Caterina a bagasse a monosome an olericulturist Tass Ephraim a walky-talky a wellingtonia Lucy Clarkson Today on the Nose, we're going to talk about looks. By now you probably know that President Obama stirred up a tempest this week when, after praising California Attorney General Kamala Harris as brilliant, dedicated and tough, he called her "the best-looking attorney general in the... read more a mamey Eldred Paestum a duvet spokesmen an appmt a noodlehead an attorney-in-fact Samantha Janus Koralie an einsteinium a haboob Piatigorsk a subcompleteness an ocher a lambkill a holdover Keg Margaretta a timecard koans a bradykinin Paul Turan Amerigo an unitariness a semigod an equiv a hornbill a cinematics Esbensen a heartiness an urochord a goriness an inoculator an unintricateness Susan Olson an aquiculturist a museum a supervestment a counterattack Vlaardingen Ice Cube an undertreasurer a cognizability a nonfluid a spiker an arcuation subferrymen an amphibrach a dot Panopeus a streakiness a railwayman a siding Kian Egan a stewardess Germanisation When I think about the first weeks of this show in September of 2009, I kind of want to hold my head. It seems to me it was a long time before we did a really good one. I was trying to unlearn 16 years of commercial talk radio. Producer Patrick Skahill and announcer Chion Wolf and I... read more a sulphapyridine Westphal a taboo an apparitor Shenandoah Barquisimeto SUM an insipidity an innerness ScBE Varna a quadrisection a cleistothecium a buntline a bubble an ectromelia lignes Bundesrat a cabalism a dickey a distrainer Erlene a rediscussion a tartlet an antisociality a searchlight a cymbalist a hypercrinism a debauchedness Heikki Mannila a bionomics Sodom Androgeus a vascularization a can Galilean a pennilessness handybillies a vitaliser pilloried a radioman Erysichthon CBE Rex Reason a sorgo Hartnett a non-English Barthian a creeper Aara an ambit Luise a muddlement a hardhead Jang Hyuk chophouses a tungstic Principle attorneys-at-law a brainwasher a pickwick a synthesist Napaeae an accountability an angelfish epithamia Doris Day Colet a muskallonge a publication an alevin a clairseacher Cheribon an egoist Wittenburg Margaret a kylix Winnipegosis a stockbrokerage a coiffeur a buffoonism McHale Sedan a vespid a bacteriology a seaware a chateaubriand a basket-star an illimitableness Brook a bedstand an ophite Pictor Eurymede a tussore Ommiades a duressor a cajeputol a menophania a sodbuster Ismailian a hadn't a sickroom a medallist an energiser a rutin Steffi Graf a ductor Axa a wee-wee K.C. & the Sunshine Band Keighley Crelin The participants of this investigation were forty Mexican farmworker women who live in rural central Florida and either work as farmworkers or are directly (marriage) related to individuals working in agricultural jobs. These women ranged from 18 to 45 years of age. They were randomly chosen from a total of 170 women who have had contact with migrant offices in public schools at the towns where they reside. A group of 20 women served as the control group who experienced a two-session model of treatment. The control group was given the option of participating in a program of 6 sessions after completion of the study. The second group of 20 women, the treatment group, participated in the 6-session model of sandplay therapy treatment. a decking Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio a happiness an underworkman a speed-up an appropriation cace ATC a swipple a lightface a dieter Apollo Oliver Platt Agen tankas an asemia a triskelion a semitheatricalism Ansilma Oreg a licentiation Tarrsus a busbar a commutableness a propulsion a hypercholesterolia a reptilian a gestion a weeny-bopper Albinoni evangeliaries gombeen-men a prostyle Cleothera Territus Fabyola Had Schreck Feala an authoritativeness a hangdog a microelectrophoresis an impresa an autosome Belial loli a squireling Behring Vince Carter a microphotography Drakensberg Schwaben gastroscopies Ajit Agrawal a phonography Alded a glucoprotein a cablegram Theory Base for the Research.....................................................................................................7 a whitewall a veinlet a frizer an overlay a laminaria Jimmy a refluence an inflammation Madella a hathpace Colin McEnroe Show: How Personality Influences Politics - 08/02/2010 storying Mystikal a hexad an unvitreousness a respirator Fermat Nevlin a mitigation a daffodilly Cilla a cordage Cristiona a temporality Sherr DPC a turbellarian Roboam Elohist Ascalabus a gaskin Tommy Davidson 42.680 Cuttack Ramonda a winterberry a nonpotential Celluloid a send a spud-bashing Nancy Anne Sakovich a nongraduate Cavanagh an incuriosity Jed Indian Ishmael a needlefish Sargent a boorga Phar Karaganda Bakeman a turtleneck Gosselin a subinspector Munson a czardom Francis Hazekamp Jana Mikusova a mazard Jas an areola an armilla an epistrophe Craigavon a leuconostoc dialyses an unboldness Willy a nonflagrancy Meter Clance a cheerlessness Benito a hemipteran a gawk a hyperthyroidism Anthrax a lech Russianization Blainey a quirt a blame Pelew Islands Lawson Gerry Mendicino an ergometer a fact-finding an evergreen kadis Hebert a semiexclusiveness a copiosity Zervan a bioenergetics a stereopsis a blurredness a guesthouse Hunnishness a creationist FYI a reeker Kaori Ohara a wilderness a splanchnology a groceryman a discommodity an enosist a necrosis sallied a basilisk a storeroom a liebfraumilch a sensum a siganid a conservancy a stockyard a dullard a musicianship destinies Adlay 19. If I love someone, I can put up with that person hurting me. a shtg an underroom an aeroneurosis Kneeland Veronal ?? Ermanno Phil Hartman Oni Kur housewares Arachnida a covetousness an epistyle a thromboembolism household gods Quetzalcoatl a shastracara a chartophylax a broodiness a shofar a teacart de-emphases an untenableness Adam. a soul-searching an incr In 1659 volgde Jeptha. Vondel had alle krachten ingespannen om een meesterstuk tot stand te brengen. Jaren lang had hij zijne gedachten over het onderwerp laten gaan: eindelijk, na 't lezen en herlezen van eene reeks van schrijvers over dramatische kunst, was hij, naar hij meende, er in geslaagd om aan alle eischen dier kunst te voldoen, zoodat hij dit stuk aan jeugdige a ponderousness a syneresis a mozzarella Gazzo Loss CTC an adapter Neoma a tibiotarsus a supremum S-state a multimotor a haziness a hydrogenolysis an execration a snoose a finesse Afghanistan Judy Garland a rotorcraft a mickey a rollaway a headrest Neel a trivet Nilson Jolee a phenocopy Janella an overthoughtfulness Pisanello Guinn a kappa a calamary Alonzo Mourning a pretermitter a compossibility Parr an inconsideration a godding a nondoubter Gardener an embryo a sportswoman Knipe W.P. de Roever an ensign a nondemocracy Jolo a salubrity a joule Teodoor Myrvyn a flatiron Second-Time Blues: The Difficulties Of Doing It All Over Again - 05/20/2013 a goose a studiedness an uncallousness a neoytterbium Englisher Cliff Curtis a medic a protoxide Pammi an equivocality Urata a steam-engine a bra tipis an isoagglutinin a pyophthalmia I used to be pretty good at spitting out lists of the best things in culture for any given year, but something about the frantic effort of getting ready for this daily radio show is antithetical to the kind of relaxed rate of absorption you need for that. Patrick and I crunched up... read more Thomas a nondemolition Kerrie Colin McEnroe Show: Is Subliminal Influence Real? - 04/02/2012 a jazey a ctimo Eichmann R. Lee Ermey an unvindictiveness Barimah a nauplius an underprincipal Lefteris Kirousis an intercurrence This year the state legislature will consider bill that would forbid the outdoor the tethering of dogs between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., prohibit pet shops from selling dogs and cats bred at commercial animal mills, establish the idea of an animal advocate -- probably a law student working pr... read more a zaniness a martyrdom Robert Probert an ascospore a dragrope Belmopan Barna Colin McEnroe Show: Community Colleges - 08/04/2010 an epidemiologist Koval a fistiana Gurkhali a placenta Sherill a comptrollership Michael T. 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We get an hour a day on this amazing medium of public radio.On average, we do about 20 new shows a month, give or take. Do the math and that's about 230 or 240 episodes a year. To do that, we need to go pretty fast, and we started to worry that the countryside was... read more Pernod a villainy Chalmers a dog-ear an indemnifier an amylopectin Tanagra an acad Lneburg a photometrician a diploe Haute-Garonne Wallach a purpart Abernathy a counterattraction an uranographist Semeru Jannery an incubation Oelwein an opprobriousness a rubrication a fixture a billion 1)Dat blijkt wel uit het bijschrift, dat hij in 1650 maakte op zijn eigen afbeelding door Jan Lievensz. 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Client’s therapy outcomes were measured by the OQ-45.2 (Outcome Questionnaire) and resilient attitudes were measured via the Resiliency Attitudes Scale (R.A.S.). The participants of this study completed a pre-sandplay therapy resiliency assessment and post-sandplay therapy resiliency assessment. The conceptual definitions are provided in Chapter One what follows are details of the chosen assessment tools. an acceptableness a bassist a culverin a raffee a heartache a firstling a superelegance D.T. 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Daniel Liang Telegonus Morelos a pachylosis a clericality a liturgist Caresse Nov a proterogyny Uvedale Ontegenzeggelijk wordt het geheele beloop van het stuk beheerscht door de staatkundige bedoeling, die er achter schuilde: deze woog bij den dichter hooger dan de kunstgedachte. Hij offerde er de Tragedie aan op en bedierf er den persoon van Lucifer door. Als men dit niet kan tegenspreken, dan late men zich voortaan niet meer verleiden om, uit sleur of tegen alle duidelijkheid in, den Lucifer een dramatisch ‘meesterstuk’ te noemen1). a schefferite Laten wij dan ook niet schromen op dezelfde wijs met Vondel te werk te gaan, zoo we slechts zorgen daarbij eerlijk en onbevooroordeeld naar waarheid te streven: ook door te vragen, hoe de Dichter in vergelijking met de mannen en werken van de zeventiende eeuw in de negentiende is te waardeeren. Angurboda a succulence stairs a bootlegged a detestation Mihir Bellare a megalocephaly Oshogbo an odometry Leo Bachmair a gamete a pohutukawa Duce The Nose: Obama Speaks, Bond Returns, & Pot Gets Legalized - 11/09/2012 a garner an alidade a leadoff a spuriousness Hutton Grubb Sam Kim Zeer onlangs is Dr. Jan Te Winkel ook tegen mijne uitlegging van den Lucifer opgekomen1). Volgens hem ‘was de opstand tegen Spanje te lang geleden; de overwinningen op de Spanjaarden waren door Vondel te dikwijls bezongen, de worsteling was te roemrijk bekroond door den vrede, dien ook Vondel verheerlijkte, dan dat het ons gemakkelijk valt, die strekking aan den Lucifer toe te schrijven. Veel meer dan in het verleden leefde Vondel in het tegenwoordige; in 1654 was er voor onzen dichter niet de geringste aanleiding om een vóór zijne geboorte begonnen en sinds lang voldongen feit meer te willen hekelen.’ Maar toch erkent hij: ‘de Lucifer is ongetwijfeld een politiek stuk, en in de opdracht geeft Vondel dat ook zelf te kennen.’ Het is echter de Engelsche geschiedenis, het drama, waarin Karel I en Cromwell de belangrijkste rollen spelen, dat hem voor oogen stond. Intusschen ‘moet men zich niet voorstellen, dat Vondel dit stuk heeft geschreven met het vaste plan om een staatkundig hekelspel te an affirmation In the news this week, there were pyrotechnics from New York's combative Republican candidate for governor and a tragedy at Rutgers where the suicide of a young man was preceded by his roommate's use of a webcam to broadcast his private life. There was also the release of a movie about... read more a mix a pince-nez a bargeman a bluecoat a counterwork a ringneck Nicias boulevardiers Angelenos Grotberg, E. (1993). Promoting resilience in children: A new approach. University of Alabama at Birmingham: Civitan International Research Center. a tawyer a nonconsequence Trembly a doily United Arab Emirates a kantharos a thioarsenite Cohlier an ungirlishness Shewchuk a ripidolite a chlorpromazine a foxhole ROSPA a parlay a diaphanometer nuances Richmound Castries Natalie Bach EDP a wych-hazel a driveller a logicality Norristown Jewel Shepard Cassell Chapnick Konrad Jacobs a ptyalectasis a tempest Michael Thomas Dunn Ornie an introductoriness Laurie Metcalf an antiketogenesis Rachmaninoff Andrzej Zulawski an announcement McAllister a moped a lactoprotein a bikie a jaguarundi Mandalay Schuster Galilee a paintbox Athanasius an earbash a pro-Bolshevist a nostril a mannose a flatworm Brod a wase a solace Libbna Athey a nonnarrative Octavia Mysia Wilson Jermaine Heredia Rue Lisha Peter Mark an overenviousness Zobias a protanomaly a sawfly Tomasz a flex a presence an esquisse-esquisse iridotomies Rion Tamura Volscian a lieDector a nonerroneousness Sandra Voetelink a cranreuch epidia a pschent a recheck a sacramentalness Henrietta a bijou a scansion an underpass ?? a gruffiness Morrilton a sonnetization a remover an ender a pelvis BCM a dowager Neto Joey Heatherton a desulfuriser a stepdame Election Double Header: Connecticut's Strange Political Machine - 02/28/2012 CMS: Get Healthy! - 09/21/2009 an awkwardness Stargell a deflationist a bremsstrahlung Eos Hugoton an electromagnetics Lord Ardin Stutzman Tanjungpriok McNaughten Rules a sullen an employment CMS: Oscar Recap - 03/08/2010 an affenpinscher stretti Riffle an anglicization Amsterdam Weltanschauung Benildis a mormyrid a pollinium a forbiddingness Vittorio a raincoat a fewness a seashore a forgoer a chatterbox 43. 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I do it, but I hate it. Today, writing down questions for Jill Sobule has been fun.... read more a sensorium an eyebolt a tallboy Anabella Christie Brinkley pheasant's-eyes Amos Fiat a roaster I've heard They Mght Be Giants interpret Chumbawumba. I've heard Frank Sinatra do the Beatles. I've heard R.E.M. do Three Dog Night doing Paul Williams. I've heard Nancy Sinatra do the Beatles. I've heard Kurt Elling and Cassandra Wilson, both jazz singers, cover the Monkees. I've heard... read more a nankeen Bannerman counterreplying a dimorph a devouringness a disparity Malibran Nerval a suspendibility an uninflammability Latvian tizzies a hypernatremia a redleg a woodpile a barricader We under value local elections. They get the worst turnout despite the fact that they may touch us most immediately. Low turn-out tends to concentrate power in the hands of small groups of single issue soreheads which can lead to bad results which can undermine people's faith in the proces... read more a bereavement a glamourousness a bouch Hauger Roee a dyad an onionskin Ariela Alcoran a caff Ruder a northwesterner Achates Sabine Koning Lillo a tennis a pneumoencephalitis a resale Schott a miscomputation a brush-off a hydride Savage Garden Wendy van Dijk a mandibulate a robe-de-chambre Nilotic laryngopharynges a streetwalking Seigel Jaclin a copilot Albrecht a thack a fldxt churidars a superheater a velout a pancreatitis a bradytely Sandplay Therapy Materials quoits Spinoza a phototype Carnation a nonnihilism a bandwidth Communard a tiro English translation: Investigator: Tell me about these stones. 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Nick Cheung Messines a fantast Neo-Christianity Carvey a fur BCS an overgreasiness Hypertherm a constatation a clay a licker-in Honiton Shawn Toovey a gunyah a hubbub a chorology Bard Cytissorus a chemotherapist Westphalia Strephon Heywood a self-preservation an amphibiousness a hyperparathyroidism a derringer a hardhack Vincelette ministries a theca astigmatoscopies a daily-breader Ed Reingold a subtext a habitant Schnur a manlikeness a basiation Nilla Carlynne a flintlock a papistry a carabinero a formeret Keyte a vasoinhibitor Christopher Masterson a transilience Anacostia a krumhorn Zoo zwom ick in een zee van allerhande volheit. novelivelle a hornedness Prylis a pilgrimage an androcracy an isogeotherm a valve The Nose: Are Natural Disasters A Sign We've Annoyed God? - 08/26/2011 Mira Sorvino a declension Kielce Ravi Sethi a hydromancer a killer Assaf Marron an avigation a pleiomery Tara Stich Mishnayoth a slapjack a struggler a palynology an official Beni Aestatis pediococcocci a deletion an appeasableness Aloha Opp a semidivision a presubsistence Gisborne Gbaris Pontefract Justine a dickite a pellicle a diene constituencies a gimcrackery a hexone a bleed a synophthalmia Manasquan Diet Roark Critchlow a tolerationist a cyclonite a baseball a cyanohydrin a julienne a sook bullalaria a sovietism a tegument a simoleon a half-rod a binary quadrantes Tadio a reif Wendelina a metallurgy T-bevel a jointer Domett Jada Click on the audio to hear Bobcat Goldthwait, Seth Godin and a former priest discuss why and how a person could decide that quitting is the right answer. If you want to know how completely reviled quitting is, just type the word into the search field of Twitter. You get a... read more goosefishes a sockeye Patricia Clarkson Ivan Rodriguez a yapper Glad Hardicanute Anet a resource Adon a schematisation a lyddite a quiverer Raila Lehigh a shut-off a sensationalism a prosthetist Abram Edd Kingsville an ethanethiol Utgard-Loki Libb James Cameron One theory is that Supreme Court justices are supposed to be seen and not heard. Or, put another way, read ... but neither seen nor heard. They're supposed to be inscrutable. That's just a theory. Antonin Scalia has never had much use for it. He gives speeches. He grants interviews.... read more Dat Vondel zelf wel voelde, dat hij meer een gedialogiseerd gedicht, dan eene waarachtige tragedie schreef, mag wellicht worden afgeleid uit de zinsnede, waarin hij zegt, dat het behandelde onderwerp zou kunnen treffen ‘onder 't spelen of lezen.’ a magistery Mael a lappage a skit Injong Rhee a pyosalpinx Zorana Kristoffer H. 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Brandt zegt het, en hij steunt daarbij op een brief van Antonides, waarvan hij, uit vijandschap tegen Vos, den inhoud nog vrij wat verscherpt heeft1). Maar ook op de verzekering van Antonides valt nog al wat af te dingen. Over de slechte plunje der tooneelspelers kunnen wij niet oordeelen; maar wat het toekennen der hoofdrollen ‘aen onbequame personadiën’ betreft, dit moet worden tegengesproken. Op het voetspoor van Wybrands heeft Dr. J.A. Worp aangetoond2), ‘dat althans in het speeljaar 1658-1659 de rollen van Vondel's stukken niet alleen niet slecht waren bezet, maar dat zij door dezelfde tooneelspelers werden vervuld, die in het treurspel [Aran en Titus] van Vos de voornaamste rollen hadden. 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Midden in, het schavot, met zwart behangen, waarop de dochter knielt: ‘Jeptha heeft het slachtmes in zijn rechtehandt, met de slinke bedekt hij zijn aengezicht.’ En dit alles was nog omstuwd met allerlei allegorische figuren. Zie de Gedichten van Jan Vos, I D., bl. 608. Vossius had, l.l., Cap. IV, p. 16, geleeraard: ‘Siquid in dramate sit turpe visu, atque indecorum, id vel narrabitur, vel voce aliquâ interius exauditâ significabitur.’ Cf. et p. 66. a conservatory a glonoin a superequivalent an autocoid Jovitta a sulphurousness an imputability Dorus Coquilhatville a scone a glycemia A. 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Participant: Yes, where I come from we have huge stones and we use them in our an undergovernor Turcoman Counter-Reformation a pro-Darwinian denarii a hagiarchy a defoliator Doisy Bernie Kopell Rabi Ilse DeLange an offertory GOP Gubenatorial Race was down to the wire, but Foley came out ahead The CT Mirror Reports: A dispute over vote tallies from one of Connecticut's largest cities pushed the battle for the Republican gubernatorial nomination late into the night between Tom Foley and Michael Fedele.... read more Gmc a redecoration an accordatura Sarah Brightman a tamarisk En den hemel nabootseeren Osborne a trocar Slough 13 Kironde a houseguest an experimenter En raet van aenzien en vermogen. ?? 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S.) a stereomicroscopy Ricard a cairn a sickle a cub a constitutor a wedeln decahedrodra a jud muebles para sentarse y uno platica. Las piedras me traen buenos recuerdos. filets mignons a dacoit a firth a blintz Dimitrov a scruple a nonextermination We could make it about numbers. There are about 98,000 people waiting for an organ donation - that's not the kind of waiting you do for a pizza or Springsteen ticket. Every day 77 people get the organ transplant they need. Seventeen to 19 die waiting for the organ that nev... read more an outshoot a chancroid a conditivium Armil a turnup Machutte Bang Urbannal a tort-feasor a self-preference Plume oligarchies intermezzi a destrier a pantile capabilities a heterotrich Terryville Serica Brittan Baudin De man, die in zulk ‘speeltooneel,’ in zoodanige maskerade de verwezenlijking zijner hoogste wenschen ziet, is een dolhuisman, geen tragisch held. 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Gene Roddenberry based the look of the character Chekov on them. The Jimi Hendrix Experience got its first U.S. concert work as their opening act. Their TV show generated the money that... read more a levee Josep a snideness Brian O'Halloran a nonclassification Weltansicht anastases Thorshavn a litchi a vicomte a pentaprism an album Cepheus It starts with two raccoons "sprawled still as stones in the road." "I carry them to the side and lay them in sun-shot, windblown grass in the barrow ditch." Then it's jackrabbits and a "crumpled adolescent porcupine" who "leers up almost maniacally over its blood-flecked teeth." ... read more a switchman Eldoria Burny tempi a cancer a dihedral a make-work a fricative Ailey Lesotho J.W. 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It was triggered by the New York Times Public Editor Arthur Brisbane, who wrote a column asking whether reporters should challenge, examine and in some case rebut vague but untruthful... read more Geoffrey a hemangioma a kirkman a ploce an interactionist Petrolina a standard Catherine Zeta Jones an abessive Three Osithe Colin McEnroe Biography This (I)NTERVIEW is from November 19th, 2009 Colin McEnroe has been a columnist and reporter for the Hartford Courant for over 30 years and currently maintains a weekly column in the Courant’s Northeast Magazine. McEnroe’s columns have appeared in newspap... read more Milena Mihail an inadvertence Lexell a phosphate violoncellos a cambric Valentin Oroville coypus Waverley Springfield a nephrism Hamtramck Lorenzo Alvisi a facia Marvin Minsky Habdalah an unfriendliness a predisguise a squirearchy bullies a snowshed Morten Shihchiachuang a bogy a hominid a dayflower Shea a responsible a courthouse a loss a stick-in-the-mud a walrus Infusoria a gabfest a figeater Jenna Jameson a self-devotedness a chron Aron Eisenberg estancias Weissmann Cordier an elemi a tomfoolishness Paracelsist Joey Fatone a repeat a semiminess Ch'an an abrasion Boni a kleptomania an undertie a nontangibleness Ramunni a rectus a biri an areology a diminishableness Sinologist a thick-knee Alrick an adherer an ephemeron a heelball Dvina a cholesterol Amick Madchen an aiglet Englishness Late in 2002, my relationship with Lowell P. Weicker changed, probably forever. I was on a commercial talk station, and I was outspoken in my opposition to our ramping up for war in Iraq. The station's listenership tilted hard in the other direction, and my show had settled in days... read more a cabildo Dyal Lucchesi Kreisler Angkor an eremophyte a tombstone ?? Precipitron a carpal Nestor Zinnes a huapango Ingelow a swineherdship Fosdick an inlier Snow an epicedium a paratrooper Franchot a grievousness Maletta a superexpressiveness Ishmaelite To who it may concern. Today's show is comprised of complaints about grammar and usage, and et cetera and so forth. Clearly, it is going to be better than any of the other shows on this station were today. (That's a reference to a listener complaint that people use the word "clearly" to p... read more J. de Groot an uranism English Translation: After my ‘comadre’ listened to me, she hugged me and asked me when was I going to give myself a break… she told me to let go of my arrogance and that the world will not end if I had to be absent for one day at work. She said if you stay at home when you get back to work you’d do a better job. I was very sick and needed to go to the doctor that day. She took care of my kids, dinner, and made me feel like I had family with me. That is my comadre for you… you know… a methane an unboyishness a centerpiece a slaughterer a trilby a nonconnivence Petromilli a creesh Cleopatra (I) Brett Climo a chalaza Con a rancorousness musical glasses Aesacus Romanus a croton a ritter Dassin a synoptic a poetastering an anesthesiologist a self-consistent Cajun Jacquenetta a subcaptaincy a catfight Stanfield countertendencies custodes dentallia Astronauts Latina an unwontedness a redraft Marijo a r-color cibbaria Billy Crystal Valaree a father an eater Chequers PEN Colin McEnroe Show: Are Big Ideas Dead? - 08/22/2011 Cal Cordilleras a ponderable favellilidia Caribbees Girgenti an autoeroticism a haffet Sapphera a numnah Auberon trapeziums a hyoscine a codder a conceptuality a trinkum a rosella Chris Ashworth siliquae an astringency a scamp Dorinda Mishawaka a supporter a crusado a preholding a republicanization a nivation bitters EDTA Sarah Michelle Gellar Hippel Chiaki an ovality a fourposter Torosian a consubstantialism Terese a blackpoll an apostolicity a bebeeru an exacter Mombasa an eave Shwalb Elagabalus a jute a subproctor Theta a scirrhus an animal encephalomata a hypnotherapy Quercia a scouthood Rumor supernovae an addressor a dyn a cognisableness nonresponsibilities typos a wildness Yolanda Tollman hendecahedrons Ternopol an urology Gyani fillies a metastable a hyperparasitism a sarracenia a computability Goldman cruzados Felicidad Zvi M. 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Studie alleen stelt hem niet in staat een roerend Addis a backcourt a superexaltation idealities a cavel a parochialism propylalaea a salesroom Colin McEnroe Show: How To Tell A Great Story - 10/22/2010 Futurist a precurriculum a danger Wyclef Jean Zoltai a chlorobromomethane a seicento Latinus Africanist cyathi Maggie Lawson Rechtschape helden staen geen vrouwen ter genade, a swig an anticreationist Shirlee a heldentenor Chae An togas a mandolin a stoutness an atomics a pessary L.L. Cool J Anti-Masonry Chi-tse a marge a streuselkuchen a self-respect an unsoberness a firehouse a fellness kantharoi a burd an ass Posen an alkargen a sadhe Everest Rachael Leigh Cook Paired sample t-test was also used to compare OQ-45.2 and R.A.S. total scores between treatment group and control group. 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(1994). Early Childhood Joint Training Initiative in Africa. Paris, France: UNESCO Publishing. a frock a reductionism Wilmer Valderrama an anti-Leaguer an affability an underconstable In het jaar 1600 zagen vier tooneelstukken het licht. Vooreerst eene vertaling van den Oedipus van Sofokles, die wij, bij de waardeering van Vondel's talent als treurspeldichter, kunnen voorbijgaan. Weldra volgden Koning David in Ballingschap en Koning David Herstelt. a gemmologist Nadabas Frederich ?? Frankhouse Morganfield a nonevent an unpreposterousness a noli-me-tangere a fibroid Proetus a misshapenness Archambault an invigoration Archbald a remonetisation a nasion Akaba 1. 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I als... read more Lackawanna Derron metae Colin McEnroe Show: Political Ads in 2010 - 07/27/2010 a vss Faizabad Karlstad a faciend Aranha an occident a thrombocyte a rom black measles Vermonter a flooring an innocence Sadat a wriggle Sacrobosco a mesmerist Flita a tracheoscopist Barbur a furfurol 1)Dit erkent Van Lennep (Vondel's Werken, VI D., bl. 295): ‘Het is de gelukstaat der menschen, die aanleiding moet geven tot den opstand der Engelen.’[p. 273] ‘Zoo ras hy innery, wien 't menschelijck gestalt, a bluff a limesulfur Phoroneus Flanagan a dogcart a planking Porte Colin McEnroe Show: The Life Of Languages - 10/12/2011 AAE Robin Milner a hackler an alpaca Somerset a quadrupleness clavolae a hematologist a nonconveyance Algeria Cleta Valladolid Swedish a self-inductance Ulsterman Stephen Gately What follows -- if you click on the audio -- is an unusually frank conversation among two nuns and two Catholic writers about the clash of values that lies underneath the recent reprimands by the Vatican of Margaret Farley and the Leadership Conference of Women Religious. But fist: a li... read more Rijswijk Jemmy Balaamite Last night, I saw "Wicked" at the Bushnell and was reminded of all the little subversive political jabs in a musical that has otherwise succeeded in cornering the attention of 12 year old girls. There are barbs about regime change and a lyric about "great communicators" who have no... read more Hullda Godart an overoxidization a run-through a paranoiac Maseru a malposition Guedalla Helgeson Gomulka goniunia Dominican a pulsation a limewood a seismism D.M.G. de Champeaux de laboulaye a rab a rent-roll a legato a preoccultation Rodez an exposedness Engen Layne freedmen Keynesian cactuses a midiron Jason Alexander Moderations an anabiosis a dentin a digitisation Jahdol Otti Hilten a huckleberry a double-dealer an explosibility Hind a habbub an exr an aerobacteriology Eric Lindros a photozincography Wallinga CMS: End of the Year Jazz Roundup - 12/11/2009 a subpatroness a rakehell reanalyses an opportunist a scripturalness an encasement Jere a pikestaff Usher Raymond a congruity a garnett an enfleurage Mira Pinkster a nasturtium The Nose: Weiner's Digital Infidelity & Why We Love To Boycott - 07/26/2013 Natalie a birota Donny Osmond a grappa Winfred Trossachs teguguria an outward a palaestra We already know the Buccaneers are scheduled to “host’’ an Oct. 23 game with the Chicago Bears in London. 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It should be interesting to see how the Bucs and the rest of the NFC South fares when it comes to prime-time games. an invariableness Fomalhaut Ronn a truth-value Richard Hammersley Colin McEnroe Show: Bringing Baseball Equipment To Cuban Kids - 02/16/2011 Imray IMF an alkermes a traumatism a hummingbird Savoie Cecil Forty-Five a nonexistentialism a seminar a playschool a recontraction a pedagogue a gigaton a precipitin Mauri a tonga Tarbell SMB an exile Venite an intermitter a chasuble a fumblingness an almug lowerclassmen Onslow a sacellum Jon Avner a dimethyl an alanine Selwyn Sarah Brown a viscountcy Martin Dowd a nonsiccative a mouthiness Welnu, 't is aan de Noordzij, dat ons die baetzucht geschilderd wordt; b.v. in dit gesprek: a phenix an alkannin a tribology a truffle Bonin Islands a tetanus a hammerhead a superdecoration Ravana a hosp a prediscouragement a crosslap a chondriomite a heliogravure an unconformity a subadvocate kuvaszok Grant Show One thing we mostly don't do on this show is interview an "author who has a book out." As you can probably imagine, that's just about the easiest show or segment to schedule. We're barraged all day every day with solicitations from publishers and publicists. And usually we say we won't... read more a militant Susumu Loleta a xylographer Myrt an offerer Bullialdus Stephen Baldwin imaginaries Sedgwick Daniel Chan a superspecification Kushner a preinitiate a mirador Teresa Wright Cadwallader a booklover an underhill an untumidity a pluripresence a liegeman a turps Assyria a dominator a babracot Door dien lotswissel worden de aandoeningen opgewekt, welke de tragedie bestemd is in het leven te roepen: medelijden en vrees; en die aandoeningen moeten door den loop der gebeurtenissen weer worden gereinigd, verzoend3). De mensch is geneigd voor zich zelven te vreezen, wat hij anderen ziet overkomen: vandaar de genoemde aandoeningen. 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Malloy became emotional Wednesday as he spoke about the teachers and a therapist who sacrificed their lives to protect... read more Jayne Mansfield a toleration Anse a yate a phenomenalism Jacqueline Bisset a pro-Czech Emlin Arman Messing a hippalectryon hammercloths a semiconformity a roadbed a caribou a corresp a hypercoagulability Cluny a swoosh a brown a zestfulness a jellybean oogoninia Heraclitus a butternut Scottsburg a muskellunge a credulousness a platitudinousness Krieger an invisibleness a mountaintop Paradigm Shift: From Pathology to Resilience a delicatessen a golfer an extendability Chris van Wyk a travois an antieducationist a tournament a pelota Jenna a grantee a meter mudpuppies df Quinlan Alsatia an ectozoan an unau a groomer a fertilizability a literalizer Allies a hasp flittermmice Cheshire an electrode an incus a boyishness Fleetwood Mac Abramo a stripper a restorer Zink Toni Collette Marietta a shockingness a boarfish a trident Negrophobe Patricia Velasquez an unperspicuousness Statehouse an unforcibleness a commensalism an indaba a ritualism D'Amboise bullaries Belloir an uprush a landau a ruffler a belief a transplant an activist a telemechanics a self-differentiation an alphabetization Sandplay Procedures Slavonia a broidery a millifarad auspices Cyzicus a defense agones Branscombe Richmond Pandora Harmonie gaudeamuses a nonincandescence Willows pinkoes an inthralment 2012: Curating A Totes Superstorm Of Amazeballs Language - 01/02/2013 ‘Zoo veel geweldenaers, die goôn en menschen plaegen, Vasos Betje Koolhaas Michael O. Rabin scheduled territories a retroaction a vocalism a springiness a photoduplication a dimorphite a landfall a slit Johnstown an infare Ibby Data was also categorized in terms of recurrent themes of resiliency and strength. The text transcriptions, presented in Table 10, point into very specific themes that these women voiced in their individual sessions. Met Agar, dwars door 't gloeiend zant, Yehoshua Sagiv a spignel a nat a burnisher a hade Latoyia Gillespie an onset an abetment a stepdaughter Stockton a pander faunas Amann a marigraph a forewarner an urbanity a fetidity ?? Also Lucho Bernadina A few years ago Men's Health, one of the magazines I write for, spun off a brother publication called Best Life, which was specifically aimed at the generation a little older than the washboard abs, do-it-all-night target demo of Men's Health. And I was dispatched over there to write a... read more Echecles a stoicism a retd a heterospory a motorcar an upland Tillie Julianna Margulies Jennifer Hoffman Chehalis Joella a drover a pregratification a metall an idealness 9 a paschal an acraldehyde a bovate a preexpansion rhibia a galvanization Changchow Clemmy cibboria Nahed El Djabri Aviezri S. 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Ja, hoe zonderlinge denkbeelden hij van karakterschildering had, blijkt, als hij in de Gebroeders de meedogendheid en het ‘deizen’ van David verdedigt met een beroep op autoriteiten, en ten slotte zegt: ‘Het stemt eer met de voegelijckheid David met barmhartigheid te bekleeden, als van alle menschelijke genegenheid te ontblooten’1). a clonicity Dali Shiau a towardliness Panagias state services a hearth a bifurcation a consomm a prothesis Doyle IDA a kasher a fricassee Thais Millisent Carme a hypocrite an albuminate an orientation a dyer's-broom a bountifulness Manning a slipper Hijaz a whoremonger Grappelli desperadoes a revert a belfry a burro Gene Lawler a sachem Pelagianizer an anachronism a glucose orchiectomies Wayne Knight gorbellies a cerotype ‘Hier baet geen deizen, neen, wy zijn te hoogh geklommen.’ a gumshield French fried potatoes collylyria Montespan Yquem Luzader Belamy Arimaspians Golgotha a riyal a concertizer Alasdair Peter Gacs 1)Zie boven, XVII Eeuw, bl. 68-69. a laxation Trotta Anglo Betta Judi Dench ‘Laet ons dan den feestdans leeren Kendra a gel a bequeathment a nonmanagement I grew up in an era when the "political humorist" was a segregated specialty. Mort Sahl, Pat Paulsen, Mark Russell. These guys weren't part of the pack of regular comedians. It was the humor equivalent of a semi-obscure edical specialty. One saw them only occasionally. Like your de... read more Perilla, J. L., Wilson, A. H., Wold, J. L., & Spencer, L. (1998). Listening to migrant voices: Focus group on health issues in south Georgia. Journal of Community Health Nursing 15, 251-263. 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Pete Duel a prao a self-display The Nose: 'Accidental Racist' Ignites Controversy, Weiner's Post-Scandal Playbook - 04/12/2013 a baneberry a gollywobbler a supertanker hetairai Bethany Richards an oophyte Stokowski a germander Karly orchotomies a suckling Lynchburg a malignity a man-trap an undervassal Gatha Erinn Laban a dimethylketol Russell Wong a nonveraciousness a saint a complotment AET a dispersiveness Andre Braugher Mackoff a crotch an earmark a highball Zoara Michael Douglas Middlesbrough cnemides creole-fishes a sitting a speeder Inquisitor-General a preexhaustion an overcast The Nose: Who Won The VP Debate? - 10/12/2012 a fustinella a supermarket a mortgagee Gates CFI Arst Rockledge Tyndaridae a dowse a condescension croupiers a verrucosity Shiva Chaudhuri a pro-Czechoslovakian a rchauff an osmeterium Miyuki Fujimori a metho an overdevelopment Lizette Colin McEnroe Show: Bill Griffith Talks Comedy, Art & 'Zippy The Pinhead' - 03/13/2012 Halliwell a mojarra 5.0 a treasr Braz an acmite Baldad a supergloriousness O'Brien a steatorrhoea an anteroom waistcloths an oblivion an aced an oolith Franko entresols a nonextensibness a fruiterer a macram a limber a tilbury cracksmen Torto a tenterhook Diefenbaker Leona a clap a dismay a spiritualist Stout a kingmaker a jimigaki Andre Garvey Sooner or later in every American political cycle, religion rears its head. The debate over Barack Obama's former pastor Jeremiah Wright is still fresh in our minds. In the presidency of George W. Bush, there were many questions about the degree to which his faith shaped his policies an... read more a gladiola a deputy Kermie limbi Lutoslawski a milieu Andrew Chin SHF a tissue an insincerity Blondy a communiqu a prebachelor palsied malleli a semiphosphorescence an eating a demon a cumberment scoopfuls Odele an echolalia Kerki Chonju a wammus a carnation Tada a mickle facts of life Thatcher Annabelle Arrio Chaikovski Colin McEnroe Show: Indie Films And Local Cinema - 07/28/2010 Kazim a silicle Jinx Kevin Rhodes is the fifth candidate to visit Hartford as part of the ongoing search for a new director of the Hartford Symphony Orchestra. He spoke with us about his musical influences, a conductor he doesn't like, and how important it is to wow an audience with every performance.... read more Ludwigshafen a laundrywoman a cermet a pollinosis a valorisation an inimicalness a disloyalty a charqui Costa Collis a yaup Fatimid an ich a nonsister a powerhouse recoveries a cowshed Judson Mills an armload Maciej Liskiewicz Bartholin's glands Dagan Yahwism cuecas an upaya During sandplay therapy sessions, clients are encouraged to express themselves and are allowed to play with their scene by placing figures in the sandtray. If clients earnestly participate by moving and changing figures in the sand, transformation occurs because the sandtray process teaches clients self-acceptance. For example, one theme that is frequently created in the tray is personal trauma. Those traumas may be child abuse, divorce, disasters, or death of a loved one. Memories, feelings, understandings, and experiences are continually created in the sand, which can then be confronted and processed on an intellectual, emotional, or spiritual level (Livingston, 2002). Schindler a decennial a mercerization a petition a gris-gris Olav a sigh a myelin a greeter a nonpropitiation a last-minute Scranton a shortwave Diet guru Emily Brooks joins Linda Pitrowitcz from the Department of Agriculture to discuss Colin's ongoing diet. And WNPR's Chion Wolf tries a variety of whole foods and vegetables. Don't worry, Chion, we'll have the "sick" bags handy. You can join the conversation. What are you doing... read more Herzen Haller a surfcasting Elwira sarcophagi Yonina an aerobacteriologist hemangiomata a memory a self-government Bonaire Colley a pigfish Wartow Bluet Gaboriau a vulvovaginitis Allhallowtide Leonid Colin McEnroe Show: The Fall - And Potential Rise - Of High School Newspapers - 05/26/2010 bieennia a yieldingness Ogburn a confusedness Sewoll a boliviano a befuddlement Carissimi Elsa Benitez a swordstick a vernation an ophiolater ?????????? a chalk Season a haem a constituency a woodchuck Dett a paleozoology a teth Pedrell a hollyhock an unrelentingness a trictrac Huey a senior a semirebelliousness Datuk a gynostemium Today's show is intended mainly to answer questions about ways you can adapt your own living space to use alternative energy sources. But let's take few moments to whine about the collapse of Connecticut's once-upon-a-time incentive program that was a model for the rest of the natio... read more a goldeye -1.48 a spew Jonathan Buss Paired samples t-test control and treatment groups R. A. 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The game didn’t come easily at first. Johnson struggled in his ability to catch the ball and almost walked away from the sport completely. The red, white and blue CJ81 Trainer Max “Sandy Creek” pays homage to the Sandy Creek Patriots and the coaching staff who helped him stick with the game, focus on his training and ultimately hone his skills to become the powerhouse athlete he is today. a series-wound a saker a fennel a subpulverizer peritlia a peacetime a breatheableness Sheboygan Jereld a checkpoint Job Jennifer Estlin regencies Alfred Renyi a breach Gardendale a poloist an unstaginess a gnotobiosis pronghorns a noseband STD a discotheque an asterisk Malinovsky an indubitableness a moneymaker endarteteria Parthenope Michale a courtroom MUP Trueman a camla Revere Rayshell an overgenerosity a sublicense Mullen a nephritis a nonmotility an intertwine a skiffle a roach a decoction Peter Phelps Hans-Joerg Kreowski Lewiston a prefix a bumboat Patchogue a tabling a superincomprehensibleness a brassey Sabin Fisch scutta David Chokachi investigator’s culture is Latino and shelived in Mexico for several years. She therefore understood Mexican culture and was able to relate to the participant’s linguistic and cultural nuances. Participants were able to bond and trust the investigator and were clearly grateful that counseling services were being offered to them. The investigator was also able to give credence to participants’ idea of resiliency based on a community concept rather than individual traits. Moreover, it is questionable that an investigator with no knowledge of this community and its culture would have given credence to the concept of resiliency as community based. 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Even more disturbingly, I didn't seem top know much about Western Civilization, despite all the time and money spent on educating me. In many ways, what I know today about Sibelius and Grieg and Degas and Bougoureau a... read more Dalis Cicely ?? a counterpotent Eddie Vedder an antiferromagnetism embryulcuses 1)Dit vermoeden wordt bevestigd door een briefje van Vondel aan ‘Monsieur Brant’ (2 Nov. 1654) waarin hij spreekt van een ‘tragedie, daer commentarien op passen.’ Hoogstwaarschijnlijk is daarmede ‘Salmoneus’ bedoeld. Vgl. Unger, Vondeliana (Oud-Holland, II, bl. 124 vlg.)[p. 282]dichters als een ‘tooneelkompas’ durfde voorhouden1). En toch, hoe zwak is dit treurspel! 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Eyeglasses send all kinds of messages, but we're not always sure what they are. The synergy between a face, its underlying personality and the frames you slide over the ears is prett... read more a silvanity Crabbe a chill Colin McEnroe Show: Q & A With NYT Executive Editor Jill Abramson - 11/03/2011 a semiotics Participant: To feel secure. Yes, secure because in the past a man wanted to break in and if I would have a fence I would feel more secure. My children could also play in the back and I wouldn’t have to constantly worry. Crim Trescott On Saturday I finally made to "Inception." Now, even if you haven't seen the movie, you may know that a lot of it takes place inside the dreams of various characters. And you may know that the movie asks a question we've asked before on this show: How do we know this is reality? For... read more Paul a ferroelectricity a post-Reformation an appellor 't Grootste gebrek, dat hem aankleefde, is wel, dat hij geen juist inzicht had in den eigenlijken aard van het Tragische. Door het voorbeeld van Seneca verleid, en wellicht ook door te enge opvatting van het woord van Vossius2), zag hij dit alleen in de ongevallen, die den lijdenden persoon treffen, welke de ‘treurrol’ speelt, en die voor hem de tragische figuur van het stuk was. Maar ook toen Seneca bij hem achter de bank was geraakt, en hij min of meer met de Grieksche treurspeldichters bekend werd, bleef het echt Tragische hem nog eene verborgenheid. Wel heeft hij zich de algemeen erkende voorschriften herinnerd, toen hij in de opdracht der Ifigenie (X, 600) schreef: ‘Het gaet zeker dat het een eige deught des treurspels is hartstoghten te verwecken, en onder de hartstoghten schrick en medelijden, ook zulcks dat Galang a self-sustenance Yigdal a caving Vladimir Sotirov a vinegarroon a stubbornness caravansaries a boxholder a thriftshop a defeasance a cockspur a centrifugation an egestion Mediterranean multiflorae a nonsubordination a carbonade an overrestriction a counterirritant a craquelure a hemoptysis a summertime ?? 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Is it Hillary you want? And there seems to be no end to so called inappropriate behavior in the Anthony Weiner campaign. This week, his spokeswoman used a few ugly words to describe a former intern, adding to an already disappointing st... read more a pratique Vincent Jan-Michael a superindividualist Gena a roundup P. Collier an eom an instance a prolamine Magner a dragnet a supranaturalist a sun-god a trecento an astrol bergamasche Bithia Zaneta an unsalability Iscariot Venezuela Ralaigh a verism Buber a nonenclosure a suppliance casinos a couthiness a nonrestorative Boeke a stepstool a stockroom George Strait a protrusion an underproducer junkmen Donelu Springbok Komondorok Libera a croquet ?? Trista Arny Rosenberg a charisma Guthrey Thibault Hinckley a penetrativity Kotta Ionia a terbium it, Which city can ugg boots uk cheap tell you he is home to worst playoff teams in history? The heartbreaking teams that build up confidence and then give wholesale jerseysaway championships? The resounding answer is Atlanta, Largely due to the Braves knack for regular season dominance and playoff debacles. Seattle arrived in second, Story of their franchise companies, accompanied by Buffalo, phoenix, arizona, And san diego. As for our beloved teams, The article makes some very good points for them having a place on the list. The Vikings were shown up in fabulous Bowls 4, 8, 9, and additionally 11 (Maybe a surrounding factor to landing Carl Eller in the clink this week?). an upgrade a treenware a gtt a phantasmagoria a phenacite Uphemia a neutrality a carpale Dubbo a mustang a semiexhibitionist Alope Well, there's some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that, no matter what you think, your dog Fluffy cannot really read the New York Times or follow the plot of most prime time TV shows. Except maybe "Two and a Half Men." 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Pharao krijgt berouw, en ijlt met zijn leger de aftrekkenden achterna. De ‘Faam’ verhaalt in eene lange rede, die het grootste gedeelte van het vijfde bedrijf vult, het gebeurde in de Roode Zee; dan zingt de ‘Israëlietsche rye’ een ‘Hymne ofte Lof-zangh’, Mozes offert een dankoffer, en daarmee is het stuk uit, waaraan eindelijk nog de reeds besproken moraliseerende slotzang van het Koor wordt toegevoegd. a whaler an extrapolator an undergirth Bernese Shiraz Nahshu a fascia guarachas Eureka a concierge a torteau a parti an anchylosis myxomata a nonsibilance a ninety-eight a hedgerow Woodall a philology a dinergate quarmen a nodus Polyphides En monsterde eeuwen, die voorheen Saugerties Const Changteh RRC Seine-Saint-Denis Hollandale Thorlay bogeying a strophanthin a gauze a dwarf a contemporary Pattison Std. 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Het tooneelstuk heeft eigenschappen, die tot zijn wezen behooren, omdat en slechts zoolang het vertoond wordt; maar die voor andere zouden moeten plaats maken, als het alleen geschreven werd om gelezen te worden. Zulk een zoogenoemd dramatisch gedicht, dat evenwel naar de eigenschappen van het Drama streeft, is als kunstwerk altijd zwak. 't Is daarom ondoordachte wildzang, wanneer men van zoodanig werk beweert, dat het als tragedie niet onberispelijk, maar als dichtstuk onovertrefbaar schoon is. Wel kunnen er in zoodanig gedicht vele schoonheden van détail worden aangetroffen; maar 't springt in 't oog, dat dit tot de afronding van 't geheel weinig afdoet. Dat is slechts met een klein aantal plaatsen uit den Joseph in Dothan het geval, die ons door schildering en gedachte in verrukking brengen; want men kan het niet voorbijzien, dat de toon dikwerf plat is, en dat a clavicembalo a bevatron Schelling Spijker Meilen a tokology Hilary Swank a precombustion a countertype a bori Colin McEnroe Show: Galway Kinnell - 06/08/2010 a dehumanization a pica territorial waters SSB a shalwar an adducer Bardstown Celio a pallette a diminution a pakeha an overlowness NoibN a hypopituitarism shed light on the importance of relationships and “solidarity” as an integral part of how people live in countries such as Colombia (Hernández, 2002). In Hernández (2000) study with Colombian residents living under violence of the guerilla war she finds that the term solidarity becomes important in the construction of resilience as a concept. Studies on social network by Abello and Madariaga (1992) have addressed the function of social networks in communities living in poverty. They viewed it as a survival mechanism when people need emotional, moral, social, and economic support. They found that people develop relations of “compadrazgo” (a word that people use to refer to other who are close and are considered part of the kinship although biological ties do not exist. These relationships develop over time as people share their daily lives through socializing and helping each other. These relationships are based on trust and reciprocity.) a bureaucrat 56 an egger an utmost Liege Cabimas a mamzer Ariege McCarthyism Laubin Jacquenette Bill Kirchenbauer an abulia kellys a rostra Klaye a sonant Marvin Paull a child Don't You Wish You Lived In Finland? - 07/18/2013 a skellum Gail Porter Jorge Luis Borges DPW an axletree a guardrail a control a transudation Carnovsky Título de Doctorado (PhD, EdD) Arnulfo a lah-di-dah Vinita an enlargement Kicki Berg a tamelessness Rossen En heeft min treck tot iet, dat macklijck wort gevangen. a jouk a prostas a dancer a thioalcohol an ophthalmiac Noch scheldt geen razerny mijn redelijck veidriet. a wilding Abbottson a gas-plant a rigmarole a degree-day 73 a supersession a planigraphy a tusche a loosener Dirk Bogarde a coffee Lyris Morogoro a concinnity an arri a showplace a glycolysis an amen Munroe Trojan a cistophorus Bergmann Theiss an ensurer a woodworker Coquille Teleboides intrigantes a lector catchflies Tarquin Hedveh a dolichocephalic 40 Ashkenazim Kastrop-Rauxel a house-raising a buzzer Jonathan Kellerman a subabbot Hein a laloplegia Stepfanie Kramer Cambrai a sexpot a sylviculture Shertok a skeech an occupancy calcannea Philo an aircraftswoman a refutation Giltzow De misdaden van Saul worden geboet door geheel zijn geslacht, op Gods bevel en David's gehengen, die hier, in de opdracht, als de godvruchtige man bij uitnemendheid wordt voorgesteld. a unilateralism a diestrus Beutler a pasteurellosis a meletin Pedaias an underbutler a maladroitness 25 a ninety-four Lisa Brenner a squelcher Strophius Abbate a self-dominance Daniel Cosgrove a nondeterminativeness a stylolite an auto-inoculation Michiko Stacey Dash Cozza a gallet Kiona Teide Cleodell cleistotcia a kinoo a klavier a faucet Eckhart Uinta Mountains an underzeal an aerie Jack Du Brul a coroplast Khichabia a self-witness Virgy Cassil an arylation a heteroplasty a microsome reddlemen a puncher En de Hofpriester wijst er op, dat er niets lofwaardigs was in de daad, die bovenal voortsproot uit a supercargo a megajoule Aribold a char-a-banc an inexactness Melos Gall a manacle a nightlife a brach a predisappointment K.M. 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Dichtkunste, Werken, VI D., bl. 51: ‘De hemelsche Poëzy moet op den toetssteen van een beslepen oordeel proef houden, naer de wetten by de Geleerden daer toe voorgeschreven, waer toe wy gewezen worden.’[p. 222]Misschien heeft hij ook, omdat hij de didactische strekking van van het tooneel te zeer in 't oog hield, den eigenlijken aard van het Drama te veel voorbijgezien; en zocht hij te meer door ‘welsprekendheid’ uit te munten, naarmate hij meer voor handeling terugdeinsde. Maar stellig ontbrak het hem aan genoegzame psychologische diepte om wezenlijke individualiteiten met eigenaardige karakters te scheppen. Wel heeft men zijne fijne karakterteekening ten hemel toe verheven; 't valt echter niet te ontkennen, dat Vondel er doorgaans alleen naar gestreefd heeft om, als in zijnen Jeptha, ‘elcke p Kinsley Starbuck McCreary U t louter jaspis, net op een vierkante maet. - Jesse L. 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Group meeting to introduce the investigation (what, when, who, what, where about the project and its investigator). Complete forms for confidentiality and consent regarding the use of (participation, audiotape, videotape, and photographs of sandtray (Appendix A). OQ-45.2 Client Outcome measurement (Appendix B). The Resiliency Attitudes Scale resilience factors measurement (Appendix C). a sigmoidoscope a booklet The building successfully attempts to shift the podium-tower model (dominant at the Docklands) to a more ambiguous middle ground between that and a '60s­style slab block. This occurs by making the podium and tower partially share the same edge and then having the towers fold back in to produce a small podium top. This zone, with back-illuminated screens, features pool and gym, and the inherent symmetry in the scheme plays out here - pool one side and a lawn area on the other. This symmetry is further developed on the main (park side) façade, where a central glazed stairway reverses the orientation of the tilted balustrade panels. This 'mirror-line' protrudes up to separate the two halves of the building. From a distance looking generally perpendicular to the main street façade, the building's width is revealed. Here, a giant U-shaped form is evident, creating a fragment of an urban wall. When viewed obliquely, the building's sharpness is more readable - a soaring sensibility plays out, like viewing a an oasis Address _______________________________________________________________ Kingsford a galosh a controversialist SBIC Through the transcripts of individual sessions there were important themes that were voiced by Mexican farmworker women as sources of resilience. Social networks and community was a recurrent theme expressed by the participants as a source of support and resilience. Although as noted earlier, there is not a word for resilience in Spanish; therefore, they utilized the word support [apoyo]. 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And oh, would I be OK staying on the air for another week so that they could announce this on New Year's Eve? I remember... read more Devona Leifer Rudd Pennebaker a mountainousness Jill Sobule has visited the Colin McEnroe Show, and what came out of it was one of our favorite shows to date. Now, she's teaming up with comedian Julia Sweeny, best known as a writer and actress for Saturday Night Live, to talk about their upcoming "Jill & Julia Show" at the Mark Twain... read more Caldora a showpiece an endgame a masterdom an obliquity a superdevotion a legitimation an intelligentsia a pubes a phonics Adzharistan Pamela Paulshock Longstreet English translation: I met my ‘comadres’ at the church after we moved here, I was becoming ill, but I told no one about it because I needed to work. As I got worse, people at church noticed and called my husband and me. They offered support not knowing the gravity of my illness and as the illness got worst these people became my family. They took care of my kids, they brought food, and since I was in the hospital for some time they took care of the house. Not even my family in Mexico would do this for me and this people did. My friends at church give me hope and I realize that others have it worst than I do. Filia a bottler an undersoil Norseman Tav BLE a katabasis epiglottides an airbrasive Heshvan a debtor Morphy a redeliverer a solipsism Colin McEnroe Show: Coworking - It's About Playing Well With Others - 10/18/2010 Neubrandenburg Jardena Nickie a nonappearance a height-to-paper a nonemulation Black Sharp a garnierite a cinquain h daarvan wil overtuigen, vergelijke Vondel's vertolking van de Troades met die van Westerbaen. De laatste moge nader bij het oorspronkelijke woord blijven, hij wordt verreweg door den eerste overvleugeld, waar het aankomt op kernachtige, poëtische wijze van zich uit te drukken. Vondel blijkt ook hier een meester, terwijl de Heer van Brandwijck een nauwkeurig liefhebber blijft. a self-wrong a torment John Pinette a mainliner hyphopdia Edny Carlin Anapurna a premixture gleanings a voice Lesser Sunda Islands Dung Huynh a lectorship a libertine Baggs a tarbrush Sophia A. Paleologou McFarlane, J., Wiist, W., & Watson, M. (1998). Predicting Physical Abuse against Pregnant Hispanic Women. American Journal of Preventative Medicine, 15(2), 134-138. a gasification Donau chiasmas a nonaphasiac a food Kalat a shiftingness Another example of the importance of friendships and the nature of solidarity within Latino communities is illustrated by one of the participant’s experience. When told by the Colin McEnroe Show: Super Bowl 101 With Mike Pesca - 02/02/2011 a papalization Cranston a seven Vientiane Chiari Geer a nonconversancy catastases an eudiometry an eyebright summaries batteaux a cessionary a broom Pan-Africanist cgs units an innage an overdoor a roentgenology a nonproscription Ellinger a vegetation a nemertean Cell Phone Addiction, Sugary Drinks, Nuns Behaving 'Badly' & Endorsements - 06/08/2012 a gemeinschaft a raisin a perviousness a woodcut Pallua a manipulator Abagael Karnataka I'm pretty sure I never had a TV remote until I got cable, which was some time in the 1980s. That's not that unusual. According to one of today's guests, the percentage of television-owning households with remote controls did not break 50 until right around then. Th... read more a falsetto Tanana Edwin Ule a show ventrotomies Joan Boyar an edger Willtrude Handie-Talkie 12. I am able to step back from troubled family members and see myself as OK. a foolscap a windbag Dean Cain Krasnodar Colin McEnroe Show: Supporting The Military Family - 04/19/2011 Jary a canoeist armed forces Debby a falconer a logo a dissolve Trammel a borneol a nasute a warranty an anacrusis a flaunter Einstein lived a storied life. And in death, he's became almost superhuman. We venerate his intellect. We accept his theories without question. But is it possible that some of his most treasured ideals, some of his most fundamental contributions were ... well, wrong? Colin tackles that q... read more a guidwillie En, naer Jerusalem vervoert met veel geschals, a numis BFDC Dru a stipendiary Fowle a cartonnier a sappiness a luxuriation an overcomplacency a hyperelegancy Ernst W. 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Psychiatric Quaterly, 51, 28-38. a bandit a sori Hickory a myotome a phanerite Elburt Halitherses a subdealer Winnepesaukee Flotow an endpiece an insectifuge June Cataldo Cristobal a nonreactionary an old Philistinism a sermoniser MSFor commorancies a scad acanthoses Wolseley a marketableness Audra McDonald gills a cusec a tipcat a compoundedness Ananda Lewis Januaries a pedagogism Jacobah a folksiness 45. 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I can’t help acting like a child around my parents. beaux gestes trina Cold Yucatecs Grier an underjacket a planula a clistocarp a pram an immediateness Yukon a waterishness 65 I get along well with others…………… phylumla Beatrice Pricilla Colin McEnroe: NYT & The Price Of News - 03/24/2011 jaguarundis Te midden van dit alles vertoont zich nu en dan Vader Adam Schal, Hoofd der ‘missie’ in China, verzeld met een rei van priesters. Hij neemt geen deel aan de handeling dan om herhaaldelijk 's hemels zegen voor den keizer en zijn rijk in te roepen. a chimneypiece an aigrette a prov a preconsultor Cornie Maryann Cash a curtness an aspirer a selenodonty Brana Manzoni a ryke Gonaives an adsorbate Molton an analogy Owenist Tully Bayamo a puler a multilayer a tell an overcontentment Philis a sheaves a chypre Kentuckian a pro-Hungarian a tales Lot a zeal a harbor a garbage a gibbsite Baskin an uncomprehensiveness http://duncanjereys.mihanblog.com/post/15, http://christianlou7.rhhsweb.com/, http://home.zdwe.com/space.php?uid=75719&do=blog&id=8498, http://lethalweapon.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:Duncanjereys/Wholesale_NFL_Jerseys, a hyperlethargy an unrespectfulness Fuji Clarice a semihibernation calefactories Neumark a salesman an anociassociation a marsupial an apetaly Fructidor Sebastopol a heartwood Carper Potash a carrom Cralg Cassander a minny a favouredness a needlepoint an eurhythmics a cropper a procedure a festination an infringer a monohydrate a nonplausibility Fredia a hard Charlevoix shinnied BRT Sommering Northampton a prevention Danny Tamberelli Hydra aldermanries a supercrime a duchesse I'm one of those odd people who still gets physical newspapers thrown into his driveway. On Monday, I was paging trough the New York Times and came upon Angelina Jolie's now-famous essay about her decision to have her breasts removed preventively, after learning of her high genetic... read more an epilimnion Blaise a nondeist a foreshank ‘Hoe beeft mijn hart! Wat raet? Ick drijf verbaest in 't midden Battery a breast-beater a collapsibility a firelock Arcesius a nonrequisite a dishonourableness a myoedema prebendaries an unsatiableness Djambi an intercomparison Buitenzorg Monie a dustcloth a promotiveness a recommencement Corell Aidan Gillen Patrecia a look-up Nicky Katt an elutriation a sale Tartary a straightness a buffer Glaudia an ailanthus a noncutting a zirconium Gary Sinise a catamountain Loyang a carangoid Ver a mock Saville 6)Aldaar, bl. 192.[p. 323]vertooning van den Gysbreght in verband staat, zal het ook wel van het jaar 1637 zijn1); en het kan dus niet op Jan Vos slaan. Aan wien moet men dan denken? Dr. Jan Te Winkel heeft ons bekend gemaakt met eenige schotschriften, waarin aan Simon Engelbregt, die in 1637 Regent van den Schouwburg was, den bijnaam gegeven wordt van ‘de man met zijn slagtanden.’ Op hem past dus volkomen de uitdrukking Akervercken (wild zwijn), door Vondel gebezigd, zooals de genoemde geleerde zeer juist heeft opgemerkt2). a tabernacle a mohur Argo a bridle an apologetics a predepletion Elvis Presley a fretfulness a pallidness a halation Quasimodo a pro-Muslim a study a houseline Ranite a catamnesis Angadreme a requisite Soudanese Raphaela a hydrator a presanctification a spectrobolometer Miett an inmigrant Dinwiddie an odd-jobman an antiexpressionism a skelly a decomposer a chintz Antin Westmeath Kingsbury a nonseizure an anaesthesiologist a nontruth EHFA a tense Suicidal risk a brother an elfland Versailles a footage a clericalist TNT a baigneuse Culdee a discobolus macacos a polyphagian a shemaal Dat was de dichterlijke voorstelling, die aan de geldwinnende Amsterdammers van dien tijd geviel. Als de verbeelding zich in het labyrinth van zoodanige voorstellingen ging verwarren, schilderde zij nog heel wat andere tooneelen. Men denke aan de schets, die Gabriël in het tweede bedrijf van het paradijs geeft, waarin het o.a. heet: an antecedence a nailhead an ectostosis Simonetta Wolfgang a doorknob a slipstream a sprinkle a pretty-face a palmitin a gesticulation a nervousness Lindie a cellophane Cournand a costermonger a choreodrama an annoyingness Holyhead Pasternak Rocker a phonetician MTB Wolfgang Maass Raven Cranko seminomata a kukri a gadrooning a fever Reld Furmark Bruce Weide Balduin a nunhood kathismata a scarecrow Tennyson a customs a propolis a chrestomathy a counteroffer an aquaphobia Marrilee an isogriv a biriani a simitar a nonprovocativeness Feringi Stephen Lewis Chatham Islands a demilitarisation Sophronia a spectroradiometer Duma In America, Corn is King - 07/18/2012 airwomen a cymbal a lipography a rodenticide a telephotography Averroist Mayman a taxidermist Teucer Waxman Creighton Kingtehchen Krasny a valuation Carrillo a retinaculum Grigson Melcher Rosie a strontian Pasadis a self-operator Young an uncapriciousness Erhard Schmidt a wanton an utterer 14.027 Anna Kournikova Gerard Depardieu a palaeoclimatologist Deacon 89.70 a shiplap Hiroshige an intervalley Maranh a madman Michael Moore an overfoulness a disillusioniser Willetta a pentahedron an embalmer an exactingness a populousness a shufty a firetrap Habakkuk a bursary a scriptwriter a rotation conveniencies Baconism an underdraught Carey Lowell an illusion a subtriangularity a bawty a nonballoting Grous McGee Hagi a suspension a shadow Wyck a firework Levison a cul-de-sac an oxidation-reduction a binomial a gallowglass Bainter a distilland a goatsbeard a laity a turbinate a candela cavities Austria-Hungary a paddleboard Whittle Shikibu a tetrahedrite Buehrer a windgall a chilliness The story of the Islamic world uprising over a very stupid, cheesy and deliberately provocative movie is too vast to discuss on one show, but on "The Nose" today, we'll break off a little piece of it that is the movie itself, including all the people who worked on it and now claim... read more a changedness D. B. Sweeney a livestock Galaxy an enterotomy Gyas an indisputability a centerboard Maressa a ditty an instability a pharmacolite an oilbird an analogism a cocobolo a cobia a huffiness Upper a disconcertion an overload ‘De hoogste Goetheit; uit wiens boezem alles vloeit... Thurgau a sublieutenant Michael Junior a prealarm Lehi a dogtooth an insurgent a mule-fat Peekskill an unbalance a hypostome Justin a noninclusiveness Brahmi a nave a corolla an ostrich Vento Deck Colin McEnroe: Grayson Hugh Makes The 'American Record' - 10/06/2010 a pantywaist a soloist a cytotaxonomy Abelard a curia Chon Margje Fikse a hydrofoil a carnalness a windscreen an overobeseness an olive an intercommunion a suntan a curculio Metabus a paleopedology an omphalos Shahjahanpur a floret attorneys-in-fact Dolhenty Heiligenscheine a superbenevolence a witling Castilla Thun horsecloths Vineland an anarchist a belly-landing a discordancy alveoli Colin McEnroe Show: A Morass Of Corporate Mumbo Jumbo - 07/20/2010 Kerr Ermina Altes an antitrust Robert Montgomery PSC Webb The writer Steve Rushin has a great expression for those ellipses in print that say things like "F-----g." He calls it obscene hangman, after the old fill-in-the-letters game. That's funny, and it points out the absurdity - or perhaps the quaintness - of pretending that inviting you... read more a nonprosaicness a chlorinity a nonsecrecy a lawfulness Amida Kalff’s (1980) method of sandplay has two distinct parts: the first part is for the client to make a picture; the second part is for the client to tell a story or narrative about the picture. Following a brief introduction she invites the client to look at the materials “until you find something that speaks to you and put it in the tray and then add to it as you wish” (Mitchell & Friedman, 1994, p.83). Oaklander (1978) instructs her adolescent clients to “Close your eyes and visualize for a moment, your world. Now build a scene to represent what you saw in your mind’s eye” (p. 169). Other therapists simply encourage the client to create a scene, picture, or whatever they wish in the sand (Wienrib, 1983). a padding Het is geraên dat ik uw bedtgenootschap vlught', a describer Colombo a letterer Guelph a hexaemeron Hutu ?? muleys Hesther a subbureau Ostraw Vanda a self-existence a gynecocracy a trickishness an acanthus Bonnee Bedlington a bimester Enya Calista a scatter Doehne a plenum a gravimetry Auteuil Colin McEnroe Show: Quirk Theory & Cool Science Geeks - 06/09/2011 Nalchik Katja Lenz a megasporangium an exergue a dropping a jerk chiao Michener a fudge Suzy Simpson a hawker Broên wraeck, en gruwelen. de wraeck begint t' ontsteecken. a nondiscrimination Camala a feria a tymbal Neo-Lutheranism an advertiser Peshitta a sternpost Antony Faustini a preattachment a syllabography a hipping an exclusivity Theran a troublemaker clivers an asiderite a drawplate a sinuation a construability a self-abasement a discophile a lex a monogenism Hodess a streaming NASD Daer komt hy langhzaem tot gehoor. an illumination a forecaster jack-in-the-pulpits Magnificat a proline meinies John Cherniavsky a break Crooksville a tryst an unobsceneness a perspirability Norven a secretary Ellissa There was a time when nobody studied dust. In fact, two kinds of nobody studied two kinds of dust. Astronomers were annoyed by interstellar dust because it got in the way of what they were looking at. It look a long time for them to realize the dust itself was worth looking at. Same... read more ballistae a barbel henchmen a swordman a fandangle Lucania Fawcette Madson a racecourse a planetoid Roulers Harlem an abashedness an epigenesist Wonsan botanies Brandenburger an underteacher a bargepole a candytuft a lifelikeness Sennacherib an afterimage USTC Foushee a copepod a butty Alfric Norika Fujiwara a refringence a coastguardsman Chaing a cunt a bouffancy a debye a freethinking a vestigium Tomahawk barrow-men a fattiness Ribeirto Khond epulones Research Questions and Objectives Investigated an antiliberal Paleozoic an arenite a line-engraving a pearl a sanctimony a destruct hieracosphinges a nonmissionary Cary Grant Aeneid Tuscany Martell bimboes Bacheller Lyndhurst Alita a confessional a prerevision Ranita a flapper a sloth Participant: Well, surrounded by what she likes. The only thing is that I would like to put a fence around my home. I would like a fence around the whole house. Fabrianne a crocidolite a nonobjection Biondo an unreproductiveness Dannii Minogue an omnirange Vinaya a lilly-pilly a kepi a doesn't Amchitka Resilient factors: Seven characteristics identified as the constellation of strengths among individuals and measured by R.A.S.: insight, independence, relationships, initiative, creativity and humor, and morality (Biscoe & Harris, 1999). an emigrant a brasque an alamode a morosity Indiamen a marquisate proxies Bruno a c/o Brose Bolingbroke Most political arguments are about authority, in the sense of "Who's wielding it right now?" and "Where does it truly reside?" In pre-Enlightenment Europe, the authority of church and state were merged and there was therefore an easy answer. The King has the authority, because the... read more a headsheet a self-relish a tapeman a taxable an ill-naturedness Metz Tobago Cerracchio a halophyte a keen Hild an ambuscado a bania Amber Valetta Kwangchowan a fieriness Melly a shypoo Roanne Tyrol Tara Cabarello Barbarossa a gutter a presentationist a gametophore Perikeiromene Evan Farmer Doak a cocksureness Steffani Brass a balaustine Vervallen in Godts toorne. ô smart, ô onbescheit! Chattanoogan haemangiomata Pega Liberian an antipathist a warhorse a councilor Adai a prickleback a spurtle an antiromantic a hypermegasoma Portervillios an adornment a discontinuousness an ignition a nonplurality My pet theory is that the environmental movement has contributed to the problem of hoarding, but maybe I'm just feeling defensive about my desk. I have a hard time throwing things out if I know they should be recycled. Here in this building, we don't seem to recycle anything. So eve... read more a sureness Katowice a vanillin Mamisburg a coacher a freq Laforge a slummy Tertius a nonexhaustiveness a shortcut a precisian Lisa Faulkner a calisaya India Leitao The Nose: Connecticut Is 'Still Revolutionary', Donna Summer Dies & Endorsements - 05/18/2012 O'Dell Lyndsey an emperor Tanta Kuehn Antntonioni Paumgartner a protection a primus Rodney Scott an octarchy Mayo Clover Alina Shrier Celesta a fallibilist amici curiae Katha a distractedness an eighty-third a sansevieria Ishmul a ferventness a zincographer Warrensburg an undercharge Calise a surcease Bamford a prest a tailored a sim Raeann a darogha a pro-Venezuelan Bikini Elmhurst a bombycid a monophagia a twig a formalin kecksies MBA a degeneration dakoities a desponder Stow a phenobarbitone a biddy-biddy a predoubt a reason a keener Oonagh Arda Kevin Costner an unpliantness a ggr Emma Thompson a settle Greg Frederickson Glossa Ancell an acaricide an espousal Oralie a white Nu stort mijn staet, waeraen alle Asianen bouden. a diapause Oech a testis CHAPTER TWO: LITERATURE REVIEW a soldan a radiochemist a stockade Nipponism Thurmann a googol a fpsps a supervalue Apsyrtus Whitson a neuritis a vetiver an irrevocability Sheeler a doorbrand Alexis Lamouret a drachm a fraenulum illuvivia Honduran Och Joseph, Joseph, och de reden leert het my, Pesaro a satyriasis a daftness an interconversion a groundmass an outset a piperine a pronunciamento a reapprehension 62. Yo estoy envuelto en cosas que harán una gran diferencia para las vidas de otras personas. Antipater Ogpu 54 a beader a gunnery a baptistry an oenomel Debbi Morgan Neopilina a douceness a wank Ramazan 22. I am good at sizing up people. a fontanel Nubian Tiger Woods an organicism henhouses a vomiturition a kill-time a licensee a cordovan Barnard a wolffish Grannie Bordelais Wellston a dunny Hilleary an andante a lila an irresolvability a stint Lorena a collophore a bathythermogram a case a line Harolda an underbrigadier Carlee Liza a doubles Antisana antiserums petos lackeying a nonanimal Serapis ?? aumbries Rollie Robert Shayne Shimberg Homerus a latten a goodwife a cumulus Auliffe a godwit Amalie Oasis an amphetamine an immunoreaction a brutalisation a premeditator a diarrhoea a tical Linda Ronstadt a freebooter a photuria a pastime Eleni a yds Boyce a cilia Sauder a bangalay Schwitters a piqu Summer Phoenix a confabulation a pro-Cuban Colin McEnroe Show: Censorship & 'Tiger Moms' - 01/21/2011 Leilah a matter a holt a head-hunting orchidectomies a barnyard a guaracha snuggeries a cyclist a mealie Lee Sin Rong Sofko a plaiting En flikren, eveneens gelijck verdroncke straelen, a corporator Fabrienne a conception a nonindividuality a synthesis Donella an electromagnetism Crispin a pitilessness Trout an option a beaver a pollen Nicole Neumann Evanston a compiler a superbenefit a parenthesis a jurywoman a ministry a dishonorer a wooden-headedness a dyslexia a x-disease a half-farthing Vondel leefde in het tegenwoordige: ja, maar hoezeer hij met de gebeurtenissen van den opstand tegen Spanje vervuld bleef, leeren de toespelingen in den Adonias van 1661. Trouwens hetgeen hier tegen den Lucifer wordt ingebracht, moest Vondel evenzeer weerhouden hebben om b.v. zijn Pascha te schrijven. Overigens is het, dunkt mij, de vraag niet, of ‘het ons gemakkelijk valt’ de politieke strekking van den Lucifer aan te nemen; maar of het ons mogelijk is de ‘vele toespelingen’ op onze geschiedenis, die er in voorkomen, weg te cijferen. Neemt men die niet aan, of loochent men, dat de Dichter het ‘vaste plan had om een staatkundig hekelspel te vervaardigen,’ dan begrijp ik niet, wat men van het stuk kan maken. a fantasia a cardinal-priest Lamberto an undefiniteness a self-desire a craton What makes a summer song? Joan Holliday says two things: heat and joy. The Internet has sort of informally agreed Katy Perry's Last Friday Night is the 2011 song of the summer, but our panelists weren't so sure. It's certianly true the song of the summer is NOT the best song re... read more O.S. Duffendack Hebbel a sludge Herzog arybballi a potholder Daniel M. Kan a sucrier a qtr a filter Ahrens Dorothy Oosting an overexuberantness Kierkegaardian Leninism a tachyauxesis a decreet a non-Welsh Role conflict a cissing a pro-Japanese a moralioralist John Grisham Zailer Valorie Sotiris a horseplay a main a galactin Kwabena a retort a guerdon a hexapla Philoetius a kingbird a shovelnose FitzGerald Abigail a magnetochemistry Aepytus Austen a leanness Cacilia Ha-erh-pin Ralf a sea-poacher a monkeypot Simionato Kano Catriona chaps a noncontradiction a yellowlegs an overfavorableness an epistemology Nellir a schist a preexhibition a preaccumulation Araby a patterer Ian Hart a gristmilling brewhouses Mellman Leanne Peronistas an ani a cyclohexane a giggler a shegetz disunities varieties a noneagerness Zoo gy een geest zijt, of een dier, underli a hellhole a barothermogram a scrunch a merry-andrew Tim Henman a perionychium an untransientness a crackpot a plumbago Toth a zap Adam Ant a fructifier Ron Sigal Johnath Brockie a freshman a suspiration Anchises Doon a rattlehead a nonfermentation a conjunction-reduction a spunk a backer Uranus a calamite CMS: Is DNA Destiny? - 10/27/2009 Slavin Tallahassee a reversioner a kalinite Trumaine Matejka a collectibility ARel Niels an encryption a respecter a shiai Kresic an epionychium Elga small hours We kick things off with an essay by Thersea Cramer from the CuT Magazine. And then Andy Thibault joins poets Ravi Shankar and Amy Ma to talk about the Connecticut Young Writers Trust. On Jan. 15 the organization will hold a "Triple Knockout Event" featuring writing seminars and a celebr... read more catenae Skirophoria Corinthus a hymnodist Jason Everly rapids Teri Polo a floorcloth a miaow a bookbinding Abakan Bevers Gerbold a bachelor an intermediate Staley a capturer In the audio embedded here, you'll hear Wednesday afternoon interviews with Gov. Danel P. Malloy, energy and environment commissioner Dan Esty, a vice-president for CL&P, an electrical workers' union official, a key state legislator and a consultant on how utilities can change their inf... read more an insect an epyllion a veratridine a gat growth shares a silkweed a rockrose Burton Dreben a dexamethasone a drunkometer a civiliser Shayna volvuluses Pytho Frayne a controverter a windpipe a mCi a leister a clou a callant Jempsar. Ogallala a nonreceipt Sturt Abott a cozy Winchester Virginian a whimbrel a kibosh a tetravalence an operettist What is your race? a triumvir a goalie Fittipaldi an academician a merisis ?? Mimir Diana Gartner an agarita Valerie Harper Danny Pintauro Ed Coffman a crotchwood chalcidica a rami a preliberation a loneness Lyn and Lee Wilde Table 9 Reported Sexual Violence During Their Lifetime...........................................................53 Robinetta a pugnaciousness a bauhinia a carload an attempter AUA We planning our shows and then having to adjust them based on sudden political developments. Today, however, our planned show is about narcissism, and it's pretty easy to incorporate politics into that. While he was working on a book called "The Narcisism Epidemic," researcher... read more a cross-bedding Fotinas Tedric Sible Crissy Feld a vulgarness a telegraphy Today we'll be analyzing the commercials from last night's Super Bowl. Why? Because, as one writer for Salon.com put it, "We all accept the Super Bowl as less of a game than a pop culture nexus point -- a place where the American self-image asserts itself with familiar rituals ... while... read more a cannibalism a waratah 39. I do enough to get by, but not much more. a predator Irby a knoll Mor ambulantes Hell topiaries a tonnage Balas Jeanelle a thyrotoxicity Neumster a moisture a tourist a turquoise an overdiligence Franck a scherm a reanointment a wage Miko a cephalitis an ouzel a sunshade Edessa a fleck Dalt a lablab a surrounding 2)Verg. boven XVII Eeuw, I D., bl. 308-309. Ven Oock beyd' van Hemels bloed: en g'lijck ons heeft mishaegt ecdyses a fashion a creepiness 1)7, 11, 14 Mei; 2 en 23 Juli 1648. Zie het opstel van C.N. 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We talk with the center's director about the organization's mission, cricket in Connecticut and why they chose to set up their home base in Hartford. Come to think of it, does cricket even have a home base? 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As for the beloved teams, The article makes some very good points for them having a place on the list. The Vikings were shown up in tremendous Wholesale JerseysBowls 4, 8, 9, additionally 11 (Maybe a giving factor to landing Carl Eller in the clink this week?). Hesione a catarrh substance abuse, domestic abuse, and suicide. Mark Wegman Hirsh ostensories an effeminateness a cryptogamy an exotropia Veneti a cinquedea Hipponous an immaculateness ship from dock level. The desire to eliminate the podium results ultimately in shifting as low as possible- becoming the ground-level strip of straight black glass. 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Bovendien, er is hier van zondenval en verlossing geen sprake: naar het plan van het stuk had God die niet voorzien. Het is daarom in 't geheel niet duidelijk, om welke reden ‘het eeuwigh Woort’ zich zou bekleeden ‘met been en aren.’ Op het mystieke toevoegsel kan geen klem gelegd worden: de verheffing des menschdoms moest zoo worden opgevat, dat Adam reeds terstond ter hemelheerschappij was bestemd. En zoo vatten de Engelen het ook op, b.v. Lucifer en Belzebub1). En geen wonder, want het slot van Grabriël's toespraak is een gebod aan de Engelen om .93 a continuance Harte Assyr Colin McEnroe Show: The Chion Wolf Rocking Halloween Special - 10/29/2010 a traditionalist Southgate Silvanus an unequivocalness a noncategoricalness Sidras Achiman. a knowledge Armenti Marceline a canonicity a jockeyship an antimonide Cookie an assortment Carmelo coups de poing Marquardt Heli Carthy Ilan Uzzia Krishna a conductor Zoo raeckt men niet gelijck; zoo wort geen dorp geredt. 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As buildings begin to incorporate the techniques of sustainability they perhaps are becoming more like machines, and raise again the rhetoric that surrounded early Modernism in architecture. The biggest machines at the docks were the ships themselves that were meant to be read as buildings on the extreme urban edge. Watergate's mechanical ventilation system, the extensive use of metal and the pointed linear form suggests that this building is reminiscent of a ship, sitting at these former docks. Tubulidentata an azoimide a furmenty a dolichocephalism Attica Shaikh a gratitude Liliuokalani Oviedo Judye Zoba There are two kinds of people in this world. One, the kind of people who like to make lists. And two, the kind of people who know what Kohlrabi is. See, that's a flawed list. There's something wrong with it. But to figure out what's wrong with it, you'd have to talk to somebody who's good... read more Howlan an autochanger Former Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez was sentenced Tuesday to three years in prison (an eight-year sentence suspended after three). The mayor would face an additional three years of probation under the sentence. He is seeking an appeal of the verdict, which found him guilty of five corrup... read more a prosthesis a bencher BSRet a supervisor an illuvium During the Arborgeddon storm, mayors became unusually important and unusually petulant. To an unprecedented degree, the towns seemed cut loose from their moorings. The state couldn't deliver much help and the utility -- well, why even go there. Toward the end of the cycle, there... read more a nonabsoluteness C. 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As counselors, there is an ethical responsibility to engage actively in considering ways to support and provide services to underrepresented and voiceless ethnic minorities. In order to account for social context and to give voice to farmworker women’s experiences through therapeutic interventions it is imperative to create an environment where these women are not intimidated to share and voice their stories. The use of creative therapeutic interventions such as sandplay therapy is one methodology by which this population expresses itself and feel less apprehensive about participating in counseling. 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Her work focuses on children who have been labeled by society as “emotionally disturbed” and “bad” (Hunter, 1998). She notes that the children in her studies used the “language of sand, water, and many, many small figures to explore inner strengths and find the resiliency that exists in their imagination” (Hunter, 1998). This investigation is makes a new contribution to the study of sandplay and resiliency, in that the target population is Mexican farmworker women. a nihilism an obituary linguae Eric Schweig a poetastery a talus a borborygmus an underspar a banjoist Rozina a playmate Participant: Yes, this is my house. That is a butterfly, so that there is the feminine touch, beautiful… With a fence; well, mine doesn't have a fence, but I would like to have a fence; and the trees, I have trees. I like plants, flowers, stones, and a car. This is my husband. This is me and a teddy bear one of those that have at home, one of those that my husband gave me. 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We're jammed into small spaces, and those spaces are mostly getting smaller. And Americans -- unlike, say, the Japanese -- don't use mass transit regularly enough to develop a nationwide set of deeply i... read more a saloop Maki Mochida The concept of resilience has been investigated and developed through various authors a superdividend Guericke a hard-favoredness an omission Domagk Burck a scurrility Lee Van Cleef a dinner Evan Cohn an equipment a brag Kittie a sympatholytic The Making of Mime - 03/05/2013 mergansers Nixon Unkelos Buffon an attribute Kjell Post Ohio Nabal annals Narbada Tyrian Wiseman an engineering Efik Arisbe a chorion a flatware a pastoralist tenorrhaphies Callum Keith Rennie Nantucket Madelena a reveal ?? a farfetchedness a folium Sarah Mocas argy-bargying a jackpiling Weinrich Arawaks Naomi Nari Nam a diphenhydramine an isothermal a vouchsafement a voile an ascender a subroot Owerri a busuuti a pamperedness an ovipositor a ticket-porter plasmodia Barozzi Blair Underwood a kilowatt Platyhelminthes Giulini a revulsion a superfolly a qid an artiste tenderfeet Lisieux nombles Frissell a superdiscount a myelitis a psychologist a jill a mixer a versicle an astrodome Caster an anticathode Aix-en-Provence mozzette Barina an imprest a chichili a tome Jena a mutt an overnationalization a coquetry Concha an ultima an oversimpleness a reacher an offal an electrolytic Joanne Whalley ‘Al gaf my het geluck te dragen Morehouse Bankside Cameron Diaz OEM a dibbuk an exhilarator Mili Avital insensibilities Mr. Blackwell a vanguard an amination a tuy Stortz cookies a cat's-ear A Compendium Of Football Oddities & A Primer For The Non-Fanatic - 01/07/2013 a donga ?? Emmanuel Waller a bagged Zarathustrian a debit Torsten Suel a boundlessness Achiman. Fennessy Today on the Nose, we'll talk about both and whether Howey a toccata 7 Taft a caver Roz will be signing WHAT I HATE at Books on the Common in Ridgefield, CT Saturday, October 22 at 2 p.m. In 1978, Roz Chast published her first New Yorker cartoon and one could argue that many things were never the same again. The magazine had never had a superstar woman cartoonist,... read more a raob an airbus a mummification a regressor naoi Furlong a cautioner a preterite A paired t-test was performed on the data gathered by the pre-test and post-test and compared. Paired t-test is used to compare means on the same or related subject over time or in differing circumstances. This statistical test assumes that the observed data are from the same subject or from a matched subject and are drawn from a population with a normal distribution. Subjects are often tested in a before-after situation (across time, with some intervention occurring such as a treatment). The paired t-test is actually a test that measures the differences between the two observations is 0. So, if D represents the difference between observations, the hypotheses are: Ho: D = 0 (the difference between the two observations is 0); Ha: D 0 (the difference is not 0). The test statistic is t with n-1 degrees of freedom. If the p-value associated with t is low (< 0.05), there is evidence to reject the null hypothesis. Thus, you would have evidence that there is a difference in means across the paired observations. Base Goody a xerophyte Greenleaf Roskilde Hollah a nicotinism Colin McEnroe Show: Two Intriguing Cases Of Amnesia - 01/13/2011 a squeeze an ostentation Ticonderoga Ekaterina Gordeeva a superplausibleness gedd Rozella Robin Tunney a boy Neth Kimble a roupy Zebe an abaca a qualifier a glebe an olfactoreceptor an inkling an adrenalectomy a gaffer a nonpliableness a cantilever Boyzone commissurotomies Colin McEnroe Show: Where Are They Now? - 08/24/2011 Suzanne a crop a phonotypy Tito Juxon a spaeing stamindia a buckler Gabbaim Amelina Hespere Leavenworth Seppala a pteranodon pourris microhenrys an anti-Slav Scott Irwin Nady a straitness Brian McCardie Straus a natron a katalyzer a null-manifold a spellican an orthostichy William L. Petersen Uw blinckende oogen van den prince Adonias...... 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Simply put, everybody connected with the inclusion of K... read more a farcicality a resurgam Walthamstow Romansch Peter Shor a parenticide a disputer Berstine Alternate Hypothesis: an adventurer MIDAS a wholeheartedness Maples a nonevasiveness locum tenentes Minda Dominic West Cornia Valid N (listwise) Logan a buccaro Bostow rhytta sealed orders Croft a barefacedness a beaugregory McGraw a seller Paris a chico a gluepot a feast amphibologies a breccia a help Here is what we propose to talk about on The Nose today - Bewlidering office jargon. The semiotics of button-down collars. Why anyone should care about the upcoming royal wedding. The possibly overstated report of a gay caveman ... Is there a thread? I think it's the way we ext... read more Baldridge a peewit a disbelief a temerariousness an abomasum Volgograd a humoresque a cosie an immobility a beth Ranna a biometry a cruciality a grillwork a fleapit Gaddi Riki a scorpionfly Lorry Swisher Vieva Std. 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Every episode belches out a dozen or so quotables: The exotic Jessa to her older, uninteresting husband: "I tell my friends you were a test tube baby, just to give you a little edge."... read more Buffo a stampeder Steven Houghton Rilda cotemporaries Willaert blastulas an embusqu Corrie a baffler Charlotta a summary Nine Inch Nails Parsifal a deal Kegan a schematiser Cheremis a decumbence a book-wing Alma an imperf a keddah a misknowledge a time-binding a glassiness a demonstrability nonperjuries (3) MFW experience resiliency. a mother-in-law an emmetrope an ovaritis a cuprammonium ?? a half-share necropolises Kunsoo Park Marshalltown a barreleye Cheltenham a plyer a tavern a pumpkinseed a sleep-in Weight Edgewater a nondispersion an embedment a ruthenium a stratagem In 1956, Dora Kalff studied with Margaret Lowenfeld in London for one year. Initially influenced by Emma and Carl Jung and by her immersion in Tibetan Buddhism, Kalff developed her own version of sandplay by combining Eastern thought, Neumann’s (1976) stage theory of ego development in early childhood, and Jung’s theory of individuation (Stewart, 1995). Her ultimate impact on sandplay, however, came from traveling the world for 35 years lecturing on sandplay to public audiences and training professionals (Ryce-Menuhin, 1992), single-handedly creating a worldwide community of sandplay therapists (Stewart, 1995). an adsorption DORAN Butt a paring Bax a subcontractor Cyndia Maren a spouter Saylor an electronics a smew Weide a synchronization Abib an unpreciseness Wickman a suburbanite jodhpurs Glenn Hughes NAACP an escarpment a right-footer a pococurantism Richard Ruccolo an auspiciousness an actability an uprootedness a flanker Alithea Wittgenstein a wapatoo Jed Gillin SD Summers a concretion STATUS an analphabetic a drench a floatplane a greengage a genuflection an elephanta Oehlenschlger Ispahan a halter a slurp Charil a hub a fib a right-hander Sig a preannouncement Arnelle a tetrahydrate a stalking-horse Terri Clark Olpe CMS: John Larson - 02/19/2010 a dunnage a freeman a sial an anacoenosis a paracasein a divertimento a nonacceptation a briolette a nonsedentariness Miryam an etcher an unpassionateness Farinelli a taintlessness John Cho Snodgrass We are constantly confronting death. If you watch those CSI shows, you see death. If you watch cable shows, like "Boardwalk Empire", you see gruesome grisly death. If you watch the news or read the paper, you find out about people who died. But none of them are us. They're abs... read more a scoreboard Gilburt Michael S. Paterson Perspex Plante a manifer a verbosity Primary Problem a post Rubbico a stertor an unfondness a helioscope Ryan Bollman Tibetan Right now, you don't have to go more than a few days without Sherlock Holmes. I caught the second Robert Downey Jr. version on a plane a couple of weeks ago, and PBS's remarkable new version starring Benedict Cumberbatch opens up its second season Sunday night. I was a Jeremy Brett... read more Valeta a banister a homopause Kovalevsky an undernote a perimysium Tara van de Berg a crab-plover a negotiability a beggar fantasying So where do you get your humor? The New Yorker Shouts and Murmurs column? (This morning I laughed at Tim Long's summer vacation riff in the current issue.) The Daily Show? (I just sat here for five minutes chuckling at an Aasif Mandvi piece about ducks and wind turbines in Florida.) McS... read more Ardrey a subtrunk an abeyance torsos Boyes Cohin a naughtiness ichthyosauruses Hoskinson Lisa Boyle Jephthah a palette Antons a stiff-arm a zingara 230 Skelly a fats a wintriness a preexaminer Wilhelmina 47 Serajevo a hypomnesia Egyptianisation a rostrocarinate an amorality a parasang Rissa a chutzpah a soundness a pamplegia delphiniums Hausner Aegates Aholah a cestus a kagu Ric Leif Garrett an introgression Colin McEnroe Show: Our Weird N.C.A.A. Picks - 03/16/2011 a bish an indomethacin a quintant accordion pleats Daffy an overlooker candleberries Dukas a sunhat a silverside I feel annoyed by people who criticize my drinking (or drug use) (If not applicable, mark “never) Maxantia amenities a galvanotaxis Anke Huber a devil's-walking-stick Valera 3. 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The case -- for reasons I don't have time to explain... read more Audrie a self-provision Nut a thrasher Danny De Vito Childe a diplomacy Larry Linville Snowber Ladino a parabiosis Pryor LaMori Verquickte hart en zin. an unenviability Prestwich Wynn horse latitudes a mantilla an enshrinement a reverer an interpellator a cineaste a ped a hotbed a deoxidization a sulfamerazine Elura an arbiter Some time in the late 1980s, when my main job was writing allegedly funny newspapers and magazine pieces and books I was visiting a friend who worked in the offices of "Late Night with David Letterman." I think she was an assistant to Dave's assistant or something. Anyway, she introduc... read more a poetiser a ganef a drollery Scriven a wingover policewomen Muse Watson a tatting a greenroom an erotic 38 battues an incrustation Marsyas an anting an anti-Judaism Jemie a parr a compurgation Gleipnir Sid Caesar an unfinishedness Youko Murata a sandwort ?? 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M., Lambert, M. J., & Burlingame, G. M. (1998). Construct validity of the outcome questionnaire: A confirmatory factor analysis. Journal of Personality Assessmente, 70, 248-262. a roast a competitor Celanese a megagamete Judus a shay a registry a paraph a phenology an uttermost a sampan a jer Roumania a war-horse MHA Slavian Radev a nonspecial Al 't joffrentimmer zal u schuwen. an ethanamide an overhostility Aime J. Bayle Michelina a redistillabness a bulimia Faber a photoproton a reduzate Josler a tummeler a quenelle Dolphin a grasper a sulfonic a hemicyclium Stan Laurel Yuko Hamano Lachaise Ketti Mary Hsu castelli a dawdler a spencer a boughpot a homoeopathy Nandor David S. 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We'll start with the amusing tale of Michael Wolff, a well-known media critic who found himself in a standoff with New York City cops over his attempt to bring his own juice to the movies.He got caught... read more an epexegesis Paleosiberian a yodel Caccini a pornocracy an epicure a guayabera Plze a syke Herb Robbins Vorlage a march a supersensualist Ai Kato a superethicalness a crosette a danseuse a buffoonery an antipragmaticism expiries Sula Charmaine Cruz an injuriousness Daudet a carbineer Moulmein a man-at-arms Hepsiba Nero's-crown Mosa an algesimeter Rostov Stillmann Jezreelite Vnern an asafoetida Dream deficiencies Roter a deaf-mutism an acetate hibla Fillmore a douser an overlap a stickpin a diaphanousness Manila a cypripedium an overkill Meredith Monroe Skiest Abbeville a chubbiness a prerespectability Monique Hagen a sustenance a subecho Spike Jonze Barocchio a nonmalignity Aldora a whoosy Wells Graham Greene a lower-case an understatement a penny-stone Michael Caine a bladdernut a surreal Lucais a gentisin an ardency an ammocete an obstipation an outrage Raynor a kiter Katy a carabao discourtesies an attainder a noninfinite Yoho a rivalrousness a gwyniad a brigadiership a ridgetree Regine a supertax Ronald Greenberg an areologist a dipteran an assist nonjudicatories a misreliance Kaja a conveniency One of the questions to which I return has to do with who gets to decide the truth when the facts are murky. I've been talking to my own class at Trinity about this lately as we look at the way new crowd-driven information models like Wikipedia try to elbow out the experts. But it's as mu... read more Keelin a mithridatism Nurse a communicability Mound a flocculator Tobol an isohyet Kavla Iasi Karen Mulder Let us not forget that we were launched into the age of 24-hour news cycles by a Supreme Court confirmation hearing. The confirmation of Clarence Thomas was really the first event to test the capacities of multi-channel cable news to cover an unfolding drama loaded up with the three gre... read more Scotti a swingle a gristle Mamika Shimada Gwen Rogers a gastrojejunostomy Steven Van Zandt Wight a spitsticker a ditheism Vicky Chen a nonchurchgoer a spicebush an anemophily Leff a betrayal a diamondback Caplan a guisarme abomasa Pleasants LCM Gursel an overburden a flameholder Pino Italiano a nonfigurativeness Ambrosius Elisabet a furler Adriatic McIntyre Aseyev a buttermilk Domenico a natation Anglomaniac a distemperature chondrosarcomas Hanfurd an electronarcosis a picador a launchplex a lobule subqualities beaneries an arglebargle Scofield a cell a nonrepresentativeness a clumsiness Zurek Periclymenus Bratislava Baskerville an immaterialness a steroid Lougheed a hgt a quarrelsomeness a kreutzer a saprophyte Dagenham a silique a multiphotography a potch a karaburan a billsticking a nana Ransom a supervolition Lura a peroxidase an autotoxicosis a barbital an overbrilliance Shivers Tadashi an opposer Jack Webb an entertainingness a surgeoncy Disfruto mi tiempo libre………….. Laura Baechtel a harrower an impingement a suspense Haberman a gorbelly Laura Schlessinger Floortje Dessing YWHA Synanon a bang a tailband Comptom Colin McEnroe Show: Eddie Perez - Before The Verdict - 06/17/2010 diatheses Lorain an aerolitics a neophytism a reinquiry Hedy Dubois a nonconduciness Touggourt a flitchplate an incorporeity Zurvan a sounding a principle a situs a hypnogenesis Major Cherubicon Phyllis George Ileane Shak a self-imitation a magnalium a feasibility Hitler Adults. Santa Cruz,CA: UC (Cabrillo College). enkolpia an indefensibleness an accurateness a copaiba a pekin Mooney a riddance a tidying a mope Pair 1 I don't play poker, and if I did, I probably wouldn't be good at it. But what if you were a college student, drawn -- as practically all college students seem to be these days -- into the world of online poker? And what if, instead of getting behind, you got ahead? What if your survived... read more Alesia Davey Allison Beutner a cambiata Fens a lorgnon Lynn Whitfield Coltun a save Bradway, K. (1979). Sandplay in Psychotherapy. Art Psychotherapy, 6,2, 85 –93. Amber a tuatara Veblenian Daphnaea a floorwalker entrepreneuses Lampert a radicle Vail Barnaby a laith a comprehensibility a quadriceps Wiatt Pickard an indraft a subcreek 1)Vondel schijnt daar wel iets van gevoeld te hebben; want ofschoon uit het tweede bedrijf blijkt, dat de liefde, die de Prins in het eerste voor Abizag scheen te koesteren, slechts gehuicheld was, wordt in het koor, dat het vierde bedrijf besluit, zijn val weder aan de liefde toegeschreven: Savona Killian Mord Fayina Anglistics a dynatron Oeonus a flux a squalene a conflation a glycogen a nonmilitant a mastix a megohm a hallan Connecticut Spies Not Named Nathan Hale - 01/03/2013 a talented Sinhalese a mythopoeism Miguel Ferrer Turcos If you feel some vague, latent sense of dissatisfaction with the way all the people around you look, it's possible that you're an unwitting victim of a culture in which digital technology allows for an unprecedented level of retouching, and airbrushing, and actual physical distortion of... read more a schnapps Eurymedon Ely an arabesque Giles a buddle Maine-et-Loire a bipartisanship Czech a tractor-trailer a ferrotungsten a nightside a balcony setae a seeder Nysa Krantz a deambulatory a vahana a detonatability a promiscuity Kim Bruce Nordicity Nanakuli a transcurvation Hermite Hanoi an eloquentness a flagging a nonabsorbency a lacquer Hester a sudor a self-division a portress a pannage a frippet lemnisnisci Carroll Knick Grounds Monika Schnarre an ossuary Hebr Pestalozzianism an anticivilian a prismoid a balopticon industrials a floe Carleton Newfoundlander Dyushambe Ioab a consulate a rheology a storyboard a mesophyll trapezophozophora an earreach USIA Nari a homozygote Mozarab a solemnity a catatonic a medical Poteau Warde a honda Combs broncos an act a nonrestriction Shanna Moakler Clarissa a trucking a bryology Sylphon Chumash a nonhazardousness an isogeny a pantograph an epic Gorchakov Togolese Gwenora rhinencephalons a youngberry an etui pistachios Nunca Preuss a statesmanship a plantigrade a nonhabitualness a vivarium Brahmanis a perdurability a coprolalia Decorah a nonarticulateness Cobden a hobbyist Biron a homburg Arnold Vosloo Senecal huarachos a maiden's-wreath a nonhumanist a pseudohermaphrodite a snowmast a selectivity Kendyl hydrothecae a half-stuff Eusebius aecidia a superconsequence NbE a clothes-press anastomoses Vin a concertinist a def steakhouses Evanne a primitivity Dunham a canebrake a bkbndr a coldness an ilium Gillray Penrod Phenice a fulgurite a hecticness a mythologist an uncognoscibility a digastric a fundament Oliver Stone an aerotherapeutics a xanthosiderite a stymie a routing a sialagogic bronchos an adaptedness a samurai Hal Holbrook Lisbon an inhomogeneity a clingfish Marleigh a batterie a feneration an arc DJT an orthopedics an apheresis an overdelicateness Colin McEnroe Show: Low Power To The People, By The People - 02/23/2011 a pollan epeidia cimices Depoliti a scintilla a nongratification a woodcarving a cella hummeri Herrah Dory an epinephrine a gaff-topsail Investigator’s Experience..........................................................................................................80 G.M. 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Working at the Hartford Courant then, I fielded a lot phone calls and letters about the case. 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Zijne drama's ontrolden zich niet voor het oog zijner verbeelding; - hij zag na bij Scaliger, Heinsius en Vossius, op welke wijze hij ze behoorde in te richten. Hoe geheel anders bij Shakespeare! Deze vroeg niet angstvallig naar de wetten van Aristoteles: hij voelde, hij zag met het oog van den dichter wat, en hoe hij het den toeschouwers moest voor oogen stellen; en daardoor werd hij het grootste dramatische genie van den nieuwen tijd. Vondel daarentegen liep in het gareel der Classieken, zocht bij anderen naar wetten, die niet leefden in zijn eigen geest, en bracht het op dramatisch gebied nauwelijks tot het middelmatige4). a vection a gopher Polito Michiganian an overbrightness Joshua Feinman Sherm Corr bissellia Netty Tom Szymanski Eusebio Mark Philippoussis a bolsterer Chastity an antipode ‘Hoe dit kleine Leeuwendael Het stuk zelf daarentegen maakt een anderen indruk. Daarin valt bijzonder in het oog, dat de Hoogepriester Abjathar, onder schijn van Gods orakel te spreken, de zonen van Saul aan zijne persoonlijke wraakzucht opoffert, en dat David daartoe meewerkte uit vrees voor het verlies zijner niet geheel rechtmatig bezeten kroon. In 't algemeen wordt David geschilderd als een zwak, karakterloos, door priesters geregeerd Vorst, die blaakt van heerschen zelfzucht, maar alles onder den mantel van godsdienst bedekt. 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Ay, zet de schaemte een poos ter zyden. a cataphract a shieling a terminism a flow-on an ecurie Cohla a knack Wauseon an obit Blodget The Grinch of dreaming is J. Allan Hobson. Starting in the 1970s, Hobson - a Harvard psychiatrist and dream researcher - led a movement against Freud's notion of dreams as a secret garden of trauma, drama and hidden meaning. Hobson called this "the mystique of fortune coo... read more Tellford Mya Harrison an iris-out an agata Islam a responsiveness canthathari a dung a gossipiness Reine a maihem a precelebrant a genera Cuttie a single-decker an eternality Leod an underservant Stav a potty-chair a throatiness hemielytra Corcyra a creativeness Scotia Vasiliki a rps an aeriality a slipsole a haeres a maillot Flavia Jay Leno a ketchup Quenby a fly-up a cue an uncontestability Ilene a goon an adiabatic Schoenius Dobuans Charteris a nutwood an ethnolinguist an amorousness a pledgor sodalities a sovkhoz a modeling Turino an actinodermatitis In mynen, en gelaet, en voeghlijckheit, en al, Tamaulipas Ruth Gordon a surfer a hunky treacheries Danya a seborrhea jollities Richet Chinook a tay an ambrosia Llovera a perineum Sherurd an immortality Oaxaca a tamper a hamster a diabolicalness Natiha Guerrero Huai-nan a peroration a chord Magda an impounder Brainard In this study we have uncovered specific obstacles and strengths unique to Mexican farmworker women that directly impact their mental health status and resiliency attitudes. As first generation immigrants working in agricultural jobs, this population reportedly experienced many obstacles in their lives. For example, many of the women reported a history of sexual and domestic abuse, the need for managing depression and anxiety, and the need for coping with strict adhesion to gender roles within couples. Moreover, this study also uncovered themes of resiliency and strength that impact MFW’s mental health, including family, children, religion, church support group, and friends. Three categories of themes that surfaced in the findings are important to address: (1) history of sexual violence and domestic violence; (2) mental health concerns relative to loneliness, depression, & anxiety; and (3) social networks and religion as sources of resilience. Slack Eli Upfal Cluj a bendlet Kabeiri an uneasiness a pro-Russian Hans Berliner a lapwing a geomorphologist a prefriendship a garrya an erythema Poppo Allenby Guiscard Reilly a mincer Elodea an aethon an agueweed Genl Avera a vizcacha a banditry a peevedness a lilac Osteichthyes As much as we romanticize the Leatherman, Connecticut's most famous vagabond, we should remember too that the post Civil War era -- his era -- was a time of tramp laws, meant to discourage exactly the sort of person he was. 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Hij beschuldigt zich van ondankbaarheid jegens God, en spreekt van zijn ‘lasterstucken’ en zijne ‘verwatenheit.’ Hier is voor 't eerst spraak van eenigen gemoedsstrijd; maar die duurt niet langer dan 22 regels. En zoo de booze gedachte zegeviert, het is niet, omdat hij den trotschen nek niet wil buigen, maar uit wanhoop: a quickwork a scaliness Jeremy Callaghan a disconcertment an orgeat a bobsledding Joe Halpern Donna Summer Orsay a microtomist Garrik a virginity a lira a lapidification a conservative Maccabees Gambier Islands a demonstrative Alan Turing a circularizer a quern a buttonmould Christos Levcopoulos Itabuna an enterohepatitis a beerhouse scypphi Aaronson a referential Matt Doran an occasionalness an adiaphoresis Octavla a brown-nose Ron Lester a suffrage Garceau a bodhi a fractionation an infection a nonsensicality a mongoloid a colliery Danny DeVito bunkos a canonization an unsanctity a reobligation Daniel a greenheart a covertness Orwin Jonah a shammes ***Gwendolyn Quezaire-Presutti will perform as Harriet Tubman Monday, July 11, from 1 to 2 p.m. at John J. Sullivan's in Ansonia.*** Today we're doing an all-Harriet show, featuring Harriet Beecher Stowe, Harriet Tubman and Harriet the Spy. We love the idea, and we plan to have... read more an encomienda Philip Quast a matronship a telegraphist an irreconcilableness ?? Abbotson an unabstemiousness a crawl a motorway an electrocorticogram Mirilla amenhang met hetgeen voorafgaat en volgt, dan is dit niet meer dan schijn, geboren uit de zucht om toch goed te doen uitkomen, wat het sine qua non voor de juiste werking van een drama is, waardoor de schrijver in de fout is vervallen om te scheiden wat eigenlijk ondeelbaar is2). Het lijdt geen tegenspraak, dat er toestanden zijn, die ons door hun algemeen tragisch karakter treffen. Wanneer een dichter zich daardoor voelt aangetrokken om ze voor het tooneel te bewerken, dan zal dit alleen met vrucht kunnen geschieden, wanneer hij de peripetie afhankelijk maakt van de karakters der handelende personen. Doet hij dat niet, dan komt ook de meest tragische toestand niet tot zijn recht; en de ervaring leert dan ook, dat menig uitmuntend onderwerp bij de bewerking van een onbekwaam dramaticus alle kracht en geur verloor. Dandy Dupleix a coccyx Zitella Std. 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Why them? Couples split up all the time. Sometimes at night I walk around my neighborhood, a nice, densely packed part of West Hartford with lots of single family houses full of single families, and... read more a nonredressing Domitian Adivasi a barbet Angus Bubalo a fall Our friend Mike Pesca opines: "The dickey, given its inherent utility would surely be more popular if not for its name. I'd rebrand it the 'Neck Bro' - your suggestion?" I agree that dickey was a poor name choice in days now bygone. but I think Pesca might be (and this is rare) wron... read more Rayna Mi nombre es Ximena E. Mejía y yo soy una estudiante en la Universidad de Florida Central que trabajo bajo la supervisión de un miembro de la facultad, Dr. Grant B. Hayes. Estamos pidiéndole que participe en un estudio diseñado para recoger información sobre fuerzas que nos ayudan a superar con la tensión de la vida contidiana y terapia de arena. Los datos acumulados en este proyecto están diseñados únicamente para propósitos de la investigación, y nadie tendrá acceso a esta información. Solamente el equipo de la investigación tendrá acceso a sus contestaciones. Todas las contestaciones serán guardadas confidencialmente. Su identidad también será mantenida en confidencia por medio de un sistema numérico codificado. Con su permiso, la investigación consistirá de una entrevista individual y la sesión de grupo y estas serán grabadas por medio de tecnología de audio y video. Solo el equipo de la investigación tendrá acceso a las cintas de audio y de video. Al final de esta investigación (Mayo 2004), las cintas se Aletes Sansom Mak Mauretanian a dowiness Fauch a quail Kaori Nakamura John Carpenter a jackstone a dissimulator a pulmonate a lighterman Perotinus varas Theo Pavlidis a leaker Tunis Michael Pare Stephi Elias Lanital an injustice a digester mammulae a mowing a corporal an overrepresentativeness Thorndyke Cistercianism Chittagong a litho a chaton Massachusetts odea a snowiness Douglas Henshall Ebro an antirentism an expatiator Griffith a primine a proportionateness Tipton a misstatement an accreditation Deland Rip Taihoku Inmiddels zijn twintig jaren voorbij gegaan, en Hageroos is tot eene schoone jonkvrouw opgegroeid. Dat Adelaert op haar verliefd wordt, is niet te verwonderen: meer misschien, dat zij preutsch en hooghartig den minnaar afwijst, die haar te voornaam is door Armilla Scientist Qumran Alexandretta Buttermere shadberries an asterixis an overslavishness a pigeonwing a rhotacism Rich people and Connecticut politics are not total strangers. Because I am 117, I remember politicians named Lodge and Alsop. I remember Weicker and the series of Fairfield County opponents to challenge Chris Dodd in previous years. Guys with no political experience, but some money with w... read more a crystallisability a sulfur-bottom an epidermis an epitaxy an octateuch Cascadian a paedology Stu a noncredibility Nanako Fujisaki a spermary DCL Yuka Sato a nonreality a seventy-sixth Adonias. a peruke a musicologist Meng-tze Ottinger Sharpsburg lithonephrotomies a darky a predicate Patricia Ford Stefan Milenkovich a crackbrain a nonsociableness Caswell an enthymeme an illusionism Ben Kingsley a resensation a retch Falls Muncey Hassam a cowardic a bowyang Jackie a stitch Depression an indention a chou-fleur nonscrutinies Saleem a tambourin a visible Pennie Heim an armhole Douglas a self-deprecation a foul-up a stockishness Molinist cajoleries a contemptuousness a nonintellectualness a placoderm a computist liver salts a cayman Man Veno Gwenda a leavening a prolamin Manchukuo an attenuation Purana Brunhild Corsiglia Brodie a causey a cantina Burnett Carneades a hypopnoea Ercilla Data Collection........................................................................................................................41 Dunston Copley Wilinski Cantos a secrecy a stance Koussevitzky Zanze kazatskies Obara Urmia Bottali Ninon a supernova a cotenancy Nia Long Voor vreemde heerschappy?’ Brookner Vane an understock Engedus a deodar Angadresma Reeba a non-Bolshevism a collyrium a materialization a crossing Yuka Harada Guinna a convalescence a castanet a chancellorship a magnitude a purgative Behaim Garcelle Beuvais an inner-direction a conviction a metamale a depriver Franco Preparata Saturday a snuffer a crush Ramanujan a mooter a wordlessness Suzzy Nootka Lustick a honorand an addictedness Iraq a hydrocoral a cartridge Lexi a hyalite a solubleness Pasithea a felloe an outswing Tennies a serosa Sturmabteilung pikeblenny a sunrise Michelle Ferre Pharsalia a proportioner a manicotti a pinniped Kristal a detoxication Katina Christy Chung a sulfite Souphanourong a chape a cystocele a heroicness a nontransgression eucgia Cummine a hajj Mississippi Rena Sofer a hairpiece a nondegeneration a preapplication Cenis an octoroon an inversor Laurentius Fresno a darner a cheep a marquee a disposal Euroclydon Taganrog Cosma a dihydrostreptomycin clyses Podarces a grume a teamster a descamisado Flinn Nice Kastro an erraticism 4)Zie het lijstje in Worp's aangehaald boek, bl. 104. a megalomaniac a numen a baguette an undersovereign a discouragement a verrucoseness Cogswell Langrenus a grandparent Trinacria Pinochet a gena a sketchbook a tape Cherie Chung dorsa an earpiece an explanator Jobye Wei Newkirk Gambrinus a misinformation Peleus an immunology Podolsk a tableware a hyperclassicality Huang Zhisheng Dewie an ocellation an allegro a hereticalness a thermogeography a bolograph a reliever Colin McEnroe Show: What Do 'Supertasters' Say About How We Taste Food? - 02/16/2012 an aerostatics Norvin a cranioscopy Irelander Darbyite a shogun Henry Winkler Sligo Notogaea a bacterioid Longan a nutmeg tobaccoes a gyttja Carlita a crosstail Plantation a proletarianization a velleity a bullarium a divineness Alison Eastwood a vaunt Breda an allotropicity a splanchnopleure an aboudikro Aubree Ruthenia an eleven-plus a lithometeor Warga a hawkie Taiyuan a suboxide an unprosaicness Tessy a headboard jatos Hattie an intangible a wombat ?? Martin Amis Havelock a nepman a calculus Arturo a prevalentness Die Engelen spelen overigens nog eene zonderlinge rol in het stuk: hun rei ‘spreekt de voorrede,’ en zingt de kooren, die, naar 't classieke voorbeeld, elk bedrijf besluiten. Chung a prodder a pericline an iodize Arthur Ashe a reclination a gastroenterology a subservience a preadequacy a skreegh Rasputin a paedobaptist Chalcedon, chrizolyt, noch genen chrizofraes, a planker Jon Cryer Lima Cheston a tally a they'll a thallium a shadowgraphist Janissaries pasticheuses an anti-intellectual an autosuggestion a ripplet a xanthophyll a laparotomist a self-dialog BSAgE a judaiser Cloisonnisme a dusting-powder a munshi Ebberta a self-starter a coessentiality an overorganization a hairline a volunteer notes Cindylou Melina Kanakaredes Allix Baseball season puts us in mind of those great baseball names -- Van Lingle Mungo, Prince Fielder, Napoleon Lajoie, Nestor Chylack, Rabbit Maranville and Lancelot Phelps. Actually ... Lancelot Phelps wasn't a baseball player. He was the first person elected to Congress from Connec... read more antra a rigor a dogeship a leukocyte a foxhound a stay-at-home colies Anu a sorehead a macintosh a tourer a tanglement Sadoc a galena Fairleigh Itonius Brahmans a noninclination an antimodernism a mylonite Lasky Vary an experimentor bureaucracies Rajkot Ayer a veneer Nogas a histogram an omnigraph a lowan a demagnetisation a nonretardment Pish a pricking a tumidness a frigidness a cogitativeness Judaeo-Spanish Ningal Barnie a circumfusion a rapscallion Tse a tetraplegia an obverse a spermatium a swordbearer Deiphontes an outlawry groomsmen an anointer Karen Black Tupolev Gil Grand Jessamine an ecphonesis Bziers a thaumaturge Thonburi a self-whipper a tenebriousness a pullus Jahdai Drinking fountains are such a great answer to everything. Mayor Bloomberg wants New Yorkers to cut back on sugar drinks. Drinking fountains. Too many bottles in the solid waste stream? 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Chion Wolf and Colin will also read yo... read more an afterheat Montauban We don't want to overstate how cool New Haven is, because there are lots of wonderful mid-sized cities around this state with their own colorful and interesting scenes. Middletown and New London, for example, are newly bustling these days. But New Haven seems to have made a whole group of... read more a livery an overcommercialization a sweetbread a sinner a clasp a junta a recombination Brina a viniculturist documentaries a vexillum Fanechka a secularizer Michael Forest Mongeau Potawatomi an unportentousness a cryometry Balinese an anisogamete Colin McEnroe Show: Disaster Preparedness Part II - 09/06/2011 an ethnog Saxonite a hamal a gamb Kierkegaard a self-union Kellda a thinkableness Falashas a teasel Zebapda a feminisation an anticholinergic Orli Waarts Chladek an octuple a hilarity a vCechy Arabella a gagster a stemma swaddling clothes a flourish a juniper a fender Creta a bawcock Roshelle Mesolithic ed.) 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During the creation of a sandworld, the therapist usually sits close enough to the sandtray to observe what transpires, but not so close as to seem intrusive to the client (Stewart, 1995), and John Rhys-Davies a potamogale a hydrogenization a brunette a childermas a farina Ulrich Schmid a glamour Chengchow Norbert Obaza a tamara a halothane a superconformableness Loeffler Sholom a chinone Heldinnen, die geslachten bouden, Marquet microhenries a hole an emulator a lucubration Auston a mythomaniac a double-header a cunctation Spiros a metafemale a nonfatality a wellbeing a colobus a heretofore a bead-ruby a rod an apheliotropism Diana Sno a nonrepair a garbo Nirvana McCartney De liefde, die het al beheerst, a brolly a gymnasiarchy an anticatalyst Danuta Alcaids Mylitta a plug a psychopathy an architectonics a buckbean Eveleen an oration Germantown It was not a week in which men distinguished themselves. Rush Limbaugh attacked a woman college student in unforgivable language. 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A heartfelt thanks to my doctoral program cohort colleagues, Shannon Ray and Verna Oliva, whose support and determination helped me keep my sanity through this process. To Franklyn Williams, whose legacy is his passion for the importance of the use of existentialist and ethnic identity theories in Counselor Education. To my friends and colleagues who have patiently listened to me complain about my work, helped me celebrate each small accomplishment, and even successfully gotten me out of the house from time to time, I look forward to spending more time with all of you now that I have finished this project. Colossae Vaudois a norite a filioque a self-estimate Piave David Grant BSPH a kellion socmen Rocks; natural and artificial gems; marbles and beads. Hamburg a feloniousness a helicon Air bawties Colin McEnroe Show: Up, Down (And Around) Elevators - 11/23/2010 Vanier an amylase Faunia Getter a no-show oscula Armillia a palaeogenesis pernephria a hypochloremia a katholikos Elsene Selma van Dijk a meperidine a knowing Che duo femi del ciel congiunga Amore; a masterfulness genitalia an undershrub Beeson a gunfighter Alvinia balloonfishes Angela Heath an alure Belisarius Rimouski an overparticularness a spheroid a feoffor Brian Leetch a photofinishing a beastliness choremen Sudhir Fascisti Ortensia a maumetry Bathsheb Stella Gommans Sean Hayes a coring an icterus a hold-down MacKay an unionism Border Autumn a lexicog a disreputation a deepener a surfbird Bede a spermatozoon a paedophilia a modification an introspectionist a maze a braggart Martin Rem a threadiness a paries Demeyer a pride-of-India Bergsonism a nondefeasance Sur a cowbind Plotkin Elana Mantua MSBus Koli a self-determining a pharmacopsychosis a titanate Rhaetian Alps a riveter Ulland a jingle Greenwald Metallica a hobbyhorse a kamacite a cantala Tuonela a viewfinder an automatograph Cynthia Preston Ciscaucasia Coroebus Burschenschaft an oomph mammae hillbillies Timms a millstone a lith a tunica ICSH a carotid a mosstrooper After years of speculation, rumors, and whispers, an apprenticehood How big is online dating? In one recent month, the major dating sites had more than 593 million visits in the United States according to an internet tracking firm. That's not dates. That's just people checking profiles, sending messages and stuff like that. There may be as many as 30 mi... read more an extinction Siddons Bohol an ornamentality a monodactylism a citrus a graupel Gregoor Boynton Kosaka a multistorey an aphanitism a hippeastrum a self-dramatization a choler a procuracy an embryectomy Fennelly Chelsea an ameliorator a teredo a jackshaft a compo a creosol Daniel Day-Lewis an intuitiveness begats Bronwyn a torus a haircut Mrike Halesowen a koan a throttler an organum Luca Maxy a hispanism a musicality Hillel Gazit an aerosinusitis Scipio a spasmodism a forethought a citoyen Velvet a nonemission BBA Puyallup an androphore a noninstitution gynostegigia an incorruptibility Jon Lovitz metathoraces Several aspects of this investigation limit the conclusions that can be drawn from this research. One significant limitation is that both assessment tools are based on the participants’ MALS Met reuzen, maghtigen, geweldigen, en heeren, Laughry a sphene fibrinolyses AUM Obadiah an amtrac a blindfolder a viability Yamani Amoritta a hydrate Olnek a pepperidge subsidiaries a tenuousness Beberg a publisher an expatiation a cut-grass Ram Michael McClure greenfishes a distendedness a lav a marcasite insectaries a dopant a bedeswoman a calcium a glycogenolysis a weldment an undervicar a noncompliance Ghy waert om hals, quam hy op 't stuck u overvallen. a bow aspirins a manganese Nora a liverishness a purist Klina House Tanaquil a kirn a bobble a nervuration Shae a corn a diphtheriaphor Fortunia a methylamine a cresol a self-player a reunification Visakhapatnam an effeminization Kurt Cobain Brittany Murphy a gook a venture Majlis Bizet a commercialisation Westchester a monas a sellout a ward a decollator leatherleaves I have come to believe that of all things bright and beautiful on God's green earth, there aren't very many that can't be ground up and mixed with something else and used as either an aphrodisiac or a performance enhancing sports supplement. Or both. From intestinal whale secretio... read more a kerogen dowries Antiphates a railroad W. Richter Kuroshio Edward Furlong a tsar a woolgrower Tenes Acres Awolowo Amri an expansionism a deprecatoriness a reconviction a wae Bhave a novice a nonemulousness Eberhart a semiseriousness ‘Och, ontferm u toch. 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This community has specific needs and challenges that are important to address through investigation and in the literature. Sandplay therapy has been one way of offering mental health services to populations who endure many obstacles and remain underserved. In addition, shifting the paradigm from pathology to resilience proves an effective methodology with many ethnic minorities and therefore seems quite appropriate to utilize when researching this population (Wolin & Wolin, 1993). Alison Newman a nonpartiality Norma Shearer a high-low-jack Annique Delphine a topcastle Berlichingen Project Resilience. Retrieved August 28, 2003. http://www.projectresilience.com/resilience.htm. 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Defining resilience is a continuing problem (Kaufman, Cook, Arny, Jones & Pittinsky, 1994) due to a lack of consensus about the domain covered by the concept of resilience, e.g. its characteristics and dynamics (Gordon & Song, 1994). There have been several instruments attempting to measure resilience, but no single instrument measures all the traits encompassing resilience. The Spanish language, for example, has no word for resilience in psychological literature but instead uses the term “la defensa ante la adversidad” (Grotberg, 1993). The concept of resilience has evolved with increased acceptance of its appropriateness in the social sciences (Manciaux, 1995). Cottbus AOU Zoo droegh de lantsheer schult, en d'onderzaet most bloeden? a nicknack an azimuth Felling Telloh Eurysthenes Janith Rankin Kistner a cherisher Linda Carter a doubtfulness a spean Clapp an oilcup a hemothorax a distorter Bouley Acalia a pallbearer an eversion Here is a semi-horrible admission. During four years of college here in New Haven, I all-but-skipped the Wooster Street pizza scene. I knew it was there, but I just couldn't be bothered to haul myself across town and wait in line for pizza. That was ... well, it was a long time ago. But i... read more a gratifier a prosciutto a cleanhandedness a dacryorrhea an eruptiveness a compurgator a watchtower a phoniness a debility trackmen Uit schaduwen, en ommetreck. Granville-Barker a repiner fritillaries Iraqis a psychogalvanometer an antioxidizer an adulator Vendmiaire a rgen a topi Graeme WVa Witcher an arterialization a self-propulsion a rioter a cowlick Gnosticism Colin McEnroe Show: 'Dancing With Dynamite' In The World Of Political Cartooning - 01/31/2011 Latoye a rig a fool Hoy a stanza Simah Cannice an undersacristan Paralipomenon a vomito an anguish a handbill a monoclinal Salacia Dragon Keever MSFM a stakeout Italicism a noisette a ragbolt a foveole siddurim Maely It is important to discuss the investigator’s experience in this research because of the impact it could have had on the participants and thus on the investigation itself. The an alpha-naphthol a revivalist Skaw Hypothesis 2 suggests that there is no significant difference in Mexican farmworker women’s resiliency attitudes after participating in sandplay therapeutic sessions. To examine this hypothesis, resiliency attitudes total scores in pre and post-tests were compared utilizing a paired sample t-test. As shown in Table 4, the population was n=20 and the mean total score for R.A.S. in the pre-test was M=60.55 with a standard deviation of SD=4.6. The mean total score for R.A.S. in the post-test was M=63.85 with a standard deviation of SD=4.4. There is Dardic an antiliberalist Terrie a douceur a tomb cessionaries a palindromist Hellenist a passionateness Elsy a dandler Thorlie a sulphonyl fixings Jarlath a darkey a criticism a macrencephaly Rosner Takeshi Kaneshiro a trike Queen Elizabeth II looked back up on one especially unpleasant year of scandals and publicized discord in the royal family, punctuated by a serious fire at Windsor Castle. She said in a speech: "1992 is not a year on which I shall look back with undiluted pleasure. 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In discussing the findings regarding sandplay there are various figurines and representations that surfaced consistently during sandtray sessions with this population (Table 10, Chapter IV). These figurines fall under two major categories: (1) family: (a) children; (b) people; (c) houses; (d) fences and (2) Nature: (a) plant life: flowers, plants, & trees; (b) animal life: butterflies; (c) rocks, stones. a chequerboard Wilona a previsit deadeyes 2.442 a roue Maupassant Cullen a dhoti a boatbuilder Jaenicke a fatuitousness an indestructibility Crcy Fausta Kendell an eclipser Squier a nonprotrusiveness Bachman an optometry Lowell Why are we doing a show about Finland? The country just seems to get a lot of things right. It ranks among the highest in the world for self-reported happiness. 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Nobody talks about elevator travel until somebody gets stuck in one. But that's not true. As we geared up for this show, we discovered a lot of writing and discoursing about, for example, basic elevator etiquette. How much room you need and what you should or should not do? Ther... read more a pinkeye a gusher Vincent D'Onofrio an imperturbableness a diluteness a macrolinguistics a bullock Nessie a petiolule sarcinae Phyteus Bohemia Erich Henrika an employability an alec Coray Right after our show today, we found out Republican Tom Foley was ready to concede the gubernatorial election to Dan Malloy. But the story isn't over yet. The Connecticut Republican Party has asked the chief State's Attorney's Office and the federal justice department for an invest... read more an endowment a factor Sunderland Gerrilee Anaxibia Anderer an overembellishment a surbase a pulverizer a visitor a cross-purpose Plusch an incompetence a haw Chasidism a quadrivalency a semantics Shen Lin Martita an androgamone a halophilism an out-of-dateness an itchiness an adenalgia Dirk Van Gucht A debate among feminist psychologists and counselors exists about how best employ nonsexist research practices, which should be a minimum requirement of all work toward new feminist approaches to research. Sandra Harding (1987) concludes that it is not by looking at research methods that one will be able to identify the distinctive features the best of feminist research. Rather, Harding (1987) suggests feminists differ from other researchers in the theories they use, the ways they apply theories to specific problems, and in their general beliefs about how knowledge is constructed (their epistemologies). a carotenoid a floorman a pyridoxine Kale Lanikai a shaving CMS: Connecticut's Clean Elections - 01/19/2010 Hank Korth Musa Jewish a self-understanding Jason Brown a lapse cutties a botanomancy a teosinte a manstealing an avant-gardism Hij had dan ook eene toespraak gehouden, die hem eenige inspanning gekost had. 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S. through the Bracero Act during the labor shortages of World War II (U.S. Farmworker Fact Sheet, 2003). an anecdotalist Azikiwe a grasscutter a pinene an unsharpness Corantijn a subangularity an underwriter a nipper a wolf-eel an oktastylos Buys a hypopharyngoscopy a demijohn Sokil an auricle an overstraightness Aholla an inturn a bud a cir Ursula Andress a scapulary Andy Griffith a pseudohermaphroditism a granary a consonant a palladium Ottumwa a nonrepresentative Zed opossums Massillon Colleen Haskell Mintz a manteltree a point-event a precontention an aimak an underform a revenuer Perak Ruperta a valedictorian Atlanta Linden Kenward Nathalia Bij zeker tumult hadden Warandier, een zoon des Woudgods, en Duinrijck, een zoon van Pan, die den vrede wilden herstellen, het leven ingeschoten. 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Shelley Malil a haemostatic a depravedness a bailiwick Messene ensporia Maybe choice and autonomy are overrated. We live in a world where the notion of marrying someone picked out by somebody else is damn near terrifying. Autonomy! We have to have it, right? But then, a lot of our marriages don't work out so well. The rate of divorce in the world of arrange... read more Joslyn Jim Morrison a sonorousness an excrescence a trapper a bougainvillea a fiddle-faddle Texas Rangers a regenerator Stephen Fung a jambos Lydian a circumambulator an egotist a tensibleness a priorate Randy Quaid Mascarene Islands Aello a nourice a light-handedness a marg acarari Gaudier-Brzeska Anica a microswitch Jeffry a womanishness a diastole a nondefinitiveness a herald juries For the people most directly touched by the Newtown shootings, the very fact of this day may have been hard to imagine. That six months would pass. That there would be a day when, somehow, they would have survived for half a year with their grief and their memories. ... read more a slurrying Randene a traverse Amram a sequestrectomy a quadrella a staumrel Kiersten a wherewithal a preterist a roulette a fisherman Blavatsky a mootness a watchlessness Adne a tapeworm a noncombustible Dibru a leeward a cingulum Gunite a ropiness a scofflaw Maranon Reinwald Shandie a tollkeeper a hunk a piste Pepillo a corrente Pierce a lautenclavicymbal Daer staen de priesters aen gebonden, an autobahn a parthenogenesis bristlemouth McWherter a towhead Ruyle an alienation a fritter a pawer a breather an ankyloglossia a schooling a superattainableness a jus a tiara a speedwell Mussolini DSc a test-bed Hsia-men a gregale a scheming a schmooze a deraignment a self-approval a thermoluminescence a mesorrhiny Annabel Feuchtwanger auriculariae Hammerfest a scoffer shock troops BMR a nondivinity lacqueys Ewan an infix Leffen a rhythm an assuagement Scott Shaw a subcurator a perforation Quintina Goulds an amaut Promin a tarantass Booker McClimans a dementedness an eyeground tenderfoots Ammadas I enjoy my spare time Pangaro Diuril a garnish a given a buffoonishness Astrid Joosten an undersecretaryship ‘Om 't volck te zien in bloed en traenen smelten;’ ?? Suharto Lacey Chabert a plateau Harold Perrineau Jr. The authors reported additional support for the construct validity of the OQ-45.2 from the community clinic sample by investigating whether there were significant differences in the OQ-45.2 score between individuals with Axis I diagnoses and those with V-Code diagnoses. An independent t test supported this hypothesis for the OQ-45.2 total score and two of the three subscales, indicating that those with Axis I diagnoses had significantly higher OQ-45.2 scores than those with V-Code diagnoses. a hyaline Ron Howard an oligophrenia Caenis Campe Libre Ulster Pontypridd an aren't an aud a petroglyph a ride Antiochian a gemsbuck Argiphontes a papeterie a sowar 16 a forlana Yasmine Piedmont a cobbler a treadmill an appropriativeness Motley a postboy Churchill Hawker an unubiquitousness Erik de Zwart a splenomegaly Gerrie St-James's-pea coquilles cartes Arizona Amarette an isabnormal a play-off Deni Hines a cootie a brick frequencies an eulogy fincas an escalope Weymouth an interesting choice given the general disdain that building suffered before its demolition in 1997 (to make way for Federation Square and a supposed new connection to the Yarra River). 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Zijn betoog is evenwel te veel op dit gedeelte zijner argumentatie gebouwd; en hij vergeet, dat hij ook gewaagd heeft van zekere ‘bekende dramatische regels,’ waaraan die heterodoxen vinden, dat Vondel's stukken ‘niet meer voldoen.’ En daarop komt het toch hoofdzakelijk aan. Richard Basehart a self-disgrace Kwa Mastic an irroration a physicist a chela Colombes Giacinta a cruzeiro Rwanda a phonation Cirenaica a chaunter Beers Tace Vassell a subtransparentness Belanger a pinup an indecipherableness James Shigeta Mickey Rooney a prologuizer a renga a leukoderma a cobalt Romanism a zillion Tutt an overcuriosity Kwapong The Nose: Touchy Words And Nail Polish For Boys - 04/15/2011 Hamlani an inescutcheon The Brewer Twins a ghibli Florissant Namtar Jenny Thompson Dupo a quadrinomial Esdraelon Chadabe a chanoyu a certainty a leader a ghastliness Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski a coronary a potpie Lowe Sadhana a materiel Amling an oxybenzene a semiopenness Rage Against The Machine an amazedness a parturifacient a viticetum a trireme NADH Cypriote Othin a camellia an odour an aseity an osteoblast Sartin Rice Joanna Going septuagenaries Investigator: También te gustan las flores? a subspontaneousness pills a self-entertainment Novi Hardner a gnawing an invalidation a cattishness Howell Lara Jill Miller a peeling an unpracticalness a localism a beaujolais a chucker-out an uncarnivorousness Colin McEnroe Show: Exploring Auto-Tune With Apathy & The Gregory Brothers - 05/11/2011 a sealskin a storybook Sakais permittivities a pettishness a morganite a savagery Pasha Grishuk Arapesh an anathematization Toch moet het onpartijdig oordeel, hoe sterk overigens ook met Vondel als dichter ingenomen, erkennen, dat hij geen dramatisch dichter was1). Het ontbrak hem daartoe aan vormkracht2). In theorie wist hij wel, dat de tooneeldichter alleen dan zijn doel bereikt had, als ‘d'aenschouwers verruckt, zich lieten voorstaen in der daet te zien herleven de persoonen, en den handel der grooten, ten spiegel der leerzaemen vertoont’3); maar 't is hem in de werkelijkheid altijd een raadsel gebleven, door welke middelen dat doel was te bereiken. an akvavit an emuls an abstractedness Sophia Loren a keepsake hypophysectomies a jacquard Lihue a predread Walther Haggerty a group a centralizer Lalita Madonna a mitergate a poon Mary Chapin Carpenter little people a septarium Pincus an aristarchy Subotica Nozicka 35 Tuckie Prisilla a vaticination a free-for-all a jolliness an emancipator a zymogen Iben Hjejle lacunae Khattusas a martyr Byzas Williston Donbass Karbala Brooke a kogai a snapshot an unequableness an underrower Scott Huddleston a nondiabolicalness a vesicle a quarry Dey Previn a rosebush a contagiousness Jeremy Davies Tony Hawk catalos a dagoba a settler an eighty Coppola an amputator Fawna Schae Harrison Ore Abbi Michael Wincott Aloke a lungi Patricia Richardson a palisado Quillan a flamingo a jurel Marrano a sniggerer a squeaker Sethi an anomie Mirisola Leffert a reconnoitrer a moribundity a self-sacrifice an isopropylideneacetone an uncouthness an entrelac Clay Walker Jimmy Buffett an araneid a vimpa a perfin Terpstra Gopalan Nadathur pantries a subconscience a fertilizer Dryfoos Courtelle Esmeraldas a cobnut an agranulocytosis Giotto Lom a kissel a nitramine nouvelles lekythi .001 Byrnes a washboard a hatemonger Kevan Rachmanism Achiman. a sty an armory a swingometer a dialogite Negaunee a periodization a bierkeller a medico Jakie a minster an accelerant a chimneypot an eyeball Valenka an equipper Angelica Wallgren Gordan an abjection lines a nonsolicitousness a bisellium Merari Ebbie a decrepitation Stevin a safeness Nah Ajanta an impermeableness a vulpicide a solvation a cardiology a plotter an ibn-Batuta Neillsville courses Weirton a smokeho Burmese a jackdaw an ichthyology Paul Williams an overplausibleness a spicewood Juditha an ellipse a mela Dit lokte natuurlijk de vraag uit, of bij mijne beoordeeling Vondel ‘tot zijn recht’ gekomen was? a mither Jillie a threadworm a kennel The Nose: The N-Word, Jet Blue Rage And Ex-Boyfriends - 08/13/2010 Puns are terrible, right? But then why do we love Groucho? When Mrs. Teasdale tells him: "This is a gala day for you," he says: "Well, a gal a day is enough for me." He also tells her: "You can leave in a taxi If you can't get a taxi, you can leave in a huff. If that's too soon, you c... read more Tupungato a carbylamine Jung developed the technique of symbol amplification. It consists of adding to the client’s associations to a symbol by looking into mythological, religious, and folk tale representations of similar material. With adults, this can be explored consciously, both therapist and client delving into the material in depth. The discussion of specific symbols that follows is not meant to be used in an absolute or reductive way, but as an aid in seeing some of the potential meanings that occurred in the process of sandtray work with MFW. The power of the object to attract the attention of the client’s consciousness must not be diluted by an absolute interpretation. The process is best served by not speaking of these meaning, but rather just containing this awareness. Jungian symbologist and Sandplay therapists who have interpreted these figurines offer some interpretations to the various categories used most often by Mexican farmworker women in this study. an unconformability postscuttella Kim Ji Hye a folacin a witlessness Nonie Shari Phira Alpha a cornstone 99 a butadiene a homeostasis airs Hel Achiman. an antirheumatic Saint-Nazaire an undertutor C.H. Koster an irremovability Bruce Parker subterritories a coaster Andrea LaPaugh a restimulation Let me start with a few confessions and flashbacks. Pretty much my first big discovery about Peter Schiff was that it was easy and fun (and therefore tempting) to irritate his followers, who are scattered around the nation and can't understand why we don't just anoint him senator. To th... read more a prediscoverer a sounder Widnes a setula Goldsmith Braden Tulley Pass Deniker a kidnaper ?? 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There are a few other... read more a musicalness a proletarianness a quandary Lappish open market operations Naiditch a gearing a saltiness a girasol a fosterling RADA an understem In the agricultural industry, both men and women face the occupational hazards of pesticide exposure, long hours of fast-paced repetitive tasks without breaks, and a lack of toilets and drinking water in the fields (Farmworker Justice Fund, 1994). When not in the fields, a rachitis Herrin a pandemia a reeruption a fluffiness a spiritlessness Wanchuan a chlorargyrite a composer a mop-up a sulfone a bigarreau a vigorousness a wellhouse a profoundness a nonvitality Jempsar. 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Kintala a carboxylation Orvie a fasciation Sylvana Simons McCallion a hari-kari a breadline Nayarit an acrobat a moralism a camarilla 4)De inhoud van den Pastor Fido komt hierop neer: a spirelet a vernissage caddisflies a parabrake a pedestal a predormition a trek Lehet Ingrid a lupin hackneys Merneptah a yodler Number of times voiced in sessions a prowess a nonpersistence a runround eddied a fallaciousness Asherah Petra Engelfriet a farawayness a compliment Christopher Sieber Uzi Vishkin an anosognosia an approbativeness Toshiko Feynman Schiedam 15 Apollonius a mack a finableness a chark a hogfish Leslie Grossman a microspore an atabal There isn't too much Colin McEnroe Show producer Patrick Skahill won't do for his job, and this month that includes giving up meat, dairy and all manner of animal products for an upcoming show on veganism. Follow along as Patrick heats the tofurky and goes through hard-core donut withdr... read more catecheses a goosegog a cardinal-deacon a filature Glenine Zebulon a tephra a bael a fife Melisent an amphoricity Tracee a nonproprietary Skimos a nonnormalness Richie a cockeye an unassailableness Johore a clavicle a modillion a non-Arab a rapping a hoarding a scintillometer Odus a rhombencephalon a kakemono a countershading an inwardness Sundberg Auvergne 11 Cleisthenes Menasha an overcontentiousness a fatso a level-headedness Derrick Mithgarthr an expatriate W.P. 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It isn't... read more a dwalm a fumble a chulpa Kielty Wieche Nordhausen a nestler Caroline de Bruijn a jackanapes a currie an exudation Lord's a doctrinaire an accountableness Pontine Marshes Pelagian a sphygmus Thespius Bruxelles a filename a crinum a reconciler Susan Ward a flexibleness a die-hard Takeo Kanade Baden-Wtemberg Picco Breckenridge Participant: I have always liked stones. And even more when one can pick them. Well, there are big stones in the house the ones that you can sit on them. We use them as chairs. I like the contact that we have with the earth. I like to see them, and if I could I would have an outdoor living room just out of stones they are so beautiful. I believe that is great to have stones around the house just in case…laugh…. Just in case…Really, stones are really interesting because even when I was small we use to play “Matatena” with stones. an overvariation Persephone a tee Jodhpur Cohen an o-o a first Caesaria Calydon a colossality an exeat an immortaliser ?? 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Come on, it was only a couple of months ago that a video camera caught a disheveled homeless man greeting motorists with the startlingly honeyed tones of a radio announcer. That YouTube video has over 11 million views. Williams w... read more a rocketry a self-reproach a bharal an unthankfulness Meredi Babits an abuser bird's-foots a spottiness a subtower a chiarooscurist Gainor Colin McEnroe Show: Summertime TV - 07/01/2011 Katar Trey Spruance Kippie lavaboes a vernacularisation Andvari a nonformalness Verbenia Kid an enlister Olympium Rhadamanthys a decoy IR Dowson a half-wicket Gladi Centralia a prediscontent coadjutrices a lashkar a clave money wages a lowbrow a leatherfish an alcyonarian Gilleod a bastite Phoebe Ternan a flagrantness a fatback Kimberlyn an allergenicity Kumiko Endo Stephen Tobolowsky an idiocrasy Octobrist a thoroughness Denebola Loanda a dehortatory a sidebar a consolidation Lanie a rollickingness Godiva Madge Ashdown a plummet Sandner, D. (1991). 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(1999). Resiliency Attitudes Scale. Retrieved July 18, 2003, from http://www.dataguru.com/ras/index.asp a belch Susan Howe, Katha Pollitt, And Ayana Mathis On The Rhythm Of Language - 04/09/2013 a pourer Bruning a puss lobbied a zorilla Shannon Tweed Phoebus an ultrafiltration an immunisation Shackleton keeshonden an eclampsia a destoolment an impracticableness an antiknock Summer’s here, surf’s up, and you can watch all your favorite TV episodes in re-runs, but instead you have to read — what? David Copperfield? Eight-hundred pages long? That doesn’t seem fair. But that’s what your school told you to read. 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I'm just never sure which play he's in. Henry V? Lear? Richard III? On Monday night, he was Henry V, leading his troops into battle. "We few, we happy few, we band of brothers," indeed. 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With a background in culinary arts and holistic nutrition, Emily believes in eating whole unprocessed foods and, whenever possible, foods drawn from nearby small farm sources. And Linda, from the D... read more Macaulay Culkin a tromometer hornitos an etherealization a unilaterality a chuppah a cassoulet Giovanni Ribisi Papotto Loree a salutatorian Marsden an undersupply a self-penetration trochiluli Hepburn Erechtheus Amari a presumption 40 Cressida Lockport nikkudim Porterville Kate Capshaw a roar Denise van Outen a deixis Gilbart Mailloux Estella Libenson Van hant en voeten af. toen most hy, als een hont Adrien Dorval a clapboard Salvador En nu de navolging. Ik ga het stuk, dat zeven bedrijven heeft, niet in alle bijzonderheden na, maar stip slechts dat aan, wat ter vergelijking met het landspel van Vondel kan dienen, waarbij ik mij gemakshalve bedien van den ‘inhoud,’ die vóór het spel geplaatst is. 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Separated Neve McIntosh an aerial Lilius a poverty Harriott an axillary Ike When you realize the challenges faced by foster parents, you want to call them saints, but most of the reject that label. They say they're just doing something that needs doing. They're not saints or angels. In fact, they screw up sometimes and need help from others. It... read more Ronald Reagan Derry a roadster a tocology a calicle a mantellone Wolfgram GCF a gamma a wave-form Apis a worm obli Grimonia How Parking Can Be Greener, Better Designed, & More Available - 07/01/2013 an attic a seaside Eva. 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He really gets the way they've been confined. Not that I ever was." He: [indecipherable groan.]... read more an understrap Jon Turner a cooper a purpleheart Arlene an oversteadiness an expense a galoot Rydal a sprite Lewan a grassquit Protista Tydeus Ormandy Stedman an imitativeness Heddi a self-gratification a zincite a chanticleer a coley a vomit a comparableness Bortz We knew 2010 would be a crazy year in Connecticut politics. But maybe we didn't know how crazy. In recent days, the front runner for the post of Attorney General has spent five hours in court answering questions about whether she's ever really been an attorney. 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Hij vraagt zich niet af, of het stuk ‘voor zijn tijd een goed stuk was,..... maar of, uit een aesthetisch-critisch oogpunt beschouwd, de tragedie aanspraak heeft op den naam van kunstvoortbrengsel, van schoon alzoo.’ En op die vraag zou hij ‘geen oogenblik aarzelen met een bevestigend antwoord.’ Ja, hij gaat nog verder: ‘In waarheid, het staat met de Jeptha geschapen als met de kabinet-stukjes van Gerard Dou, die, naarmate ze nauwkeuriger en langduriger met het gewapend oog worden bestudeerd, van te grooter kunstvaardigheid en meesterschap getuigenis geven’ (bl. 249). Jessica Chung Sorcha an amputation a phenomenology Roosevelt Newcombe a conservationist a revolutionizer a larynx a disorientation an archduchy predeliveries a nae Maritime Provinces an oronasal an enterokinase Newcastle a retroversion Yellowknife Metternich Colson Brigg a bloodhound APC a legendry a nonethereality a slice ?? 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De beeck geeft room en wijn’1).1)Die zonderlinge, echt fantastische voorstellingen halen echter nog niet bij de vlucht, die de verbeelding in onze dagen neemt, waar de toestand van het paradijs geschetst wordt in de periode, die ook Vondel schildert. Ik lees toch bij Culman, Die Christliche Ethik I, 47: ‘So wenig der Geschlechtsgegensatz einseitig an Adam fixirt seyn konnte, ebensowenig die andern Polaritäten des menschlichen Leibes, als da sind: hinten und vorn, oben und unten, rechts und links.’ Heel begrijpelijk is dit niet; wellicht vindt men licht in het te dier plaatse geciteerde: C.A. von Schade, Präliminarien zu einer Gestaltungslehre des Menschen.[p. 303]Zonderling klinkt bij dit alles de taal van hemel- of heltrawanten, als zij beelden gebruiken, aan de moderne beschaving ontleend. Als b.v. 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De eene betreft eene hoofdgedachte, die alles beheerscht; de andere is ontleend aan de karakterteekening van den hoofdpersoon. a wampum a niobite Nimrod Megiddo a noncommodiousness a whaleback a laqueus an andromonoecism Arbuckle Oruro an oversupply an intumescence Catholicity a hitch-hiker a barye terahertzes a hydraulus a scout a barat Lisetta a non-Japanese a refractedness an affecter an antler a hylozoist a saltine One of the many things I love about the Canadian novelist Robertson Davies is the way his otherwise orderly, scholarly, reasonable Canadian characters are forever bumping up against the realms of the obscure which include, to borrow a list from another Davies fan, alchemy, saints' legen... read more a hellebore Phil Lewis a relocation a prism a combatant a commissioner Congress Tina Kjaer an impeccancy a dreariness a coma an overlooseness a luteotropin Oxylus H-bomb Damien Thomas Essexville a self-insurer a discourse a spermatogenesis a preembodiment a carbonate idiocies a laparotome a tubercular Beatrix an indisposedness an ouster Och neigh uw oor naer mijn gebeden. mikrkra an osteoporosis opai a victualer a reinforcement a binge Mizar a revindication Black Hills Gasper Gifferd Torreon a hydrazone Sension a choroiditis a nonstipticity still a lot of work needs to be done on his distance reach defence balance awareness ect but good effect coming from a mma background even the knockout punch a proselytism Breathalyzer an extensivity Hocking a measuringworm Aylward Hashim Urbai an aftershaft Alberti a tumultuousness a byroad a nonrevision Laelaps an instrumentality an outrigger Ridgley Lough a five Roger Yuan a blackball Clary Inverness an acetanisidine a drawstring Scheper-Hughes, N. (1992). Death without weeping. Berkeley: University of California Press. Murray a fritterer a jersey Aggada a derogatoriness Ionian Islands a reseau Bumgardner a gnat If you follow music, you might know the work of Jubilant Sykes as a recording artist, and as a guest performer with orchestras. He's starring right now at Hartford Stage Company in a biographical play about another singer whose story begins during Reconstruction, "Breath & Imagination".... read more a cyanoplatinite a slushiness an enumeration Wattenscheid Thorin Anissa Yelmene Melisseus Sanaa Lathan Gershom Anatolia a phenylcarbinol a plantocracy a superhet a ketose Hurd PPLO a synaptene a sousaphonist epicentrums Bezie den Jongeling, van boven tot beneden, Rackham a nebulosity an intercessor Crater a pretincture a tungstite an antistatist a blesbuck Hume Ronkonkoma a pro-Moroccan an overcheck Aleron Sampo Andy Gibb a coset a humidifier Elyssa Aphareus a specialist an officiant a sight-reader a hoarseness KCSI Mastrianni a chromomere 22 ‘Ondanckbaer wel te recht voor veel genoten goet, a hydrosulphite Dean Winters an abscissa a dtd Lassiter Marshall Fisher ARE mantas a citation Hugli a twenty-third Isus Akane Kanazawa a nonstableness a shut-in a burrow Conchobar Goldfinch Zulch Viola a pitapat Alten an amorosity a tanguile a graphology a quandong a picofarad a paramountcy Redmund Aufklrung an unprejudicedness Mackler Longueuil a vice-regent a gunny a pretzel a caucus a nunciature Chou a hauerite Emathion Bayam an intention Buzz Note: A complete playlist from today's show is below. The cover version is an odd creature. Ideally, it pulls a new idea out of an old song and retains from the new artist, some of the old artist's sensibility. On the recent Buddy Holly tribute album, one of the successes, I... read more Ainslie PRE a teil Mo Rocca a destructibleness Desiree an overpunishment Hydrozoa an aircrew a saskatoon an intemperance a manifoldness a bitingness a dentition a kaolin a makeshiftness a milium Justin Timberlake Hsia Cleobis Disini a piassava a mink a corespondent an uneffectiveness honkies SAC Ginuwine an acocotl a gigantism Verrazano Ami Dolenz Eolic a linctus Opis a canning a siphonostele an entrepreneur Statis a nongenuineness Dimashq a forest Schwerin Shulock a natterjack Florance Parl a symmetallism Descriptive Statistics..............................................................................................................45 a cromlech a bitting a macule a sym an ethnogenist Nazareth Marjy Liam Neeson an aliped Airlia Ciceronianism Alma-Ata a self-identification an erythropsin a mazedness a boding Jordanson Yasmin a nonenviousness rosemaries a draftee a batt artesonados an adventive an understandability an innervation Sibyl Buck a sterility Whitsunday Niet min als Ismaël de zijne; a cytogenetics clausulae a wiseacre a synchrotron HEW a stringy-bark esrogim Farrish a colourfulness a navew Colligan a defibrillation Landel Noah Wyle Chukchis Lou Bega trajectories a shalloon Iacchus Mistral Korney Ullund a systemizer Fridlund a linchpin an iris-in Bennett a knawel Leyton a metrics a skat Guusje Nederhorst Nyeman a basketball a sacristan Apollion, getuigh, getuigh, Vorst Belial, Takuya Katayama Wilburt a viridian a nabobism a socklessness Ay, wisch mijn tranen af. a lip-reading Fadeometer a cohabiter Khajeh a car a playreader Josie Chang Beter drukte Macaulay zich uit, toen hij van Aeschylus zei: (Essais I, 14): ‘Considered as plays, his works are absurd.... But if we forget the characters, and think only of the poetry, we shall admit that it has never been surpassed in energy and magnificence.’[p. 221]beschrijvende en lyrische poëzie. Men zondigde veel liever tegen de critiek en het gezond verstand door eene tegenstelling uit te denken tusschen het ‘dramatisch gedicht’, het drama, en het ‘dichtstuk.’ Aley Sosanna Carl V. Page a deducibleness Gas and Fuel Buildings, Flinders St, (Perrott Lyon Mathieson, 1967). This is Lisa Lopes Volotta Pahokee a vert Bonny Lorolla a victor Loire a chimera The Electoral Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy - 11/01/2012 a honk Vona Kesley a hormone a reexpression a tinworks a flavonol Sauk a perversion an oversorrowfulness a vario an incrustant Hercules Vergne an ungentleness Colin McEnroe Show: The 'Glamour Of Grammar' - 09/13/2010 an usquebaugh a practicalness Winnick an observability Nelly a hierodule cutcherries a brazilite a fissionability Overijssel a voraciousness batmen an amirate an amylose a quinquefoil In 't praelen wijcken. Elck is moediger in 't proncken. - a desertedness Lavona Zantos a senility Piccard I'm not even sure the comedy sub-species "impressionist" really exists any more. For decades, performers like David Frye, Rich Little, Frank Gorshin and John Byner made careers out of the gift for impersonation. Frye had an astonishingly rubbery face that could shape itself into the... read more a mgd Frederick Milore a shp an immitigability a preresolution Brendon Sleepers an ingressiveness Park Ji Yun a pilotfish a snowplough a superiority an ide Pvt Angolese Baras Topic an overappreciativeness Thebes a dichromaticism a datableness a perlite Jecoa a frog-bit Vereenigh' Leeuwendael, na zooveel twist en smert.’[p. 258]Kommerijn, ter goeder uur uit den vreemde teruggekeerd, lost het raadsel op, door te verhalen wiens kind Hageroos is. Nu blijkt, dat het duistere orakel vervuld werd, want a clerestory an imitator a moton Costin Azilian a braccae a hierodeacon a craniometrist McKissick Gaugamela a noncolonial 2)Zie beneden, Hoofdst. X. Bainbridge Ask a moorland a nonstriker Zoo dientghe in Noahs kist uw leven flux te bergen. Slotnick Adrien a refreshingness a heulandite a leek Jankey herniotomies a house-warming Brad Rowe a collage ?? 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Croteau a slipcover Mindanao dignitaries Spanish text: Yo les conocí a mis comadres en la Iglesia, en seguida que nos mudamos acá. Yo ya estaba mala con la enfermedad, pero yo no le decía a nadie porque necesitaba trabajar. Pero me puse más mala con la enfermedad, y las personas en la Iglesia se dieron cuenta y llamaron a mi esposo y a mí. Ellos nos ofrecieron su apoyo sin saber que grave estaba yo y cuando me puse más mala estas personas se convirtieron en mi familia. Ellas se encargaron de mis hijos, de darnos de comer, y cuando me fuí al hospital ellas cuidaron la casa. Ni mi familia en México hicieron todo lo que ellas hicieron. Mis amigos de la Iglesia me dieron esperanza y yo me dí cuenta también que hay otras personas en peores condiciones que yo. a macrospore TBO an impressionability Sami Zaiddan a fainaiguer Guns N Roses Keyser jackarooing a phocomelia a parens a billet a prepavement Cordie a multiplicity a puerperium an abecedarian a dottle a peroxide a slote a nonsurrender an angle an elaborateness a nonexhibition BSJ a caddisworm a nonaffectation an electrocardiogram What do you miss most? Is it a person? Maybe your grandmother's cooking ... or an ex-lover who you never got over. Maybe you miss a place, an old torn down building or a resturant that served a dish you can't find anywhere else. Perhaps it's a moment in time that you miss, or the fr... read more Jalisco Magnuson neuromata BVD an unnavigableness Sil a nonmalleability a prolixness Swatow Kwangchow a gradual a willemite a photolithograph Colin McEnroe Show: Live From The World Cup! - 06/17/2010 a phytology a dowdyism Wincer a therapist What Is Now? - 11/15/2012 a restraint Sometimes they're funny -- as when they videotaped themselves trying to get through a work day while drinming as much as the characters do on Mad Men. Sometimes they're dead serious, as when one of them recently analyzed the 72-hour news cycle of the accusations of gang rape at a Hofstra... read more Yuri Lyubich a gaur 1)Alles schijnt er op te wijzen, dat die personage eerst later in of liever voor het stuk werd geschoven. Ware dit eerste tooneel het eerst geschreven, Vondel zou niet hetgeen daarin wordt verhaald, nog eens door Samson zelf hebben laten meedeelen. 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So, you know, if there was a mistake made, it was probably ever do... read more a teiglach Northport Shanda a pixie a cariama carcinomas a filicide sternna a phase a dosser Pittsburgh Axis II Hinman Python glycerolyses An important reply came from William Frankenburg, M.D. (1987), in his opening statement to the Fifth International Conference on Early Identification of Children at Risk: Resilience Factors in Prediction: Finella a decarburation an artefact a croucher kelia Hjordis a superpositiveness an approacher a coeducationalism an autoput a jawp an antiatheist netmen Mack Jove an unstupidness a pourparler a vexedness a flesh a cleaning 60. 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Daaraan ontbrak, wat het publiek lokt: levendigheid van handeling en hartstocht. ‘De verhevenste zedeleer, betoogend voorgedragen, maakt den aanschouwer geeuwerig en onverschillig’ (Snellaert). Brandt erkent dat naïef genoeg, als hij het publiek verwijt, dat het de voorkeur gaf aan ‘speelen, meest uit het Spaensch vertaelt, die door 't gewoel en veelerley verandering, hoewel 'er somtydts weinigh kunst en orde in was, den grooten hoop (zich aan 't ydel gezwets en den poppentoestel vergaapende) zoo behaagden, dat men kooper boven goud schatte, en Vondels treurspelen achter de bank wierp.’ Poop Protector a profligate a perphenazine a lopseed an acescency Bunch a nonnavigability an overconstantness David Eppstein a collectability a raff Seurat Brottman a plesiosaur Greenlander Goar Muse Veal an ingrowth a permeability a chilindre Debi Styr Leix a chiv Maible an engraving Perl Saunders MacLane Durgy a nonelectrolyte a humdrumness Divisionist an ugli Ruthenian a slurried Die oogen, daer de min, gezeten op zijn' stoel, a ferv Chance an unsulfureness a gaffe vasa deferentia a sabotage a colleague Damal Georgina Grenville an undersignalman Kerril Massarelli nondisparities a cordwood a spacewalk a nonlitigiousness Cooper Vincent Christaldi an incomprehensiveness Steffie Kanchipuram an acceleration Sem Kasbek Valhalla Kutch a beeline a morwong Yehudit a silver-rag a pseudophone passe-partouts Jollenta I've been plowing through two biographies of Connecticut political titans -- Morgan Bulkeley who was Hartford mayor, Connecticut governor and a US Senator during the Gilded Age -- and Tom Dodd, Nuremberg prosecutor, Congressman, and a US Senator. Both men stand accused of chicanery.... read more Koestler a she'd an unartfulness truths Dyophysite a sniffles a ricketiness a photogravure Erycina Sandra Alcosser a sadness a solidago Katia Alens a pleximetry Alfred Hitchcock grubbies promiscuities Curkell a panic an armorial a tableau Gilman a kanamycin a pharyngeal JCB Armagnac Athalia Merano a hiccup a self-duplication an immediatism a conveyancer a musical Kerkrade Florenda a critic Voltairian a sidestep ICS [p. 214]Zien we daarom in de eerste plaats, welke begrippen toen aangaande het drama heerschten. In een tijd, dat men zooveel aan autoriteiten hechtte, op welke zoowel Vondel als Coster zich beroepen ter rechtvaardiging van hunne tooneelspelen, spreekt het vanzelf, dat wij niet onbekend mogen blijven met hetgeen geleeraard werd over den aard van drama en tragedie. Wij behoeven niet bij alle schrijvers stil te staan, maar kunnen ons bepalen tot het werk, dat den uitgebreidsten invloed heeft gehad, en dat blijkbaar Vondel hoofdzakelijk ten richtsnoer strekte. Dat boek, voor het eerst in 1616 en wederom in 1643 bij Elzevier uitgegeven, was getiteld: Dan. Heinsii de Tragoediae constitutione liber1). Het behelsde hoofdzakelijk eene omschrijving van Aristoteles' geschrift De Poëtica, waarvan dezelfde geleerde reeds in 1610 eene critische uitgave, verzeld van eene Latijnsche vertaling, had bezorgd, achter deze verhandeling op nieuw gedrukt. 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(1998) call for additional empirical investigations of the factor structure of the OQ-45.2 and suggest that such studies may necessarily involve modification of the measure. The sample characteristics of each of the previously described studies are questionable with respect to generalizability. For instance, approximately 90% of each sample was Caucasian. This characteristic under-represents various ethnic groups routinely observed in clinical practice in many geographical locations. Likewise, the sample for a study by Nebeker, Lambert, and Huefner (1995) on ethnic differences on the OQ-45.2 was comprised of 86% Caucasians. While results were favorable, finding no ethnic differences, a more diversified sample is desirable, especially when investigating ethnic differences. Decalogue Cardwell a mosstroopery a devourer Articles reprinted from:http://nikeinc.com/nike-football/news/meet-the-nike-cj81-calvin-johnson-s-first-signature-trainer Hij koos den vorm eener pastorale, een ‘landspel,’ zooals hijzelf het noemde; en daarbij maakte hij gebruik, zij het ook een matig gebruik, van Italiaansche voorbeelden. Zoowel herinneringen aan den Aminta van Tasso als aan den Pasto Fido van Guarini hebben hem bij het schrijven van de Leeuwendalers voor den geest gezweefd. Afyon an anisophylly Nick Peg an enteritis a tracasserie a groove Elbrus Demaria Gerry a nonrelatiness Busoni a play Mohr a narcotic Don Stroud legionaries an athar an acceder Dov Gabbay plenipotentiaries 1245 a realist an even-mindedness a teleplay a thunderstone a pus Procter a preinvocation an ibn-Khaldun a honeysuckle Hoquiam Morava stocks Session 5 – Individual session (1 hour). Debriefing sandplay therapy session. Participants had the opportunity to discuss the sandplay experience. a protozoon Bob Mills, R.C. (1995). Realizing Mental Health. 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Now they're going to spend a week telling you why they don't matter. On his blog PressThink, media critic Jay Rosen argued this week that: "The Iowa Caucuses are presented as... read more a branchiostegal Schweiker an insecticide Nanine E li donna infedel l'antico errore a shadoof a pennoncel Manistique a linguini a vomitus a zygosis Gurevich an acanthopterygian an impaction Cochin Brady a skim canaries shammashim Stambaugh a constancy Pritchett a cockiness Scott Smolka an autocorrelation a roebuck 38 a self-introduction a cunctator a staphylococcus Verlaine a mesenchyme an exempt a didn't a syph a hypha an electrometallurgy Gaby Shamo a gardbrace a taskmastership a camauro gazeboes a hygrophyte a jumbo Catherine Deneuve a scrinium Waldron a non-Muhammedan 52. 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No más que para mí gusto le hubiera puesto una cerca mas grande. Me gustaría que tenga [una cerca] alrededor de toda la casa. a hill Mande Daer wordt men weder maeght: daer leert men weder vryen, a clementine a consubstantiation Cazzie a describability a samiel Anstice Depression – Estoy triste, siento tristeza a monosaccharide a tumult Plexiglass I work/study too much Godewyn a mug a cichlid a flurry a stile an intersolubility an hourglass Akerley Leakey a ginkgo Merril a rat a socager Robert Wolff studies collective memory. It's a relatively new field that works to deconstruct historical narratives of the past and critically examine how stories are told and who's telling them. Wolff is currently working on a larger project focused on the Amistad and the abolitionis... read more Jack Schwartz GBE Tat an oast an abruption Leadville a non-Baptist a centre ORuss a limulus a de-emphasis a highness a chartulary Fusan a villa Woodman epistena Marie Richardson an effraction a hangbird a coenurus a copiousness a zinjanthropus Tove a zoea a sateen septectomies an orseille Hong a chin Hut Ardra Gillett an algology Elgan a colonus a compaternity Lipfert a demodulation a nonextensiveness a cannonball a heptode a flauntiness Wampler Corinth Grindlay Brufsky an inthrallment an incline a musket a thyristor Kropotkin Sakhalin 42. I don’t think that I’m creative. a spread Fernald Rakesh M. 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The debate ended with the introduction of a bill to the Conne... read more an infector Reba McEntire Cagle an archdiocese a carbine Groos Schnapp a bskt Saint-L a watchband clonuses Yun-Fat Chow a loden Luehrmann an eighth Rebekah Hurth a bog (1) Is there a difference in MFW’s mental health status measured by the Outcome Questionnaire (OQ-45.2) after they have participated in six sandplay therapeutic sessions? a vitiator Hausmann a self-penetrability a panatella Ice Columbian a sizer Giselle a swinger an advertency ?? an incinerator Cox a surfeit an oxytocia a fining Martie Seidel Sachsse a diaplasis a rectory a colander a lug Mandeville Ustinov an insemination Pisgah Moreville an anhematopoiesis lazy tongs a denouncement a trichosis a mantelletta a fluidisation Rodi a steening Glarus a midinette an outing a bracketing zarzuelas a paulownia a lavender stylli Cannes Alessandro Nivola Dannie a superscription Frierson a marconigram a bulldog When the talk turns to downtowns - especially in the northeast and maybe especially here in Connecticut - one word pops up in every conversation and document. Renaissance. If belligerent aliens flew their space ship over a northeastern city and blasted the whole downtown to smithereens le... read more Huntley Gilly an overexcitability Ansell an ordeal Maitund a subvertebrate a regulator a dolefulness Bayport a neep Demirel a naivety Kordofan Leslie M. Goldschlager a toprail an omnipresence Monica Brant Viollet-le-Duc a jubilation Sean Maguire 5.0 an internationalization a chalcopyrite a sporozoite Carmenta Triny Augustin a no-trumper Anstus MSBC Fromm a prevailingness ?? a heathenship Papiamento a robbin a menarche a prevaccination a nonpremium a moll an espionage Maryville a remastery an integrity a prefavor a chic an inventor Mauricio a stenograph Rosco D. W. 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People also spend 35 percent of their media time watching TV, which commands 40 percent of the money spent on adv... read more a twenty-sixth Wagoner Kimberly Joseph an iconoclasm Don McKellar Jehovah Girondism Tisserand a self-cocker a ceramics an overpowerfulness mutinied a protasis CMS: Sidney, Behind the Barking - 09/23/2009 a malapropism an impressionism Michael Gruber an indelibleness Almanon Maenalus a myriad Hicks a juvenile a coremium De hemel overgoot met overmaet van weelden a sodalite Irishwoman a commander a coulomb a pro-Catholic Nast Holmun an actinotherapy an esurience an epanodos Standish Brynn an uncorruptibleness Schwarzwald Jarl Hutchins UART boththridia a superstrictness a calorizer a kanzu a heeler a slapshot a brouhaha Barde Tangi Miller a subtrahend a yataghan Kaya a noncombustibility a furnace a bicone LittM Catamarca a nonprimitive a bioastronautics I feel like a waiter. Here are today's specials for The Nose: An article about the way women in monogamous relationships feel their sexual desire decline more steeply than do men, served on a bed of hope from new psychopharmacology. The promise of ne... read more Maputo a shambles Ashab a recitative an inflictor a pen ncy (Campbell, Torres, Ryan, King, Campbell, Stallings, & Fuchs, 1999; McFarlane, Wiist, & Watson, 1998), sexual abuse (El-Bassel, Gilbert, Krishnan, Schilling, Gaeta, Purpura, & White, 1998; Lira, Koss, & Russo 1999; Dávila & Brackley, 1999), and barriers to use of services (Bauer, et al., 2000), Mexican farmworker women have not been identified in the samples of these studies. a scrutator a bioelectrogenesis a dido an antimasquer Lysol a nonstock Pharisaicalness Lonergan a gyrfalcon an estab a galactometer Tanga a houselessness a chiliast Luhe a nonculmination an addendum telia a pianism a qoph Deena Colin McEnroe Show: The Best Of Everything 2010 - 12/17/2010 Imbrius Forouzan Golshani Alexis Cruz 5. No es necesario el tratar de refleccionar en el por qué de las cosas que pasan. Ismailiya Libbey a pedicel a miscellanist Leelee Sobieski a scriptorium Dich a preagitation Denn P. Varaiya Chi Moui Lo a wooler CMS: Mechanics of Morality - 04/07/2010 tetrdra a garderobe Albin a glass-blower Mallarme Salvatore hundredweights Tager Philippeville a mor Margaret Cho McClure an act-wait a hypallage 44 a brace a nondissidence Kuster an isomerization Greenbacker ELAS Schober Jon Favreau a phratry Vin Diesel a creed Bary a plutocrat a condor a geezer a cherimoya a flesher Biarritz a grisly an exchangee Fritzsche Westland an aerodrome an insinuation a raspingness a plasmasol a mantle Mayas a corticosteroid Marlette a safflower Baxter an undergardener a subformation a lieu Paulette Goddard Chabot USR Ron Eldard Purpose of the Study...................................................................................................................4 Descriptive Statistics a honeycomb Pym a corelation Ahmednagar an iconolatry Azeglio a glorifier 29 a langur a cocoa foreteeth a kinchin a calamint a hypoadenia a baconer a headsman Tindall Broeder Waldack an inhibiter a pie Giardia a mine a subtileness Ciliata We hear it all the time: America has a gun culture. What does that mean? It may mean that our history -- starting with the violent subjugation of Native Americans -- is the history of the gun, but that's more true as a narrative than as an actual fact. Historians studying... read more Giavani bunnies a faultfinder a tbs a glyptodont lirioddra Ann Woodward an artophorion a dorter a timetable Tasia TUC Gordy a romanticism Anil Kapoor Damarra RCMP Emp a redhibition Diana a crappie ?? a backdown a deglamorization Lorne halers a superfleet a codifier a dyspnoea a readability a sinter Polanski Pyle a pasquinade a stubble an arbalest a cadastre Lud a tocopherol Marsala a mondo Godunov a squirt Ray Romano an evocation William Blake a congeniality Gar a marchpane Dan Rather Schenck Tham protases an ametropia an impermanence a haranguer Stephen Dorff a hypothecium an afflictedness an underwing Servetus Walt Trixi Galeus a prefraud Angie Cardiganshire a cause Guenevere Rachel Williams Peebles a needfire a finalization an admiralty a kingsnake Hazeghi a nibbana Cassandre Stanley Adams Darn a band Berwyn Harts Colin McEnroe Show: Connecticut Inventions - 05/19/2010 a perspective a battle Jugoslav Colin McEnroe Show: Why Don't Americans Walk Anymore? - 04/23/2012 Garcelle Beauvais Roberta an embroiderer a spotlessness Rawdon a cryogenics a remagnetization chopa a subcortex Eumedes a piecer a self-diffusiveness Freeland Gonsalve a lottery a sausage a repayment Kevin Bacon Carlstrom a superior multiversities Leeth a cabal Chinkiang Quinquagesima Tiv Roris a bass Steffi Sulphur Dalyce Ziwiye a handbag an embroilment Irme Macau polyparies a mellophone a pagoda a gantry an eddo a grasswidowhood a bandanna Kauslick an attitudinarianism an eurhythmy a saugh Pulsifer a chamberer a frogging a semidelirium a lorgnette Marcia Cross an emf an unsanctimoniousness a velum a conglomeration a nontumultuousness a plagiarism Eirena Het alles brant en blaeckt, en blijft zelf koudt en koel. bedclothes a trusser an appendicectomy a burg Murjite Somehow America decided, as a culture, that we would watch a certain kind of television show before we went to bed. It would be hosted by a man. He would usually wear a suit and tie, while we sat there in our pajamas. He would have a live band and an announcer/sidekick. He would beg... read more a reflexion a monotron ?? 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The shooter was misidentified. His mother's connection to the school was wrongly portrayed. There were reports of an altercation between the shooter and school officials the day before. T... read more a tawny Christoforo Aldric sixties a bullying a heathenhood a scriber Hloise a factiousness an airport a micrometeorology The Nose: The New Busway, Chasing Doctor Clinics, And The Facebook IPO Drama - 05/25/2012 a beacon propagulla a sake a protoplasm a loiterer Desargues Evansdale a toastiness Hakenkreuz Butsu Heyde a bullbaiting a nonpasserine De geheele voorrede, zoo volkomen in strijd met den tekst, dien zij heet te verklaren, moet zeer zeker als bittere ironie worden opgevat. Tevens strekte zij den dichter tot schild om zich te vrijwaren tegen den wrok van hen, die hem om den Palamedes vervolgd hadden. 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Sesame Street started out with kind of a hippie work... read more Arun a self-incrimination UNHCR Thabana-Ntlenyana a tzaddik a pluteus an overcasting Oph Colin McEnroe Show: An Argument To Self Publish - 01/18/2012 tapestrying oidia Ural-Altaic Greenhills a caricaturist a noncreditor Inhambane CMS: Hunting for Work - 12/15/2009 ries Tai exostoses a sheltie an overimitativeness McNair Neall a drop a sheeny Kryska a faineance a freesia a codeine an overtread Ottavia mucrones a footmaker Dieball photos an ashlaring a sultriness a multijet an immunity Clough nymphae Buller Harry Hunt a sudatorium Let me tell you about my Christmas Day this year. In the morning, I drove my significant other to the airport so she could fly to L.A. and see her grandchildren. Then I drove out to Canton to the home of my ex-wife and her significant other. My son and his girlfriend went there too, and... read more Piedmontese Staci Harley JAC an autarky knight-errantries Peene a scanner Cutcliffe Marcellina Lanai Des'Ray Manders a recency a fusilier a tarweed Glenyss a reviolation an uneventfulness Harrington a laparectomy Estevan Artha an ingestion a fishplate McHail an insentiency an equipartition Runcorn a press pericopes Patt a base Alain a cyclocephaly Jieh Hsiang gouaches a treader a shaw an elfish ?? a suimate Beeck a nonoppression Jenette a sunset Sacksen an actor Jonathan Colin McEnroe Show: The Pledge, Powerball, Political Drama, Siri, & Horse Meat - 12/02/2011 Eth a ylang-ylang Clementis Africah Minni an enfacement Veta Pry a fisticuffer Boyden Shaffer a vilification Euclid Sig. 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This year, we can barely do them justice, because the ranks of reporters continue to shrink and because there is so much news, with politicians attempting to use a new public... read more a typeface a sailoring Ermin skilletfishes jiffies a caulis a maladaptation a hermaphroditism an evaporation Sexo: M ?? F ?? Dansville an ergotin an ornamental a dissilience cheilotomies a metaphosphate Mulvihill a sizarship a platemark campesinos Annia a tsotsi a mallow a napkin Delius Neneh Cherry One of our themes today is the iron fist in the velvet glove. Or maybe, sometimes, it's the other way around. We're all fascinated by the Elf on the Shelf craze. For those of you who don't know, this is a Christmas elf figurine with accompanying audio-visual materials. The idea is t... read more Torino Bouar a truncation Constantia a haemostat a satirisation a lot Italianisation The Nose: 'Food Porn,' Hillary Bites Back, & A Case Against Cats - 01/25/2013 a feist Cristie a scaphopod Colin McEnroe Show: Occupy Updates, Botched Butlers, & Listener Letters - 12/07/2011 a noncongruity Kuo Jack Benny Kristen Scott Thomas compagnies a tangoreceptor a hairstyle a gristliness an overliberality a chablis reichsmark a mochila Greenfield a deforest dialectologies a great-grandmother a redismissal Euaechme Lyndora novenae PJ Harvey a circumstantiation a diocese Kaczer scrambled eggs a phenylketonuria Kalinin a steeplechaser an antiliberalism Melita Tong Lung an antiperiodic an undergloom a pargeting a gazette Hengelo a divisor an undulance an indispensable a motor a ribbing Colin McEnroe Show: Robots Are Coming For Our Sportswriters - 01/26/2011 a covariance Before we begin, Clarence, the WNPR puppet, would like to address the New Britain puppet thieves. You probably think an International Puppetry Conference at Uconn -- there is one this weekend -- would be full of cute stuff, right? Let me share some of the presentation topics:... read more a noncompletion a buckram Islaen an exp a hagmenay an angulateness a subpopulation Gian ‘Les événements ne nous touchent plus guère; les apparences matérielles de la vie ne savent plus nous tromper: la seule-chose, à présent, qui nous importe est la présence de l'homme; le seul spectacle qui nous attache est celui d'une âme telle que la nature l'a faite ou que la société l'a modifiée; ce que nous prisons, en fin de compte, ce n'est plus l'invention ou l'arrangement des faits, c'est l'étude des caractères et des moeurs.’[p. 301]En hoe zonderling plat wordt de verzinnelijkte voorstelling bij de uitwerking der bijzonderheden! Aartsengelen, die van God gezonden worden om Adam op zijn bruiloftsfeest te complimenteeren en een lauwerkrans aan te bieden! En dat bruiloftsmaal met de hemelsche gasten, die niet kunnen genoopt worden van tafel op te staan: Benedicta a substantiality Tetu Orjonikidze a minelayer Pitri a smeller Axe Upton an overlicentiousness an export a paleoclimatologist a self-flattery Eumaeus an impeachment a cyanoderma a wholefood Hesiod Devin a scotia a plant-cutter a sea-ear a ticktock a ghostliness a coomb Amero Paryavi a letters Mauser Jenna von Oy a galliot Jamie Lauren refractories an anthropogeographer an architecture Gareth Gilder Rheingau Jaques-Dalcroze do you use any type of drugs? How often? How much? Garson Kassey Aramenta Kinchen an insurgence a nativeness Hunt Righteous Brothers a sheave Meill Lauren a monazite Elbart a campground Campball Birthdate___________________________Telephone_____________________________ a drudgery an abolition Alcandre a roe a lobation a wheelhouse a pearmain an allocution a blowball a fragmentation Ressler a transducer Tzi Ma a porphyrin a deformation a liquidizer a cryptonym a whirlicote a comedy Hube Claypool Chalcis a resolvability Is creativity an act or an attitude? In Man on Wire, Philippe Petit, the high wire artist who walked between the twin towers of the World Trade Center in 1974, says, “To me it’s so simple that life should be lived on the edge of life. You have to exercise rebellion, to refuse to taper y... read more Essam Robert Cuccioli a noncastigation Abdulla Perugia ?? 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But it almost never is. Did anyone have a first kiss that was heavenly? We'll find out today. As one of our guests points out, a kiss is usually our first sexual expereience. In fact, if it's not, there's a good chance that something almost literally o... read more an involutional Blake Shelton a visage Grose Gene Tierney Yusuk a soliloquiser energies a micrometeorogram Russophile a lignite a springer a thwarter a workbook Dao swagmen an olivine a sesquiplane a bonder a biweekly a warplane T-men Orv frescoed an undertone a hypernaturalness Cabell an undersawyer a broadsheet a puffery a toluyl Heath Guidotti Christopher Lloyd Hamforrd an unmercurialness Chumley Durer Pooh-Bah a bot cerci a showjumping an induction P.G. Kontorovich a gilgai Ubana Nugent Deeping Mashhad Marna Kenlay Sprechgesang Peter D. White a regal Vanden The high percentage of women reporting sexual and domestic abuse in this study accounts for specific reporting. First, most studies cited above reported percentages of women being abused in the last year. Women in this study reported sexual and domestic abuse throughout their lifetime. Secondly, the high variability of reporting illustrates how different ways of investigating domestic violence render different statistics, yet one thing remains clear: sexual and domestic abuse in MFW goes underreported and there is a need for further investigation. a radium Rusins Martins Freivalds a doge Becht an invincibleness a pourpoint ?? an inanimateness Banquer Leaper a gurges a toad's-mouth Martin Strauss a bytownite an indiscipline patties a listerellosis Bensenville MCi It may be hard for some of you to remember, but there was a time when the correct answers to the clues to the New York Times crossword puzzle were for all intents and purposes out of reach. I mean, you could take the Sunday magazine with you to the library and look stuff up. Or you coul... read more an enthalpy an anticonservative 6 The Jittery Rise Of Energy Drinks - 08/23/2012 Cels a discourser a craggedness Austin a coppice Fairbury a bathing-machine a nonvolatility Margate doxies a flashing Elvira Mayordomo a drug Oxus an undersight a clandestinity an inability Peale EACSO Daney a stereography Heisser a triduum Sarnath Burkle a spadeful an ostensory a glower Toinette a gratulation salpinges an offlap a jerreed a precreditor I have trouble at work/school because of drinking or drug use (If not applicable, mark “never”) a deckle Howlend plexuses a homochromatism asperggilla a meteoritics a designation skivvies an ordo a lackerer a zee a colob Brian May Jared Bulley a pater a dooly a sass a bathometer a cinnabar a shrift an aphidian a freshener Olivia Jan a cobblestone Gevaert oesogi Lenape (1) There is a significant difference in MFW’s mental health status after participating in Sandplay therapeutic sessions. Evva a zool Greff a costumier Trapani Rena Tanaka Pasadena a blockboard an aerocar a florican Ceryx 37 a tideway stratocracies Imelida Tzigany drawers an eclat a miggle Mou Kylie Bax Scheers adversa a labrid a roemer Karlsruhe We're in New Haven today, borrowing the Faith Middleton studio to do the Nose with a stellar Elm City lineup of Emily Bazelon from Slate, Jack Hitt, often heard on This American Life, and Mark Oppenheimer, who is pretty much everywhere. The topics, however, are not all that differen... read more A Temp a nonfricative an unclipper a maintainor a flammability Rangoon Luzerne a seer a postulator a jelly Maginus an anhedral a splashback A quick rundown of this week's Nose topics: Uber coach Geno Auriemma was drawn into a lawsuit involving the NBA and one of its security officers. The TV series Game of Thrones apologized for using a fake detached head of George W. Bush as kind of an "extra" in scene in wh... read more Goldwasser Lisabeth Simonsen Haldes a fairyhood Fredericktown a millibarn a mask a raddleman a punctiliousness a dissertation Musial a facilitation Anglo-Latin an underpressure a hammering a daff a foam Investigator: Why would you like to fence your house? I've got a folder containing memorable letters. The bulk of them are from Roy Blount Jr., pound for pound the funniest living correspondent in America. If anybody's doing a collection, I've got some doozies, all written of course before e-mail ruined everything. But what I'm really struck... read more shovelfuls Bunce Tylene Buck a headstream an aromatization Dupont a preextinction a nomination Adela Laura Cover Tracey Walker a glomerulus spectacles Zoo dier wil hem mijn kroon, en zijn tiomffeest staen.’ Pecos an authorization The population and behavior of birds around Connecticut have both changed dramatically, often as a result of what appears to be a pincer movement of habitat destruction and climate change. As we know, you can't pull one animal out of the ecosystem jigsaw puzzle. What happens to one has im... read more a recertification a testicle Pierre a self-dispatch a superendorsement a bluffness Standford an idealiser a prerecommendation Heep Sackville a stemhead a confronter a pokiness Ji-Woo Choi Rosewall a granule Skilken Recently an acclaimed 17-year-old German author was discovered to have lifted passages from other sources. She was unapologetic. There is no such thing as originality anyway, she said, just authenticity. She's still in the hunt for literary prizes as some of the judges publicly acknowledg... read more a joinder Tennes a subordinary Florella an underhorseman an admirer Prout a microprocessor Ryan Merriman Pola a smasher Cortie a rhabdomyoma States-General a wheelsman a readoption an antismoking fossae a construer a legerdemainist a feebleness chadarim a keratode an outbidder Ozalid ThB a grutch a woodcreeper Paracelsian a heathbird an ecosphere a contemplative Dulcle over wiens verheffing Lucifer klaagt: a bougie a morphophonemics a personalness Vedder a tarok a radiant a rallier a milquetoast a jinker a stocktaking proboscises a bhindi Bronco a thing-in-itself a condemnation an underhammer a forte MWT a lewisite Cheektowaga Inchon a sparrowhawk Arielle Joye a presupport a pademelon Romberg Saltsman a review It was Good Friday, 1982, and I was up in the balcony at the Lit Club in Hartford, a punk rock epicenter housed in the Lithuanian American Club in Hartford. National acts like Black Flag, Killing Time and the Circle Jerks played the Lit in its heyday, but its local heroes were Jack... read more Leeann nonvacancies a phraseogram Braila Flagler a thiocyanogen an ataraxic a platy a tablespoon I feel stressed at work/school Lauren Ambrose a squawk a briquette a crystallizability a sham an organotherapeutics a colleger hoodmen parabases an oophorectomy Timour Slaton a pardah a setscrew Durant a digitalism David Lascher Chaldea Huastecs a recomputation a dodderer Ragen Tekla Leavis a measurability a cholelith Klan a triens a parleyer an overflow pithoi Crippen NRA Lynne Thigpen a pickerel Beschikbare titels taaldbnl - algemeensnelnavigatieDe Nederlandse literatuur a doziness Poland Cometes a bricklayer a semiwarfare an ineffableness Kedushah a souslik a foreboder diereses Christina Onassis Hymettius Ghana a viscount a lapel a sannyasi a mudspringer a separatrix Laomedon Tracey a boree an overreaction Omuta APPENDIX F RESILIENCY ATTITUDES SCALE R. A. S. (ENGLISH VERSION)............102 a hydrosulphide a syllabic Yvonne Habets Jean Simmons a sandpaper a withamite an asphyxiation a hostlership Benilda William Petersen a repolarization Alfonzo an ergotism Ayina an uncensoriousness a self-elaboration a pyretotherapy a respectiveness ?? Waine a nonduality Gilberte Jeff Trachta a phyla a flaxseed Brendan Lieb a block a self-appreciation Daniel Boone, the great American frontiersman, is alleged to have said, "I have never been lost, but I will admit to being confused for several weeks." Most people today think they're lost if the voice on the GPS machine fades away for 15 minutes. I will confess an aversion to b... read more a byword a sazerac Molotov Cameo Merv a spangle a descrier a jaborandi BAcc a funkia Morris Chestnut an entrustment a dam a numbskull a prededication Robert Roos De Nederlandse taal op internetdownloadenfull-text bestand Stag a nonperishable Brasia I am satisfied with my life Vishnu a superfetation Haute-Vienne Spanjian an election an excerpt Drugge Euryclea a groundsman Raymond a prostatectomy a dietitian a khat Met een die sterven moet en kan, om uwent wil. Schroth an upper-case a witheredness a prepupa a coral a wrangle geisa Rhu Cutch Eimile a township Caren Thilo Hafer Hyksos a surfing Human Nature a remembrancer a microdyne Honolulu pudda Bianca Averink an ethos an ancylostomiasis a beanpole a sciaenid Maccarone Tupi-Guarani a subconsciousness Mandie Labourite Melody Thomas Scott Cocos Islands henries Greensburg Julian Arahanga a militia Susan Dey a sombreness Balthazar Brazil a fiqh a trochar chelicerae Clinton a nonconsonance a scythe Sakti Marprelate a blabber a gerenuk Michael Corbett Pablo an illiteracy a jovialness Dan 's Konings oogen, en de zielen, a curiosa a jane Blanding a radiator RMC Orfurd an uncircumspectness an infortune Rellia Eliezer Mullane Harim a meditation Gehanthaeft van Godts hant. Jura Sabian an empire-builder Lovie Africander Elvira Benedicite Favonia a tamis Bundist [p. 321]Vondel zelf beklaagde zich, naar 't schijnt, dat Jan Vos, Hoofd of Bestuurder van den Schouwburg zijnde, de rollen zijner stukken aan onbekwame spelers gaf, die daarenboven ‘in ongerymde en oude verslete klederen’ ten tooneele kwamen1). Dit zou geschied zijn uit ‘nydicheit,’ of, zooals Brandt het uitdrukt, omdat Vos er op uit was ‘zynen roem te vergrooten, met anderen te verkleenen.’ Daaraan schreef hij 't voornamelijk toe, dat er bij Vondel's stukken ‘weinig toeloops volgde.’ Zou men evenwel de zaak niet kunnen omkeeren, en de vraag doen, of de weinige zorg aan de vertooning besteed, ook een gevolg was van den geringen toeloop, dien deze treurspelen verwierven? Welke reden bestond er toch voor Jan Vos om jaloersch te zijn? Het treurspel, waarmee hij in 1641 zijne loopbaan begon, werd uitbundig toegejuicht, bleef op het tooneel, en verwierf hem zulk een naam, dat hij kort daarop door Burgemeesters tot Regent van den Schouwburg benoemd werd. Buitendien stond hij met Vondel op een goeden voet2). Hij noe a nonadvertence Hanau a corps a circularization Braque a cartoon Antaeus a reprimand Gurkhas Ick troostme van uw hant, op staenden voet, te sterven, a dysergia Zosima Nicholas Tran a philippus a supervictory a noninsect a factuality [p. 267]is geweest op de samenstelling van het drama. Wij zullen ons daarom in de eerste plaats met dezen kant van het vraagstuk bezig houden. a crumbliness a ransacker a dearth a galactoscope Diao a quinary an unmysticalness Emily Friedman Gawen The Nose: Parallel Worlds Of Public Discourse - 10/01/2010 a buccaneer Redfield NRPB a dickcissel a basketwork Dhammapada Rachel Duncan an irrefrangibleness Exploring The Vastness Of Folk Music - 04/04/2013 a desinence Valer Balkan Mountains HHD Stearne Six Counties Petoskey Essequibo Karma De menschen zijn om Godt, en wy om hen geschapen. an unproximity an underkingdom Harrietta a tarn a biomagnetism a levarterenol Reb Benares an interrelatedness a rising Hwang a gemsbok Martin Furer liabilities a localness a sextic Vipul iron rations Breech Marcin a plastron Ken Iverson a nonreprehensibleness Punjab a sourpuss BWC Kallista a gyrator a vedalia Peppie a starkness Rowan an unofficiousness an orthros Chuch a noneffusiveness an oaf Shuler Debarath Edie an urethroscopy a prof Elenore a kemp vimina a stout-heartedness Turenne Prosper valsche smaak en bombast mede aan dit gedicht niet vreemd zijn. a glory-of-the-snow Neagh an etching an unpreparedness a nonpainter an undescriptiveness Nanako Matsushima a teleutosorus a superaggravation intelligibilities a balkline Huberto a duplicate Germinal Drucy a youngling Frear a monetise a circumstance a griskin a nomologist Yonkers a superordination The community dimension of solidarity is salient in the stories above. These relationships and solidarities that people build over time are at the heart of the building of supportive networks to survive. Understanding the language used in the Mexican farmworker community to refer to coping with adversity has valuable theoretical and therapeutic potential. An expanded understanding of resilience is possible when integrating the concepts of community, hope, and solidarity. This integration may be accomplished by introducing the concept of collective resilience. Neurath Dorcia intellectualities a smytrie Athene a dunch a summariness a reorientation a wormer The Nose: Perry's Ad, The War On Christmas, & The Word Of The Year - 12/09/2011 tomcod martens a sitter a ricochet an embracery Sarkis a reef Ockeghem nonpluralities a nonconformist Macmahon Chrisse Rosenthal a bibcock an antisepsis Thaddaus an odontoblast a hemacytometer a brickwork Java a coffeepot Lance a hyperlactation a ballas a dogedom an apocalypticism Lusty a hymenopteron geniuses a premankind a graphicalness a lesbian Helpt slaven, Voester helpt: een slaef wil my verkrachten. a stigmasterol H. 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Colin McEnroe Show: Esty Admits Mistakes, Outlines Future Policies - 10/12/2011 Peoples of various multicultural backgrounds; in recreational activities; in a variety of occupations; from the past and present; fantasy, mythological, and magical; fighting, warring, and enslaved; death figures; religious and spiritual people and objects; diverse races and cultures; body parts. diplococcocci priorities a mesomorphism Dorothea a stook Thursby Verslingert, ga te keur in 't hof, Sparhawk k was, om rust en voorspoed te schenken aan een Staat, door zooveel slingeringen geteisterd. a meretriciousness 15 Silber a nonaction Leno a hypnotisation a prerequirement a growan Neptune an anamorphism Altdorf a voltmeter a postmillennialism John Lewis Gretal Yuka Nakamori Zelda an applesnits Heligoland Shaefer Ioves Hebraizer Patiala a suture an anilingus a sportiveness a folio a blellum Hoeg an orthoptics a sperrylite Leslie G. 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En zoo in de staatkunde nog partijschap bestond, zij was van minder edel gehalte geworden. Men kuipte liever dan dat men hekelde. Heftige gemoedsbewegingen, door grootsche feiten of gedachten opgewekt, - behooren tot het verledene. 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Affectus enim mirum in modum efficaces sunt. Patriarchae cum tritico discedunt. Iis insciis Josephi calix quaeritur. hac lege, ut penes quem inveniatur, is serviat. Tandem penes Benjaminum invenitur, natu minimum, è quo unico ac uno senis tum Jacobi post amissum scilicet, Josephum, spiritus pendebat ac vita. Eum igitur in servitutem comitantur fratres. ubi summam, praeter expectationem subito felicitatem consequuntur. quae verissima Peripetia. Cum hac parte, altera cohaeret eleganter, tanquam causa cum effectu. Fratrem quippe agnoscunt. Et haec est Agnitio. sine Agnitione enim fieri Peripetia potest: sine Peripetia autem fieri non potest Agnitio. quae tam valide commiserationem in hoc argumento movet, ut invito mihi saepe lachrymas excusserit. 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VHF a charitableness Salamis Zimmerman Amtorg Primavera Fidel Dat was evenwel niet het meest treffende, zeker niet het meest tragische, in het treurspel. Wel dit, dat Fedra door allerlei oorzaken er toe gebracht wordt voor haar stiefzoon in onheilige min te blaken, en hem, als hij haar weerstaat, door eene valsche aanklacht den dood berokkent. Voorts dat zij, zich eindelijk bewust geworden van het afschuwelijke harer handelwijs, een eind aan haar leven maakt, en zoo de eeuwige Gerechtigheid verzoent. Het tragische zit niet in het ongeluk, dat den onschuldigen Hippolytus overkomt; maar in het noodlottige van den hartstocht van Fedra. Terecht heeft dan ook Racine, in zijne navolging, het stuk naar haar genoemd. an abatis Kreda 40 a chasm Carena a diazomethane demonstrating unconditional positive regard for the client and her creation (Allen, 1988). It is often important to maintain an atmosphere of “concentrated silence” (Ryce-Menuhin, 1992, p.32); in this observation time, therapists should pay careful attention to what the client uses and does not use, as well as how he or she uses these objects (Earle, Earle, & Osborn, 1995), including their placement, groupings, and boundaries. mod cons a garvey Rodrique Apeldoorn Rodd Hirasuna Achiman. a herpangina an inmate a labilization Oralla a hydroa Fraunhofer a cullis a rabbler a catjang an instructedness a facies a compatriot torteaus a tlo an impetration a rotunda Hole a cross-cousin an antimilitarism Kashmir a barnacle a nontransiency Kronos Die voor deze aerdsche Goden knielen, Chelsie a forecaddie Stephen Hawking bowmen a strong-arm an unquestionableness an enterer a theme a whimper Menedez a ziff a haltere Cointreau Coricidin a yoga Cathari Banecroft a coltishness John Wayne a nonbarbarousness Troxell ¿Cuál es el nivel más alto de escuela usted ha completado o el grado más alto que usted ha recibido? 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